I sure hope this is true..... Its hard to be strong all the time ! #hope #strength #courage #cancersucks #nothinggoodaboutcancer #prayersneeded #❤️ #lifeishard
❤️ - cancersucks - strength - nothinggoodaboutcancer - courage - lifeishard - prayersneeded - hope -
connect4cancer -
I'm not a religious person nor do I usually ask this, but this is my brother Brian Jr.(bub). He was involved in a motorcycle accident and is in critical condition. He's already crashed several times during operations and still needs many more to be in stable condition. Please pray for his recovery. He has people that depend on his survival and many that care for him #chopcult #kawasakininja #crash #prayersneeded #weloveyou
chopcult - weloveyou - prayersneeded - crash - kawasakininja -
My current situation! I think I have a sprained wrist. 😢 I need to stop being a big baby and get it checked out! #prayersneeded
prayersneeded -
If everyone could take a moment to keep my family in your prayers, that would be greatly appreciated. We have added a new member quite earlier than expected. This baby wasn't supposed to be here until September, but she came into the world yesterday afternoon. We are praying for recovery for both the baby and this precious momma. Thanks in advance. #prematurebaby #prayersneeded #newbaby #godisgoodallthetimeandallthetimegodisgood
newbaby - prayersneeded - godisgoodallthetimeandallthetimegodisgood - prematurebaby -
misshollywood86 : Thank you so much @sheaswa :*
sheaswa : You are so welcome. ❤ Love you @misshollywood86
misshollywood86 : Love you too pretty girl 😚@sheaswa
makenzie7939 : Praying!
sheaswa : Thank you! @makenzie7939
autumnwhite2015 - lady_nycent95 - _tamiraranea - _big_blue_nation_15_ -
Already ready to do whatever it takes for my baby and he/she hasn't even been conceived yet ! 😣💊👍 #ttc #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #cycle8 #supplements #letsmakeababy #ttcstruggle #prenatal #prayersneeded #health
letsmakeababy - ttcsisters - ttcjourney - ttccommunity - prenatal - cycle8 - ttcstruggle - supplements - health - ttc - prayersneeded -
faithfully_ttc : Real talkkkk
ttcfirst : Definition of a mother 💛
ttcbabymoore : Lol preach...
thelovelymiss : Yes! What are you taking, if you don't mind my asking?
neddiezwhirledttc : @faithfully_ttc @ttcfirst @ttcbabymoore the things we do for our children lol! I really want to be a good mom. @thelovelymiss Of course love! If you look at my PP you will see photos of the bottles but I am taking rainbow light prenatal, fertility blend, and a cranberry supp to promote uterine health because I am drinking a lot of water to cleanse and I am trying to make sure I have a healthy vaginal area to create a pristine environment for sperm!
thelovelymiss : Thank you! Baby dust 💫✨
neddiezwhirledttc : Welcome! Ditto 😘 @thelovelymiss
johannerobertsonsw - ttc_hopeful19 - ttc.and.beyond - ya.battaglia -
#pleaseprayforvioletcat #prayersplease #prayersneeded Hi, we are asking for your help with our baby Violet. She is a beautiful funny sassy gray cat who is facing cancer. Due to high complications and risk we can not put her through major exploratory surgery. This means that even with xrays, ultrasound, blood, urine and ascites fluid tests they can only suggest "carcinoma" and not diagnose what kind of cancer inside her otherwise healthy body. So we can't even start her on chemotherapy :( Her abdomen is full of fluid that presses on her lungs and stomach. She is on various drugs but having bad reactions to some, and having trouble eating or drinking water. Please send healing energy and love to Violet, our little gray and white baby. Thank you so much. You can see more photos of her at #pleaseprayforvioletcat
prayersneeded - pleaseprayforvioletcat - prayersplease -
shuz30 -
Sweet little baby taking her #afternoon #nap. #loveher #always #keepfighting #prayersneeded #fuckyoucancer
