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Just arrived!!! Gm Performance @proform_performance new slant edge Chevy center bolt valve covers. These look sweet. 1-800-SPEED-LT #speedunlimited #speedshop #since1967 #showyourspeed #speedunlimitedracing #proformparts #gmperformance
speedunlimited - showyourspeed - gmperformance - speedunlimitedracing - speedshop - since1967 - proformparts -
joshpendolphia -
After some lengthy deliberation, I have decided to commit on building a 1000hp/1000tq street truck. Perhaps pushing it even further down the road. We are well on the road with this project after installing a Hughes 4L80 transmission and Coast Driveline driveshaft. Both of which will be capable of handling the power being made. The weapon of choice will more than likely be an LQ9 408 stroker 6.7 Liter V8 Supercharged by Whipple. 9 inch rear end, 4-Link suspension with wide semi slicks. Although it's been fun dusting the stock variety of V8 Mustangs, Camaro's, Challengers, Imports and Trucks, it's time to play with some exotics of the Porsche, GT-R type. #flexalite #optimabatteries #bankspower #compcams #hughesperformance #kooksheaders #magnaflow #fuelairandspark #bbk #coastdriveline #autospecialties #motivegear #autometer #proformparts #belltech #cervinis #msdignition #melling #fullthrottlekustomz #royalpurple #deatschwerks
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armageddonturbo : πŸ‘Š
armageddonturbo - motivegear - ftk_ray - autometerproducts -
Our 5,000 Sq ft showroom stocked with tons of parts. 1-800-SPEED-LT #speedunlimited #speedshop #since1967 #showyourspeed #msdperformance #edelbrock #proformparts #griotsgarage
msdperformance - showyourspeed - edelbrock - proformparts - speedshop - griotsgarage - speedunlimited - since1967 -
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Lots of carburetors in stock here at Speed Unlimited. #holley #proformparts #quickfuel #edelbrock #demoncarb 1-800-SPEED-LT #speedunlimited #speedshop #since1967 #instockspeedshop
quickfuel - instockspeedshop - edelbrock - proformparts - demoncarb - speedunlimited - speedshop - since1967 - holley -
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It was crazy busy a few weeks ago at #cruisinoc 1-800-SPEED-LT #speedunlimited #speedshop #since1967 #carshow #oceancitymd #edelbrock #proformparts
cruisinoc - edelbrock - proformparts - oceancitymd - speedshop - carshow - speedunlimited - since1967 -
cruisinoc -
Finally got time to install my oil pan and new Chevy proform timing cover! #chevyheart #350 #sbc #proformparts #gbody #gbodynation #1981#oldsmobile #cutlassbrougham #cutty #projectcar #dontsleeponit #waitonit
cutty - projectcar - waitonit - 1981 - dontsleeponit - chevyheart - proformparts - sbc - gbody - gbodynation - oldsmobile - 350 - cutlassbrougham -
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Taking this little thing out one more time for another 100mi, just to be sure, before plates #dontdriveillegallykids 😏
6speed - pontiac - chevroletperformance - 4thgen - ls1 - t56 - ls6 - mgw - fbody - gm - lsx - cammed - firebird - proformparts - dontdriveillegallykids - lswut - ws6 - transam -
lswut : @slowmaross they're not bad as long as you do everything right
slowmaross : My car wouldn't pass on a lot of things haha
1hightoy : πŸ‘
lswut : Mine shouldnt by visual and PCM ... But a tune and a friend go a looooooong way here πŸ‘Œ @slowmaross
99everest : Sucks you gotta live on Mars to fully enjoy a hot build!! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
volwrath : That ass!
