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_make_up_monaco888 : АлхьамдулЛилах1, будет Судный день.. Нет слов...
islam_muslim_muhammad : @_make_up_monaco888 да..!
maryamushka_05 - ___r_a_i_s_a___ - s.m.s_a -
#prayforjahar#innoncent#freejahar##помощь#срочно#благотворительность#кавказ#россия#врач#москва#жизнь#лечение#деньги#помогите#кавказ#чечня#ингушетия#дагестан#грозный#нальчик#назрань#магас#махачкала#мусульмане#ислам#muslim#islam#help#pray#Muhammad#WeLoveProphetMuhammad# Ас-саламу алейкум. Делайте дуа за нашего брата Джохара, приговоренного к смертной казни за преступление, которого он не совершал! Ты нас не знаешь, но мы твои братья и сестры, которые верят в твою невиновность и будут всегда молиться за тебя!
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cha_borz_007 : Дал бакъо тола йойла
islam_muslim_muhammad : @hamas_thanov_muhammad Amin!
cha_borz_007 : Далмукълахь цхьа бекхам боцш дуьсар дац и)))
cha_borz_007 : Дукх нах шай до1анц вехнам ву и.
islam_muslim_muhammad : @hamas_thanov_muhammad Ин шаа Аллахь выйдет на саободу! Дер вяхна!)
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islam_muslim_muhammad : Джохар Царнаев, приговоренный к смертной казни! Мы делаем дуа, чтобы ты вышел на свободу. Ин шаа Аллахь!
yatvoyboss : @islam_muslim_muhammad Зачем??? Объясните!
yatvoyboss : @_iman__nohchi_ я может чего то не знаю. Не пойму просто зачем надо чтоб он вышел?
yatvoyboss : @_iman__nohchi_ понятно.
islam_muslim_muhammad : @_iman__nohchi_ спасибо, что ответили:) @yatvoyotec как уже сказали, потому что его подставили за то, что он не совершал.
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Setidak nya dirimu pernah membanggakan kota semarang karena pernah menjadi pasar terbaik dan terbesar se Asia Tenggara dan terima kasih telah menemani ku setiap hari tapi mengapa dirimu hilang tepat di hari ulang tahun ku #savejohar #prayforjahar #prayforsemarang
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dhiemas_novian : Wah bledos brti wos
helgium : Bledos semua
miqdadfaqodz - - elisabeth_tri - arum_fitria -
#dzhokhartsarnaev #FreeJahar #PrayForJahar 😢
prayforjahar - dzhokhartsarnaev - freejahar -
gj_918 : @pjdtheiii I don't understand, you just ramble that God should bless my soul when you barely have the proof to tell me that I am wrong, yet, you still do it!
gj_918 : @pjdtheiii You should actually practice debating on topics before you bring it up in someone's face, especially a case like this one!
pjdtheiii : @duchess_93 I don't have to debate or prove anything to you. Your coward boy jahar admitted it, and if you were educated on the trial and evidence at all then maybe you wouldn't sound so ignorant and clueless. Yea your right I do search freejahar because it personally offends me that anyone could support this coward and still try to claim his innocence dsphte the fact that both HE and his LAWYER fully admit he did it. Not to mention the daily mountain of evidence that completely verifies his admission of guilt.
pjdtheiii : He is a cowardly lil punk who murdered women and children and maimed.100s of others. Be more willfully can't!!'nn
disteffff : Allah is a joke. And a homosexual. Guilty prick.
disteffff : @duchess_93 dumb muslim bitch. Cant wait for you to witness a death penalty sentence for your homeboy jahar. Go put a veil on before you get raped by your own people.
mattsperapro : Guilty, bye bye scumbags.
number_2323 : May piss be upon your Allah and this waste of oxygen. 🇺🇸
zyra_1990 - narges_hassan - sovu_9429 -
#dzhokhartsarnaev #FreeJahar #PrayForJahar
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reincarnationofjfk : Kids dead
mattsperapro : Guilty, bye bye scumbags.
number_2323 : 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 .
crsnip3r : #deathtojahar
free_jahar_19.04.13 - zyra_1990 - gj_918 -
#justiceforjahar #prayforjahar #dzhokhartsarnaev
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number_2323 : Guilty. Death row now.
free_jahar_19.04.13 - gj_918 - nicole_jedlica_190 -
#dzhokhartsarnaev #FreeJahar #PrayForJahar
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pjdtheiii : Coward
mattsperapro : Guilty, bye bye scumbags.
