#pregnancyproblems #pregnancyhumor #allworthit #26weeks #mommytobe
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saravinson87 : Haha awww I hated that first day I couldn't fit into my jeans! I lived in yoga pants and maxi dresses for the entirety of my 2nd and 3rd trimester.
samanthajudyyy : Yes! I'm about to transition but it is so darn hot in south ga I really hate wearing clothes in general right now! @saravinson87 How is baby Jameson doing?
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Hubby went out last night to get me some essential oils only to discover the store was closed for inventory. He bought this instead. Fingers crossed it helps. We'll find out when I regain my sense of smell. #pregnancyproblems #summercoldssuck #sotired
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formerly_tlc : The Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix πŸ˜‚ so accurate! The crazy scale starts at 4 because there is no such thing as a girl who isn't crazy. When you get to above an 8 hot, between 5-7 crazy, that's the wife zone. Anything above an 8 hot and below 5 crazy.. That's Unicorns. Doesn't exist πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sarahannfair : Oh my gosh. I was DYING watching this!!! If you're telling me she's an 8+ hot and a 2 or 3're talking to a dude.
formerly_tlc : LOL !! @sarahannfair
mr_mikey_k : Thought I had a unicorn but then it ranπŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£ up the chart πŸ™ˆπŸ’₯
formerly_tlc : #pregnancyproblems πŸ’ @mr_mikey_k it's important to remember the chart is not static, a girls rating can move locations on the chart at any given time! Must be reassessed often!!
mr_mikey_k : #givesmehope 😭
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Being preggies means having morning sickness making it difficult to have breakfast.... so instead of a big breakfast im having fruit and yoghurt with some peppermint herbal tea. oh and my water on the side of course :) #preggies #pregnant #pregnancyproblems #healthy #fruit #yummy
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I've popped out straight away this pregnancy just like I did with my son this is at about 6 weeks pregnant I get my first ultrasound in 5 days to find out exactly how far along I am and make sure there's just 1 baby in there. #pregnancyproblems #pregnantgirlproblems #pregnantlife #pregnancy #pregnant #mumtobe #6weekspregnant #6weeks
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rowanverity94 : Don't even think I was that big at 12 weeks! That's so cute. Maybe it's twins ;) xx
pregnant_princess88 : @rowanverity94 I don't think it would be twins I was the same with my son but I'll know for sure next week :)
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Not feeling well... this is #me right now #fml #morningSickness #pregnancyProblems #omg why this late #pregnancy #pregnantperks #nausea #sickNight #mommyToBe #OohNo
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joaaannaguerra : Follow me pls trying to reach 3k(:
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Ughhh. #pregnancyproblems #pregnancy #pregnant #wishicouldsleep #twins #babygirl #babyboy #pregnancyquestions #help
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its_rissa_angel : Gots a baby moving around! Lol
ebreezyyyyyy : Both of them are moving. Lol one likes to be up in my ribs. They definitely love to give mommy hell. I swear, I get majority of my sleep during the day. @its_rissa_angel
its_rissa_angel : @ebreezyyyyyy I hear ya! My boy is acting like a beach wave right now and I'm hella tired!
ebreezyyyyyy : Hahaha I guess I should be happy they're moving but I'm starting to catch a cold and I just want to sleep. Lol when are you due? @its_rissa_angel
its_rissa_angel : October 16 @ebreezyyyyyy
pregnant_heaven123 : I am sorry you have the wrong idea most of them are from people yes a few are from google but I really liked them I am sorry if I offended you in any way I really am!! ):
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I *may* have over done it these past two days.... #whereismyankle #whereismybaby #pregnancyproblems #pregnant #40weeks #mamatobe
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#EvictionNotice #Served #PregnancyProblems #37Weeks5Days #ICantGoOn #MyBodyTooLilForAllThisWeight #16MoreDays #DueDate #081714 #GetOutNow 😒😒😒😒
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que_hefner_ : Lol
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I hate emotional days like such where the only thing I know I can do best is cry. On top of all my emotions that come with pregnancy, I found out that I might have Gestational Diabetes and low iron which worries me even more. What a gloomy night. I just want all this mental pain to go away please. #feelingdepressed #pregnancyproblems #28Weeks4Days
pregnancyproblems - feelingdepressed - 28weeks4days -
simplypeach : U did the 3 hr glucose test?
angelde_cocoa : I did a quick one first, and now I have to do another one, this one will take 3 hours. @simplypeach
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Dinner! It's a little late due to football practice but I was craving shrimp! So for dinner I made garlic shrimp scampi with sun dried tomatoes. #yummy #grubbin #shrimp #pasta #foodporn #pregnancyproblems #dinner
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jahckielynn : My pregnancy sucks. Everything sounds gross to me cuz I have the worst morning sickness.
kris10__ : Ya.. whenever I'm prego meat kinda grosses me out.. But i never get morning sickness. Congrats by the way! @jahckielynn
jahckielynn : Thank you! With Jordan I didn't have any ... This one is the complete opposite. I have to take anti nausea medicine.