sjdf4292 : Beautiful bird @lswut
lswut : Thanks! @volwrath @sjdf4292 @99everest
lostboy553 - fbodybros - t_stew1987 - bluesfan02 -
#motorMonday part of me doesn't even want to feature this motor from #ProForm parts bc they didn't give it to me from their goofy sweepstakes. Maybe the stalking was a little too much? #Pink #motor #Chevy #bitter #chevygirl #jalopnik #SuperChevy #proformParts #autoblog #stalker #LasVegas #carshxt #ThePinkChevy
pink - proform - chevygirl - superchevy - carshxt - jalopnik - proformparts - chevy - motormonday - thepinkchevy - motor - stalker - lasvegas - bitter - autoblog -
chi.lyfe.king : @chilyfequeen smh
chevyjay_yfpapi : @96_chevy_boi
mr_foamposites : That's it right there @chevyjay_yfpapi
kayla96ss_ - sixtyfourpixels - grannysboy74 - old_skool_carz -
Amber and myself at our booth! #ProformParts #SEMA #SEMA2014 #bling
sema2014 - bling - sema - proformparts -
_michelle_rhea_ - theelmo82 - chucktownswag - andycrogan -
#ProformParts Bling SBC #SEMA #SEMA2014 #chevysema
chevysema - bling - chevrolet - swarovskicrystal - sparkly - sema - proformparts - chevy - sbc - diamonds - sema2014 -
lswut : #bling #diamonds #sparkly #sbc #chevy #chevrolet #swarovskicrystal
torquedmag : Let's shoot? I'm in need of some after show shooting!!
bekkah.vee : Hello, I'm Bekkah. I would like to personally invite you to Ride Magazine's SEMA after party at LiFE nightclub tonight located in the SLS casino. If you'd like to attend, feel free to contact me at (714) 262-2037. Have fun! (:
officialmariom : Great!
instaglam_styles : Really nice, I like!
lugnut86 - team.chevy - jonathan_taylor_44 - heelsnclutch -
Obviously a show piece but obviously an attention grabber! #ProformParts #SEMA2014 #chevysema #diamonds #sparkly #ooooooo
chevysema - diamonds - ooooooo - sema2014 - sparkly - proformparts -
_michelle_rhea_ : Someone could propose marriage to me with that, and I would be completely ok with it @lswut
dzmedia : Wonder what the targeted audience there was? Guesses, broads and hood rats
lswut : No @dzmedia
02fordmustang : @raen67 sick bro
t_stew1987 - bluesfan02 - miisteradams - slo_ltz -
Come visit me at #SEMA2014 !! #ProformParts booth 23667 across from @chevrolet & @chevroletperformance 😊😊😊 #chevysema
chevysema - sema2014 - lasvegas - sema - proformparts -
lswut : #SEMA #lasvegas
davidmullis : So jealous
hellzzbelle : Soo pretty! Wish I was there!
t_stew1987 - slo_ltz - bluesfan02 - derekdalton22 -
#tbt to #SEMA 2012. I can't wait to be all up in Vegas for my third year with my #ProformParts family!
tbt - sema - proformparts -
meldanger83 : I remember this. So cute. Can't believe it was that long ago!
lswut : @meldanger83 that's so crazy! It has been long... Sooooooo much has changed!
meldanger83 : Yeah no kidding! Haha!
erica_fisher06 : You look smokin
jbradenberg : I still miss mofkntep. And your wiener dog pics. 😊
lswut : @jbradenberg I miss your face! So much! : 😍 Yep Yep
lugnut86 - miisteradams - mmagremlin -
#s10 #v8s10 #iskyracingcams #proformparts #msd #chevrolet
iskyracingcams - msd - v8s10 - chevrolet - s10 - proformparts -
captain_kellz : Lookin clean and sounding mean bro!
jbmfsuits : 305-562-3070 shoot me a text when you can man!
