Prayers needed for my Ms.CaselyπŸ˜”. It was time for her to go to bed. And my uncle goes to get her in her night close and relizes. Her eyes turned back. And her mouth wide open, gasping for air. He put his ear on her chest and didnt hear her breathing. She was rushes to the Hospital in beeville (Idk why cause Beeville sucks!)πŸ˜’ Shes stable but they are waiting for a helicopter to halo flight her to the corpusπŸ˜” #PrayersNeededπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #MsCaselyAvery❀️
prayersneeded - mscaselyavery -
its_just_edward_98 : They do not know they are still waiting for a heli @nehbulous
its_just_edward_98 : Thank you so muchβ€οΈπŸ™ @joeryan.kaylaa @cdawn1005 @nehbulous
mia_loves_to_smile101 : I'll be praying cousin πŸ™πŸ‘Ό
xo.ashley_27 : I'll pray for her β€πŸ‘Ό
its_just_edward_98 : Thanks ashπŸ™β€οΈ @xo.ashley_27
its_just_edward_98 : Thank you cousinβ€οΈπŸ™ @mia_loves_to_smile101
yo_callme_alex_cx : She's so precious.πŸ’—shes in my prayers kid.πŸ™
its_just_edward_98 : Thanks alexπŸ™πŸ’• @yo_callme_alex_cx
_baezaa_ - derick_a_99 - dillpickles35 - sarahgutierrez1312 -
My family is going through a really tough time right now my cousin @patttybanks isn't doing so good. Whether I know you or not, I'm asking you to please pray for us. We need strength! #pray #pleaseprayforher #prayersneeded
pray - prayersneeded - pleaseprayforher -
csantiani23 : @jennyvelaochaga hey what's the address? I wanna come see her. Text me 6262446255
csantiani23 - krisshaww - angiechavezz - ramboareal1 -
Mom's back in the hospital #prayerworks #mymamaismyworld #prayersneeded
prayersneeded - prayerworks - mymamaismyworld -
c8ntstopme : @kikidjmommy πŸ™
kikidjmommy : Thanks bro @c8ntstopme
rhonnie0215 : Praying for your mom....
lalashayshay_ - mrsblkmo - msslyone - ravenangelia -
#prayersneeded #weloveyou #nana
weloveyou - nana - prayersneeded -
dorothybrianna - willyamj3 - frannydavis - katelynlindsey93 -
😭 This is not the best time for me. I need prayers you guys, for my daddy! He has been dealing with something's these past couple months and we just need prayers. ❀ Please and thank you! #Prayers #Love #Mydaddy #Thankyou #God #Sadness #Prayersneeded
thankyou - sadness - love - prayers - god - prayersneeded - mydaddy -
_lyricjustme_ - trilla_boss - _datniggadayday_ - _ashlaaa_ -
Kentron got injured tonight #23 #prayersneeded #GoGetter
prayersneeded - gogetter - 23 -
tavis_simpson : K
oceandriveslim_sd1 : Lol ugh huh
k.godwin_2 : Lil Bruh alright? Tell em' I asked about him
tabaker08 : He ok for now @k.godwin_2
k.godwin_2 : He don't have to have surgery do he?
