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The final product !!! 1 jar of Polish Dill Pickles (PolskiOgorki) will be ready to eat in about 4 weeks #cucumber #edible #eatrealfood #ediblegarden #homegrown #homegarden #homeproduce #polskiogorki #polishdillpickles #organic #organicgarden #organicgardener #growfood #growsomething #growingedibleproduce #mygarden #myowngarden #myownveggiegarden #homemadepickles
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korumellis : Awesome! I'd love your feedback on the MeGrow.Org project, my endeavour to help more people grow organic food at home! check my recent posts for links :)
tammyfchan : Wow! Y'all have such amazing family histories! @wengella @couscous_jr and @blackwithone. I am part Irish and Mexican and I married a Chinese man! Our children are all mixed up and beautiful! I, too, love Polish and dill pickles. As a kid, I used to eat them during the hot Texas summers with a side of crackers and sweet iced tea. How long will the pickles you made last @wengella?
couscous_jr : It's really quite amazing how food somehow brings us all together no matter how diverse our backgrounds are @tammyfchan! And to think that all this started by the simple act of growing cucumbers! 😊 @wengella @blackwithone
wengella : Wow !!!! What an amazing family you have as well, my grandfather on my mothers side was Irish and he and his brothers and sisters came out with there mother who was a convict and had to do her jail time in Australia, there father came out about 5 years after. My middle daughter spends a lot of time living, working and travelling through Mexico and South and Central America, like so many other Aussies, both her and her business partner own land in Nicaragua, ( a native title lease ) and are going to be building a backpackers hostel. With regards to that jar I will be lucky if it lasts 3 days, hopefully in the next few days I will have enough to make about 4 more jars @tammyfchan 😊😊
wengella : I totally agree with you @couscous_jr I have started writing a cookbook for my children with all the family recipes and where the recipes originated from so that there will be a permanent reminder for the next generations of my family @tammyfchan @blackwithone 😊
couscous_jr : That is such a wonderful project @wengella! I wish I had the patience to do that for my daughter-in-law. @tammyfchan @blackwithone πŸ‘πŸ‘
tammyfchan : Wow @wengella! I just learned a lot from your post. That's such an interesting fact about your great grandma going to Australia to do her time in prison. I just can't even imagine what that was like, especially back then. I'm glad the family came to support her. I had no idea that Aussies owned land in Nicaragua. What is a native title lease? I've heard there's some great kayaking in Nicaragua. Your answer to my question about how long the pickles will last made me laugh! I meant ask how long they can be stored. :)
wengella : They can be stored for 12 months although mine have never lasted that long @tammyfchan The Nicaraguan govt imposed a law that the land could only be leased and not sold so as to prevent large overseas companies from coming in and buying everything up, my daughter has a 200 year lease on her land, Nicaragua is also a great place for surfing, my daughter has been teaching the local children how to surf, previously she was working in a local school teaching English there 😊😊
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New #pickles ! #cracovia #polishdillpickles #dillpickles
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Process of canning! #farmboy #countryliving #countryboy #dillpickles #polishdillpickles
polishdillpickles - farmboy - countryliving - dillpickles - countryboy -
kimdelcarmen - amanda88_1 - casseyfierce - 98jessielove -
Canning..getting ready for famine.. Lol.. #dillpickles #polishdillpickles #traditionaldillpickles #beans
beans - dillpickles - polishdillpickles - traditionaldillpickles -
kimdelcarmen - kahojoyshawn - glennjanejelo - mvmfarm -
#breakfast #steak #tartar #polishdillpickles #kabanos #keilbasatoast #latergram
keilbasatoast - tartar - polishdillpickles - latergram - breakfast - steak - kabanos -
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#bubbaburgers #hotdogs #ketchup #mustard #horseradish #polishdillpickles #makinglovetoacheeseburger
bubbaburgers - horseradish - mustard - makinglovetoacheeseburger - ketchup - polishdillpickles - hotdogs -
laurenefven : Ummm #makingluvtoacheesburger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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#homemade #leftovers #bitches #friedchicken #mashedpotatoes #gravy #polishdillpickles #smacznego #bonapetit
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fafa0410 : and pickles
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riiiiight.... what #Polak doesn't make his own #pickles? #PolishPickles #polish #poland #polska #dils #ProductOfPoland ;-)
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benek_pl : #PolishDillPickles FTW!!
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Cleaning out the fridge and making stuff up.
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foxswan : #pretzelbun #pretzel #bun #hardboiledegg #hardboiled #hard #boiled #egg #polishdillpickles #polish #dillpickles #dill #pickles #dijonmustard #dijon #mustard #mysterycheese #mystery #cheese #mightbewhitecheddar #probablynot
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#polishdillpickles #polishpickles #dillpickles #polish #dill #pickles #gravyboat #gravy #boat #table
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