Sewin Weave $140 including hair Call or Text 7865979887 Ask for English #Dreadlockandweavedr #miamistyles #thesalyon #piccollage
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dreadlockandweavedr : #sewinweave #englishdidthis #prettygirlsclub #africanstyle #africanbeauty #rastamanliveup #onelove
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fabulousami : Enjoying the view #vacation #pose #prettygirlsclub #ocean
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Have an awesome weekend, can you believe we only have one more month of summer!!! It's been awesome so far 😘😘😘 #prettygirlsclub #prettygirls #soprettycouture
soprettycouture - prettygirls - prettygirlsclub -
newdayent : πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
afterdarkattire : Yeahhhhhhhyyyyyyyy
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Love these locas! Last weekend, I was reppin for the straight girls at SD Pride #StraightGirlProblems #SdPride #Twerve #BreakingWalls #AlmostFoughtAJotoLoco #YoureBeingHesistant #MisBellas #Besitos
almostfoughtajotoloco - twerve - straightgirlproblems - yourebeinghesistant - breakingwalls - besitos - sdpride - prettygirlsclub - misbellas -
_mari112_ : #WeAreTooCute
elliephant86 : You're straight?!?!? πŸ˜±πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ damn! Lol..
dee_484 : @_mari112_ #PrettyGirlsClub 😘
dee_484 : @elliephant86 lmfao!! 😹😹
_mari112_ : @dee_484 oooo girl #YouAlreadyKnow
est912 : love thiz pic πŸ‘Ή @dee_484
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Reunion city! Laughter is truly the best medicine. #love #besties #winning
besties - love - prettygirlsclub - winning -
rae_c_3 : #prettygirlsclub
mustidiker - wpc81 - palmagram_05 - coco_ricohefe21 -
Glossy Rag Daydreaming. #thursday #summer #redcarpet #MeTime #downtime #rest #RiRi #mrscarter #met #beauty
riri - summer - mrscarter - beauty - rest - met - metime - thursday - prettygirlsclub - downtime - redcarpet -
briannapz21 : hey, we're giving away 600 free followers @rehemzy @mishacarrasco @_maria_xx_ @alevasco90 @sophie_loafie1 @slakzee @cryttle102642 @aleenrvez @emurghuncy @rosahinder
kendra_strand : @amberblogs hey it's me from train station! U can post -- us :)
amberblogs : Yes!!! I just heard from your #prettygirlsclub supermodel. I'll have it up tonight. Many thanks girl! X.
frannymcfee - aventure21 - reannarainbow - josweezi -
#LMAO #STFU #ItsTrue #PrettyGirlsClub #IFeelBadForYouSon #InstaInsta #WhatUpTho
bornready - lmao - asap - instainsta - whatuptho - mbc - stfu - babysitter - itstrue - prettygirlsclub - ifeelbadforyouson -
fernherrera23 : @elliephant86 the three of us together sounds like #trouble I like that shit πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜
_mari112_ : @fernherrera23 @elliephant86 the trouble with trouble is that it always starts as fun hahahaha
elliephant86 : πŸ‘―πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ ready when you gays are..
_mari112_ : @elliephant86 @fernherrera23 #BornReady #MBC
fernherrera23 : I gotta find a Saturday that I can get a sitter... My son is off with dad on Thursdays and Fridays @elliephant86 @_mari112_
elliephant86 : Alright sexy mamas I'm taking my ass to sleep.. Hit me up when you guys know when and where we are gathering up. Lol. Have a goodnight ladies ❀😘😘 @fernherrera23 @_mari112_
_mari112_ : @fernherrera23 @elliephant86 πŸ“£ has anyone seen a #babysitter we need one #ASAP πŸ“£
aimeethelion : Lol!!!!
