Such a sick shot! By @snowboardermag "@sleepystevens puts new meaning into the term couch surfing. Photo: @e_stone #promodeleverything #surf #couchsurfing #snowboarder #cute #snowboarding #phat #tailblockbounce @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etnies @coalheadwear @unionbindingco @crabgrab @smithoptics" via @PhotoRepost_app
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qiantangshootout : πŸ‘ 😊
bluewhiteandgrey : unbelieveable
girlshredclips : Awesome page @mstracylee you should check out @shralpin! #shralpin
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Great shot! πŸ‚ #SnowboarderMag #AthletesPowerThisWorld #Repost @snowboardermag ・・・
@sleepystevens puts new meaning into the term couch surfing. Photo: @e_stone #promodeleverything #surf #couchsurfing #snowboarder #cute #snowboarding #phat #tailblockbounce @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etnies @coalheadwear @unionbindingco @crabgrab @smithoptics
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tagteamtravel : #word
qiantangshootout : πŸ‘ 😊
extremesportsociety : Very sweet :)
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@sleepystevens puts new meaning into the term couch surfing. Photo: @e_stone #promodeleverything #surf #couchsurfing #snowboarder #cute #snowboarding #phat #tailblockbounce @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etnies @coalheadwear @unionbindingco @crabgrab @smithoptics
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sheldon_cole : Let's get it done @joel5215
birdsthe_word_ : That light tho#
trey_wann : @aaronkyle432
leaderwinchco : πŸ’²πŸ’°πŸ’²
crabgrab : Genius at Work. : Can anyone tell me how to do that?:D
mylan0909 : that picture is amazing!
illusiveclothing : Nice!
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@sleepystevens lets the hoof breath on the quarterpipe up at @bear_mountain! Photo: @mikeyoshida @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @unionbindingco @smithoptics #promodeleverything #snowboarder #snowboarding
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nickdeleo : @13kwise this was totally you today bro @jennamillerr @s1ve
duchamps1887_worldwide : Dope photo! ✌️
13kwise : @nickdeleo yea but mine was way more steezy lol
average_joe41 : @presto__10
mad_sahahm : @opsflame Π±ΠΎΡ‚Ρ‹
tonyfreee23 : @heyshelbee
willhood14 : @shanemorley49 ur binding
hey_utah : @jhowdys
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#Repost @snowboardermag with @repostapp.
@sleepystevens enjoyed his first day of the season up at #MtHood with his #dawgz! πŸ“· @blaaatt @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etnies @smithoptics @unionbindingco @dakine #Snowboarder #Snowboarding #ProModelEverything
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graham_merwin : Like it!
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@sleepystevens enjoyed his first day of the season up at #MtHood with his #dawgz! πŸ“· @blaaatt @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etnies @smithoptics @unionbindingco @dakine @crabgrab #Snowboarder #Snowboarding #ProModelEverything
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sweetangelklara : I love this picture! <3
amber_ohno_neal : Ready for the season to start?? @seanhedger
jo_siah : @weilstyles_
codyfalkosky : @mikeygeiger yea baby!
mybuddymike : @cfalkosky proud of you.
principessa_patty : @adam1826
jstoke98 : @cstocking21
doydward : @jamieleethill
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Original sno-go team rider Scott Stevens. Repost from @snowboardermag --- @sleepystevens ups his one foot game via ottoman with a #Stalefish. πŸ“· @e_stone @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etnies @dakine @smithoptics @unionbindingco @crabgrab #ProModelEverything #ChipsWithinReach #CheetoKnee #ChillingEffects
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snwbdrhoon : Insane photo
solsticesupplyco : Solid photo!
kurimina0816 - connord420 - horio0128 - snurf_or_die -
@sleepystevens ups his one foot game via ottoman with a #Stalefish. πŸ“· @e_stone @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etnies @dakine @smithoptics @unionbindingco @crabgrab #ProModelEverything #ChipsWithinReach #CheetoKnee #ChillingEffects
stalefish - promodeleverything - cheetoknee - chillingeffects - chipswithinreach -
cshirley1_2 : Sick photo. Love the filters!
livyloo7 : Sick
umbi_wow : @centoxcentopresobene
dr.tntjd : Coooooooooooooooollllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!
technine_ec : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ”οΈπŸ’₯πŸ’₯
eliadkane : @harrisondearcop @quinnhukee @jackfox_ @jackdearcop9
zero5hole : @hesterlofa fresh powow
csetedominik : waowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!
