MEOWWWWWWWW #fatladies #pinginmotherland #pleaseignoremyface #focusonfatlady #thatshername
thatshername - pinginmotherland - fatladies - pleaseignoremyface - focusonfatlady -
barnabas_heng - shiryeee - kayt_23 - keineshordesen -
CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME!?!? Okay, as embarrassing as this is, I know I needed to post this. I've NEVER squatted with a weight bar before. {either just air squats or dumbbells} so, I need help. What weight should I shoot for lifting? How awful is my form? I recorded both angels because I thought that would help. Should I squat all the way to the ground? PLEASE COMMENT SOME IMPUT!! It would mean so much and really help me out!:) #HowToSquat#Squats#SquatNoob#PleaseHelpMe#IneedHelp#FitnessHelp#Beginner#Fitness#Bar#Weights#INeedATrainer#HaHa
pleaseignoremyface - bar - beginner - squats - ineedatrainer - kayla_itsines - haha - ineedhelp - tatateachmehowtosquat - squatnoob - weights - fitness - fitnesshelp - teachmehowtosquat - pleasehelpme - howtosquat -
my.f1tness.j0urnal : #PleaseIgnoreMyFace#TeachMeHowToSquat#TaTaTeachMeHowToSquat
my.f1tness.j0urnal : @kayla_itsines #kayla_itsines
edgarfernandezzz : First of all ur squatting with a ez bar .squat with a straight bar.. Second of all ur not hitting or braking parallel meaning the hip joint Alines with ur knee or below ur knee 3rd of all if ur wondering how I found ur vid I clicked on a hashtag haha..
my.f1tness.j0urnal : Hmmm guess a straight bar could help.. Haha! Okay I'll remember to hit or break parallel for next time! I was hoping someone would find it through ONE of my many hashtags. Lol. Seriously though, thank you SOO much!:) @edgarfernandezzz
edgarfernandezzz : No prob.. And also ur doing like a crazy super Lowbar squatπŸ˜‚.. Lowbar squat meaning placing the bar on ur rear delts ..uses more hamstring ,ass, and posterior chain(idk if I spelt it right..) and highbar meaning placing the bar on ur traps uses more quad
my.f1tness.j0urnal : Hahahah see, this is why I had to post it.πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆgotta learn sometime.. I THINK I get what you're saying though.. Thank you again! @edgarfernandezzz
edgarfernandezzz : Yup no prob
ultimate.models - staceyyy_lee - bodykorea - maxhafiz -
Well… There you go, thats me. #PleaseIgnoreMyFace #SuperSelfConscious
superselfconscious - pleaseignoremyface -
christina_clothier : 😍😍😍
laurynafoxy : You're so beautiful Jessica!!!!:)
kristendexter23 : My gorgeous little picnic table!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚
applesausess : @kristendexter23 Cowboy picnic table 😁
avery.barta : WOW SO STILICH. ILYSM
lindseyefoxy : Hhhootttiieeeβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
devyn_08_ : Yasssss
nachyo_girl18 : Gorgeous!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
pnoy_primo - evemonwon - ayeeemakayla - kayla_coyy -
πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ˜½cat naps with my fluffy man peach #cuddling #catnap #hestoocute #keenecoon #pleaseignoremyface @tminer87
cuddling - hestoocute - keenecoon - catnap - pleaseignoremyface -
tarocai : So big now!
cammiemahan : Precious!
trillyunsky : Lmao...
buddhalegs : Awwwww
runningredder : Omg this is so sweet, sleeping beauty and and her kitty! @lanamerrill
ked_128 - emilykolodziej - dmontene - buddhalegs -
Hasil maen aer td pagi bareng @himafekunsri 😊😊#PleaseIgnoreMyFace
pleaseignoremyface -
ranggaaharby - abelkirana - mjodysaputra - litaachandra -
Terrible selfies with amazing people πŸ‘ #pleaseignoremyface #footballgames #maryisaslutwhore
pleaseignoremyface - footballgames - maryisaslutwhore -
mary_ellendorff_ : You didn't!
