Zine binding for 2 hours! #zine #zines #bookbinding #bookbinder #selfpublished #self #poczines
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For the next two weeks I will be putting together the words for a new @zinesrasquache #morrissey and #thesmiths zine. Just now on my way commute to work, I compiled these talking points. Any other ideas? #moz #mozhead #zines #poczines 1) moz and gender 2)borderlands and how the Irish became white in the U.S. 3)catholic guilt 4)pachucos and greasers existed before the smiths 5)solidarity with Palestine, down with Zionism 6)moz absence at shows resistance against the industry 7)corridos, hip hop and moz 8)moz in your adolescent years 😋💪🏽📝
moz - thesmiths - poczines - mozhead - morrissey - zines -
thegrandnewsstand : Love this! Gotta read it when you're done!!
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❕❕❕❕❕❕〰➰ Does my nido look okay? #lofi #poczines #perdidatodavia
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I'll be at the #tampazinefest this weekend with my babies that I just picked up from the print shop. See online @ www.mercastle.com #carozine #zines #poczinesters #woczine #poczines
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meyouanddoom : 📷✨
kaneisharu : 😘😘😘😘😘😘
msproperlady : @bdashlaws
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FREE mix cd with the first 30 copies of BUTCHXQUEEN. It's a playlist I made for a boy who disappeared. And Now I Guess We Never Will: I thought my magic could heal the mess she left behind. I’ll see you in another dimension and remind you of the ways we loved and broke each other. Love was never guaranteed for a queer boy like me. Thank you for showing me what it’s like to feel human. Peach Kelli Pop - Panchito Blues ii Joyce Manor - Christmas Card Camera Obscura - French Navy Paul Baribeau - Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Amy Winehouse - It’s My Party PS Elliot - Entendre Japanther - She’s The One Solange - Losing You Girls - Lust For Life A Flock Of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song The Raveonettes - Recharge & Revolt Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ Bleached - Dead In Your Dead Demi Lovato - Really Don’t Care Mariah Carey - Up Out Of My Face Spotify Search: “And Now I Guess We Never Will” #qpoc #zines #poczines
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forestqueer : oh this is soooooo good
forestqueer : top to bottom
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It's hereeeeeee. First batch printed tonight. Unfortunately, I can't afford to print them in large quantities so only a few lucky people will get to read it first. For anyone (outside of SoCal) interested in getting one, they're up on my etsy account. Each copy purchased off etsy will come with a FREE companion mix cd: "And Now I Guess We Never Will". Link in my bio. If anyone knows of any distros that would like to carry this, let me know. 🎀 #queerpunx #qpoc #poc #poczines #zines #diy #intersectionality
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joshastronaut : Christmas card lyrics ??
strongkindofaweak : @joshastronaut I'm trying to get sued.
meyouanddoom : 💜💜💜
hldncaufld : How much are they? I want one
strongkindofaweak : @hldncaufld Check my profile for a link to my etsy account.
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When I wrote Not Yr Gay BFF, I never thought anything I ever had to say would matter to so many people. I've had so many people tell me they've cried reading my (considerably angsty) poetry and essays. But as I grow into my own power and magic, I realize my story does matter. Especially in a scene full of macho dudes who very often overstep their privilege. I write to resist my violent erasure. I write to exist. I never wish to forget what a powerful being I have always been. Here's a small preview of another chapter of my life. Towards a queerer future, Allancito. 🎀 #queerpunx #qpoc #poczines #zines #intersectionality
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stabby_grrrl : I love you
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Who is Octavia Butler to Me? http://issuu.com/jmelkw/docs/caro_issue_4 #poczines #carozine #mermaidcastle #Polyvore #Art #OctaviaButler
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mystery_and_love -
#carozine #mermaidcastle #GothsSurvivingSummer #Polyvore #Art #woczine #poczines
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I've got a few more copies left before I need to restock 'Bloom' again and my heart feels so full. I can't express how important this zine is to me and seeing y'all embrace it with so much warmth means the world. Thank you for all your love 💕 I'm selling 'Bloom' through PayPal for $6 (which includes shipping/postage) and each copy comes with a handmade one-of-a-kind ~ femme ~ text collage made by yours truly. If you'd like to purchase one, email me at tenderqueerthingsandzines@gmail.com 🌸🌸🌸 #zines #poczines #queerzines
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lossen_ : Aaa i need to remember my paypal log in, bc I'd def love to buy this from you :)
peony_mar : @lossen_ aww thank you!<33 I'm pretty sure you can make payments without having s paypal account too :)
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What matters? #zines #poczines #woczine #carozine #Art
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Look what came in the mail! #metropolarity #afrofuturism #zines #poczines #poczinesters #queerscifi
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cyborgmemoirs : O shit! =}
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Visited Chicago and connected with a member of a poc Zine-making collective. As my parting gift these two amazing zines were donated. #onstruggling #chicago #poczines #feministzines #zappseattle #zapp
zapp - poczines - zappseattle - onstruggling - chicago - feministzines -
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Maat, LP intern & Nasher, concocts her zine magic..pure realness on gentrification and her neighborhood: Bed-Stuy...whoa! #theBaneofaCommunity #bedstuy #zinemagic #poczines #diy
bedstuy - zinemagic - thebaneofacommunity - diy - poczines -
y_ramirez89 : @soulhandles @heyyymickeyyyy
beluvid : so where do we get a copy?