loveher - keepfighting - always - prayersneeded - fuckyoucancer - nap - afternoon -
aletucker : Beautiful picture 😘😘🙏🏻
vane_vii17 : 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
milagros.814 : Dude love u,..even more.. for.all u are...for what u confide in me.. for being such an.amazing u always,..tell Our.Warrior that lots ppl praying for her.. because shes an amazing woman..always such a lovely girl..everyone..cares & has lots of love for her
sasha.narvaez - goldstone90 - vasilescu_alina - trishh_ -
heading back home to sit with my brothers. #prayersneeded
prayersneeded -
kristianjanine - khorsefall12 -
Us as a family of five! celebrate and enjoy each and every moment! Missing my brother and praying for my dad! Life has way to many challenges sometimes #cancersucks #carpediem #liveeverymoment #enjoylife #feelingsad #prayersneeded #tryingtobepositive
feelingsad - cancersucks - prayersneeded - liveeverymoment - tryingtobepositive - enjoylife - carpediem -
fashionistagurl18 : So damn true #youareamazing #cancerisabeast #praying #loveyou 💖😘🙏
connect4cancer - evanmcgowan16 - _jessica_rivero_ - sandra_gail -
This is our Sunday morning #prayersneeded
prayersneeded -
caradeephotography : oh no! 😔
flyingbean10 : Just were released from ER. All tests came back negative and they have no idea why he is sick. They said to come back in three days if he doesn't get better. This was our third doctor visit. 😒
jesscortez : Ekk! Gosh I hope Yall get some relief soon!
pedwards1122 : Poor baby
kdmullett - kauryedwards - jesscortez - dankimball -
Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've started a new medicine treatment and I have been feeling so sick. The medicine makes me so nauseous I haven't been able to do much of anything. When it was tolerable, doing any sort of major movement just triggered it again. I got so stir crazy haha. I ended up having me parents bring me makeup and a mirror just so I could do something. I'm also really sick right now. I think the medication weakens your immune system which is bad because mine was already in bad condition. I'm gonna stop there because I'm getting really nauseous again. Love yall
breathe - chronicpain - ehlersdanlos - illness - oxygentube - teamnegu - fuckcancer - chronicmigraine - autoimmunedisorderawareness - chronicheadache - fighter - pain - baldisbeautiful - chronicillness - autoimmunedisorder - asthma - spoonie - oxygen - migraine - makeupismywig - justkeepswimming - justbreathe - thyroid - cancerawareness - prayersneeded - chronicfatigue - weneedacure -
mrstowelie : Hang in there sweetheart
team_mack_ : #autoimmunedisorderawareness #autoimmunedisorder #asthma #baldisbeautiful #breathe #chronicmigraine #chronicheadache #cancerawareness #chronicillness #chronicfatigue #chronicpain #ehlersdanlos #fighter #fuckcancer #illness #justkeepswimming #justbreathe #migraine #makeupismywig #oxygentube #oxygen #pain #prayersneeded #spoonie #thyroid #teamNEGU #weneedacure
hayley_burkhead : Hang on hun
chronicallyunhinged - julianlopper5 - pearl_at_heart - gogoldchildhoodcancer -
#SheGaveHerLife #ShameOnThem #UnfortunatelyTheyHaveFreedomOfSpeech #StandStrongOmaha #OPD #KerrieOn Such a tragedy to have lost an officer, even more of a tragedy that this "church" is protesting her funeral #PrayersNeeded #InGodsHands
kerrieon - standstrongomaha - unfortunatelytheyhavefreedomofspeech - shegaveherlife - opd - ingodshands - shameonthem - prayersneeded -
missus_nelson : Ugh. #getalife #douchebags
aclose1984 : Isn't it ridiculous @missus_nelson?!
missus_nelson : #gentlesheepmyass
asilnnyl88 : What??!!!! Are you serious right now?!
aclose1984 : Yea @asilnnyl88. It's on their website 😞
asilnnyl88 : That is disgusting!!!! What kind of world do we live in?! Good grief!
aclose1984 : Well @asilnnyl88 hopefully Omaha & CB can stop them before they can set up their picketing!