427nova - carsonracing82 - bb_randi - lcostiganjr -
coming together
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bagina95 : πŸ‘ nice
cbeausy : Looks amazing. Rebuilding my KZ440 and I wish I could get it to look that purdy ;-).
ronnierayfieldphotography : God I want that in my car! :O
lswut : She is pretty 😏 @sickimages
ronnierayfieldphotography : I love them black headers too!
lswut : They're just regular ceramic coated Pacesetter LTs that I got powdercoated! @sickimages
ronnierayfieldphotography : Well the black makes em look sick lol.
lswut : @sickimages haha thanks. I didn't like how they looked all anodized from heat so I fixed it haha
elcamaros67 - justraceit - adrian_williamsb87 - xaviccino -
mick helped ... kinda
lts - pacesetters - garagedog - proformparts - headers - slantedgevalvecovers - ls1 - lswut - lsx -
g_man_607 : Aye! @lswut I mounted my coils on the flat part of the "frame" in the bay, where the heater hose and ac lines usually run
wellsf848 : Fancy arps holding the headers on too? Can't cheap out now
lswut : @gman_607 I'll check that out. My engine bay has never been really cleaned up as far as wiring goes and I have a LOT to tend to 😞 @wellsf848 those aren't ARPs, they came in the box with my Pacesetters. I need to order new ones. I have so much crap to order still haha
wellsf848 : You working all by yourself?
lswut : @wellsf848 for the most part. My dad was out putting a new rear main seal in his 454 while I was using his shop to work on it. So he helped me find tools to use in the disarray that is his toolbox. Haha
wellsf848 : Well, if you need some help with sorting your wiring, I like playing with it.
lswut : @wellsf848 you are crazy for enjoying that! Will do :)
jstrats77 : Happy doggie!!
theelmo82 - junkmansalvage - ahmed75alali - _5leeld -
@proformparts has teamed up with multiple big name companies and all of them have given a handsome donation to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and to celebrate, we are giving away this beautiful pink engine! The engine is a brand new Chevrolet Performance ZZ383 with a Proform 750cfm Street Series carburetor and a few other fun extras along with the appropriate Proform Parts Pink Dress Up kit to celebrate the cause! Make sure you sign up to win before January 21st and we will announce the winner that week and ship it to you! Sign up here!
proform - chevroletperformance - pri - free - breastcancer - digitalthrottle - sema - roushyates - charity - pink - pinkengine - chevrolet - racingjunk - proformparts - imis - fun - giveaway -
lswut : #pinkengine #proformparts #proform #giveaway #free #pink #charity #fun #breastcancer #sema #imis #pri #chevrolet #chevroletperformance @chevroletperformance #roushyates #racingjunk #digitalthrottle
lswut : Please feel free to share and tag myself & @ProformParts !!!
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#tbt to this past summer from the third season of our @proformparts #stephaniespowershop ... My job rules and most people don't have a clue what my job has done for me or what I do πŸ˜‰ #blessed #thankful
pontiac - chevroletperformance - cars - tbt - blessed - thankful - mac - video - ls1 - stephaniespowershop - toolbox - lsx - youtube - proformparts - ws6 - transam - stephanielynn -
lswut : #lsx #ls1 #chevroletperformance #cars #stephanielynn #proformparts #youtube #video #mac #toolbox #transam #ws6 #pontiac
marshockey27 : Those are sick shades Stephanie!
cleancutcreations : You go girl...
lswut : @marshockey27 $9 target lol
cleancutcreations - theelmo82 - _5leeld - johnfingkirk -
stolen from bf's phone while he slept. his line from dinner tonight, "who says you can't turn a ho into a housewife!!?" ... ahaha
chevroletperformance - ss - chevrolet - proformparts - waterpump - 6 - ironblock - 120kstrong - stephanielynn -
lswut : @ladymechanics @girlscantwhat @indyrpm #proformparts #chevroletperformance #chevrolet #ss #stephanielynn #waterpump #ironblock #120kstrong #6.0
kristaelyse : Classy bf lol. . Geezus
girlscantwhat : @mofkntep Great photo. What are you fixing?
lswut : @girlscantwhat boyfriend's 2005 Silverado SS. The water pump wen out. Thanks! 😊
girlscantwhat : @mofkntep Sweet! Can I use the pic on my site?