renamatsuura - ritter.lillie - fiona__dunn - rebeccafowler27 -
You know there's a serious problem when you are so white a bright day can make you blend in with your shirt #wow #completionproblems #school #pleaseignoremyface #snapchat
wow - pleaseignoremyface - completionproblems - school - snapchat -
beccyrobertss - erobertson_ - emmacmburnett29 - polly_lightbody99 -
Safe flight mom and dad~ semoga ibadah hajinya lancar, diridhoi Allah SWT, sehat terus sampe balik lagi ke sini. Miss you already😒😒😒 #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
fivisiahaan - farahfrd - ribkaribs_ - jessicaseprianto -
I love you @eric.the.great96 ❀️ #endofstory #hug #love #pleaseignoremyface #itsreallyuglyinthispic #iloveyou #younglove #marilynmonroe #smile #cutecouples #likeitup #followme
younglove - pleaseignoremyface - love - cutecouples - iloveyou - hug - endofstory - likeitup - smile - itsreallyuglyinthispic - followme - marilynmonroe -
svntell : (:
sip16 - thtsotina - onlykaili - aayushax -
Basketball Match πŸ€πŸ˜‚ #usainbolt#posers#skibb#pleaseignoremyface
posers - skibb - pleaseignoremyface - usainbolt -
leebeechinor : This is adorable πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @nora_crowley
nora_crowley : Thanks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@leebeechinor
_clodaghx_ - fin_o_donovan - grainne_343 - tadghmcc123 -
I still haven't figured out why I like you but I kinda do πŸ’πŸ˜˜ #pleaseignoremyface#heskindacute#ikindalikeyou#myboy#kisses#greatnight#smiles#happy#boyfriend#couples#cuddles#dinner#dates#ilikeyou#alot#sometimes#igdaily#ignation#photooftheday#likeforlike#doubletap#followforfollow
smiles - sometimes - myboy - kisses - dates - couples - ikindalikeyou - boyfriend - heskindacute - pleaseignoremyface - doubletap - followforfollow - cuddles - greatnight - dinner - likeforlike - alot - igdaily - ilikeyou - photooftheday - ignation - happy -
hails_97 : πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ @ally_internet are you living in lamount still ?
ally_internet : Yup
hails_97 : 😭 I wanna hang out with you soon ! @ally_internet
ally_internet : @hails_97 if you can go to the edmonton Expo next weekend on Saturday!!
hails_97 : What's happening at the expo ?! @ally_internet
ally_internet : @hails_97 there's gonna be just a bunch of awesome people :3
hails_97 : Make your dad take you to the Asa show in October ! I'll be there for that :) @ally_internet
ally_internet : Lol I'll try, all depends on if he can or not :3
animal_luver212 - immortaltigress - theimportanceofbeingalex_ - lexiekinniburgh13 -
Friends are happiness @jacobraco778 #whatever #idk #ireallydont #awkward #pleaseignoremyface
ireallydont - pleaseignoremyface - idk - whatever - awkward -
webber097 - patriciabull - logan13_vfl - ferrelldrury -
I would like to thank this mirror for making me look so tall and skinny. #canitakeyouhomewithme #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface - canitakeyouhomewithme -
miekofit : 2βƒ£πŸ†’
mkelz930 - danasabo - morrissey_89 - lexi_marzocca -
Brehhhh πŸ˜› #tbt #throwback #thursday #pleaseignoremyface #millcrap
throwback - pleaseignoremyface - millcrap - tbt - thursday -
breeecoburn : Ignore my face... Dang. 😣
hayleyerakovich : You look fine?!!? @breeecoburn
jared_spinler12 - zachwalker94 - melissarenya - lumberjackjustin -
I wish aftershock was just a few days longer 😭 #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
specles - bre_brae - soccerbaby_17 - jazmine_anastasia -
Selfie con Cortázar♥ #PleaseIgnoreMyFace #Cortazar #MuchoAmor
cortazar - pleaseignoremyface - muchoamor -
thebossyleaf - conivarady - yasabesqien -
#20factsaboutme #PLEASEIGNOREMYFACE di tag oleh @clarissaciputra_ @vivianneselia @catharinaeliza . So here we go : 1. My name is Florentina Wulandari Maria Alexandra *panjangbingit 2. 19th years old *ps: my birthday was same with ASEAN (tanggal dan bulan nya) 3. Love light-green SO MUCH!! semua yg ijo ijo stabilo tuh kyopta 4. BIG FANS of @josephvincent please listen his music ♥β™‘♥ 5. Takut kodok , tikus , cacing 6. Cry a lot , terutama kalo membahas mama papa :') 7. Susah banget bangetan buat nolak atau bilang enggak kalo dimintain tolong 8. Suka banget kenalan sama orang baru , tp gak suka sksd 9. Udah 6tahun kenal sama @tarranovaa @josetaat @noldkrstian @bastianprabu @deviniamichelle and still counting everybodeh 10. SMA menemukan para kpopers gokils yg someday pasti punya album kok @jejeuben @yayncdp @mariaiamars @thereauuu @vivianneselia *minimal album foto 11. 