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#FreeAzamat #FreeDias #FreeJahar #prayfordias #prayforjahar#prayforazamat
prayforazamat - freedias - freeazamat - prayforjahar - freejahar - prayfordias -
chitakov5310 : Pray for your missing brains
mattsperapro : Guilty, bye bye scumbags.
number_2323 : Free the world from savages leike these.
free_jahar_19.04.13 - gj_918 - _che95_ -
#prayforjahar #freejahar
freejahar - prayforjahar -
rayanachr - free_jahar_19.04.13 - gj_918 - sovu_9429 -
#freejahar#dzhokhartsarnaev #prayforjahar
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misfitsbae - free_jahar_19.04.13 - gj_918 -
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free_jahar_19.04.13 - gj_918 -
#FreeDias#FreeJahar #PrayForDias#prayforjahar
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chitakov5310 : Murderers
number_2323 : Gay bitches. 😂. He's going to love the gangbangs in prisson 😝.
free_jahar_19.04.13 - gj_918 -
#FreeJahar #PrayForJahar
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chitakov5310 : Pray he pays for his horrific crime...LWOP or DP
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katakufutoka_ - yosrahussain.yh - free_jahar_19.04.13 - gj_918 -
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pjdtheiii : Bahahhahha don't worry lil girl. Justice is coming
free_jahar_19.04.13 - gj_918 -
#FreeJahar #TamerlanTsarnaev#PrayForTamerlan#PrayForJahar
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joeyserra : Praying for the death penalty
emily.milliken : @joeyserra 😂👌🏻
number_2323 : Fucken muslim bitch.
eli4aa : Fuck U.s.a @number_2323 😏✌
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#prayforjahar #justiceforjahar #eyesopen #questioneverything #awake
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Just FYI ... #prayforaza #prayfordias #prayfortobel #prayforjahar
prayforjahar - prayfordias - prayfortobel - prayforaza -
_damnitkiki : Oh boy
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Enough said ✌#freejahar #freethelion #justiceforjahar #prayforjahar #jaharmy #justiceforjahar#freejahar
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jonathan.bechard : Bullshit if he didn't do it then why was he hideing and shooting zip a
jonathan.bechard : Cops
ameliadoyle : Wtf is wrong with you all the evidence points to him. Your not from Boston , like me and don't know how upsetting it was seeing peoples lives ending that were completely innocent , unlike your friend here. I bet you never heard about the shootout in Watertown Ma. I have bullet holes in my house because of him. My neighbor had 80 bullet holes because of him.over 20 people lost limbs because of him. 4 people are dead because of him. I can't even wrap my head around why you think its OK to say something like need some mental help, if your from Louisiana or whatever state that wasent involved, and did t experience what I did. You didn't wake up to bombs that probably sat on your ass waiting this crisis with glee. You are sick
madshorner : ^^^^^
phil_capone : @amelia.09 I'm from Boston... I live in Dedham. It's sad the people died or lost parts of their bodies but that's the American Government for ya False Flag attacks look it up and open your head and then maybe you'll see the world for what it is #J4J
ameliadoyle : Just a bunch of fucked up conspiracy theorists
al.faro : #freejahar
nicole_jedlica_190 : Follow me
xox.lorelei.xox - nicole_jedlica_190 - tamila0510 - rradost_ -
'Danny' -- Sooo many inconsistencies surrounding this story. #freejahar
tsarnaev - danny - freejahar - lies - carjacking - inconsistent - prayforjahar - dannytsarnaev -
curlsxcurves__ : #prayforjahar #dannytsarnaev #danny #tsarnaev #inconsistent #carjacking #lies
pjdtheiii : Like what
sweeneyboy10 : @pjdtheiii she's just repeating what everyone else is saying.
mattsperapro : Keep posting so the FBI can hunt you down like heda.
curlsxcurves__ : I sure will baby @mattybotzzz
_damnitkiki - texassky_1 - imthebestyyy - samsalcedocastro -
Just a little update for the morning hearing. #justiceforjahar #prayforjahar #questioneverything #awake #openmind
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_damnitkiki : What do you think this one's about?