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πŸ‘‘ #beautifulblackwomen #prettygirlsclub #blackgirlsrock #Photoshoot
photoshoot - beautifulblackwomen - blackgirlsrock - prettygirlsclub -
_truelyy_blessedd_ - kodyrolex - leanasmoov - lom_aceo -
I miss my girl Erin she my #wcw gone back to #chitown #missyou #loveyou #prettygirlsclub #urnotallowed
urnotallowed - chitown - missyou - wcw - prettygirlsclub - loveyou -
johnjoesonbud : Get that tongue out of your mates eye.
sabagenesis - johnjoesonbud - davidwmorales - jaybaay420 -
I love us!!!! #prettygirlsclub ❀️❀️
prettygirlsclub -
kaitie9169 - hina0114 - classicassi701 - d_corms83 -
Taken from @facemonarch 1. I've been interested in makeup since I was a child, but only decided to take it seriously as a career in the last year. 2. I'm left-handed so I always feel awkward for some reason while working. 3. If a product I need is on my right side, I will pick it up with my right hand and put it in my left. 4. When I was 12, I thought I invented th the eyelash comb while playing in my mom's mascara. I took the side of a fine tooth comb and used it. Thought I was brilliant. 5. I have a hard time with neutral/natural makeup on myself. I feel naked if there isn't a pop of color somewhere. 6. I always help people that are struggling to pick a product in Wal-Mart. They're usually thankful. 7. My first client was my baby sister when I got her all made up for prom. 8. I used to hate bright lipstick because I thought my lips were too big. Now, it's my go-to product. 9. I live for purple and orange. I will buy anything in the color family 10. I taught my boyfriend what bad makeup looked like... now he sees it everywhere. He hates poorly blended lip liner and eye shadow the most. I tag everybody, but especially @sheebeatsfaces @cherishmonet and @dreamy_eyes_artistry!
beautyblogger - beatandsnatched - beat - missjazzy2 - makeup - myworldofcolor88 - themakeupstory - beatfacehoney - servingface - prettygirlsclub - blendthatshit - makeupblogger - makeupartist - dressyourface - catchthebeat - makeupjunkie - wakeupandmakeup - beatface - givegoodface - mua - vanitymafia - makeupobsessed - makeupmobb -
cherishmonet : Awww
dreamy_eyes_artistry : Awwwww love the eyelash comb !!!! Too cute!
missgabbidoesmakeup : #mua #beat #makeup #makeupartist #beatandsnatched #makeupjunkie #makeupblogger #beautyblogger #makeupmobb #beatface #beatfacehoney #servingface #catchthebeat #missjazzy2 #blendthatshit #givegoodface #myworldofcolor88 #prettygirlsclub #themakeupstory #makeupobsessed #wakeupandmakeup #dressyourface #vanitymafia
sheebeatsfaces : Lol love it!
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Have you ordered yours?! πŸ˜€ soprettycouture.com #prettygirlsclub #prettygirls #soprettycouture
soprettycouture - prettygirls - prettygirlsclub -
prettygirls_r_not_thirsty : R u gonna have plus size again?
soprettycouture : @prettygirls_r_not_thirsty hey doll they go up to 2x we still have some in stock
prettygirls_r_not_thirsty : Ok cool I was hoping those sizes were just sold out and not discontinued thanks!!!!
turtledove72 : @reeses_pieces_buttercup
tozacja1018 - gaudybroads - beautyse7en - keni_covington -
#morning If you ask any one that knows me they will tell you, I speak to almost everyone, there is a constant smile on my face and I try to always look at the positive on every situation. That's not to say I don't get angry or make mistakes. We only have one life, I believe we should always make a positive impact in our lives. It honestly is a choice to give or take, be happy , be honest move forward , be the best version of yourself. So today I choose to Love, Speak Life and Walk in Faith #prettygirlsclub #prettygirls #soprettycouture πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ’ž
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#AmazingTimes #AmazingMemories #Pride14 #Summer14 #TillNextTime
summer14 - amazingtimes - pride14 - prettygirlsclub - tillnexttime - amazingmemories -
cheechkushdashian : we are too cute 😍😍
dee_484 : Love these! Yes, cuties fo sho πŸ’‹
_mari112_ : @cheechkushdashian @dee_484 #prettygirlsclub
dee_484 - vossnyc - jess61904 - lillyanguyen -
#LadyGaga Concert Pre Show - Get Ready!! #StaplesCenter #dtla
ladygaga - dtla - staplescenter - prettygirlsclub -
locflo : Have fun!!😍
jlilii : Where r u @amberblogs
sgflores : Wow amazing!! Have fun!
amberblogs : 118!!!!
