#Philippines: National Day of #Mourning๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ | 01-30-2015 • Also, thank you #PopeFrancis for visiting and praying for the Philippines last January 15-19, 2015.
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Check out Kirk An's latest article on MI, "The papacy under Francis: sugar-coated but unchanged." Link in bio!
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Pope Francis' homily on Friday: "Remember those earlier days after you had received the light” of Christ. The day when the encounter with Jesus took place must never be forgotten because it is a day of great joy of an eagerness to do great things. In addition to memory, never lose the courage of the early days and the enthusiasm, the frankness that spring from the memory of that first love: Memory is very important in reminding us of the grace we received, because if we chase away this enthusiasm that stems from the memory of our first love, the enthusiasm that springs from our first love, Christians face a very serious danger: becoming lukewarm. Lukewarm Christians are there but they are stationary and yes, they are Christians, but they have lost the memory of that first love. Yes, they have lost their enthusiasm. They have also lost patience, the ability to tolerate life’s events in the spirit of God’s love; the ability to tolerate, to carry the weight of adversity on their shoulders. When Christians become lukewarm, poor them, for they are in great danger." #PopeFrancis #PapaFrancesco #PapaFrancisco #PapstFranziskus #PapeFrancois #ะŸะฐะฟะฐะคั€ะฐะฝั†ะธัะบ #PapaFranciscus #PapiezFranciszek #Franciskus #Påve #PapaBergoglio #PapaFrancesc #PausFranciscus #๊ตํ™ฉํ”„๋ž€์น˜์Šค์ฝ” #PausFransiskus #Vatican #Catholic #Jesuit
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Photo taken from Rappler site // There are about one hundred million people in the Philippines. In this picture, despite the man's disability; I can say that he is one of the lucky or rather blessed people out of the one hundred million. This heartwarming moment took place at the Mall of Asia Arena, January 16, 2015; Pope Francis' second day here in the Philippines. The man with cerebral palsy got the chance to have a close interaction with Pope Francis. Beside him is a portrait, a gift that he gave; it is a cross-stitched image of the Virgin Mary which he made using his feet. Could you imagine yourself cross-stitching using your feet? Well this man did it! You, who is probably not suffering from any hearing, visual, speech or learning difficulty can cross-stitch with hands but this man here has a one of a kind skill indeed! It melts my heart not only because Pope accepted the gift but also, the Pope himself took the time to acknowledge his work and talk to the guardian who the disabled man was with. Looking at those delighted faces; I can clearly feel the bliss of this picture. Other people might think that the Pope takes time to give an interaction to everyone, but I beg the differ. Yes, Pope does give everyone an interaction yet this is different since there isn't only closure shared but also the skill of the man that you thought he cannot do. If you see a disabled person, you'll pass by it or ignore it, but now someone noticed and appreciated this man; and that someone is Pope Francis. Ignorance is not a good practice neither is neglecting simple and little things in life. Take time to give attention to new things that you know needs what you have plenty of, love and time. #EnglcomA52b1 #PopeFrancis #PapalVisitPH
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Happy feast day of Saint Aldegundis! She was a virgin and abess, also known as Adelgundis, Aldegonde, or Orgonne. She was a member of the royal family of the Merovingians and was raised by two saints: St. Walbert and St. Bertila, her parents. The family resided in the Hainault region of Flanders, a region of the Low Countries. Aldegundis refused offers of marriage from other nobles and received the veil from St. Amandius, the bishop of Maastricht. She followed this ceremony of acceptance into the religious life with the foundation of a convent near the Sambre River, at a desert site called Malbode. Her sister, St. Waldetrudis, had founded a convent at Mons. Aldegundis' foundation became Mauberge, a noted Benedictine monastery, later taken over by canonesses. Aldegundis is reported to have died of cancer at the age of fifty-four.
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Ideas that never leave the drawing board. xP Releasing theme logo for college's cultural fest, Moksha.
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This was Pope Francis' answer when asked about his cooking. I just love his sense of humour.
