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This Is BEYOND SAD! No Words In The English Dictionary Could Express My Feelings Today. As I Watched CNN All Day At Work Today, As They Replayed His Mom's Voice, I Stayed Strong And Held Back Tears!! When Will This Stop? The Police Are Here To Protect & Serve, But I Think Us Black People Need To Be PROTECTED From The Law. This Is Happening WAY To Often Now A Days. I Pray That God Wraps His Arms Around This Mother As She Lay Her Son To Rest Soon! #RIPMIKEBROWN #PrayersSentUp😒😒
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rainbow baby in our future? after our amazing talk earlier, this is what I walk out to seeπŸ‘ΆπŸ™πŸŒˆπŸ˜ #rainbow#babyrainbow#rainbowbaby#baby#ttc#sun#beautiful#fingerscrossed#praying#hope#love#married#patientlywaiting#lovethis#giveshope#helistens#heanswers#prayerssentup#blessingscomedown#weshallwaitandsee#babyinourfuture#nearfuture#maybe#hopefully @usnmike01
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Wishing this man nothing but the best wishing him a speedy recovery #prayerssentup πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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hunnterr12 : Dude I saw that omg!!!
aaron_miller11 : Saw it live @hunnterr12
shanedodson2003 : Who is it @aaron_miller11
joeycorey11 : paul george @shanedodson2003
eliottrimble : wtf happened?!
aaron_miller11 : When to block hardens shot and landed on the padding @eliottrimble
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New week... New endeavors... Keeping faith & remaining optimistic for what's to come πŸ’‹βœŒοΈ #ANewStart #LookingForPositiveOutcomes #HappyMonday #PrayersSentUp #PleaseDontLetThemTryMyPatienceThisWeekπŸ™ 😩 πŸ˜‚
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youniquelyitworks : Yasss
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Lunch break at densmore (UBC)...
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risr6 : #ubc #lunchbreak#waitingforresults#fingerscrossed#prayerssentup#comeoncurveworkinmyfavour
risr6 : #sunshine#trees#sunlight#nofilter#summer
verareesefi : #nice
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Had to get my lil nigga ready for war...... @miabyatch & I doing our own lil pre-opp #WARREADY #TEAMTINO #LEGGO #PRAYERSSENTUP #TINOSUAVE #MOHAWK #MIDGETUFCFIGHTER #LOLBUSINESSFACE
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godsamazingrace : OMG!!!! My baby cousin 😍
citoxl : @godsamazingrace :) yeah fatman getting big..nigga be doing pushups & shit lol
nupedadon : Nigga really lol
citoxl : @klassique_phenomene yeah really....
lele_brownn : Omggggg lol
nupedadon : You got this nigga lookin like he ready for war. This is Sparta. Dont be putin Zeus blood in his bottle n shit lol
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Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 #AlotOnMyMind #PrayersSentUp #HardWork #Dedication #Persist #ReapHarvast #PerfectTiming #ILoveYouAlways
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Ruby Dee, ladies and gentlemen... #RIP #EternallyClassy #Legendary #PrayersSentUp #RubyDee πŸ™
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#PrayersForJuJu Please keep @nessap00 & her baby boy in your prayers. He has made it through surgery & we need to pray to make sure that he makes a full recovery & the swelling goes down. #PrayersSentUp
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keesh_24 : #Prayersforjuju
_justkaylaaaa_ : πŸ™
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#BringBackOurGirls1908 #BringBackOurGirlsAlive #PrayersSentUp #ChibokGirls About 300 teenaged girls were abducted from their school in Nigeria on April 15. Police have said that some were able to escape but 276 remain kidnapped. Gunmen abducted the girls from their dorms at the Government Girls Secondary school in Chibok. One girl toldΒ the New YorkerΒ that militants dressed in Nigerian military uniforms came into their dorms and told the girls they were being taken to a safe space. They were placed in trucks and on motorcycles and driven away as the militants shouted "Allahu akbar," which means God is great. Some of the girls have been taken across Nigeria's borders, to Chad and Cameroon, to be sold into marriage, according to the Associated Press. http://abcnews.go.com/International/nigerian-kidnapped-girls/story?id=23590323
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myebellaraysmom : @myebellaraysmom
myebellaraysmom : @emodelzinfo @davina_vyne
sunshyne_75 : I didn't know why people kept posting these pics because no one explained them. Thanks Crys, this is heart breaking.