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@sleepystevens is flippin' sweet! Repost from @snowboardermag #superfastgoodtime --- @sleepystevens flips onto a shed during a frigid night filming in #Minnesota. πŸ“· @prof_daggs @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etniessnow @smithoptics @dakinenews #promodeleverything #snowboarding #snowboarder
promodeleverything - superfastgoodtime - minnesota - snowboarder - snowboarding -
caryleewilliams : Cool!
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@sleepystevens flips onto a shed during a frigid night filming in #Minnesota. πŸ“· @prof_daggs @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etniessnow @smithoptics @dakinenews #promodeleverything #snowboarding #snowboarder
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stickey : @wackcity πŸ‘Œ
nothing.but.ladies : Great shot
magicalgogo : @snowboardermag pro model wax too! #superfastgoodtime
alecsb : @calderooney
thatguynamedmuby : Wow πŸ‘πŸ‘
zizafe_roooyaa : @llsnowtagll
recklessouterwear : Crazy shot
kevbot104 : @shredmore @jstein97 @whosgrant
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@sleepystevens seems to be some sort of one footed expert these days. What is your favorite one foot trick that you've seen go down? πŸ“· @e_stone @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etniessnow @dakinenews @smithoptics #snowboarding #snowboarder #promodeleverything
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crisbi91 : Bbbbbbommmm!
kikeganteaume : Bradaaa @santiagolante
alexanderdujour : Tony's leg!!!
ypsilon1 : Cööol
stephenrodebush : Open skater, closet rollerblader
donaldsolovy : Bode Merrill in resonance .
keanidoingthings : @djxl take a pic like thissss
calebbeeman : @dmoney12321 I can do this
w3lshdrag0n - un_kepon - vanlandingham27 -
Have any of you ever attempted a switch backflip? #ScottStevens aka @sleepystevens flips his switch in the streets. πŸ“· @e_stone @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etniessnow @smithoptics @dakinenews @crabgrab #promodeleverything
promodeleverything - scottstevens -
cassidyyhope : My favorite rider.
blakeathin : I find switch ones easier its kinda like just doing a regular front flip but moving back
maqua84 : Don't think so but who knows @mikeperkins92
grant_wohrman : @nicholasrioss
magicalgogo : #superfastgoodtime
closed1067 : Awesome
redrikraynor : Sick
jaston_sechrist : That's hella cool!
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Here's a throwback of @sleepystevens performing a nosegrab slide while filming at #RedMountain! πŸ“· @mikeyoshida @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etniessnow @smithoptics @dakinenews #promodeleverything #snowboarding
promodeleverything - freezefame - redmountain - snowboarding -
polo2meter : Sick!!! @danielthavandal @cshell83 @jonnybgoood2
jonnybgoood2 : That was us 10 years ago! @polo2meter @cshell83 @danielthavandal
seneccaa : @kevnnn I can't wait to see the footage
richard_mckinnon : @groovy_lu That's dope
_codeinepapi : @samstritz ayyye. Steeze
schutza22 : @audiblevisuals fuggin sick
audiblevisuals : @schutza22 nice find! We def. Grew up in the wrong State
snowboardermag : #FreezeFame
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Set-up of the day @chrisbradshaw 2014 #promodeleverything get yours quick because this one will be selling out! Board art by @thedavestersfk #shippingnow #getthatdopeshiz #technine
technine - promodeleverything - shippingnow - getthatdopeshiz -
wakaguccisosa : @jusdyln_32
kylewindhamk69 : @rjadams117
kylewindhamk69 : Dammit I want that board I fly fish or snowboard so that's tits!
shannehh : @miller2921
nevanthurler : Sick board like the graphic
spilchriskeyes : Holla bradshaw is awesome asked for him to shred Co back in the day but he wasn't allowed to due to tickets wit fireworks and such hah awesome cat
switchbindings : These bindings are inferior to ours.
matthewdowman : Sick board n bindings im still rockn last years bradshaw dopest graphic!
