Ya say that black ppl only wait in Jordan release lines, but that's a lie 😩 This is only some of the line to get into the airport but pray for me though πŸ‘Œ #99percentblackinthisline #deltahereicome #imtryingtogetpaid #pray4me
deltahereicome - 99percentblackinthisline - imtryingtogetpaid - pray4me -
sh0tbyryan2 : Have a safe ✈️ cuz
cityneedsme - sh0tbyryan2 -
πŸ• I can't stop eating roasted peanuts help πŸ• There are gonna be 11 ppl here tonight for supper #pray4me πŸ•πŸ• #sherlock #sherlockholmes #benedictcumberbatch #johnwatson #martinfreeman #moriarty #andrewscott #fandom
johnwatson - benedictcumberbatch - martinfreeman - fandom - andrewscott - pray4me - sherlockholmes - moriarty - sherlock -
bsterbas - fandom_lovers01 - consulting.who - _jessica_lambeek_ -
Exam mode is On!!! #pray4me #calculusygtakstudyapalagi #engineeringiium
syafinism - engineeringiium - pray4me - calculusygtakstudyapalagi -
amirul_syafi : Semoga berjaya bro..
asrulextra : #calculus #entahpape #mneaku
lhlatif : Pak lah tidoq @lah_oscar99
dausrazis : @amirul_syafi thanks #syafinism ..
dausrazis : @asrulextra maafkan saya pak long
faizzhon : gudluck daus
dausrazis : @faizzhon thanks honn haha
zakieaziz - farisnizarcit - syahmikuacik - uswahharaz -
First day back to school from Spring Break... #pray4me
pray4me -
liam.iller : You've already had spring break wth I haven't even started spring break yetπŸ˜…πŸ˜… you're in my prayers
stylesirwin : mine spring break was like 3 weeks ago
gia.omg - lauren.harrison - lasciamicadere - sighsamia -
i hate missing work, just as much as I hate being a single parent! #venting #stressed #pray4me
venting - pray4me - stressed -
mr_kutdacheck - alwaysyoung35 - lil_rod1 - knowledge6five -
Bila kukenang.. ku renung gambar wajah mu ~~~~β™‘ #abnaMatNasir kalaulah rumah aku ni belakang UPM je.. hari2 balik.. namun apakan daya... #homesick #familiday #test1 #pray4me
test1 - familiday - abnamatnasir - pray4me - homesick -
faezwandi - artique_rules - ainqalbi - afifahnordin21 -
Hold up, hold up! Just push it to the air, I won't backdown..It's time to go hard or go home.... #nigga #LoadUp #Pray4Me #gg #ty #wp
gg - nigga - pray4me - ty - wp - loadup -
farhahnadiahh - harunhaziq - hanani_x - zulhafizolkeflei -
This ivy is annoying as shit keep stabbin me and shit #fuckinhatesthese #hospital #ER #stayingafewdays #pray4me #godisgood #HappyImStillAlive #lovelife #fuckbeingsick
godisgood - hospital - pray4me - lovelife - fuckinhatesthese - fuckbeingsick - happyimstillalive - stayingafewdays - er -
jvegaaa95 : G that's the least of your worries thank God you're better . My nigga you blessed . I'll Keep you in my prayers homie . Hope to see you soon . Matter fact let me know what hospital you in I'll go visit . @kushgang500
alex94serafin : Hmu bro
kushgang500 : Sheman hospital I'll be here for a couple of days
kushgang500 : @jvegaaa95
jvegaaa95 : @kushgang500 aight forsure my nigga , expect me like you expect Jesus Lmao Jk , to early huh but I'll see you real soon g
jvegaaa95 - shelovestrae - famous_lovie - medical__interests -
Sorry I didn't do a #selfieSunday. So I'll do a #mondaymovie lol (where do I come up with this stuff) but yeah. I was on my way to church jamming that Drake & Travis $cott. I mean...the lord knows my heart and he know that song go way up. He be listening to it too. Lol I'm playing. #Pray4Me #INeedSomeCompany #GodBlessTheMelanin #CurlsOnFleek #ThatsThatHatAgain #YouAintGotJuiceLikeMe #OhWell #Adios #HopeThisFitsYourTaste #Remember #ILoveYou #SeeYouInTheDMs #Lol #JustPlaying #ByeYall