tabaker08 : Yea he do @k.godwin_2
k.godwin_2 : Dang! Tell lil Bruh he gone be Ight
tabaker08 : Ok @k.godwin_2
oceandriveslim_sd1 - tavis_simpson - nathanvnelson - k.godwin_2 -
I have a special prayer request for my sweet Hannah. Hannah's sister Natalie is almost done with treatment for leukemia. But today, the update was pertaining to Hannah's doctors appointment rather than Natalie's. First off I want to explain something vital to everyone. When your kid is diagnosed with cancer, your life is never the same again. Ever. Every teeny tiny complaint of pain or sickness automatically sets off this alarm in your head that says "it's cancer. It's definitely cancer." Before they're diagnosed, cancer never crosses your mind. A month ago, they found a rather large tick on Hannah's head and took her to get checked out. One side of her neck had gotten swollen. They went back today to check in and there are a series of bumps under her skin that go down her neck. They are running a CBC. Obviously her parents can't stop thinking of Natalie's diagnosis and they're terrified of Hannah being diagnosed too, since there have been stories where parents have two kids with cancer. Let's hope that it's nothing. Please let's just all pray that it's nothing. Hannah is such a sweetheart. She is planning to shave her head in October for childhood cancer. But looking into her eyes in this picture, you can tell how scared she is. Childhood cancer doesn't just affect the child diagnosed; it affects everyone in the family. Cancer better stay away from Hannah AND Natalie. #childhoodcancerawareness #beavoice #prayersneeded @infinitelove_ng
prayersneeded - childhoodcancerawareness - beavoice -
deannamitchell24 : Sweet baby girls. I'll be praying for the entire family.
maria_marrano : Praying for them! Just not fair!!! ❀️
anamuch : Praying for both nathalie and hannah πŸ™πŸ™ ! Hope all goes okay ! Cancer is not fair !!
meghan.murphy23 : Does Hannah have an Instagram?
smsmilealot : @meghan.murphy23 no, she's only 7. Natalie's FB update page is Infinite Love For Natalie Grace
nina.0412 : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
grandermaybes - avasautter_ - janelle3101 - ssaaranilssons -
everyone please pray for me. I'm sick and idk if I've ever felt worse. #prayersneeded πŸ™πŸ˜­
prayersneeded -
bailey_grantham96 : That stomach bug got you too!?
_annakatelanier_ : Nah girl, I got asthmatic bronchitis. 😁 big word I knowπŸ˜‚. But it's not even contagious so I have to go to school. πŸ˜– @bailey_grantham96
bailey_grantham96 : Oh dang. I thought you had gotten the bug. I know both my mom and Marlyn have it. And it's been going around here too 😷
_annakatelanier_ : Daggum😁 everybody just needs to get betterπŸ‘ @bailey_grantham96
mamakglisson : 😦 Hope you feel better!!! @_annakatelanier_
_annakatelanier_ : thank you mama k, I love you lots❀️ @mamakglisson
mamakglisson : Love you more sweet girl! ❀️ @_annakatelanier_
tmorris500 : Hope you feel better 😒
x.fluffypanda.x - katecollins2599 - a_basic_white_guy - sierra_fisher -
Papa I know you're strong enough to pull through this! Everything is going to be okay! I love you so much ❀ Keep your head up! #PrayersNeeded
prayersneeded -
monkeylife13 : Hey what's wrong with him @jennifer_ann98
kenzziee_lee - beccalynn98_ - razzreitinger - emily_krystyne1 -
Rest in Paradise Auntie Angie! Tomorrow we shall lay you to rest. No more pain or suffering. God was calling you home. He needed another angel to help pour out the rain. I will miss your contagious smile and the twinkle in your eyes. #RIP #Prayersneeded #GodSpoke #missyou
prayersneeded - missyou - godspoke - rip -
shellzb11 : Sorry for ur loss
deenaturalite : Thanks @shellzb11. We'll talk soon. Love you boo
kokofemme : Sorry for your loss and hold on to those treasures!
deenaturalite : thanks @kokofemme. I'm gonna try to smile hard tomorrow. Since we have similar cheeks.
vivililis41682 : @deenaturalite sorry for your loss love, may she RIP
shellzb11 : Keep ur head up babe love u too
naturalme72 : My condolences, Dee. Praying for you and your family.
