Do not read the next sentence. Haha. Yah. #cool #youth #follow #instagram #ios #android #christian #christianyouth #today #trend #modernchristian #planetshakers #planetboom #planetuni #fearless #fearlessla #hillsong #hillsongunited #hillsongyaf #hillsongyoungandfree #trending #weird
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What an incredible night we had at #DoncasterUL... You know you have the greatest group ever when you wrap up the night but invite everyone to stay back and worship... And not one person leaves for the next half hour! Testimonies include one of our year 7 girls starting a lunchtime prayer group this week and having 30 students come, another girl praying for someone in her school to be healed and seeing them healed on the spot, and one of our boys praying one night with a school friend who's brother had been missing for a week, to see him found the very next morning. God is soooo good and these guys endlessly inspire me ❀️ πŸ“·: @twofrontteeth #reflections #planetshakers #planetboom
planetboom - doncasterul - planetshakers - reflections -
bill_ali_ : Awesome!
beccrossett : This is so good! X
nicole_yow : Brilliant
nicole_yow : Who is the year 7. We need to meet her @_thisisdani
sherydan_fitzgerald : I love Doncaster. x incred
danrodgers : So good!
twofrontteeth : Seriously unbelievable 😁
noelle.sim : Woohoo!!
chaddavids18_kingdomcrazy - joethedjembeman - han_hee_jooo - jeremiahpillay96 -
as God has blessed you as His child, He also requires you to carry on that blessing to others. #blessedtobeablessing #blessed #blessing #planetshakers #planetboom #springintheworld #pscassie #preachitwhitegirl #bayside #baysideul
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Mill Park UL 🎳🎳🎳 #Planetboom #MillParkUL
planetboom - millparkul -
andrej_kirps : @grace_beal we missed you!
bessiemichelle - parmidasabetfar - jono_th - jadon.nglam -
#boombae #planetboom #thisneedstohappen πŸ˜‰ nuff said
planetboom - boombae - thisneedstohappen -
maryres_ : I SHIP IT
maryres_ : @planetboom pls
melbadsey : RATE 20/10 #boombae @planetboom
melbadsey : @manny_ej + @shenaea
melbadsey : @susukoth__ @nathalie_agullo @thykash @meddy.mayoum
alequisha.debeyer : YES!!! @planetboom
htokmuko : Rq
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This is happening on Wednesday, 7-9 at Oz Ten Pin Bowling in Epping. Only $15 for two games. Invite as many people as you can #mpdt #millparkdreamteam #ttown #planetboom #planetshakers #iloveurbanlife
planetboom - iloveurbanlife - planetshakers - millparkdreamteam - mpdt - ttown -
k_booth97 : Photo cred @andrej_kirps
jasminedibah : @k_booth97 i forgot to laminate the cards. Ill do them at uni and drop them off at yours xo
k_booth97 : Awesome :) @jasminedibah
janicetimotius : @jasminedibah u coming to this jas?
jasminedibah : @janicetimotius yes 😘
thisweekintulsa : Great Pic!
janicetimotius - sam_o210 - andrej_kirps - matthew.clute -
Frankston UL is back tommorrow night!!! Get ready for the last one for the term!!!! Last chance to earn big points for the PS3/MacCounter prize!!! It's going to be awesome!!!!! #planetboom #planetshakers #frankstonsfinest #frankstonUL
frankstonsfinest - planetboom - planetshakers - frankstonul -
joshuabrown101 - andy.g.harrison - aliceburnell - laurendeegan -
This is happening today You should probably be here LZ7 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #planetboom
planetboom -
andy.g.harrison : @lz7ogram
tricia207 : @rockyroaad_
prsamuelamor : @mateuspato
r0hite : @rakshitrikky new album man ! 😍
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Incredible night. Enough said. #nightsoffire #planetshakers #planetboom
planetboom - planetshakers - nightsoffire -
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THIS IS NEXT GEN PRAISE. And also what I love most about @planetshakerschurch #nightsoffire #planetboom #momentum @madeleine.rochecouste @charoche_ #TYTKB
planetboom - momentum - nightsoffire - tytkb -
alanadomingo_ - becksseeto - tuttodesserts - rubyygrace -
Cannot wait. Boom is on tonight at @planetshakerschurch nights of fire with @thebanning - bring everyone you know cos it's going down!! Buses are running check with your leaders for details! #planetshakers #planetboom
planetboom - planetshakers -
pcestrada : Nice!
craigguntrip : Banning is one of my favourites! Have a good night bro!
andy.g.harrison : @pcestrada FaceTime sometime sir?
micahberteau : Love it - @thebanning is the man
martin_suhendra19 : Andy please follback me,God Bless You
iford23 : Do you have live streaming??? Or replay online
pcestrada : @andy.g.harrison YASSSSSS! You free this coming week or next?
