#eccentric67 #steelvisiongarage #airbrushedwoodgrain #custom #c10crew #c10 #slamd #accuair #porterbuilt #autumn2014 #classicchevy #chevy #whitegirl #classic #newskool #whodoesthis shot by @liggettphotography follow his page!
porterbuilt - classic - steelvisiongarage - autumn2014 - accuair - whodoesthis - slamd - eccentric67 - whitegirl - c10crew - airbrushedwoodgrain - custom - chevy - newskool - classicchevy - c10 -
liggettphotography : I'm running out of pictures. ;)
_broey_ - junioradao - dwmassey_ - cruisin_for_dad -
#redfox #redfoxcomingatyou #itsFriday #delmospecials #elevel #accuair #introwheels #porterbuilt
porterbuilt - redfox - delmospecials - introwheels - elevel - redfoxcomingatyou - accuair - itsfriday -
porterbuilt - daybbed - gordkoff - palexander1098 -
Christmas has come early for the #c10 !!! #porterbuilt #accuair #elevel #hashtag
elevel - porterbuilt - c10 - hashtag - accuair -
kris_fatal : rad
cook2199 : @adamcope nicccccccce!
lowfastfamous : Mean bro @adamcope
adamcope : Yeah man, super impressed with the quality! Iv been following you for awhile so I know you already know how primo it is @kris_fatal
adamcope : How's progress coming along @cook2199
adamcope : Bro I'm so stoaked, going through all the boxes, I'm pretty sure it's the nicest stuff iv ever owned haha @lowfastfamous
cook2199 : @adamcope will be ordering my rear kit 1st of the year. Then I can throw my accuair goodies on.
cook2199 : 1
onedutch - gaylordskustomtruck - jon_erick_physique - djay_thompson -
First set of Porterbuilt gas assist hood hinges for the 60-66 installed. #daveonly #davebuilt #mattbuilt #davesdadbut @cousindave_porterbuilt #porterbuilt #hoodhinges #pbfab #daveforpresident
porterbuilt - mattbuilt - davesdadbut - daveonly - davebuilt - hoodhinges - pbfab - daveforpresident -
pocock : @b_hopkins120
kev667686 : @porterbuilt cha Ching again. Lol. I'll talk to delmo. Thank you
lugtukn66 : @demon1967 well shit.
lugtukn66 : @porterbuilt what's the avalibility on these
porterbuilt : @lugtukn66 doing a run next week. Selling out fast. Shoot dave an email to get a set from this run.
lugtukn66 : Will do. Thanks Nate @porterbuilt
hh_scott : @harleychop
gkkustom : @cousindave_porterbuilt I'll take a pair!!
mr_bollinger - cthurber6 - ricolicious_ - beatnik13 -
I'm no pro... But I get the job done!!!! #Builtnotbought #boltonbodydrop πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #customtruckproblems #porterbuilt #bodydrop #dropmeber #c10 #68c10 #68shortbed #c10club #c10crew #custom #modelo #3mspeedglass
porterbuilt - c10crew - bodydrop - c10club - custom - builtnotbought - boltonbodydrop - modelo - customtruckproblems - dropmeber - 68c10 - c10 - 3mspeedglass - 68shortbed -
_wyno83 : Toda via te falta pero andas pedo
1mean7d : Looks good to me πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
propaleometheus : @guero68c10 @1mean7d are we forgetting something haha πŸ˜‚βž•βž– la chevy looking clean guerrito!!!
alysmamha - j0shtt - johannyalliedaddy - gscotti86 -
Roller... #accuair #porterbuilt #slowassbuild
slowassbuild - porterbuilt - accuair -
derekhmackay : Looking good
uncle__phillay - patrick_jackson_ - stumptownart - caudilhos_mc -
Finally got the cab bolted down and a fender mocked up. I really dig the amount of rake it has. #c10 #porterbuilt #pbfab #dropmember #lowered #americanracing #bagged
bagged - americanracing - porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember - lowered - c10 -
n2trux : Thanks for the tag. Keep me updated on your progress
johnoro : @jessfloho
jonathan417 : @n2trux will do brother. Looking forward to making some progress on it, tired of tripping over it in my shop. :)
betterbuiltmf : Nice ride
dillman1977 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
pinstriper107 : Looks good
1098lover : Those wheels are nice!!!! Look'n fly!!! Need me sum wheels like that
fondmetal_america : Like it!
