If I drink something cold does it trick my body onto thinking it's warmer?
poortiming - heatwave - lemonade - anyvitaminc - butitswinter -
cinnamonstix12 : Definitely
bec_jenkins : #lemonade #butitswinter #poortiming #anyvitaminc #heatwave
jessicaebest - lee.cone - courtskies - cinnamonstix12 -
#babyFrankberg was real interested in the art today πŸ’™πŸ˜ #sleepybaby (ps: seconds before this he was awake and fussing during the planetarium show, so I had to leave. #poortiming)
mommyandbaby - sleepybaby - babygram - poortiming - babyfrankberg - artmuseum -
born2breathe : I see frank is thrilled.
pocahont_ash : #babygram #artmuseum #mommyandbaby
jamminlalas - banditaxtcdg - mamavandrev - sreed72 -
Not a bad #sunset tonight. Wish I had time to get a a better lookout spot. #poortiming #sanjose #california
poortiming - sanjose - sunset - california -
domligorio - brettjh - jameseves - chitan_ph -
I found dis squirrel but the sad part was like 5 secs later he attacked this little kid for throwing rocks a I it and I laughed my ass off but I don't have my phone out #poortiming #SQUIRREL
poortiming - squirrel -
isaiah___6 - myleszumwalt - alfred_ramos25 - ju_sulli -
In light of everything, it's really comforting knowing a loved one can receive $3,000 if I die in a freak accident or am dismembered
poortiming -
drinkstea_ : #Poortiming
andrewendres - muggle_mig - xtinawhowhat - 90christine -
The guinea pig I totally would've taken home if circumstances weren't so unpredictable #guineapig #adoption #adoptapet #abyssinian #poortiming
poortiming - adoption - guineapig - abyssinian - adoptapet -
kuuu37 - jrita200611 - courtney_renee_anne - cadenezra -
Horror film or burn victim? Only time will tell. I'm leaning towards incompetent chef, though. #ouch #downwithfish #poortiming
poortiming - ouch - downwithfish -
andyj25 : BOOOOO
laurahappyhall - andyj25 - livredevie123 - raybaucom -
I come home and cut on the TV to find #BET is airing this movie about a hostage situation at a black church... #Tasteless #Classless #PoorTiming
poortiming - classless - bet - tasteless - : I THINK that's the movie they've been airing for the month BUT they could've pulled the plug on it afterwards smh. A mess!!!!
trevor.hunt : I agree
candyz_land : I said the same thing. I was like #come on man
ahillsman_85 - keshawms - treal_the_great - saxofsoul_10 -
Dear Atlanta, Your traffic sucks.
poortiming - atlanta - amiright -
tysgirly : #amiright #poortiming #atlanta
guess we won't be using our hot tub for the foreseeable future #poortiming #ncsummer #thesouth
poortiming - thesouth - ncsummer -
alisha_sommer - lzotian - ampartin - kamnaj -
Story of my life. #MadeThePaper #SortOf #PoorTiming #ImBehindTheArm
poortiming - sortof - madethepaper - imbehindthearm -
willhoman - acoyle325 - courtneyjo324 - darthbuc -
The sadness & truth to this. πŸ˜πŸ˜“ #newbeginnings #poortiming
poortiming - newbeginnings -
thepinkhatrunner - chuck2789 - darwinianfail - lriems -
"I'm tired and want blanket." Welp... Sorry little buddy it's 6:30p and he's still getting washed. #poortiming #sadface #blessmymess
poortiming - sadface - blessmymess -
lward1026 - little_princess_diana - akpohl - bispimpyo -
Or the fire alarm can go off and I can chill outside. So much for work! #poortiming #firealarm #idonthavetimeforthis #letmebackin
poortiming - firealarm - letmebackin - idonthavetimeforthis -
biogirl4life - thepuckstopshere39 - superlexiwalker -
πŸ• song #5sos #poortiming #PutItInAshtonIrwin #instahub #instalove #doubletap #imsorry
5sos - instahub - doubletap - poortiming - putitinashtonirwin - instalove - imsorry -
tacsports1 : Love it!
tyleraw93 : 😘😍😍
primframes - conorwalsh_17 - tychristiankisleghy - tatimvrie -
Clue #3 - Natures natural accelerants. Is this Scavenger Hunt item the best choice? Oh definitely not, but other than photos of my wedding this is my favorite picture of all time. How long do you think it took here to collect that many "fire starters"? #ReallyGladToBeAliveNow #CentralHeating #NoWonderPeopleDidntSmileInPicturesBackThen #GoTeamKokkola #ThatLastHashtagHasNothingToDoWithTheMaterialBeingDiscussed #PoorTiming #LLT2015
centralheating - llt2015 - nowonderpeopledidntsmileinpicturesbackthen - thatlasthashtaghasnothingtodowiththematerialbeingdiscussed - poortiming - 3 - goteamkokkola - reallygladtobealivenow -
monwhitesinsta : Crapy.....Of coarse Pioneer children hunting chips for wood!!! #whydidntithinkofthat #llt2015
nick_faulkner68 : What a crapy job!!
