They'll either want to Kill you πŸ”«πŸ”ͺ Kiss you πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ or Be you πŸ‘ŒπŸ’― #polyhair #polyprobs #embracemysamoanhair #dt #tbh #hairgoals #bae #lovemyhair #sorrynotsorry #ihonestlydgaf #allnatural
polyhair - hairgoals - tbh - bae - sorrynotsorry - ihonestlydgaf - embracemysamoanhair - dt - lovemyhair - allnatural - polyprobs -
kapuni.da_koko - heeeeeey.maaaaan_ - keanuheak - papasapa -
#mirrorphoto made by @loloapps #balayage #highlight #ombre #layers looks awesome @ululanishawaiianshaveice Love my client Vicki #AuntyMae #honolulustylist #honoluluhair #polyhair #haircolor Message me for your next amazing #hairappointment #8083861406
layers - auntymae - hairappointment - balayage - 8083861406 - honolulustylist - mirrorphoto - haircolor - highlight - honoluluhair - ombre - polyhair -
rachiepas - __amberjust - jen_e_lopez - ghee_paige -
So theres this one time where I thought I could go grey/silver on my ends and yeah it just fried my hair! Hahaha... So here is my extra long bob for the spring and summer. Since my hair didnt turn grey I toned it down to a really nice light brown!!! I didnt add texture or anything since I'm gonna try and grow my hair out again. So moral of this post sometimes we cant have what we want!!!! Ps. Spring and summer faahion trend for hair is natural texture so for all my poly girls rock that natural texture!!! #sadface #prohairbyleanna #longhair #longbob #polyhair #brownskin #salonlife #slc #slchairstylist #utah #utahstylist #rainyday #naturalhair.#naturaltexture
sadface - utahstylist - brownskin - rainyday - utah - longhair - salonlife - longbob - naturaltexture - naturalhair - polyhair - slchairstylist - prohairbyleanna - slc -
utahbeautyblog : Oh no! 😭 looks cute though!
prohairbyleanna : @utahbeautyblog my heart was hurting as my hair was dropping on the floor hahaha.. but thank you!!
truly.aricole - loisibloom - linepeni04 - talakai.nyoka -
My hair is doing the most today. #TGIF #hawaii #polyhair
tgif - hawaii - polyhair -
trillin_tres : Crusty
alohanainoa : Shutup before I bust yall @trillin_tres @_kissmedesi
taylorfishy : Quack
alohanainoa : πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @taylorfishy
titus_dw : Naw its that tank top tan line #sayThat5xFast
alohanainoa : It from my jersey @titus_dw
_hoku.lani : Where is jasi
99neva.mine : We can take u home after the meet
halo_halie97 - j706g - nessa_masitalo - alohaxchristinax -
Its Spring Time :) #SelfieLighting #Fabuluxe #LovingTheSpring #LadyBoss #PolyHair #LovedByHim #ReasonForMySmileEveryday #Blessed
lovingthespring - lovedbyhim - blessed - reasonformysmileeveryday - fabuluxe - polyhair - ladyboss - selfielighting -
leiloaulutu : YAS girl werkkkkkkk
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Okay he is soooo feeling some type of way today! Lmbo! #Ayo #HeGotThatRealHair hahahahahahaha #RealHair #PolyHair #WetHair #HeCute #TheHairFlipTho! Lmbo #AllGoodThings #BeAight #Pekoing
ayo - allgoodthings - thehairfliptho - hecute - wethair - realhair - hegotthatrealhair - polyhair - beaight - pekoing -
mayah.n.mani - mama_lani206 - lalalaluaaa - mulivaiyoungin -
It definitely was a birthday to remember.!! Thanks to everyone for the wishes.!! Cheers to another year 😘😘.!! #imnotold #yourjustmean #birthdayselfie #polyhair #imactuallyaHAOLE #cheerstoanother
yourjustmean - imactuallyahaole - imnotold - polyhair - cheerstoanother - birthdayselfie -
chy_lahh : Happy birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰@_itstilahh
jadentiana : Happy Birthday Tileeeeyyy! 😘😘 Thanks to the FATHER for adding another year to your life!
nettykerisiano : Hbd pretty girl
_naaa28 : Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
kaysons_mami : Happy Birthday!! πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ€
nevaehsmami : Happy birthday ilah!!! @_itstilahh
jnoaa : happy birthday, titi!!!
