I gave blood today 😊 #pleasegiveblood #isavedalife #giveblood
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Done! #savinglives#blooddonation#blooddonor#pleasegiveblood#Edinburgh#bloodbus#rhesusnegative#bloodgroupa#scotland
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I gave a pint. #PleaseGiveBlood
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🔴 Bom Dia ! No último domingo, sai para correr pelas ruas de chicago e encontrei um hospital! Achei mto legal o blood truck que estava parado no estacionamento! 🔴 Eu sou doadora de sangue e sempre que posso, faço minha parte. E você? 🔴 #noritmodela
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_nathaliasoares_ : #pleasegiveblood #Lifestyle #giveblood #hospital #care #healthy #doesangue #sp #saude #Volunteers #geracaopugliesi #projetocarolbuffara #atitudeboaforma #whbrasil #run #colanadebs
manuellebraga : Conseguiste doar ai??
_nathaliasoares_ : @manuellebraga não perguntei. na hora que passei estava tudo fechado! 😿
manuellebraga : Parabéns pela iniciativa! 💉❤️👍🏻
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If you're in #exmouth #devon today and can spare an armful, #pleasegiveblood
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Another date for blood donation in memory of my brother Jordan, sorry again to clients who made it all the way out to kirkliston last feb. #scotblood #nhs #pleasegiveblood #ripjordanmackay #edinburgh
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Jangan takut sama mereka, karna mereka tidak menular, karna penyakit mereka berasal dari gen. Sumbangkan darah kalian, karna setetes darah sangat berarti bagi mereka. Periksakan darah kalian sebelum menikah, karna setiap orang bisa menjadi pembawa gen. Putuskan rantai thalassemia melalui pemeriksaan darah sebelum menikah. #WorldThalassemiaDay #savealive #pleasegiveblood #yayasanthalasemia #yti #popti
savealive - yayasanthalasemia - popti - worldthalassemiaday - pleasegiveblood - yti -
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So first time giving blood and it won't be my last. #blood #giveblood #instamoment #instalike #instagood #happy #firsttimegivingblood #pleasegiveblood #proud
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givebloodnhs : Thanks for your support! We'd love to talk to you about your first donation. Please email us:
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Donation Done. #blood #donation #pleasegiveblood #a+ #cupoftea #sweets #edinburgh #lauristonplace #giveblood #scotland #doit 💉💉💉💉👍
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My donor card has finally arrived 😊 #HelpSaveALife #PleaseGiveBlood #ScotBlood #Volunteer #BloodDonor #SpecialClub ❤
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gigglesm15 : 😀👍👌💉
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Another donation of blood today ....#NHS #blooddonor #dosomethingamazing #igers #instapic #instagram #picoftheday #blood #iphonesia #pleasegiveblood #iamamazing #100days100donors
dosomethingamazing - instagram - blooddonor - instapic - iphonesia - iamamazing - pleasegiveblood - igers - nhs - 100days100donors - picoftheday - blood -
givebloodnhs : Thanks for your support! ❤️
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Get yourself down to Tain town hall before 7.30pm. I'm sure you can spare half an hour 👍 your blood could save 3 peoples lives. Less than 6% of Scots give blood!!! #pleasegiveblood #blooddonors #savealife ❤️❤️
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Keeping busy with this dry erase board... Well, kinda. We need donors! #pleasegiveblood #americanredcross #minneapolismn #twincities
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steve_mn : Thats nice
aleahpeah : :)
annemd06 : I wanna donate. Can I do it around here?
aleahpeah : Yes, if you go to you can search for blood drives close to you. There is a NW chapter out of st cloud so there are blood drives in your area. We come out to buffalo, big lake and Monti to help the NW district sometimes.
