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Seriously the coolest thing I've ever seen. #nflprayer #titannation #jaguars #prayercircle #attheendoftheday
nflprayer - titannation - jaguars - prayercircle - attheendoftheday -
#tbt to our pre-performance rituals #prayercircle #GoldDigger #poms
golddigger - poms - prayercircle - tbt -
callierose_96 : I miss this so much! 😒
jordyn511 : Oh my gosh I might cry real tears 😒
bnippe : Can't wait to see you guys Friday!
emmajanesmy : I miss this a lot too πŸ˜•
sarah_carlsonn : Miss you all so much! 😘
miaguadagno - madysonepplin - shelbs_987 - sydney_s16 -
I'm finding that I have to remind myself that yesterday I was given the green light to apply to med and pa schools, took a final and recieved a 92.2, registered for graduation, and Sasha got another 100% on her math test. Yet this morning, in the matter of minutes, I'm hit with frustration and having to remind myself that I'm happy. I shouldn't have to focus, it should come naturally through God. #prayercircle
prayercircle -
supremebrownbear - simply_sherry_ - sweetbellz - jas_the_addiction -
Always searching for just the right vantage point #gpyouth #tackychristmasparty2014 #prayercircle #selfie #churchselfie #photoguy
churchselfie - photoguy - gpyouth - selfie - tackychristmasparty2014 - prayercircle -
krp0726 - ajw4golf - patricia_dawson - mrsspan -
Welcome to Studio Zhazhee - A Collaboration of Beings to create! We specialize in concept development and storyboarding, traditional, computer and stop motion animation and graphics, character rigging, visual effects and digital video recording and editing. The studio will be offering professional audio recording services in the near future. Give us a call or email (in bio) to discuss a project you are interested in; It is easier and more possible than ever to have our team manifest your idea for you. Let us work with you to create the most cost effective and highest quality project you can imagine. Allow Studio Zhazhee to do the work, We invite You to reap the rewards!
adobe - smallbusiness - savannah - visualeffects - startup - scad - zhazhee - video - macpro - rig - canon1d - protools - ntg - studiozhazhee - toonboom - maya - unity - animation - harmony - studio - graphicdesign - prayercircle -
claim_your_iphone6 : cool pic. keep up the good work
bigblockmedia : Wow!
uniqfind : Beauty!
ewoah : Like it!
janet_dabberbox : Amazing!
rumormedia : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Œ
studiozhazhee : @claim_your_iphone6 @bigblockmedia @uniqfind @ewoah @janet_dabberbox @rumormedia Thank you all for the support! Wow, what an amazing lift this morning for the work We are doing in the studio.
tihamerjenei : High βœ‹
sophia782 - gen_provision - qualitysigndesigner - uptwn_songe -
...With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. (‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭18b‬) #preworshipexperience #prayerworks #devotions #prayercircle #prayer #mosaiclloyd #lloydminster #alberta #canada
canada - preworshipexperience - alberta - mosaiclloyd - lloydminster - prayercircle - prayerworks - prayer - devotions -
devossoap : πŸ™Œ
_keanachristine_ - panggiak - janemacariola - jonlas -
If only every school could pray before and after their sport! Shouts out to CAL.....#prayerCircle
prayercircle -
ticket05 - deeg_ - cardsfan09 - lovinteetee -
God you are the best listener, and I come before you this morning asking you for help ! I need you to please hear my silent prayer . We need you this morning lord to show us your mercy lord . In Jesus name #AMEN #SILENTPRAYER #PRAYERREQUEST #LORD #godisgood #godislove #jesusname #prayercircle #teamjesus
godisgood - amen - godislove - silentprayer - prayercircle - jesusname - lord - prayerrequest - teamjesus - thankyoulord -
lizb3th_vill3gas : #thankyoulord you have answered my prayer :)
iamsammychon - irmarod78 - prayerzone - love_jesus_love_each_other -
fellowbrothersinchrist - givinggodtheglory - dalvsphi - prayercircle -
jcdrumr_21 : One of the coolest parts of every game you don't get to see on TV, the prayer circle at midfield on the logo after it's over. #DALvsPHI #PrayerCircle #GivingGodTheGlory #FellowBrothersInChrist
foros817 - mr._wafflez1 - yaritza_18 - _jazmincastaneda -
#prayercircle #musical #mommy
mommy - prayercircle - musical -
eliassmilez - coloredwind - coiath22ter_sifann - victorialilly609 -
I love my nativity set. Every season, when I pull this out, I'm overcome with a sense of peace. Tis the season to remember the true gifts we have...in one another. My gift today came in a phone call today from my sweet friend who is in hospice. She's ready to see me because it's Christmas. My heart swells and tears flow. Thank The Lord for waterproof mascara. Cherish those in your life, as well as those to come. Life is a gift. Enjoy the present. #lifestyle #life #love #holidays #friends #friendship #heart #gifts #give #givingtree #present #God #faith #theCircleMaker #prayer #prayhard #prayercircle
heart - life - love - give - thecirclemaker - holidays - gifts - prayer - givingtree - friends - present - faith - lifestyle - god - prayercircle - prayhard - friendship -
faithfitnesscoffee : This one is so cute!
