Spotted the #RedKneckJesus himself @joshclopton cornering the #handsome one #mattwiman #skrappack #biceps #pisstest #goodhair
redkneckjesus - biceps - mattwiman - skrappack - pisstest - handsome - goodhair -
philbaldacci : Now that @joshclopton is a male model he should force Wiman to concede the nickname
louyrodriguez : I thought it was him. Lol. So handsome. @joshclopton
davestating : Best hashtags, lol
maliaspanyol : @baluvargas ooooh lookit dose guns! @joshclopton
joshclopton : Curls for girls.
dr_carmelaj - ellunchbox650 - iceman_dhs - seaniebrah -
Me, Rodrigo, and ZB at the bone ossuary in Brno, Czech Republic. #pisstest
pisstest -
sabotagerecords : So dark
angelofbethmed : I've always wanted to go there...
blaqk_deth - omiapache - sheenateddy - smhncck -
Babe's texting skills suck. #funnytexts
funny - funnytexts - grammar - dying - textingfails - milso - hilarious - texting - jokes - cantstoplaughing - bahaha - pisstest -
sthefanerd : #funny #hilarious #cantstoplaughing #dying #texting #grammar #textingfails #jokes #pisstest #bahaha #milso
krry_ : cooool @VinesBeLike
m4shedpotatoes : Sissy lalas. Lol
purple_gold23 : Lol too funny
crystalfuchs : Oh dear god ahahah
allison22here : Wow like it! Check out my bio ;)
michellecansew : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
crystaleedcc - mrsgunit_fiveoh - janell.mcmillan.e - emmal3a -
I did 4 fucking #interviews today and got offered the #job. Now I at some #civilian ran #pisstest joint and these assholes are crazy slow!!!! And lazy as fuck.
interviews - pisstest - job - civilian -
bphil85 : Been there, done that man. The grass is greener though.
boba__vet : @bphil85 yeah, as long as my driving record and background check come back clean, which they should, I start on the 1st of December.
nicholastzen : Whats the job for?
boba__vet : @nicholastzen it's a company called Cintas.
nicholastzen : Oh yeah cool what r u gonna b doing?
aimeebro - viola.johnson2014 - hatcherma - vapensmoke -
Finally got my meme generator working. Luckily it was only a Hush House door that this F-15 hit or there would have been way more damage. Someone forgot to double check the arrestor hook connections. The other part that had me wondering, was why it has ordinance loaded for a Hush House engine run? #usairforce #usaf #f15 #hushhouse #pisstest
hushhouse - usaf - pisstest - usairforce - f15 -
desberardo - cyclone27 - gucci_aka_young_valentino - doctorik -
I have a lot of people who'd be like this lmao #PissTest
pisstest -
itsjustdesha : Lmfaoooo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
msbelize93 - xxashlyn - p_wils12 - blondie_jessi -
lmbo! one of the many reasons eye dont wanna work for nobody... this some BS, lol. #PissTest #UrineTest #THC #StonerProblems #Funny #Lol #Interview #MaryJane #Marijuana #JetLife #ImAStoner #SlickBastards #GotYoAss
funny - thc - stonerproblems - slickbastards - marijuana - lol - jetlife - gotyoass - maryjane - interview - pisstest - urinetest - imastoner -
lucyrosea : Lol I could but you won't like the results
15_freegame : @kush_gr00ve πŸ’―πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ˜©πŸ˜­
kandake.nia13 : you the real mvp! if you want it that bad, u'll always find a way! lol. πŸ‘@kush_gr00ve
juice3oh5 : Lol
esgwizmyboy : @mntybrwn
nuthnbutb : On life
chris_nwamah : @iminatrance_
masterbong247 : Cool stuff
los_faraon_snefreo - _dmelody - tstyles9 - julesyv -
😱🐸 πŸ˜‚ #kermit #pisstest
pisstest - kermit -
julius_c4 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
eddieeastcoast - nemetic - sajad_khodabaksh - nico_gray90 -
foreal thooo hahahaha , #pisstest
pisstest -
firme.gato.drifter : Hahahaha
turtles_are_cute13 - ferny_suave - pa_cha_ - izzy_ivx7 -
Sorry if it's chopped n screwed sounding but this is my favourite scene off his ( @realchriswebby ) song #R.A.D (Roll A Doobie) #CT #CW #Chriswebby #hiphop #rap #music #video #vevo #revertnation #420 #dope #pisstest #best #scene #ever lol
vevo - dope - scene - rad - hiphop - video - rap - pisstest - cw - best - ct - chriswebby - youtube - r - music - revertnation - 420 - ever -
kryptochroniconolite420 : #RAD
draken_142 : Nice cool! @VinesBeLike !