lswut : @girlscantwhat of course :) thank you!
lswut : @v8_chicks
slowmaross - ms.mirr - zombiemachete - brotherstrucks -
I was published as a "Top 5 SEMA Booth Babe" on Wednesday, lol! #SEMA #boothbabe #proformparts #tattooed #lsx #blown
lsx - blown - boothbabe - tattooed - sema - proformparts -
murphysworld1 : HAWT!!! @mofkntep
bagina95 : Prob only booth babe who knew what LSX means too.
lswut : @murphysworld1 thank you :) @bagina95 I think you're right... Lol ;)
boosted54 : @mofkntep great booth, you made it rock ;) killer front row view of chevrolet
lswut : @boosted54 thanks! I did have a pretty sexy pair of C7s to look at all week ;)
lswut : @babeswithtattoos
_5leeld - rafaels_instagraam - rpickles45 -
Shawn is a standup guy, super cool! And he runs a @ProformParts carburetor! #StreetOutlaws #Farmtruck #chevroletperformance #proformparts #SEMA
streetoutlaws - farmtruck - sema - chevroletperformance - proformparts -
svt_sam : Hey he's from Oklahoma! @mofkntep
johnfingkirk : Awesome!
adamsdriveshaftoffroad : Yeah, he's pretty cool guy...
nxgonzovideo : My buddy!
lswut : @nxgonzo he's such a cool guy!
nxgonzovideo : Hell yeah, laidback and funny as hell
johneld89 - jc306na - nsdark - camdout68 -
good morning #sema - come visit #proformparts booth 23667 next to #chevroletperformance in Central Hall! I have LSX goodies to see!
chevroletperformance - sema - proformparts -
lifted_diamond : @mofkntep are you sponsored by monster
lswut : @diamondj94 not at all
lifted_diamond : @mofkntep hit me up man let's talk more
lswut : @diamondj94 let's talk. My FB page is listed on my info on here
lifted_diamond : @mofkntep I will forsure add you tonight
lifted_diamond : @mofkntep hey sorry it has been so long since we have talked I have been dealing with some family issues; today i will for sure be adding you on Facebook and hope I can still talk to you more!
johnfingkirk - 99everest - martyvit_makeup -
#SEMA @proformparts #proformparts #lsx #376 #taracingengines
taracingengines - 376 - lsx - sema - proformparts -
slow_maro_ss : Slp supercharger?
lswut : @slow_maro_ss Harrop
tonyzurb : Totally jealous right now
thasnizzle : Can has? That'd look good in my truck
dzmedia : @subydude this "Broad" oh call her a broad. She loves that shit.
subydude : Haha dude sema is over
dzmedia : Sonofacraka!!! @subydude I'm always late to the party!!
_5leeld - dantheman4663 - joseluischivas - addictedtwoboost -
Going to @semashow2013 ?? Come find me & @proformparts !! I have lots of LSX goodies to talk about plus we have something for everyone. Can't wait to be in Vegas Monday!
chevroletperformance - girlswhobuildengines - aftermarket - sema - fordracing - lasvegas - proformparts - mopar -
lswut : #sema #proformparts #lasvegas #girlswhobuildengines #chevroletperformance #fordracing #mopar #aftermarket
kimtastic618 : YAAAAAY! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! Were gonna tear it UP
lswut : It's gonna be like our own Hangover movie. It's gonna be bad. Hahaha 😳😳😳 @kimtastic618
kimtastic618 : Hahaha lets not lose anyone. I don't have money for that
kimtastic618 : It'll be a cheaper trashier version
lswut : @kimtastic618 hahahahaha
murphysworld1 - kimtastic618 - anthonyphilleo - marshockey27 -
I was invited to work SEMA again with @ProformParts this year and I can't wait! πŸ‘
lingenfelter - chevroletperformance - sema - proformparts - lswut - lsx - brianthompsonmotorsports - tradeshow - lasvegas - bestexperience - 2013 -
lswut : #sema #2013 #lasvegas #bestexperience #proformparts #chevroletperformance #tradeshow #lingenfelter #brianthompsonmotorsports #lswut #lsx
1hightoy : One day like to go there...
norcal510psd : Ill be there again in a new truck with american force wheels!