heyyymickeyyyy : Yaaaaaaaaasssss!!!! 😊
danowski : Love this.
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Living room decorations in a house. #poczines #feminism #zines #zapp #zappseattle
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In heaven. #zines #poczines #selfdefense #feminism #fuckyes
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Doing a little activism #bkzinefest #brooklynzinefest #poczines #zinester #greenzine #diypublishing
diypublishing - bkzinefest - greenzine - poczines - brooklynzinefest - zinester - blacklivesmatter -
holleya : @foodculturist how long will you be there? I'm tied up at home til 3 but could swing by and return your book - BHS right?
foodculturist : I'll be on the #blacklivesmatter zines panel at 3 and leaving after. Almost sold out!! @holleya
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#latergram presenting at art center college of design, at point where i talk about #slackgaze #zine #poczines aka my homie Win
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I've been planning and working on a zine of my digital stuff and some funky words. Gonna do a limited addition run of them for purchase eventually. Just a heads up. #art #painting #digital #collage #zine #poczines #drawing
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kharitheartist : @samer_fouad.psd hey whered you get your zines printed for gateway that time?
samer_fouad.psd : Influence graphics printers
kharitheartist : @samer_fouad.psd are they exprensive ?
samer_fouad.psd : Direct message me
samer_fouad.psd - wiggersart - duboisashong - mataruda -
#sfedu We had a great time leading our session at the conference #poczines #qtpoc #qpoc #queer
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mslanai : @mijareturns the two of you were awesome 👏👏👏👏👏
graceravines : awesome job indeed
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#POCZines 😎😎😎 @poczineproject
poczines -
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Come see me at @lazinefest table 31 XOXO #zines #zinesters #lazf #poczinesters #poczines
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everythingreese : You're gorgeous!
laurachowder : See you soon!!!
missrachelspantry : Look how cute you are!
apartmentgarden : Come see me at my house later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vintagepeachpit : My cousin Charlotte is there, too! Check out @vagueflesh if you can:)
publicnme2 : You look great! I love your grills shirt
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So this officially happened today! Get your copy of #HairyFemmeMother tomorrow at @lazinefest ! A huge thank you to everyone that helped make it happen. I appreciate you and your support so much. So much love to our communities - we are so fucking powerful. ❤️
hairyfemmemother -
grimeandglamour : @almarocio89 I ran out but I'm going to make more copies tomorrow morning! I'll definitely set one aside for you. 💗
almarocio89 : I'm so glad you sold out!!!! And yes please and thank you femme 💖
grimeandglamour : @almarocio89 you got it! 💘
auroralady : Just finished this and I want you to know what comfort this brought me. Love, your hairy Chicana friend
grimeandglamour : @auroralady 💗 THANK YOU. That means a lot. I had/have a lot of anxiety about it being officially out in the world. So thank you.
besuper : 🙌🙌🙌 missed LA Zinefest this weekend :/ I'll have to purchase a copy from you soon! So proud and inspired my fellow nerdy witchy femme amiga, wanna support you!
grimeandglamour : @besuper I can just give you one. We need to hang out soon, fellow SGV femme! 💕
besuper : Awe yr so sweet! We livin that SGV life! I'll message you this week!