guru_king423 - superheromotors - andrew_edward_adams - doc8014 -
Side view. #porterbuilt #pbfab #dropmember #24x15 #delmospecials
24x15 - porterbuilt - dropmember - pbfab - delmospecials -
porterbuilt : @sparkytheelectrician @pesh50 that's what were doing on this one.
s2machines : @d_beaux that's it for sure
superflysteiny : You lost your wheels @porterbuilt
sparkytheelectrician : @pesh50 any time. It's nice cause they bolt in. Probably gunna use a set when I tub my Cherokee so I don't rub as much lol. My 68 is aways from me spending that much on wheels.
chekdishit33 : @shawboss
nr_spot : @porterbuilt ...already looks good!!
engle_bros_fabrication : @one2roc
one2roc : @engle_bros_fabrication Don't see many step sides layed outπŸ‘Œ
stephanieisbae - doc8014 - francoogalvan_ - bobby_phillips68 -
Hmmmmm...... #porterbuilt #dropmember #pbfab #24x15
24x15 - porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
jtaylor911 : @funky___bunch
zachthatbeast : Do yall follow around the good guys car show?
dprekrap : @stevenxedge
dfirp : More pics please smell truck at home just started the process
zemog_4223 : @demonindustries 😳
s2machines : I'm a fan
emad_dakeel : V. Nice
joeybates84 : Better chk my garage rick patina might be gone. Lol. @autti_baby @b___________a
bigwilliesgarage - javcrodgz - al_tayeb - mehdi.shiri333 -
Let's help my boy @eccentric67 get a spot at sema! Spread the word and tag anyone you can! #c10 #chevrolet #classictrucks #streettrucks @streettrucks @slamdmag #ls3 #eccentric67 #introwheels #vista2s #accuair@accuair @porterbuilt #porterbuilt.
vista2s - porterbuilt - streettrucks - chevrolet - classictrucks - introwheels - ls3 - accuair - c10 - eccentric67 -
alexlerider : @leptitboyer
dashedfx : @odd_cylinder ?
odd_cylinder : @dashedfx damn I wish I have all our spots filled
jdimpala : @mismegss
hannswheels : Like it!
yac18 - introwheels - hannswheels - fabianofrazao -
#eccentric67 #sema #sema2014 #help #introwheels #custom #c10 #porterbuilt #streetrucks #accuair #motivated #thankyou Please share.... Haven't been able to line up a spot quite yet, any leads would be greatly appreciated my Friends! πŸ‘Š
c10 - porterbuilt - streetrucks - help - thankyou - sema - custom - introwheels - accuair - motivated - sema2014 - eccentric67 -
62chvy : @peepntom85 super clean
_broey_ : If I were you I wouldn't worry about getting in a booth. Just pay the 250 to be outside. No one gets good photos inside.
mikea_slamd : @eccentric67 @nr_mymmeryloss Unfortunately outside spots were over sold and they aren't allowing anymore, so it'd have to be someone that already has a spot guaranteed but can't make it and can swap you
freaktravis : Hope this truck gets a spot. It definitely deserves to be at SEMA.
eccentric67 : Well if anyone hears of someone that can't make it please let me know! Much appreciated everyone! Thanks so much @mikea_slamd
mikea_slamd : @eccentric67 Pulling for Ya buddy!
johnbrianson : #sema2014
simplicity69 : The one truck that should be there is yours bro. I hope you can get in.
sethb_99 - nate17408 - dakotac65gmailcom - o_a_07 -
Well that escalated quickly and to think this was almost drivable a yesterday. Oh well ! #c30 #chevy #motorswap #8.1L #nv4500 #cervezacerveza2stepsforward1stepback #semis #24s #accuair #porterbuilt #snowballeffect #spicerstowing
cervezacerveza2stepsforward1stepback - spicerstowing - porterbuilt - semis - accuair - chevy - 24s - motorswap - 8 - nv4500 - c30 - snowballeffect -
toyotasindagarage : Since you've gone that far might aswell paint the frame and powder coat the suspension. Lol.