leviticus_cheteavius : Hbd
_itstilahh - sciautosiuta._ - sirparkerd - _yaabisshhmae_ -
People be pressin me bout my hair. This is it. All i did was shower. Yes its real, no i dont have a perm, yes its frizzy, idk why! πŸ˜‘ do i look after it? Not really. 😴 leave me alone now #curlyhair #polyhair #drinksomehaterade
drinksomehaterade - polyhair - curlyhair -
filisaays : Wtf I love your hair and have always wanted locks like yours! They're beaaautiful 😍
janeewavey : Lmao oh well thank you girl! @filisaays
anu_sonya - _ifit_ - nastynem650 - drewnlome -
#Zumbathon for #pulmonaryfibrosis #exercise #Dance #danze #Samoan #polyhair #england #mildenhall #lakenheath #zumba #zumbainstructors
pulmonaryfibrosis - england - zumbainstructors - zumba - lakenheath - dance - samoan - mildenhall - zumbathon - danze - polyhair - exercise -
aftertaste_design - _dreamlandd - stay_young_get_fit - katerinazumbagirl -
From growing up in Hawaii, training her in dancing, traveling the world with her to watching her prepare for her SENIOR PROM! ...If ever a better time to feel just a bit older than right now...sighh. πŸ˜‚ >> Family closer than blood right here! Love you taahlingg!! ❀ #TeineSamoa #TonganBlood #TeamCurlyChildhood #HawaiiBorn #PolynesianBeauties #KansasCity #PolyGameStrong #MidwestSamoans #MinusTheFresh #TrumanHighschool #SeniorProm #Prom #Beautiful #TeineAulelei #YoungWoman #CheePono #PolyHair #curlsfordays
beautiful - hawaiiborn - trumanhighschool - polygamestrong - midwestsamoans - tonganblood - curlsfordays - seniorprom - youngwoman - polynesianbeauties - bigislandmobetta - polyhair - teineaulelei - kansascity - cheepono - teamcurlychildhood - prom - teinesamoa - minusthefresh -
luisasipinga97 : Awww... Love you too😊 So happy to call you guys my family. It feels so great to have people I've grown up with here from the Big Island. Having you guys near by makes feel more at home. Thank you guys so much for helping me with prom 😘😘😘😘😘
notgraceland : @luisasipinga97 of couurrsee taahllinnggg ❀ #BigIslandMoBetta now if only u have a grad party πŸ˜„
notgraceland - crusader_mum - bruddahxbless310 -
I am looking for 5 PEOPLE who want too grow out there hair to ACCEPT the 3 month #itworks HAIR, SKIN & NAIL CHALLENGE. Take daily pictures, before/after, and share with us your journey with #ITWORKS. You pay what i pay for my HSN ($33)/monthly. Text "HSN" to 8187362450. #hair #longhair #longhairdontcare #shorthairdontcare #shorthair #hairstylists #salon #polyhair #islandhair #islandgirls #islandboys #swag #blondhair #blackhair #beauty #healthyhair #nails #skin #skincare
salon - shorthairdontcare - beauty - nails - skin - hair - blackhair - skincare - shorthair - polyhair - longhairdontcare - swag - islandgirls - islandboys - blondhair - hairstylists - healthyhair - islandhair - longhair - itworks -
lxiii_12 : What if I jus want the hair products
562pale818 : Than this is the product for you ☺ DM or text me 8187362450 @lxiii_12
yolondayarberry : awesommmeee... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
beardandcompany - leigafiatau - sinisataimi - yolondayarberry -
When your childs hair is so massive it consumes her whole face when the tops down lol and scares the life out of her.. #polyhair ❀
polyhair -
kaylaisaacs__ : THAT HAAAAIR! 😍πŸ”₯
lamesky1 : Awww why she crying? Love & miss you!