2tahun 6bulan duduk bareng @clarissaciputra_ pas SMA . Please jaga minimi dan semua barang2 pooh lo!! Wkwkw keep counting our friendship cehβ™‘β™‘ 12. Dulu pengen banget masuk UI eh ujung2 nya U-k-I *bersyukur 13. Lagi jadi mahasiswi International Relations , ngurusin hub. Antar negara tp masih single *miris 14. Doyan banget makan , antara ENAK atau ENAK BANGET ♥♥ 15. Bangga banget lahir di shio babi , soalnya rejeki gue gak pernah putus wkwkwk 16. Pengen banget keliling Indonesia , take me to Mahameru , Batam , Aceh, Sumut, Bangka Belitung, Rinjani , Raja Ampat, Ambon , Papua *banyakmau 17. Suka banget nonton bola , motogp , tennis dan bulu tangkis!!!! 18. Pernah gak bisa jalan gara2 ikut karate dan akhirnya pensiun dini wkwkw 19. Pastalovers and chocoholic *darkchoco PLEASE 20. Percaya sama pepatah "tak kenal maka tak sayang" dan untunglah pas kuliah ketemu @ladrikahanna dkk wkwk Thats it!!!!! Huufh lega banget udah nyelesain ini wkwkwk itu baru sebagian *kayaknya . Now its your turn guysss!!!! Go fast~
pleaseignoremyface - 20factsaboutme -
ladrikahanna : Ciee lg promosi nih wkwk @floflloren uwuwuwu😘
floflloren : @yayncdp terima kasih loh dibilang daebak. Semoga cepet nikah ama oppa mu yaaaaa wkwkwk | @jejeuben walau harus kerja rodi ben , nomor16 itu HARUS :') | anak marketing dr outside ampe inside harus 'something' loh! XOXO β™‘♥β™‘ @deviniamichelle
floflloren : @angeladjunaedi you know meeeeeee banget! Wkwkwk untung aku smp sma baik qaqa ;;)
floflloren : Tunggu 7tahunan @tarranovaa plisplisplis wkwkwkwk | @ladrikahanna gak promosii uwwww, thats the fact wkwk
rezafenita : Follback yaw @floflloren
floflloren : Udah ya jaaa @rezafenita
vivianneselia : 10. Amin bikin album. Tp album gmbar aja ya.. aku udah ga kpop wuyannn :') πŸ˜† makasehh
tarranovaa : sebentar lagi !! hahahaha ga sabar !!
aprilitawgy - deviniamichelle - stevanyflo - ladrikahanna -
Lunch timmeeeee πŸ’€ #myfaceicant #pleaseignoremyface #follow
follow - myfaceicant - pleaseignoremyface -
theofficialmundey : aaaannnnd then there's dan @thesharpyguy
zacrocks24 - missbconnell - melanieswears - archer227 -
throwback to our attempts at a 90s boyband. Plus this stud just got an Instagram (and a phone) @bubblemonster020301 #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
_laurelle__ : who is @bubblemonster020301
_laurelle__ : and yay lets go cmjh
anslee.smith : ^^ same @bubblemonster020301
_laurelle__ : is it anna grace
sophskates21 : Is it Anna grace?
nicole_elizabeth24 : Oh yeah- it's Anna ;)
im_never_dun_riding : Haha I look like you guys's make-a-wish kid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ #special
swimming_carr - claire__bear__rocks__ - mattie_lax_swift - jazzysky.12 -
Happy 17th Birthday Nick!!!! I'm so proud of how far you've come and I can't for you to go farther you deserve every ounce of success you have and will get. I wish I was able to come to your party today but can't but I will see you soon I promise 😁 happy birthday πŸ’•πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ #nicktangorra #nickytangz #fangorras #ntb #pleaseignoremyface
nicktangorra - ntb - fangorras - pleaseignoremyface - nickytangz -
viajrs : dat demi concert tho
crazy_miggy - nicktangorrra - yungcocaine_ - simplyjamxe -
bonding with this one today 🐴❀️ #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
tanyak20 - sineadrussellll - erin_douglas123 - aleexwx -
I can be a kid if I want to. #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
yungxvi : or we can just stare at it...
nathan_valles : Please no have mercy @yungxvi
isabel.alvarez : Since you said ignore your face, I will not ignore your face
holluhh.its.paulaa - karischunn - c.me - jvp789 -
@jackytoczko did my hair today! It looks more purple here than it really is essentially what it looks like! #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
jackytoczko - cronic_rosa - _manda_j_stan -
This one's for @nabilapripur 😘 #latepost #pleaseignoremyface
latepost - pleaseignoremyface -
vnsha.s : apa yg terjadi dengan jempol lo? kenapa gak kayang?!
mggabriella_ : @nshvsx jempol gue jaim
jovitaseraphine - liuevayani - sanskhadj - tessa_octaviandi -
Game day ⚽️ First match in Florida against FIU! Ready to get after it today! #pleaseignoremyface #andmyawkwardbodyposition #GoBeavs
justinquinnphotography - pleaseignoremyface - gobeavs - gains - andmyawkwardbodyposition -
peytoncassin : Good luck gurlllπŸ‘
allynoelani : Love this shot!
lucasdewater : I'll be in Corvo visiting my brother soon enough! Ill hit you up!
