#BBIG16 #PowerOfVetoπŸš«βš½πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Welcome to the 8th Power of Veto competition of the season. This competition is called, "BB Cup" & it will work like this: At the beginning of each round, there will be a task for you to complete. The person who does the worst job at completing this task will be eliminated and forced to take a seat on the bench. But before they do, they will claim their trophy & the prize that's in it. πŸ†6th place prize: ❔ πŸ†5th place prize: ❔ πŸ†4th place prize: ❔ πŸ†3rd place prize: ❔ πŸ†2nd place prize: ❔ πŸ†1st place prize: ❔ When you are eliminated, you may choose to keep your prize or trade it with someone else's prize! Let's begin! Competitors: Brittany-@bbrothergames Caleb-@survivorphoto Hayden-@realityfanpage_ Amber-@amharriss Cody-@lindsey_powers Paola-@hashtagsurvivor
bbig16 - powerofveto -
16bigbrothers : Wow
lindsey_powers : 😊😊😊 @16bigbrothers
survivorfanomania : Congrats!!!! @lindsey_powers πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lindsey_powers : Thank youu! @survivorfanomania
hashtagsurvivor : Congratssss @lindsey_powers
lindsey_powers : Thanks! @hashtagsurvivor
bigbrother97 : @16bigbrothers kys
16bigbrothers : I'm good @bigbrother97
elsa.kay - chaysemcgirt - bigigbrother - steban80 -
The winner of the pov from this week! I'm glad Victoria finally stepped up and won a pov and fought for her to take herself off. I think Caleb was stupid for not taking the veto but at the same time I guess it makes senseπŸ’–
amber - frankie - pov - lfl - julie - caleb - lovebigbrother - fff - chen - codybigbrother - britney - ilovebigbrother - season16 - powerofveto - hoh - tags4likes - bigbrothercody - bigbrother16 - bigbrotherfam - jocasta - bigbrother -
onlybigbrotherthings : #bigbrother#bigbrother16#codybigbrother#bigbrothercody#season16#lfl#fff#tags4likes#pov#hoh#powerofveto#lovebigbrother#britney#jocasta#frankie#caleb#amber#julie#chen#ilovebigbrother#bigbrotherfam
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#bbcanadathings #powerofveto
bbcanadathings - powerofveto -
big_brotherr2014 - geoff.tdi - realityfanpage_ - _itsmadyyy -
#PowerOfVeto Congratulations Jocasta @lllexi__, you have won the Power of Veto! As holder of the Veto, you have the option to save either nominee from the block, or you may choose to leave nominations as they are. Please make your decision below! Houseguests Amber @survivorphoto Brittany @everythingreality Caleb @bbiggames Cody @lindsey_powers [⭐️] Derrick @survivor_fanpage123 Devin @david.cyrus [πŸ”‘] Donny @bigbrother16fanpage Hayden @big_brotherinstagram [⭐️] Jocasta @lllexi__ [🚫] Joey @b_brother16 [❗️] Nicole @bigbrothers16 Paola @survivorcamps Victoria @survivor_tv [❗️] Zach @bbrothergames
powerofveto -
survivor_tv : @lllexi__ it's ok, I still love ya
lllexi__ : Ily more I'm sorry I really wish I could keep both here 😭 @survivor_tv
survivorcamps : 😭😭😭 @david.cyrus
survivor_tv : @lllexi__ it's really ok. You did what you had to do
b_brother16 : @survivorcamps lol it's fine he just wasted his hoh week so I'm happy to say hell be where you are next week which is waiting to find out that he will go home (:
survivorcamps : I don't wanna go home 😭😭 @b_brother16
b_brother16 : @survivorcamps sorry didn't mean to say that you'd be going home but that's not up to me
survivorcamps : Kik me @b_brother16
hayhayyolo1 - bobothehoe56 - _brad_is_rad_13_ - lizfizz002 -
Victoria Wins POV...It wasn't even a real win for her because Caleb took 5K instead of the POV so yeah... What do you guys think about this win? #bigbrother #bblf #bigbrother16 #victoriarafaeli #bb16 #BB16 #pov #powerofveto
bblf - bb16 - pov - bigbrother16 - bigbrother - powerofveto - victoriarafaeli -
alyssa_suarez11 : Not fair
kathryn.jl : I wish they would have back doored Caleb
the_official_brahmy : Victoria is terrible at BB πŸ‘Ž BOOOO
talia290 : That waz sooo stupid what caleb did he is not a fair player or team member
b_brother16 : @the_official_brahmy not like you'd do any better 😘
the_official_brahmy : @b_brother16 Not saying she's a bad person she just doesn't understand the game. And yes I can do better. Way better. Just wait until I'm on big brother! I'll give you a shoutout on tvgn!