wrapandgetfit : Thank you Sarah @faithfitnesscoffee It's kind if "folksy" but I love it!
auntie_b_baby_boutique : My favorite part of decorating is pulling out my nativity sets!!! They complete Christmas for me!!!
wrapandgetfit : I'm with you @auntie_b_baby_boutique 😊
stefymic57 - 1beautifulmuggle - marks.helen - chadhawkinsartwork -
Una linda foto del circulo de oracíon antes de comenzar el evento en Lowry Park Zoo! A beautiful picture of the huge prayer circle we had before the event started at Lowry Park Zoo! #prayer #prayercircle #Jesuslovesyou #Jesústeama #community
prayer - jesΓΊsteama - prayercircle - community - jesuslovesyou -
kendra_iiam - irem_dolek - misslorsa - utesheva02 -
HBD TO MY DEAREST GRETATA u r dabes, volleyball memories #wannapepper And omg even though we never made eye contact until seventh grade, you are still one of the real squad. This picture is great b/c it's unintentional but it represents our friendship so well. I could go on FORVER but I'm lazy and you're aware so I'll leave here. ILY AND SUCH UR A REAL BAE, GRETA DREFKE. #science2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
science2 - wannapepper - prayercircle -
g.drefke_2019 : You know you're supposed to tag me but thanks anyway😜
charlotte.betts : shhh its in the photos of you section @g.drefke_2019
charlotte.betts : ^^ I'm actually a day late @niicolecason
charlotte.betts : I'm such a fake fan smh @niicolecason
niicolecason : HAHAHAHAH U FAKE
g.drefke_2019 : @niicolecason I'm looking forward to more concusions
niicolecason : HAHAHAHHA @g.drefke_2019
littlelizzie5 - nicole.vj - catlat_ - alisa.2019 -
Please send healing vibes to my goon, she was bitten or scratched (can't tell which) on her chin by a possum tonight and now she's afraid to go back outside. Fuck possums seriously what a devil animal. #bulldog #prayercircle
bulldog - prayercircle -
rocketqueen_adb : :(
thisisjennyd : Aww poor Blanche :(
deathbecomeshan : Feel better soon Blanche!
kittykibuty : Poor baby!