texassky_1 : Next hearing date @kikimarie_xo
_damnitkiki : Is it going to be televised?
texassky_1 : I don't think so ... @kikimarie_xo
_damnitkiki : Damn wth
_damnitkiki : We need to know what is actually going on
texassky_1 : Do u have a twitter account ??? Things are hot there right now with Aza in court ! @kikimarie_xo #prayforaza
_damnitkiki : No I don't
victoriaandujar - patrick982016 - grodri_94 - bekaind -
Not the death penalty 😣 Keep praying for Jahar guys he really needs it 😓 #prayforjahar #jaharisinnocent #freejahar #freethelion #riptamerlan
jaharisinnocent - freethelion - prayforjahar - riptamerlan - freejahar -
mafia_meena : "When prosecutors will ask the jury to put him to death row." 😖 That comment gives me chills. Though I truly don't believe he will be sentenced to death at all. He's got an amazing defense team and is one lucky son of gun to be given them and they're going to take care of him. We just have to keep praying and hoping for him and stay positive. @justiceforhim_
justiceforhim_ : Amen @meenamaekay keep praying 😔 #freejahar
justina_cammack : You mean a bombing are government done did yes they did it i heard it over my police scanner a few states over
texassky_1 : True that !! @meenamaekay @justiceforhim_
prayfor_95079_038 - marissa_mariya -
He's so happy :) #freejahar #jahar #dzhokhar #tsarnaev #justiceforjahar #prayforjahar
tsarnaev - dzhokhar - justiceforjahar - prayforjahar - jahar - freejahar -
wtuckerparker : Haha he'll be sentenced to death lol
x_tina_eva : @bobbysidi @gianna821
paulmcb47 : He won't be happy when he is getting poison put through his bitch ass veins. Pussy.
number_2323 : There will be a lot of happy faces when he entering the prison's shower.
sarahofficialxo : Farr I hate ignorant idiots like these ^^ gets your facts right before hating and assuming false knowledge of the future peeps
ericpetrousek : @wtuckerparker look at that
wtuckerparker : @ericpetrousek oh god. What the hell is this
ericpetrousek : @wtuckerparker what
xox.lorelei.xox - sovu_9429 - bongeline_sofia -
It won't happen!! By the way Judy was awesome!!!! #lovejudy #tsarnaev #justice4jahar #prayforjahar #tosoon #trialdate
tsarnaev - trialdate - justice4jahar - tosoon - lovejudy - prayforjahar -
hallelujiah___ : She and frank are awesome human beings in this planet @texassky_1
mafia_meena : Did you see the comment Judy made to the judge?! @texassky_1 it was priceless!!
texassky_1 : They really are! @omgkks___ I love the way Judy shows that she really cares about jahar :)
texassky_1 : When she told the judge "you have a back robe and it took you that long to get an answer from govt on discovery"?? Yes I did!!! I was like damnnnn !!! @meenamaekay
mafia_meena : Hahaha same!! Judy has become one of my idols now from that! They're not taking any shit anymore, they mean business! @texassky_1
texassky_1 : Back robe !!! Lol I just noticed ! Autocorrection is fucking with me today... BLACK ROBE ! @meenamaekay and yes I agree with u !
mafia_meena : Lmao I didn't even realized it auto corrected you! I just read over it and read it as BLACK robe! Lol @texassky_1
cat799p : Miriam awesome too. Lol
gtarules - amroucci - sitihafizahaziz - grodri_94 -
Hi guys sorry for lack of pics I have been so busy with gymnastics I'm training for the 2016 Rio Olympics. So that's kind of hectic. Does anyone know when Jahar's next trial is? Please let me know!
freejaharmovement - freejaharplease - prayforjahar - preyforjahar - jahar - freejahar -
andynieto19 : Ohh the fuck off is not for t
andynieto19 : You @freejaharplease
sweeneyboy10 : Please don't represent our country. You blindly support a terrorist.