amandam610 -
Keep us in your prayers followers. 😁🙏🏼⚡️💦☔️ #tornadowarning #sanantonio #highwinds #crazyweather #yikes #lotsofrain #prayersneeded #bexarcounty #leonvalley
bexarcounty - yikes - highwinds - sanantonio - tornadowarning - leonvalley - prayersneeded - lotsofrain - crazyweather -
210mrj - texmexloveslao - bitexan1 - itsnate88 -
#mybeauty is sleeping she's not well
mybeauty - prayersneeded - ihatefever -
martinezbmw : #prayersneeded
martinezbmw : #ihatefever
mostdeartome : We are praying for you to feel better we love you Belle
martinezbmw - rayjr35 - noliencookiescloset - kristinacavazosss -
Was blessed to share my last preaching assignment with my brother since high school Pastor @drcegjr and beautiful women of @tbcaugusta last night! I'll be back on the road after the #MACTWINS arrive! #MotherhoodAndMinistry #HereICome #ReadyForTheJourney #PrayersNeeded 💜
hereicome - readyforthejourney - motherhoodandministry - mactwins - prayersneeded -
kimberlylashay : Congrats!!!!! I wanted to make it work ran so late. You look gorgeous!!!
itsquettaaaa - teacher04sp - msnarmstrong - cassandraeliott -
Daddy lying behind the couch with our baby girl. Please continue to send healing energy to Violet's sweet little body. Thank you so much #pleaseprayforvioletcat #prayersplease
prayersplease - prayersneeded - pleaseprayforvioletcat -
jimtny : Fabbo:)
foxy_violet : #prayersneeded
foxy_violet : #pleaseprayforvioletcat #prayersplease #prayersneeded Hi, we are asking for your help with our baby Violet. She is a beautiful funny sassy gray cat who is facing cancer. Due to high complications and risk we can not put her through major exploratory surgery. This means that even with xrays, ultrasound, blood, urine and ascites fluid tests they can only suggest "carcinoma" and not diagnose what kind of cancer inside her otherwise healthy body. So we can't even start her on chemotherapy :( Her abdomen is full of fluid that presses on her lungs and stomach. She is on various drugs but having bad reactions to some, and having trouble eating or drinking water. Please send healing energy and love to Violet, our little gray and white baby. Thank you so much. You can see more photos of her at #pleaseprayforvioletcat
jimtny - sharkyjo - ruhst3r -
#positivethoughts #positivevibes #positivelife #prayersneeded #praying #positiveenergy #lovemysista #sistas #sistasista
sistasista - lovemysista - positivethoughts - positiveenergy - positivelife - positivevibes - sistas - prayersneeded - praying -
martinezbmw - meesh3x - jlanderos80 - insttaafrreef0ll0wrrs -
prayersneeded - godknowswhatsneeded -
tbc1977 -
Legday. Not heavy but deeper slower and rep the life out of it 😓 #prayersneeded
prayersneeded -
martin18darragh : I training tomorrow pal
martin18darragh : U training I meant to say
jimmydi4 : Yeah matey back tomorrow morning. U fancy it?
martin18darragh : Maybe what u training and what time
jimmydi4 : Training back will be up there for 9am
martin18darragh : Not at that time lol give me a shout if u are going up some evening this week
jimmydi4 : Will do matey
steviefri - martin18darragh - hundredmillionsuns - gavin_stagram5 -
Asking for many many prayers for my friend @bettie_boopers daughter Jade who is prepping as I type to repair a valve in her heart. Born premature at only 2lbs this Gem has been fighting to hold on. As we all know medicine can only do so much and we need faith to do the rest. #prayersneeded #pleasepray #littlefighter #survivor #strength #faith #god 🙏🏼
faith - littlefighter - strength - survivor - pleasepray - god - prayersneeded -
dann_the_mannnn : In my prayers
trina_nava01 : She is healed in Jesus Name, and may God be in control in the operating room. 🙏💜
reegeenuh : Thank you @louie_hardbody @dann_the_mannnn @trina_nava01
escamilla78 : Prayer heading there way 🙏
