#PrayersNeeded 🙏 By @balleralert via @RepostWhiz app: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley urged residents on Sunday to plan on staying home at least through Monday due to flooding, and announced that because of the dangerous weather conditions, all interstate highways in and around the capital city of Columbia would be closed. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Sunday that 600 National Guardsmen have been deployed to assist in rescues and evacuations in what she called "a thousand-year level of rain." The weather is to blame for three deaths in the state, Haley said at a news conference. "This is an incident we've never dealt with before," she said. As teams from multiple agencies try to save people from their cars on flooded streets across South Carolina, officials are struggling just to keep count, the state's emergency management spokesman told CNN on Sunday. "It's a historic flood the likes of which we haven't seen," Eric Rousey said. Most of the rescue operations are being staged in Dorchester and Charleston, where at least 30,000 people are without power. Emergency officials said there were about 140 water rescues in Dorchester overnight. In Charleston, people paddled kayaks and canoes down city thoroughfares, as more than 6 inches of rain fell in downtown on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service Twitter account. #KMWExclusive #StraightTeaNoFilter 💋
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#prayersneeded #scflood2015
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It's hard to see my city and state like this. Praying for all of us here in South Carolina. #prayersforsouthcarolina #prayersforsc #besafe #staysafe #prayersforcolumbia #prayersforcolumbiasc #pray #prayersneeded #columbiasc #columbia
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An update on my little sis. They just took her down for 2 tests, so I thought I'd use this time to reach out again for a few more prayers. The same excruciating struggles remain. But some good news~we have taken her off the ventilator a few times to let her lungs breathe on their own. Still weak in function, but we expect that with all things considered. We know she's fighting this fight hard! The upcoming days, will be a testament. The neurologist and cardiologist want to try to pull back on the sedation and lighten the meds, but the hematologist says no way. In a way, we want her awake and communicating, but do not want to see her in pain or confusion. Reality is, we will face this dilemma no matter what. Please pray for guidance (for Lorraine, our family, her team of experts and nurses) to lead us onto the right path. Let us leave behind anger, frustration, and doubt. Allow us to keep our hearts and minds open to Him, in faith, hope, and love. We are grateful for your support and love for Lorraine. #prayersneeded #prayersforlorraine #Godbless #hope #believe #faith #miracle #guidinglight #peoplehopetribe #whyher #chronicallyill #chronicillness #weneedyou #pleasedontgo #intensivecare #breathingtube #organfailure #dialysis #plasmapheresis #dysautonomia #longqtsyndrome #myocardialinfarction #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #neuropathy #iwearorange #bloodcancer #somedayistoday #leukemiaawareness #donatelife
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myspoonsandme : Prayers. 🙏🏼❤️
caligatormkz : @myspoonsandme Incredible thanks for your prayers. They do not go unnoticed. Prayers for you as well, and thank you for being a part of Lorraine's journey. ♡
myspoonsandme : ❤️❤️❤️ Bless y'all!
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Right outside of our neighborhood. #southcarolina #flooding #crazy #staysafe #prayersneeded
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jennifermw23 : Omg! Stay safe!
kcco_ba_nilla : Get off that road!! ASAP
bandaidbox228 : I certainly do not miss this! We used to live in Florida.
jrtolbird06 : Woah 😳 stay safe
greeneyedladybug_kcco : Oh my gosh! Thats so crazy! You guys be super safe!
lcdr_michael : Whoa! That's going to leave a pothole. 😬
cdrice999 : @gibbysgirl999
kristenraemk : Holy crap! 😟
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Well Garbo had a seizure Friday night and another one Saturday night. 😢 Not sure what's going on with my baby. He has had them before, and always bounced back. #bostonterrier #boston #instadog #prayersneeded #mybaby
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#PrayersNeeded #Firemen #Firefighter #FireFamily #FireWife #Brotherhood #FirefighterFamily #FDBrotherhood #FDFamily Been asked to withhold information. Please pray for God's hand to be on this situation. He knows the need. I will update with information as I am given it.