dillman1977 : It's like we're sharing a brain!!!! @toyotasindagarage
mrsramsey13 : Powdercoat it pink! So you will always have a piece of @racer418 with you!!!! Bwahaha #powerrangersforlife #youbegreen
mrsramsey13 : @dillman1977
dillman1977 : Wow he's taking a beating this week must have missed your birthday or something lol @mrsramsey13
mrsramsey13 : Na he gives so many people so much shit. Someone has to give it back. Right? @dillman1977
dillman1977 : I know I'm nothing but nice to him and he treats me like shit ! @mrsramsey13
racer418 : That's a lie @dillman1977, I have never been mean to you about anything
amillertime78 - rjredshaw - laurenmjj - ahelm5725 -
#sema2014 who's with me!?! Getting close on @mgonzo82 #si10 up next @sculptgarage doing his thing on the inside.. #reynabrosdesigns #sculptgarageinterior #sculptgarage #raceline #pristinecustompaint #polkaudio #mmw #porterbuilt #parttimerodshop #lsx #Lowriderdepot #1257customs #accuairsuspension #si10
porterbuilt - raceline - pristinecustompaint - reynabrosdesigns - lowriderdepot - polkaudio - parttimerodshop - accuairsuspension - 1257customs - lsx - sculptgarageinterior - si10 - sema2014 - mmw - sculptgarage -
icweld : What day do you guys head out to Sema? We're leaving Saturday morning.
reynabrosdesign : We leave Saturday morning also. @icweld
icweld : Cool. Maybe we'll see you on the road. We're heading out on I-10
ebustos74 : What color blue is that, beautiful. @reynabrosdesign.
jc_copeland : @trucopeland
mizfitmike : @cacwyo
bbobcat75 : @priceless1g
ki_reg : @lowest12
devillusion - boonedock_kustoms - will_hagar - henri_n_suzie_hirsch -
Can't wait to move so I can buy a c10 and start building itπŸ™Œ #wcw #c10 #porterbuilt
porterbuilt - c10 - wcw -
vapeing_crx_vapeandco : Hell ya many sick trucks are gunna get built in the new shop
gaylordskustomtruck : Rad!
kingarthur1955 : @dublinaz1982
whtsthis1sh - hhuunntteerr11 - g_a_b_e_93 - laurenprado -
Got some more done tonight. While watching some Royals kick some butt! Lol #pbfab #porterbuilt #wilwood #cpp #67-72
wilwood - cpp - porterbuilt - pbfab - 67 -
fery_dc - rob_beattie - rwclark33 - stylebocao -
Long way to go, but sure is cool! #c10crew #c10 #porterbuilt #project #ratrod #hotrod
project - porterbuilt - c10crew - hotrod - ratrod - c10 -
geebee7676 : WOW, look at how deeply the tire goes into engine compartment.
smithracing362 - jmarh192 - txlissa - andreweathers -
1960-66 Gas Assist Hood Hinges. Now available! Email to place your order today. #pbfab #porterbuilt #hoodhinges #60-66 #gasassist
hoodhinges - 60 - porterbuilt - pbfab - gasassist -
calebgrisham : @marygrisham
porterbuilt : @cartershrop yes. They are getting closer to the top of the list.
porterbuilt : @whiteheadcycle1122 you will get your wish soon enough. :)
whiteheadcycle1122 : That's what I wanted to hear! 54's going on the s10 now, but the 49 I just picket up will be waiting!
sim_tre : What about on 55-59? @porterbuilt
porterbuilt : @sim_tre not yet. Factory ones do the trick.
sim_tre : Yes but not as slick @porterbuilt
slammed66gmc : @oldstylekustoms order me an upgrade when you order yours
dubb907 - brokenspoketacoma - mehdi.shiri333 - lownova -
Tasty. #pbfab #porterbuilt #dropmember #24x15 #delmospecials
24x15 - porterbuilt - dropmember - pbfab - delmospecials -
thedude_abides : @splinter415
lataco08 : @fukinrudy damn sick fool
shb41999 : Can't wait to see the the finished product! Looking Good@porterbuilt
splinter415 : That's going to look great! @thedude_abides
mikeoinacro : Go ahead and get on the waiting list @gmclowlow
gmclowlow : @mikeoinacro yup no doubt gotta have one as soon as they are available!!!
drederick_tatum : @goonbug32
gavin_gore : @mother_fucking_jones just do this dummy.