kryptochroniconolite420 : if any of you haven't seen the full music video or even heard the song yet, search up Chris Webby on #YouTube or better yet find his albums in your local music stores @draken_142 & @ everyone :P
stone_wallace : Awesome
andyduzit : thats legit! check out my soundcloud/youtube when you get the chance I got a feelin you'll vibe 🌊🌊🌊
adamtoksozart - slippery_sloths - media_mangy - shesmyw1nona -
It's a dirty world we live in. #drugtest #detox #dirty #drugs #queens #newyork #foresthills #urine #pisstest
pisstest - foresthills - drugs - urine - newyork - dirty - drugtest - detox - queens -
98dirtbike : Youre an idiot.
asabovesobelow__ : You sir are correct. @98dirtbike
98dirtbike : <3
kateybright - velabrave - carlaxdeagleston_04 - melinaalpicket -
Cruisin' in the muskegs, bahd. #spicythaibites #pisstest #oilberta
pisstest - spicythaibites - oilberta -
kaitlynwoodhouse - pfram - megganlegz - macc_r -
Shit cracks me up πŸ˜‚ #growyourown #dank #cannabis #sweetseeds #mohamram #420 #hobby #homegrown #marijuana #coco #grow #pisstest #clean #living #Maryjane #710 #passion #W420 #highlife #stoner #UK #UK420#love #livingthehighlife #UKstyle
stoner - love - clean - marijuana - 710 - coco - hobby - dank - pisstest - grow - living - homegrown - livingthehighlife - highlife - uk420 - ukstyle - mohamram - cannabis - growyourown - passion - maryjane - uk - w420 - sweetseeds - 420 -
angela474powell : I love this photo! β›Ί
uurbalist : Shits too funny @angela474powell Live positive test negative lmao my friend walks round with a bottle of clean piss at all times
pieceofminduw : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #pound4pound
cannabis_consultant - rb_26ca - mm_tech - flutterlye -
New 7" in Dusseldorf. Today sucked: United/Lufthansa lost my bass and Zach's guitars. Due to the diligence of new friends, I was able to find a used left handed bass to buy and Zach borrowed an SG but holllllly shit what a rough time. Show ruled!!!! #pisstest #biggestbandineurope
biggestbandineurope - pisstest - dreamteam -
pavlovianbbb : Ps, art by @jennifer_ac_dewey, inside photo by @telepathic_love, recorded by @redlanternpdx, mastered by @gdicktator #dreamteam
ty_kube : TAKE THAT SHIT ON THE PLANE FOOL! But for real u can carry on a guitar or bass in a soft case....
pavlovianbbb : I know... Would I still check an empty hard case though? I do not want things to break... @ty_kube
jukeboxsween : That same shit happened to us in Dusseldorf. Lufthansa left all our guitars in America! Luckily, though, they came in on a later flight and delivered them to our show in Munster. We got lucky with that one
ty_kube : Not sure
anne9ism : I'm glad the day ended well! Have fun!!
pavlovianbbb : Fingers crossed that we get them tonight in Hamburg!!!! @jukeboxsween
jennifer_ac_dewey : Yeeeeah!