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#BringBackOurGirls #ThisShouldBTrending #PrayersSentUp
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juiceboxx76 : I was just reading this story yesterday. Absolutely heart breaking! Who sells a child as a bride for 12.00! Disgusting! Hope they are returned safe
chiheartwhitney : Its horrific and the fact that over 200 were kidnapped and nothing is being done...#ThisShouldBTrending #BringBackOurGirls
juiceboxx76 : How does the government allow that? It's horrible! These are people CHILDREN! Smh
projectredd4 : Wow
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #cowboys #cowboyfans #booo #jerryjones #prayerssentup #nfl #americasteammyASS
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ashhlleeyyyb : What's happening?
itsfelicia85 : Whatcha mean @ashhlleeyyyb
itsfelicia85 : I'll see you tomorrow! @ashhlleeyyyb
ashhlleeyyyb : Alrighty! (:
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#eventually #prayerssentup
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jamalmsmith93 : U already know wussup
spongebaberoundpants : Lol @jamalmsmith93 you're not ready
jamalmsmith93 : Im ready just come back @spongebaberoundpants
corey718 : I want the same thing myself
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Text in pic from @blackwatch07 .... The above photo was from hotel surveillance video in February where this sick trash took the missing Relisha Rudd. For about 3 weeks it seems he was keeping her w/ him & posing as her doctor when speaking to her school. Apparently the mother & grandmother were in on this. Why exactly isn't the mother in jail for child endangerment, exploitation of a child for sexual purposes, neglect, and just overall being a piece of shit??? This poor baby was sent with that man on MANY occasions, now the pedophile has went off the deep end killing his wife & who knows what he has subjected this baby to... #PrayForRelishaRudd #prayerssentup #FindRelishaRudd #RelishaRudd #missing #missingchild #help #find #search #justice #RelishaTenauRudd #FindRelisha #children #prayers #alert #AmberAlert #urgent #emergency #ProtectOurChildren
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prissysweetcake : Exactly. It isn't being said but we all know what happened. Smh. I just said the same thing earlier,not ONE person cared that was supposed to love, raise, and secure that baby cared for her!!! All of them are sorry and pathetic! Lock up the mother, her boyfriend, the grandmother, and find out what needs to be fixed in the school system to allow a child to be out for weeks on end before a move is made regarding their whereabouts! Im a mother and I cannot imagine ever doing some BS like that to my baby.
suchaluvlylady : @prissysweetcake #AMEN!! I couldn't fathom destroying my babies innocence over my own selfish wants. She will get her resting place in hell, they all will.
hbic_philanthropy : @suchaluvlylady it is sickening and you're right someone who was aware could have contacted CPS even anonymously to report what they knew to avoid getting directly involved but to "see" or "know" it, you're just as guilty as him and her mother and grandmother! This world is terrible. People are going off on the deep end. I'm praying she's returned alive and well soon. She doesn't deserve this and those adults need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, if not death penalty. People like them shouldn't ever walk the streets
rachelstewartjewelry : Her mother is on Instagram. Mizzmikaboo is the name, she doesn't seem too concerned, they are saying she sold her to him
suchaluvlylady : Exactly @hbic_philanthropy I can only imagine the emotional & physical damage this baby has gone thru, she will never be the same. If there was ever a time to implement a speedy trial and death by firing squad the time is now.
suchaluvlylady : @rachelstewartjewelry omg, I went, I saw, I was disgusted... By just looking at her I can see the type of bitch she is, too many of them roam the streets, slightly mentally disabled but still a hoodrat, still laying up under dudes & having babies. Trash too used up to get paid for it so she gives her daughter up to men. Disgusting, got a lil money off selling her child and doesn't find suitable housing but buys Jordans while still living in a shelter! No shoes for Relisha tho cuz she's w/ the janitor but buys some for the homeless man she's "dating". 😷Sick. Selfies in a community bathroom πŸ˜’ more posts on weed than of your children πŸ˜’ I'm not even violent but this bitch πŸ‘Š.... This case really hurts me, I feel it in my spirit when I look at my own babies...
hbic_philanthropy : @suchaluvlylady you're right. I have been in her shoes. I wasn't abducted but I've been molested, raped and abused in all aspects so yes it will change her forever but I'm praying it strengthens her as it did me. Yes they need immediate punishment!! Her mother's on IG? Hmm well I'll say this I have #BipolarDisorders and #PTSD whether she's diagnosed or not, #MentalHealthIllnesses is NO excuse!! None! There's options. You can "voluntarily" sign your parental rights over the other parent, family member or the state. Selling, prostituting, harming etc your child is never okay I don't care what your mental state is!