bettie_boopers : Thank you everybody for your prayers. They are appreciated more than you will ever know. ..... Love you Gina. Thank you. @reegeenuh
reegeenuh : @escamilla78 thank you
reegeenuh : @bettie_boopers love you. Be strong have faith she knows you're by her side. 💗
jessisan76 : 🙏🏻😘🙏🏻😘🙏🏻😘🙏🏻😘🙏🏻
jessisan76 - holdonmovement - justprayapp - hildabarbaa_ -
Friends,  Today it is I who needs prayers. Mommy just found out that I only have 25 percent of my kidney function left (fast decline since good blood work in January)and my liver enzymes are elevated too. We are starting dialysis tomorrow and Mommy is going to be trained to give me intravenous liquids from home. We are feeling nervous, however we are fighters and Mommy will do all it takes for me. We have survived blindness, near death spleen rupture, Cushing's Disease, collapsing episodes, heart murmur and now we shall conquer the kidneys. ..I am going to be 15 this summer. xoxo #prayersneeded #imafighter #dogs #blinddog #spreadtheword #instagramdogs #blinddogsofinstagram #angelwings #caringfordogs #THANKYOU
imafighter - instagramdogs - blinddog - caringfordogs - thankyou - blinddogsofinstagram - spreadtheword - prayersneeded - dogs - angelwings -
_scorpione_62 : 🙏
muffinshaloforblinddogs : Thank you so much! @gabygriffith @frankietheiggy @_scorpione_62
brklyn_boriqua : 🙏🐶🐾❤️
tracykitties : Awww, look at your sweet girl. You will be her amazing nurse with the subcutaneous fluids. I did that for my two elder cats for years. She is going to make her birthday and beyond. ❤️😀🎉
mandek2009 : God bless 🙏🙏🙏muffin all the best!! 😘💪💪
dralexandrabrooks : Oh no... poor little Boyfriend. He has been through doggie hell already. Big Prayers!! Keep us posted. If you need me I am here. I'm always here. Be brave Frenchie, k? Be strong.
nailartwithbianca : Praying for you love! 🙏🙏😙😚❤💖💖
trun5069 : ❤️🙏🏻❤️
scoggins_ - frankietheiggy - prometteur - kinkinoluv -
Prayer request for someone very special to me 😓 Thank you in advance #prayerrequest #prayersplease #prayersneeded
prayerrequest - prayersneeded - prayersplease -
martinezbmw : Prayers ...sent agreement with you
martinezbmw - cpinsonnault - chel4now - meganlukitsch -
If this face doesn't tell you how incredibly happy we are to have my parents home from the hospital after two and a half days....I dont know what will. Thanks for all the prayers! We're all doing well but nobody's completely out of the woods yet. Please continue to keep my sweet family in your prayers, thanks! #thankyou #sohappy #ahh #prayersneeded
thankyou - ahh - sohappy - prayersneeded -
ainsleygrace_ - saved_by_grace1201 - corey.stephen - miaqu.nn -
This. I'm trying to remember this. Life seems so overwhelming right now. So much has happened this last year. I keep getting knocked down before I even have a chance to get back up. But, I take a deep breathe and remember that I've been this overwhelmed before and survived, so this too shall pass...hopefully. #godisstillgood #prayersneeded
prayersneeded - godisstillgood -
minawoohoo - abbypeal - chrisleslied - hannahconnda_7 -
Daxter ate his training collar. We're here in the emergency vet for xrays. Hoping he can either toss them or pass them. #soworried #prayersneeded #puppy #puppiesofinstagram
prayersneeded - soworried - puppy - puppiesofinstagram -
cphillips06 : Oh the joys of parenting a puppy. Prayers all goes well and that he'll pass it soon without any issues.
hollywoodbulldogs - prett_tah_knee - amerikanoshop - jack_thefrenchie_ -
#PRAYER (712)432-1500 ACCESS CODE 441154#1 MUTE #prayersneeded #pray
1 - pray - prayersneeded - prayer -
_s.h.a.e_ - luckycharms1982 - viragodash - forever_aleese -
No, you shouldn't but many "Christians" do unfortunately.
prayersneeded - faithfulfriday - sodomandgomorrah - genesis - thebible -
fit_mommy_with_faith : #thebible #genesis #sodomandgomorrah #prayersneeded #faithfulfriday
saleslifecoachingwithian : Amen sister.
