These guys were baptised today! Incredibly proud of each of them. It's a new era for #NarreUL #myheart #planetshakers #planetboom
narreul - planetboom - planetshakers - myheart -
resafrost04 : Sooo good!!
lngatokoa : So much love in one photo.. I love it! :')
nicole_yow : Oh oh oh oh oh πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
dannyjaiiii : Does kurt have a twin ? 😯😐
shenaea : The absolute best! πŸ’œ
felicitytherese : So many legends in one photo
bellal_j_ali : What a great group!
__snabalarua : πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
l1ttle_red - lindaaionomika - katiebetsybaker - qveen_nyador -
@Planetboom BV vocal warm ups... #planetboom #planetshakers #bestteam Made by @josham__ ...who else?
planetboom - planetshakers - bestteam -
rudynikkerud : Gross
4evermarisol : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
hxlxyy_ : this has to be my favourite video on Instagram ever! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
sherydan_fitzgerald : The pressure was just too much
aimeeannevans : HAHAHHAA @resafrost04
resafrost04 : I made it!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @aimeeannevans
stephling - phil_janz - jakeford___ - eliza__r -
{ never underestimate the power & significance of one encounter with God _ it can change everything } #jesus #planetboom #planetshakerssec
planetboom - planetshakerssec - jesus -
sophieggreen - zachariah_87 - amelia.dupla - jakeford___ -
I caught @darkchocolate70 yo!! HAHAHA And @resafrost04 went crazy!! #night #planetboom #church #God #crazy #music #jump
jump - planetboom - crazy - music - church - god - night -
doriandjofficial - apple6655443 - chu_chu9 - tayyybuller -
Last boom for this moment, but we are not done yet! Cuz it just beginning!!! #church #boom #planetboom #night #city #last #begging
church - planetboom - last - boom - city - night - begging -
tayyybuller - chu_chu9 - eden.laurence - embrace.your.weirdnesss -
They know all about that swag life... I pretend I do too πŸ’œ #planetboom #tytkb
planetboom - tytkb -
robinyanez1 - maddie37 - jacobkellock - eloisekford -
It's ova ladies and gentlemen! Term 1 of planetboom 2015 has finally finished! So no better way of saying goodbye, than going out with a bang! We can't wait for what God has in store for us in term 2! See you at awakening. #planetboom #TYTKB
planetboom - tytkb -
awesomeanna262 - piaklian - emvicinospam - starsky_r -
Honestly no place I would rather be on a Friday night. #HISHOUSE #SCHOOLSOUT #TYTKB #Planetboom
tytkb - hishouse - planetboom - schoolsout -
tthm_____ : πŸ‘Œ
sherydan_fitzgerald : Now that's what josh should have been aiming for with that camera πŸ˜‚
abbeymayallars - grace.sketcher - teadie - kaz_smith -
Got an opportunity to finally take a photo with the best youth pastor in the world... Well, at least half of him lol... Love the work he does and especially the youth ministry he runs... All legends each and every one of you! BRING ON AWAKENING | if you haven't registered... DO IT! @planetboom #planetboom #planetshakers
planetboom - planetshakers -
0.5happystreet : Lmao sort of photo you mean
hinerangi_ - toriey_d - hs_shah - dannymangos10 -
This guy's beard tho... #DJBACON @josham__ #planetboom #planetshakers #stillhaveyourhotspot #plsswitchiton
planetboom - plsswitchiton - planetshakers - djbacon - stillhaveyourhotspot -
noah_fisher - jaakeb - hs_shah - dannymangos10 -
Favourite city ❀️ #planetboom #boom #melbourne
melbourne - planetboom - boom -
falcon_fal : This is awesome! 😍
mitchyadam - amy_dela_xo - pete.__ - amyfinlay_ -
Last week was epic! But tonight is going to be unreal!! Make sure you're there because it's going to be a night you shall never forget. #planetboom
planetboom -
l1ttle_red : @monckton07 πŸ‘Œ
nathangois4 - t.kt_ - laubeaur - alice_3298 -
What a night we had last Friday @planetboom If you weren't there you need to get to boom tonight. Even if you were there please come again!! It will be the last boom for the term. Also everyone needs to be at PS15 Awakening. Get ready for what is going to happen tonight. Bring your friends because it's going to be AMAZING!! #TYTKB #planetboom #bethere
tytkb - bethere - planetboom -
accsnapshot : Cmon!!
gabyuru_70 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’žπŸ’•
paulina.mahecha - melanyhenao - valeriavalero18 - daniel_19971 -
This is what last Friday night @planetboom looked like... Our biggest night ever with over 1200 teenagers in one place, lifting up the name of Jesus. I can't wait to do it all over again tonight - best youth ministry in the world. #planetshakers #planetboom #best
planetboom - planetshakers - best -
rochelleleguern : Rad
_thisisdani - hengtuan - djpotoi - tthm_____ -
Last Friday night was out of control good... Breaking all sorts of records. Tonight - we party again. Melb/NEC/SEC all together - something's happening! See u there @planetboom #tytkb #planetboom
tytkb - planetboom -
__pedroj : GOD BLESS YOU MAN!
b_rad_dujary : Yea boi!!