keenndoll : @kissmyflawss__
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#PostingAgain: πŸ˜” this here breaks my heart πŸ’” the human race & the black community need to #dobetter πŸ™ #PrayersSentUp #Question: Where's the #national #daily #news #coverage & #manhunt for this #innocent little girl & the filth that took her??? 😠 β€’β€’She has been missing since Feb. 26th. She had been living in a DC homeless shelter for 18 months, her mother often let her spend the night w/ the janitor, 51 yr old Kahlil Malik Tatum, who often gave $20 bills and small gifts to the little girls in the shelter & flash wads of cash around the women there. On Feb. 26th the mother once again handed her over to the janitor but that time he never returned her. Tatum’s wife was found dead in an Oxon Hill motel room last week, he is wanted in her slaying as well.β€’β€’ #FindRelishaRudd #RelishaRudd #missing #missingchild #help #find #search #justice #RelishaTenauRudd #FindRelisha #children #prayers #alert #AmberAlert #urgent #emergency #ProtectOurChildren 🚨he may be going by Karl Lee Tatum🚨
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an_immortal_soul : #atlantapd #atlanta #nypd #help #njsp #newjersey
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πŸ˜” this here breaks my heart πŸ’” the human race & the black community need to #dobetter πŸ™ #PrayersSentUp #Question: Where's the #national #daily #news #coverage & #manhunt for this #innocent little girl & the filth that took her??? 😠 β€’β€’She has been missing since Feb. 26th. She had been living in a DC homeless shelter for 18 months, her mother often let her "spend the night" w/ the janitor, 51 yr old Kahlil Malik Tatum, who often gave $20 bills and small gifts to the little girls in the shelter & flash wads of cash around the women there. On Feb. 26th the mother once again handed her over to the janitor but that time he never returned her. Tatum’s wife was found dead in an Oxon Hill motel room last week, he is wanted in her slaying as well.β€’β€’ #FindRelishaRudd #RelishaRudd #missing #missingchild #help #find #search #justice #RelishaTenauRudd #FindRelisha #children #prayers #ProtectOurChildren
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matineeusa : Good!
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#thankful.. #prayerssentup #blessingraindown #iknowthestruggle
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Good luck to AllEyesOnWho's own @skylar_dream on her interview today with @MTV. #PrayersSentUp
prayerssentup -
skylar_dream : Aww thanks I appreciate the love. 😊
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This is the glossy coat to give it the 3d effect but it'll dry clear with 24 hrs....im excited fellas bc if this turns out perfect im the morning my cases won't be limited to just ladies!!!!#prayerssentup#iknowthisisgonnabehawt#excited#goinplaces
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In remembrance of Orange County Deputy Johnathan Pine πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜”πŸ˜ͺ😞πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜’πŸ˜ͺ😣πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜•πŸ˜ͺ #TragicLost #PrayersSentUp #LawEnforcement #DearGod
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beard_bimmer_jamaica : Apart of the law enforcement community?
precious_thebeautiful : Yeap @bmw_yardie!
precious_thebeautiful : I like how you left your # under here lol @bmw_yardie
beard_bimmer_jamaica : Lol quickest way 😏 @precious_thebeautiful
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The support received for our fallen #YoungKings has been a blessing. Watch us from above fellas. It's hard to believe this happened. Unity is everything, Gone but never forgotten. Watch over us and give us strength. #PrayersSentUp it's tough, blessed for another day. #ripyoungkings
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I gotta Focus on the high to balance out the low I kno my aunt gone pull thru she a solider a strong person πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #prayerssentup #smokeblown #shegonebegreat
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e19_ : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
mizzezsonia : πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ @19reallytho87
_imjust_honest : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™prayers up broπŸ’―πŸ˜˜
unforgettable_tee1 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ yes she is keep ya head up πŸ˜˜πŸ’¨β€οΈβ€οΈ
kendoo2shay : @
kendoo2shay : @19reallytho87 yo answer the phone
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gooood morning... #BlessedMorn #PrayersSentUp #WorkFlow #TGIF πŸ™πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ’²πŸ’²
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kianicole77 : @prettywingz26 that's real talk
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Good Morning beautiful people! Enjoy your day!! I have a job interview today & Im sooooo nervous! Lord I need this!!!! Say a prayer for me y'all! 
fingerscrossed - prayerssentup -
mrsrealtor2u : @_virgogurl_ you are so amazingly beautiful. The job is yours. Walk in with that mind frame and it will be.
_virgogurl_ : @kissmyxoxo @melovybz @mzjd1030 @banshee_g @mel_813 @mrsrealtor2u Thank you so much guys! It went really well!!! #PrayersSentUp #FingersCrossed
mcrob813 : Good luck
k_starship : You'll do great! Be blessed
_virgogurl_ : Thanks guys! @mcrob813 @k_starship
qbros : @_virgogurl_ GOOD LUCK HONEY!!
qbros : @_virgogurl_ BTW U LOOK GREAT!!