shellzb11 - coolbeanz_2010 - alopecia_beautifulkids - kokofemme -
This is how you never want to find your horse while they are colicing. #colicisab #effyoucolic #prayersneeded #Paint #Pony #Horse #APHA #Horses #Ponies #PaintHorse #PaintPony #HorsesOfIG #InstaHorse #EquestrianDaily #HorseDaily #Equus #Equine #Love #Gorgeous #Beautiful #Equestrian #IGDaily #InstaGood #InstaFabulous #Western #DreamComeTrue #IGHorse #LivingTheDream #Buckskin
beautiful - horses - love - equestrian - ponies - gorgeous - western - apha - pony - buckskin - instagood - equestriandaily - equus - horsedaily - horse - horsesofig - dreamcometrue - equine - ighorse - instahorse - paintpony - paint - colicisab - instafabulous - effyoucolic - igdaily - painthorse - prayersneeded - livingthedream -
_cross_country : Poor thing 😳 hope everything ends well πŸ™Œ
jaquelyn_f : Omg she looks terrible :((
jaquelyn_f : 😞😘
kayd9482 : I'm praying for Kimber and sending you hugs😘😘
jayteebeauty : Very cool!
thatlilequestrian : I hope she is okayπŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
x0cowgirl0x : Thank you guys. @thatlilequestrian @kayd9482 @jaquelyn_f @_cross_country
melyssamary : This makes me sad :(
_momo_ob - _cross_country - athena_equus - barn_clique -
My baby needs prayers I had to take #sweetpea to the vet again today because she has not really been eating or acting her full self for about a week. The vet found a mass in her stomach the size of about 2 softballs they did an exploratory surgery and she found something she had never seen in 23 years experience in the vet field, an absess that built a wall around it (basically a mass full of infection) which she said was a miracle it had not ruptured if it would have it would have killed her. She made it through surgery to remove it miraculously now we just need her to pull through since she is septic and now needs to fight that off. Idk what I'd do without her please keep her in your prayers when you say them tonight she needs every one she can get. #prayersneeded @rhett2zero
sweetpea - prayersneeded -
n_louu : I know all the pups need their mommy! Sending all the love.
thesticklawson : Awe praying for sweet pea
amandabrooke111 : Awww my heart goes out to you. I am praying.
maggie_christine33 : Awhh praying
mommyto2princess : Praying - love you!
memory0642 : I'm so sorry Maegan. I'm praying!
justmeachy : I love y'all!! Prayers
unctrueblue : Praying for your baby!!!!!!!!!!! Is she still at the vet???
cindyallen529 - mandamiller11 - whitneeeroyalll - katietakera -
My #company in my #roadtrip to #Denton #househunting #prayersneeded
househunting - company - roadtrip - denton - prayersneeded -
miza_chic : *on
miza_chic - katiehearts_14 - robindelagrist - joefuckingcoffee -
Everybody pray for my grandpa please. He is not doing very goof and might not be around much longer. #papa #prayersneeded #cancersucks
prayersneeded - papa - cancersucks -
the_phil_pott : Good. **
epeele12 : You have my prayers @the_phil_pott
the_phil_pott : Thanks bud. @epeele12
baseball3121 - epeele12 - official_kenzie_ - mya_couch -
Lord help meπŸ™ #staystrong #nevergiveup #prayersneeded #everythinghappensforareason
staystrong - nevergiveup - prayersneeded - everythinghappensforareason -
celestial.gypsy - emelyrusssse - cbroussard5 - nsohib -
My Wynnie has been hospitalized since Saturday and undergone surgery yesterday. I miss her terribly! 😒 #cats #siamese #blueeyes #paws #animaltrauma #savealife #mansbestfriend #prayersneeded
savealife - mansbestfriend - siamese - animaltrauma - blueeyes - cats - prayersneeded - paws -
countrylovinfarmgirl : Aww hope Winnie is better, I'm sure she misses you too!
