Quick everyone, go checkout @abbygrace29's blog where she will be sharing stories about her journey since the accident and sharing her progress and what The Lord is teaching her through all of this! Anyone who knows Abby, knows how inspirational and incredible she is. Show your love and support for her and follow her blog. YOU WONT REGRET IT! #prayformarsh
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I can't believe it's been two years already. I am so thankful for this gal right here, @abbygrace29. She is responsible for so much joy in my life and I couldn't imagine not having her as my best friend. Praise The Lord for the progress you have made and the barriers you have overcome Abbs. It is only by His grace that you are where you are today. You are such an amazing friend and inspiration to everyone who knows you. Keep fighting my sweet sweet sister. Love you so very much! #PrayForMarsh
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abbygrace29 : Hmm gotta love those tubes😷 thanks paigey poo I love you more! Very blessed and thankful for you but I really wish you would come home from Florida you crazy chick!! You travel toooooooo much πŸ˜‰ but it's ok I love ya still 😘😘
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Reppin the best bestie any gal could have, @abbygrace29 at the Baltic Sea y'all! #PrayForMarsh
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abbygrace29 : Sickkkk! Love you 😘😘😘
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#prayformarsh #out #phoenixprobs #hit #dirty #hit #stillcutetho #notok @muelzy
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Cheep game #prayformarsh
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connerlinton14 : No we tied them but we will kill them in regionals cause they suck @j_austin31
j_austin31 : Sounds good
j_marti13 : What number on rampage
j_marti13 : And last name
connerlinton14 : 12 Vaughn @jacob_marti13
j_marti13 : Wow..
bronsonadams12 : @jacob_marti13 @connerlinton14 that kid too but it was #8 Perez
rhettzky33 : That was so dirty πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž hope he gets better soon
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@abbygrace29 here is to a new beginning, and a new tan-line #prayformarsh
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abbygrace29 : Haha YES! I love you so so much!!
meghunpunnable : I love YOU so much, keep rockin and rollin sweet thang @abbygrace29
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S/O to Nicholas being the first visiter as well as keeping me company and helping take this awful medicine. #hospitallife #prayformarsh
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karliemarier3 : Where are you ??
abbygrace29 : YES! @abirdandabean ITS AWFUL.
abbygrace29 : @karliemarier3 I'm getting a minor surgery
karliemarier3 : Are you at ST E?
nellierh : Are you in Louisville?
iamgusadams : #TurntUp
abbygrace29 : I'm in Louisville @karliemarier3 @nellierh :)
abbygrace29 : @iamgusadams ya I puked
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First thing I put in the whip. #prayformarsh
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tmcconvey : What is she
brettig7 : @tmcconvey 07 passat
tmcconvey : ....
abbygrace29 : Best decision you've ever made!!! You rock @brettig7 😘
brettig7 : @abbygrace29 haha it is indeed! I literally got home, grabbed that and the other one and put it on!
abbygrace29 : You're one of the few that still rep my bracelet, you get lifetime wheelchair rides @brettig7
brettig7 : @abbygrace29 I gotchu!
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I will never forget this woman for what she had been through and for all the freat ass times we have shared. U mag jot knownthis but you are my inspiration anytime I feel like quiting I think of you to push me and I thank you for that! #iLoveYou #PrayForMarsh #TraumaWashington #Represent #AlwaysThereForYou
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dplvan13 : Oh my lord.... excuse the typing! Hahahahaha
abbygrace29 : Awh that's great! Ha love you dyl-hole!! You rock!
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#WomanCrushWednesday #BestFriend #PrayForMarsh Seriously tho, @abbygrace29, you're the greatest gal I know. I'm so blessed to have you as my best friend. Thanks for all of the joy you have brought into my life! You've changed me! πŸ’œπŸ˜˜
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I did the zip line, screamer swing, and the ropes course. I was also able to be at camp for the whole week. Nothing's stopping me now!! Photo credit: @lytlea #youonlyrockonce #rockbridge #camp #prayformarsh
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michellemichels : But were there cheese nips?!
doakkster : Ahhhhhh Abby! This brings me so much joy!
meganherbertt : I love you so much abbbs πŸ’•
whitttle : I love you. Now text me back fool
katiebell105 : That's awesome! I heard rock ridge is amazing!
peterhopoy : This is golden, Abby!
its_y0urdestiny : You look so beautiful girl!
naomi.spoelstra : What camp? That's awesome. :)
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My fav dee #deeishot #iloveher #deeiscool #ilovedee #deedeedee #imissher #noistadee #dbird #deeisababe #marryme #mylovedee #deelovesleah #jealousofdee #prayformarsh #deetho #iwishiwasdee
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The heart Adams and I made for Abby while waiting to see her. #repost #prayformarsh
prayformarsh - repost -
abbygrace29 : AWHHHH that was fun. Love you guys😘😘😘
coreyahern : That's awesome! You guys make a great team!
