@halie_essig #BigBrotherSuperFan #PowerOfVeto
powerofveto - bigbrothersuperfan -
halie_essig : Oh Stella
rachwred - lori11624 - allymcalpine26 - shealynn_wredberg -
#PowerofVeto Welcome to this weeks Power of Veto. I will riddle 5 past evicted houseguests. You must tell me the name of the evicted houseguest in the comment below. The last houseguest to bring me the name will be eliminated from the compeition. First Riddle: "She was evicted early, hence the only houseguest to not make jury, but she sucked badly, losing the first HoB, oopsies." Bring me that houseguest! •• Nicole - Britney - @iammegeek Gina Marie - @reality_tv Kathy - @ikaganine Sharon - @big.broski Janelle - @bbgames_1314 •• House of Banishment ๐Ÿšซ Evicted 7/10 - Daniele @kasen.s 8/10 - Christine @b_brother16 9/10 - Kristen @aishaxbbaus 10/10 - Aaryn @bbgames_16
powerofveto -
bigbrqther : @bb_sur_voice I'm sorry. But by the rules of the game, you brought me Daniele and not Christine first. You have been eliminated.
bb_sur_voice : Darn
bb_sur_voice : Oh well
bb_sur_voice : Go Janelle
bigbrqther : @bbgames_1314 @ikaganine This last houseguest will be a houseguest already in the house. Round 5: This houseguest won the first PoV, granting herself safety, but found herself on the block this week, it's scary!
bbgames_1314 : Nicole
bigbrqther : Congratulations, Janelle [ @bbgames_1314 ] you have won the Power of Veto! : I never win any comeptitions in this game cause I'm always asleep
allbigbrotherthings - big.broski - bigbrotherr__ - survivorfunfacts -
goodnight diva's ๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ’—
headofhousehold - bb16 - bb - arianagrande - pov - bigbrother16 - zankie - bbzach - cbs - goodnight - bigbrotheraccount - touchdown - victoriarafaeli - realitytv - cbsbigbrother - bigbrother - powerofveto - frankiegrande - hoh - reality - bbfrankie - bbvictoria - soccer - bigbrothercbs -
big_brothergamesbb : Join my big brother game!
bobbywolfpack : hey lets tak business, contact me number in bio.
ellellen19 : @jazmintischer
adultepikblog : ๐Ÿ‘
cassiem0829 : Lol I love #bigbrother
brooke_forever_223 : She is so dumb
lucas.hunter : credit please noone is giving me credit ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
ios7die : SHES BETTER THEN U ^^
vicparente - skylah120 - hollister_model_4 - molly.dean -
#PowerOfVeto ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿšซ - - This weeks Pov competition is called "All about that host" All you must do is answer the following questions correctly about me 1) Favorite houseguest from bb15&16 2) How old am I? 3) Favorite bb season 4) Favorite survivor castaway 5) Favorite survivor season 6) Favorite bb winner 7) Favorite survivor winner! - - Good luck y'all!
