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Faith and Prayer allow for Life to Prosper, as much as the absence of these allows Death it's hold. #faith #faithful #faithfulness #faithhopelove #faithandfitness #faithoverfear #faithquotes #faithwalk #faithfull #faithfulgod #faithfully #prayer #prayers #prayerchangesthings #prayerwarrior #prayersplease #prayerset #prayersup #prayerrequest #prayersneeded #prayerful #prayerworks #prayerhands #prayertime #prayerispower #prayermeeting
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denisemarcellofitness : Appreciate your sharing
theelleross : Cool!
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Beatrice is back in #ICU tonight. Her #temperature kept climbing and I wasn't willing to #risk her stain at home with a 105.8 fever 🌡🏥🌡The vet seems to think that the #infection in her joints is still there which means it is directly connected to her #assault. This is breaking my heart 💔 It seems like no matter where I turn there are #obstacles I can't over come... Infections, bills, court, attorneys and etc.,. I'm loosing faith right now. #servicedog #hospitalized #sick #feelingterrible #undertheweather #animalcruelty #vet #animalcare #intensivecareunit #jointhealth #mobility #painmanagement #achesandpains #aches #injectables #ivfluids #myteam #prayersneeded #possitivethinking #goodvibes #help #donate #donatelife #uphillbattle
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goldenservicedog : So sorry. Prayers being sent your guys' way. ❤️
youngdoctors : Wats up friends! Check ⬅️⬅️ to recieve 5000+ new fans on your page every single day! It's awesome! 😏
i_am_gigiglenda : 😰🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
adventures_with_bindi : How awful. Sending good vibes to you both.
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penny_and_theo : So beautiful! Udo your Mama is so elegant!!
jujuteloken : Udo seems to be loving it!! 😀💕💕💕
dotje_en_nina_teckel : Perfect! I could use 2 bags like that.
janine_c_m : Udo and Mum, great product endorsement Ladies. @natjhilbert design talents are impressive. I would need 4, carrying at least 75lb total.
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#UPDATE : Beatrice is still on a cooling blanket with #icepacks to keep her cool ❄️ and I'm giving her water through a syringe to her #hydrated 💦 Now her #temperature is at 104.5 🌡 While it's still not good it is going down. Vets are still on #standby, lucky the vet in #washington is open #24hours 🙏🏻 🐾❤️ #prayersneeded #postivity #goodvibes #fever #greatdanepuppy #greatdanelove #sickpuppy #underthewesther #icu #bedrest #greatdanemoments #dane #mypuppy #sickbaby #undertheweather #hopeforimprovement #gentlegiant #biggirl
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michellelynn81 : Sending prayers for sweet Beatrice! ❤️ Paddy misses her!
service_dog_maggie : I'm so sorry this is happening to you and Beatrice! 😢 Stay strong, both of you.
mydogsntahoe : Praying for you Bea!! Please get well soon!!❤️❤️❤️
pleaseasktopet : Feel better Bea!!!
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So Beatrice seemed to be doing really well for just under two weeks. She had no problem on the airplane ✈️ and handled the move alright but last night she started acting a bit #lethargic. I thought she might just be tired from traveling, packing and moving 🏠📦🎒 This morning she stopped baring weight in her front left leg again and now she has spiked a fever of 104.8F 🌡🌡She was cleared to work #physicaltherapy and travel by her vets so this is really unexpected. If her #fever doesn't go down by about 6️⃣PM she will be going back to the #vet to be #hospitalized 🏥 until her temperature is under control. Say a #prayer for my baby and bestfriend ❤️🐾 #greatdane #greatdaneservicedog #gentlegiant #giantbreedlovers #temperature #fever #104 #goofygirl #underthewesther #positivevibes #goodenergy #prayersneeded #bedrest #poorpuppy
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zeus_the_fawn_dane : Oh no😪😪saying a prayer for your sweet baby girl🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️
repray : Agreed.
