Making my first Scobys! Kombucha time!
poopjuice - kombucha - growyourown - makeyourown - scoby -
company_man : #scoby #kombucha #makeyourown #growyourown #poopjuice
washaping : Get that fart juice outta my face!!!#sadboys
katnip___ : Lol @washaping #sadboys #poopjuice @company_man
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My haul from @greasyglassnshit !!! #poopjuice #elvisoverslyme #rocketpop #aphrodesia #specialelvis #purplesunset #gl33 #greasyglass #borobitch #glassofig #glasshappy
purplesunset - greasyglass - rocketpop - poopjuice - elvisoverslyme - borobitch - specialelvis - glassofig - aphrodesia - glasshappy - gl33 -
alpacacreations : I love the colors :)
bluemountainglass - sew_knotty - bignelly25 - laceycakes55 -
My Friday night.. Sippin hard on that post workout hulk drank.. πŸ’ͺ❀️😜 #poopjuice #icantfeelmyarms #strawsarecute #imadorable #gains #addictedtothepump
icantfeelmyarms - gains - poopjuice - imadorable - strawsarecute - addictedtothepump -
domokiitty : What time!? @43martin43 I have to be home by 10am lol
domokiitty : @43martin43 wait I'm doing back what are u doing?
e.t1990 : Hi @domokiitty you where @uziel_montano friend and gym partner right?
domokiitty : @e.t1990 yes lol
domokiitty : @e.t1990 what happened to his phone?
e.t1990 : Send me a private message please
e.t1990 : @domokiitty
e.t1990 : Im guessing you know what happened already? @domokiitty 😒
alexmurillo - sarahjolynn - desireemnty6 - malia_mi -
It's coffee time!! #coffeeforbreakfast #coffee #poopjuice #pooppotion #beautyschool #eyes #prettyeyes #hazeleyes #pinkhair #girlswithpiercings #girlswithcolorfulhair #curls #curlyhair #prettygirl
coffee - prettygirl - coffeeforbreakfast - poopjuice - beautyschool - curls - eyes - pooppotion - pinkhair - hazeleyes - girlswithcolorfulhair - curlyhair - prettyeyes - girlswithpiercings -
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Who can hold a shot of Mallort in their mouth longer? @pappyv #poopjuice #nicehandbag
nicehandbag - poopjuice -
jkoeneman : #BirthdayHandbag
superjaye : Oh why are they torturing themselves!?
non_robyn : I threw up in my mouth thinking about it.
huggybear1225 - indybrewchef - jkoeneman - weavr -
Time to prepare my body for all the damage I'm going to do during my birthday week..
poopjuice - cmonster -
mskianalynn : #Cmonster #poopjuice
johnnythompson : #frozen #letitFlow
dudetoddrocks : πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
hammerblood - johnnythompson - brynnaashley_creepyb - kaitlynvitugstyles -
Smoothie time! Banana, blueberries, hemp protein, peaches, and almond milk! πŸ˜‹ #smoothie #fruit #healthy #plantbased #vegan #yum #foodporn #poopjuice
plantbased - poopjuice - smoothie - foodporn - vegan - healthy - fruit - yum -
miss_ann_thrope65 : Haha poop juice
eatdemvegs : I can't handle peaches in smoothies. For some reason I just don't like them.
trashy_tina : @eatdemvegs huh that's funny cuz I don't even taste them in mine lol
chibbly22 - valeriedupond - comatose__ -
Juice bottle... he just keeps looking at it like "this isn't right" #poopjuice
poopjuice -
tabbydoll - girlyteen56 - missa8608 -
I like to call this blend the jet fuel blend three types of expresso #jetfuelblend #starbucksespresso #columbiandarkroastbeans and #expressoblend #getsome #jetfuel #poopjuice
columbiandarkroastbeans - getsome - jetfuel - poopjuice - starbucksespresso - jetfuelblend - expressoblend -
brandenoliveira - tricksofchevy -
#waterfall #beautiful #huntermountain #catskills #minivacay #poopjuice
beautiful - minivacay - waterfall - poopjuice - huntermountain - catskills -
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Problems solved ! #happyfamily #gettinsquidywitit #wtf #nofun #ouch #poopjuice #spoildsangria #whenportlandwascool #portlandproblems
gettinsquidywitit - nofun - happyfamily - poopjuice - ouch - whenportlandwascool - wtf - spoildsangria - portlandproblems -
cecesaysgetbent : #punksdopinkstuff
_cirithungol_ - zombiecats - gentleninja - dissociate_ -
Look what the cat dragged in ! #poopjuice #spoildsangria #punksdopinkstuff #uhoh #bringtoiletpaper
spoildsangria - punksdopinkstuff - bringtoiletpaper - uhoh - poopjuice -
coolpizza : haha #bringtoiletpaper
drillerkiller420 - bleeding_streets - dissociate_ - coolpizza -
Montana 2014 ❀️ a much needed vacation with the best family in the whole world. They are my strength to overcome any obstacle. #familyisforever #thelastbestplace #montana #blessed
familyisforever - montana - thelastbestplace - blessed - poopjuice -
so_im_grace_12 : That doesn't even look like @madtella
madtella : well, it so happens to be me. @so_im_grace_12
so_im_grace_12 : Haha @madtella
shannypaiige : Yep. Any obstacle. Even a week overdue appt. To the toilet.