bigred7280 - leyangboi - mother_fucking_jones - sean_teehan -
Full frame shot running full Porterbuilt Suspension. #porterbuilt #pbfab #dropmember
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
pinche_bob_oh : @acquaholik shit is clean
acquaholik : Thats the way to do it.. simple and clean af! @pinche_bob_oh
munsseyspeed : Love those Daytona wheels. American Racing, right?
sac_jeep : That's them @munsseyspeed 20/22 combo.
thedude_abides : @splinter415
pickcha_t8kr : @porterbuilt -- what is the amount of money we are looking at in this picture? I would love to do this to my truck!
porterbuilt : @pickcha_t8kr shoot us an email and we can get you some numbers.
c10era60_66 : Man oh man!
brokenspoketacoma - tangerine.fiend - mehdi.shiri333 - inspiremotoring -
#eccentric67 #liggettphotography #backalley #c10 #autumn2014 #introwheels #intro #porterbuilt #accuair #slamd #streetrucks #c10crew #toyo #inthaleaves #clearglass #cleanlines #blanco #whitewhip #whitegirl
porterbuilt - streetrucks - toyo - autumn2014 - intro - accuair - whitewhip - c10crew - liggettphotography - clearglass - eccentric67 - backalley - slamd - blanco - whitegirl - introwheels - inthaleaves - cleanlines - c10 -
asael_lopez : @dannystosich
darksiderigger : @mrsolow808
love_em_low : @chris_6375 😍😘😍😍😍 check out the build. I'm crying
chris_6375 : I looked at it the other day 😊 @love_em_low
sergflores : @01roger no manches Los topes en Morelia
dhayaf_6 : @xsqr.usa
xsqr.usa : Ψ΄Ψ§ΩŠΩΩ‡ Ω…Ω† Ω‚Ψ¨Ω„Ωƒ_πŸ˜‚ @dhayaf_6
kimberlyp76 : @mdhttr07
pmyres84 - chevyy_girl17 - kountryboy81 - tannerrausch -
Need this for my 61. #C10EraDecal #61chevy #accuair #porterbuilt
accuair - porterbuilt - c10eradecal - 61chevy -
bagged_c : Clean
c10era60_66 - emilym3ng -
This is gonna be good! #porterbuilt #dropmember #pbfab #delmospecials #24x15
24x15 - porterbuilt - dropmember - pbfab - delmospecials -
j_poleet : @deadendgarage
isralogia : Hot
erik_zamora_ : @alfonso_zamora
sneedjames : @dealsonwheelsjuan
dealsonwheelsjuan : Sick @sneedjames
matthew537 : @mattpayne336
chkleb : @ek_ethan @strokin_steve
mattpayne336 : @rodney_from_hoodstatus
jorgealonsobmx - sean_teehan - s2machines - eddiebarrett -
24x15 Dropmember Rear kit in the works. #porterbuilt #dropmember #pbfab
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
prostreet1967 : I need this.
jdcriz : Noooow you make one. I'm gonna have a custom rear fabbed to clear my 24x15s
thecashen : @staticsilvy
dmxxpert : Sold.
chevy6772 : Put me down for one!!!
grassy81286 : @danieldavis85
redpencilcreations : @dpr57 o_O
binklesdb : @jturner_44 @elijahp94
jking102 - binklesdb - onsis - chevy333.db -
Facebook and instagram liked β˜† Center member purchased β˜† #pbfab #pbdropmembergiveaway #porterbuilt @porterbuilt β˜† Detroit Autorama here I come!!
pbdropmembergiveaway - porterbuilt - pbfab -
rob_beattie - rayrubalcaba - foxcustom -
Follow them so you can win one of these #porterbuilt #dropmember #giveaway
porterbuilt - giveaway - dropmember -
sqrbdy454 - kaylauren09 - stpmomma426 - d_flis85 -
#porterbuilt #giveaway #followthem
porterbuilt - followthem - giveaway -
steiner.kristen - d_flis85 - kaylauren09 -
Here's a picture of the rear running that Porterbuilt Suspension. #pbfab #porterbuilt
porterbuilt - pbfab -
kustom_classics : !!!
alwaysbuilding : @wabbito Most likely, the shocks look topped out.
porterbuilt : @wabbito looks like it to me.
sac_jeep : Think I still had a little more lift @wabbito It gets way more lift than I will use for sure.