haighznbacon - e_rice565 - austingrunewald -
Love hangin with @sleepystevens. #HDHR2013 #promodeleverything #thanksbrainyear
hdhr2013 - promodeleverything - thanksbrainyear -
mikeyoshida : @zeach_man with that photo bomb...
chris_grenier : #monstermike
sleepystevens : Likewise!!!
nickstefishen - yaccoblaclavik - ocsportphoto - fatkidvigo -
@sleepystevens nailed the back cover of our first issue. Here's the long lens version of the same feature. Check the extension.... πŸ“· @e_stone @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @etniessnow @smithoptics @dakinenews @unionbindingco @coalheadwear #promodeleverything #snow #snowboard #snowboarder #cover
promodeleverything - snowboard - cover - snow - snowboarder -
_bryan1330_ : YOLO rock on
shweetbrx : @charlieoleinik
paganizm : @le_cou lol i peeped that.
hippietwigyoho : Crazy @volcom9513 let's try this winter haha
4lekzandria : Can't wait for winter
k_ee_p_it_300 : Dope
because_tm : Respekt
gabdowwny : Check moi la page de border!! @olddirtyboss
with_style_50 - extrem777 - minozidaru -
How does #ScottStevens aka @sleepystevens make mini shredding look so good? πŸ“· @hugruber @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @smithoptics @dakinenews #lesotho #afriski #promodeleverything
lesotho - snbdr1387 - promodeleverything - afriski - scottstevens -
connorleach : Because he's patient.
rgrcmrn : #magicalgogo #superfastgoodtime
craftbrewsbraah : @sisu_shreds corks= no biggie for Steves
phamalicious_gabe : Cool
kristian_karas : the best summer time :D
yung_sisu : @parker_eaton cork 5s outta wall rides are warm up tricks
gabrielapicossi : Yeahhh!!
snowboardermag : #SNBDR1387
martyche - florin_muraru - iguana_sk8 - devidface -
#ScottStevens aka @sleepystevens grabs melon while ducking under a slow sign from our #SouthAfrica feature. Photo: @hugruber @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @smithoptics @dakinenews @unionbindingco #promodeleverything #lesotho #afriski
lesotho - southafrica - promodeleverything - afriski - scottstevens -
ryerye12345678910111213141516 : I've tried that so many times, and almost every time the edge on my board slips, and I face plant into the snow, it stinks ever time
ryerye12345678910111213141516 : @snowboardermag
cach_anova : Africa!!!
callumshortt : I've been doing that since I was 7!! But it hurts if you do it at the wrong angle and get tangled up!
nick.hx : Dope !
bianca_kodato : Kkkkk @fkodato
samvarin : Carling
snowboardermag : SNBDR1317
orkastiel - brandonatcais - samsung6000hotmail - rose_hl -
@sleepystevens nailing a "coffin slide" from our South Africa feature. Pick up the new issue to see more from this epic quest to the Southern Hemisphere. Photo: @hugruber @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo @crabgrab @smith_optics_ne #promodeleverything #afriski
promodeleverything - snbdr927 - afriski -
freezeex : @mironest @parnanzio @dancan_ ma questo è uno scemo :D
parnanzio : @freezeex hai probbia ragione!!! Chi è sto scemo che passa li sotto?! πŸ˜‚
_.rachelhayes : Haha! What happend there
_.rachelhayes : ?
nick_t0mmo : @nickslobodyanyk siiiiick
logan_cleary : Luv that vid
marclinderoth : Where's tha pic taken?
snowboardermag : #SNBDR927
dudestheband - superj426 - karlo_29122000 - swagmarc -
Classic Scotty Stevens #chipswithinreach #seinfeld #laptopwithinreach @capitasnowboards #promodeleverything #futureboarding #CTT @think_thank @wall_ross #chrisgarrisonstyletoomanyhashtags
ctt - promodeleverything - chrisgarrisonstyletoomanyhashtags - beachtowel - laptopwithinreach - chipswithinreach - cumbacktothegram - seinfeld - futureboarding -
mancampmartin : Hahaha
mikeyoshida : @sleepystevens #cumbacktothegram #beachtowel
zeach_man : Yo cheebahhhh yah better start washing your towels....
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