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High school. Horrified. #pimpletown #band #inthecloset #GJHS
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zabidi : @samijarrah A literal memory lane :)
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My new tutoring job makes me feel like a high schooler all over again, complete with full pouty face #pimpletown #ugh #momsarecray #likemineusedtobe
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mamma_martin : But weren't you a high school hero... Soooo.. this is right up your alley!! M-o-r-g-a-n M-o-o-d-y
jessierae417 : Hahahaha yep and yep. Your pouty face should be the new face of ETS #preach #momsarethebestworst
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Secret birthday stash. 😻
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cottageindustrystore : oi @birdieclaude what are you insinuating??
madeleine_stamer : @doremecreative I seriously doubt I'll have any left! Gorging myself silly.
fablefolk : Where is that lovely little triangle canister from @madeleine_stamer ?
pocketcarnival : Oh yes I want to know where that canister is from too!!!
liss78 : the canister is a French Bazaar one @pennyeager and @fablefolk - I've had my eye on it for a while, seeing it in a home I think I need it ☺
handmadelove : Oh no!! Did i miss your birthday?!
madeleine_stamer : Jeepers you're good @liss78 It was a sweet birthday pressie from my sister! x
liss78 : what a good sister you have @madeleine_stamer it is so sweet! x
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sillybeth25 : I live there too! 😣
misskmichael : We can move from pimpletown soon my beauty. 💗 @sillybeth25
joshalexanderlaw : I know u r melting
sillybeth25 : Haha @misskmichael I'm sure trying!! You look beautiful as always BTW!
misskmichael : @joshalexanderlaw yes, and now I'm burnt. I'm so damn white! Haha
joshalexanderlaw : Just happened to me too ... I'm hurtin
misskmichael : Me tooo, super burn only on my right side. Could always be worse buy it still sucks. Lots if aloe for us! @joshalexanderlaw
joshalexanderlaw : 🔥🔥🔥🔥💦💦💦💦
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Say hello to my little i mean huge friend #spotcity #pimpletown #hugemassiveunnoticablespot #goaway
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rubyhazex : u so cute
leilaannemerritt : Need to start naming them! Lol
freyaar : @leilaannemerritt hahaha :( :'( :'(
emphisys : I get them weekly lol... no big deal
freyaar : @emphisys haha i always get spots none as big as this bad boy
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The fat academy #fiveguys #littlecajunfries #yum #:3 #gainingweight #imskinny #pimpletown @amabellaa
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hitheretiffany_ : Lets go together next time!
iisabuttx : Alright! @tiffannyli
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I dont want to go to schhol! #pimpletown #onmyface #toomuch #concealer #concealerinmyhair #wtf #itssnowyout #andidonotlikeit #cafdoorsfrozenshut #goodthingidrivethecar
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_kihernandez : The tags hahaha
meganpena_ : Your face hahaha (:
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