countrylovinfarmgirl - mpieceofcake - crazycatfreaks -
#powerofprayer #prayersneeded
powerofprayer - prayersneeded -
brooke_jadeee - _kiieekiiee - lovemissgaby - karenhoop -
god really knows how to silence the yucky thoughts in my mind second thing I have read regarding my mood right now.. My flesh needs to die today!! #prayersneeded
prayersneeded -
neka_sta - frias43 - kscott04 - oceanbreeze27 -
This is scaring me just a bit. #positiveandhappy #feelingshaky #prayersneeded
prayersneeded - feelingshaky - positiveandhappy -
John and I have some big choices to make. I am extremely stressed, emotional, and just physically exhausted .... I'm giving it up to God.. He knows has a plan #prayersneeded #faith #positivethinking
faith - prayersneeded - positivethinking -
faithforyou2 - inspiredailydose - zuliana2013 - _samanthamariax -
Prayer Warriors Needed! Friends, please pray for baby John Anthony; a blessed little man who has dear friends of mine as parents. He was born premature and needs us praying for the completely development of his respiratory system, so he can't finally go home after two months at the hospital. Miracles happened and many more are in store for this loved family. God is faithful! Would you include them in your prayers? BeBlessed! (Feel free to share this image and let's connect in prayer power) #prayingForJohnAnthony #togetherForJohnAnthony #tamoJunto #prayersNeeded #joelhoNoChao #MedicoDosMedicos #sayaprayer #prayerWarriors #domeafavor #christiansUnited #pedidoDeOracao #ineedprayers #oreComigo #faith #faithfulGod
christiansunited - faithfulgod - pedidodeoracao - faith - togetherforjohnanthony - prayerwarriors - medicodosmedicos - tamojunto - domeafavor - ineedprayers - prayingforjohnanthony - joelhonochao - sayaprayer - prayersneeded - orecomigo -
liamjudah : @beria sending prayers!
beria : Thank you so much @liamjudah
blessedmilla - lorenakiki - tlccavalcante - gabylourencooo -
Love this woman to death and am asking for many many prayers for her. My Nana Sue is currently in the hospital on a ventilator. She has been such a loving Nana to both me and Lj, and I don't know what we would do without her in our lives. #prayerrequest #loveher #prayersneeded #praying #lovemynana
lovemynana - prayerrequest - loveher - praying - prayersneeded -
liamjudah : @jesslee_320 Praying!
kristina_jeffers90 - liamjudah - chloe.whitesides - htportz -
#Repost from @richnfaith22 with @repostapp #pray #prayersneeded β€” So sad πŸ˜₯πŸ™
pray - prayersneeded - repost -
wifeofbbp : Super sad!! 😒 just sent prayers for them. πŸ˜‡ @kcrod617 πŸ™
liamjudah : @kcrod617 Sending prayers!
kcrod617 - julyayaviri - alvim_gimarino - dsyogagirl -
This is my amazing son, Matt. He is one of the kindest, most gentle people I have ever met. He is funny, smart, caring, and considerate. Matt also has a form of high functioning form of #autism called #AspergersSyndrome He has faced much adversity in his 16 years. He has had to endure teasing and rejection from his peers, and gawkers in public when he was having a hard time. We have had to fight the school district and government for services. Despite all of that, Matt is a well adjusted boy who is in mainstream high school and is an A-B student! I'm very proud! Matt is facing a new challenge however. Matt suffers from a severe class 3 malocclusion of his jaw. This means that his jaws are not aligned, and in his case, his lower jaw is way too far forward. Because of this, Matt has trouble chewing, because his teeth only come together in one place. He is very underweight. Reconstructive jaw surgery is our only option, however our insurance company has denied coverage. They have also denied my appeal. They claim that his condition is not congenital. This is simply not true! This has been present since Matt was a baby, however it cannot be surgically corrected until one reaches the later years of facial skeletal development. The insurance company is hiding in a ridiculous loophole and my son is paying the price. The out-of-pocket cost for the surgery is $13,000! This is more than I can afford. The attorney I contacted was not interested in Matt's case, so now I have put a call into the local media. At this point, I think I could really use some #prayers everyone. Matt needs some major good #energy if you're willing to send some his way. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘±πŸ™ Thank you so much. With light and love, Alyssa #compassion #buddhanature #yoga #prayersneeded #meditation #mala #love #dharma #kindness #buddhist #prayforme #family #ilovemyson #mantra #lovingkindness
love - family - prayers - compassion - energy - lovingkindness - mantra - aspergerssyndrome - meditation - kindness - autism - ilovemyson - yoga - buddhanature - buddhist - prayforme - dharma - prayersneeded - mala -
bicyclingbuddhaboutique : Aww thanks @ladyapril2112 ❀️
bicyclingbuddhaboutique : That's very kind of you to say @foxyhardware , he is pretty magnificent if I do say so myself! πŸ˜„ Without getting too political, I must say that I agree with you. If more people understood impermanence, I think that giving to others would become far easier. I love your work by the way!