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#PowerOfVeto "Tumblin' Dice" Welcome to today's Veto competition! For this challenge, I will put the link to a puzzle in my bio. The last person to DM the completed puzzle will be eliminated. Got it? Competitors Devin @david.cyrus Joey @b_brother16 Victoria @survivor_tv Jocasta @lllexi__ Amber @survivorphoto Paola @survivorcamps
powerofveto -
thebachelor_fanpage : Lol
bigbrother97 : Congratulations Jocasta @lllexi__, you have won the Power of Veto!
bigbrother97 : @david.cyrus u lost
thebachelor_fanpage : @david.cyrus sucks
lllexi__ : YAY
b_brother16 : Yaaaay congrats bb πŸ™ŒπŸ’• @lllexi__
david.cyrus : good job ☺️ @lllexi__
lllexi__ : Thanks!β€οΈπŸ’š @david.cyrus @b_brother16
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#BBIG16 #PowerOfVetoπŸš«πŸƒπŸ‘‘πŸ‘£ Welcome to the 7th Power of Veto competition of the season. This competition is called, "Knight Move" & it will work exactly how it did on last Sunday's episode. After a random draw to determine the order in which you will move, you will each position yourselves on the chess board and move like a knight, meaning in an "L" shape. You can move to a square that is two squares horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally. When you land on a square, it will be crossed out and no one will be able to land on that same square again. When you are out of moves, you are out. Last person standing will win the Golden Power of Veto! This competition will take place on kik! Let's get playing, "Knight Move"! Competitors: Victoria-@survivorfanomania Amber-@amharriss Derrick-@survivor_tv Brittany-@bbrothergames Jocasta-@bigbroig15 Paola-@hashtagsurvivor
bbig16 - powerofveto -
bigbrothers16 : @survivorfanomania @bigbrotherfanomania @amharriss @survivor_tv @bbrothergames
bigbrothers16 : @bigbroig15 @hashtagsurvivor
zankiecentral : I wanna be apartπŸ˜”
thebachelor_fanpage : Gooooooo victoriaaaa
hashtagsurvivor : Is it still going or nah?
bigbrothers16 : It's over. @hashtagsurvivor
everythingreality : @bbrothergames won
bigigbrother - kaylie_stach11 - hashtagsurvivor - dakota183 -
All finished! Cody you're a trooper ❀️❀️❀️ #fuckyeah #cody #codycalafiore #bbcody #teamcody #bb16 #bigbrother #bblivefeeds #frankiegrande #houseguests #calafiores #calafiore #veto #POV #powerofveto
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The last of Cody's Veto Penalty Kick punishment! AW. #codycalafiore #cody #calafiores #calafiore #bb16 #bbcody #bigbrother #bblivefeeds #POV #veto #powerofveto #frankiegrande
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#mcm every week until eviction on #bb16 #teamcody #codycalafiore #cody #bigbrother #Headofhousehold #PowerofVeto #BattleoftheBlock #hottiewithaswimmerbody
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Catching up on big brother with @sthonan @azi9104 #cute #man #couple #gay #selfie #bigbrother #powerofveto #zankie #ihaveadaughter
cute - couple - dogsofinstagram - gay - bigbrother - powerofveto - zankie - selfie - ihaveadaughter - man -
duchess_von_kamp : #dogsofinstagram
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#PowerOfVeto Welcome to the Power of Veto competition! This PoV competition is called "Name the Artist" and here's how it'll work. Above are 9 singers and what you must do is answer the following questions and you will be awarded with the Veto! 1. Who are they? (First&Last) 2. Name one of their songs. ~~ Aaryn: @bbrothergames Β© Alec: @lindsey_powers πŸ‘‘πŸ  Diane: @reality_tv❗️ Heather: @realityfanpage_ Β© Ika: @bigbrotherinstagramgame ❗️ Jeremy: @styling_slaying Sabrina: @b_brother16 ❕
powerofveto -
b_brother16 : Why did you quit bbrothergames ?
bbiggames : @b_brother16 i didnt he blocked me
b_brother16 : Why?