312martin - long711 - jazzorator -
Crunch time begins next week after Chicago... Just got my headers & valvecovers powdercoated. Awaiting a paycheck to buy my cam, springs/locks/retainers, front suspension and new dashboard. Oh and I need a stock LS1 oil pan if anyone has one!
pontiac - chevroletperformance - 4thgen - fbody - ls1 - gm - girlswhobuildengines - 1998 - proformparts - project - build - ws6 - lswut - girldriven - transam - girlbuilt -
lswut : #LS1 #Pontiac #TransAm #WS6 #LSwut #build #project #1998 #4thgen #fbody #gm #chevroletperformance #proformparts #girlswhobuildengines #girlbuilt #girldriven @lsxnation
lswut : @lsxworld
mmarine1080 : I will check around tomorrow for an oil pan
lswut : @mmarine1080 thanks!!! My LS1 crate has the shallow Holden pan and it won't clear my headers πŸ˜‘
lswut : @ambyrlayne 😘
themanwiththemb : u live in chicago ?
lswut : @_adan92 no, I live in St Louis. I'm going for bf's hockey tourney Wed-Sun
slowmaross - 1kwikf - qatar_racer - lsxworld -
New proform distributor for the 70 ford looks sweet
proformparts -
cheapmike13 : #proformparts
lovelyb_1823 - lstevieo -
Blue on the Wireless 5,000lb Vehicle Scale @proformparts #proformparts
proformparts -
johnfingkirk - lsxworld - roland0_perez - rlem13 -
Fat boy Blue sitting on the Wireless 5,000lb Scale & Ramps. @proformparts #proformparts
proformparts -
lswut : This one is my dads. It's a 66 SS. He had me build the 496 in it, power glide with an overdrive unit, ect ect ect @kdanz899
rlem13 - mattlundrigan - tschmitt296 -
LS Slant Edge Valve Covers on #LSwut #proformparts @proformparts
lswut - proformparts -
lswut : @skypilgram but rockers will remain stock. Can't really beat stock LS rockers in an aggressive daily driver...
skypilgram : @mofkntep oh... Cause I know the stock valve covers don't have clearance for big lift cams with aftermarket rockers
skypilgram : @mofkntep those covers do look badass though...
lswut : Yup. @skypilgram
shermantank85 : @mofkntep hurry it up! Your lucky theres not a garage fee:p
lswut : @shermantank85 LOL. I'm lucky it's under construction bc it's 110* in the shop.
shermantank85 : My buddy just bought a cattle cooler for his garage and he swears by it! But I hear yea! Hard to :-) in helllllll!
kimtastic618 : Nice shorts ;)
rlem13 - 312martin - lsxworld - mocreeker -
LS Slant Edge Valve Covers for #LSwut #proformparts @proformparts
lswut - proformparts -
tonyzurb : Love the covers! Who did them?
groundedimages : Want to find covers like that for my 350
lswut : @proformparts / Chevrolet Performance LS Slant Edge Valve Covers. They're super nice, come in MANY colors & finishes and are very reasonable. Just google search for a dealer who carries them @tonyzurb @groundedimages
mocreeker - 312martin - mc__paigey10 -
Gus has no manners. Or he's saying "I have an Electric Piston Ring Grinder and you don't!" 😜 @proformparts #proformparts
proformparts -
farrahrenee : Heheee! What a cute pic
lswut : @farrahrenee haha thank you! He's a ham!
skypilgram - jimmy60dash1 - _jbarnes - 4n9 -
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