vikasmommy_ - steph95reyes - nafi_maafu - flyahhh_28 -
#GoodMorning #polyhair #poly #ps <3 #goodvibes
ps - polyhair - goodvibes - poly - goodmorning -
bentaztic_95 - bossgirlyy_12 - lentus_01 - jlincredible -
Now that #merriemonarch is pau, kick your #hairstyle up a notch. #longlayers #stilllong #can #polyhair add some #hilites or #balayage too! 808.548.8819
hairstyle - hilites - stilllong - merriemonarch - polyhair - balayage - longlayers - can -
keanu4christ - cheerbrat77 - shantekui - jewlznpynk -
Took this beauty to a really rich plum color. She came in with 2 inches of her natural and box color hair dye she did about 3 or 4 months ago. I was worried about getting rid of the box color in her hair thay it would be as vibrant as we wanted it to be but it actually turned out perfect! We lifted her without bleaching it! Added a little filter to see the true color cause it was so dark! @feenah12 Formulation Base- 5R + 5RR/P 25 vol Mids-ends 5RR/P + 3/4 5R 30 vol #prohairbyleanna #slchair #slchairstylist #slc #utahhair #plum #spring #springhair #polynesian #polyhair #oish #polymovement #longhair #longhairdontcare #summerhair #2015hairtrend #hairnerd
spring - hairnerd - longhairdontcare - springhair - utahhair - polynesian - slchair - polyhair - prohairbyleanna - plum - summerhair - 2015hairtrend - oish - polymovement - longhair - slchairstylist - slc -
_lotomau : Omg i LOVE 😍😍
lanikxo : @feenah12 Oooo gurooooo πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
merrymoli : How Beautiful!!!!! You're amazing Leanna! We need to do something soon ❀️
prohairbyleanna : @merrymoli yes please I've seriously missed you especially after seeing your sister!!! Let's set something up I'll text you tomorrow :) 😘
feenah12 : Thank you so much Leanna! I LOVE IT! Your amazing!! I couldn't stop staring at my hair in the mirror lol loved the way it turned out:)) @prohairbyleanna
kaelissah : Hey how much do you charge to color hair? And how much do you charge to straighten hair? Text me I lost your number. 801-244-0147
prohairbyleanna : @kaelissah it just depends on the color I'll text you first thing tomorrow kaelissah!
kaelissah : Okay. Thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘
lianimalspro - cc_deuuce - elisamariehair - talakai.nyoka -
~just smile~ #laughingwithmyself#notweirdatall#polyhair#goodnight#smile
smile - polyhair - notweirdatall - goodnight - laughingwithmyself -
_heyitsaleena : Cuute
raayvxo : ^
leix808 : all you @_heyitsaleena lol ty
leix808 : @raayvxo you 2bebs
hifknde : 😍😍😍
omgitskyleee : 😍😍😍 hot AF !
leix808 : lmfao @omgitskyleee love you
callme.shar : 😍😍😍
flyawayhero_01 - amarinaolanij - aprillangaman - tmgf.caleb -
#PurpleHair #Violet #CurlyHair #PolyHair #MixedHair #LastNightsProject #JeromeRussell #PunkyColour #PurpleHairDontCare #Tired #MommyEyes #BagsForDays
lastnightsproject - tired - mommyeyes - purplehair - punkycolour - jeromerussell - mixedhair - purplehairdontcare - bagsfordays - curlyhair - violet - polyhair -
naluboy_14 - trinsmami - mokibdownnnn - 808vwmanx -
After 4 and a half hours of a hair transformation we couldnt be anymore happier! This hot new momma came in with grown out highlights done at home so there was a lot of unwanted dimension that I wanted to get rid of she still wanted to be blonde so I toned her blondes to a more creamy blonde and covered the rest of her hair with a natural Brown getting rid of the previous color so she would have a better canvas and just to give her a new look for the spring and summer. Added some layering around her face to open it up more and cut about an inch and a half off. Formulation Base- 4N + 3/4 5g 20 vol (dickson Lightner- 30 on base and 20 on ends with olaplex Toner- beige +3/4 silver k35 in bowl (menches) #prohairbyleanna #slcstylist #slchairstylist #dicksoncolor #olaplex #blonde #brown #utahstylist #polyhair #ploynesian #slc #utah #hair #highlights #natural
brown - slcstylist - utahstylist - highlights - dicksoncolor - utah - prohairbyleanna - hair - olaplex - ploynesian - natural - blonde - slchairstylist - polyhair - slc -
reyina1 : @prohairbyleanna Thanks nana!!! You did an awesome job!! I love it n will be back for moreπŸ˜‰πŸ˜
prohairbyleanna : Thank you so much ladies @katie_n_nony @bea_flawless @pennalicia @xo_nattyb and tanya and nani
prohairbyleanna : @reyina1 I am so happy you like it, you looked amazing! @jayne.dove thank you love kiss the kids for me and please tell your parents especially your mom that I really do miss seeing them and your grandpa at church 😦😦😦
prohairbyleanna : Thank you so much Angel means a lot coming from someone like you :)
jayne.dove : I will 😘 Miss and love you! We need to get together soon. And I need a hair appt asap lol my roots are grown out. Text me 8013898423
prohairbyleanna : Yesssss please, I want to make a deal with you and Micheal if you guys can have another baby and I can have the baby you will get a lifetime of free work hahahah.. lmk so my grandma can let me live my life already haha 😁😁 I'll text you tomorrow!! Love you!