bbiggames : @b_brother16 idk hes annoying
b_brother16 : Are you guys actually serious or is it a joke thingy?
bbiggames : @b_brother16 idk probably
b_brother16 : Lol
bbrothergamess : can y'all tag me when talking about me k thanks
kingl772 - kattiiiee___ - jphilbin6 - rperduex11 -
#PowerOfVeto Devin, as holder of the Power of Veto, you have the choice to save either nominee from the block or leave the nominations the same. Please make your decision below! Houseguests Amber @survivorphoto [❗️] Brittany @everythingreality Caleb @bbiggames Cody @lindsey_powers Derrick @survivor_fanpage123 [⭐️] Devin @david.cyrus [🚫] Donny @bigbrother16fanpage Frankie @bigigbrother [❗️] Hayden @big_brotherinstagram Jocasta @lllexi__ Joey @b_brother16 [πŸ”‘] Nicole @bigbrothers16 Paola @survivorcamps [⭐️] Victoria @survivor_tv Zach @bbrothergames
powerofveto -
bigbrother97 : @david.cyrus
david.cyrus : sorry my phone died but I have decided to use the power of veto... on... Amber!
bigbrother97 : @b_brother16 please name a replacement nominee!
bigbrother97 : @b_brother16
b_brother16 : Alright well I'm gonna pull a big move and nominate Cody as my replacement nominee
lindsey_powers : πŸ˜‘ @b_brother16
b_brother16 - bigbrother_usa16 - survivorbbfreak - poketrade -
#PowerOfVeto "Mission Control Veto" Welcome to today's Veto competition! For this competition, I will have listed below various showmances. Your job is to put them in order based on the season they appeared on. First to correctly order them will win the POV! (If the showmance appeared in multiple seasons, go by original). McCranda πŸ’• Boogika πŸ’š Drewane πŸ’– JeJo πŸ’˜ Brenchel πŸ’™ Shwill ❀️ Dominele πŸ’› Zankie πŸ’š Nickele πŸ’ž Players Joey @b_brother16 Amber @survivorphoto Frankie @bigigbrother Zach @bbrothergames Devin @david.cyrus Donny @bigbrother16fanpage
powerofveto -
b_brother16 : Mccranda after dominele
bbrothergames : Shwill Drewane, Boogika , nickels Jejo brenchel Dominele McCranda Zankie
bigigbrother : Drewane, Boogika, nickele, Jejo , Brenchel, shwill, Zankie
bigigbrother : Is this a joke πŸ˜’
bigbrother97 : Congratulations Devin @david.cyrus, you have won the Power of Veto!
david.cyrus : oh wait YES
david.cyrus : you're safe bae @survivorphoto
survivorphoto : πŸ’– @david.cyrus
david.cyrus - 16bigbrother - hayhayyolo1 - _.bigbrother16._ -
BB Backyard! The backyard is where people socialize the most! What is your favorite backyard moment? #bigbrother #bigbrother16 #bbbackyard #bbhouse #bb16 #BB16 #bblf #powerofveto #pov #battleoftheblock #botb #hoh #headofhousehold #teamamerica
bblf - botb - bb16 - teamamerica - bbbackyard - pov - bigbrother16 - bigbrother - powerofveto - hoh - battleoftheblock - bbhouse - headofhousehold -
lxcy_eliscx : Favorite BB moment in the backyard ever: BB15 Candice's house meetingπŸ˜‚
m.a.rk - bri.mcp - gducker_ - oliviacheerleader02 -
#BBIG16 #PowerOfVetoπŸš«πŸ•’ Welcome to the 6th Power of Veto competition of the summer! This competition is called, " BB Minute" and this is how it will go down. I will name a task at the beginning of each round. You must then submit in how much time you think you can complete that task. Once everyone has submitted a time, the person who bided the lowest time will have to complete that task in the time they wrote down. If they succeed, the person who bided the highest time will be eliminated. If they don't, they are eliminated. Once again, consultation or cheating results to expulsion. Everyone understand? If so, let's play " BB Minute "! Good luck. Competitors: Brittany-@bbrothergames Caleb-@survivorphoto Frankie-@bigigbrother Nicole-@lllexi__ Paola-@hashtagsurvivor Victoria-@survivorfanomania