jlilii : R u here @amberblogs #PrettyGirlsClub
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Pink and Green Stacked Bracelet for the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha only $15! πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿβœ³οΈπŸšΊβœ³οΈπŸ’Ÿβœ³οΈπŸšΊ#AKA #applegreen #SalmonPink #sorority #AlphaKappaAlpha #para #pearls #pretty #prettygirlsclub #howarduniversity #1908 #106years #refinedgreek #bracelet #jewelry #StackBracelet #ShopRefinedGreek
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mrs_hudson07 : Thanks! @mztmundy
mrs_hudson07 : @mss_divaness @ms_onpoint2u
healthyeatingque : @lovealwaysneenee
naijabeauty6 : @hiddenp3arls_ I love it! Thanks for the info!
devotedi1913 : Do u make for other sororities?
refinedgreek : @devotedi1913 yes hun AKA DST and ZPhiB
devotedi1913 : Any pics of the DST one?
respect_lecurve : πŸ’•πŸ’šπŸ’•πŸ’š
jauqua.yvette - hirhiana - prettypearl_9 - hotchocolatebombshell -
Every single item will be on sale!!!! Stay tuned for more details #prettygirlsclub #prettygirls #soprettycouture πŸ’»πŸ“βœπŸ“š
soprettycouture - prettygirls - prettygirlsclub -
ericagainesstallworth5 : Yay..
prettyfitchicks : So cute!
soprettycouture : @prettyfitchicks 😊 thank you
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#morning Sometimes the hardest thing to do is STAND in your #faith. Everything is telling you to not believe but we must remain confident that God has our back. I Believe, Trust and have Confidence in God, the Process and My self. Greater is he that is within Me. Life and Death are in the Power of Your Tongue, Faith with out works is Dead. Stand In It this morning #Faith #prettygirlsclub #soprettycouture #prettygirls πŸ’žβ€
soprettycouture - faith - prettygirls - prettygirlsclub - morning -
onyxkyphi : πŸ™Œ
tozacja1018 : Wow.....I know that I'm late but Thanks I needed this today....bless you!
soprettycouture : @tozacja1018 😘 love you
tozacja1018 : Love You Back @soprettycouture
sarah_djeen : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
sarah_djeen - feistypisces313 - bbbmorgan - clydesmiph -
Looked good all night and this is my only selfie. This isn't the first time this has happened. I am sure it's far from the last. #mybestfriendisbetterthebyours #Bestfriend #groupie #prettygirlsclub
mybestfriendisbetterthebyours - groupie - bestfriend - prettygirlsclub -
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Sunday Celfie πŸŽ€ #sunday #sundayfunday #selfie #celfie #bangs# brunette #pinklips #prettygirlsclub #nofilter
selfie - sundayfunday - sunday - bangs - prettygirlsclub - celfie - nofilter - pinklips -
mysweetface : Gorgeous!
misslalalaura : @mysweetface πŸ™ˆ Thank you mamas!
xobarbie_tamez : πŸ’•βœ¨
mr_gazi - mrs_gee534 - gaby_meee - 805_talent -
From getting ready for frat parties, house parties, Mexico, Vegas, the desert cities, pool parties, we find ourselves at today. This is what we used to #pillowtalk about when we were 18-year old, 19-year old college girls at #SDSU. We broke hearts, had ours bruised and held onto each other. I'm a happy wreck to watch my best friend Bert get married today. #yes #brittanyandkyle #OC #wedding #country #love #hope #girls
love - girls - oc - brittanyandkyle - pillowtalk - prettygirlsclub - wedding - yes - country - sdsu - hope -
yyyasi : This is so cute Amber! Makes me look forward to my journey with my best friend @miriam44 :)
thisbeautifulday : Gorgeous!
gpbaliphotography : wow
amberblogs : @yyyasi you and your girls rule! Thanks to you I was able to bring some crazy things to the bachelorette party. Many thanks again for being #prettygirlsclub champions. Go girls go!