analog_anxiety - anne9ism - andy_instigate - phot0copy -
Every Marine a rifleman, I've seen this damn bottle more times than my rifle, the new slogan 'every Marine, a piss tester' #PissTest #Marines
marines - pisstest -
cardonethebear : Well if you wanted to see your rifle more often, you should have been cool like your brother and joined the infantry ;p
herbasoldier_roger - imoliviaa23 - devylarue - adamparker537 -
Taking a piss test. #selfie #dimples #pisstest #420nation #ganjaboy #dallas
420nation - dallas - dimples - selfie - pisstest - ganjaboy -
herba_ppp - calicowboy619 - durteeapparel - ellise004 -
#probablynot #nodice #kermit. Let me hit the #smokeshop real quick. #rockon #pisstest #syntheticurine
nodice - kermit - probablynot - rockon - pisstest - syntheticurine - smokeshop -
jrod540 : @mooookies_tho @skina_shmurda @fuckahmed
karinaplus1 : @eriklua
j_andrew3 - salinaslife89 - caliboi831 - tedddy49 -
Heading north to get the van for the #pisstest tour. Starts tomorrow in Aachen, come join us! #biggesttourineurope #biggestbandineurope
biggestbandineurope - pisstest - biggesttourineurope -
smadjah - cali_mucho - vonnipony - flankspeed -
The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps! Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States, 1945 #happybirthday #pisstest #cantmakeitup #usmc #marine #devildog #bestjobieverhad #timelessadventure #239th #ifyoureportthisyoureacommunist
happybirthday - bestjobieverhad - marine - timelessadventure - devildog - usmc - 239th - ifyoureportthisyoureacommunist - pisstest - cantmakeitup -
dont_waste_choe_time : @tannedbrock bdayshots right now
gonzocreations : Mmmmm
tannedbrock : @dont_waste_choe_time fuckkk where?
tannedbrock : @theedeepee
joshgrindtime : Fuckin' motivator.
dont_waste_choe_time : @tannedbrock bleu u small dick ass eating handsome well mannered marine of the quarter baby killing new school with a old school kick bitch ass cut punting putoooooo
dont_waste_choe_time : Cunt*
wickedillusion71 : This is great!!
esthie_kong - r0cketeer - westcoast_inked - sergmartinezjr -
#ontheroadagain #gotthejob #pisstest #firstnight #ontherig
firstnight - pisstest - ontheroadagain - gotthejob - ontherig -
mrseggett : #digginthenewname
tyshuss - woodyprice - mrseggett - pinknblk -
#landcore #onone #pisstest #thatfuck #passcreek #hotshit #hotshot #holdmybeer #watchthis #darkslide #treeride #caseofthemondays #berta
passcreek - hotshit - thatfuck - watchthis - berta - darkslide - treeride - landcore - onone - holdmybeer - hotshot - caseofthemondays - pisstest -
chapcitybitch - alysharoxane_ - gerv27 - photography_sucks -
What's up #doctor #office #pisstest #drug #test #drugtest "so what drugs do I get to test today doc??" #chill #nosecandy #FUCKpain #lifted #oxy #roxy #ativan #junkiefam #junkiesofiggg #noddsquad #nodd #pill #pilllife
noddsquad - nodd - lifted - roxy - office - nosecandy - ativan - junkiesofiggg - pisstest - chill - pilllife - oxy - doctor - junkiefam - drug - pill - test - drugtest - fuckpain -
terpene_fiend : Loool and here he goes trying to be "racist" and calling me a cracker. If your parents werent siblings then you might have enough wit about you to realize I am not even white. @elpinchebennie I have about a 3 inch spread at 50 meters, i'm considered a marksman, he can try to buck off as many rounds as he wants it will only take me one to wipe the smug look off his face @steadyn0ddin
noddinonya : haha. I just love when people talk shit when they have no idea who they're even talking to. I only got involved because he was comin @terpene_fiend and we got each other's backs my friend πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
terpene_fiend : I wasnt even actually hating to begin with I said I was trying to act as ignorant as possible, and some people can't take a joke without stretching. Out of nowhere he gets offended I used the word "spic" in a way that didnt even target him, I don't freak out when I read Tom sawyer and read the word "injun" and go shoot up a mall or some dumb shit. @steadyn0ddin
terpene_fiend : @steadyn0ddin πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’― tho
pill_dabber : Exactly @terpene_fiend I thought it was pretty clear we were being deliberately sarcastically ignorant and offensive. Some people though. Love the brotherhood of the fam though. Respect @steadyn0ddin
pill_dabber : I was all passed out from dabs when this was goin down yesterday
noddinonya : absolutely. I got my brothas backs ALWAYS. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’’ @pill_dabber @terpene_fiend ... and I agree, I don't think you could have been anymore clear about the fact that you guys were doing it on purpose, just to be funny. some people though! oh well, fuck em.
