Padme's my favourite character from the prequels and my favourite female character🙈💕 She's so strong and beautiful and Natalie Portman is amazing😍
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My favorite star wars movie. Yes, even better than empire strikes back. #StarWars #RevengeOfTheSith #Poster #Frame #Cool #EpisodeThree #Prequels #SW
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⠀ ♡ ⠀ "ι тнιик συя ℓινєѕ αяє αвσυт тσ вє ∂єѕтяσує∂ αиуωαу. ι тяυℓу, ∂єєρℓу ℓσνє уσυ αи∂ вєfσяє ωє ∂ιє, ι ωαит уσυ тσ киσω." ⠀ ♡ ⠀ ⠀ [ I love this scene so much.🙈 Would anyone like to roleplay? I'd appreciate it if you could read my rules(second post) and my au Padmé's basic backstory(first post,comments) first though, unless you're a character from the prequels or you have an idea for another alternate universe roleplay. Just comment below or send me a DM if you're interested!☺️ ]
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Qui-Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul on Tatooine. From Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace. #starwars #starwarsepisodei #episodei #thephantommenace #TPM #prequels #tatooine #quigonjinn #darthmaul #lightsaberduel #lightsaber #jedi #sith #desert
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The beautiful Natalie Portman💖 #padme #starwars #prequels #natalieportman
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#YASS #starwars #clones #soa #nerd #nerdgasm #prequels thanks victor lol
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frnsca_ : yeah @VinesBeLike
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⠀ 《 closed roleplay with @your_worshipfulness and @master.skywalker 》 ⠀ Padmé had spent the past years of her life becoming a Jedi. Since she woke from her coma and learned what had become of her new family, she set out into the galaxy alone. She discovered her new abilities, powered by the Force, and came across the isolated Jedi Master Yoda, who aided her in completing her training. Now, twenty-three years later, Padmé was finally going to meet her children. After a recent visit to Dagobah, Yoda had advised the former Senator to finally search for and reveal herself to her twins. He told her of the new Death Star, which the Rebellion was planning to destroy. Her children, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker, would be found on the forest moon of Endor, located near to the new Imperial battle-station. ⠀ The Jedi left Yoda's small hut, her beige boots nearly sinking into the mucky ground beneath her. She walked towards her shipーa j-type star skiffーslowly, her thoughts all jumbled together, making it difficult for her to think straight. She couldn't help but feel afraid; the idea of her children rejecting or refusing to believe her wouldn't leave her mind. She worried that they would hate her since she had never tried to find them before now. She had practically abandoned them as babies. How could they forgive her? Upon reaching the vessel, Padmé stopped. She glanced back towards the Jedi Master's cramped home, spotting the green creature watching her through the short entrance. She met his gaze for a moment, then turned away again, entering the Star Skiff. Padmé flew away from the isolated system, trying to calm herself and clear her mind of her unreasonable fears. Luke and Leia would accept her; they had to. Even though she had ignored them for over twenty years, she still loved them. She had kept herself hidden to protect them. ⠀ [ continued ]
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pxdme.nxberrie : Padmé was allowed to land on the Death Star, but was confronted by storm troopers upon arrival. She adjusted her brown cloak over her dress, making sure the silver hilt of her lightsaber was safely hidden before exiting her vessel. "I am Padmé Amidala-Skywalker and I am here to see my husband," she began, standing tall in front of the armoured clones. They seemed confused momentarily, their weapons raised to halt her from moving any further. "You will take me to Anakin Skywalker." She continued, a subtle hand gesture accompanying her words. Now, the troopers obeyed, leading her down the halls to Lord Vader. "I can continue on my own from here; thank you for your assistance," Padmé murmured as they neared the Emperor's throne room. She waited a moment until the white soldiers had parted, then took a deep breath and gripped her hilt. She unclipped it from her belt, holding it carefully at her side in case she would need it. The former Senator pushed open the doors and took a swift step inside, her gaze settling onto the sight of her son, Luke Skywalker, screaming in pain as the Sith Lord Darth Sidious tortured him, all while her husband stood off to the side watching. She felt her breath caught in her throat as she stared at the masked monster which used to be the Jedi Anakin Skywalker. She was frozen in place, her heart shattered. "Ani?" She whispered, taking a small step forward. She nearly dropped her lightsaber, but then looked down, adjusting her grip again before igniting the green blade.