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mysplashpad : 🙏🙏
cdjkd : Praying
repray : 😃
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We had quite the scare earlier this morning-woke up to light spotting. 😣 After screaming and telling hubby we are going to ER, he said we should research it before going to the hospital. So, we went on Dr. Google and found that women who are RH NEGATIVE (that's me) should get a RHOGAM shot within 72 hours after spotting in early pregnancy. Then, we called Shady Grove, and spoke with a nurse who confirmed the information we found on the Internet. Thank goodness we have an appointment tomorrow. Instead of continuing an unnecessary freak out session my hubby and I went in a nice walk to cool down. It worked. Trying to stay calm, and taking it easy today. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. Please pray for our tiny little babies. 🙏🏻 #ttc #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #pcos #infertility #pregnant #pregnantwithtwins #iui #iuisuccess #spotting #onemoreday #prayersneeded
iui - ttcsisters - infertility - pregnant - ttccommunity - iuisuccess - spotting - pcos - ttc - prayersneeded - onemoreday - pregnantwithtwins -
shellkametler : Prayers to you. Try to stay calm, watch a Sunday movie, drink some tea.
jeileenp : I know the feeling...I spotted at the beginning then bled on random occassions until i was 11 weeks. Scariest feeling ever but all turned out find. They couldnt find a reason either.
kimberlyyharris : ❤️
ivf_for_a_babe : 🙏🙏🙏
_dream_big_noelle : No matter how many people tell you it's normal it is very scary. I spotted and then bled with my twins around 10-12 weeks. I passed bug blood clots too. It was all normal and I'm 32 weeks pregnant still. Just try to not focus on it but it is so hard not to when we all worked so hard for our little ones. 💗
ttcbabyfour : Praying for you!!
wistfulwifey : I'm rh negative too! I did not know that, thankyou!
sabraandlukebonney : I'm also RH negative. Had bleeding in early pregnancy too and had to have a Anti D shot. And also has to get one at 28 weeks and then another one at 34 weeks.
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This is a truly unbelievable sight to see. Cars and big metal garbage bins are floating down the street. #columbiaflood2015 #columbiaflooding #prayersneeded #columbiasc
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royaltib : Noooo @yfmcclease I'm not believing that this happening!
yfmcclease : @royaltib I know. Sad.
weatherchannel : Hey Frances, did you take this photo and may we have permission to feature it with credit to you? If so, please comment with #yesweather. View the terms at
leilahicklin : I can't believe this 😥😥
j6m7r : Just unbelievable pictures! The Rockbridge road bridge kills me
repray : Faith.
devizig : @befancylikeme
1samstringer : Sam here with CNN. Stay safe, and of course dry. Do you mind if CNN potentially shares your weather material, providing you credit in perpetuity, across all networks and platforms amongst affiliates?
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#prayersneeded #prayers #911 #help
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If you pray in any way, I ask that you please send up an extra prayer for our little town of Columbia. This is just my yard and the road both ways leaving my house. Me and 4 other neighbors are trapped in this little section of road. I can't get out to take pics, but I've been in touch with others in town that are not fairing well either. Nervous to see what high tide will bring later today... And have I mentioned that the hurricane hasn't even passed by yet!!! This afternoon and tomorrow is supposed to be our worst rain and winds. #hurricanejoacquin #flooding #scary #pleasepray #prayersneeded #rainraingoaway #hurricane2015
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enthusiastic_joyful_life : Oh my!! How are your chickens fairing and your garden? I will pray for you and others affected by the storm.