kimberlymlayton : For sure the crapiest job!
abbey.nelson - kattiaaaaaaaa - codyjeppsencase - nick_faulkner68 -
If the countdown says 46 days til Puerto Rico, then we have 45 days until our triathlon 😳 #poortiming #swimbikerun #fitteacher #3disciplines #duathlon #sprint
fitteacher - duathlon - poortiming - swimbikerun - sprint - 3disciplines -
n_plank : On my behalf, the bike happened first. And my legs became jello second.
snowness : I like how you are riding your bike on a road that runs almost parallel to a road that is your last name. :)
n_plank : @snowness It was Monument Rd., the awful hills we did at the tri!!
katiejo7 : You got this!
healthyhartz - katiejo7 - emily_martin42 - tford14 -
So, it was dry when we left the house... #oops #poortiming #yeg #wetroadtrip
poortiming - wetroadtrip - oops - yeg -
stealthperformanceinc - off_for_miles - dianabstyle - 587fuentes -
Thanks for that, dog #poortiming #naturalbeauty
poortiming - naturalbeauty -
caitlinlewis1x - joshpointon - samshirls - gennamorgan13 -
TBT to 2004 when @a_ham10 broke his elbow...too bad he fractured the same elbow again today!!! No ⚽️ 😒 #poortiming #nosoccerthisweekend #stilltravelingwithhisEPDteam #mykidisbummed
poortiming - nosoccerthisweekend - stilltravelingwithhisepdteam - mykidisbummed -
evnowns : What?! Ah dang that sucks poor Andre
sakucarter123 : Holy crap, how did he do it?
gothamiltonboys : @sakucarter123 weight training class at school
andraduff123 : :(
maebous - keetonheggerness - _chungy_ - andraduff123 -
Throwback to last Wednesday at #theritz #manchester for #themaccabees and how to ruin a photo by telling everyone the person taking the photo looks like Dr Robotnik #poortiming #shefuckingdidthough
poortiming - themaccabees - theritz - manchester - shefuckingdidthough -
clarewray27 - davidwjc - ____marie_ - hewson1989 -
You gon sprawl on me?! Missed the reshot single opportunity, back to wrestling training tomorrow night at 7.30! #cantholdmedown #chasingthattwo #poortiming #keepmovingforward #needtoimprove #ecjja #irishwrestling
chasingthattwo - keepmovingforward - ecjja - poortiming - cantholdmedown - needtoimprove - irishwrestling -
andrewmcgahon : Nice sit out. #irishwrestling
leahmccourt : @patrick.mcalister
oceanmachine14 : Nice Job man
andrewmcgahon : Couldn't miss the opportunity to throw up a single leg myself
cianf21 - progressjj - leahmccourt - rosa_walsh7 -
What a time for a person to get in the way of a photo #timing #poortiming #columbia #travelporn #villagelife #photography #travelgram #southamerica #child #ciudadperdida #lostcity #moments #travelphotography
lostcity - columbia - travelporn - moments - southamerica - photography - child - ciudadperdida - poortiming - travelphotography - travelgram - timing - villagelife -
johnnyjet : Cool!