prohairbyleanna : @jayne.dove
prohairbyleanna : @socuteandcurvy @lanikxo @angelmolenihair sorry it didn't let me tag you earlier!!! - _sehhlahh - katherine.martinez.x - tukuvakaleleii -
#upside-down #polyhair #poly #youth @_highflyah @xoxo_0703
youth - polyhair - upside - poly -
684_dymen - forever_shyne - toreeh_23 - maulealuga -
Red & mocha & highlights not how it was supposed to come out cause the red we used bled but she liked it & that's all that mattered. Lesson learned next time. Cut hair and layers finished with flat iron with curls. I love it tho πŸ’‹ #hairstylist #hair #style #stylist #RedViolet #mocha #highlights #curls #polyhair #cosmolife #haircut #layers thank you @manuelagurl_93
layers - style - stylist - highlights - haircut - curls - hairstylist - mocha - hair - redviolet - polyhair - cosmolife -
ninakapahua : I want to set up at appointment to do mines
uilani225 : So "J", @lanakilaandkekailoa πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜› I want this color now.
manuelagurl_93 : LOVE IT! Thank you Momi!
lanakilaandkekailoa : @uilani225 shoots!
lanakilaandkekailoa : @ninakapahua let me kno when u ready. I'm available on weekends
ninakapahua : @lanakilaandkekailoa text me your number 3063321 so we can schedule something
hilari2bomb - _adoublengie_ - kamalugurl67 - skje_0625 -
Of course HE could never give up the opportunity for a photo shoot! Lmbo! So windy had to put my hair up. #HeCute #Marina #SpontaneousSaturday #LoveMyself #WindyMuch #HeWasFeelinHimself #Blessed #AliveAndWell #Thankful #PolyHair #ThickHair #GoneWithTheWind #PoohskiieDidThat #206 #BeautimousDay
hewasfeelinhimself - thickhair - 206 - spontaneoussaturday - windymuch - aliveandwell - blessed - thankful - hecute - lovemyself - marina - polyhair - gonewiththewind - poohskiiedidthat - beautimousday -
__jtaitai - kana_taualo - unique_206_baby - iamtretogia -
What is this mess you call hair, Mother? lol #RowdyTheBoxer #tbt #boxergram #boxerpuppy #cutestboxers #bestboxers #boxersonIG #polyhair
boxerpuppy - rowdytheboxer - boxergram - tbt - bestboxers - boxersonig - polyhair - cutestboxers -
xsaltydreamsx : 😍
_benjitheboxer : 😍
cecco_erica : @stiventaufer guarda che bello amore
karendukes : I'm in love❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
stiventaufer : Troppo un cucciolino @cecco_erica
mkkfresno : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
louistheboxergirl - camilalovespandas - _hudsontheboxer_ -
#mirrorphoto made by @loloapps @napualeionalani looks good with a #fullhighlight #haircut #hairstyle #haircolor #honolulustylist #honoluluhair #polyhair message me for a #hairappointment #8083861406
fullhighlight - hairstyle - haircut - 8083861406 - honolulustylist - mirrorphoto - haircolor - honoluluhair - hairappointment - polyhair -
napualeionalani : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™β€you! Thank you!
fabmandaa - lores54 - napualeionalani - lexanumiahsmom -
Polyz do it best!!πŸ‘πŸ˜œβœŒπŸ˜βœŠπŸ˜‰ #selfay #polynesian #polyhair
polyhair - polynesian - selfay -
babyy.lena : 50 .