biglarrythebulldog : if you like skateboarding bulldogs, chances are you will loveeee me ;)
joneseey - palefacesailor - deathbecomeshan - f89.marco -
#tbt #deerisle #strappingyounglads #kevingarnetts #prayercircle
deerisle - strappingyounglads - tbt - kevingarnetts - prayercircle -
alexhutchinson : 🍳🍳🍳🍳
sterelomas - czartoryska - snashey - commanderblop123 -
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst 😭😫. Good luck to all of you on your finals these next couple of days πŸ’©πŸ˜¦πŸ˜’. #PrayerCircle
prayercircle -
sp_explicitdoe : Take a selfie at my funeral
69ingmccann - _.kaydancer._ - jaay_quelin - beckyoro_94 -
#prayercircle #bbmg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bbmg - prayercircle -
chozen123 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mrs_julian - kimbersbling - chozen123 - im_jus_coolin -
Keep sending prayers up for my grandma who is currently in ICU. She flat lined on the way to the hospital & it took them 7 mins to bring her back. I NEED her to recover from this. I am not ready to lose her...Thank you! πŸ˜ͺ #prayers #miracle #prayercircle #hope #love #strength #comfort #healing #fight
strength - love - prayers - comfort - miracle - fight - prayercircle - hope - healing -
cheyennesanford : Prayers πŸ™
catherine.a.prather - tlsaylor - frecklesamany - addington52 -
"If I can convince others that there is a god and they need to know him, then I have done my job." #workcamp #prayercircle #groupworkcamp #groupworkcampmc
groupworkcamp - groupworkcampmc - repairmc - workcamp - prayercircle -
akcross11 : Miss this and you❀️
jnnschstkwtz : @akcross11 @breezed25 love you both! Can't wait to see you both in July!!!
breezed25 : Ahh it can't come soon enough!πŸ’˜
groupmissiontrips : This is so good! Thanks for sharing @jnnschstkwtz
jen_bercaw : Ur amazing 😭😍
jnnschstkwtz : @jen_bercaw can we get turnt
jen_bercaw : YES BAE YES
zachladuca - matt_henneforth44 - fullof_maloney - 17courtneyfuhri -
My condolences go out to my godson's family who has lost a young soul too early (boy on the left). I can only imagine what your family is going through. @ashleyy742011 if u need anything mama, pls don't hesitate. I love u and mijo so much. #PrayerCircle
prayercircle -
duarte_luna5 - ashleyy742011 - baller_melanie - zamilpa10 -
//repost this. Join the prayer circle. #savehanji2k14 #attackontitan #snk #prayercircle @levi_talkcleantome @eren_talktitantome @bertholdt.talkhomestucktome @armin_talkbreadtome @marco_talk.freckle.to.me
savehanji2k14 - snk - attackontitan - prayercircle -
_hanji___zoe_ : NOOO I can't die >~< plz I don't wanna die
armin_arlert_shingekinokyojin : Can you give me credit please?i posted the original one on my @levi.the_clean.flower.crown acc and someone edited it.if you want proof you can scroll down at the hashtag #SaveHanji2k14 (only if you want to) tnx!! -Armin-
reiner_talk.christmas.to.me : I took this picture off a page on facebook so I have no idea what you're talking about @armin_arlert_shingekinokyojin
armin_arlert_shingekinokyojin : So what is the page called?if you dont mind.i admin a page there
reiner_talk.christmas.to.me : I don't remember if it was an Armin page or an Annie page. @armin_arlert_shingekinokyojin
armin_arlert_shingekinokyojin : @levi.the_clean.flower.crown admins both. And i admin an armin page
armin_arlert_shingekinokyojin : The person who posted the original is @levi.the_clean.flower.crown
eren.ackerman : Hanji just got her arm damaged she's not going to die
marco.bodt678 - the_holly_jolly_otaku_unicorn - leonhardtnosedai - attackontitanomg -
#Prayercircle with the #band before we started the #concert #Worship #musicianary #BennyOke #SoundofWorship #Alvasshowroom #Worshipteam #Worshipleader #musician #pray #Jesus
concert - worshipteam - bennyoke - pray - alvasshowroom - soundofworship - musician - musicianary - jesus - band - prayercircle - worshipleader - worship -
michalleacasamento : ❀️
aware_worship : Very cool!
appippix - _luz77 - liftworshipcommunity - worshipsetlist -
#prayercircle for the fallen ones. #FinalsWeek My speech final is tomorrow...
finalsweek - prayercircle -
mxoxo1 : Good luck!! You will do great!!! @se1eena
se1eena : Thank you :) @mxoxo1
achunn04 : How do you have?