remember - selfiesunday - curlsonfleek - godblessthemelanin - justplaying - ineedsomecompany - pray4me - youaintgotjuicelikeme - thatsthathatagain - byeyall - mondaymovie - adios - seeyouinthedms - ohwell - lol - hopethisfitsyourtaste - iloveyou -
londonthelion : #greatness
moniquemay - atlasmgmt - diamondbrightlife - meishanblue -
This is the map that showed up when my uber driver was confirmed. If I make it Kazakhstan instead of my home I'll say wuddup to Borat for yall. #pray4me
pray4me -
rippinandtearin : Uberblack all the way
theresnoiinjustin - bones503 - paulallan - ron_arf -
I'm going to bed #pray4me I have school and I didn't have time for bio hw
pray4me -
21.pierced.chemicals : Can I please have this as my ringtone. *prays for you even though I'm going to hell* I'm not even religious what am I talking about. I'm a mess, this comment is a mess, goodbye
x.mychemicalfangirl : Now this song will live in my head forever..
phabulouskilljoy : Pete thanks Pete
ale297 : @youngblood.moncheri
d.nussbaum : @mshmern thanks pete
whoaaitskylie : @hollie.why
hollie.why : @whoaaitskylie me
kanye.wentz - i_devito - steph_woollerton - ella_horner -
Had to #RP this, i tell people i dont believe in #Luck all the time. S/O to @mrnaturalmachineswartz on the #post #JesusChrist #Jesus #ChristOurKingEverlasting #HadtoPostThis #TheSavior #Pray4Me #PrayForMe #4DEEP
jesuschrist - rp - christourkingeverlasting - prayforme - jesus - 4deep - thesavior - pray4me - hadtopostthis - post - luck -
julie.henson.g - ljonesprov31 - d4vo_jl14 - bshtucker -
✨ @sacraluna #angelquartzgiveaway #pray4me
angelquartzgiveaway - pray4me -
jesssicalenaa - ___happyfeet - messy.jessi - nikkie080808 -
What a shame... 11 AM to 7 PM making detailed penguins, two out of five were real clay. Let's take a minute to remember the hours wasted and the Penguins lives that I made for them to die in the process #rip #pray4me #blessed #penguini
penguini - pray4me - rip - blessed -
u_luv_gabby : Amen
u_luv_gabby : Hallelujah
u_luv_gabby : Praise lord jebus
averyb134 : 😭😭😭 thank you. It's a hard loss for me
_satan_of_suburbia_123 - the.first.slice.of.bread - trinity_is_a_penguin - -
pray4me -
msgabbyflores - amysvlr - ugh.mich - inazuma_eleven_go_973 -
My life just began #gymlife #trainingmask #mma #PRAY4Me #TST #cardio #lovefitness
gymlife - pray4me - trainingmask - cardio - tst - lovefitness - mma -
kelliegreenhill : πŸ‘
tkfitnessla - kikivhyce - emilybyson - kellybarros_cf -
#sampelbiskutraya #sampelkerepekpopia #pray4me #baganserai #kulim
pray4me - baganserai - kulim - sampelkerepekpopia - sampelbiskutraya -
incheqalbi : Goodluck yang 😊😊
nisasaaidin : @incheqalbi insyaaAllh. tq
incheqalbi : Haha weyh nisa nnt bg la sampel kat aku jugak nah. Nak merasa. Kehkehhh
muhammad_afifrullah : Terbaikkkk selamat maju jaya @nisasaaidin : Jdi Businesswmn dah nisa kta..k.mun doakan slamat mju jaya...☺☺
nisasaaidin : @incheqalbi insyaAllah.sesape yg rq nak..aku kasi free ja.. @muhammad_afifrullah insyaaAllah..aminn.. heheh thanks kak mun.. doakan yg trbaek untuk kami k.. rndu kak mun..