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Jedi Knight Tol Skorr ( Prequel Era) #StarWars #starwarsactionfigures #starwarscustom #expandeduniverse #starwarsprequels #ThePrequels #Prequels #StarWarsRepublic #StarWarsComics #TolSkorr #JediOrder #JediKnight #customactionfigures #CustomActionFigurepics #CustomActionFiguresArt #ActionFigures #ActionFigurePics #actionfigureart #Toys #ToyPics #ToyArt On Facebook at Custom Action Figures RI On Twitter @CustomAFRI
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⠀ [ alternate padmé backstory ] ⠀ Padmé opened her eyes for the first time in weeks. She felt exhausted and sore; her body aching. She blinked a few times in an attempt to momentarily shield her eyes from the bright light hanging from the ceiling before turning her head to the side slowly. Her brown eyes scanned the room she was in, an expression of confusion across her face. She didn't recognize anything. As she moved her head back to the original position she had been in, her memories came flooding back. Mustafar, Anakin, Obi-Wan then finally, the birth of her twins. Her breaths became shorter and quicker as a feeling of dread washed over her. She raised herself into a sitting position, nearly falling back onto the soft pillows in the process. "Obi-Wan?" She called out, removing the thin, plain blankets from her body. She found herself dressed in a long white gown; one she had no memory of changing into. She swung her legs over the sides of the bed, her heartbeat quickening as she called for the Jedi once more. He had been on Mustafar with Anakin; he would know if he was alright. She stood in a swift motion, taking a step forward in the direction of the door. Before she could move her foot again, a droid burst into the room. ⠀ [ continued ]
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pxdme.nxberrie : Padmé sat on the edge of the bed, tears stinging her eyes. Her hands were held tightly together on her lap, a small object placed in between them. She clasped onto the pendant that Anakin had given her when they were both children. It was almost funny how much it meant to them both, when to anyone else, it was nothing but a necklace made by a child. She had learned about everything from the doctors at the facility. After Mustafar, she had been brought to Polis Massa, where she gave birth to Luke and Leia. Obi-Wan had previously battled with Anakin, leaving him to die in the fire. After birthing her twins, she fell into a deep state of unconsciousness for weeks. It had been two months since Luke and Leia were born and since Anakin had become Darth Vader. Her babies were now separated, given to two different families living on two different systems. She understood why; it was for their protection. If Anakin was as bad as she had been told, then she didn't want him to know about the children. Not yet, at least. Not until she could find him and talk to him; convince him to abandon the Sith and come back to the light. ⠀ [ continued ]
pxdme.nxberrie : Hours passed and the former Senator, who the entire Galaxy now thought was dead, simply sat on the bed, lost in thought. Finally, she stood. She found her clothing and changed, slipping the small piece of jewelry around her neck, but hiding it under the fabric of her dress. Padmé tried to leave Polis Massa as quickly as possible, although once she sat in the pilot's seat of her Star Skiff, she realized she had no idea where she was going. She broke down crying, holding her head in her hands as she sobbed. She wanted to go back to before Anakin fell to the Dark side; before she became pregnant; before the Clone Wars begun. She wanted to go back to Naboo with Anakin. The two of them alone together, with no one there to bother them. She wanted to be able to relax in his tight embrace, allowing his steady heartbeat and calm breathing to send her to sleep. She wanted to be able to walk outside and see the sun shining brightly in the sky, sparkling against the brilliant blue water. She wanted to go home.