se1eena : My last day is Wednesday @achunn04
achunn04 : Sorry meant WHO @se1eena
se1eena : Oh lol professor stukart @achunn04
tempestuous_ - nst_nicole - ariellekhan - loudkimmy96 -
Let's RAISE the #VIBRATION, beautiful people. Reclaim the power of your BREATHING and BREATH. We are more #POWERFUL than we know. No weapon formed against YOU will prosper-- even at times when it doesn't seem like it. Hello my love, Sacred Healing #Meditation Break... Last week after the horrific #EricGarner news came in with echoes of #Ferguson and too many others, I held an Emergency Sacred #Healing Intention Circle including a #lovingkindness metta meditation. In case you missed it, listen to the playback at TinyURL.com/SacredCircle . #lawofattraction #healingcircle #prayercircle #icantbreathe #dontshoot #protectyourmagic
vibration - powerful - icantbreathe - lovingkindness - protectyourmagic - ferguson - ericgarner - dontshoot - healing - healingcircle - meditation - lawofattraction - prayercircle -
fridaypayday2 : Nice!
nickanderson208 : Txt me I gotta quick question. 208-345-7422
fairytalean : superr @livelifebg :)
mizsunshine22 - erikanwoods - aundrialeigh - nickanderson208 -
huge prayer circle today at the tournament with all of the teams 😻 #volleyballtournament #loveyouguys #prayercircle
volleyballtournament - prayercircle - loveyouguys -
caitlyn_breanna17 : girl praise it πŸ™Œ @dynasty_santana
abbielee24 : OMG love this😍😍😍
atlanta_directioners - abbey.elizabetth - graciehowle2001 - ms.yram -
i have A Theory™ that writing algebraic formulas over and over will make my brain memorize them. but if not, at least the final is multiple choice...and i'm a great guesser. #fuckmath #prayercircle #plz
prayercircle - plz - fuckmath -
proudmom2kadee - bluemalick - armorist - rillifane -
The face of a broken woman. It's finals week for me. #prayercircle #coffeeislife #studylikecrazy #college #me
me - college - prayercircle - coffeeislife - studylikecrazy -
cindyyxt - truble_maykr - winchelle97 - chrismr13 -
Finals week be like #PRAYERCIRCLE πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
prayercircle -
ronelllle : LMAO πŸ˜‚
jeanneenmae : HAHA
larisa_shevtsova : Dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
y.eseni.a : Ooooh my gosh πŸ˜‚
maryk___ : LMAOOO
angellgold : Lmaooo
kristinaadaniellee - y.eseni.a - fcukyousername - patdaddyboi -
Don't fuck with Trash Talk @trash_talk #PrayerCircle
prayercircle -
yungmelgibson - goochsoup - ivan_pavka - yungbeardedpapi -
Mantan anak2 PC UNai #PC #pRayerCircle #InstaMagAndroid
pc - instamagandroid - prayercircle -
itakaunang : Itu di sampingmu bukannya pastor ya?
wea_ola : Iya ta,, hehehe kk tingkat wkt d unai
vetrinhanny - riasinuhaji - janiceevelyns - anitatambak -
It's tradition and it melts my heart... #prayercircle #sodclove #traditioncontinues @madison_dixon4 @kinseytayte @maars_07 @crees1979 @madi_craver @its_katherine_yo @katy_e_potter @firemanpotter @kobitaylor @ana_dancer @espinosadee @carolinaizar @crees1979 @notgoodatthese @kinseytayte @redheadfoodie @___sarahjo___ @keelienikol_97 @victoria_d_12 @___madi.s___ @mom2twinkletoes @mbswag2 @jacklync11
traditioncontinues - prayercircle - sodclove -
katy_e_potter - keelienikol_97 - firemanpotter - crees1979 -
Time to write an essay about German artists and writers that I've never heard of before and how they contributed to German nationalism during the German unification. Pray for me #essays #school #prayercircle
essays - school - prayercircle -
writingforstudents - c_a_mahotdog - hakunamartarta - claudiabodnar -
#late #day4 #somethingjoyus #prayercircle #lovethem #dancers
late - prayercircle - somethingjoyus - day4 - dancers - lovethem -
brianna17michele - beckyboyles - sumampouwschito - dat.weird.ginger -
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