Rendering, rendering.... New episode for NeelofaTV coming out soon on youtube. Find out how you can start anything major in life. It's Q&A time !! #overbooked #overbookedxneelofa #neelofatv #thechiccodes #chic #start #projectbe #brand #elevation #kdismalasari #kdismalasariandfriends #languagepowerhouse
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duchessofmanchester : 😍😍😍
syazlikhamis - cikyin - juanzainal - ainhashim7 -
You have to admit, I drew a pretty good #yoshi in #projectBE
projectbe - yoshi -
joe_joe.jeavons - samamtha_leonard181 - monkeygirl204 - gabriella_kolniak -
Before it all comes together, things fall apart. #StudioBE #OpeningSoon #SoloShow #spraypaint #working #building #ExhibitBe #projectbe
building - openingsoon - working - exhibitbe - soloshow - studiobe - projectbe - spraypaint -
xlebronjamesbondx : Very exciting.
serpentsnsaints : 🙌
king_inkrdbl : That's Fiyah son
ashleykash : Amazing
supremevv : Bout to mess the game up again ....
cbanks933 : How can I get a painting?
justapeek23 : Wow
jabohemia : 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
ti_rock_moore - maryanncamillez - abbas_ali_h - artillness -
Rain or shine, hope everyone's getting the weekend they wanted! ☀️⛅️☔️ Today's #bestagram - where do you want to be in 5 years? #art #future #goals #inspiration #projectbe #theprojectbe
future - art - goals - theprojectbe - projectbe - bestagram - inspiration -
sarita_rene : In a productive, successful entrepreneurial endeavor that reaches further than myself. #ProjectBe
smccaule : Starting my own farm to fork education center in the mountains of WA.
smccaule - sarita_rene - oheycurtis - devindontever -
I'm confused..... Spoilt with options plus... I'm really confused with the menu! Too crowded. #confusedfoodie #heartnsoul #kdismalasari #bling #blingpreneur #foodgasm #inspiration #projectbe #brand #elevation #branding #entrepreneurs
bling - elevation - heartnsoul - brand - confusedfoodie - entrepreneurs - branding - projectbe - inspiration - foodgasm - kdismalasari - blingpreneur -
erdabakar76 : Me no likey this kind of menu..trying too hard to make it urban and hipster..or is it becos of age factor me not liking it? LOL
kd_ismalasari : Nolah @erdabakar76 it's not about age factor... It's about functional design ... Haiya! Hehehe, luckily, the food is great and the service is efficient. Pretty amusing to watch the chef... And me feeling happy after that... 😆.
gameday_preps : @gameday_fitness
cheftaylorerickson - christopher_s_woods - mohdezamshah - gameday_preps -
1 hour to service. #goldmedalplates2015 #goldmedalplatesvictoria #goldmedalplates #raudzregionaltable #microkelowna #projectbe @raudz @microkelowna @projectbe
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'Reporting live from some where.' the last installment of the #be trilogy. Opening soon. Long time coming. #projectbe #ExhibitBe #studiobe #SoloShow #BuildOrDestroy #ArtHasPower #paintwhereitaint #HowDidWeGetHere #icarus
be - paintwhereitaint - arthaspower - exhibitbe - soloshow - studiobe - projectbe - buildordestroy - howdidwegethere - icarus -
lynette_areon : Awesome
kazim316 : Nice presentation at the Tulane Panel Discussion. 💪🏾✌🏿️
daidai_thegoon : @bmike2c any rooms available for some spoken word?? 😌
_goshengirl - shara.green - hellonoew - artbybryanbrown -
'Reporting live from some where.' the last installment of the #be trilogy. Opening soon. Long time coming. #projectbe #ExhibitBe #studiobe #SoloShow #BuildOrDestroy #ArtHasPower #paintwhereitaint #HowDidWeGetHere #icarus
be - paintwhereitaint - arthaspower - exhibitbe - soloshow - studiobe - projectbe - buildordestroy - howdidwegethere - icarus -
epistolo_phobia : When I Wana be a part of this
sydkast : @maggieriddell 😍
thegentlewomanr : @roi_jon
kiss4kay - artforamnestyus - ketchcraft_is_mine - inevitable_vicissitude -
Happy Wednesday! 👏🏽 You guys had some great responses last week!! Another one for you- If you could do anything, what would you do? #projectbe #you #question #art #inspiration #theprojectbe
art - theprojectbe - projectbe - you - question - inspiration -
caseyligon : ⛺️T🚕R🚆A✈️V⛵️E🚦L🌋
oheycurtis : Live abroad!!!
sarita_rene : I would make education free.
smccaule : Start a farm in the mountains.
sarita_rene - adyely - microyannie - nataschajohnson -
👓 #exhibitbe #neworleans #louisiana #art #projectbe #explore
explore - art - neworleans - projectbe - exhibitbe - louisiana -
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Been working on something special. I hope not to disappoint. #be #sooncome #projectbe #exhibitbe #....