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HAPPY GRADUATION @abbygrace29 we finally took a nice picture :) #rylegrad13 #bestie #prayformarsh #graduate
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abbygrace29 : Haha seriously! Love you:)
chelswend : @abbygrace29 love you too:)
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the lovely @abbygrace29 #prayformarsh πŸ’•
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@christina_midgette and I were feelin artsy so this is what happened #acrylic #paint #plywood #art #prayformarsh
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It's starting to feel real. #DecoratedCar #Graduation #Seniors2013 #PrayForMarsh πŸŽ“πŸš˜πŸ’œ
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Yep, that's my girl! Seriously so inspiring. I love you @abbygrace29 thank you for changing my life!! This past year has been so crazy, but you never seem to let it bring you down, and I can't even tell you how incredible that is. You are truly remarkable and I am so much better off knowing you! You're so cool! You have come so far! God is so good! #PrayForMarsh
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I still support her to this day! Stay strong Abby! @abbygrace29
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coryorcutt : #prayformarsh
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@abbygrace29 You have seriously come so far! I am so proud of you and I am just so inspired by the progress you have made not only physically but mentally and emotionally. You give yourself no limits and I love that! You're going to go so far. You are truly a blessing and I couldn't ask for a better best friend! I love you so much!!! #OneYear #PrayForMarsh
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brucebrowning : She is a remarkable young lady. Your hard work and attitude will pay off someday.
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Day 20: ootd #daylate #cutie #prayformarsh #mayphotochallenge
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The old and the new. #PrayForMarsh
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#english #battleofthesexes #food #cookies #macandcheese #elf #yum #PrayforMarsh πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ @abbygrace29
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Wow it's hard to believe that a year has gone by since the accident. Even though I don't think anyone will really understand why it happened I think it's really great that God has given @abbygrace29 the courage and strength to persevere and not let it define who you are. I know you hear this all the time but you real are an inspiration and you've been such a wonderful friend to me when I don't deserve it. Your faith is incredible and you are the most beautiful person inside and out. I have been blessed to have you in my life and I can't wait to continue going on adventures with the crew! I love you so much Abby and I will never stop praying for you!
prayformarsh -
chelswend : #prayformarsh
whitttle : You are truly amazing marshmallow 😘 @abbygrace29
adelaidemoser : I πŸ’š Marsh #AMarshorbust
abbygrace29 : Love you girls so much!!!! @chelseawendling @whitttle @adelaidemoser
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Literally she's just such a blessing ❀ @abbygrace29 #PrayForMarsh #Love #Her #Blessed #Best #Friend #Seniors #What #A #Beauty
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hannahlaaskey : You two are babes. I adore you both.
paigemariebarrett : @hannahlaskeyy Literally love your guts
abbygrace29 : 😘😘😘😘😘☺
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Abel and I's visit to see Abby. #tbt #prayformarsh
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Oh how I've missed this!!! #Cruising #Jammin #Car #Rides #Shopping #So #Fun #Besties #Love #Her #PrayForMarsh #Gangsta #Rap #Beautiful #Day
beautiful - love - prayformarsh - shopping - her - car - rides - jammin - so - rap - fun - cruising - gangsta - besties - day -
paigemariebarrett : @abbygrace29
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I haven't hugged you standing up in forever, being able to wrap my arms around you was the best feeling in the world! @abbygrace29 #I #Love #Your #Guts #Best #Friend #So #Tall #Mirror #Pic #WomanCrushWednesday #PrayForMarsh #Inspiring
prayformarsh - guts - love - i - pic - inspiring - so - best - mirror - tall - womancrushwednesday - your - friend -
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We surprised Abby at physical therapy so Tyler could as her to prom! &&. She said YES! @abbygrace29 @t_dever12 @b_deg #PROM #Surprise #We #Love #You #Abbs #Physical #Therapy #PrayForMarsh #She #Said #Yes #So #Fun #Besties
we - said - love - prayformarsh - so - prom - abbs - she - surprise - fun - therapy - you - besties - yes - physical -
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Study/PLL date with this babe @abbygrace29 #PrayForMarsh #Love #My #Best #Friend #PLL #Homework #Babe #Besties #Goon #OverAchievers
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brucebrowning : What up Abby
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#tbt when me, Rettig an the boys thought it would be a good idea to tie a couch to the roof of THE 93 civic and then proceed to go to Taco Bell @brettig7 #repost #thosewerethedayz
prayformarsh - thosewerethedayz - tbt - repost -
bowtiednooses : That's my pizza...
brettig7 : ...that almost nailed him in the face. Classic garbage picking days
iamgusadams : #prayformarsh
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My new addition #prayformarsh
prayformarsh -
jbrennan101 : Your welcome :)
abirdandabean : Can we come over on sat? 10?
abbygrace29 : Ha thanks juicey Jackson @jbrennan101
abbygrace29 : @abirdandabean ya!! Talk to mom!!
abirdandabean : Is she your social director??
abbygrace29 : Yes lol. Could you come around 10:30??
abbygrace29 : @abirdandabean
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Me and Ellie. Love and miss her. #tbt #PrayForMarsh
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