unclee_angiiee - lunitatimothy24 - - alinushkamur -
90 day challenge You pay what i pay for my HSN $33/month. Text me 8187362450 #hair #longhair #longhairdontcare #polyhair #poly #hairstylists #nails #skin #skincare #nailcare #women #men #ladies #gentlemens #beauty
longhairdontcare - ladies - beauty - nails - men - hairstylists - poly - hair - gentlemens - skincare - skin - longhair - women - polyhair - nailcare -
itsprettyhair : Pretty!
maryjanezworld - seilalawarhol - skybabyem - lucylatu -
GOD'S NOT DEAD ! HAPPY EASTER πŸ’‹πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ #happyeaster #myyHairThoughLol #PolyHair #gotItFromMyMama #keepYahCommentToYahSelf πŸ™…πŸ™…
keepyahcommenttoyahself - polyhair - myyhairthoughlol - gotitfrommymama - happyeaster -
lopa_lesa - t.j.langi - m_lang_mauga_56 - boss_tfran -
Looking at these pics a couple of years ago, is makin me wanna grow my hair out again... I think i just might do it πŸ‘Œ #polyhair
polyhair -
ryan_laughren70 : And the weekend smart guy! @fatboy_jr77
fatboy_jr77 : Alright then uce well do next weekend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚ @ryan_laughren70
ryan_laughren70 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ @fatboy_jr77
kingaramie22 : happy birthday family !!! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰
t0asam0a : @fatboy_jr77 @ryan_laughren70 damnnn niqqa! I got a game Saturday and after I got a rugby bonfire/turn up on the beach and got all stars training Sunday!
t0asam0a : Thanks fams!! 😊 @kingaramie22
fatboy_jr77 : Then ne and u just go to nase's house πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fatboy_jr77 : @nasetime25
mohamadalali15 - dominique_ivory - backgate760 - jemx.inai -
My HAIR project of the day!!! Bumped her all over color to a really rich brown copper and also did balayage with L'Oréal platinium cream bleach throughout her head to have some lighter pieces popping through.. I love being able to use color to lift the hair because it is so much better on the hair. This color made her look so tan and so is flattering with her skin tone.. She is already a natural beauty but added some color too.. Fun times.. I love my job... #hairstylist #polyhair #utahcountyhair #browncoppers #goldcoppers #redken #kenra #lorealbleach #balayage #luminousedge
utahcountyhair - hairstylist - goldcoppers - lorealbleach - kenra - luminousedge - polyhair - redken - balayage - browncoppers -
trice801qponz - fayfun - sweetsinprovo - lewielu -
The struggle of making myself go in! Lmbooo!!! #AllGoodThings #BeAight #HairFlips #WetHair #PolyHair
polyhair - wethair - allgoodthings - hairflips - beaight -
vinatupuono - lomesmulivai - twin_206 - dynaloveslima -
#diy #naturalbush #polyhair blonde hair don't care ! Me like it . Husband loves it. William thinks I'm a stranger !
polyhair - diy - naturalbush -
delta.j -
#fbf to when I first dyed my hair blonde.. Next time I want more blonde.. want someone who sees the same vision as me #polyhair #missmylonghair #wantanewlook
polyhair - wantanewlook - missmylonghair - fbf -
leeshi27 : Girl hit up @angelmolenihair she is the best!!!!!
anasisifa : @mills_99_36 thank you 😘
anasisifa : @leeshi27 thank you dear I'll check her out 😘
anasisifa : By the way love the default pic!!
_garcia_love_ : @leeannamailau does an awesome job! 😁
anasisifa : @_garcia_love_ thanks dear I'll check her out 😘
montyana2013 : Beautiful!
anasisifa : @montyana2013 thank you Pou 😘
teefruean - mills_99_36 - lomolosa - saili_moungaloa -
#livingproof curl conditioning wash is the truth! No other product in my hair. #curlyhair #polyhair #sephora #supportyourlocalsephora
livingproof - polyhair - supportyourlocalsephora - curlyhair - sephora -
lanihaole : Love the curls
misspiiaa : 😘😘 @lanihaole
achilynn : Oh nah.
nutzbubz - lanihaole - mssirk808 - nicki_omg_minaj -
Thinking maybe to colour my hair @pepe_ahyou hmmm will see but for now I just want to show it off a lil because I miss my long hair lol. #1eye#selfie#shorthair#polyhair
1eye - selfie - polyhair - shorthair -
bastek07 - tereiseluluga25 - cheesysol - p_ahyou -
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