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sphinxtorian : # we can't even get a hashtag brother @bmike2c
kahawia_upendo : ✊
aa_listed : As if
slicelife : Whoop
timme_cager : ❤️
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What's your favorite memory from childhood? Tell us or show us in a comment or post. Make sure to tag @theprojectbe and #projectbe in your posts so others can see! #projectbe #art #inspiration #question #you #instaart
instaart - art - projectbe - you - question - inspiration -
oheycurtis : @theprojectbe my favorite childhood memory would have to be the first time I went to the beach. I believe it was Virginia Beach. The up roaring sounds of the waves crashing against the shore terrified me haha. Now, I view the beach as my safe haven when I need a little silence.
sarita_rene : @theprojectbe My favorite childhood memory is sliding down a steep grassy hill with my sister in our "cars" made of cardboard boxes 👭 #ProjectBe
mgarman08 : When I was little my grandma and I decided to make calzone (stuffed pizza). We never made it before but the adventure was so fun. It took about 7 hours and the mess was huge! The experience sparked a love of cooking. I think of those moments when I cook now and it brings so much joy. :)
mgarman08 : @mgarman08 #ProjectBe #memories #inspired
smccaule - sarita_rene - oheycurtis - devindontever -
Still do a double take every time I see it!!! #IsaBody #otfnaperville #ProjectBE #DesignYourLife
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henrymlenzi : This is wonderful
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Who are you? Let us know in a comment! #you #projectbe #question #art #inspiration
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mgarman08 : My name is Mari and I am one who aspires to inspire the boundless potential in others. What talents have you pursued and put aside that you would like to pick back up? What skills are you eager to learn? Let nothing stand in your way to realizing your greatest ambitions.
sarita_rene : My name is Sarita René and I am a spiritual being.
devindontever : My name is Devin and I am an adventurer!
terrencedonlin : my name is terrence and i am looking for a lifetime of learning
fingerpuppetmanagementtv : We are fingerpuppet nation and inspire others about management through our videos. #fingerpuppetmanagementtv
oheycurtis : My name is Curtis and I am on the verge of a new season in life. I often don't agree with titles that designate who a person is meant to be. I really enjoy creating more problems for myself before being slammed by the obvious solution. It's funny how inspiration works that way.
paoplayz : My name is Paola and I am inspired to feed the cycle of inspiring and being inspired. ;)
smccaule : My name is Sarah. I am a chef. An nature enthusiast. An artist. A friend. I am a human being who is grateful to be alive!
smccaule - devindontever - who_is_alexander - paoplayz -
The moment is never exactly right, the location not what we pictured, the words not always as eloquent as we hoped, but if it comes from our heart it can't be wrong. No more perfection paralysis!!! #stopthinkingstartdoing #ProjectBE
projectbe - stopthinkingstartdoing -
ellencooke.projectbe : Right @kellipenman?!?!
henrymlenzi : Like it!