bicyclingbuddhaboutique : Thank you @thedailyst for your support!
julescastellain : I have a son and I feel your love, pain and everything else in between! Makes my blood boil when I hear of such wrongness by governments and so called insurance companies. It makes me question even more what the hell is going on in the world these days...when people can't be given the healthcare they need when they need it - and all because it is the debate of money! I hope you are able to get to the bottom of all of this and that your lovely son Matt receives the healthcare he needs. πŸ™
karishines : What a great mama! You rock!!! I'll keep y'all in my prayers. Strong souls endure great challenges.
lovemyjosie : I was so touched by your post. Being a social worker I couldn't help but look into resources that may be helpful to you & your son. Look into Healing the Children, Northeast Inc. They have domestic programs that may offer support. Sending love & light. πŸ’™
liamjudah : @bicyclingbuddhaboutique Praying!
bicyclingbuddhaboutique : Thank you @julescastellain @karishines @lovemyjosie @liamjudah @thewishingstonesea and everyone else for all of the LOVE! 😍 I was very busy today! I contacted Healing the Children, NE, the local news media, the governor's office, my district's senator's office, and the state insurance commissioner! Lol I hope that something pans out. A friend set up a fund raising campaign to raise money to cover his surgery, but I'd like to exhaust these other avenues first. I feel hopeful!!! ☺️
ddem2000 - jennafayefore - foxyhardware - thedailyst -
My day went from great to pretty shitty. #prayersneeded #myday #life
prayersneeded - life - myday -
kingstonjamaica23 : Nice!
_his_doe_22 - advalogiand4474 - _mirandarenae_21_ - arr_vee_dee -
As some of you may know, I broke my left ring finger last Thursday. I went back to the doctor today to see a surgeon to confirm whether or not I need surgery. Turns out, I do. I am really scared right now because I don't like the idea of surgery. If you guys could just keep me in your prayers, I would be very thankful. To Justin Timberlake, thank you for being my strength throughout these past few months, from dealing with my back and doing physical therapy, to having the abdominal pain that I am still having, to breaking my finger and much more. JT is very important to me and he is the reason I REFUSE to give in no matter what challenges face me! JT, I love you so much and I love all of you guys, too. Thank you all for the support and please keep me in your prayers. πŸ™ #mcm#mce#JT#teamjt#tnkid#surgery#scared#tnkidnation#love#pray#support#thankyoujt#strength#justintimberlake#prayersneeded
mcm - strength - love - thankyoujt - pray - scared - teamjt - prayersneeded - jt - tnkidnation - justintimberlake - support - surgery - tnkid - mce -
pavlis97 : You are such inspiration... Hope you get your finger well soon! Greeting from Spain
kristanylynne13 : @pavlis97 aww that means a lot 😊 and thank you πŸ™
justinrandalltimberslay_ : @kristanylynne13 My goodness! What did he DO!? When is your surgery?
iheartmusic617 : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ in my prayers my dear. Hope everything goes smoothly.