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⠀ [ I'm going to have a few fairly simple roleplay rules, just to keep things a bit more organized on my account. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask below. ] ⠀ ⠀ >Don't control my character. I'm roleplaying as Padmé, I decide what she does. Few exceptions apply. ⠀ >No sexual roleplay. ⠀ >At least five lines please, for starters and replies. I'll try to be as literate as possible and I expect the same. ⠀ >Don't rush relationships. I would love for Padmé to have a lover at some time, specifically an Anakin, but I want to get to know you first and have time to develop the relationship between the characters in our roleplay. ⠀ >Don't tag me more than once. I saw your reply the first time, I'm just probably busy and haven't gotten around to replying yet. I have multiple accounts and somewhat of a life, so it may take a few hours and sometimes, a few days. ⠀ >Please don't request roleplays on closed roleplays. Also, don't join into a closed one if you weren't tagged or invited. Feel free to ask on any other posts or join into open ones, even if someone else has already replied! ⠀ >If you add another character into the roleplay, I expect you to be them. I will gladly rp them with you as well as our original characters. But it's either you or both of us. If I add a new character, I'll either rp them myself or I'll ask if we can take turns. ⠀ >No text-talk such as 'u' or 'pls' unless it's out of character. Try to use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization but I understand if it's a just few mistakes. ⠀ >Don't create relationships that aren't there. If Padmé and your character haven't met in the movies, then they don't know each other yet.
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This gives me unnecessary feels😭😭 * How are you guys today? Sorry for not posting😁
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⠀ Name: Padmé Amidala (né Naberrie) ⠀ Aliases: Queen Amidala ; Senator Amidala ⠀ Gender: female ⠀ Species: human ⠀ Date of birth: 46 BBY - date unknown ⠀ Age: [ depends on roleplay ] ⠀ Home Planet: naboo ⠀ Family: ⠀ >Ruwee Naberrie - father ⠀ >Jobal Naberrie - mother >Sola Naberrie - sister >Ryoo Naberrie - niece >Pooja Naberrie - niece >Luke Skywalker - son >Leia Organa - daughter ⠀ Occupation: ⠀ >Queen of Naboo - formerly ⠀ >Senator - formerly⠀ >Jedi - currently [ au ] ⠀ Vessels: >j-type star skiff >h-type nubian yacht ⠀ ※ Padmé was born on the planet Naboo to Jobal and Ruwee Naberrie. She had one elder sister, Sola. At the youthful age of fourteen, she was elected Queen and changed her name to Padmé Amidala. Years later, she became a senator and married the Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker in secret on her home planet. Nearing the end of the Clone Wars, she became pregnant. Shortly before the babies were born, Anakin attempted to kill Padmé, a result from him falling to the Dark side. After the encounter with her husband, she lost the will to live and upon giving birth to her twins, Luke and Leia, she died. ※ [ continued ]
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pxdme.nxberrie : [ alternate padmé ] ⠀ Because of the powers her unborn children possessed, Padmé became Force-sensitive while pregnant. She nearly died birthing her twins, Luke and Leia, but managed to survive, instead falling into a coma. When she awoke months later, she learned that her babies had been given to Bail Organa of Alderaan and Owen Lars of Tatooine and that Anakin had become Darth Vader. Padmé realized that she could put herself and her children in danger by revealing herself to be alive and going after them, so instead she isolated herself for years, training to become a Jedi. While her training was not properly instructed by a Jedi Knight, she managed to educate herself well enough on the ways of the Force. She eventually crossed paths with the exiled Master Yoda, who aided her in completing her training. She then built herself a lightsaber and set off into the galaxy to find either her grown children or her husband.