chrystalbailey : Garden has about 3feet of water in it, but we had harvested everything luckily. Chickens are stuck in the coop cause the pin is flooded, but it's good cause they can stay up high in there. @enthusiastic_joyful_life I just hate that they are stuck in there😕
antheastreasure24 : Prayers from ohio! I thought the worst was over when the weather guy said it wouldn't make US landfall. Silly me. :(
chrystalbailey : Thank you @antheastreasure24 It's probably the worst right now with the wind. We're have spurts of showers, thank goodness no down pours yet. Gonna be scary to look out the window in the morning since this is supposed to carry on through the night. Hate when storms come at night and you can't see what's going on😕
repray : God Bless.
chrystalbailey : Thank you so much @repray 🙏
merruli : You and your town are in my prayers.
chrystalbailey : Thank you so much @merruli they are much appreciated💗
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Get well soon Nanay :* We love you so muuuuch <3 #prayersneeded
prayersneeded -
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Again, if y'all can please pray for my friend Mason I would be so grateful. Or at least just send out some positive thoughts of him waking up and recovering quickly and easily. He is a one of a kind type of guy. Definitely not someone I would ever forget. He really does have the ability of imprinting himself on people. So please just keep this amazing person in your thoughts. Thank you. #prayersneeded #prayersplease #prayerrequest #positiveenergy #healinghearts #healingenergy #love #soulneighbor #spiritualawakening
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repray : It is well.
emergingenergy : Amazing!
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"save the date" and come out N support one our own fighting Stage 4 Breast Cancer! Line up to be announced soon, make sure you make it out to Dragon Rouge in Alameda, Ca. On Fri., Oct. 23! Praying for @gmob_gianabaybehh and her fight! Come out and support! @gmob_nuttymac @alofamoni_ofamooni @jusnika #breastcancerawareness #Fcancer #Support #PrayersNeeded
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gmob_nuttymac : #187CANCER #Salute
repray : Glory be to God.
isagirl : Awesome 🎀
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My name is KK and I'm happy my sister FeeBee is feeling better and playing with her toys again today. I'm just waiting for her to walk and run again, so we can play together like before. Please pray for my sister to make a full recovery. 10/3/15 #yorkielove #feebee #kk #dogsofinstagram #dog #yorkies #yorkshire #willwalkagain #recoveryispossible #prayersneeded #sweetyorkie #yorkiesofig #cuteness #yorkshireterrier #yorkshire #ilovegrandma
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laudafbri : Omg Omg Omg 😍 😍 🐶 🐕 👑 🐾 💖 💟 💕 💗
ej_the_yorkie : 😍😘💜
elly_1027 : So good sister KK👍👍 I hope to get better soon your sis FeeBee. .Of course...I pray for her.. Have a good Sunday cute KK❤💕💖🐶🐾🐾
feebee_kk : @elly_1027 It is nice to meet you. Thank you for praying for my sis FeeBee. Have a nice Sunday too. ♡♡
rgralinski : My little dude spuds got hit by a truck when he was only 3lbs he didn't really move for 2 months we thought he was never going to be the same but then one day he just popped up and was his spunky self again. Hope she gets back on her feet soon
feebee_kk : Thank you @rgralinski for sharing your story, as it melts our hearts and gives us hope. We're so glad Spuds is doing well.
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I'm feeling almost like my usual self, except for my hind legs not working like they used to and I'm still taking a bunch of meds. I'm playing with my babies and know I will be running with my sister, KK in the near future. I'm keeping positive and hopeful. #yorkielove #feebee #kk #dogsofinstagram #dog #toys #yorkies #yorkshire #willwalkagain #recoveryispossible #prayersneeded #sweetyorkie #yorkiesofig #dog #yorkiegram101 #yorkshireterrier
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elly_1027 : Good FeeBee.. It's important to keep positive and hopeful.. Yes you can do it!!!!! Have a good Sunday brave FeeBee👍👍💪💪💓💜💞💖
feebee_kk : @elly_1027 you're so sweet to me, thank you much. I appreciate friends like you. ♡♡
boba_de_1 : 😘😘🌺🐾
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#flooding #prayersneeded #southcarolina #stateofemergency
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repray : Glory be to God.