powerofveto -
thebachelor_fanpage : ^
realitycomps : Check ur DM
survivorbbfreak : The one game of yours that I don't sign up for, you are finishing hahaha
b_brother16 : Egg 1 ๐Ÿ’Ž
big__brotherr : found
realityfanpage_ : Claimed
cjw2000 : claimed : found
queencaltoru - linds.leggett - kateb304 - survivor.central -
โ €#PowerofVeto Welcome to the first Power of Veto of the season! You guys will have to go to my bio & click the link. It will take you to a puzzle. To win the Golden Power of Veto, you must have the fastest time! Once all of the players send their times in (or 11:00PM EST) comes around, the competition will be over! DM me a screenshot of your puzzle completed & the time. The person with the fastest time will win the Golden Power of Veto! Good luck! โ € โ € Players๐Ÿ‘Š: Judd: @bigbrothqr ๐Ÿก James: @kasen.sโ—๏ธ Howie: @_bigbrothersโ—๏ธ Michele: @bbus16โšช๏ธ Kevin: @bigbrother_totaldrama_survivorโšช๏ธ Neda: @logie78โšช๏ธ
powerofveto -
big_brother2015 : Your profile picture bahahah
bbigbrothergames : @big_brother2015 ๐Ÿ’Ÿ
bbigbrothergames : @bigbrothqr @kasen.s @_bigbrothers
bbigbrothergames : @bbus16 @bigbrother_totaldrama_survivor @logie78
bbus16 : ok
logie78 : I will do it soon
bbigbrothergames : @kasen.s @bigbrother_totaldrama_survivor @_bigbrothers
bbigbrothergames : @logie78 as long as it's before 11
bbus16 - realitycomps - - thatbigbrotherlife_ -
#PowerofVeto It is time for the Power of Veto! This compeition is called "BB Money" the first houseguest to DM me a picture of $2.20 in a collage will win the Power of Veto! GO! •• Nicole - Britney - @iammegeek ๐Ÿก Gina Marie - @reality_tv Kathy - @ikaganine โ—๏ธ Sharon - @big.broski Christine - @b_brother16 โ—๏ธ •• House of Banishment Janelle - @bbgames_1314 Daniele - @kasen.s Evicted 9/10 - Kristen @aishaxbbaus 10/10 - Aaryn @bbgames_16
powerofveto -
big.broski - thebachelor_fanpage - b.rendan.g - -
Cody won POV!!!!!!!! So Derrick and Cody will definitely be in the final 3!!!! Now the question is who are they going to take with them. I think they're going to send home Beast Mode Cowboy. #powerofveto #pov #bbcody #codycalafiore #finalthree #bbderrick #derricklevasseur #bbcaleb #calebreynolds #beastmodecowboy #bbvictoria #victoriarafaeli #BB16 #cbsbigbrother #bigbrother #bigbrother16 #bigbrotherupdates #boysofbigbrother16
bb16 - pov - bbvictoria - finalthree - boysofbigbrother16 - beastmodecowboy - calebreynolds - victoriarafaeli - cbsbigbrother - bigbrotherupdates - bbderrick - bigbrother - powerofveto - derricklevasseur - bbcaleb - bigbrother16 - bbcody - codycalafiore -
madilyn.huot : I kinda hope so
haycole.nicayden : It would definitely be good for Derrick's game, since Cody and Veronica are both taking Derrick to the final 2. Cody probably thinks it's best for his game also
boysofbigbrother16 : @haycole.nicayden ya I honestly believe that Caleb is going tonight. Cody doesn't want to send him home because the two of them have formed such a close friendship but Cody trust Derrick's say. And you're right it's much better for Derrick to go to the final 3 with Victoria. Which sucks because Big Brother After Dark is going to be booorrrring this week.
punkiebabe : Cody needs concealer asap. I need to give him a facial
sammysweetheart22 - thairiffic7 - mikaylabarrette - yeshpls -
Frankie is going home I hope #bb16 #dinosaur #powerofveto #hoh
dinosaur - powerofveto - bb16 - hoh -
momocashel : #byefelicia
izabeel_santhacruz - _neiba - zr1_____ - dinosaurwhisperer -
Congratulations, Paola! You have won the #PowerofVeto! Please proceed with the Veto Ceremony Below! ๐Ÿ’‹ - @bigbrotherlights
powerofveto -
realitysurvivor : @bigbrotherlights
bigbrotherlights : @realitysurvivor sorry for being late xD
bigbrotherlights : Head of Household Jocasta has nominated you Hayden and you Victoria for eviction. I have the power to veto one of these nominees. With that being said I have decided to... NOT use the veto. This veto meeting is adjured.
