These are the faces of people who have enjoyed eighty $0.10 boneless wings while half-watching a football game. #sundayfunday #mishmoshfriends #pleaseignoremyface
mishmoshfriends - sundayfunday - pleaseignoremyface -
cstock0906 : #saucy
tinikrumsick : More sauce please
nataliadziopko - m_caley - jruuu2 - jrnovick -
My perfect boyπŸ’– #earlymorningselfie #pleaseignoremyface #notsurewhatimdoing
earlymorningselfie - pleaseignoremyface - notsurewhatimdoing -
_nicollepalmer - kate_louise15 - chapmanx_ - theadventuresoflucy -
One task ticked, which means i can finally have a good sleep. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ #pleaseignoremyface #ζœ¨ε’€
ζœ¨ε’€ - pleaseignoremyface -
ali_cheng44 - c_h_k - joycerina - j0j0j0j0b -
These twins are so smart I can't even... #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
khayatrepinky - _stonerslife_ - datomc_eswar - stefanie9505 -
Happy friday!β˜… #pleaseignoremyface#omg#wow
wow - pleaseignoremyface - omg -
sophomore_shop : Hallo sis bisa di visit ig kita :) kita baru tapi kita trusted kok barang nya bagus bagus hargaya ga mahal juga , thankyou ! Sorry spam :D
kiky_ardy - janitarhm - nurfahlovina - karinhapsari -
Gonna miss #Volleyball season so much! Yes, we stay out til midnight. Yes, we practice EVERYDAY. Yes, we get hurt, we hit the floor, and we feel as if the next game might kill us. But it's my most favorite thing in the world:) Ladies, we had a great season, and the next season will be even better. Go Lady Indians! #PleaseIgnoreMyFace #LadyIndians #IndianPride #LoveMyGirls
pleaseignoremyface - lovemygirls - indianpride - volleyball - ladyindians -
anastey_seal : Whyd you tag me, hoe? I'm not in this..
ambernicolemeow : I tagged the whole team, brah. @anastey_seal
anastey_seal : Ahhh
brightbowsetsy : Check out my bows!!
ambernicolemeow : Haha I just realized how blurry this pic is. Oh well:/
destiney1123 - alleypaige25 - leah_gibson22 - _joey_elizabeth_ -
The only thing that got me through the day, late night skype dates 😊 #Nomorejewfro #weirdo #pleaseignoremyface
nomorejewfro - weirdo - pleaseignoremyface -
peteypeen - rinchack - marks.helen2014 - ibandumas -
Well I look like a straight mess so please ignore my face πŸ™ˆ but dang did I get in one heck of a cardio workout tonight at @maxfit360 πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ tons of kettle bell stuff with heavy bag workouts! I was a sweaty mess! Definitely kicked my butt! But I cannot wait for more workouts like this! #fitness #bikinicompetitor #heavybags #sweatymess #anotharep #maxfit360 #gymtime #workout #stressrelief #girlswithmuscle #title #pleaseignoremyface #cardio #kickedmybutt
gymtime - bikinicompetitor - stressrelief - heavybags - title - kickedmybutt - workout - sweatymess - anotharep - pleaseignoremyface - fitness - girlswithmuscle - cardio - maxfit360 -
beckakatf : Dem delts!!!
amandarj8 : @beckakatf πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
elisenauman - lauriefitt - liv_marie41 - becauseimobsessed -
The choir concert was pretty cool #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
11kvh11 : Y'all did great!
jevanstyles : I just realized how fat my arm looks in this picture
kait.lynbailey : Mine tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jevanstyles
jevanstyles : πŸ˜‚
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Every time you smile, I smile 😊 #lutheranislandcamp #cutie #pleaseignoremyface
cutie - lutheranislandcamp - pleaseignoremyface -
raebelle15 - hhaggenmiller - mandanya_mango - cj_basketball_3 -
β˜€οΈgood mornin'β˜€οΈ #goodmorning#pleaseignoremyface#iknowimratchet
pleaseignoremyface - goodmorning - iknowimratchet -
fxckb.tch_ : 😍😍 imy!!