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Obviously the best fight of prequels #starwars #mustafar #ObiWan #ObiJuan #AnakinSkywalker #TheChosenOne #TheNegotiator #Prequels
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splash.artz : 🌚
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Prequel bashers give it up! #starwars #prequels #theforceawakens
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OMG this pizza place just ORDERED ME TO KILL THE JEDI #order66 #starwars #prequels #Palpatine #DarkSide #Republic #Empire #RIP
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mastersword88 : Holy shit
mastersword88 : Gather the clones right now
mastersword88 : We're going youngling killing and raping
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Bet you didn't know there was a script written for a #freddyvsjason2 but it never got greenlighted. #prequels #sequels #greatdaytobealive #crossovernetwork #crossovered #crossoverepisode #anightmareonelmstreet #fridaythe13th #crystallake #elmstreet #ninjitsu
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19-year-old me was pretty good with acrylics. Unfinished painting of #DarthMaul on treated canvas from freshman year in college. (I'm still unpacking.)
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theravenmother : Maybe you should revisit it? It looks kick ass!
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muaadib : @jcruz1123 liiiiifetimes ago! #weareold
muaadib : @rawmon07 @marvel_comics_guy thanks guys!
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I love this ❤️ { #starwars #movies #series #originals #prequels #mother #daughter #love #beautiful #princessleia #carriefisher #queenamidala #natalieportman #quote }
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Mow um down!!! #starwars #clonewars #clonewars #commander #clonetroopers #droids #prequels
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asasizemore : What kind of trooper is that
asasizemore : ??!!0
starwarsuniverse1 : AT-RT scout @asasizemore
asasizemore : Ok thanks that makes so much sense
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I really like this🙈 ⠀ Does anyone else ever just want to be left alone but also want to cuddle and just cry and let everything out? No? Just me then.😒
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fangirl_goddess : @hemsworthless laughing because otp and crying because otp
selinatschaege : @lissourien
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I Love This Scene #starwars #starwars7 #starwarseu #starwarspast #starwarsexpandeduniverse #starwarsprequels #prequels #episode1 #phantom #menace #phantommenace #sw #swtv #sweu #swgame
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aerialographer : Looks great mate!
comicsandmedia : yes
timmy_boo27 : I bought Maul's saber for this scene, but i cant find someone who will be my Qui-Gon
darth_revan_supporter : @timmy_boo27 I ******* love Qui-Gan and Maul
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#Natalie #Portman #Absolute #queen #this #woman #is #the #reason #I #watched #the #star #wars #prequels
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i_nurdana : @youngzak7 you could've choose another picture mature 😅
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youngzak7 : @i_nurdana she's beautiful in every picture she's taken haha. I'm above sexualising women, if u listen to my music then you'd know that!
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And so started Planet Hulk and then.. World War Hulk. #Marvel #CaptainAmerica #IronMan #MCU #Hulk #PlanetHulk #WorldWarHulk #StarWars #Prequels #Sequels #PT #ST
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richardde : @katzdylan @drherbnandez @afroloka
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Movie review: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Director: George Lucas Writer: George Lucas Producer: Rick McCallum Star Wars Episode 1 is one of the most disappointing movies ever made and here is why. Imagine hearing after 16 years with no Star Wars you finally hear that their making another one. And once the name phantom menace was spread, everyone thought that the title was a joke. But once you saw the trailer it made you want to see the movie! Finally, another Star Wars movie! This is going to be one of the best movies ever put on the screen. And on May 19th 1999 the movie made $924.3 million on the theatrical run. It was commercially successful but was mixed for critical success. Characters were dull as cardboard, cgi effects ruined the magic of the original Star Wars, Horrible acting, and Jar Jar Binks making nails on chalkboard sound like a symphony! While I do agree that these reasons make this movie terrible. There are some redeeming aspects like