prodigious_booty : Hahahahaha πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ love you, bae @shannypaiige #poopjuice
shannypaiige : @lar_rose β™₯ ;)
aftonlovell : Lol @shannypaiige. @lar_rose you over came a lot in Montana this year! Tall mountains, getting lost, riding double with Trevor, hard bike rides oh yes and your bowels!
blackcobra713 - rachelkayo - saeedshihab - lissajeanie -
Sluggy Turtle Sunday. Chemo has been taking a harder hit on my toytle shell lately. I've been hibernating a lot- the weird emotions, bone pain, and all that other poopie stuff has really been kickin me in the toosh. Sometimes just getting out of bed is a struggle.... Chemo likes to give me these gifts- of feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically pooped out- but at the end of the day I keep my heart open to God, and with just that, he gives me that extra push to turtle on to the next day and to look at Cancer in its face and say- bring it dudes! Beat me down all you want- God is keeping my heart strong, and that's all I need to keep my spirits high! πŸ‘ŠπŸ™βœŒοΈπŸ’πŸ’©πŸŒβ­οΈπŸŒˆβ˜€οΈβš‘οΈπŸ’ŠπŸ§πŸ©#tmnt #turtle #pillowpet #sleepy #teamtoytle #godisgood #faith #hibernationtime #poopjuice #chemobrain #chemomakesmefeelsuperweird
turtle - godisgood - poopjuice - tmnt - sleepy - pillowpet - teamtoytle - hibernationtime - faith - chemobrain - chemomakesmefeelsuperweird -
iliketoytles : πŸ™βœŒοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’© I'm feeling so humbled! Thank you for your kind comment dudes, wishing you a turtletastic week πŸ’πŸ’š @suprafresshh
iliketoytles : Love you dudesssss πŸ˜˜πŸ’šπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ© @preciousphan
jesschacon86 : Chemo always gets to me too. And every time I say to myself "I can't do it again" but in the days that follow God reveals Himself to me in subtle ways letting me know "I am still here and together we can do this." God is with you always. Be confident of His love for you. And mine as well! ;) Love you sweet girl! Praying for strength and peace πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ @iliketoytles
iliketoytles : πŸ™πŸ’βœŒοΈ love you tons beautiful! Our friendship has been such a beautiful blessing, your faith in God has definitely encouraged me to continuously have faith in his plans for us πŸ™ hope you and the family have been well, big hugs and love! πŸ’š @jesschacon86
getinwhereifitin : Push on warrior princess. Our love. Hope, and prayers are with you.
iliketoytles : πŸ‘ŠπŸ™ chooo chooo! ✌️always appreciate the love prayers and positive vibes! @getinwhereifitin
vmariiexo : God is always with you and you really are a big inspiration! Many of us think we have it so rough but we don't realize that there are worse things people are enduring out there. Keep fighting !!! You can do it & most of all keep the faithπŸ’•πŸ’•
iliketoytles : πŸ™πŸ˜˜βœŒοΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ’š thank you sweetness for reaching out and leaving such positive vibes! I'm feeling humbled! πŸ’š God Bless you and wishing you and your loved ones a turtletastic weekend! Big hugs! πŸ‘Š @vmariiexo
lnt5786 - magcon.kinley - amreen_da_otaku - hbunnie2012 -
I made juice.
poopjuice -
olddustyflowers : πŸ’© juice
mogenz : @olddustyflowers #poopjuice
samgoody87 : I also made you some poop juice. I'm making it right now actually πŸ˜©πŸ˜–πŸ’©
datswestup : What's in it??