andy.g.harrison : @pcestrada or just realised I'm coming to Dallas next week I could just FaceTime you in the same time zone :)
haylee_468 - esther9103 - jenniffer_johnlimi - crazipanda98 -
j u s t • o n e • m o m e n t // when the night winds up & you have teenagers in [good] tears because they have just encountered God for themselves - THAT'S why I do what I do //
planetboom - planetshakers - planetshakerssec - jesus -
christina_rus : #jesus #Planetboom #planetshakersSEC #Planetshakers
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#Repost @lolla_lita with @repostapp. ・・・ For real though? #TripleL #planetboom
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For real though? #TripleL #planetboom
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It was outta control πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ”« #PBGTOWN #planetboom
planetboom - pbgtown -
lukesantospirito : Dig the new profile picture #TrumpForPresident πŸ˜‰
iamharoldpatterson : @lukesantospirito haha haha
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• T O M O R R O W • you know who you are - be there πŸ’₯ πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ¬ #Planetboom #planetshakersSEC
planetboom - planetshakerssec -
margretealbero___ - annie_rose27 - jorjiegirl19 - javjim_6a4a -
"Let's Go Thrift Shopping?" #planetboom #PBGtown Mixtape coming not so soon
planetboom - pbgtown -
sam_vandershark : So good bro
iamharoldpatterson : @sam_vandershark hahaha
guyniks : Haha perfectπŸ‘Œ
iamharoldpatterson : @guyniks haha haha
jayanidu : Haha πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚ nice cosplay! πŸ˜€
iamharoldpatterson : @jayanidu seriously ? Cosplay?
jayanidu : @iamharoldpatterson the guy on the right is dressed like macklemore?
iamharoldpatterson : @jayanidu haha yeah (cosplay it is )
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I don't wanna! But we gon to. #JustDoIt #Quitcrying #Gymlife #PlanetFitness #WorkOut #gymmotivation #Lift #Pray #Train #Letsgo #PushYourself #workoutmode #Gymtime #Health #Fitness #Weights #Heavy #Determination #Fuel #GymSelfie #shamelessSelfie #wmbw #bwwm #ThankGODforanotherday #PlanetBoom
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tah09f : U go to two,gyms
buckeyesblue16 : Its how I roll cuz, lol @tah09f
danitra31 : I know that's right!!
tah09f : $$$ I say do it
buckeyesblue16 : LA is under my insurance, needed the hydro massage today, lol. You'd think I'd be in great shape @tah09f
swoleliving : getting swole :)?
buckeyesblue16 : @swoleliving Steady as we go
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Baptiste gave his heart to Jesus at Boom whilst in Australia on exchange. He's leaving today ready to change his world in France. We love you @v.baptiste, come visit soon! #doreendynamite #planetboom
planetboom - doreendynamite -
beccrossett : We love you @v.baptiste !! You're such a legend πŸ‘ we all miss you already!
isaacaddison : Baptiste!!! We'll see you when you come back because you know you'll be coming back to us soon ;) #aurevoirmonsieur
k_booth97 : Nice to meet you @v.baptiste . Bon chance pour le futur et retournes en Australie très vite car jason et Mark t'aiment et tu est un bon addition à boom :)
hayley.mcinnes - bessiemichelle - amelia.dupla - georgiagirl_k -
Amazing day in church- Prayer is the access point to God || I am honoured to have @andy.g.harrison as Youth Pastor of the "best youth ministry in the world" (@rudynikkerud)-it's hard to argue that it isn't!! was great to hang with @madeleine_rochecouste and co as well- your family are all legends!! -- GET TO NIGHTS OF FIRE: next Saturday @ 7:30pm at @planetshakerschurch and Sunday 6pm with @thebanning!!!! #planetshakers #planetboom @planetboom
planetboom - planetshakers -
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#splashouthire #planetshakers #planetshakersmelbourne #planetshakerscitychurch #planetboom #christian #celebration #love #faith #baptism #peace #worship
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yesyoucansing : Wow 😳
alexanderlcarnevale - reverendataylor - keratinovaya_zavivka_resnic - yesyoucansing -
@planetshakers new album #letsgo is now up for pre-order! Album drops September 11 so make sure you jump on it. #planetshakers #planetboom
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nathangois4 : Why is planetboom podcast missing in apple store?
billei_ : @missymoonoo99
alexbmusic_ : @charlysoto.87 y esto????????
charlysoto.87 : Masacrisimoooo @alexbmusic_
gordonlak : Awesome
ciayouthau - xxkylexx456 - gid.22 - jenniffer_johnlimi -
My people got baptised last night at Boom. Proud is an understatement. This is what it's all about... #planetboom #planetshakers
planetboom - planetshakers -
lucycrock : So beautiful.
josiahconner : Love this.
angelijoy_pacete : Wow ! God bless y'all.
keiyahlouise : @meg_pennisi πŸ™‹πŸ˜
b_rad_dujary : Bro that's so great!