tom_pasquariello : "I've been training for the rio Olympics" Hahahahahahahaha ya ok you stupid lazy fuck
wazmarashedy : @megan_jang
cmkeogh : Hope that coward rots in hell with his skid mark bother
spartan_667 : dumbass page
awrizz : this is literally the stupidest thing ever
bellaaac_ - chloemiart - p_sofia69 - innocentdjohar_ -
No, to death penalty !! Credit goes to @caged_world #justiceforjahar #nodeathpenalty #prayforjahar #againsit
againsit - nodeathpenalty - prayforjahar - justiceforjahar -
patrick982016 - rocklovedir - nevergiveuponjahar - makayla_mcgivery -
Don't shoot him down!!! cause he won't fall!!! he is titanium!!!! #freejahar #freethelion #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #podstava #riptamerlan #wearethelion #jaharmy #justiceforjahar #justice4jahar #jahar #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev
tsarnaev - jahar - prayforjahar - podstava - freejahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
mattsperapro : @heyimcaseyyy your literally retarded
justice_for_jahar35 : @heyimcaseyyy how do u not know? R u a supporter? An @mattybotzzz stfu u fucking asshole she's fucking confused so pipe the fuck down u selfish bastard son of a bitch mother fucking dickwad assy pussy sucking piece of shit
pjdtheiii : Dickwad assy pussy sucking piece of shit. Bahahhahaha
justice_for_jahar35 : @pjdtheiii pipe the fuck down ass gadget
oliver.dennsion : Calm yourself
justice_for_jahar35 : @oliden277 lol
fluffy_mcnutters_cosplay : Too bad they didn't kill him
paysam88 : No it was not his fault it was someone else the are wrong and he should not get the deal that penalty for no reason but it's too late now @dan_haverty
paysam88 - marthasykesfuentes - stfucourt__ - chanellleali -
lol innocent with a sense of humor #freejahar #freethelion #jahar #jaharmy #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #podstava #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #riptamerlan #wearethelion
tsarnaev - jaharmy - tamerlantsarnaev - jahar - riptamerlan - freejahar - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - freethelion - podstava - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar -
sania_bubbles - whoisdere -
wow look at the results when u look up images in innocent #freejahar #freethelion #riptamerlan #jaharmy #jahar #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #pray4jahar #podstava #prayforjahar #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #wearethelion
tsarnaev - jahar - freejahar - podstava - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
bellaaac_ - real.bearded - happy____m -
All I want for Christmas, is TRUTH! #freejahar #freethelion #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #jaharmy #jahar #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #podstava #pray4jahar #prayforjahar #wearethelion #tamerlan #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - jahar - freejahar - podstava - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - dzhokhar - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
justice_for_jahar35 : @jackmcguireee how I wish there was a middle finger emoticon
oskar_mundt : He is a murderer he is not a f'n innocent man why don't you tell that to the family's of the 4 that died or the some 200+ injuried people
justice_for_jahar35 : @oskar_mundt do your research kid
fluffy_mcnutters_cosplay : Innocent people dont run from the cop nor do they run over their own idiot brother
saliga_ : Your a fucked up person
taytayc123 : You make me sick
taytayc123 : He isn't even a human. He is a monster. He deserves to die. Nothing less. He killed kids. And parents. Think about the families of the victims. He ruined them. He should die
number_2323 : Hope the real men in prison have some real fun with him🙏😂
rrretu0 - real.bearded - happy____m - sabina_loi -
Us supporters are family, the best family I will ever have! #freejahar #freethelion #dzhokhar #dzhokhartsarnaev #thelion #tamerlan #tsarnaev #tsarnaeva #tamerlantsarnaev #pray4jahar #podstava #prayforjahar #jahar #jaharmy #justice4jahar #justiceforjahar #riptamerlan #wearethelion
tsarnaev - dzhokhartsarnaev - jahar - freejahar - podstava - prayforjahar - tamerlan - wearethelion - justice4jahar - justiceforjahar - jaharmy - riptamerlan - tsarnaeva - pray4jahar - thelion - dzhokhar - tamerlantsarnaev - freethelion -
pjdtheiii : Justice is coming moron!!! He's either getting death or life in prison. You're lil jihadi terrorist is all done
justice_for_jahar35 : @pjdtheiii ur a fucking asshole, if ur not a supporter then MIND YOUR OWN MOTHER FUCKING BUISNESS!
yo_0205 : If this is really a lie and he is innocent... god will protect him and justice will be served by those who killed so many innocent people. My prayers go out to him & his family!
texassky_1 - leylatcamaeva - hadija_fashion - bbyg.nessa -
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