aleahpeah : @annemd06
annemd06 : Sweet! Thanks. I will check it out
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Part of the blood donor club finally. Only 6% of the Scottish population donate and there is a constant urgent need for this to increase #pleasegiveblood #blooddonor #scotblood #edinburgh #onegative #nhs #onlytakestenminutes
edinburgh - scotblood - nhs - blooddonor - onlytakestenminutes - pleasegiveblood - onegative -
hannah27196 : im O neg too! #meanttobe
lizzydewey : Wheeey I see it as an excuse to eat a lot of cake afterwards
lisaakenny : Universal donor - you're a special you are ☺️💕 xx
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Завтра, 28 марта-одна из немногих суббот, когда Тульская областная #станцияпереливаниякрови открывает свои двери для желающих стать донором. Это отличная возможность сделать #доброедело для тех, кто по будням работает! Поделитесь частичкой своего сердца (в прямом смысле) с теми, кому это действительно необходимо! Много времени и сил это не займет, а кому-то, возможно, поможет спасти #жизнь! #донор #доноркрови #донорство #субботадоноров #донорскаявесна #tula #группакрови #Тула #ТулаРулит #blooddonor #life #givebloodsavelives #pleasegiveblood
life - blooddonor - донор - жизнь - givebloodsavelives - станцияпереливаниякрови - донорство - донорскаявесна - доброедело - tula - группакрови - туларулит - тула - pleasegiveblood - доноркрови - субботадоноров -
growing_with_grant : :)
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Currently donating blood...the blood bank says donations have been down #pleasegiveblood #loveis #lifesaver #realtor #share #lifesource #saving3lives #whatsminesisyours
realtor - lifesaver - whatsminesisyours - share - loveis - lifesource - pleasegiveblood - saving3lives -
sogrorealtors : Nice page! I would love to help you grow your real etstae brand, can I shoot you a quick email?
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They always park outside my window and it always makes me feel badly. #wedontwantyourOpositiveblood #pleasegiveblood #butnotyours
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Here I am again... but this time I'm on my own :( #pleasegiveblood #saveslives
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Repost from @everynutrition this is such great news I just had to share. Love the faith people have in our products, great team up! Britain next please! #herbalife #redcross #nutrition #healthy #aftercare #hospital #pleasegiveblood
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I figured out what I am doing today. #BloodDoner #BloodDonation #PleaseGiveBlood #PSBC #ImagineSavingALife #DonatingBlood #HowToSaveALife
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lesannecount : Good for you!!!
beachgems : Very worthwhile cause!
c.e.clardy14 - apositivityproject - anyac9 - marinellimuscle -
RedCross hitting me up alllll the time. #pleasegiveblood #wishicould #help 💉📛💉📛💉📛💉📛💉📛❤️😍
wishicould - pleasegiveblood - help -
pheeb5 : @cr0_lyfe
danaramma : I made their contact "red cross do not pick up" and then after 2 months they CHANGED their number so now I have 2 "do not pick up" saved contacts
danaramma : I would donate but sheesh I can't do it all the time plus the last 2 times traumatized me bc they butchered the stabbing. Haven't regained trust yet.
jess_ammons : I'm o negative so they never stop.... I feel you pain
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Looks like food is back on the table BOYZ. #Foodoftheday #Totallynothuman #Vampire #Pleasegiveblood #Chtulu
totallynothuman - pleasegiveblood - vampire - foodoftheday - chtulu -
emmalouiiiiise : Avoue ahahahahaha
emmalouiiiiise : @anideschats
emmalouiiiiise : BLOOD BOYZ
emmalouiiiiise : Eille ca serait le temps pour une tite photo... @anideschats t'es tu d'accord?
anideschats : Got your back bruh @emmalouiiiiise
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Went to donate but they didn't take me, Hb 2 points too low, managed to get 3 others to donate though so still did my bit, if you can, go please #scotblood #pleasegiveblood
pleasegiveblood - scotblood -
mrs.emerson : Cute wee badge! I just found out I'm a universal donor, O negative... So will be heading in to donate soon. I kinda want a badge though...