ten4marketing : 👌
lesverret : Aww so sorry to hear that. Sending out positive thoughts!💕
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Our precious little angel is 2-months old today and we are so very blessed to have him in our life. (Thanks to Aiden's nurse for helping me create a mini studio, allowing me to capture our little Cherub with his wings ❤️❤️). #AidenStrong #CDHawareness #CDHwarrior
cdhwarrior - aidenstrong - cdhawareness -
healthy_fresh_start : This is my fight song... Love it ❤️
heartmama_2.12.09__7.30.15 : Adorable. My son loves that song too. He's a good size for 2 months and a heart warrior. Glad to hear he's doing better by the day ☺️
reetayl : #sweetbaby 😍
jck_brand : Glory to God
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**I promise I don't arrange his poses, this is all Aiden. Picture caption: #POWER** Aiden's Update – May 27, 2016 (Day 60) Yesterday (Thankful For) Aiden is just like your typical baby, but we all really know he's not quite typical, he's a little miracle to be exact. He is starting to take his bottle, sleeps great throughout the night, sort of enjoys the stroller rides, starting to smile more and whips out great big grins when you least expect it, finally learning to love the bath and he loves sleeping on his boppy. Overall, Aiden is doing really great. Aiden has been quite busy this week. Since Monday he has had an Echocardiogram (Heart Ultrasound), Upper GI (x-ray exam of the upper gastrointestinal tract), Renal Scan (exam to measure kidney functions), newborn hearing screening, met with nephrology (kidney specialist) and had immunizations. (Continue Below)
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cristaldecas : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
nikiadyson : #cdhHero #cdhbaby #cdh #congenitalDiaphragmaticHernia #prayerWorks #prayers #prayersNeeded #fitfamily #fitfam #myPCHstory #faith #ButGod @primarychildrens #MiracleBaby #mytinyHero #nicuMom #nicu #GodsGotIt #CDHwarrior #CHERUB #savethecherubs @savethecherubs
dukemartinez : His a wonderful #MiracleBaby😍🙏.
julianadetal : @nikiadyson every time The Lord allows me to see something about Aiden i realize that apart from The fact that he is a breathing miracle, God is always good and The as The Word says in james 5:16 The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—it is dynamic and can have tremendous power
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🙏 My heart is breaking into a million pieces. Less than 2 weeks ago, my 95-year-old grandfather was taken to the hospital. I snapped this video with him last weekend in his hospital room, and as always, he was having fun with me- sticking out his tongue- even while in the hospital bed. He made fun of me and told me I talk too much. He was himself- and laughing. It was a good day. A week later, and he's in hospice care and barely responding. I've been with him since late yesterday, and he is barely talking and can hardly keep his eyes open. For my entire life, this man has been my hero. A World War II veteran and is probably the oldest firefighter in Sebree, Kentucky (he never retired and still goes to meetings). He's the biggest UK fan I've ever met (we spent so much time on the phone talking sports), the kindest man around, and the love of my late grandmother's life. This man means the entire world to me. He's one of my best friends in life. My heart is breaking watching him slowly move on. He had a wonderful life, and I'm so thankful I had him around for so long. Please say a prayer for his comfort. He needs your prayers. 🙏 #PrayersNeeded #LoveMyPapaw #HughBishopMajors
prayersneeded - hughbishopmajors - lovemypapaw -
bndreddie : Prayers for your family.
mgvincent80 : God bless him...
mmmcfarland23 : A hero in many ways - sending my heart to you @tamevans5
bigbravesuz : What a treasure you have Tamara.
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Please! Prayers needed! May 30th-June2nd the trial will take take place! Barnevenet who has been fighting so hard from day 1 to destroy this beautiful family without a due process will try once more and this time for good to tear this beautiful family to many pieces! But we believe in a mighty God who can perform miracles! #stopbarnevernet #stoplegalkidnapping #Bodnariufamily #Norway #solveighorne #april16 #Globalprotest #naustdal #prayersneeded #Godisgood #miraclesneeded #ernasolberg
naustdal - stoplegalkidnapping - april16 - miraclesneeded - bodnariufamily - stopbarnevernet - solveighorne - godisgood - ernasolberg - prayersneeded - norway - globalprotest -
mamipanda.2 : 🙏 starting yesterday 6pm will continue till Tuesday 6pm🙏👼 @cristinel007
cristinel007 : @mamipanda.2 Thank you very much! God bless you!
