I invite all of you to send a prayer for those less fortunate that are suffering and mourning right now. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Los invito a elevar una oracion para las victimas de este terremoto tan horrible. Nos puede pasar a cualquier hora, cualquier dia, y en cualquier lugar. No olvidemos a los que estan pasando por esta situacion tan lamentable. #prayfornepal #prayersneeded #helpneeded #letsunifyworlwide #wearefortunate
helpneeded - prayfornepal - prayersneeded - letsunifyworlwide - wearefortunate -
aar0n74 - milinda_lim - tr3ykid - suree_a -
Please please please pray for my Winston. He swallowed a chicken bone (complete accident as we absolutely do not feed him table scraps ever). We've just returned from the emergency vet and rather than jump to surgery immediately they suggested to monitor him to see if it passes. We will be getting him into our vet as soon as we can tomorrow to update them on the situation. Please I ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers. My brain can't even fathom something bad happening to him. I love him so much and I am so scared right now. #prayerrequest #pleasepray #prayersneeded
needprayersandthoughts - pleasepray - ilovemydog - pray - furbaby - prayerrequest - prayersneeded - mydogismychild -
lilrunner1485 : #furbaby #needprayersandthoughts #ilovemydog #mydogismychild #pray
carleemcdot : πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
mrsdzelibean : I'm praying for your furbaby. <3
morgan8449 - mrsdzelibean - finnleytheboston -
Could you all please pray for our preparation to go? We are getting so far behind with what needs to happen but things keep happening. Like for example the past week; the two littles had the flu then the weekend hit and we had planned to go hard but family showed up who we hardly see (not complaining as we love them just made a dent in the plans) and it snow stormed leaving me stuck in the city. To top it all off I am now sick! Ugh. We need prayer! #ktbaministrytrip #Prayersneeded #fortheloveofadoption #supportneeded #cannotdothisalone #adoption
supportneeded - ktbaministrytrip - cannotdothisalone - adoption - prayersneeded - fortheloveofadoption -
goodwinhearts : Sickies goooooo away! Many prayers coming your way♥
knittogetherbyadoption : @goodwinhearts thank you so much friend. It has not been fun
ash_learningtoletgo : Ugh! I hate when it all starts rolling down hill like that! Prayers for you all!
crystalschandelier : I've been in a similar situation. Love and prayers coming your way.
knittogetherbyadoption : @ash_learningtoletgo the enemy is trying so hard right now.
knittogetherbyadoption : @crystalschandelier thank you girl. It is just so much
notthatalice : Oh boy do i understand this! Saying a prayer now!!
landonetw : So so many prayers!!!
lafferty_nuthouse - aljex - emilylabarthe - ash_learningtoletgo -
I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER! And could use some for my Dad. He went in for pretty routine cataract surgery and his heart rate dropped dangerously low in the 30's and then this evening began having trouble breathing! They admitted him into the VA Hospital and will be running lots of tests on him, so please pray that those results come back good and he gets better soon! Thanks! β€οΈπŸ‘΄πŸ»πŸ™πŸΌπŸ₯ #prayersneeded #lovemydad
prayersneeded - lovemydad -
penny_travisano01 : Prayers!
alovelace43 - shanehannahjr - erinmarie2013 -
I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER! And could use some for my Dad. He went in for pretty routine cataract surgery and his heart rate dropped dangerously low in the 30's and then this evening began having trouble breathing! They admitted him into the VA Hospital and will be running lots of tests on him, so please pray that those results come back good and he gets better soon! Thanks! β€οΈπŸ‘΄πŸ»πŸ™πŸΌπŸ₯ #prayersneeded #lovemydad #lovepawpaw #needhimaroundforalongtime @taylorrrmagilll @trentwilson76
prayersneeded - lovemydad - lovepawpaw - needhimaroundforalongtime -
alovelace43 - andigek27 - shanehannahjr - erinmarie2013 -
Here r the bird eggs anyone know what kind??...anyone know how i can help ... please pray #prayersneeded #idk #ydoidothis #trying #birds #eggs #whatkind #whatswrong #help #crazy #life #yess
crazy - help - eggs - life - whatswrong - ydoidothis - whatkind - idk - prayersneeded - trying - yess - birds -
k177ok - kyongrfora - inez.blair.m -
Please say an extra prayer for one of my oldest and dearest friends! I know God almighty will hear every single prayer that goes up for her. My heart hurts every single day that she is suffering. She has over come so much, and I am confident that this too shall pass! #prayersneeded #prayerwarriors @daniprocellbyrd @hbroussard @sassafrasgift
prayersneeded - prayerwarriors -
burgb : She is beautiful! πŸ’—
amycashgaskin : Praying!!!!