shazirafitri - schieraadam - sarahatikaaaaa - najmuddeen96 -
@keyasha_smith_ & JiKharra my Shays are too much hunni but i cant help but love them to pieces #daughter&gd #similar #pray4me #Lordhelp #NoMoreShays
lordhelp - nomoreshays - similar - daughter - pray4me -
candacecc84 - - jalanyajarrett - mrsthooks -
I am so very blessed. Spring is a crazy travel time for me (work related). I am in Phoenix to work an event this week...but my Mister arranged for me to get here early (it's an a-mazing resort) so I can have a short writing retreat. No disturbances. No laundry to be switched. Just my Bible, my outline, my mambo toolkit, and my computer. I'm ready to unplug and listen to what the Lord has to say to me! I'm so excited I'm almost in tears! #IlluminatedJournaling #journalingbible #messyfaith #illustratedfaith #peninhand #pray4me
peninhand - illuminatedjournaling - pray4me - messyfaith - illustratedfaith - journalingbible -
brandypeacocktraylor : I'm intrigued by your toolkit, too. Would you mind sharing your source when you are done with your writing retreat?
janngray : Hee hee @lolly.palooza ... that is our "family name" for when I pack the fishing tackle box for a creative trip! Most trips, I throw in a few gelatos, some big brush pens, a few stamps and a watercolor travel kit. As you can see, I almost brought the kitchen sink! Prismacolor pencils, calligraphy pens...several stamp sets I want to try out...rub ons, stickers, blending stumps....and the list goes on! I seriously can get a LOT in that little toolbox....thus we call it the MAMBO toolkit
janngray : Oh...and the @tim_holtz spritzer....been wanting to try it out with some Pitt Big Brush I threw it in too!
lolly.palooza : Gotcha. I use a fishing tackle box for sewing.
janngray : They're great! And cheaper than you will ever find a craft caddy for! @lolly.palooza
janngray : @brandypeacocktraylor I'll be happy to...I'll double check, but I think I got it either at Ganders or Bass Pro Shop. Maybe I'll do a little video on why I chose this works for me...but was still pretty cheap
brandypeacocktraylor : Thanks!!!! And now the family name mambo makes sense!
aznative63 : Oh Jann, I'm a bit jealous. I'm originally from the Phoenix area (Chandler) and I miss all the mornings with the desert sunrise. I would drive to morning prayer and be so grateful to be a child of God. I would cry when I thought of His Grace and Mercy and it was all triggered be the beautiful sunrises of the desert. Enjoy your time there and God bless you.
kalinanne - aspenx_kuromiya - charicecampbell - barkermama -
I really do! #resting #gettingfluids #pray4me #pneumoniasucks
resting - pray4me - gettingfluids - pneumoniasucks -
tuffshawty3 - 6growth5sharp - natural_reaction62 - thoroughbrediva -
πŸ™πŸ‘ΌπŸ™#mexico #puertopenasco #pray4me #prayingthatimakeitthroughtheboarder #guadalupe
guadalupe - puertopenasco - pray4me - prayingthatimakeitthroughtheboarder - mexico -
pualovely : Too funny son! I'll be here waiting for you with open arms! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! I love you! @alistairluxe
alistairluxe : @pualovely Can't wait to see you either, Madre. Love you mucho!