maddiemisi : Thank you skinny love you and miss you! @peytoncassin
themaisonville : So proud! All grown up 😭
maddiemisi : Awe mace πŸ˜„πŸ˜š @themaisonville
ulifeofficial : Good shot!
maddiemisi : #justinquinnphotography
paytonobill - mynovemberlife - giveyoubuckets16 - john_soccer10 -
Oldd ass piccc. πŸ’› But i miss my daddy annnd cousinnnπŸ’œ #IWasHigh #Family #Missthem #PleaseIgnoreMyFace
iwashigh - pleaseignoremyface - missthem - family -
_toop_knotch_biitch_ : Wee Cuutte πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‹πŸ’¨
pretty_flacko_45 - k_brownlee1 - subrinasmart - fraz1219 -
Praying that I get to go to fox hollow this weekendπŸ™ #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
bronwyn.milkyway : To race. They're still having them @goldielocks_455
goldielocks_455 : I know πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ @bronwyn.milkyway
bronwyn.milkyway : Jut to go no special reason @goldielocks_455
canchasinggirl : When will they stop doing barrels? I wanna try to go to there!!!
canchasinggirl : @bronwyn.milkyway
bronwyn.milkyway : Fox hollow? Idk when they stop I think October maybe @canchasinggirl
canchasinggirl : Yeah!! Ok thanks:) @bronwyn.milkyway
bronwyn.milkyway : You're welcome!😊 @canchasinggirl
princesssssss_tarraaaa - zeph317 - kelleyw52 - barrelracer1163 -
So I dyed my hair red yesterday! #Selfie #RedHair #Red #MyFace #Wow #Woohoo #PleaseIgnoreMyFace #Me #Boom
me - redhair - pleaseignoremyface - selfie - woohoo - boom - myface - wow - red -
crow_lee_is_the_bae : OMG ITS AWESOME 😱😱😱 YOU LOOK SO HOT WITH RED HAIR 😊😊😊
theghostofrevenge : @crow_lee_is_the_bae Thank you so much!
crow_lee_is_the_bae : @theghostofrevenge np ^--^
crow_lee_is_the_bae - mylenia_ - wacopix -
Don't know what to say, I just miss you so so much πŸ™ˆβ€.
pleaseignoremyface -
ivalazarova27 : miss you too honey πŸ’•πŸ’ž
betixoxoo : lepotici moj<3
deanasrebrenova : 😘😘😘 ly @betixoxoo
deanasrebrenova : #pleaseignoremyface
sebastiankaupa - sophieelea - bspasevski - josidarling -
Me and @nadjuhh Had hella fun chillin last night ;P #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
tatertotatme - fabio23_ - _jessica_baranowski_ - skippyshwag -
#pleaseignoremyface I just thought this picture was funny because Jake liked the fact that he photobomed it c:
pleaseignoremyface -
bmx_cooraw : FIRST!!!!!!!!
ewwww.alicia : You're not special @bmx_cooraw
bmx_cooraw : Killed my moment @ewwww.alicia
ewwww.alicia : I really dont care! @bmx_cooraw
daisha.buttler - se_torress - _areonnaaa_ - nicolecsn -
first day of school, 8th gradr taken yesterday. #backtoschool #pleaseignoremyface #itwasreallysunnyokay #thatswhyimgrimacing #buttryingtosmile
staresatyouhard - buttryingtosmile - thatswhyimgrimacing - pleaseignoremyface - iwasgoingbacktoschool - laughsandpointstopeople - backtoschool - staresatyou - itwasreallysunnyokay - didyouexpecttoseemehappy -
olivia.yeah : #excuseyouyourfaceisfine #thesunisalsocool #itstilllooksok #soyeahyourefine
olivia.yeah : (#butitdoeskindalooklikeyouregoingtocry)
justanotherweirdchickyo : #iwasgoingbacktoschool #didyouexpecttoseemehappy
olivia.yeah : #sorrybutyourestillinmiddleschoolsoyeahikindadid
justanotherweirdchickyo : #laughsandpointstopeople #staresatyou #staresatyouhard
izzy213213 : MUFASA!!!!!!!
justanotherweirdchickyo : @izzy213213 oh god
izzy213213 : Hahaha!!! πŸ˜‹
panamericann - lmao.hailey - olivia.yeah - leah.nyholm -
HO HO HO Christmas is coming early this year πŸŽ… I am such a dork hahah No but seriously, I'm absolutely in love with #bioderma's #hydrabiomousse !! It's a must have !! 😁 #pleaseignoremyface πŸ™ˆ#skincare
skincare - pleaseignoremyface - hydrabiomousse - bioderma -
pharmaciezemiro : @mscindz look at @pharmaciezemiro
typhaine_ - k8goesladeeda - rainmustfall - miladysandz -
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