bbig16 - powerofveto -
bbrothergames : Thank Y'all! @bbsurvivor_fan14 @bigigbrother @survivorfanomania @realityfanpage_ πŸ’•πŸ’
bbrothergames : Thanks🌟 @lindsey_powers
hashtagsurvivor : Congrats @bbrothergames
bbrothergames : thank you! @hashtagsurvivor
j.a.r.r.e.t : Jon slay @bbrothergames
bbrothergames : everyday πŸ’ @j.a.r.r.e.t
potaufiterzein : Omg :( @lllexi__
lllexi__ : IK I've been second my entire life I'm pretty much used to it πŸ˜” @bigbroig15
sidneykay19 - gotta_luv_paradise_34 - elsa.kay - amber_bb16 -
Is it just me, or does the hammock always create personal scenes and relationships during shows? What was your favorite moment in a hammock? #bigbrother #bb16 #bigbrother16 #cbsbigbrother #BB16 #bbhammock #bblf #powerofveto #pov #battleoftheblock #botb #hoh #headofhousehold
bbhammock - bblf - botb - bb16 - pov - bigbrother16 - bigbrother - powerofveto - hoh - battleoftheblock - cbsbigbrother - headofhousehold -
nicodyisforever : On live feeds when nicody cuddles😍
sarahnaqvi4 : On live feeds when Brittany, Christine, and Nicole were talking smack about Victoria πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
veelo322 : Cricole
veelo322 : Yeah
veelo322 : @sarahnaqvi4
bigbrother16team - makaylarogers13 - bobbiee_xxoo - niceneedles -
By a vote of 11-0 im glad to say that devin was finally evicted from the big brother house! { #haycole #zankie #bbzach #bb16 #bbfrankie #nicody #bigbrother16 #bigbrother #teamjocasta #teamamerica #teamvictoria #eviction #pov #bob #battleoftheblock #powerofveto #hoh #headofhousehold #eviction #zrankie #bbad #bbafterdark }
bbafterdark - pov - bigbrother16 - teamjocasta - zankie - bbzach - eviction - haycole - nicody - bb16 - zrankie - teamamerica - bbad - battleoftheblock - bigbrother - powerofveto - hoh - teamvictoria - bob - headofhousehold - bbfrankie - : I was so happy omff @amber_borzotra
your_bae_cole : I don't like devin
amber_borzotra : then the houseguest didn't even say bye except for Frankie
weird_and_im_proud : My heart broke when zach was with with amber
bestsongeverrrrrr : Glad he's gone
addysonnn_for_lifeee : YES!πŸ™Œ
rachael_owen14 : HALLELUJAH! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
lickmybracessss : I am sooo happy πŸ’
riley.jean - im_tired__ - _ehts_ally_kat_cx - mekenzielopreste -
#bb16 #jacosta #bigbrother16 #teamamerica #liveeviction #powerofveto #nomineee
jacosta - bb16 - teamamerica - bigbrother16 - powerofveto - liveeviction - nomineee -
thezankiegrande : She's so sweet
christmotivation : She is @thezankiegrande
aye.annemaria - _sophia_gutierrez_ - princessmadii - whalethenn -
#PowerofVeto This is the PoV compeition. HoH: Victoria @b_brother16 Nom: Chelsia @kodybear5 Nom: Amber @bigxbrother Random Picks: Chima @drew.98 Brittany @bbrothergames Rachelle @lucas_devellis - This compeition is called "Roll the Die" and here's how it works. I will pull your names to decide who will go first, second and so on. That person will be able to challenge another houseguest. These questions are based on my BBIGGAMES! Answer right, you knock the player out. Order: 1. Chelsia 2. Rachelle 3. Victoria 4. Brittany 5. Chima 6. Amber.
question5 - question4 - powerofveto - question3 -
b_brother16 : None
drew.98 : 2
bbus16 : @b_brother16 Correct. @drew.98 You have been eliminated.
bbus16 : @b_brother16 will now verse @bigxbrother
drew.98 : Congrats!!! 😁😊 @b_brother16
bbus16 : #Question5 Name the houseguests who have been dethroned as HoH? @b_brother16 @bigxbrother
b_brother16 : Amber Victoria & Judd
bbus16 : @b_brother16 Congratulations, Victoria! You have won the Power of Veto!