queencaltoru - ethan123457 - playingreality - fiveplls -
#PowerofVeto Just an update: Janelle has won her second consecutive HoB compeition and sent Kristen to the jury house! This compeition is called "The BB Puzzle!" in my bio, I have put a puzzle up. You must DM me your results by tommorrow at 3:00 EST tommorrow! Good luck! Kathy [ @ikaganine ] you were the only HG not chosen for PoV. •• Nicole - Britney - @iammegeek Gina Marie - @reality_tv Daniele - @kasen.s Kathy - @ikaganine Sharon - @big.broski Christine - @b_brother16 •• House of Banishment Janelle @bbgames_1314 Evicted 9/10 - Kristen @aishaxbbaus 10/10 - Aaryn @bbgames_16
powerofveto -
bigbrqther : @b_brother16 @reality_tv @big.broski Lets go
kasen.s : So its the person closest to
kasen.s : 3:00
kasen.s : ๐Ÿ˜•
bigbrqther : @kasen.s omfg
bigbrqther : @kasen.s All the results need to be handed in by 3:00 PM EST! The person with the lowest time will win.
iammegeek : It's almost 3:00
iammegeek : It's 3
big.broski - alayah__markiewicz - _peytonbentley_ - aye.alberta -
CALEB heres ur chance win hoh come on!!! #bigbrother #big #brother #win #hoh #pov #power #of #veto #powerofveto #caleb #come #on #beastmodecowboy #want #him #to #stay
l4l - head - want - power - veto - big - household - f4f - caleb - stay - beastmodecowboy - follow4follow - come - him - on - to - of - bigbrother - powerofveto - brother - hoh - pov - won - win - like4like - headofhousehold -
19hatfieldt : Yay caleb won hoh #caleb #won #hoh #head #of #household #headofhousehold #like4like #l4l #follow4follow #f4f
apoloniaouminda - __yungkxbe - shirleenesqe - renaebrie -
#PowerofVeto Time for this weeks Power of Veto. This compeition is called "BB Lumberjack" and here's how it works, I will write down 5 commands in this description. Be the first houseguest to copy them down in the comments IN SEPREATE COMMENTS. And you will win this weeks Power of Veto! •• #1 - (Your Name) gets on the wood. #2 - (Your Name) holds on. #3 - (Your Name) hangs on and watches people fall #4 - (Your Name) holds on longer than everybody else #5 - (Your Name) wins the Power of Veto!
1 - 3 - 2 - 5 - 4 - powerofveto -
big.broski : Sharon holds on longer than everybody else
big.broski : Sharon wins POV
queenamberlol : Well this is the last youll see queen conquer
b_brother16 : Must have gotten yourself mistaken with someone else because I don't see a queen here besides myself ๐Ÿ’…. @aishaxbbaus
iammegeek : @b_brother16 ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
queenamberlol : lololol. Still dont vote to evict me. @b_brother16
b_brother16 : @aishaxbbaus of course im evicting you , you nominated me as the replacement nominee last week โœŒ๏ธ! Bye bye ๐Ÿ‘‹
iammegeek : @b_brother16 u go girl!
big.broski - b_brother16 - b.rendan.g - queenamberlol -
I won the power of veto in my onion rings. #pov #powerofveto #bb16 #bigbrother #onionrings
pov - bigbrother - powerofveto - bb16 - onionrings -
k3rrmit - glisteningkookies - gregegg - j_nurse -
#PowerofVeto It is time for this weeks Power of Veto compeition. Winning this Veto can secure your spot in final 3 and chose the decision on who you want to bring along with Brittany. This compeition is called "THE TNT POV" and here's how it works. This is a three part PoV. First you will do endurance, than you will do a Hide N Seek than you will do a puzzle. First the endurance, once you finish all 6 steps you HAVE to advance to the Hide N Seek. Once done Hide N' Seek you will move on to the puzzle. THIS IS A TIMED COMP YOUR TIME WILL START WHEN YOU START THE ENDURANCE. •• Who wants to go first? This is a seperate compeition.
powerofveto -
thechallenge_bb_gamess : Me
big_brother2015 : Me
thechallenge_bb_gamess : Hello?