onedamo - mccarthyaaron - christianclarkphotos - johnnyjet -
F*ck you advertising #rain #poortiming #weather #Brighton #advertising #sun #thereisnosuninengland
weather - thereisnosuninengland - advertising - poortiming - sun - rain - brighton -
lameraj - ad2atx - fknjords - ladychlo -
Its a long story that I'll share on when we get home, but I was not able to fish while here in Oslo. I'm sorry if you were looking forward to the story and pictures, but a few uncontrollable events and a lack of information in English made it just too difficult. Instead, we watched the Constitution Day parade and followed it to the lawn of the Royal Palace where we could see, from a distance, the royal family waving from the balcony. #disappointed #ImSorry #NoFishingInNorway #nofishing #noflyfishing #leavingtomorrow #flyfishingvacation #flyfishingNorway #flyfishingOslo #ConstitutionDay #Parade #RoyalPalace #PoorTiming #HopeTheresANextTime #GladIFishedInStockholm
nofishing - noflyfishing - parade - royalpalace - hopetheresanexttime - flyfishingoslo - constitutionday - flyfishingvacation - flyfishingnorway - leavingtomorrow - nofishinginnorway - poortiming - disappointed - imsorry - gladifishedinstockholm -
crerainier - al3xanderness - torigre - pipeflyfisherman -
#Smh #12PercentPayRaise #WashingtonLawmakers #PoorTiming #9.47 #MinimunWage Though? #CostOfLiving? #FuckTheLittleManIGuess
fuckthelittlemaniguess - 12percentpayraise - minimunwage - washingtonlawmakers - 9 - costofliving - smh - poortiming -
miss_rashid - ms.kk.a.y -
Tried to go for a run and ended up getting drenched ... Damn rain... #poortiming
poortiming -
raidernick02 : It's raining up here north tooπŸ˜’β˜”οΈ
courtneeeyyyy - daygowatson - _kristinediaz - _christinnaag12 -
I actually think this could be right... #death #sarcasm #sarcastic #causeofdeath #wrongtime #poortiming
poortiming - death - wrongtime - causeofdeath - sarcasm - sarcastic -
jacktoms_ - kirsty_louise_87 - valery_alexeev - darisha_niasha -
Mother's Day & have to say it's not easy being a mom home without your kids & fur child :) At least I had fun earlier on the golf course 😁 #momsday #tooquiet #lovemyboys #weekendwithdad #poortiming
poortiming - tooquiet - weekendwithdad - momsday - lovemyboys -
phillipstc - carmmelendez - cali_kid_25 - itaron -
Killer arm and ab workout to distract me from margaritasssss. 5 rounds for time: 3 snatches (105#). 6 Shoot-thrus (shown in video). 9 GHD sit-ups. Here's round number 5. #beyourownsuperhero #unleashedfitness
beyourownsuperhero - unleashedfitness -
petersphotosynthesis : #wcw @emilyschromm
lraww : @evelbenievel goals! Lol
emilyschromm : @ellenlongley LOVE hearing that!!!!
janjanyee : @didiblike
justin_sajda : @galen_the_last_son_of_holloway yes
bethbroo : @cfdowntowndsm we need to do these shoot throughs in wods.
johnthebeastblack : @bambierae
dalalmuraikhi : @bujacob
evajamcreates - marangelyangy - snuggle74 - incahootz_fitness -
Can't believe a few days ago, we were there, watching them set up for the #metgala #poortiming πŸ˜•
metgala - poortiming -
angeledie - rebeccajaneg -
Can't think of a better week to summon a stay at home mom for jury duty than the first week of summer. Looks like finding a full time babysitter for a week just got #1 on the priority list. #poortiming
1 - poortiming -
anfrancom : That stinks!!
jlmattson : Seriously. That stinks
kmarie77 : Oh gross. So sorry.
lizesq : That is not very much notice! Geez.
andrewehunter - sig.mckie -
#Repost @kingp_a_ Had a very bad experience yesterday in Brentwood, with a rude parking lot attendant, behind Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Barrington & San Vicente, who refused to allow me to park in his lot, lied and said the parking lot was full. I parked my car in the adjacent lot after he told me to go around the block. I tactfully confronted him after he allowed a car to proceed to park into his lot... He got defensive, deflected and said I was being rude. This person was Latino, so we technically were in the same boat, but because I am black, I already sensed he was prejudiced towards me. After I finished my meeting, I returned to the same parking lot and approached him again just to say no hard feelings but this time he was chopping it up with two tall white men. I excused myself and asked if I could have a word with him and he said, "no I don't want to talk to you" and in a condescending manner said "I forgive you" as if I had done something wrong...I walked away and said, God bless you. The one white guy said thank you, the other one stared me down and rolled his eyes. I understood exactly what was going on. Frankly, in this day in age, that was terrible and unacceptable. Never have I ever come across such a rude parking lot attendant and the timing of their actions could not have been worse. I could have reacted and cussed them out, but decided to take the high road. They have been affluent, but they had zero class. Another example or Race ism and classism, to me, I don't care where you live, that behavior towards anyone is unacceptable! ・・・
#TheRootOfAllEvilisGreedAndJealousyDueToMoney #ThingsMoneyCantBuy #MoneyDontImpressMeItsJustAPromissaryNote #classism#haves#havenots#usandthem#youcantsitwithus#pompouswindbags#prejudice#poortiming#boycottingthatparkingstructure#context#racerelations#notplayingthevictim#exposingthemforwhatitis#youcantbuyclass
haves - pompouswindbags - usandthem - poortiming - moneydontimpressmeitsjustapromissarynote - notplayingthevictim - classism - boycottingthatparkingstructure - therootofallevilisgreedandjealousyduetomoney - youcantbuyclass - exposingthemforwhatitis - repost - youcantsitwithus - racerelations - thingsmoneycantbuy - prejudice - context - havenots -
kingp_a_ - beachmcgee -
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