josiahconner : Keep rocking bro!
bentobgui : get excited!
annacondon : Boom is the best!!!
nicole_yow - yvonnekilner - laurypanales - nathangois4 -
That's right people, BOOM is back on this Friday. School is out tomorrow so make your way to PlanetBoom and we are gona parté. Talk to your leader for details #planetboom #skoolsout
skoolsout - planetboom -
hxlxyy_ - jimmyandtimmy - ash95__ - shenaea -
Another sibling portrait πŸ‘§πŸ‘©πŸ‘¦ || Boomers who were bred in Planetkids are the best πŸ‘ || I love their hearts for God and His Children and their willingness to service in His house πŸ’› || So proud of these two @beksmartness @jarmezsmart_ 😘😘 #Planetshakers #planetboom #Planetkidsps #empowergenerationstowingenerations
planetboom - planetkidsps - empowergenerationstowingenerations - planetshakers -
monikakirps : Yes!!! Lovely people
beksmartness : THOSE EMOJI FACES ARE PERFECT!!! Love you so much sis 😘
dani_jones04 : Did you cut your hair?! It looks really good 😊.
abbeymayallars - marehippo - sookyee_see - clararhoden -
THANK YOU to the most amazing group of youth leaders- Boom team. They continually give their free time, their money, their energy & effort, their talents & gifts, their love, their passion, their hearts, their petrol, their prayers to see teenagers lives changed. Just one of these people is @kim_ng.. She gives of herself tirelessly, excellently & without reserve. She was flat out last week & Friday day with preparing so many important practical details of #boomafterparty and then went on to bring 110 teenagers with her urban life to Boom on Friday night- 38 of which made decisions for Jesus. One of so many who lay down their lives to serve. What a privilege to serve alongside them! #planetboom #iloveboomteam #ilovekimng
boomafterparty - ilovekimng - iloveboomteam - planetboom -
nicole_yow : Yes!!! Boss @kim__ng !!!! We have the GREATEST team!!!
beksmartness : She has the Asian advantage, and she rocks it. πŸ‘²βœŒοΈ#whatalegend
annacondon : @kim__ng is an absolute champion!!!!
_thisisdani : She's actually incredible. Love her @kim__ng
saymevans : Amen to that!
rayne_frost : She is a legend!!!! Love me some @kim__ng 😘
sophieggreen : @kim__ng is Superwoman! πŸ™‹
kim__ng : Thank you for being 2 of the greatest leaders, and leading us by example! #boomteam4life
yvonnekilner - kingdiltonthefirst - leoniesmith71 - hammer_ezz_ -
God is always faithful! Trying to wrap my head around Friday night at Boom. 239 recorded decisions for Jesus, 276 new people, somewhere well over 1200 in attendance. These teenagers have my heart ❀️ Isaiah 54:2 Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; spare not; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. #planetshakers #planetboom #boomafterparty
planetboom - planetshakers - boomafterparty -
aimeeannevans : You are doing great things Suuz!! Love you
estherandrew : It's was an incredible night! So good x
craigguntrip : So good!!
paul0rton : Loved witnessing the new thing God is doing in @planetboom. Incredible influence. God is good!
annacondon : I ❀️ BOOM!!!
estelle_c_lam : Loved being there @susannah_harrison! You & @andytheharrison are doing a great job!
rygermain : Soooo awesome!
mrs_latty : This is the BEST! Love it xxx
k_booth97 - ian.wang.7393 - amycalitzx - huahahahah -
That BOOM TV jam πŸ‘ŒπŸ’• #planetboom #boomtv #tytkb #nextgen
planetboom - nextgen - boomtv - tytkb -
beksmartness - tessmay13 - taliyawhite - rachellesalton -
Okay...it looks like Ps Jedidiah is #TYTKB! Make sure you're there for the 3:30 service because it is going to go off! #planetboom
tytkb - planetboom -
danped_ : @only_grov stage
hopestar_roar_firestarter - tamaraisdaname - aaliyahevelyn412 - leslie_brown_ -
What a great night we had @ planetBoom after party!! Can't wait for what God has for us next week! But you guys seriously need to be there next Friday because it's going to be mad!! We also have church tomorrow at 3:30pm @ 400 city road, South Melbourne!! So do what you can to be there. Love y'all ✌️#planetboom #boomafterparty #TFFF #TYTKB #ICUL
boomafterparty - tfff - icul - tytkb - planetboom -
aimeeannevans - andytheharrison - joshuaaffleck - thesamfam -
@justblakeyoung #planetboom #goodnight #change #powerful #swerve 😝
planetboom - goodnight - powerful - swerve - change -
leeroyy_0 - mimipridgett - roseartkitty - mazahadmohamed_ -
Over 1300 teenagers at Afterparty last night, biggest night in the history of #planetboom so so good!
planetboom -
sammydwest : Ask @max_dibben , @delmasanyasi
delmasanyasi : Don't you know?