blane_potter : "So what drugs do I get to test today doc?" Lmao. Gonna have to remember that one and use it next time I get a drug test
alchemistarts - gross.jpeg - smoke_and_poke - ollikai -
A ghostly pic of Samantha from last night's show at #starbar #pisstest
starbar - pisstest -
patrickjfinn : Really good shot
yourockmyheartpdx : @patrickjfinn thanks!
patrickjfinn - anthonypdx - dat_spicybrown - musicman1176 -
@ehoey2626 @shogue99 #ramp #ramplife #rampselfie #notrelegated #gotajobyo #airport #airportselfie #work #workselfie #wenttophilly #pisstest #fingerprints #thuglife #nofilter #crew #crewlife #crewselfie #gotoffaplaneyo #whatupyo #wanttobefamous #werunthisairport
thuglife - fingerprints - wenttophilly - werunthisairport - workselfie - wanttobefamous - pisstest - rampselfie - whatupyo - ramplife - crewlife - work - ramp - crew - airportselfie - gotajobyo - airport - crewselfie - notrelegated - gotoffaplaneyo - nofilter -
shogue99 : That's me yoooo
crewseries - helenvvfarley_025 - angee.2131 - lorineortic -
Hate taking UAs. ....#gottadoit #fuckprobation #pisstest #unsure #clean #dirty #2years
gottadoit - unsure - dirty - clean - pisstest - fuckprobation - 2years -
bethyboo909 - daddy_jass - xx.risaa - jackieyglesias -
#Houston #htown #waitingforthebus #pisstest
houston - pisstest - waitingforthebus - htown -
juan_magnifico - estevan_scissorhands - theandreanoshow - hpkii -
This time next week I'll be on a flight to Dusseldorf! Come celebrate with me, Zach, Rodrigo, Mongoloid, and Denizenz TOMORROW NIGHT at STAR BAR. Free show. #pdx #pisstest
pisstest - pdx -
sparklemotion0 - onlythefinestforstratton - sabotagerecords - taicie -
Wonder who's gonna get popped. #UA #PissTest
pisstest - ua -
jgoober_ - vondajoycee - alicia_cha_cha - caseyannnnn_ -
hotnurse - wheredidshecomefrom - yuk - docsoffice - pisstest -
lilovanwyk -
Gonna be on that $15 an hour status. Never settle, never quit, never accept no as answer. #grindhardstayhumble #moneygrind #doctor #pisstest #drugscreen #passedthatshit
grindhardstayhumble - pisstest - doctor - moneygrind - passedthatshit - drugscreen -
bekahsuzie : What's your title? :)
_david_walker : My title? Lol @bekahsuzie
bekahsuzie : Job title :)
_david_walker : @bekahsuzie it's warehouse work. I'll be an order selector loading 18 wheelers(:
bekahsuzie : Nice! Congratulations! :)
kari_cheyenne - demricgodrichard - thischickyouknow - kelseydanielle27 -
Fuck a p.o, fuck a piss test #pisstest #p.o #420 #blazeitfgt #ballinout
ballinout - p - pisstest - blazeitfgt - 420 -
hemphelps - christelwerntz - thedailygreen - graygraytfl -
Any chance you're pregnant? Nope. Oh ok here pee in a cup even though you're dehydrated πŸ˜’ #fml #pisstest #swearimnotknockedup
fml - pisstest - swearimnotknockedup -
thompson_inspirations : Feel better lovely @leah.k.rader
leah.k.rader : @brittles91 thanks girl
aesthetic_ink - rick__limas - a_living_l3g3nd - b3wings -
Dagens post.. #pisstest #vinyl #punk #jonnycatrecords
pisstest - punk - vinyl - jonnycatrecords -
emanuelrude : Så mycket bra bandnamn, så lite tid. Och vinylen funkar ännu inte. Peppe, fixa det här nu!! @pepperud
pepperud : @emanuelrude Jag gör det imorgon eftermiddag.. ;-)
emanuelrude : Tack! @pepperud
streetcreep78 - emuskos - ayutomy - seropram -
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