mogenz : @datswestup rainbow chard, lettuce, spinach, apples, pears, grapes.
datswestup : Super yum!
felixfurlz - jdotcolombo - brainvan - hypostyle -
3 weeks till Mexico πŸ™€ #poopjuice #skinnyjuice #cleanmybowels
cleanmybowels - skinnyjuice - poopjuice -
tayl_feather : Since I made about 125oz I can't really say how much of each thing I used but... These juices have Kale, spinach, bok choy, Swiss chard, cucumbers, limes, Granny Smith apples, and ginger @frescomills
frescomills : Understandable. I'm tryna cleanse myself as well.
frescomills : Thank you.
tayl_feather : It's a great cleanse... Go to fat sick and nearly dead . Com he has a bunch of recipe @frescomills
frescomills : Checking it out now. Thank you.
danielsonnnnnnnnnnn : Like jade needs it πŸ˜’
qkymber : @tayl_feather how long does it last? I usually just make it and drink it right away.
tayl_feather : I put them in the mason jars upside down and that seals them ... They should last up to the end of the week no later @qkymber
mswhitee61 - emilyrosechiominto - rissaguido - shaundin -
#poopjuice #fece #shots #punkshow
punkshow - fece - shots - poopjuice -
jonas_gutierrez : Nice Pic! Follow me!?
brvn_clothing - poop_and_destroy - fotografiagonzo - theothersueltersister -
How long have you? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜· #sauce #red #cream #poopjuice #partyatericshouse
partyatericshouse - poopjuice - sauce - red - cream -
kyledy2014 : A+ big boy
not_eric_ries : Thanks cowboy πŸ˜‰ @kyledy2014
kyledy2014 : 😘😘
annabelle_earps - kiesharocks - emily.cooley - geege_love -
Hazelnut. Good lawds. #poopjuice #methinacan #priviledgeoverpropriety #werewolf
methinacan - priviledgeoverpropriety - werewolf - poopjuice -
kizerbillhelm : I had one of those this morning! *high five*
scaffoldjockey : @kizerbillhelm They're too good! Love these damn things! *high five*
daddy_chronicles - marmarsol - katieradjen - kizerbillhelm -
All setup for some delicious #poopjuice in the mornings. @silentmikke @marksmellybell @biolayne
poopjuice -
ness4finesse - monika_barta - the____wizard -
Had 3 cavities filled this morning and now starting #colonoscopy prep for tomorrow's procedure... How was YOUR Tuesday??? #ulcerativecolitis #poopjuice
poopjuice - joeandurmom - ulcerativecolitis - colonoscopy -
malmergee : I thought it said "Super Bowl" prep. My mistake!!
wieselal : I had 7 kids under the age of 7 at my house to tie dye. I think I'd rather have a filling!
handsumrawb : Good luck tomorrow. Ur poor little anus has got to be ready for a break
malmer7 : Thanks @handsumrawb - luckily I don't have #joeandurmom 's "tiny little anus"!
cyclist1993 - r_lile - jasonnthejets - aaronmichaeld -
poopjuice -
sissylala64 : Lol !!
joewettach : Nothing but water and exlax til prom
grammieguppylips : Is somebody constipated?
vanessa4000 : Baaahahaha! Nope. Jus tryin to b healthy
_chey_butta - sissylala64 - nataliaa_90 - box_of_black -
#milk #poopjuice #cheetos #chipsnsnacks #isyoumad #ornahhhh? #chickenbones #hashtag
cheetos - chickenbones - poopjuice - isyoumad - ornahhhh - hashtag - chipsnsnacks - milk -
patlan7_ - cheesecurlsofinstagram - esme889 - jessicaa_landiee -
Gotta drink that poop juice hahaha...#veggiejuice #poopjuice #bleh words can explain that smile in my face holding that poop juice glass lmfao....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›πŸ’©πŸ‘
veggiejuice - bleh - poopjuice -
reesses - jackie8489 - hktroll21 - bb0y_d33 -
So for punishment for washing my fleet yesterday....God allowed my neighbors......TO DO THIS! #poopjuice everywhere! #FML #areyoufrigginkiddingme #whyLORD #farmlife #countryproblems
fml - countryproblems - poopjuice - areyoufrigginkiddingme - whylord - farmlife -
moor_fire - tatiphilly - __mercedezz - karmees -
Going to small town MN requires stocking up on #poopjuice I'm trying to make this trip the least amount of miserable as possible. #kombucha #synergy #GTenlightened #wholistic #probiotic #enzymes #organic #raw
wholistic - organic - probiotic - poopjuice - enzymes - synergy - raw - gtenlightened - kombucha -
thatorganicmom : Love the ginger flavor most
lyssmpls : @thatorganicmom Gingerade, right? I dig the multi-green!