porterbuilt : @wabbito how much lift do you need? We build them with ride quality at an ultra low height as the biggest factor. That's why we run the sleeved bag behind the axle. This kit gets just under 8" of lift which is plenty for any driving conditions we have ever experienced.
porterbuilt : @wabbito feel free to email me with any questions. We have a handful of these down in Australia and New Zeland.
hotrod71c10 : Man!! So clean, only if I had the extra $$.
fred9109 : @frankygalvan a must
sweggin_eh - majedzahirian - juan.407080 - kfq8 -
Looks like my Porterbuilt order is getting closerto making it voyage home. Big thanks to @_broey_ for all the stroke you have @porterbuilt and to Nate at Porterbuilt for always setting the bar high. #porterbuilt #pbfab #5559chevyframestiffner #chevyonly #c10crew #c10club #c10talk #thisonesmine
porterbuilt - c10crew - 5559chevyframestiffner - thisonesmine - chevyonly - c10club - pbfab - c10talk -
rockylakekustom - cleancutcreations - rusbuilt - 68jwalk -
Take a look at this piece of art. We're really digging the blue frame! #porterbuilt #dropmember #pbfab
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
skx32 : @inhowevationgarage
oldstylekustoms : Mmmmmmm. Candy
sac_jeep : Thanks @porterbuilt It got a lot of attention at it's first show!
bettyluv69 : Im guessing your favorite color is red
jasonp1009 - porterpack5 - patty76brendan - jjjbuck -
Making moves!! Pretty excited to order #porterbuilt center member!!! Now if only I could afford the front drop member :( #pbdropmembergiveaway
pbdropmembergiveaway - porterbuilt -
polish53 : Charge it!!!! @detroit313photo hahaha! Jk
rob_beattie : @porterbuilt
foxcustom : Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!
fleetline50 - nailhead425 - revbacon - srapaski -
55-59 Inner Frame Stiffener is production ready. :) #porterbuilt #pbfab #dropmember
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
goodtimesreform : @stuffwerks
mrcarbon : @onenightinthemuseum tubular effect
covetedstyle : Got the pricing.. What's the time line on them though?
porterbuilt : @covetedstyle we are doing a run the end if this week/beginning of next. So depending on order timing it could be really quick. If it doesn't get into this batch it would be 8-10 weeks.
dubb907 : @gradyshippjr sorry Kat this ones mine. You can be next. Thanks @porterbuilt looks kick ass!!!
gradyshippjr : Haha lol @dubb907 fine fine I'll wait
jonasrossidiasrossi : @illicitcustoms
onenightinthemuseum : @mrcarbon when can you make the tubular arms
mijos_57 - alsaher911_ - shop_monkey - kfq8 -
Spotted #skating down the freeway! repost from @hectic_hec Topless Tuesday #porterbuilt #dropmember #accuair #acrophobiatx #acrophobianorthtx #baggedlife #c10crew #baggedk5 #negratomasa #howchampionsdoit #madeforgoodtimes #OG
skating - porterbuilt - acrophobianorthtx - madeforgoodtimes - og - negratomasa - acrophobiatx - baggedlife - dropmember - baggedk5 - accuair - c10crew - howchampionsdoit -
hectic_hec : @shawnyb_1204
kris_fatal : Rad
5starnomad : @cvkustomz we need to find one!
thejchip : Superb!
rellimneb : @porterbuilt
rellimneb : @accuair
bagged_c : Nice shot
shawnyb_1204 : Looks like i was #instafamous today @hectic_hec thanks for the pic
kclass2 - visegatelli - hide.mxr - juhbaldini -
Topless Tuesday #porterbuilt #dropmember #accuair #acrophobiatx #acrophobianorthtx #baggedlife #c10crew #baggedk5 #negratomasa
porterbuilt - acrophobianorthtx - negratomasa - acrophobiatx - baggedlife - dropmember - baggedk5 - accuair - c10crew -
beardedxwonder : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
kris_fatal : Rad
kevin7124 : Nasty!!!
rellimneb : @sundayfundaybrand
sundayfundaybrand : @rellimneb bad ass
hectic_hec : @rellimneb @sundayfundaybrand I for forgot to # Sundayfunday
iantmackay : @rileyharold_
mr_leach_1977 - dbdeville - mk80_instagram - carlospadi228 -
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