Feeling very excited for the next 16 weeks and so on with this precious kitten @rammerfit #grateful πŸ™πŸ½ time to get my ass kicked πŸ†
poortiming - grateful -
nickgudmundson23 : Doing the lmbc?
taylorjmaeff : @nickgudmundson23 going to try ! Gotta resist the holdiday treats #poortiming
luke_buehs - nickgudmundson23 - cchelseyrae - m_kaye69 -
Sick joke from Disney there.....#lionking #simba #disney #poortiming 🦁 @madetomovefitness_ good call.
poortiming - simba - disney - lionking -
longest7divisionx - madetomovefitness_ - aroyao -
When your girl is on some weird shit...something about something hanging over her pants and something tucking it in and hang.. Well damnnn okay @jazzg_ #haha #selectivehearing #always #poortiming #okay #welldamn #starbucks #vampira #katvond #katvondvampira #ilovemydork #funny #imdying
funny - ilovemydork - okay - always - haha - imdying - welldamn - katvondvampira - selectivehearing - katvond - starbucks - vampira - poortiming -
jazzg_ - bavilahmad - youaintbatman - gumi3.0 -
What idiot thought it was a good idea to send this out, really? Have some awareness. #poortiming
poortiming -
poreaga : Wow !!!! That is ridiculous !!!!!
herkules93 : @bellmediapr
njcalderhead - rileycmarra - alexandradodds86 - michalagasparini -
I can't to stop my face from leaking non-stop at the moment but I can still get some km's in and try to cook the bugs with heat and evaporation... #diebugs #taupocyclechallenge #poortiming
diebugs - poortiming - taupocyclechallenge -
ashley.kramer : Heat? What do you call heat?
markcurran_ : Just what I can make myself @ashley.kramer cook from the inside... If that fails, the heatpump goes to 50
lelik330 - redline_signwriters - brendonvette - gemlynskey -
I put you in there for 2 minutes and your still cold?? C'mon now I'm getting hungry and you playing these games isn't going to fly, not today! #coldfood #why #whyyoualwayslying #bodybuilding #eating #eatallday #poortiming #hungry #hungryasfuck
eating - whyyoualwayslying - eatallday - hungry - hungryasfuck - poortiming - coldfood - bodybuilding - why -
kelkosborne : @ironmitchgoldstein what's longer- a microwave minute or a stairmaster minute?
ironmitchgoldstein : Good question. Either way we're always screwed haha @kelkosborne
snisanov : @rinanisan @beckaa_18 @rachelisayev
kelkosborne - explorecreateshare - livindadream248 - kareneuniceiolea -
Back from the #ATX. Gotta get back into the #HTX groove thang
poortiming - atx - htx -
jrentas78 : Nice!
csharber : The shirt or the view? Lol!
jrentas78 : Both
csharber : Hahahahaha! At least you're honest. Yup. I'm a Houstonite again...
csharber : You should have found me last week.. I was in Austin. #poortiming
bandoliermedia - steveylikesit - jrentas78 -
The Blue Angels interrupted my family picture at the air show. #poortiming
poortiming -
vcehmommy - jcarpenter1999 - apiewilliams - sbthatslife -
I think this means it'll bloom when I'm in Boston for thanksgiving. #forcingbulbs #paperwhite #poortiming
poortiming - forcingbulbs - paperwhite -
pfroe - mrseverwood - wendymeigs - daniellemarie44 -
I love how now that I'm 22, all the American girl dolls I wanted as a little girl are now being released...πŸ˜‘ #poortiming #throwbackthursday
poortiming - throwbackthursday -
mandicrimminsmusic - samantha_rivers - elenigatoss - savrootes -
We are sad over here. Tucker because he knows I'm leaving. I am sad because I am feeling more and more achy and in pain from whatever my body is trying to fight off. I didn't even work out tonight 😳. I know many people have it way worse - and I am still extremely grateful to be as healthy as I am. I am just frustrated with the timing. Here's to hoping I wake up feeling better tomorrow - I have an exciting weekend ahead! #dogsofinstagram #girlsbestfriend #thatface #tuckman #poortiming #iwillfeelbetter #flushotiblameyou #swollenglands #ouch #pushthrough
dogsofinstagram - girlsbestfriend - ouch - tuckman - iwillfeelbetter - poortiming - swollenglands - thatface - pushthrough - flushotiblameyou -
cdaunhauer2 - ashley_marie_g - bmathis_fit - leigh_brooke83 -
Simple dinner while prepping my meals for the next few days. #crockpot #salmon and #sweetpotato , the green beans are still cooking. #poortiming on my part. #cleaneating
poortiming - crockpot - salmon - cleaneating - sweetpotato -
nicolecress - melanietomato - michelleroserocco - dancingpanda78 -
I never said I make good decisions. #newtoy #poortiming #scallywags
poortiming - scallywags - newtoy -
trevor_804 : πŸ‘πŸΌ
jamiemolitor : Dang boyyyy
jamiemolitor - meggrupa - deanbarten - erinwegs -
Beech Grove Band slowly making progress. #jazz #funk #groove #poortiming
poortiming - jazz - groove - funk -
katiehold - vasileios_tso - dgonzd - sammclean1 -
Or in my case moonpies #fail #fatkidproblems #delicious #theregoesmyworkout #victoriassecret #commercial #poortiming
poortiming - fatkidproblems - delicious - fail - victoriassecret - commercial - theregoesmyworkout -
thedianapereira : πŸ‘Œ πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘
thedianapereira - awesomecontent - elmfilms - jamesdeank -
One of the design-iest #Whotels I've experienced. Love or hate this lobby? I kinda dig it
poortiming - whotels -
davsoldf : Nice renovation on the lobby
rrg76 : Love! I've never seen a W I don't like.