thatorganicmom : Yes! Yum! :-)
svxoh : Try Chia seed Kombucha! It's the bomb! I prefer grape.
lyssmpls : @blxuv tried it, loved it, binged on it, now taking a break. Will return.
allimaclee - sarahelizabethsoul - kombuchakat - hummkombucha -
Unfiltered!! Can somebody say cawfee!!!! Happy Friday's Eve perras! #wavesonswim#coffee#poopjuice#booboojuice#bomdia#buenosdias#goodmorning#jueves#cafe#instagay#scruff#grindr#sunrise#selfie#fridayseve#iwokeuplikethis#runner#gayfit#bemore#limu
coffee - buenosdias - gayfit - runner - grindr - limu - bemore - jueves - bomdia - fridayseve - cafe - sunrise - scruff - iwokeuplikethis - wavesonswim - instagay - poopjuice - booboojuice - selfie - goodmorning -
ron.murdock.2000 : Sex-z!!
albertoro2 : Hey! What's shaking? Let's connect! #follow #follow4follow
fabienurse - writerblock - wewokeuplikethis - ron.murdock.2000 -
I think this juice should be green enough. #preracenutrition already flipping nervous.. #ogdenmarathon #juicing less than 2 days left......
therearecarrotshiding - juicing - poopjuice - preracenutrition - minibruce - ogdenmarathon - underthekaleandparsley -
swest_runs_eats : #therearecarrotshiding #underthekaleandparsley #poopjuice
sarahisaschenck : Mmmm...poop juice
kiramarie801 : 🍏🍐🌿🌱=πŸ’©
alipherd : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚laughing at @kiramarie801 !!!
tevaw : Me too, nervous already. You're a running beast, you're going to rock it!!
swest_runs_eats : So are you! Good luck! @tevaw
gozerthedestructor : Did you guys get a rabbit?
swest_runs_eats : Hahaha #minibruce @gozerthedestructor
ethomas918 - sskanksta - heatherpeterson7 - tlwbyers -
Last banquet everyone! Don't worry, we killed it. #roomies #poopjuice @jess_blum
roomies - poopjuice -
pocketworthy - lieren_nicole33 - violets_and_lillies - sheridannsmith -
Juice #3 kinda resembles poop. Oh well, still tastes yummy! Tomato, celery, carrots, spinach, pear, orange, green apple, lemon, ginger (basically everything I could find) #poopjuice #juicingisamazing #juicelove #ilovejuicing #addictedtothejuice
3 - ilovejuicing - juicingisamazing - poopjuice - juicelove - addictedtothejuice -
j_kus : πŸ˜‚ poop juice
zerofuxxgiven : Glanced at it quick..saw the mason jar..thought it was moonshine..but's some healthy shit πŸ˜·βœ‹
mandi_716 : Lmao! You should try some "healthy shit" it's delicious. But nah... We save the moonshine for my family reunions LOL. @ramirez_g_
zerofuxxgiven : Lol..I will..once I'm done wit school and get back to a set schedule I'm gonna look into juicing
lizmyo : Lol poop.. I bet it makes you do a lot of that πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©lol
beautyisonlyskindeep_33 - lmw033 - imtheshittney - danoc13 -
poopjuice -
ogeecheehymnal : It should be all coffee
lazerwulv : @ogeecheehymnal yes it should be... if you hate America and fun
ogeecheehymnal : No i hate ireland.
commandershepardchan - ladyrotten - kittiexkaboom - madame_loving -
Mother foco
notsureaboutthis - poopjuice -
genderfuk666 : #poopjuice #notsureaboutthis
callmemurphysxlaw - know_gimmicks - erinbaciuu - naughtylittlemonster -
#eddie #brownbrunch #99yearoldproblems #nutellaoatmeal #raisintoast #prunejuice #poopjuice #caresgiven
poopjuice - 99yearoldproblems - nutellaoatmeal - raisintoast - eddie - caresgiven - grapefruitnotshown - brownbrunch - prunejuice -
nathan_dethlefsen : #grapefruitnotshown
allkindsofweather - radipapa - yoerica - fabyjolly -
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