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This is me in real life! #thestruggleisreal #pregnancyproblems
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jaydenise_mua : @bri_berockin lol OMG that freakin burns me up! Lol mines is September 20 wbu?
bri_berockin : I haven't at the beginning of November. When is You baby due??
jaydenise_mua : @bri_berockin oh cool well I definitely want you to come to mine, I'm due November 19
bri_berockin : For sure. I'll be there it's two days before my brithday. What time and where?? I'm due on the 31 of December. So we're not to far from each other.
jaydenise_mua : @bri_berockin I'll let you know where like next week but we're going to start at 3. That's cool you're going to have a holiday baby!
bri_berockin : Yeah it's some. What cool lol. You are too tho.
jaydenise_mua : @bri_berockin yea she's my thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years present lol
bri_berockin : I understand you on that one lol.
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All these little heartbeats are increasing my body temperature and I'm burning up! #toohotforcuddles #ineedac #pregnancyproblems
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Its My Birthday! I'm Turning Up On Water! Haha! #PregnancyProblems
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stefluvaa : Happy birthday
expectingbeauty : Thank Youu! @stefluvaa
rezzy__rezz17th : Happy bdayyy
expectingbeauty : Thank Youuu! @rezzy__rezz17th
rezzy__rezz17th : Welcome
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conquering pregnancy cravings one delicious apple slice at a time. yuuuum. #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyproblems #pregnantlife #baby #babyboy #babybump #tummy #tummypic #leggings #legging #flower #floral #cute #apple #appleslice #apples #caramel #caramelsauce #delicious #getinmymouth #craving #pregnancycraving #food #vscocam #instagood #instadaily
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hollyybeee : #thebabymademeeatit
dusteeee : Now I want that 😱😱
hollyybeee : @dusteeee it's sooo good! I've been eating so much of it latelyn 😁😁
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#pregnant #pregnancyproblems #girl #boy #whowillitbe #genderwars #pink #blue #baby
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#LOL #gettingthere #nolongerexists #pregnancyproblems
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k_shelbydavis : The worst!
pregnancyproblems : πŸ˜‚ I may have to borrow this photo of you don't mind πŸ’•
reyking85 : Hahaha soooo true @cassreyes8
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Today's craving: sparkling water. #weird #pregnancyproblems
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jessielovesrayden : At night especially... ugh
frankiepitcher : @jessielovesrayden exactly. Sometimes I try to wait it out even though I know it's inevitable. My resolve to stay in bed lasts no more than 4 minutes and by then it feels like my bladder has tripled in size
jessielovesrayden : Oh it gets worse! I banned myself from drinking after 3pm and then I was just a dehydrated fatty that STILL pees all night! I don't see how it's possible!
jessielovesrayden : Im. Sick. Of. Peeing!!
sygdanielsyg - xe_ohmy - jessielovesrayden - pregnancyproblems -
Back in the ER, not for standard stuff this time. The pain I mentioned on my blog yesterday could be my gallbladder or a blood clot in my lung. Getting tons of tests done. Will keep you posted...
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sharbear_xo : #vscomania #vscophile #vscolovers #vscolove #vscomafia #vsco #vscoonly #vscocam #vscogood #vscospotlight #vscohub #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyproblems #nobamacare #america #timeforpizza #nothungoverjustpregnant #justkeepswimming #dontworrybehappy #instagood #instalove #instaglobal #follow #tagsforlikes #insta_global #igers #webstagram #liveloudly #loudstagram
dragonxfox : Hopefully you get some answers soon and that everything turns out well.
wittycassiehere : Take it easy! Hope you feel better real soon. πŸ’•
kara_noel_ : OMG I hope all the tests come back negative!!! Praying for you and the little guy!
caseemarie : Keeping you in my prayers! Be safe and well, xx.
sharbear_xo : @wittycassiehere @kara_noel_ @caseemarie Thank you, sweet ladies. I was discharged after 7 hours of testing & told that what I'm experiencing, though not life-threatening, is unknown. I am grateful that the tests came back negative, but now I'm left with more questions than answers & plenty of frustration. The pain continues to increase every day & I will be bringing it up to my OBGYN at my appointment next week. This situation is upsetting but having the support of all of you makes it a little bit easier. β™‘
missinbloom : Glad you're okay pregnant lady 😊 I went in five times in the last few weeks of my pregnancy with high blood pressure and they sent me home every time, I was all like "what??" Xx
sharbear_xo : @missinbloom oh geez, you poor thing! Thank you.