allison_renee_barber : What's wrong ... I am praying for her @agtempleton
maj0330 : πŸ™ praying
mhwoodsjr - mk.barnard - kpaigep1225 - jules1425 -
#amen #true #prayersneeded #trustinthelord #quote #life #beautiful #blessed
beautiful - life - amen - quote - trustinthelord - blessed - prayersneeded - true -
riding_gaited - amayginger - madison_cowgirl - momalisaaa -
I'm gonna take a break from my birthday rant to say: Please pray for the people in Baltimore and Nepal!!! #protectheinnocent #helpinghands #prayersneeded
prayersneeded - helpinghands - protectheinnocent -
4pnoty - daiyana - la_vonia_ - noweapons -
I don't really know what to make of this. Y'all keep all these people in your prayers. Both sides need it. #prayersneeded #baltimore
prayersneeded - baltimore -
emily_wexler - _indiachristina - sarah_._catherine - baileyy.madisonn -
#PrayersNeeded #baltimore
prayersneeded - baltimore -
lionheart423 - justmike__d - e.life_ - wherewuat -
"Some of us seem to accept the fatalist position, the fatalist attitude, that God accorded to us a certain position and condition, and therefore there is no need trying to be otherwise. The moment you accept such an attitude, the moment you accept such an opinion, the moment you harbor such an idea, you hurl an insult at the great God who created you, because you question Him for His love, you question Him for His mercy." #MarcusGarvey #Baltimore #PrayersNeeded
marcusgarvey - prayersneeded - baltimore -
sharbrowne - _jackieharris - nizhoni415 - kwakuanan -
#Baltimore #PrayersNeeded
prayersneeded - baltimore -
bookatticconfessions : So Sad!
krissykee - 9uertony - go_gochick - deerightguys -
Meanwhile in Detroit smh... #PrayersNeeded
prayersneeded -
loveofgaga - beau_ny_ - ant_d25 - kid_nomad -
Prayers of protection, peace and provisions for safety, wisdom, discernment and justice to prevail, are needed for the City of Baltimore. Senseless violence and looting will never solve anything. People must learn to stop reacting emotionally and rashly without thinking. Instead, strategic responses are needed, among them being prayer first and foremost and a plan of action that can target the root cause of this civil unrest. "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 #Baltimore #PrayersNeeded #PraytoIgniteAction
prayersneeded - praytoigniteaction - baltimore -
brendavhenry : Amen!
flawed_beautiful19 - beautifully.sydnee - mrskeebo - cynthiapatterson -
#prayforbaltimore #stoptheviolence #wheresthehelp #wheresthepeace #prayersneeded πŸ™
prayforbaltimore - prayersneeded - wheresthepeace - wheresthehelp - stoptheviolence -
new_life0706 - maddysmomma1 - sallyanddarin - skyhiwalker -
Pray For Baltimoreβ—οΈπŸ™Œ #NeedPeace #OurCity #BmoreBoy #Home #PrayersNeeded #Upton #Boxing
bmoreboy - boxing - ourcity - upton - home - prayersneeded - needpeace -
prettyboyfloid_ : There going crazy πŸ˜³πŸ‘Ώ #VaIsForLovers : Your City my city #DMV
jim_the1 : #OurCity @prettyboyfloid_ I
kayleigh_louise_xx - leeah_white - tswifter_ - juliestewart17 -
Please pray for my bestfriend/cat he somehow broke his leg and Im in need of prayers. I honestly dont know what id do without Miami .... #PrayersNeeded #EmotionalDay #FML #Miami #BestFriend #Cat #BrokenLeg #LoveHim #GetWellSoon
emotionalday - bestfriend - getwellsoon - miami - cat - fml - brokenleg - lovehim - prayersneeded -
brittany_alicia90 : Praying!!
joemaz - brittany_alicia90 - ambermadisonthomas - derickbanks -
Power. Unity. Non violence. Don't destroy your home. Our home.... But now they know The People have had #Enough. Sad to see the violence. But one's face only has so many cheeks.... βœŠπŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ #Baltimore #Repost @fashaundirector with @repostapp.