bbus16 : @thechallenge_bb_gamess Lol sorry hold on I'm just posting the Part 3. thing
drew.98 - bigbrothergames72 - thechallenge_bb_gamess - alayah__markiewicz -
These are the results! - Frankie, you have recieved a veto pass! That means that if you're not playing in veto, and you want to, you turn in your veto pass and you can play in it! ๐Ÿ˜Š - Brittany, you have recieved a punishment. You cannot vote in eviction. - Zach, you have also recieved a punishment. You CANNOT play in next week's HoH. - Hayden, congratulations! You have earned safety for the week! You are allowed to vote but you cannot compete in the #powerofveto - Congratulations, Paola! You have won the #HeadofHousehold! Please do the nomination ceremony below. I gotta go fast. - Cody, you cannot play in any competitions until final 10* I wrote 9 but it's actually 10. - @bigbrotherlights please proceed with the ceremony below
powerofveto - headofhousehold -
realitysurvivor : @totaldramacharacters we are in final 11. You just competed in HoH! The only competition left until final 10 is POV! You can't compete in this week's veto comp and that's basically your punishment lmao that's it. If you still don't understand: YOU AINT GONNA PLAY IN VETO
realitysurvivor : @totaldramacharacters like you just competed in veto. I said final 10. And we are in final 11.
bigbrotherlights : I nominate Christine Caleb and Brittany for eviction
ethan123457 : So after this eviction jury is starting
realitysurvivor : @ethan123457 yep so congrats ur a jury member
realitysurvivor : @ethan123457 you and paola and guaranteed jury members
realitysurvivor : @bigbrotherlights you are guaranteed jury member since you have safety
totaldramacharacters : oh okay, that's not that bad ahah
butfirstbigbrother - totaldramacharacters - ethan123457 - sfritch -
It's time for the #VetoCompetition - Joey @survivorsanity Brittany @butfirstbigbrother Jocasta @queencaltoru Nicole @totaldramadude22 Frankie @imgeekyandawesome2 Hayden will participate. This competition is called: Rotating Planets. And here's how it works. Below in the comments, you have to comment the planets in order from closest to farthest from the Sun โ˜€๏ธ - That's it. Good luck.
powerofveto - vetocompetition -
imawesomeandgeeky2 : Pluto
butfirstbigbrother : YAAAAY
totaldramadude22 : ;-;
ethan123457 : Time for veto
ethan123457 : Ceremony
realitysurvivor : @ethan123457 don't rush me. It takes time to make an edit
ethan123457 : Oh sorry. Why wasn't I tagged ? Jw
realitysurvivor : @ethan123457 because when I was about to tag you, somebody else had already answered lmao they're smart
totaldramacharacters - totaldramadude22 - reality.slay - garrett.mccann -
#PowerofVeto Houseguests! This weeks Power of Veto is up. This compeition is called "Find That PoV!" and here's how it works, I have hidden 5 '๐Ÿšซ' on my page. The first houseguest to comment "here" on all five pictures will win the Power of Veto! - Nicole - Janelle - @bbgames_1314 Kristen - @xjanellebbx Britney - @iammegeek Gina Marie - @reality_tv Daniele - @kasen.s Kathy - @ikaganine Sharon - @big.broski Christine - @b_brother16 House of Banishment 9/9 - Aaryn @bbgames_16
powerofveto -
kasen.s : Donee
bigbrqther : Congratulations, Daniele [ @kasen.s ] you have won the Power of Veto!