henrymlenzi - grandmasue1216 -
#drikgallery #insta_snapoftheday #badass #yolo #projectroopkotha #projectbe #photoexhibition #youth #amateurphotography #adios #dp #like4like #follow4follow
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Explore and share your colors through your Project Be posts. Enjoy our full video and learn more at http://www.project-be.com/#!about/mainPage #projectbe #art #beyou #artistsoninstagram #instaart
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So blessed to meet Rod in person after seeing him on video every five days during Healthy Mind and Body. Can't wait to dive in to his book...investing in my mindset everyday just like I do for my body. #upforthechallenge #ProjectBE
projectbe - upforthechallenge -
henrymlenzi - mfaithantk - grandmasue1216 - kimdalaskey -
Just got a call from a friend who was talking about when @2CENTTV first started to back in Jan when @exhibit_be put on "BLOCK POWER". Man we had the city LIT! We had over 10,000 people in one place with no drama! All for the love of Art, History, and The Community! This is why 2-CENT was started! Don't trip, there's more things to come VERY SOON! #exhibitbe #bmike2c #2CENTTV #NEWORLEANS #NOLA #BLOCKPOWER #BE #PROJECTBE #?BE
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EZEE Juice is a fresh juice company offering coldpressed juices without sugar or water added. You can experience the freshest juice prepared daily by its founder Intan Marhaene at Bangi Gateway, Bangi Malaysia, without having to even leave your home because they do delivery! What's great about these juices are they're so tasty and packed with high nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants because they're prepared without heat. So everything remains intact. I'm so happy to discover them and working closely with Intan. Our creative juices are running wild now 😆😆💪💪💎💎✨✨. Another #blingpreneur discovered! #mywin #peaked2lead #projectbe #brand #elevation #inspiration #raw #vegan #juicylife #fruits #coldpressed #overbooked #ezeexoverbooked
overbooked - mywin - elevation - juicylife - peaked2lead - brand - coldpressed - vegan - raw - ezeexoverbooked - fruits - projectbe - inspiration - blingpreneur -
eat_away : Nice 😃!!
cikyin : Ada delivery ke sini tak?
kd_ismalasari : @cikyin , nanti I ask her n update you.
syazlikhamis : Kencang bisnes sekarang @kd_ismalasari ..retis sekarang
kd_ismalasari : @syazlikhamis Alhamdulillah. We do our best, the rest we leave to Allah.
kimlouisepham : 👍
juicedudes030 : 🌱
inisemuaduniawi - rashidarafar - zaixm.iglesias - miadalila3 -
#projectBe turned #exhibitBe #filmisnotdead
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grey_sprite - mr_modo - dmb_lg - lukesaintjohn -
Erykah Badu.....#projectbe
projectbe -
red_nickels - miz_rowdy - joeyomahoney - stayaware -
Lightroom for adobe creative suite is sick...
projectbe -
zajebisty1 : ...of course, the little girl in a sea of faces is more awesome, but it was the tools that helped reveal her......grownups are natural step ladders....#projectbe
stayaware - la2ladesigns - joeyomahoney - april_affleck772 -
Another extraordinary day at @peakentrepreneurtrack with @mywin_academy . High energy, driven, emotional and breakthroughs. Miracles happened when women got together. A BLING sisterhood is formed 😍😍💎💎💎💖💖✨✨💎💎. #womenempowerment #livelifeconsciously #entrepreneurs #ladyboss #inspiration #blingpreneurs #business #projectbe #brandingyou
business - blingpreneurs - entrepreneurs - livelifeconsciously - womenempowerment - projectbe - ladyboss - brandingyou - inspiration -
carissahillofficial : You're amazing 🙏
passionneverfails : Yes! Give me 😄 (You know you want to) #webpreneurs
mechanicajewelry : Awesome
bunstersfresh : 😀
the_fresh_entrepreneur : Awesome message!
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Time to learn... #bling #blingpreneur #inspiration #projectbe #entrepreneur #startup
entrepreneur - bling - projectbe - inspiration - startup - blingpreneur -
ermy.zidin : iols rasa2 leh x join opplssss @kd_ismalasari
ermy.zidin : hahaha
kd_ismalasari : @ermy.zidin iols rasa you kena pegi ke website diorg and apply
gramslack : 😳
masterpreneurmax : awesome pic
srhnine - rashidarafar - juliannekeu - rosidisohod -
In many surahs in the AlQuran, Allah gives the criteria of those who gain, win and succeed in this life and the Hereafter. 4 key things that we have to do are... 1. Believed (with a past tense-which means it's a done deal!) 2. Do Righteous deeds 3. Invite others to truth 4. Have Patience in the process It's a brand new year! Let's BLING & make it EPIC! #livelifeconsciously #hijabsavedmylife #kdismalasari #bling #latahzan #living #inspiration #projectbe #naelofarxoverbooked #awalmuharam #naelofarhijab
living - bling - naelofarhijab - livelifeconsciously - latahzan - projectbe - kdismalasari - awalmuharam - naelofarxoverbooked - hijabsavedmylife - inspiration -
shopaloca : Great!