ron_davis_1981 - survivor.cagayan.fanpage - thechallenge_bb_td_games - hay_____hay_ -
Eviction Night! Who do you think is evicted? #bb16 #bigbrother16 #bigbrother #BB16 #evictionnight #powerofveto #pov #battleoftheblock #botb #teamamerica #hoh #headofhousehold
botb - bb16 - teamamerica - pov - bigbrother16 - bigbrother - powerofveto - hoh - evictionnight - battleoftheblock - headofhousehold -
all_things_big_brother_ : It's 9 for me. I'm eastern. And devin
thebestbigbrother : Devin and i like your pictures (:
bigbrother1000 : 9 bruh @pfftpeyton
bigbrother1000 : Thanks @thebestbigbrother
zach.17 : Devil oops I meant devin😈
jadanicole826 : Devin
crystalmcelroy : Unfortunately Devin. Shouldn't be him. Victoria and Christine haven't done crap but float. Joey shouldn't of been evicted either. She was my fave. Now she's gone this house is the most boring cast I've watched in 16 seasons. hardly anyone drinks, no one argues, it's just plain n boring. Caleb is a joke when it comes to amber. I feel sorry for him to a point. But then again he just looks stupid.
jadethorne1my : Bye dev.
that_hockey_girl_16 - alexisalli - makaylarogers13 - sydney_benoit88 -
Nicole's frog costume is perf πŸ‘Œ! What do you guys think of it? #bigbrother #bigbrother16 #bb16 #pov #powerofveto #nicolefranzel #nicody #hoh #headofhousehold #teamamerica #battleoftheblock #botb
botb - bb16 - teamamerica - pov - bigbrother16 - bigbrother - powerofveto - hoh - battleoftheblock - nicody - headofhousehold - nicolefranzel -
aldc_gurlzz : Perf
caitlinnwrayy_ : I love it!!
__.monty.__ - bajansbae - piercetonysturtle - __officially_kayla_ -
by @sher_flippo #oldmanbeatdown #bigbrother #donny #donnythompson #powerofveto lol
bigbrother - powerofveto - donny - oldmanbeatdown - donnythompson -
hipsterprincess30 - cimbroane - myappaloosaquincy - sher_flippo -
Watching Big brother!! #teamnicole #teamdonny #pov #powerofveto #froggynicolebb #bbfroggynicole #bbnicole #bbison #nomoredevin
teamdonny - pov - teamnicole - powerofveto - bbfroggynicole - bbison - bbnicole - froggynicolebb - nomoredevin -
zankie__ : 🌸 Check Me Out? 🌸
im_haile - haley_hamiltonn - alexa.renee - cielosbaby -
#BBIG16 #PowerOfVeto🚫 Welcome to the 5th Power of Veto competition of the summer! This competition is called, "Nacho cheese" and this is how it will go down. I will ask you a series of questions. Be the first to answer correctly to score a point. I will only let you know when you are correct. First houseguest to 5 points wins the coveted PoV! Everyone understand? If so, let's play "Nacho Cheese!" Good luck. Competitors: Amber-@amharriss Cody-@lindsey_powers Derrick-@survivor_tv Donny-@big_brother_dyl Jocasta-@bigbroig15 Nicole-@lllexi__
bbig16 - powerofveto -
bigbrothers16 : Veto ceremony coming up right away.
potaufiterzein : Omfg
lindsey_powers : Thanks y'all! @bigigbrother @big_brother_dyl @survivorphoto : @lindsey_powers yay ily
survivorfanomania : Congrats! @lindsey_powers
lindsey_powers : Thank you! @survivorfanomania
hashtagsurvivor : Congrats (: @lindsey_powers
lindsey_powers : Thank you! @hashtagsurvivor
survivor_fanpage123 - ajonesdancer - reunice69 - luv_nicody -
Donny wins the POV for the SECOND TIME! My opinion is so different of Donny! What do you guys think of Donny? #bigbrother #bigbrother16 #bb #bb16 #pov #powerofveto #donnythompson #battleoftheblock #botb #hoh #headofhousehold #teamamerica
botb - bb16 - bb - pov - bigbrother16 - bigbrother - powerofveto - hoh - teamamerica - battleoftheblock - headofhousehold - donnythompson -
haley_hamiltonn : I absolutely love Donny my fave
thebestbigbrother : πŸ‘πŸ’•
veelo322 : Luckybeardday
kaylamay71s - angel.666xo - averiematson_ - dancingksodgirl02 -
The Prince & The Frog: Nicody πŸ’–! What do you guys love most about Nicody? #bigbrother #bigbrother16 #nicolefranzel #nicody #codycalafiore #bb16 #BB16 #pov #powerofveto #battleoftheblock #botb #hoh #headofhousehold #teamamerica
botb - bb16 - teamamerica - pov - bigbrother16 - bigbrother - powerofveto - hoh - battleoftheblock - codycalafiore - headofhousehold - nicody - nicolefranzel -
bbvssurvivor : That it makes Haycole true 😍
xo.ravenjoe : how many episodes are up so far?