kasen.s : Ayeee
big.broski - queencaltoru - allbigbrotherthings - geoff_totaldrama -
#BB16 #powerofveto This is called Miami Lice Ill Give you a series of Letters and to win you must get the longest word The letters are: fjxkwirteaplgreetbgjdixnalcndn
powerofveto - bb16 -
realitygames_ : DM me your words
realitygames_ : 1/6
bbus16 : ok
realitygames_ : 3/6
realitygames_ : @bbus16 @realityfanpage_ @bbrothergames
jeffrycalle - bigbrotherslays - elias.tinoco - modern_courtney -
#PowerofVeto Welcome houseguests to the first Power of Veto compeition of the summer. This compeition is called "BB Casino" and here's how it works. I will list 6 Big Brother players, your job is to list how many PoV/HoH/BotB wins they have. Simple? The first houseguest to correctly answer all 6 questions in the comments will win the Golden Power of Veto! •• 1. How many HoH's does Daniele Donato have from Season 13? 2. How many BotB wins does Victoria have? 3. How many PoV wins does Evel Dick have in S8? 4. How many HoH's does Hayden Moss have? 5. How many PoV's does Cody have? 6. How many BotB wins does Donny have? - Nicole - ๐Ÿ’ข Janelle - @bbgames_1314 Kristen - @borzotrasx ๐Ÿ’ข Britney - @iammegeek ๐Ÿก Aaryn - @bbgames_16 โ—๏ธ Gina Marie - @reality_tv โ—๏ธ Daniele - @kasen.s Kathy - @ikaganine Sharon - @big.broski ๐Ÿ’ข Christine - @b_brother16
powerofveto -
bigbrqther : @big.broski @iammegeek @bbgames_16 @reality_tv Compete.
bigbrqther : @borzotrasx ^
big.broski : 0. 1. 2. 2. 2. 2. : 2 - 2 - 1 - 4 - 1 - 2
bigbrqther : Congratulations, Nicole [ @ ] you have won the Power of Veto!
big.broski - queencaltoru - - karatekids12 -
powerofveto -
texasgirl_bornandraised - rosiochavez - briannleewester - _alexis.duran_ -
#PowerofVeto Welcome houseguests! To this weeks PoV compeition! This compeition is called "BB Mixed" and here's how it works, I will name a fact about three evicted houseguests *from my game* and you will guess the three houseguests. The houseguest with the lowest time will win the Golden Power of Veto. DM ME WHEN YOUR READY. I need to finish ASAP. - Cody - @bbiggames โ—๏ธ Brittany - @bbrothergames โ—๏ธ Nicole - @big_brother2014 Judd - @thechallenge_bb_games Jordan - @bbgames_1314 ๐Ÿก Jury: 6/10 Chima - @drew.98 7/10 Dan - @bbgames1718 8/10 Janelle - @zacharycolinrance 9/10 Kalia - @inspirethemall
powerofveto -
bbus16 : @bbrothergames @bbiggames Who wants to go first
bbrothergames : Me
bbus16 : @bbrothergames dm me
bbgames2 : DM CHEXK SM
bbgames2 : DM CHEXK DM
bbgames2 : DM CHECK DM **
bbus16 : @bbrothergames Check DM. @bbiggames DM me for PoV.
bbus16 : @bbiggames If you don't DM in 20 minutes you will not participate in this PoV
big.broski - dylan_rox83 - bbsurvivorgamez - drdance87 -
#MCM i nominate @jeffschroeder23 for eviction =) #BigBrotherAlumni & one of my favorites. #PowerOfVeto๐Ÿšซ
mcm - powerofveto - bigbrotheralumni -
ishmo7 - jarrodcu - onenonlynonly1 - loreleigonz -
Not that it matters but Frankie decided not to use the Veto. Hopefully he goes home during the rewind! #bbcody #bbvictoria #bbfrankie #codycalafiore #victoriarafaeli #frankiegrande #bbcalzone #powerofveto #BB16 #bigbrother #bigbrother16 #bigbrotherupdates #boysofbigbrother16
bigbrotherupdates - bb16 - bbvictoria - bigbrother - powerofveto - frankiegrande - boysofbigbrother16 - bbcalzone - bigbrother16 - bbcody - codycalafiore - victoriarafaeli - bbfrankie - : join my games?๐Ÿ’•
kph002 : I hope he goes home !!!
madilyn.huot : Will the competitions be the same in the rewind?