bigrod1191 : Gorgeous
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#prayerssentup #rp #eaglenation
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emilio_j_estevez : February 8, 2014, #CrossFitBlackBox in #Tallahassee, #Florida will be hosting an in-house competition. In light of his recent incident, they will be taking donations as well as donating a portion of the proceeds to Kevin Ogar's recovery fund. Kevin is a competitive #CrossFitAthlete of @CFUnbroken. He suffered a significant spine injury at the #OCThrowdown this past weekend. Uninsured, Kevin needs the support of the incredible #Crossfit community. For more information on how you can help visit https://fundly.com/m2/kevin-ogar-s-recovery #KevinOgar #SupportKevin #CrossFitFamily @KevinOgar #OgarStrong #BarbellsForBoobs @BarbellsForBoobs #PrayersSentUp #Pray @CrossFit #CrossFitUnbroken @octcomp Photo Credit: @CFBlackBoxSean via @PhotoRepost_app
rachelspells : Severed spine... Ouch.
emilio_j_estevez : @rachspells yeah, please keep him in your thoughts.
rachelspells : @emilio_j_estevez of course. He broke T11-T12 right?
emilio_j_estevez : @rachspells yep
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Just about 6 more hours 'til a brand new year! Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy, safe, and prosperous new year! Just about a year ago we embarked on a journey to share our style and it's been a year of trial and error, success, and some more trial and error. Together as sisters we #failed forward to success and continue to do so because through our failures as @haitianistas it has taught us to get back up again and again. We will never seize until we have reached the epitome of our success as #sisters. We fight, but we love harder, being each other's constant day in and day out. A sister is a best friend you will have forever and we are grateful to see another year; another year to laugh together, another year to fail together, and another year to grow together. Thank you to all of you who follow us and cheers to #2014 and all that it beholds for us. ✌️#gohard #orgohome #newyear #visionscast #prayerssentup #believe #achieve #neversettleforless #growthiswealth #love #family #fashionistas #haitianistas #haitian #girls #bostonians #soupjoumou #ondeck πŸ˜‹ XO @fareezy24 @cassanie
bostonians - gohard - love - haitianistas - girls - ondeck - neversettleforless - sisters - soupjoumou - believe - haitian - family - prayerssentup - growthiswealth - failed - newyear - orgohome - 2014 - fashionistas - visionscast - achieve -
allhailqueenbie : You two are so incredibly beautiful!!😍
haitianistas : Thank you @Allhailqueenbie 😊
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Church starts in 3 hrs...... is there anyone who needs a prayer. (Dont just write Me) give a lil detail so I can pray for you today. (Healing? Guidance? Overcoming? Deliverance?) Let me know and I got you!!!!!!! @shemere you already know you are already in my prayers. @nicole__alicia I gotchu. Let our overflow bless others. #Teamwork @apollofyf a special prayer sent up on my half make sure you got your side. #Blessings #Blessed #PowerOfPrayer #PrayersSentUp #Overflow #Love #ChildOfGod #KingOfKings #GodsGotUs #GodIsLove #Church #Sunday#ManofGod #WomanOfGod #Faith #Christianity #Christian #Joy
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_ima1mfn7trip : Financial growth, patience, forgiveness, better opportunities, and pray for everyone that were to afraid or lazy to respond to this prayer request post. Thanks
soulfulharmony86 : πŸ™‹ please: strength to maintain this new perspective the Lord has given me! That I just remain strong and focused and keep trusting God. Sis do you have one? I am heading to church in 1 hr
time4sharon2 : Guidance in my marriage. I want out. Rebuke foreclosure on my home.
saucesofit : I hate to ask for things, but I really need something to work out in the job department soon. It's starting to make me pretty depressed @miluancierra
miluancierra : @liftnerchick @bigtymer32 @smyers2911 @ruby_rainbow_kks @obeysteph_urk @time4sharon2 gotchu
miluancierra : @saucesofit I gotchu you sis. Me and you both!!!
miluancierra : @soulfulharmony86 I gotchu boo. Pray strength, guidance, financial growth, love, happiness. I just wanna be the best me God wants me to be. I want my life story and success to be a testimony to others to believe in God. That with him there would be no me. @smyers2911
saucesofit : And I got you!!
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Great run @tayaustin01 #GoRams #STLvsAZ #PrayersSentUp
prayerssentup - gorams - stlvsaz -
pathemac - octavius73 - erock_21 - trojanoc -
Seeing this breaks my heartβ™₯ I'm praying for your strength and comfort @tyrese as well as all of Paul Walker's loved ones and family. #RIPPaulWalker #hurtstoseeagrownmancry #prayerssentup #reallybotheredbythis #idontevenwanttoimagine
rippaulwalker - reallybotheredbythis - prayerssentup - idontevenwanttoimagine - hurtstoseeagrownmancry -
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RIP Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. My prayers are with the both of y'all families. #paulwalker #brianoconner #fastandthefurious #livefast #dieyoung #theywillbemissed #prayerssentup
livefast - theywillbemissed - brianoconner - fastandthefurious - paulwalker - prayerssentup - dieyoung -
jessicas110590 -
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