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The next 24 hours is CRUCIAL, and I would like to ask EVERYONE—Family, Friends, Aquaintances, Strangers—to do me a massive favor.. Please pray for my 13 year old niece Elizabeth. She is in critical condition and your love will make a huge impact. If everyone can pray for her recovery, I would be so grateful and appreciative. I want to prove that the power of love, prayer, and unity can make miracles happen. I don't believe science is always 100% accurate when a life is concerned. I believe strongly that you must stand by your intuition. Prayer, love, and a positive outlook can make anything possible. So, whether you know me or you've just seen my post by fate...all I ask is that you take two seconds out of your day to pray for her. Please share this post in hopes that we can witness a miracle! Please ask your church, congregations, temple...whatever religious pray with me. Every single one counts!!!!! If this goes viral, amazing! Many thanks and blessings. 🙏 #prayforElizabeth #prayersneeded #powerofprayer #prayers #grateful #staypositive #believe #miracles #miracleshappen #letsgoviraltogether #prayforliz
powerofprayer - miracles - prayers - miracleshappen - staypositive - prayforliz - grateful - letsgoviraltogether - prayersneeded - believe - prayforelizabeth -
jaxcassidy : Thank you for everyone's prayers!
jaxcassidy : @noitzkiara Thank you so much! She will be so grateful for your kind words.
noitzkiara : Your welcome plz keep me posted.I hope she pulls threw
noitzkiara : 😰😪❤👏
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Okay my lovely miracle workers, calling for prayers, healing thoughts and all the love you can send to @greatwaldini who came upon these delicate little angels at the shelter, learned they would more than likely be euthanized, and took them home. It's much worse than the suspected URI. Her vet has confirmed a diagnosis of panleukopenia (feline distemper) and these little angel babies are fighting for their lives. They have survived for days, are getting 24/7 medical care, and they have a chance at life where there was none before. Their new Mama is, of course, worried sick. Please stop by her account or tag her from here to help her see she is not alone in caring about these little ones. Send these babies strength and healing ❤️🙏🏼❤️ C'mon babies! Fight! #furfamilylife #panleukopenia #panleuk #prayersplease #kittens #fosterkittens #gingerkitten #calicokitten #bravebabies #prayersneeded
calicokitten - gingerkitten - kittens - prayersplease - furfamilylife - panleuk - bravebabies - prayersneeded - fosterkittens - panleukopenia -
greatwaldini : @jones_fids thank you! Little boy Bart passed away early this morning. 💔 hope Abigail makes it. Congrats on the 20 years of happy cat life for your furbaby
jones_fids : I'm so sorry to hear about Bart @greatwaldini ~ I hope and pray Abigail makes and lives a long happy life.❤️😺❤️
cleah22 : I am so sorry for the loss of little Bart. My energy and love will be surrounding little Abby. Bless you all. My prayers are with you .
schmidt614 : Sending thoughts & many prayers their way!!! Thankful for you love & care. So sorry for your loss & determination to help the little one fight on! You're a true blessing to them!
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Unfortunately today I am not creating it. Major screw up in my meal plan due to stress and emotional eating. I could beat myself up about it but that doesn't take away the calories. Or I could acknowledge my weakness, my humanity. Understand that stepping on this stage is not the most important thing in my life. It's a goal and a process and something I want to put the effort in to but at the end of the day, the world keeps on turning. Side note: positive thoughts and prayers would be very welcome right now for a family health issue. #momof3 #8daysout #bikinicompetitor #spartanchick #willpower #motivation #fitmom #fitlife #thisisalifestyle #tomorrowisanewday #prayersplease #prayersneeded
fitlife - bikinicompetitor - spartanchick - prayersplease - thisisalifestyle - motivation - willpower - fitmom - momof3 - prayersneeded - tomorrowisanewday - 8daysout -
chinothenatural : 😳
fitzoe : It's okay Kristen!! You've been through so much during this prep, you're real and inspiring. You got this 💪🏽💪🏽
keishornescott : amazing!
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Flight delayed due to technical difficulties but better be safe than sorry #prayersneeded @duchess868 she deya #ifyuhstushgointhebush🎶🎧🎤💃 #SUMMERPARTY me deya #Orlando #NYC Follow @basstnt3000
ifyuhstushgointhebush🎶🎧🎤💃 - prayersneeded - orlando - summerparty - nyc -
repray : Praise God.