the music and costume design. This movie would have worked if Lucas was challenged more or someone at least saying that the script is a piece of garbage! Now this doesn't mean I hate George Lucas, because I love the original Star Wars and American graffiti is a great film. It's just that I think he got carried away with story ideas and many other things. I will give this movie a 3/10 and hope that Disney will reboot it so it can be made to have its full potential. Look if you don't believe me watch it yourself. Thank you for reading my first review! Movie score: 3/10 #georgelucas #lucasfilm #starwars #ilm #disney #episode1 #phantommenace #movies #popcorn #film #rottentomatoes #theforceawakens #filmislife #review #prequels #attackoftheclones #revengeofthesith #episode2 #episode3 #episode4 #episode5 #episode6 #episode7 #natalieportman #ewanmcgregor #liamneeson #ilm #industriallightandmagic #battledroids #droidekas #skywalker
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Hey guys! Here's some prequel hate for you. xD (no offence if you liked the prequels....) { #starwars #episodes #series #movies #characters #prequelhate #prequels #originals }
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•"ѕσ тнιѕ ιѕ нσω ℓιвєяту ∂ιєѕ. ωιтн тнυи∂єяσυѕ αρρℓαιѕє"• ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here's a Star Wars edit for you guys! Actually, it's the first edit I've ever done. ^^; I apologize if it's a little sucky. I hope you like it~ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ { #starwars #movies #series #prequels #characters #beautiful #death #padmeamidala #natalieportman #quote #queen }
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*Anakin fangirls violently sobbing in the distance* #starwars #starwarstextposts #textpost #tumblr #prequels #anidala #AnakinSkywalker #PadméAmidala #love #anidala4ever #anidalaforever #otp #ship #iship #fangirlfeels #feelsbruh #feels #fangirl #imastarwarsfangirl
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😝 Hey guys! QOTD: Who's your LEAST favourite character in the Star Wars movies? AOTD: Jar Jar Binks 😑 { #starwars #movies #series #originals #prequels #characters #markhamill #lukeskywalker #jarjarbinks }
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starwars.chic : But we thankfully weren't there at the time it exploded. Thank goodness.... @starwarscommander
starwarscommander_vader : Yes but it wasn't part of the plan :O I just wanted to show something to my frien and I pushed the wrobg button... Dverything I do leads to death and destruction... I'm so depressed :(... @starwars.chic
starwars.chic : Oh. I see. :( sorry, I must of took that the wrong way. It's okay, friend. I understand. I can probably make my way to your Deathstar sometime this weekend and we can hang out then. ^.^ @starwarscommander
starwarscommander_vader : Yes as I said, you're welcome 😃 Bring your Tauntaun with you if you want.. I have also a special roon called "Party Room" where we can dance as much as we want @starwars.chic
starwarscommander_vader : *room
starwars.chic : Sounds awesome. I shall be there sometime later today. 😄 @starwarscommander
starwarscommander_vader : Open Doors at 23:00, so be there early 😃 @starwars.chic
starwars.chic : Alrighty. Will do. 😉 @starwarscommander
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Say what you want about the #StarWars #prequels, complain about the non-canonical direction, the poor writing, the dismal acting, the racial stereotypes, the distracting CG, the childish characters, but even the most diehard fans have to agree that the artwork was amazing! This poster, featuring characters from the entire series, rocks! #skywalker #georgelucas #spielberg #anakin #darth #vader #maul #sidiois #emperor #fuckenJaja #episode #I-VI #
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😱 Mace Windu 😱 • { #mace #prequels #awesome #love #myboi #purple #bestlightsaberskills #highcouncel
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I've been staring at this phone for so long trying to find something to write... I give up 😂
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all_you_need_is_fandom : #starwars #prequels #obiwankenobi #benkenobe #ewanmcgregor #bigfish #trainspotting #likeforlike #like4like #l4l #followforfollow #follow4follow #f4f #followme #fandom #fans
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Good morning 😄😄
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Made this for my brother. #midichlorians #awfulexplanation #sorrythatswrong #whatwereyouthinkinggeorgelucas #dumbass #thingsthatliveinsideyourcells #wtf #starwars #anewhope #originalartwork #thephantommenace #newstarwars #prequels #cartoon #comics #funny #stormtrooper #jedimindtrick
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