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No really. #pregnancyproblems
pregnancyproblems -
therealjenniferday : @jamitree lmao
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You know you have a serious problem when you send your husband to the SAME place four nights in a row..... #cravingsbistro #toogood #bestsandwhichesever #pregnancyproblems @cravingsbistro you guys are the πŸ’£!!!!
pregnancyproblems - bestsandwhichesever - cravingsbistro - toogood - blamethewifey -
she_sneaky : @sheluvzlife right?!?? I sadly always send him right at closing so he's like the problem customer πŸ˜‚
she_sneaky : #blamethewifey πŸ™Š
sheluvzlife : Preggers
cravingsbistro : That's awesome! Good to put a face to the customer! We think it's great. He's so good to do that for you! Congrats! I'm glad your "Cravings" have been Cravings!!!! Thank you thank you! #lovemycustomers #pregnantcravings
sierrajpack : Can I come next time?! I have really been wanting to go there. And we REALLY need to get together! Let's plan a day where we go to Cowabunga Bay and Cravings! :)
she_sneaky : @sierrajpack yes please!! They are soooooo yummy!!!!! Have you guys even had a chance to go to cowabunga yet?! Lol
sierrajpack : Once..and Makiya had the time of her life and I have been wanting to get her back there so bad!
she_sneaky : @sierrajpack k let's go soon!!! U let me know when you're free and we will go!! 😘😘😘
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When you get pregnant most of your friends disappear and your bump becomes your bestie. I am totally okay with that. #pregnancyproblems #toddasabrown
pregnancyproblems - toddasabrown -
stephrhoborge : Yup, that's true.
iamemily : Sounds like it's time to find new friends!
smashleymercer : @iamemily I am working on it! :) people with babies so Todd will have some tiny humans to hang out with
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Spinning around in circles for the past two days cause my belly is too big so I can't itch my bumm. ☺️. #pregnancyproblems #corgi #cute #weird #silly #circles #spin #thursday #momma #corg
pregnancyproblems - circles - corg - cute - thursday - momma - silly - corgi - weird - spin -
matthewthecorgi_andmaggie : πŸ˜‚ that's one way to do it πŸ˜‹ LOL
shortithecorgi : Haha she's trying so hard! πŸ˜„ @mathewthecorgi_andmaggie
shortithecorgi : @matthewthecorgi_andmaggie
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Virgins for me...#pregnancyproblems
pregnancyproblems -
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#pregnancyproblems #sweettooth #cheesecake #sweets #inlove
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mikaylaperreira : Yummmmm😍
bribabiee8492 - zorahinez7 - dfish93 - mikaylaperreira -
#pregnancyproblems so ready
pregnancyproblems -
dreasoxxclusive : Your big😩😩 omg looks painful
7atian4 : It is I gain 3 pounds in a week @dreasoxxclusive
dreasoxxclusive : Smh! I don't think I want kids πŸ™ˆπŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜·
7atian4 : Lol u said I was getting a little brown girl cousin ..... I'm waiting on her....@dreasoxxclusive
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#Yes #PregnancyProblems #IDontGiveACrap #Lol #ISleepNaked #LBVS
pregnancyproblems - isleepnaked - idontgiveacrap - lbvs - yes - lol -
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Yes I sure Am! This pregnancy is getting so uncomfortable these days, Im ready for it to be over and to hold my little one! #pregnancyproblems #pregnant #26weeks
pregnancyproblems - 26weeks - pregnant -
happybabywrap - pregnancyproblems - deelovely13 - jacquelynnvyix -
Oh so true! #pregnancyproblems #twoweekstogo #mybumlovesthecouch
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leealcha : Only 2 wks left !?
leealcha - sherylable - xe_ohmy - tpoonsopin -
So yea... This heat can definitely screw right off. I miss having ankles!! Ugh it hurts so much to walk... But on a more positive note, I am dilated over a centimeter! So nice to hear that I'm making some progress! 2 days left till the due date! Getting so anxious! #pregnancyproblems #kankles #almostover
pregnancyproblems - almostover - kankles -
kwebber3 : Oh my gosh! You really are missing your ankles!!! But yay!!!! The little one is on the way!!!!!!! Your so close!!!! Hang in there girl!!!!! Love you guys!
c.webber.14 : Awe u poor girl.
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Drop something on the floor...That object no longer exists to me. #3rdtrimester #almostthere #octoberbaby #pregnancyproblems
pregnancyproblems - 3rdtrimester - octoberbaby - almostthere -
mariahillarie - sigridfria - brylim - xe_ohmy -
Agg #fml this #nausea though ! 😣 #Pregnant#Pregnancy#PregnancyProblems it's all going to be worth it in the end though ✌️
pregnancyproblems - positivevibes - fml - plur - pregnant - pregnancy - nausea -
sayrahhhann : #PLUR#positivevibes
eyecandypreggosx_ - j0momma - edmnyc - onexove -
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