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Every aspect of life is a process! As hard as it is, we just have to trust God and trust the process......👐💚👐 #feelingfrustrated #iamnotstayingwhereiamat #feelinganxious #tryingtostaypositive #trust #trusttheprocess #trustinggodsplan #prayersneeded #hopeful #workinprogress #godsgrace #godsblessings #favor #faith #believe #blessed #newday #newseason #newreason #godsgotthis #movingforward #fitfreak #gymrat #fitoverforty
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I'm calling on all my Prayer Warriors to start praying and pray hard for a miracle!!! This is my friend Jessica VanAsdlen Smith. This week, her husband & best friend Mark Smith was diagnosed with Stage IV Brain Cancer that has spread to his spine. Just two weeks ago they welcomed their second daughter. Please read and share this wonderful article about this family & their journey: Love you Jess & praying for all of you!!! xoxo #pray #prayersneeded #cancersucks #myyouniquelife #stellaanddot #younique #havefaith #believe #powerofprayer #cancer #god #faith #healthesick #findacure
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katrine_lietzen : Nice picture! Your page is pretty dope. You should go to this website ➡️➡️ Getlnstafollowers•org to obtain 2000 friends on your insta everyday! 🙂
repray : Remained blessed.
workshopr : Too nice
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Hey loves. A quick update #ontheblog about #ivf round 2. But more importantly, 🙏needed. Our English 🐶 got a hold of our cat this morning and broke his little jaw. We are hoping surgery goes smoothly to install a feeding tube. Today has not been easy. 😥 . . #prayers #prayersneeded #ivf #ivfwithpgd #infertility #infertilitywarrior #ttcsisters #ttc #ttccommunity #shots #thisiswhatinfertilitylookslike #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #chicagoblogger #midwestblogger #blog #blogger #blogged #realtalk
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tgendooza : @ivffirsttimer41 yup. Our dogs can't mix with other animals either. The french bulldog is fine with our cat but that's it. I don't think the english knows how to kill but he sure as hell doesn't know his strength. He knocks over little kids too. We're doomed!
ivffirsttimer41 : I have been a bit concerned about ours' penchant for knocking us over while trampling like a wild pack of short rhinos down the hallway and what that will mean for our baby girl😁 I have never viewed them as killers but don't doubt for a second that they could gravely injure a weaker or smaller animal if given the chance. These are very strong dogs and you are right that they don't know their strength and what's worse, they don't feel pain. I sure hope your kitty is going to be alright. My heart goes out to you guys.
armstrong.erind : Love 💓
jenniferashley226 : 😘 hugs my sweet friend
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Sometimes in our lives we just need to escape to figure out where we truly belong. Peace Idaho.. ✌🏼️ I'll be seeing you soon.🌧🌫🍃 05.27.16 #adventuretime #god #jesuschrist #prayersneeded #escape #behappy #trusttheprocess #loveyourlife #liveyourlife #idaho #stormrollingin #explore #roadtrip #travel
jesuschrist - behappy - god - adventuretime - stormrollingin - roadtrip - liveyourlife - explore - escape - prayersneeded - loveyourlife - trusttheprocess - idaho - travel - : What's the wait? You should peep this url ➡️➡️ to obtain 2K+ new fans on your IG everyday! 😏
lukeforfire : Nice Photo, next time you want some gear , Email us at and we will see what we can do!
the_snake_catcher : 👍
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It amazes me how much Aiden favors his siblings when they were babies, it seems like I am holding the same baby all over again. (Aiden on left-Big Brother Q on right) #brothers #twins #AidenStrong
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nikiadyson : #cdhHero #cdhbaby #cdh #congenitalDiaphragmaticHernia #prayerWorks #prayers #prayersNeeded #fitfamily #fitfam #myPCHstory #faith #ButGod @primarychildrens #MiracleBaby #mytinyHero #nicuMom #nicu #GodsGotIt #CDHwarrior #CHERUB #CDHawareness #CDHsurvivor
dukemartinez : Beautiful
healthy_fresh_start : They're both such cuties :) Be well, Aiden x
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👼🏼🌈😢Remembering this sweet girl today. Maggie crossed over the doggie rainbow last night and is now in a better place where she is able to play and no longer be in pain. We ask that you pray for our hooman and doggie cousins who are mourning their loss. We love you Maggie and hope to see you again one day. @etrisch @themanwhosteppedintoyesterday @akargo529 #sweetangel #humanprotector #yellowlab #texasgirl #prayersneeded #lab #labs #labsofinstagram #angel #cancersucks #tooyoung #missingheralready #heavenhasanewangel #dogangel #gonebutneverforgotten #talesofalab #5yearsyoung
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yourstorymydesign : Dope!
rubytheschnoodle : 💔💔💔
lindywrapsyouskinny : Awesome!
etrisch : Thank you @dexterdoggy @shihtzumochi88 @caramel_oakley_cupcake @theodorepatton @mrchickennuggetdeel @milesthegreat11 @yourstorymydesifn She was truly loved. Truly missed. Her humans miss her, but so does her half brother, and the cat... Thank you all for the kind words. She was a very sweet dog. Heaven has another angel.