nickybiscuits25 : Well done you. Tonys so please with himself :)
knit1shirl1 : @mrs.emerson just ask! they were handing stuff out willy-nilly here! Because tiny babies have no antibodies they only get O- you can save babies! Pretty cool x
knit1shirl1 : @nickybiscuits25 I'm glad he was there we agreed half of his pint was from me x
zanteloons : After working for snbts for some time I cannot tell u how much it means to donate. I'm o- and if I never had 4units after I had isla I might to be here to tell you how important/special u are so well done to for trying. And to all the dudes that followed ur lead. U are all superheroes. I'll never be able to donate now but cannot encourage people enough. 💖💖💖
zanteloons - nickybiscuits25 - mrs.emerson - ju_lieta46 -
Los bancos de sangre estan bajo minimos se necesita sangre de todos los grupos #giveblood #givelove #donasangre #donaamor #bancodesangre #pleasegiveblood #porfavordonasangre
donaamor - donasangre - porfavordonasangre - bancodesangre - giveblood - pleasegiveblood - givelove -
anchoredpirate : #Typography
norlack : Even Gay blood?
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pleasegiveblood -
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Gave blood today before my #christmas shopping! Definitely recommend it ❤️#pleasegiveblood #festive #shortage
shortage - pleasegiveblood - christmas - festive -
ashleydonachie - jesssigs - 0hmaigoodness - rylie.morgan -
Mark is an incredible influence on many aspects of my life, today we are giving blood!! His appointment is one of many and mine is my first (even though I'm extremely fearful of the process) it feels good to do something so important! Here's to the first of many!! #pleasegiveblood #australianredcross #imscared #myfirstdonation #merrychristmas #theseasontogive
theseasontogive - merrychristmas - pleasegiveblood - australianredcross - imscared - myfirstdonation -
feather_17 : Sammy my dad would have died last year if not for crucial blood transfusions after his transplant! So you never know who your helping! I now give blood too, despite the fact I hate needles and was terrified...such a nice way to give back!! just know your gift could make a huge difference in someone's life! :-)
sammdods : @feather_17 I love hearing that!! I'm so glad your dad was able to get those transfusions! :) :) xx
christiewhelanbrowne - ventime - ellengoddard95 - pamspeedy -
Look at all my little surprises for giving blood :-) I always try to give if I can especially at times when the Red Cross blood service are low on supplies I know we are all busy but this gift can save someone's life !!! #pleasegiveblood #10donations #giftoflife #redcrossbloodservice
redcrossbloodservice - 10donations - pleasegiveblood - giftoflife -
cleansingwithallison : You've inspired me 2015 will be my year of giving blood even though I hate needles lol!!!
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Fancy decal on the new bus. #redcross #savinglives #pleasegiveblood
pleasegiveblood - savinglives - redcross -
elisa_yang - cringborg - ekeyes82 - julesredwine -
Now I am officially 1/3 the man my 15-gallon donating dad is. #pleasegiveblood #americanredcross
americanredcross - pleasegiveblood -
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Please give blood! The next blood bank is in Dunblane on 9th oct. By giving just one pint of blood you can save 3 lives! Scotland needs 610 donators every day to sustain vital blood supplies. Please consider your role in this and think carefully about whether you can/ want to give blood. It doesn't take long to make a donation but the self fulfilling feeling you come away with lasts for ages. #pleasegiveblood
pleasegiveblood -
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Blood Drive at Erwin High!!❤💉 Come sign up and donate blood, every pint counts!!❤💉 #americanredcross #blooddrive #blood #donate #pleasegiveblood
americanredcross - blooddrive - donate - pleasegiveblood - blood -
simon_loves_you1 - that_powerstroke_kid - blonde_bossss - gosnell93 -
Officially a blood donor! 💉👌Now for everyone else to get involved! #pleasegiveblood #nhs #itdoesntevenhurt
itdoesntevenhurt - pleasegiveblood - nhs -
meesh1087 - fatbaggy - 23amanda88 -
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