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Next week is my last week of classes! Fall break and being a full time student teacher is just around the corner! #prayersneeded #checkoutthatplanner
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God placed this man in my life during the craziest seasons. Through the deaths , the grieving, the long distance for a long long period of time, the family fights, the depression, the sickness, the insecurities and the fights against the enemy he was there! Front and center at my gma's funeral, my motivation when I wanted to quit, that voice that reminded me how worth it I am to God when I wanted descend to heaven early He was there! We're going on our 3rd year together and it doesn't get easier but I'm reminded every day of why I love him and how much I want to be there for him. He is going through some troubles of his own right now and although I know there is a breakthrough I ask that you pray for him and his family. #prayersneeded #prayersup #mylove #mylife #cantresistthatsmile
mylove - prayersneeded - mylife - prayersup - cantresistthatsmile -
repray : God hears.
vintageheart17 : Thanks @repray
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It's Saturday and I don't want to get out of bed yet. My mommy let me sleep with KK and her last night, since I was lonely in my crate. I sleep throughout the night, since I haven't been sleeping well the past week from being in pain and on so many medications. Yuck. #yorkielove #feebee #kk #dogsofinstagram #dog #relaxing #sleep #yorkies #yorkshire #willwalkagain #recoveryispossible #prayersneeded #sweetyorkie #yorkiesofig #yorkiesofinstagram
willwalkagain - yorkielove - relaxing - kk - feebee - dog - yorkshire - yorkiesofig - yorkiesofinstagram - sleep - yorkies - prayersneeded - sweetyorkie - recoveryispossible - dogsofinstagram -
laudafbri : Beautiful dog ❤ ❤ 🐶 🐾 💖 👑 💞 great pic !!! Amazing faces ❤ 😍 ❤ 😍 ❤ 😍
feebee_kk : @laudafbri Thank you. ♡♡
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I'm going to need these today! 🙏🏼 #prayersneeded #calmmyheart
prayersneeded - calmmyheart -
repray : This is nice
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Alter need prayer for new place to live...PLS send prayers! Thank you #prayer #prayers#prayerspleaseandthankyou #praying #prayforme #prayerworks #prayerrequest #praying #prayforus #prayersneeded #prayerchangesthings
prayerspleaseandthankyou - prayers - prayforme - prayforus - prayerworks - prayer - prayerchangesthings - prayerrequest - prayersneeded - praying -
repray : God Bless.
litesglamouraxshion : Prayers up!!!
brookemmigdal - repray - helpingtrishfight - litesglamouraxshion -
#kukaliwanahoma #lipsnolongerkissable #prayersneeded
kukaliwanahoma - prayersneeded - lipsnolongerkissable -
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#pray #prayersup #prayersplease #prayersneeded #oregon #faith #hope #love
faith - love - prayersup - prayersplease - pray - oregon - prayersneeded - hope -
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#ifonly #longweekend #prayersneeded #burnbabyburn #work #hellhole #igers #doubletap #instagood #funnypics #lolpics #funnymemes #photooftheday #tagforlikes #funny #lolgram #picoftheday #memes #like4like #instadaily #instalike #likeforlikes #memesdaily
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repray : Pray without ceasing.
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The past 8 months I've been going through it, even gave up on God. Lost some friends, some family. Ppl judged & talked about me, but that's OK because I learned a ton of things in these 8 months, and one thing I know for sure for sure is God didn't leave me and he truly loves me! #prayersneeded #prayers #pray #faith #faithful #godchild #godislove #believe #ilovejesus
faith - faithful - godislove - pray - prayers - ilovejesus - prayersneeded - believe - godchild -
gigacalisthenics : Sounds like you had some big transformation these past couple of months. He is truly incredible and no matter what He is there for you and loves you
repray : Faith.
4everdlm_ : @gigacalisthenics yes ma'am and I'm so grateful.