snowbaby_jt : Sending lots of prayers your way for peace & strength, everything will go smoothly πŸ’–
kristanylynne13 : @justinrandalltimberslay_ He took my phone and I ran after him to get it back and when I grabbed his shirt I dislocated and broke my finger πŸ˜•
kristanylynne13 : @iheartmusic617 thank you ❀️
kristanylynne13 : @snowbaby_jt thank you that means a lot πŸ’–
melanie_040 - iheartmusic617 - snowbaby_jt - justintimberlake_ypp -
Meet me at Antioch Baptist Church this week!!!!!!!#week6 #round1 #revival #tailoredclothes #prayersneeded
prayersneeded - round1 - tailoredclothes - revival - week6 -
aaaaliyahhhh - _momma_reeree - sexyred__ - jas_mine_urs -
Everyone pray for my boy Will Bowles. He was in a bad 4 wheeler wreck yesterday evening and is currently in MCG. #prayersneeded #getwellsoonbuddy
prayersneeded - getwellsoonbuddy -
haley_duggan5 : O my god ! Poor will 😩😒
emily_steedley13 : Praying! @rt_hall2018
_cj_sporter_ : Dang
_derp_cx : :( hope he gets better
stonerlife19 : Praying for you will!!!
tattooedcountrygirl11 - natalie___hall - laurenecrabb - mabri_jordan_ -
The lil ladies; and their first day as 2nd graders and kinder! #homework#mornings #prayersneeded
prayersneeded - mornings - homework -
therealspingrl : Ughhhhh why is Karis so tall! I wish they didn't have to grow up! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
kimmyg12 : Too cute 😍😍😘😘
dreamyeyez227 : They're soooooo BIG!!!
jamaicanswag81 - bj_theboss - dreamyeyez227 - mar_lenna9 -
This little man went back for his open heart surgery today... If he could get some prayers that would be awesome! You're gonna rock this Maverick!! #prayersneeded #maverick #heartsurgery #lovehim
lovehim - prayersneeded - maverick - heartsurgery -
woahman_itsronica : Awwwe☺
heyy_itshayli : Isn't he cuuuuuteee?(: @woahman_itsronica
woahman_itsronica : Yes! (:
jacedickson : Hey did I say you could hold my little brother
heyy_itshayli : No but I do it anyways. xD @jacedickson
arabmexi665 : Hey he's in my prayers if u need support I'm here@heyy_itshayli
heyy_itshayli : Thanks Wesley!! @arabmexi665
madysennn_ - eddy_joon - takenbybran - andreaaduh -
Please keep my grandparents in your thoughts & prayers. My grandad has been in the hospital since Friday. With helping take care of him I have been unable to respond to messages. Please be patient as I will get back to you when I can. Thank you. <3 #Prayersneeded #Bestgrandparents
prayersneeded - bestgrandparents -
vypassetti : πŸ™ hugs
br0shael - 12cheerios12 - sugarnspicecupcake - arred007 -
ATTN ...I will not be taking any new appointments this week until further notice!! Everyone that's already on my books will be serviced...but I can't over work myself right now, I need to get better β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ™πŸ™ thank you #Msbrithestylist Friday I should be better 😘 #PrayersNeeded
prayersneeded - msbrithestylist -
rochelleheartz - _doin4me - m_i_yao_314_mpm - stink_nevaehsmom -
My very best friend. He's really sick again. Hes at the vets, we're waiting to see what happens. Poor old man is in worse shape than ever. If you've been praying for him, we may need a little extra help tonight. I dont want to lose my best friend. Thank you to everyone for the support. #BestFriend #MyPuppy #OldMan #Iloveyou #ThenAndNow #TenYearsOld #Love #Pray #PrayersNeeded #PleasePray #INeedHim πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ’”πŸΆ
bestfriend - ineedhim - pleasepray - tenyearsold - pray - iloveyou - oldman - mypuppy - love - thenandnow - prayersneeded -
onis24 - chargrdnr - oliviavriva - miss_kennedy2016 -
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