sammydwest : Nope, @delmasanyasi Max got the shirts
delmasanyasi : Oh Bailey told me nothing was given out ( he didn't get anything i think)
sammydwest : They threw it out into the crowd, so it was whoever caught something when it was thrown
delmasanyasi : Oh alright cheers βœ”οΈ
robinyanez1 : awesome
baileyb2003 : Awesome party
anne1548 - ash95__ - williamkhoe28 - _j_smile_ -
@justblakeyoung is a boss, getting it done with the pocket game at Boom Afterparty last night! #planetboom #afterparty
afterparty - planetboom -
baileyb2003 : Beast party every thanks to the boom team #planetboom
phil_janz - anne1548 - ash95__ - _j_smile_ -
A night to remember! #planetboom #TYTKB #nextgen #blakeyoung #youngchozen #afterparty
youngchozen - planetboom - afterparty - tytkb - blakeyoung - nextgen -
amy_beaumont : looks familiar
nicole_yow : πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ
ryan_trommler : Yes @amy_beaumont πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
amy_beaumont : you're welcome πŸ’
skux.lyf - laurennsaunders - gabrielledalton - bro.okeee -
A bit late, but I thought I better Instagram about last night... considering it was so awesome!!! #afterparty #planetboom #boom #blakeyoung
afterparty - planetboom - blakeyoung - boom -
__nl14__ : Argh !!! Wanted to come so bad!
93jono : @__nl14__ All good bro, come to Awakening that will be even better. ;)
__nl14__ : Oh yes ! Cya there ;)
nicole_yow : YES! So good
marty_rodrigues : Haha never too late for a #latergram
93jono : Too right @marty_rodrigues
nicole_yow - ____adina - abbeymayallars - emil.hall -
Im so honoured to be apart of this youth ministry. Over 1200 people. 52 from caro. 230+ decisions. A record breaking night on all accounts. God is so good! #planetboom #planetshakers #TYTKB
planetboom - planetshakers - tytkb -
nicole_yow : 52 from Caro?! That's awesome!!!
nicole_yow : Ugh I'm doing that thing where I lean forward & walk Ps @andytheharrison πŸƒπŸƒ I forgot I was doing it the whole time then became so conscious I was doing it right at the end & stood up properly πŸ˜’
nicole_yow : @aliceburnell you feel me
aliceburnell : @nicole_yow I completely understand :)
innercityul - phil_janz - herbertnarayan - wensiam -
Yep lastnight got nuts all the way turnt up. #BOOMafterparty #crazy #jesus #boom #planetboom #planetshakers #TYTKB #party #afterparty #dance #rap #parkour #freerun #LikeForLike #FollowForFollow #not #Selfie #lights #honest @justblakeyoung was mad
planetboom - crazy - parkour - dance - tytkb - selfie - jesus - boomafterparty - planetshakers - rap - not - lights - followforfollow - honest - afterparty - likeforlike - boom - party - freerun -
geziajandasi : 😍😍😍😍😍
prayerzone : Love it!
___margaretl - i_guess_that_this_is_me - juliaschbrl - thomm_pk -
Don't know how to put into words what took place last night, except for the fact that if it weren't for His grace it wouldn't have happened... Over 1200 young people.. 29 new guys from Geelong... 230 at least making decisions for God... Mental, however small in comparison to what is to come #Planetboom #TYTKB #BoomAfterParty
planetboom - boomafterparty - tytkb -
annie_rose27 : @zoey_1352 ALOT of people are there!
phil_janz - joshmacca3 - zach_ed - planetboomgeelong -
the world needs more of these after parties. #party4jesus #boomafterparty #planetboom #whatanight
party4jesus - whatanight - planetboom - boomafterparty -
maryres_ : Agreed.
juliboy22 - georgia_furlong - marcusferguson_ - tthm_____ -
CAUTION: a bunch of legends are roaming the intersections of Melbourne to collect πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’² to help send more legends to Awakening. #Needadolla #Comesayhi #Doncastermodels #Planetboom #TYTKB #PSawakening
needadolla - doncastermodels - psawakening - comesayhi - planetboom - tytkb -
sarah_boyens : You go guys!! πŸ™Œ
stephling : That Doncaster model life... @nathanfergy your duck face was missed
____adina : I need those caution signs everywhere I go! Hah
nadiamazzei - shayjjay - jayrayhendry - claire_daniell -
My heart is SO in love with our youth ministry @planetboom !! ❀️❀️😭☺️ 156 from SEC Boom. Over 1300 young people in total. So many decisions for Jesus it took nearly 20 minutes for them to all get out of the auditorium for us to take their details πŸ˜±πŸ™Œ As if I get to do this with my life & I get to be part of this?!? #newera #planetboom #planetshakerssec #boomafterparty #TYTKB
boomafterparty - planetshakerssec - tytkb - newera - planetboom -
stnether : Was I the only one who didn't go to that?
baileyb2003 - felicitytherese - tthm_____ - claire_daniell -
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