coreyturner_ : I love what Gods doing @planetshakers #planetboom
shenaea : My heart is still so overwhelmed ❀️
ditiv : πŸ’œ
xxkylexx456 - pat_ann_jr - jenniffer_johnlimi - crazipanda98 -
It was so awesome to see these guys make such a powerful decision last night! We are so excited to see you grow in your relationship with God in this next stage of your life. We'd also like to thank all the friends and family who were able to come last night to support and start this journey with all these amazing world changers. Remember if you want to get baptised next time talk to you leaders to organise it and we would be honoured to share that moment with you! See you all on Sunday ❀️ BOOM #planetboom
planetboom -
kderozairo : is this you or am I seeing things?! @jxrryd
jxrryd : @kderozairo I look awfully tall in this photo! πŸ˜‚
kderozairo : aw so proud of you JV!! @jxrryd
mattcollett0502 : @claudiashaw_ yayayayay ☺️
larasplashouthire : Amazing ❀️
sherlyyyn_ : @joelchinta @rachel_sampath @jobg45 this is amazing πŸ˜„
musicboyseanny - christiiipriv - irenebelike - fiezhanis -
Congratulations to these two beautiful girls for their amazing decision to get baptised last night! So proud of the amazing women of God you two have both become and I'm so honoured and excited to see you both grow in your relationship with God, love you both to bits! #NEXTGEN #PLANETBOOM
planetboom - nextgen -
meg_pennisi : Love you πŸ’žπŸ’ž
falcon_fal - beksmartness - madness_nails - hannah.ydw.i -
These guys got baptised today!! Love them all & so proud of each one of them ❀️❀️❀️❀️ #planetboom
planetboom -
nicole_yow : I think @ditiv is the most excited of all hahaha
ditiv : @nicole_yow I think I'm Indian dancing
_elxzvbeth - edwinbannerz - k_booth97 - nanaboljabuor -
thank You Jesus😍 she's not on the gram, but this precious girl got baptized tonight because God changed everything. He knew where she was when she was unnoticed. Jesus heals the brokenhearted + liberates. our Champions aliiiiive #noticedinacrowdof10000 #tytkb #flmngtn #planetboom
tytkb - flmngtn - noticedinacrowdof10000 - planetboom -
anotidanaomi - coumba_styles - cherie_walsh - larasplashouthire -
Never want to take for granted what a honor & privilege it truly is to play a part (not matter how small) in teenagers lives & to witness every Friday night teenagers walking away changed/transformed by the power of Jesus. Tonight @planetboom we saw 23 young people get baptizedπŸ™Œ God is good to Him be all the praise. #planetboom #millparkdreamteam #lovetheseguys #planetshakers
planetboom - planetshakers - lovetheseguys - millparkdreamteam -
jasminedibah : πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š
triny_winnett - cherie_walsh - l.vaiano - jackydreamsbig -
A special moment for 2 of our Point Cook Boomers Jocelyn Muriwai and Kurt Wilton we are so proud of you both for making your declaration of Faith and to stand for God the best is surely yet to come!! #PCUL #planetboom POINT COOK 4 LIFE!!
planetboom - pcul -
juliesalib - rayne_frost - eden.laurence - larasplashouthire -
BOOM was so powerful seeing all those guys get baptised tonight reminded me of how its the spirit that we are rebirthing not the body! #striaghtouttaBOOM #planetboom
planetboom - striaghtouttaboom -
bereketsmith_ : Photo credit @arielle_rodrick
_roxyemmanuel - dannyjaiiii - jusbeinreal - keenanmole -
I honestly couldn't be any prouder of your decision @nathalie_agullo + everyone elses, my heart is bursting. πŸ’˜ #planetboom
planetboom -
daliabailo : Yay 😍
nathalie_agullo : Love you heaps mel !! Xxx
shenaea : Ahhhhh! 😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️
larasplashouthire : Powerful ❀️
chantalkasandra - debandemma - hayleyjane35 - stephneedham_ -
Caption sums it up, but what an honour it was to work with the likes of @bjpridham tonight. Led worship amazingly tonight as BOOM was far from ordinary. Love being able to set up the atmosphere for people to encounter the living God. And people did, with baptisms and even miracles taking place. I love @planetboom!! @planetshakersproduction #planetshakers #planetboom #mediateam @beksmartness @james_smart_1
planetboom - planetshakers - mediateam -
james_smart_1 - akitapham - madeleine.rochecouste - laurenvernon_ -
Here at @planetboom we are all about family. Maccas helps us to share cos sharing is caring #planetboom #planetshakers @greylynn.potoi
planetboom - planetshakers -
jasminedibah : My boy πŸ’‹
greylynn.potoi : Naws
edwinbannerz - k_booth97 - parvaneh1982 - lindokuhlesihlekrele -
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