daveacr : @rrg76 guess you haven't been to Seattle W lol
rrg76 : @daveacr You are correct 😁
kanader : @rdallaverde πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» ❀️ W
thepointsguy : @miamoretti already back stateside #poortiming
mercadito : @mexnthecity
kirstenalana : I kinda dig it too!
sabbanator - farepoint - scratcherbounty - angtutterow -
If I can resist a beer here, I can resist a beer anywhere - #antibiotics #poortiming #cokeplease
poortiming - antibiotics - cokeplease -
j_ph22 : A drink to dull your fear of heights?
chadjack84 - remybrowning - rachel0ates - benbooker12 -
That moment when your group is all set to click a selfie, but then someone got dirt in her eye. :( #HalloweenCelebration #selfie #PoorTiming #Demokrazy
poortiming - demokrazy - selfie - halloweencelebration -
soumi_paul_chowdhury : :3 -_- :/
rockstafazar - paulami.mojo - soumi_paul_chowdhury - pronali -
Happy flipping Halloween. #laundry #fu #halloween #lesbians #whatchuknowaboutrelationships #cute #kittycat #ghetto #fail #girls #bff #fun #didntmeetchristianslater #poortiming #whererujamesfranco #love #me #us #selfie
cute - whatchuknowaboutrelationships - fu - selfie - halloween - fun - fail - love - ghetto - me - bff - kittycat - girls - us - lesbians - laundry - poortiming - whererujamesfranco - didntmeetchristianslater -
damaris.reyes.311 : #hitlerstash #seriously @grace.in.motion
dguttmann : #lesbians?
dguttmann : What u know about relationships?
dguttmann : Sorry I'm lost
damaris.reyes.311 : #insidejoke
damaris.reyes.311 : #sorrynotsorry
bruceduane - kbriglia - carsonsmama629 - damaris.reyes.311 -
Time for school. Shoutout to my student who asked why I didn't dress up today. #poortiming #reportcardsarebeingwrittentoday
poortiming - reportcardsarebeingwrittentoday -
hurleyhorse : Just now seeing this and it's hilarious
dbell1293 - vorourke5 - eblmom - britanywilliams -
Here we go again...#occupationalhazard #stiches #fatthumbs #poortiming
stiches - poortiming - occupationalhazard - fatthumbs -
theshelbinator1 : 😟
hgoldberg10 : aw man
hgoldberg10 - debyingst -
You've totally missed the caprese party dude. Basil was searching all over for you and left looking really disappointed. #lastone #tomato #gardening #poortiming
tomato - poortiming - lastone - gardening -
gentlemanjune - alyssatolman - austin.summerlin - fyredancer41 -
My awesome huge salad fixins. Just waiting on my chicken to cook! 😁 #poortiming #foodlog #salad #lunch
poortiming - lunch - foodlog - salad -
katiegetsfit23 - fit_rosey74 - tina_wrapsplusmore - kris_adrian6 -
Reasons why I need a metronome and a better amp and probably guitar lessons #poortiming
poortiming -
Too many balls! Can't look at u daddy! #poortiming
poortiming -
mserinnire - mellystique - yessykhoo - jaygohch -
Still waiting on the sweet baby girl to get here... But happy I got to say goodbye to the belly one last time. πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸΌ and @angelajoykeen #kali #poortiming #cantwaittomeether #orlando
poortiming - kali - orlando - cantwaittomeether -
angelajoykeen : Love you so much πŸ˜€πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
nonna09 : My beautiful daughters❀️❀️
lauren1857 : ❀️❀️
cocolocofun : @andikelly can you check your DM please?