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#armystrong #everydayhero #godbless #godspeed #goodman #courage #prayingforyou #prayersneeded #prayforhimplease
prayforhimplease - godspeed - godbless - armystrong - goodman - courage - everydayhero - prayersneeded - prayingforyou -
repray : Love this
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Please keep my little furball, Leo, in your thoughts everyone! My baby boy was bitten by a snake the night before last and is currently in hospital trying to recover. He's making slow improvement which is better than nothing and as of today is able to move his leg, head and follow people with his eyes. My poor baby's 2nd birthday is on Tuesday. #cat #kitten #sick #baby #snakebite #beautifulboy #pray #prayersneeded
pray - snakebite - cat - sick - kitten - baby - beautifulboy - prayersneeded -
repray : Thankful for you.
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Time, weave it well. Weave it beautifully strong. But keep in mind, in word and action that our time is short. Going to be working away in my office waging beauty with my pen, though I am present should any of you wish to reach me. وَٱلْعَصْرِ . إِنَّ ٱلْإِنسَٰنَ لَفِى خُسْرٍ . إِلَّا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ وَعَمِلُوا۟ ٱلصَّٰلِحَٰتِ وَتَوَاصَوْا۟ بِٱلْحَقِّ وَتَوَاصَوْا۟ بِٱلصَّبْرِ "By time, Indeed mankind is in loss except if you keep faith, do righteous deeds and advise eachother to truth and patience". #Time #PrayersNeeded #struggles #oppressions #wagingbeauty #illustrating #photographyandart #photojournalism #exhibition
photographyandart - illustrating - photojournalism - wagingbeauty - struggles - exhibition - time - oppressions - prayersneeded -
repray : Magnificent 😃
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Lord, I bring to you my burdens and you know my situation. You know I can't make it without you. Comfort my heart, give me strength, & help me carry on. #faith #prayersneeded
faith - prayersneeded -
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There's nowhere else I'd rather be than by my brothers side. He is making great improvements already and I couldn't be happier. #prayers #prayersneeded #bestfriend #family #brother #bigbro #bigbrother
bestfriend - family - prayers - bigbrother - bigbro - brother - prayersneeded -
repray : Love
forbes0404 : Happy to see my boy is good
kwista_16 : @nic_guerrera thank you
kwista_16 : @quayc329 thank you so much. @forbes0404 he is. He is staying strong. Breathing on his own and fully aware and responsive. He has a long road of recovery ahead but will be good
loose_arrow : Praying for your family.
kwista_16 : @loose_arrow thank you so much
mrs.santiago7514 : Praying for your family. Happy to hear he is staying strong @kwista_16
kristalynn.xo : I'm glad to hear that he is making progress. I will continue to pray for him and your family❤️ @kwista_16
nicky_anne1 - brittnifgreen - curlyhairprobsss - khjb_15 -
Praying for my human great grandma to get better soon. She has been in ICU for 4 weeks now. Please keep her in your prayers for God to bring breath into her lungs. Wish I good visit her. 😔🙏💜⛪💨 #prayers #getwellsoon #godisgreat #prayingforrecovery #prayersneeded #yorkielove #instagramyorkie #instadogs101 #yorkshire #myinstayorkie #dogsofintagram #instadog #yourdogstoday
prayingforrecovery - yorkielove - getwellsoon - prayers - dogsofintagram - instadogs101 - yorkshire - instadog - yourdogstoday - instagramyorkie - myinstayorkie - prayersneeded - godisgreat -
repray : 😃
debr521 : 🙏🙏🙏💖
pistolpackinmama79 : 🙏🏻
mr_aceman : @debr521 @pistolpackinmama79 @repray ay Thank you for the prayers
lprieto26 : Praying for you and your grandma.
repray - yorkieheaven - lprieto26 - skinnyfitonly -
Yep. #satproblems #prayersneeded 😊
prayersneeded - satproblems -
2018marti : I gotchu 🙏🏻💜💜💕💕
might_be_harry_potter - ethan_s33 - sam_sparklezzz - rabeeeaaaa -
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