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CC LEGGINGS ONLY $ 12 NOW! WWW.FIERCEFASHIONSNY.COM Click link in bio to order β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† #cc #chanel #leggings #urbanfashion #fashionkilla #instaswag #swag #dope #instadope #fierce #fashion #fashonista #nickiminaj #nickiminajfashion #dollswithdye #scenegirl #prettygirls #pretty #prettygirlsclub #trendy #fashiontrends #rihanna #beyonce
fashion - fashiontrends - instadope - cc - dope - nickiminajfashion - swag - scenegirl - fierce - leggings - prettygirlsclub - trendy - chanel - dollswithdye - fashionkilla - instaswag - urbanfashion - beyonce - rihanna - prettygirls - nickiminaj - pretty - fashonista -
msmeka5 : Don't see on website
fiercefashionsboutique_ : @msmeka5 they are under apparel love. .. u don't see them?
fiercefashionsboutique_ : They are there. .. if u want I can email you an invoice let me know hun @msmeka5
msmeka5 : Nevermind found them and ordered @fiercefashionsboutique_
fiercefashionsboutique_ : Thank you for your order hun! @msmeka5 they will be shipped out tomorrow and tracking will be emailed to u
bossbee_23 : @anajasso13
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DC nights (not the best lighting) you get the picture tho bout to have fun #prettygirlsclub #soprettycouture
soprettycouture - prettygirlsclub -
godschildapparel : Beautiful
soprettycouture : @toridash thank you! You were slaying at B/J concert
soprettycouture : @godschildapparel thank you
londonlovie : @soprettycouture ok!!!
toridash : @soprettycouture thank you honey ... I had to bee on my best behavior for the Queen πŸ‘‘
brucebriggz : Wow!! You are very welcome
ladyverve : Lookin so thin& #SoPretty!!
soprettycouture : @ladyverve πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰thank you! Working out going to be on TV soon
pure_elegance33 - mezblacklabel - hendrixbrown - dakidonkeys -
People awesome am from Texas or Atlanta nope, North Carolina #countrygirl having fun this summer back to the grind soon 😊 #prettygirlsclub #prettygirls #soprettycouture in the #DMV
soprettycouture - prettygirls - dmv - prettygirlsclub - countrygirl -
iamzenaidag : No. I will be in Cartagena. Dubai is in October. Okay great so we can have brunch on the 10th yay!
soprettycouture : @iamzenaidag awesome I will touch base with you😊😊
tracyp81_mua : Pretty lady!
soprettycouture : @tracyp81_mua heyyyyy boo how have you been?
tracyp81_mua : I've been good hunni!!!!! How have you been?
soprettycouture : @tracyp81_mua that's awesome! I am great just pushing things to the next level
tracyp81_mua : That's great!!! Keep on pushing doll, you deserve it!
soprettycouture : @tracyp81_mua soooo sweet thank you
iamhamclark - sunshine_126 - dakidonkeys - thezim_fanpage -
Had to see Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial #prettygirlsclub #soprettycouture #DMV
soprettycouture - dmv - prettygirlsclub -
justinpinkney7 : I'm here now, heading to see the statue.
soprettycouture : @justinpinkney7 really? When are you leaving
justinpinkney7 : Yeah, tonight.