bethanygurlll : Imy2! 😭😘 @fxckb.tch_
ii.vii.mmxiii_ - aleshaarnold - amazed_by_youu - poppinmollyss -
So happy to have you home from Afghanistan for a few days (even though you were wasted the whole time) hehe I love youuu!β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #10monthstolong #USmarine #family #misshim #pleaseignoremyface
10monthstolong - pleaseignoremyface - family - usmarine - misshim -
its_antthony - gabbygardas - kheffron4 - gracee822 -
These qt'sπŸ˜‹ #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
_jaimenichole4_ : I look gross
maya.parsons : Baes for days
amandapothen - chloehoppe - laurenfinch99 - ava.schmoll -
Who's that girl??? Is @the_doolio!!! #SelfieABC #SelfieWithSelfie #Selfieception #Blessed #PleaseIgnoreMyFace #SubwaySelfie
selfiewithselfie - pleaseignoremyface - subwayselfie - selfieception - blessed - selfieabc -
amandaoliverv : Aww so cute and funny our dear @the_doolio is everywhere <3
klaineinthetardis : @amandaoliverv IKR?? The way it should be!! #blessed
thebossyleaf - the_doolio - ouatcaptainswanlove - thisisnikkie -
Paigerificβ™‘ #PleaseIgnoreMyFace
pleaseignoremyface -
__nicoleeeee : *you're *gorgeous *deny *gorgeous @knelove dude that was sad xD thanks girl. Love ya
knelove : Shhh I know I cant spell qosh... you dont have to be mean about it :, ( lol jk love ya
__nicoleeeee : *gosh @knelove don't be a crybaby xD love ya
erika_mae_1 : You hate babies! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰lol anyways you're so perfect and gorgeous! #don'tignorenicolesface
__nicoleeeee : I know!! Haha thanks bae love ya @erika_mae_1 but that's you
_meala_ : Tbh nicole well your my cousin and I miss you lots! Your gorgeous and hella fun to be around hopefully we can hang out again sometime soon we have so many memories together it's crazy like "apple cheese and water" that was forever ago and when kaylee killed the baby mouse I have lots more to say but I'm to lazy to write it all xD well anyways I love you judas!!! And hopefully I get to see you guys soon
_meala_ : Rate Bms β€πŸ’•πŸ˜
__nicoleeeee : Haha omg we were like 7!! Haha yeah that poor mouse xD love ya Jerome!! We really need to hang out soon!! Thanks so much beautiful I miss you too!! @_meala_
dominic.rhyans - katiesovahere - dopeshit22 - jossy14235 -
They make P.E. a little less horridπŸ’• #day7of100 #100happydays #pleaseignoremyface
100happydays - day7of100 - pleaseignoremyface -
ariegexaqil : 😘😘😘 @laureypoo_
laureypoo_ : @ariegexaqil πŸ’—πŸ˜
lindseystigs_ - angelduran01 - proud2bme123 - aaricklegacy -
#mcm #pleaseignoremyface #ilovemynephews #aunite #makemesmile
ilovemynephews - mcm - pleaseignoremyface - aunite - makemesmile -
maddi32002 - darianm8 - logiebearr94 - tommyaustin001 -
I had an amazing time tonight! Love you guys tons :) #homecoming2014 #pleaseignoremyface #wetotallylookhot
pleaseignoremyface - wetotallylookhot - homecoming2014 -
soliloqueenie : YAAAAAASSSSSSSSS
cymbalplaya97 - _never.lose.your.flames_ - sad_sunriseangel_2002 - lexoohleeee_ -
Homecoming shopping with @janvi_patel6! πŸ‘— #bæ #ourfacestho #pleaseignoremyface
bæ - pleaseignoremyface - ourfacestho -
janvi_patel6 : Omg, I look bad!😱
_izzigreen_ - mikaylamoulton - taylor_wells08 - katie.holodookk -
Another amazing day with my wonderful boyfriend!☺️❀️ #cuddling #hesthebest #lovehim #boyfriend #PleaseIgnoreMyFace
cuddling - hesthebest - boyfriend - pleaseignoremyface - lovehim -
chaneychris - msdaphnelashae - woodyholiday17 - m_little16 -
#twinning #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface - twinning -
carlitos_jaime - littlemack03 - t.a.v.i.n - juliannak__2 -
too cute✌️ #no #pleaseignoremyface #makeup
pleaseignoremyface - makeup - no -
pinkcandy.55 : #thumbup #but scary
oliviaclarkj : That's awesome
kira_elaine23 : Bæ as gorgeous as always πŸ’•πŸ˜
ireland_parker : Thanks boo😘 @kira_elaine23
kira_elaine23 : Sure boo boo😊😘
_lizzzc_ : Tbh// Imu SO MUCH πŸ’” But Your Really Pretty & Cool!! KIK ME!!