#Baltimore #thepeople #Freddiegray #restinpeace #prayersneeded
restinpeace - enough - freddiegray - thepeople - prayersneeded - baltimore - repost -
i_am_thee_oasis : #repost
itspanamababy : Had to be our city
stereochampions : πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
angieb_angie : But this is what Baltimore is known for...the wire, violence, Bodymore...but NOW people are much negativity....
mrs_diamond1021 : Hey hope all is well
msm96zero - dravidiangoddess - 8704media - stereochampions -
Last week of my third semester of nursing school... 2 quizzes, a test, a final, and plenty of homework and studying within the next week. I'm unsure if I am going to pass this semester πŸ˜” which will put off my graduation from December of 2015 to May of 2016. #Nursing #ItsHard #reality #struggling #Disappointed #PrayersNeeded πŸ™
nursing - itshard - struggling - disappointed - prayersneeded - reality -
nissanoelle123 - briehaley20 - schulze.celia -
#Baltimore #thepeople #Freddiegray #restinpeace #prayersneeded
restinpeace - thepeople - prayersneeded - freddiegray - baltimore -
katie.mclaughlin_ : Hi, I work at HLN/CNN, If this is YOUR ORIGINAL photo can we permanently use your photo on all our platforms & affiliates with credit to you? Please reply to me with yes if so, Thanks!
mack_it_up : @katie.mclaughlin_ yes.
belizeanbronzedrea : @fashaundirector are you down there?
ray_denisse_ - fediliampeace - mystic_mayhem75 - normal.insanity -
I am rising! The Lord, has told me to rise and is giving the strength to do so. πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 Watch out here I come! Hello everyone. Life has been really hard, especially emotionally, some days all I have is the energy to just breathe. I have totally fallen off track, with everything. Even started smoking again. I didn't realize I was under attack by spiritual forces, until last week. I was unable to pray, read the Word, and everything that I conquered through Christ, has me in bondage again; emotional eating, depression, and smoking. Please keep me in your prayers. πŸ™πŸ» Much love and prayers to you! ❀️ Satan, you have no authority in my life, so get behind me! Your time is coming, and soon you'll be in hell where you belong! Amen!! #running #runningbyfaith #depression #conquerorthroughChrist #faith #Scripture #GodsWord #strength #bible #fitness #fitfam #therighteouswillrise #satanyouregoingdown #getbehindme #rise #keepgoing #keepmoving #conqueror #icandoallthingsthroughChristwhostrengthensme #strength #Godisfightingmybattlesbeforeme #GodisGood #PraiseGod #prayersneeded #prayer
godisgood - fitfam - faith - praisegod - rise - satanyouregoingdown - running - keepgoing - bible - runningbyfaith - prayer - depression - godsword - strength - conquerorthroughchrist - godisfightingmybattlesbeforeme - conqueror - keepmoving - fitness - getbehindme - prayersneeded - icandoallthingsthroughchristwhostrengthensme - scripture - therighteouswillrise -
saxophoneflute : The joy of Adonai is your strength-remember to worship Him for your new start. Glad to hear you're doing better!
lilemama14 - tryin_to_motivate_me - janikkmp - jenniebfit -
Watching these three beautiful babies, with a heavy heart making crafts for their uncle Ty, without understanding why. Though they are extremely smart, no one can explain to them why it is everyone's crying & why he's at the hospital in a way they can understand. Approximately 11 people will end their lives by suicide today in Canada. Awareness is essential to Understanding why people consider suicide and attempt to take their own lives. Thoughts & prayers with a very special family friend and everyone's lives effected by this. #suicideawareness #depressionhurts #prayersneeded
depressionhurts - prayersneeded - suicideawareness -
ohsnapitssam1 : This is beautiful, tell Liam, Emma and Autumn that they're very strong and Ty would be so happy to see this πŸ’œ
karlyanddaylan - aprilwhitty - ohsnapitssam1 - jmzingg -
I thought this was a funny pic from freshman year... But I just found out that I might be having to go into surgery because I have exertional compartment syndrome in my right leg. Scary thought of them cutting into my leg but I hope I can get better in the next couple weeks and not have to do this. #prayersneeded
prayersneeded -
tamera_renae97 : Praying! and good luck!
laceyllanier : oh no! Praying!
asum98 : πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
_madss.xx - c_anderson15 - calhorton8 - leonbeard -
#prayersforNepal #prayers #godisgreat #prayforthem #lovelovelove #soheartbreaking #praying #positivethought #photooftheday #staypositive #Filipina #Followme #pinay #igphoto #bighearts #Nepal #Earthquake #behelpful #bethankful #prayersneeded πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
bighearts - igphoto - positivethought - prayers - lovelovelove - staypositive - prayersfornepal - prayforthem - praying - earthquake - filipina - nepal - bethankful - soheartbreaking - behelpful - pinay - prayersneeded - godisgreat - followme - photooftheday -
prlolit : πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
mercy421 : πŸ™πŸ½
ari_kdf - unicefcampus - williamrose65 - fabbycia -
#nepal #prayersneeded #earthquake #majordamage
prayersneeded - nepal - earthquake - majordamage -
Step one complete! #weightlossjourney #weightlosssurgery #wls #excited #prayersneeded
weightlossjourney - wls - excited - weightlosssurgery - prayersneeded -
wendy77_weightloss_journey : I think you can lose the weight without surgery.