soprettycouture : @justinpinkney7 dang wish I knew
soprettycouture : @cschwarz02 hey pumpkin 😘 when are you leaving? Is next week a good time
cschwarz02 : Yes! I don't leave till September 1st but next week when I'm off is fine! I'll let you know when I get my schedule! 😘 @soprettycouture
soprettycouture : @cschwarz02 awesome you can email me or DM here on IG 😊
cschwarz02 : @soprettycouture ok ☺️☺️
callybell - kshakat - luvin_kysh - dre757_ -
Gooooood morning DCπŸ’ž I luv visiting the DMV light work yesterday now on to some good food and fun #prettygirlsclub #prettygirls #soprettycouture #dmv
soprettycouture - prettygirls - dmv - prettygirlsclub -
tinkerstar : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
misshaywood : Why am I scrolling and was about to say @lisakaye1984 where u going
soprettycouture : @beelittle94 @tinkerstar 😊😊😊
sarah_djeen : Looking good ❀️
soprettycouture : @sarah_djeen (hugs) 😘 thank you, so are you
hendrixbrown : Please excuse my bluntness but you are so dam fine smh 😍😍😍
soprettycouture : @hendrixbrown awww thank you 😊😘
hendrixbrown : You are so welcomed Gorgeous Goddess 😚😚😚
sarah_djeen - dakidonkeys - rbristo - godschildapparel -
prettygirlsclub -
deee911 - reyna.xoxo - whoooooa_neli - veruca88 -
Always posin 😝 #vibin #rumbas #pose #prettygirlsclub
rumbas - pose - vibin - prettygirlsclub -
keltic1der - corinneelena - nykelz - barberschaefer -
#fbf #flashbackfriday #throwback #selfie #celfie #italiangirl #badgirl #baddies #bella #chillin #trill #hustle #grind #getmoney #swag #instaswag #instacool #dope #instadope #turntup #prettygirls #pretty #prettygirlsclub #beautiful #dopegirls
beautiful - getmoney - dopegirls - instadope - selfie - instaswag - fbf - prettygirlsclub - throwback - celfie - grind - chillin - italiangirl - swag - trill - turntup - badgirl - bella - flashbackfriday - prettygirls - instacool - pretty - baddies - dope - hustle -
matcirne : Like back
stevenshera : @fiercefashionsboutique_ thanks for liking my posts on Insta πŸ‘Š love how you keep changing your hair color πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
fiercefashionsboutique_ : Ur welcome hun! Thank u too! Yeah I love changing it up lol @stevenshera
nicki_melnyk - 50_shades_of_black__ - juliacalzado - fangsandrobotsboutique -
soprettycouture.com so much more on our site #prettygirlsclub #soprettycouture #prettygirls #love #summer #fun #fashion
soprettycouture - summer - prettygirls - fashion - love - prettygirlsclub - fun -
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Shouts to my homie and one of our biggest supporters she's been down since day 1 damn near lol @msdrenab #kingquikpgc #kingquik #prettygirlsclub
kingquikpgc - kingquikryda - prettygirlsclub - kingquik -
msdrenab : I love you soooo much Wes ..... i swear you help me keep my sanity.... dont know what ill do without you... #Kingquik #blackpearl #fishbowl #thursday
wesquik : My nicca πŸ™Œ much love u already @msdrenab #kingquikRYDA
machinegungully - djquestion - redboneandcocky - shaniibreexo -
Tag a pretty girl who's independent, hard working, positive and community oriented! We are creating a women's social and empowerment network!!!! No negativity n haters allowed #kingquikpgc #kingquik #prettygirlsclub
kingquikpgc - prettygirlsclub - kingquik -
jessica_d_rabbit : Meee
miss_vibes : @_lamorena24
jaybreezy787 : @tasia_monea πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
_lamorena24 : Aww babe @miss_vibes
ms_kiraa_bodd : @vixxxenmandy @trapgoddess_s @iamdasiarayne @hypegirltune
iamdasiarayne : Thanks baby @ms_kiraa_bodd 😘😘
all4teya - 98minutes - maglafemmecreole - lickmycake_again -
Only $10 !!! #bad #badgirl #baddies #shebad #prettygirls #pretty #prettygirlsclub #beautiful #swag #instaswag #instacool #dope #instadope #flashsale #bigsale #clearence #clearencesale #necklace #neckcandy #bling #fashionkilla #fashionjewelry #rihanna #urbanfashion
beautiful - shebad - bling - clearencesale - instadope - dope - instaswag - clearence - necklace - prettygirlsclub - fashionjewelry - fashionkilla - swag - urbanfashion - badgirl - bad - rihanna - prettygirls - instacool - pretty - baddies - bigsale - neckcandy - flashsale -
jmorant74 : I want the eagle ring size 12
amandasdimes : You should watch my videos, they are on my page!:)
fiercefashionsboutique_ : @jmorant74 hi love! OK just go to Www.fiercefashionsny.com and you can order right from the website. If you would rather me send you an invoice to your email I can do that also let me know hun
jmorant74 : This is Julio
fiercefashionsboutique_ : @jmorant74 ohhh hahahaaa
fiercefashionsboutique_ : @jmorant74 I didn't even realize hun! I'm not gonna be there tonight I'm in the city I'll give it to u next week hun
eyeyamneezy - beautiful_me_1983 - primpedgoddesshair - ay_weirdo -
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