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#ProphetsNotProfits #lister #streetart @anthonylister
lister - streetart - prophetsnotprofits -
innerwest - pysuke - abcnt1 - fivefootharp -
#anthonylister #lister #adventurepainter #publicinterventionist #freedomfighter #fightingforthefreedomofvisualspeech #prophetsnotprofits #buildasuitmakeastand #culttour #timetravel
buildasuitmakeastand - timetravel - fightingforthefreedomofvisualspeech - culttour - anthonylister - publicinterventionist - adventurepainter - lister - freedomfighter - prophetsnotprofits -
squidleydelux : nice graff!
mumaloveemma : That's awesome!!!
free_spirit_always : @anthonylister I saw u doing the crimbo gal on Oxford St this morn👏... So wanted to jump off the bus and say hi... Wish I had!
rhysgrunden : Right on!
kushitout480 : @sneezeburger
movntaingoat : You did it! Ronald looks dope too!
kzamone : That was a awesome morning @anthonylister ,Santa suits, fire extinguishers and pink champagne! Hit me up for the other flicks of this and more - Cal
born_so_evil : 61ohfour
thedevilsbeachhouse - nagual_clothing -
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