foodenthusiast2013 : i dont understand the rewind... does this mean Frankie no longer HOH and Derrik becomes HOH (as he was the last HoH)????
jesuslover3600 - waterlilly15 - estrella_conde - jayray_xoxo -
Frankie won power of Veto. Thank god it doesn't matter! #pov #powerofveto #bbfrankie #bbderrick #bbcody #bbcaleb #bbvictoria #frankiegrande #derricklevasseur #codycalafiore #calebreynolds #victoriarafaeli #beastmodecowboy #calzone #bbcalzone #bbitalianstallion #italianstallion #bb16 #bigbrother #bigbrother16 #bigbrotherupdates #boysofbigbrother16
bigbrotherupdates - bb16 - pov - bigbrother16 - boysofbigbrother16 - bbcalzone - beastmodecowboy - calzone - calebreynolds - bbitalianstallion - victoriarafaeli - italianstallion - bbderrick - bigbrother - powerofveto - frankiegrande - derricklevasseur - bbcaleb - bbvictoria - bbcody - codycalafiore - bbfrankie -
tiffanyorsello : He's in for a surprise
x.lxgo : Well I kinda of does
erecia_chapman : I hope he doesn't win after the rewind
boysofbigbrother16 : @erecia_chapman I agree! I really want to see him go!
jelissabell : There's no easy he got home after winning you and pov
animallover0202 - babe_bri - rc337 - kn.taylor35 -
Watching #BigBrotherAfterDark I already know #HOH and who won #PowerOfVeto oh btw check those hawt legs
bigbrotherafterdark - powerofveto - hoh -
jrjlerma : Can you direct message me?! I wanna know!
alyssareene - jrjlerma - kiana_chontell -
#PowerofVeto Houseguests! It is time for this weeks PoV compeitions. Brittany and Chima have been nominated by Instagram but will have a chance to save themselves. This compeition is falled "Stay or Fold" and here's how it works, I will post a picture containing A NUMBER and you must guess, you can either stay or fold. But if two or more stay than the HG furthest away from the number will be eliminated. This compeition will begin now. - Cody - @bbiggames Brittany - @bbrothergames Nicole - @big_brother2014 Judd - @thechallenge_bb_games Jordan - @bbgames_1314 Chima - @drew.98 Jury: 7/10 Dan - @bbgames1718 8/10 Janelle - @zacharycolinrance 9/10 Kalia - @inspirethemall
powerofveto -
big_brother2015 : Kk
bbgames_1314 : 10005
bbus16 : ๐Ÿ’ฅ
bbrothergames : 6
inspirethemall - alayah__markiewicz - caitlyn.maleski - y0ventura -
#PowerofVeto Welcome Houseguests to this weeks Power of Veto ! Competitors : James @survivorsanity ๐Ÿ‘‘ Matt @iammegeek โ€ผ๏ธ Helen @thebachelor_fanpage โ€ผ๏ธ Hayden @totaldramafan32 โ€ผ๏ธ Elissa @survivornews11 ๐Ÿ”‘ Wil @bbgames_1314 ๐Ÿ”‘ For this PoV is called "Who da host" On this pic is 6 different hosts of reality shows Your job is to 1) Name their 1st and last name 2) Name what show they host 3) How many Seasons have they hosted of that show For the Power of Veto... Go !!!!
powerofveto -
bbsurvivor123 : No @iammegeek
bbsurvivor123 : Congratulations Helen @thebachelor_fanpage you have won the Power of Veto !!
bbgames_1314 : Phil keogan amazing race every season
bbgames_1314 : Congrats! @thebachelor_fanpage
thebachelor_fanpage : Yay thank you @bbgames_1314
iammegeek : @thebachelor_fanpage u go girly!