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Mattresses on the ceiling in a refugee camps for Syrians in Lebanon. Mattresses must be put on the ceiling during the day to transform the shelter into a community area and to remove the humidity absorbed by the mattresses during the night. #ngo #nonprofit #activism #socialgood #photooftheday #travel #pictureoftheday #canada #nofilter #catholic #church #popefrancis #lebanon #refugees #winter #hunger #cold #snow #syria #matress
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While most people have already moved on from "Pope Mania", I don't think I haven't yet and I hope it remains that way. His visit was just perfect in timing with the start of the year and how I want to change because 2014 saw the worst in me. Now, every time I'm faced with a challenge or provoked to bring out my bad side, I ask myself what the Pope would do, at the same time asking what Jesus would do. Why do I adore the Pope? He's proof that it's possible for us humans to be just like Christ in our words and ways. Photo taken last Monday morning when I and the rest of Manila woke up early to see the Pope before he left for Rome. #vscocam #vsco #vscoph #vscomanila #vscophilippines #PopeFrancis #PopeFrancisPH #PopeFrancisTYSM #DearPopeFrancis #Manila #Philippines #sunrise
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Nativity in today's Wall Street Journal- 1/30/15 -- {find link to article on Facebook.com/KeepNativityOpen, or get a hard copy today} #KeepNativityOpen
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bechicmag : @jorgeramosnews: Latinos luchan por su Iglesia @univision
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30 gennaio. Autoscatto. GEMELLI #giannimorandi #sanremo2015 #TOPOLINO #barsport #paint #painting #gesoo #fav3vicar #popefrancis #christmas #2k15 #dolomites
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Photo from Armed Forces of the Philippines Public Information Office #ENGLCOMA52B1 #PapalVisitPH #PopeFrancis
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theabelle_celeste : Unity and faith. These two words best depict our fellow Filipinos as they gathered in the Quirino Grandstand for the open-air mass presided by Pope Francis last January 18, 2014. About six to seven million attended the mass, which brought history as it was known to be the largest crowd in history. According to the report by the government-run PTV 4, Fr. Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesperson, was quoted as saying that they have never seen such a large crowd. They were awed by the Filipino's high energy and festive mood; Moreover, the sudden down pour of rain did not stop the people from cheering their hearts out as the pope arrived in the Quirino Grandstand. The people showed how their faith is stronger than any other hardships they have encountered just to witness this once in a lifetime experience.
theabelle_celeste : This aerial view of the concluding mass of Pope Francis in the Philippines is one of the most powerful photo for me becuase it is an evidence of the Filipino's deep faith, love, and unity. Devotees waited for several hours despite the bad weather to see the Pope and no doubt, all their struggles were worth it. Pope Francis' mere presence has brought so much hope to the Filipinos; However, what struck everyone the most is his words of wisdom that inspired not just Catholics but people from other religious groups as well. During his mass in the University of Santo Tomas, he said, "allow yourselves to be surpised by God and don't be frightened by surprises". Those wonderful words from him has become my constant reminder that the Lord will never leave you; Moreover, He will let you feel his presence when least expected. I may not be able to witness one of his masses during his stay in the Philippines, but watching him on television and listening to his heartfelt message to the Filipinos brought me in tears. He has touched so many people's lives because of the message of hope, faith, and love he wants the Filipinos to contemplate on.
theabelle_celeste : Majority of the population of our country are born Catholics, but as I have seen in our society, only a few are the practicing Catholics. During my stay in De La Salle University, I have encountered diverse people with different beliefs. Most of them are Catholics; However, they all came to have a common feature and that is being inactive and not engaging into their religious practices. This has concerned the Church because the number of Catholics not participating in Church activites is increasing. Just by going to mass every week or praying has become a dragging activity to some people already because of the fast pace life that we live in. Thankfully, Pope Francis' visit has become an instrument of enlightenment to a lot of people to rekindle their faith. I believe that his coming to the country was a pefect timing. He came not only while there was unpredicatble rains but for me, it was also during the height of Filipinos questiioning their faith or forgetting their responsibilities as Catholics. Because of so many problems that our country is facing, many turned their backs to their faith and started to forget the true meaning of being a Christian; But with Pope Francis' influence, he inspired so many to re-evaluate themselves. I believe that his presence made the faith of Filipinos stronger and more meaningful. It is meaningful in a sense that many was able to revive their faith; Also, it inspired many to start practicing their faith just by simply going to mass every week or praying as a family. Those simple deeds were brought to practice again and it was all because of Pope Francis' emphasis on deepening our faith through actions. Indeed, the event was very historical because it has united millions of Filipinos who are eager to be enlightened and blessed by Pope Francis. I am optimistic and confident that the faith and unity that we have shown during the papal visit will remain if we continue to reflect on the messages he left for us.
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Pope Francis is awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ - Good morning everybody!- - It's Friday! ๐Ÿ’• - #popefrancis #god #catholic #christ #jesus #talent #goodmorning #friday #bringontoday
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Photo of the Year. #PopeFrances
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jollygypsy21 : His Holiness. #PopeFrancis
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in Rome.. :) #vatican #vaticancity #pope #popefrancis #church #family #sunday #saintpetersquare #saintpeterscathedral #saintpetersbasilica #sovatican
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80% wip. 3 hrs. & 30 mins. #PopeFrancis
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Drawing ni utol. #PopeFrancis #CardinalTagle #ProudKuya
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I was there! Blessed by the Pope! Thanks be to God! Praying for endless PEACE and LOVE for all Humanity ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿ˜Š #PopeFrancis #PopeFrancisPH2015 #EncounterWithFamilies #throwback #flashbackfriday
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