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Evidently I hit puberty a couple months short of 40. #zit #pimple #pimpletown
pimpletown - zit - pimple -
freckles757 : Lol.
jbravoa : It's a monster.
lin_z_jett - jenniferella85 - lizzy_lizs - freckles757 -
What did this town do!! #pimpletown #maharashtra
pimpletown - maharashtra -
manasinafde : Buahaha..
jigardoshi - snigdhadesai - boycechoi -
Zit filter #pimpletown
pimpletown -
lydstir : I just broke out with 10 or so. What the heck, aren't we too old for them?!
ananda1114 - lydstir - theloganrussell -
What makes me happy are these faces. #sahana #CR #groupB #mathers #love #friends #nift #joy #pimpleTown #harry+Hermione+Ron #amphi #shoot #stuti
sahana - pimpletown - love - groupb - joy - stuti - mathers - shoot - harry - cr - friends - nift - amphi -
its_mathers : @sahana.rajagopal 😘
its_mathers : @littlemissstuti thank-you 🐢
adesipraheli : Anything for the Mathers. :')
its_mathers : @littlemissstuti cutieee 😘
sahana.rajagopal - adityapandey93 - neeraj_kale - cola_puri -
Seeing what all the @lush_ausnz fuss is about! My skin has been horrible since I've been back at the gym 😩😩 #stupidsweat #irritatingmypours #pimpletown #growingafamily
stupidsweat - pimpletown - growingafamily - irritatingmypours -
jadebernoth : Made my skin feel amazing ! @ashcook401 I also got the grease lightening spot treatment it's like a tea tree oil thing you put on your pimples and it dries them out and reduces the redness wore it to bed last night and my face is soo much clearer!
ashcook401 : Oh really, where do u buy it from haha πŸ˜†
jadebernoth : The Lush store at Pac Fair. There's one at carindale their products are so nice they are all freshly made with natural ingredients like avocado and stuff. They have bath bombs and body wash and moisturisers and stuff as well the smells are ridiculous
jadebernoth : @ashcook401
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Skin's not doing what it's supposed to... This is the face I make when I see my reflection anywhere! #ItsAMonster #SpecialGirlsWithSpecialFaces #Skin #SkinCare #Zit #PimpleTown #Gross #Horrid #NotHappy #NotImpressed #Monday #Mondays #Morning #Selfie #LadyDrama #LadyProblems #WomanIssues #Eeeew #DUFFstuff
ladyproblems - ladydrama - monday - gross - duffstuff - selfie - specialgirlswithspecialfaces - eeeew - skincare - skin - nothappy - pimpletown - zit - itsamonster - horrid - womanissues - morning - notimpressed - mondays -
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Don't hide your flaws embrace them #ThoseAreZits lol #Yep lol #PimpleTown
yep - thosearezits - pimpletown -
ntchwaidumela_ : Amazing..
sirant_25 - jazzievalerie - amacho3 - -
Tagged by @shannya420 one of thee best people around.. And absolutely beautiful inside and out .. #20beautifulwomenchallenge, the ladies I've tagged.. Yes I think you're absolutely beautiful.. Although I probably have not spoken to some of you as much as I should.. Yes I'm the one who likes the photo of you.. And your daily adventure :-) #nomakeup #pimpletown
nomakeup - pimpletown - 20beautifulwomenchallenge -
nantanaa_m : Thanks @govini_maya got ya back!
amandaraejhnsn : Awwww! Thank you! ❀️❀️
ivykhoo : Aww thank you babe! :)
shalini24 - vijaymnaidu - a.kallahan - jhwadman -
High school. Horrified. #pimpletown #band #inthecloset #GJHS
gjhs - pimpletown - inthecloset - band -
zabidi : @samijarrah A literal memory lane :)
anjeleeno - zabidi - rwmark - katereutersward -
My new tutoring job makes me feel like a high schooler all over again, complete with full pouty face #pimpletown #ugh #momsarecray #likemineusedtobe
momsarecray - pimpletown - ugh - likemineusedtobe -
mamma_martin : But weren't you a high school hero... Soooo.. this is right up your alley!! M-o-r-g-a-n M-o-o-d-y
jessabel_rae : Hahahaha yep and yep. Your pouty face should be the new face of ETS #preach #momsarethebestworst
lyleklyne - land7ahoy - dcrock323 - aftonbailygriffin -
#pimpletown #pune #saturdaynight
saturdaynight - pimpletown - pune -
shrutisarin : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜
shrutisarin -
Secret birthday stash. 😻
madebyliss : the canister is a French Bazaar one @pennyeager and @fablefolk - I've had my eye on it for a while, seeing it in a home I think I need it ☺
handmadelove : Oh no!! Did i miss your birthday?!
madeleine_stamer : Jeepers you're good @liss78 It was a sweet birthday pressie from my sister! x
madebyliss : what a good sister you have @madeleine_stamer it is so sweet! x
picturedthoughts - estherolsson - suzclare - lemonjodes -
pimpletown -
misskmichael : @joshalexanderlaw yes, and now I'm burnt. I'm so damn white! Haha
joshalexanderlaw : Just happened to me too ... I'm hurtin
misskmichael : Me tooo, super burn only on my right side. Could always be worse buy it still sucks. Lots if aloe for us! @joshalexanderlaw
joshalexanderlaw : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
lisa91990 - elysabethrose3 - coldcoffeee - birdsrdinos -
Say hello to my little i mean huge friend #spotcity #pimpletown #hugemassiveunnoticablespot #goaway
pimpletown - goaway - spotcity - hugemassiveunnoticablespot -
leilaannemerritt : Need to start naming them! Lol
freyaar : @leilaannemerritt hahaha :( :'( :'(
emphisys : I get them weekly lol... no big deal
freyaar : @emphisys haha i always get spots none as big as this bad boy
chandlermurielbing - leilaannemerritt - still_in_to_you -
I dont want to go to schhol! #pimpletown #onmyface #toomuch #concealer #concealerinmyhair #wtf #itssnowyout #andidonotlikeit #cafdoorsfrozenshut #goodthingidrivethecar
pimpletown - itssnowyout - goodthingidrivethecar - toomuch - concealer - concealerinmyhair - wtf - onmyface - cafdoorsfrozenshut - andidonotlikeit -
_kihernandez : The tags hahaha
meganpena_ : Your face hahaha (:
thewebmodel_com - _kihernandez -
pimpletown -
shaynaryan : @imthatchickulike haha πŸ‘‰ @ pimpletown
da_intellectual_infidel - aalex8511 -
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