mz_balkiss - emranhuzaimi - miszz_fafa - ifruityme -
Shadows | #ProjectBe
projectbe -
myrimrtz - nicole_noemic - figueroa_arleth - leslielantigua -
CELEBRATE THE 49th anniversary of the #blackpantherparty #blackpanther #blackpanthers @bmike2c #projectbe one of the wisest most influential person I've ever met. It's always love Mr.Malik 👌🏾.! #exhibitbe
blackpantherparty - projectbe - blackpanthers - exhibitbe - blackpanther -
beautifulxaura : ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
cliquetwice : A very historic shot.
energhost - meriwanna_ - thereal_deroe - smoothchiefin_ -
CELEBRATE THE 49th anniversary of the #blackpantherparty #blackpanther #blackpanthers The prestige Mr.Malik posted by a mural painted in @bmike2c #projectbe one of the wisest most influential person I've ever met. It's always love Mr.Malik 👌🏾.! #exhibitbe
blackpantherparty - projectbe - blackpanthers - exhibitbe - blackpanther -
joshua_m_collins : @dcomcustomized aye you can still go to exhibitb I had wanted to take some pics for someone but I heard they shut it down
dcomcustomized : @joshua_m_collins life for us a ppl is "shut down" we make a way though.
dcomcustomized : @joshua_m_collins *as
joshua_m_collins : @dcomcustomized I got u.. appricate it
energhost - southbounddesign - thirdeyethuggin - lalalandart -
Therapeutic 7 Chakra Wellness Bath Salt project in the making. Using 7 different therapeutic essential oils, different colored flowers, and energized with the frequency of Love, Joy, Abundance, Confidence and Clarity enriched with aura cleansing and enhancing properties. Those who are interested to order your very own personalized, highly energized salt bath and BLING brighter for the new year, do comment here. LaTahzan, Love Yourself. #latahzan #living #livelifeconsciously #therapeutic #essentialoils #saltbath #aura #energy #cleansing #reiki #wellness #projectbe #wakeup #inspiration #bling #kdismalasari
bling - essentialoils - wakeup - reiki - kdismalasari - living - latahzan - inspiration - wellness - cleansing - livelifeconsciously - aura - projectbe - saltbath - energy - therapeutic -
juanzainal : I want please @kd_ismalasari 😬
kd_ismalasari : Ok @juanzainal , I'll make one for you 👍👍💎💎💎✨✨💖💖 insha Allah. Any special wish, intentions, dreams or aspirations?
juanzainal : Yay!! Thank you 😘😘😘😘 that I will message you personally 😬😜 @kd_ismalasari
kd_ismalasari : @juanzainal 👍👍😘😘💎💎✨✨💖💖
inisemuaduniawi - mohdazrn - sliqclinic - orgoniseyourself -
In many surahs in the AlQuran, Allah gives the criteria of those who gain, win and succeed in this life and the Hereafter. 4 key things that we have to do are... 1. Believed (with a past tense-which means it's a done deal!) 2. Do Righteous deeds 3. Invite others to truth 4. Have Patience in the process It's a brand new year (Awal Muharram)! Let's BLING & make it EPIC! #livelifeconsciously #hijabsavedmylife #kdismalasari #bling #latahzan #living #inspiration #projectbe #alquran #success #tips #entrepreneurs #hijab
living - bling - success - entrepreneurs - livelifeconsciously - latahzan - hijab - projectbe - tips - alquran - hijabsavedmylife - kdismalasari - inspiration -
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Be abnormal. Be strange. #authentic #bling #projectbe #inspiration #livelifeconsciously #kdismalasari
livelifeconsciously - bling - kdismalasari - projectbe - authentic - inspiration -
sliqclinic : not bad!
naa1909 - lilliany_azman - mohdazrn - dedicatednation -
Ok, I got blinded by the flash... 😂😂😂😂 #neelofatv #projectbe #brand #elevation #kdismalasari
projectbe - brand - elevation - kdismalasari - neelofatv -
lilliany_azman : Hahahahha funny kak!!
inisemuaduniawi : Jukebox
kd_ismalasari : Ituler @lilliany_azman kacau betul lah flash tu 😂😂😂
kd_ismalasari : Terlebih bling 💎💎💎✨✨ plak...
ermy.zidin : wow sis @kd_ismalasari soon will walk red carpet same with #neelofa
kd_ismalasari : @ermy.zidin 😆😆 😆 red carpet everyday, hehehe amiiiinnnn...
inisemuaduniawi - mohdazrn - dyna.dayana - enchikkc -
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