cocolocofun - dp_domenico31 - 4runner11 - ladyschaen -
Can only happen to me. Buy at $0.07, sell at $0.14 ($14k). 6 months later, had I have held, I could have had $140k+........ #shares #asx #poortiming #impatient #battlewounds #regret #lovehaterelationship #SBM #stbarbara #thanks #but #no #thanks #end #of #rant
regret - battlewounds - end - stbarbara - no - of - asx - but - shares - impatient - rant - thanks - lovehaterelationship - poortiming - sbm -
louloudarls : 😱😱😱😱
katameiiart : Terrific!
vargordi_k : @katameiiart unfortunately it was the opposite of terrific....😀😧😭😭😭
ehsanfazelpour - behnoush.shahkarami - s.vargordi - pedrammodaresi -
Money that came out of an FNB ATM when I withdrew last night. I called the call centre and couldn't go through, then called the Fraud Department and was advised that I could go into any branch and they would exchange it for me. I went to a branch this morning ONLY FOR THEM TO TELL ME THAT THEY CANNOT ACCEPT IT, AND THAT I NEED TO TAKE IT TO THE RESERVE BANK! @FNB Can someone tell me why FNB cannot take responsibility for money that comes out of their ATM?? WHAT AN INCONVENIENCE!!!!!! #FNB #poorservice #poorqualitycontrol #poortiming #poorfriday #poorweekend
poorqualitycontrol - fnb - poortiming - poorfriday - poorweekend - poorservice -
masibulelem : you are in possession of illegal tender right there! Just remember the time you got it out of the atm
khustar_ : As a member, I'm very disappointed with @fnbsa
Theocratic History was made! I was able to be part of the first Arabic Pre-group meeting in Cleveland. May Jehovah continue to bless this endeavor. 10/13/15 #teamjehovah #pregroup #arabic #represent #congregationbookstudy #firstofmany #theocratichistory #jw #preachtheword #hugesupport #abletocomment #governingbody #feltlikeakidagain #pumped #fullofemotions #repost @forensandygram
represent - jw - pregroup - arabic - congregationbookstudy - feltlikeakidagain - repost - firstofmany - fullofemotions - theocratichistory - preachtheword - hugesupport - pumped - poortiming - abletocomment - governingbody - teamjehovah -
aaron_the_snowman : @j0n_bryant He's definitely one of them! He conducted the bookstudy.
j0n_bryant : So awesome
lovepioneering : So so proud of YOU! MAJOR KOOL NESS!
hillarysuesse : This is so great! Excited for you all! @aaron_the_snowman
kshref : I'm so proud of you! @aaron_the_snowman
photolexic : How cool!
sandyhere : Beautiful!!! πŸ’
hummasue : @aaron_the_snowman wow such good theocratic progress going on
mauricessa - mrswilliams91215 - sistersteff - bre_bre_conel -
#pun #punk #punny #poor #poorbaby #poortaste #poortiming
poor - poorbaby - pun - poortiming - poortaste - punny - punk -
grahamgrams28 : πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
grahamgrams28 - sweetstumbleine - megankathryn00 - gsxtrading -
The day after I leave my job and have this exciting new chapter ahead, my first piece of mail today is from Forest Lawn. WTH. #poortiming
poortiming -
fkb5509 : Hahaha omgπŸ˜‚
fkb5509 : That's probably for that ugly monkeyπŸ’
s.whitey : What the...!?!?
kkausch54 : There has got to be a hidden meaning in that - but a positive meaning!
kkausch54 - kt.hohl - fkb5509 - zfriloux -
When you're on your honeymoon and you and your husband have a cold.... #sniffles #coughs #EmergenC #Halls #kleenex #snugglesandtv @joemiller102003 #poortiming
poortiming - halls - sniffles - emergenc - kleenex - snugglesandtv - coughs -
kleenex : @sarahalycedoor Aw, feel better soon you two! Congrats on your wedding! #KleenexMoment
joemiller102003 : @kleenex thanks Kleenex!
kochmichael1971 : @sarahalycedoor sorry you're both sick on your honeymoon
danyellnewell - _jonathon_81 - jaymryan_ - ciaraclaro_ -
You always hated that I hung this without finishing it. This ones for my angel face @crisalaxo #poortiming #foragoodcause #inspired #missyou
poortiming - inspired - foragoodcause - missyou -
ryan_raeburn - riverhighwind - andreambarcia - k_longe -
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