thebachelor_fanpage : Thxx @iammegeek
iammegeek : Half the stuff I had to look up on the Internet ๐Ÿ˜‚
bbgames_1314 - big.broski - survivoreborn - survivorlover18 -
#FrankieGrande wins the #PowerOfVeto #bigbrother #BigBrother16 #Bb16 dis gun be good
bigbrother16 - bigbrother - powerofveto - frankiegrande - bb16 -
maroon5willbeloved222 - nicole.fangirls.bb16 - michellemmurphy - mars_bar2232 -
Let's go Christine (this would backdoor Frankie) #Bb16 #BigBrother16 #PowerOfVeto
bigbrother16 - powerofveto - bb16 -
maroon5willbeloved222 - im_ur_darling - nicole.fangirls.bb16 - kell_johnson12 -
#PowerOfVeto - Welcome To This Weeks Power of Veto Competition! Jocasta @_bigbrothers Derrick @kingl772 Donny @drew.98 Brittany @survivoreborn Christine @bbgames_1314 Cody @butfirstbigbrother - This Competition Is Called "Miami Lice" Just Like In Real BB, The Person To Spell The Longest Word Will Win The Veto! - audiencealxixurbeiwqisrh - You Have 1 Hour To Submit Your Word, GoodLuck!
powerofveto -
survivoreborn : K
maxlegates : is it just a councedence that audience is spelled out as the first few letters
16bigbrotherus : Shit๐Ÿ˜‚ @maxlegates
maxlegates : bahhaha
16bigbrotherus : @kingl772 @drew.98 @bbgames_1314
survivoreborn : Just Post the Winner they take too long Plus they won't even Beat meee
_bigbrothers - survivor.bigbrother.fanpage - survivoreborn - kingl772 -
#ohno who's gonna win #powerofveto on #bigbrother. Eeiikk #cantwatch
ohno - bigbrother - powerofveto - cantwatch -
zwill88 : Cut tha cord or blow up
mar_mar.79 : @zwill88 she blew up. Boo!
alina_torres - joro913 - zwill88 - shaaddy_mtz89 -
Aint that the truth lmao. #bb #bb16 #bigbrother #bigbrother16 #cbs #cbsbigbrother #juliechen #skittles #bigmoves #hoh #headofhousehold #nominations #pov #powerofveto #veto #bbcaleb #bbchristine #bbvictoria #bbcody #bbfrankie #bbderrick #detonators
bb16 - bb - pov - bigbrother16 - juliechen - cbs - detonators - cbsbigbrother - bbchristine - skittles - bigbrother - powerofveto - bbderrick - hoh - bigmoves - veto - bbcaleb - bbvictoria - bbcody - nominations - bbfrankie - headofhousehold -
new.carefree : Join my game!
_shaaely_ : Truth.
awkward.kyleigh : hey, Victoria's done her makeup. lets not forget about that!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™Œ
tianaemily - _jesxoxo - iam_ricardoramos - tdpirodney -
#PowerOfVeto๐ŸŒ - Welcome To This Weeks Power of Veto Competition! This Competition is Called "Name That ______" - Devin @big.broski Derrick @kingl772 Nicole @dylan_18187 Christine @totaldramafan67 Brittany @survivoreborn Zach @fiveplls - Here's How To Plau, Below I Will Ask a Question About One Of The Pictures and Your Job is To be The First Houseguest to Answer The Question Correctly, First HouseGuest To Answer 5 Correctly First Wins The Golden Power of Veto! - GoodLuck!
powerofveto - 5 - 6 -
big.broski : Do you wanna backdoor someone? @survivoreborn
survivoreborn : Idk
16bigbrotherus : Correct! @big.broski
16bigbrotherus : Devin: 2 Derrick: 0 Nicole: 0 Christine: 0 Brittany: 4 Zach: 0
16bigbrotherus : Question #6: what is Jocasta's super hero name? Goo!
survivoreborn : Holy Roller
16bigbrotherus : Congratulations! Brittany @survivoreborn You Have Won This Weeks Power of Veto Competition!
survivoreborn : Yay
survivoreborn - big.broski - jphilbin6 - bbzachisbae -
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