sweetyj22 - glee_cute - msjacksonismyname - deeauthorgreen -
Found out this guy, @sirhenrycat has pancreatitis today, he's doing fine but they say it's chronic. The kicker was we have to give him shots at home to ensure he's not in pain. I lost it and cried an ugly cry as the reality is he's not as young and spy as he once was...he's been my faithful companion for 13 years- I am asking for prayers that he will live happy and healthy for several more! 🙏🏻😭🙏🏻😭 #catsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #simplysoutherngirl #simplysouthern #apieceofmyheart #uglycry #prayersneeded
apieceofmyheart - simplysouthern - uglycry - prayersneeded - catsofinstagram - petsofinstagram - simplysoutherngirl -
jlg08d : Keeping him in my thoughts!
simplysoutherngirl : Thanks @jlg08d
kimtasana : ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🐈
jonasstyer : Keeping him in our thoughts!
m4ddy : ❤️❤️❤️
jphunter81 : Oh no! Poor Henry 😢
byhilaryrose : Oh poor thing! Such a sweet little face.
meredithmdasilva - violetsoliz - catinberlin - alexschaler -
Dude I have so much to do.. But yet I'm here.. Laying in bed with these boys! Hey friends I have a lot a lot a lot going on in life right now.. If you could send us some positive vibes..good karma..prayers.. We need it!! hopefully I'll be sharing some awesome news very soon if all your good juju comes through! 🙌🙏 #goodthings #prayersneeded #momlife #mylife
momlife - prayersneeded - mylife - goodthings -
laurelsherbertfashion : Sending good vibes ✌🏼️
goldilox_ - yvoncita86 - steph_924 - aprilbulleri -
And in that moment I knew he was the one for me and I, the one for him. Its funny how just a single moment can change your whole life, alter your plans, your future, your everything... times get tough and it can only make us stronger. @Chancecathey I love you more than life itself and we are going to get through we get through every thing else... and that's together baby. <3
keepfaith - staystrong - fuckcancer - livestrong - keepcalm - mine - thingswillgetbetter - keepgoing - lovestrong - instadaily - hereforyou - myboo - ihatethis - cancersucks - prayersplease - whynow - wegotthis - iloveyoubabe - hodgkinslymphoma - prayersneeded - boyfriend - instamood -
pookybear22 : #Cancersucks #hodgkinslymphoma #fuckcancer #iloveyoubabe #hereforyou #wegotthis #prayersplease #prayersneeded #keepcalm #keepgoing #staystrong #lovestrong #livestrong #myboo #boyfriend #mine #instadaily #instamood #ihatethis #whynow #keepfaith #thingswillgetbetter
_a.x2 : What's your number? @pookybear22
pookybear22 : 480-318-0850. @_a.x2
keona.14 - akashgarujiwala - schandler1011 - represent -
Since I have some time 😊... #darkmakeupkindaday#lp#geofinaltoday#prayersneeded#selfie#worktime#alhamdulillahforeverything
alhamdulillahforeverything - geofinaltoday - lp - worktime - selfie - darkmakeupkindaday - prayersneeded -
armandoibarra1016 - saleens209 - baber_maria - snapdabs -
I found out that the love of my life has a cancer called Spindle Cell Sarcoma. Dr. is recommending amputation but we are going to try steroids first. Please pray for my baby! He is 8 years old but he still lives everyday as if he were a puppy. #mybaby #theloveofmylife #pitbull #rednosepit #prayersneeded
theloveofmylife - prayersneeded - mybaby - rednosepit - pitbull -
audrey_bohannon : So sorry bout ole bud... 😢
renekennedy : Stupid cancer! :{ Don't tell him, he doesn't know he's supposed to feel sorry for himself.
ermagerd_its_karlie : @renekennedy I think he already knows 😞 after I got off the phone with the doctor, he didn't leave my side and was extra clingy while I was crying.
foxy_violet : Xoxo sending prayers
drej027 - kaylawmckee - mrs_kristinmccarty - kourtney__grace -
#humble #gentle #caring #loving #patient #Hisway #PraiseGod #PraiseJesus #nice #happy #joyful #pray #prayersneeded
caring - happy - patient - praisejesus - pray - humble - gentle - hisway - praisegod - prayersneeded - nice - joyful - loving -
joannamunoz5 - love_my_3_lil_munchkins - jeremyjtizzle - xxmammabearxx -
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