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I watched #RedNoseDay today and the stories and seeing what people go through broke my heart. I donated 50 dollars which will give 550 meals to hungry families ( link in bio.) please donate what you can and if you can't spread the word or pray. We take everything that we have for granted sometimes when we shouldn't. I am so much more thankful for everything that I have. My heart feels so full right now after giving even the smallest donation is the biggest. Please spread the world and pray for these people and others in need. #SpreadTheWord #RedNoseDay #rednoseday2016 #rednosedayusa #rednoseday4kids #pray #prayers #prayersneeded #prayfortheworld #donate #donatenow #donatetoday #giveback #begrateful #stophunger #stophungernow #Yoga #YogaLove #YogaLover #YogaGirl #yogaeverydamnday #YogaDaily #yogapractice #yogalife #yoglifestyle #yogafit #yogaflow #yogacommunity #yogagram
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charitygaming : 💙
grammasgift : Make it a great day 😁
keishornescott : i like this!
repray : 😃
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Never been so thankful to be in the hospital! I could NOT get through this without my support system. 💜 Battling these health issues, begging for help, it's definitely one of the hardest things we've gone through. 😔 Tomorrow brings more testing and hopefully some much needed answers! Prayers are greatly appreciated! 🙏🏼 #spoonieproblems #prayersneeded #healingvibes #sickchick #chronicillnesswarrior #fightlikeagirl #healingvibes #hospitalssuck #lifetakesguts #autoimmunedisease
fightlikeagirl - autoimmunedisease - spoonieproblems - lifetakesguts - chronicillnesswarrior - hospitalssuck - sickchick - prayersneeded - healingvibes -
starrynita : hope you feel a little better soon! 🌸🙏💐
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A few days ago when Aiden went on his first stroller ride, soon as we went through the Infant Unit doors I saw one of his nurses. This was the nurse that was with me on that day I was taken in the room to meet with his doctor, neurologist and social worker...this was the nurse that had tears in her eyes when they discussed what should happen next and this was the nurse that hugged me to offer comfort. When she saw Aiden she expressed how amazing it was and how she really thought that in that moment, they were going to suggest cutting off support. She looked at him and said, “ just never know, we didn't know if he would survive,” and repeatedly said how amazing he was and how good he looked. Shortly after that, we ran in to one of Aiden's ECMO nurses that monitored his treatment when he was the most critical. Again, he expressed how amazing it was to see him doing so well and how great he looked. (Continue Below)
crystalpacheco1985 : BTW he's too cute for words!🙊
scrapbooker54 : Blessings
lupgv : Love how happy he looks what a blessing😍😘🙏
tai_law : This is some serious Hebrew 11 faith
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One day I'm be alright and make something out myself, til then I just have to be patient and let the good Lord do his thing and work on me! #inGodshands #bepatientgoodthingsarecoming #don'tletyaprayingkneesgetlazy #don'tgiveup #thestrongestalwayssurvives #prayersneeded
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repray : It is well.
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This truly made me smile.. Today has been a rough day, I've been fighting back tears all night. When one falls the flood gates will open, I've read and searched through every recovery book I have & have not found an answer to my problem... Then I realized, there it was.. STOP looking for the answer, God will solve it for me 🙏🏽❤️ #childofgods #godgotme PRAYERS ARE APPRECIATED THOUGH #prayersneeded #itsabadday 🚫👹 #notabadlife #positivevibes #prayforme #ivebeenthroughworst 💪🏼🙏🏽👼🏼💙💓
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repray : Pray without ceasing.
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It's been a rough two days at our household. Bailey had 5 seizures and I had to take Abby in unexpectedly for an abscessed tooth and during her dental they ended up removing five teeth, including her endearing snaggle tooth. Now she only has ten teeth remaining. 😰 I am sad and angry at her previously owners who neglected her health. It's so hard to see her so sore from her surgery. It will take a couple weeks until she is fully healed and I hope she will manage ok. As for Bailey, his neurologist thinks his breakthrough seizures are not abnormal and didn't want to change meds yet if he is stable. So please keep my kids in your prayers.
