Just finished the first prototype #DMDC cigar cutter with #ponokonewmaterials Cherry MDF from @Ponoko Extra classy & extra manly
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bulakkb : Love this!
thedanmarino : Thanks @bulakkb! Now when I smoke cigars (once a year) I can do it in style!
rootednomadpdx : Love!!!!!!!!
thedanmarino : Thanks @malrex!!! I hoped you'd get a kick out of it! I'm working to get those other files to you this week! So much going! :)
rootednomadpdx : @thedanmarino no problemo! Take your time! Keep the cool stuff coming!
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From ambient light or light from its own lightbulb, this lamp casts beautiful geometric shadows that changes with the time of day. Coming soon to the shop:
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iluxoco : #handmade #etsy #lighting #lamp #tablelamp #geometric #design #productdesign #prototype #prototyping #modernism #midcenturymodern #graphicdesign #sanfrancisco #madeinsf #madeinusa
iluxoco : #ponokonewmaterials
tracylovesthestarsxoxo : So pretty! Well done my friend πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
iluxoco : @starshapedstars Thank you! πŸ˜€
annienguyen : Great!
iluxoco : @annienguyen Thanks! :)
desireesokach : Love it!
hippandkirk : πŸ‘
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This is the mini sketchbook / journal I created for the Ponoko New Material Design Challenge. I used the premium cherry veneered MDF for the cover, and various book binding materials to bind the book. #ponokonewmaterials #finallyfinishedaprojectguys
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#ponokonewmaterials My lotus brace is very inspired by henna and general body art. Working with wood has been a very different rhythm, but I've enjoyed it; thanks for inspiring me, @ponokogram!
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seyward : Looks cool.
marissa_noell_rosy : Thanks :D I should probably also mention, made with cherry veneer wood and silicone rubber #lasercut #madeinnola #handmade
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Floral pendant in walnut veneer. #ponokonewmaterials
ponokonewmaterials -
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Swirl pendant in walnut veneer. #ponokonewmaterials
ponokonewmaterials -
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Peace and love Christmas ornament by GioGio Design. Walnut veneer #ponokonewmaterials
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Close up of my "Freaky Tiki" necklace. Now available in my Etsy store. #jewelry #tiki #hawaii #polynesian #crafts #etsy #handmade #Ponoko #ponokonewmaterials #rockabilly #luau
jewelry - luau - rockabilly - handmade - hawaii - tiki - ponoko - polynesian - crafts - etsy - ponokonewmaterials -
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Here is the finished tiki necklace! So excited about how this came out! Laser cut and engraved walnut veneer with hand painted details. #jewelry #tiki #hawaii #polynesian #crafts #handmade #etsy #Ponoko #ponokonewmaterials
jewelry - handmade - hawaii - tiki - ponoko - polynesian - crafts - etsy - ponokonewmaterials -
esocommunicationlab2.0 : If u can dream it, u can do it. Have a nice day! πŸ˜‰
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