pualovely : 😘😘😘@alistairluxe
effywolfdotcom - geezluizz - kriis.ten - anahealani -
#workout4dayz #gymlife #6ixpack #Abnation #fighter #mma #future #succeed #ladies #heavensent #πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #TST #PRAY4Me
ladies - fighter - workout4dayz - heavensent - πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ - succeed - 6ixpack - gymlife - tst - future - abnation - mma - pray4me -
c.e.l.entrepreneur : Our world needs an increased amount of people like you! ×
lion_activewear : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ we got some stuff you might like
wickedone_ru - juliannaprada - grounders.soap - sall5 -
yay for killing my phone:((((( #pray4me πŸ’–
pray4me -
ryenkirking : Yay 4 bff buying me a new screen with stripper $$ @kenzie.lukes
kenzie.lukes : rather not @ryenkirking
ryenkirking : u gotta so my mommi doesnt find outπŸ˜­πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ˜… @kenzie.lukes
kenzie.lukes : you gotta tell her so you can get in trouble for what you did 😚
ryenkirking : I think I'll tell her when u buy me my new screen πŸ˜šπŸ’• @kenzie.lukes
kenzie.lukes : I think maybe I'll tell her myself 😚
ryenkirking : I think u need to die @kenzie.lukes
kenzie.lukes : okay one sec
brooklynnmichele - marrinna__ - havalah_23 - ashleykaufman3 -
#sundayatcostco #pray4me
sundayatcostco - pray4me -
emilyhelander : I love this so much
jjeanelle - 1knaturalshocks - gabriellaguilfoil - emilyhelander -
#church #blessed #pray4me
blessed - pray4me - church -
cut3butpsych0 - jorgezerme - ivan.terrazas97 -
On my way to the airport to leave the country and vacay in Colombia with my family✈✈. I'm really looking forward to this rest and bond time. I been putting in insane hours towards my career and with that comes time away from the ones I love the most. This trip will be a Reset Button for me and I will come back rejuvenated and better to finish what I started! Salute #Pray4Me #ReeboksOn #ByeUSA
reebokson - byeusa - pray4me -
carrielynn_xo : Have a great time and be safe! @steve_woodz
__athenas : Enjoy your time!!
momo_offdawall - presha2014.77 - rihs_badgal - jose_santiago85 -
My eyebrows are like caterpillars that are glued to my forehead #pray4me
pray4me -
spam.anda - paytonbraun - aliameetsworld -
SundayWeather#GoingtoWork#Dont WannaGo#Pray4me ifU at church.#Old manWaves.
goingtowork - old - dont - pray4me -
kaydeemjay - prettyknowledge - drupeyton25 -
Jumpa abg long @nazimothman kat One Utama tadi.... Alhamdullilah beliau nampak sihat. Doakan kami. #pray4me #pray4nazimothman #lovemyfamily
pray4nazimothman - pray4me - lovemyfamily -
nadiahzainal__ : Hensemnya masyaAllah 😭
zanaziana88 : Walaupun nampak pucat tp hensemmmmm sgt... @nadiahzainal__
thejinaa - nursyariema - shahfxiruzz - amalinanoor -
Headed 2 church, so glad God is a part of my life, I'm not perfect but then again who is!!#pray4me&Iwillpeay4u!
pray4me -
mz_prissy_diva : So Pretty!
just4carolina : U look beautiful
loletaaaa_ - __eeelocin - mz_prissy_diva - just4carolina -
Dreams & aspirations... πŸ’‡πŸ’‡πŸ’‡ #idontlikehair #twa #tapered #cut #color #pray4me #ineedit
ineedit - cut - pray4me - idontlikehair - twa - tapered - color -
shanny_nix : Short hair rules but short hair with color reigns supreme! Just do it! 😁
janelmayne : Your thinking of cutting your dreads???
bahamianista : Lol ok Shanny! @shanny_nix
bahamianista : I combed them out already @janelmayne
lospapi - bizzle242 - hummingbird247 - shanny_nix -
How do you.... lmfaooo. #sundaysillies #pray4me #religion #real-legion #youmad #whyyoumad #tellgod #biblebusiness
real - tellgod - religion - pray4me - whyyoumad - sundaysillies - youmad - biblebusiness -
j_be_knowin : @revolutionaryvisionz
raymondpsg__ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_deanna.marie : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
javalentine031 : πŸ˜―πŸ˜πŸ˜†
revolutionaryvisionz : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
mariane577 : Lol
mzlady_love : Lol
nanacruz67 : πŸ‘Š
mrbrooks622 - just_fabolouss - flaco681 - mel_maria_casabianca -
Shoutout to my angels for strengthening me these last few months. Shoutout to my demons who exposed themselves. I do what I can but when I fall short, #pray4me πŸ’―
pray4me -
vinnessayasmine - guadaa_diaz - 5footspeaker - basicallyimking -
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