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Issue #2 Girl Gangs Forever 💕 available in our Etsy shop! 28 glorious gangs featured, 1950s films to current releases. You'll love it! Girl gang buttons and stickers available too. Cover art by @Ibtrav! ✊👯👯👯💖💕💜⭐️🎁🎥📼 #girlgangs #zines #girlgang #teenmovies #movies #film #poczines #feminist #feminism #ibtrav #zine #girlgangsforever
feminist - zines - girlgang - movies - zine - teenmovies - girlgangs - ibtrav - poczines - girlgangsforever - 2 - feminism - film -
desperateyouthzine : Link to our shop in our profile 📲🐒
ibtrav : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍
desperateyouthzine : @ibtrav Thanks for a rad job and all your help, Travis! 😘🌟👏👯💖🎨
ibtrav : @desperateyouthzine thank YOU! A big fan here😃😃😃
squashedmochi : :)
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The feeling you get when your friends make excellent art... #clubsubaltern #zines #poczines
zines - clubsubaltern - poczines -
askmeaskmeaskme_ : ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
offbrown : Means a lot to me
root_less_ : Ooooo who wrote/made this?
raphaelvincentbrim - fatplastik - buyblacknuss -
My newest zine for #nanowrimo is a chilling true-crime account of serial murders on the Mexican border. Many 👥 know me as a writer, but hardly anyone knows that for 3 years, I spent a lot of time in far West Texas on the border. It's for sale on my Tumblr, galvan-in-portland.tumblr.com #nanowrimo #zine #poczines #zinester #fiction #novella #literature #indie #selfpublished #desert
zinester - literature - indie - fiction - zine - selfpublished - novella - desert - poczines - nanowrimo -
joshuajadondesign : nicee!
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Last night, Brown and Proud Press shared powerful space with some of my favorite POC punk sheros. It was personally an honor to perform alongside #AliceBag and #CristyRoad, and to be able to share my appreciation for POC punks/artists taking up space for survival on the mic. Thank you, Mimi Thi Nguyen @inzombia for bringing us all together, you throw one hell of a party! #hiphopandpunkfem #poczines #linensyoucantrust
cristyroad - alicebag - hiphopandpunkfem - poczines - linensyoucantrust -
dothrakidick : I have an alice bag tattoo
dothrakidick : This pic is too muc! So many rad babes in one photo
monicatea : @inzombia tbh if I would've missed that David Bowie cover by Alice I would've died. It was too damn good !!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou
monicatea : @dothrakidick ah that's awesome!! She is the sweetest person ever!!
monicatea : And @gremlingrrrl killed it on that acoustic set of course, as always, haha! glad I caught most of it!!!!
inzombia : Alice Bag should be the ultimate hero to us all!
thebrown_kid : 😍😍😍
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ZINE 001. #ART #drawing #painting #zine #poczines #illustration
zine - art - poczines - painting - drawing - illustration -
kharitheartist : If you like you shoulda put a ring on it. Well in this case monetary compensation lmao @sweggyo
_perfectlydee - ashlyngabrielle - artdegordejuela - _featherheather -
Zine arrival from Brown Recluse! Happy zine reading to me! #izm2014 #zines #poczines
izm2014 - zines - poczines -
gutterflybri - hungerpainsss - weehermione - bretbrownart -
#armed and #ready for the #portlandzinesymposium @jethhhh #doinwork #poczines #brownhunniestakinova #uwmixed
uwmixed - poczines - ready - portlandzinesymposium - armed - doinwork - brownhunniestakinova -
janelleretka : !!!!
katyvlester : Proud of u 💞
nailsemoji : @katyvlester 💋
hikkatt : When is it? Have you gone yet?
nailsemoji : @hikkatt this weekend! Leaving at 3pm for PDX
hikkatt : My heroes <3
chubbydemon_ - virtualrealitygf - velourlifestylemag - hikkatt -
zine - zines - poczines -
kiadmurray : UUGHHHH <3
rocky_n_sonia - brownroundboi - angeles_patricia - mama_soy -
On my way back to Chicago and decompressing from the overwhelming and exhilarating Allied Media Conference. So many photos to upload, quotes to recall and ideas to explore, but for now, here's my favorite photo from our #poczines workshop. Collective zine-making in action! Thank you to everyone who came and shared their stories. #amc2014 #intentionalpocspaces #selfpreservation #heartprint #taps
taps - amc2014 - poczines - selfpreservation - heartprint - intentionalpocspaces -
meiver : I love this! Congrats on this very successful session!
mikamayhem - alliedmedia - whisperingelves - kajepo -
Today! Come join #brownandproudpress and #moonroot for a workshop on zine-making and self-preservation! A few amendments: Noemi will no longer be presenting, but Pidgeon (@pidgeonie) from BPP will be joining us! We will also end the workshop with making a collective zine! This workshop is open to all POC-identified folks. #amc2014 #poczines #heartprint #taps
brownandproudpress - amc2014 - poczines - moonroot - taps - heartprint -
houglande - joy.meets.world - buenas_tardis86 -
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