wonder_x_woman - oliviasfitsagram - waist_cincher_fit - incredibleshrinkingwoman -
I keep thinking of this verse, except every time I do, I replace "bread" with"crackers". I'm thankful we aren't solely sustained by perishable things, like food or drink; at least my faith will never fade! It's been over a week. I've lost five pounds. It's gotten so bad I can't walk straight so I'm on bedrest. Studying sucks: when the blood drains from your arms, how are you supposed to hold a book up to study?!? My grades aren't optimal now, but at this rate, I am going to fail my finals. I can't think straight at this point. I've got three weeks to hold out. I don't know if I can make it that long. At least I'm not dehydrated!! Tea is the only thing that's going down at this point. #chronicnausea #chronicmigraines #butyoudontlooksick #dysautonomia #pots #potsie #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #orthostatichypotension #tachycardia #spoonie #invisibleillness #hope #faith #prayersneeded #insomnia
faith - chronicmigraines - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - invisibleillness - chronicnausea - pots - insomnia - orthostatichypotension - dysautonomia - potsie - hope - tachycardia - spoonie - prayersneeded - butyoudontlooksick -
iknowtheplansihaveforyou : I was so happy to see that you know Jesus! I will be praying for you 😘😘 it must be hard to be living with whatever you got, but know that The Lord is with you. Keep it up!
thatdefyinggravitypotsie : @iknowtheplansihaveforyou thank you!!!!!
this_labyrinth.of_suffering - spoonie_support - djulia.lenina - chronicallyliving -
Current situation. #StudyStudyStudy #ExamsBeginToday #NoProcrastination #PrayersNeeded #Music #Uwi πŸ˜’πŸ“šπŸ™
uwi - noprocrastination - examsbegintoday - music - prayersneeded - studystudystudy -
steelbassskittles : You ready for that english?
raineypoosncm : As ready as i'll ever be...I just need that question on periods/eras to come and I setttttttt @steelbassskittles
steelbassskittles : Bai i kinda prepare genres but once is music i hadda write on i real safe
raineypoosncm : Two things I have good...Classic vs Romantic and Haydn vs Beethoven @steelbassskittles
steelbassskittles : I doing jazz and calypso.... i doh have no practicioners to compare nah lol
diamondmurrell - vick_v9 - novabeads - miss.shea_ -
#BlackLivesMatter #Prayersneeded #FreddieGray #PrayforBaltimore #WithlovefromNina
prayforbaltimore - prayersneeded - withlovefromnina - blacklivesmatter - freddiegray -
1ljay : recognize me yet?
withlovefromnina : @1ljay I sure do!!! How the heck have you been??!!
1ljay : I'm well Ms. NINA. Just enjoying life. Three people I never forgot were you, Aisha and TWIX! lol
withlovefromnina : Lol!!! Yup Aisha is on here too! Haven't seen or talked to Twix in yeeeeaaaarrsss I hear he's doing well though.
p_l_a_t_1_n_u_m - tangeescloset - aswanigirl - jihadscudder -
#Pray #prayforNepal #prayers_go_up #blessings_comes_down #prayersneeded #prayerworks
prayfornepal - prayerworks - pray - prayersneeded - prayers_go_up - blessings_comes_down -
darpan_juneja - arsh_sidhu13 - ravibhangu420 - addz_tanya -
Starting my new journey tomorrow. Please wish me luck. Say a prayer or two. I start my WLS surgery journey. I am excited and nervous both. Lots of research do to and phone calls to make to get things started. I'd do either of these surgeries but I know there is more. Just depends which surgery the doctor thinks is best for me! #wlsjourney #wls #sleeve #lapband #prayersneeded #prayerrequest
sleeve - wlsjourney - prayerrequest - prayersneeded - wls - lapband -
jeannes_journey : Can't wait to see which one you choose and how it helps you on your journey! Definitely will pray for you and your doctor. ❀
kourtneyelysse : My mom has had the lap band surgery twice & is now in the process of getting a date set for it to be taken out & get the sleeve... I hope your doctor recommends the sleeve! Either way, I will pray for you.
joetranmusic : :)
ambers.wls : Sleeve !!!
prayerapp : Cool pic! Are you on @instapray? you should totally get the app :)
sadboy18 : @faithrounds youshould check this out. We talked about it last time.
nlopezdesigns_ - joetranmusic - tinatruongchen - aaflowers12 -
#myheartbreaks #prayingfortheearthquakevictims #tragic #Nepal #prayersneeded #help #donate
nepal - tragic - help - prayingfortheearthquakevictims - prayersneeded - myheartbreaks - donate -
thumbelina94 - wrigley.courtenay - irene.velasquez.c - universalrestaurant -
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