alyforbes : NICODY @john_5mith
4everjamal : There always kissing lol
basketball_plya22 : No it's Hayden
avagrace25 : I want hayden and nichole to dateee
lilly.overton : HAYCOLE ALL THE WAY✌️
bri.mcp - dancingksodgirl02 - i_have_swag_18 - piercetonysturtle -
"That smile could end wars and cure cancer" (: omgggg he's amazing πŸ‘ { #haycole #zankie #bbzach #bb16 #bbfrankie #nicody #bigbrother16 #bigbrother #teamjocasta #teamamerica #teamvictoria #eviction #pov #bob #battleoftheblock #powerofveto #hoh #headofhousehold #eviction #zrankie #bbad #bbafterdark }
bbafterdark - pov - bigbrother16 - teamjocasta - zankie - bbzach - eviction - haycole - nicody - bb16 - zrankie - teamamerica - bbad - battleoftheblock - bigbrother - powerofveto - hoh - teamvictoria - bob - headofhousehold - bbfrankie -
bbrother.ig : I'm looking for people to join my game! : Oh yeah creds to @bb16zach_rance πŸ’•πŸ˜˜
bb16zach_rance : Thanks☺️😘 : I signed up @bbrother.ig and your welcome 😍😘 @bb16zach_rance
xo.ravenjoe : how many episodes are up so far?
elizabethshivvy : @madaland yep
kgillespie22 : I love this kid!!
hallie_1026 : @ranceypants 😍
ibreathzankie - n_i_c_h_o_l_e_y - a_rosep15 - chrome_rainbows -
This game is too real this season πŸ˜‚ Jesus be a Kleenex! #cbsbigbrother #bb16 #PowerOfVeto #UglyCry #Jocosta πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jocosta - powerofveto - uglycry - bb16 - cbsbigbrother -
lexxmebby : No one seems smart enough, everyone keeps announcing their next move @holtxl
sunoflotus : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ omg! How about Caleb almost telling amber what she better do because he saved her 😩. I've never seen an ENTIRE house want someone gone this early πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜­
mispretti : I was dyingggggggg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚while she was OMGG SHUT UP! *random comment on ur page* lls
alyforbes : @melodynzoe all you need is Jesus
holtxl : @lexxmebby b/c everybody is everybody's "friend" and has forgotten that it's ok to lie to each other smh these hoes are TOO loyal!
holtxl : @sunoflotus πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she held her own though. Amber is one of my picks to go far!
holtxl : @mispretti πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's ok, any fan of BB is a friend of mine! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mispretti : Ditto!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dewdrop11 - jessmyownheir - whatthe_nel - _rileymorgan -
And another one for big D! #teamdonny #bb16 #bb #bigbrother #pov #veto #powerofveto #hoh #headofhousehold #secretagent #teamamerica #military #juliechen #militaryman
teamdonny - bb16 - bb - pov - bigbrother - powerofveto - secretagent - hoh - teamamerica - veto - militaryman - juliechen - military - headofhousehold -
dopemilitary : follow us!
fierce._.cheerleader : Yay devon is up
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Donny wins the POV and uses it on Jocasta and Derrick names devin as the replacement nominee. { #haycole #zankie #bbzach #bb16 #bbfrankie #nicody #bigbrother16 #bigbrother #teamjocasta #teamamerica #teamvictoria #eviction #pov #bob #battleoftheblock #powerofveto #hoh #headofhousehold #eviction #zrankie #bbad #bbafterdark }
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bbvssurvivor : Poor Jocasta , Glad she is safe this week
2fabb19 : ^
bigbrotherland : OMG You're Account Is Life! : Awh thanks 😘 i love yours its amazing @bigbrotherland
bigbrotherland : awh thanks!
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Big Brother #bb16 #powerofveto
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riley_elam_2 : Yesssss watching the new one too
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#PowerOfVeto night on #BigBrother right now can't wait to see what happeneds!! #BB16 #POV
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quetastrophe : Devin going homeeeee!
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