sariorvokki : Sending you warm thoughts at these hard times.. You and your sweeties are strong. ❤️
jaeun2 : 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 sending peace to you and your furry ones ❤️❤️❤️
chewiethemorkie : Sending cuddles and kisses to your furry babies. ❤️🐶🐶
nyladrevilo : Sending you so much love and pawsitive energy
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Repost @natjhilbert ・・・ Watch out Utah, Miss Udo Shedneck is in town. @udoshedneck 🐾😁
yogi_doxie : Awesome video 😘😘😘 Nice to see my friend Elliot too. 😘
attackofthewieners : 🐾😀🐾
ryguynation : Go get em udo!!!
imgutgirl : I love Udo! Have the very same doxy bag and have spent a YEAR looking for it for my IG furiendz!! Where you get, famous Udo? Love you 😘😘✔️✔️✔️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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this is how she rolls. #STELLA is on her way home after her first #laser therapy. the lab results show nothing out of the normal. so it is looking like a slipped #disc. that is good news so... open the window, put on some good tunes, and cruise home. 😎🐷❤️😘 #slippeddisc #prayersneeded #pleasepray #pray #prayers #rescuefund #donate #donation #donationsneeded #pigsofinstagram #pigstagram #pigsaspets #taxdeductible #piggy #pig #pigs #oink #prayer #headedhome #goodnews
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d_arbitor201 : 😊😊😊 thank god!!
elvistejadamusic : Prayer is powerful.
shoplovefirst : Love this caption 🙌
c.o.m.p.a.s.s.i.o.n : Yay!!!!! <3
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guess who is on his way home!!!!! #DEXTER!!!! 😊❤️👍🐷 #answeredprayers #goodnews #getwellsoon #pig #pigs #piggy #oink #pigsaspets #pigsofinstagram #pigstagram #headedhome #discharged #donate #donation #donationsneeded #taxdeductible #rescuefund #prayers #pray #pleasepray #prayersneeded
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c.o.m.p.a.s.s.i.o.n : !!! Two good updates in a row !!!! <333
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I'm praying for both of you studs. Keep fighting through it and stay strong. I'm going to try and visit soon. #prayersneeded #bestbros
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repray : Praise God.
keishornescott : nice!
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#truth #transformation #realtalk #reality #awakening #realityshow #Jesus #lifestyle #lifequotes #love #loveyourself #lovethem #culture #blacklivesmatter #blackculture #blackawareness #purpose #entertainment #prayfortheworld #prayersneeded #prayedup #lhhatl #lhhny #win #overcomer #music #artist #consciousness
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khuranarachit24 : Yo buddy! Do you wanna increase your page? Then you should go to this url ➡️➡️ ɪɢʀᴀᴍsʟɪᴋᴇ•á´„ᴏᴍ to gain 2000 new fans every single day! 🤑
repray : Pray without ceasing.
keishornescott : i like this!
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Living on the edge, I work in an elementary school and my risk taking self wore my brand new white jeans to work today. This may not end well. #riskylittlegame #risktaker #badass #thuglife #whitejeans #prayersneeded #mayneedsprayandwash #white #educatorslife #school #workingmama #kidsaregross #kidsaresticky #yuck
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repray : Amen
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Utah's beauty stopped me in my tracks. ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫▫️▫️▫️️▫️▫️ Follow these weens❣ @waltersphoebe💛@taco_the_wiener @p_reibs @barnegat_the_dachsie @ryguynation @natjhilbert @cnp702 @seemsee @giuseppe.the.doxie @bobmarley_the_chihuahua @abh69 #WeLoveYouTvinne 💜 ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫▫️▫️▫️▫▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ #doxie #bassotto #dachshund #teckel #dogsofig #dogoftheday #doxiesofig #teckel #sausagedog #seniordoxie #seniordachshund #Ilovemydog #seniordog #doxieobsessed #love #repray #projectunconditional #IvowToLoveMyDogForever #prayers #weloveudo #dog #prayersneeded #IVDD #wegotthis #prayersplease #beKindtoOneanother #cancerSucks #TrueCrew #CuterThanKidChallenge
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spreadhappyandwoof : Welcome!!! Hope you have a great time! 😘😘
abh69 : Enjoy sweet Udo❤️
ourdoghouse : Wow! Have a great time ❤️
jesse_jamesdachshund : How pawsome your on a road trip!
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Sorry for the long venting post on Facebook this morning,but I've kept my feelings to myself and bottled up for too long and I just had to let them out. #PrayersNeeded #sorrynotsorry
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deborah_lynn_holman : praying for you Tamara dont let people bring you down girl!
brendajohnsonhenson : Praying for you Tamara. 💜
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