columbusco - pizzababe_ - angela_leas - oliviaclarkj -
Thankyou redrosenya zaa♥ #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
wandaagsa - malikismails - orlandokurniawan - pieteroctaviano_ -
Happy Batik day #pleaseignoremyface #stillbroken #moodbooster
moodbooster - stillbroken - pleaseignoremyface -
ibra.h.kadabra.16 : You're so cute
leohardenberg : Mind to follback? :)
echo.saberna - danishassan - ots_jonlin - zahrosyqla -
This man makes me so very happy ❀️#pleaseignoremyface #mylucas #happyemma
happyemma - pleaseignoremyface - mylucas -
sofighigliani : Love your eye make up ♥
emstagram1996 : @sofighigliani thankyou! 😊❀️
sofighigliani - bring_me_pizzaa - huffapuffalo - tigerlife9 -
MEOWWWWWWWW #fatladies #pinginmotherland #pleaseignoremyface #focusonfatlady #thatshername
thatshername - pinginmotherland - fatladies - pleaseignoremyface - focusonfatlady -
barnabas_heng - shiryeee - kayt_23 - keineshordesen -
CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME!?!? Okay, as embarrassing as this is, I know I needed to post this. I've NEVER squatted with a weight bar before. {either just air squats or dumbbells} so, I need help. What weight should I shoot for lifting? How awful is my form? I recorded both angels because I thought that would help. Should I squat all the way to the ground? PLEASE COMMENT SOME IMPUT!! It would mean so much and really help me out!:) #HowToSquat#Squats#SquatNoob#PleaseHelpMe#IneedHelp#FitnessHelp#Beginner#Fitness#Bar#Weights#INeedATrainer#HaHa
pleaseignoremyface - bar - beginner - squats - ineedatrainer - kayla_itsines - haha - ineedhelp - tatateachmehowtosquat - squatnoob - weights - fitness - fitnesshelp - teachmehowtosquat - pleasehelpme - howtosquat -
my.f1tness.j0urnal : Hmmm guess a straight bar could help.. Haha! Okay I'll remember to hit or break parallel for next time! I was hoping someone would find it through ONE of my many hashtags. Lol. Seriously though, thank you SOO much!:) @edgarfernandezzz
edgarfernandezzz : No prob.. And also ur doing like a crazy super Lowbar squatπŸ˜‚.. Lowbar squat meaning placing the bar on ur rear delts ..uses more hamstring ,ass, and posterior chain(idk if I spelt it right..) and highbar meaning placing the bar on ur traps uses more quad
my.f1tness.j0urnal : Hahahah see, this is why I had to post it.πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆgotta learn sometime.. I THINK I get what you're saying though.. Thank you again! @edgarfernandezzz
edgarfernandezzz : Yup no prob
verasfitness : Cool!
robertdox : @edgarfernandezzz is on point! Use a straight bar and keep it off the rear delts. That's a compromising position to place your shoulders in. If you don't have a straight bar, try holding on to dumbbells on each side or your legs. @my.f1tness.j0urnal πŸ˜„
my.f1tness.j0urnal : Thank you! My shoulders were definitely in pain haha😝 holding dumbbells on both sides of my legs with my arms straight down holding them? @robertdox
dsnaturalsd : Your page is awesome!
ultimate.models - bending_barbells - fynas_finehynas - macymissdancer -
Well… There you go, thats me. #PleaseIgnoreMyFace #SuperSelfConscious
superselfconscious - pleaseignoremyface -
applesausess : @kristendexter23 Cowboy picnic table 😁
avery.barta : WOW SO STILICH. ILYSM
lindseyefoxy : Hhhootttiieeeβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
devyn_08_ : Yasssss
nachyo_girl18 : Gorgeous!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
augustlover2001 : Tbh; u r super pretty and extremely funny luh ya best feature; UR likability.. Yas big word of the day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
alexis_brizendine : What's your kik?
_mistiql : L4l?
heather.dahrens - nachyo_girl18 - jripa9 - horse.girl.2 -
πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ˜½cat naps with my fluffy man peach #cuddling #catnap #hestoocute #keenecoon #pleaseignoremyface @tminer87
cuddling - hestoocute - keenecoon - catnap - pleaseignoremyface -
tarocai : So big now!
cammiemahan : Precious!
trillyunsky : Lmao...
buddhalegs : Awwwww
runningredder : Omg this is so sweet, sleeping beauty and and her kitty! @lanamerrill
ekashuda - emilykolodziej - dmontene - buddhalegs -
Terrible selfies with amazing people πŸ‘ #pleaseignoremyface #footballgames #maryisaslutwhore
pleaseignoremyface - footballgames - maryisaslutwhore -
mary_ellendorff_ : You didn't!
renamatsuura - ritter.lillie - fiona__dunn - rebeccafowler27 -
You know there's a serious problem when you are so white a bright day can make you blend in with your shirt #wow #completionproblems #school #pleaseignoremyface #snapchat
wow - pleaseignoremyface - completionproblems - school - snapchat -
beccyrobertss - emmacmburnett29 - itsmeruj - polly_lightbody99 -
Safe flight mom and dad~ semoga ibadah hajinya lancar, diridhoi Allah SWT, sehat terus sampe balik lagi ke sini. Miss you already😒😒😒 #pleaseignoremyface
pleaseignoremyface -
byiun : @jihanprani flbk kak...-yanti ehe
jihanprani - navizaazzahra22 - jessicaseprianto - devina89_ -
I love you @eric.the.great96 ❀️ #endofstory #hug #love #pleaseignoremyface #itsreallyuglyinthispic #iloveyou #younglove #marilynmonroe #smile #cutecouples #likeitup #followme
younglove - pleaseignoremyface - love - cutecouples - iloveyou - hug - endofstory - likeitup - smile - itsreallyuglyinthispic - followme - marilynmonroe -
svntell : (:
sip16 - thtsotina - newmanson - aayushax -
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