Don't hide your flaws embrace them #ThoseAreZits lol #Yep lol #PimpleTown
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ntchwaidumela_ : Amazing..
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Tagged by @shannya420 one of thee best people around.. And absolutely beautiful inside and out .. #20beautifulwomenchallenge, the ladies I've tagged.. Yes I think you're absolutely beautiful.. Although I probably have not spoken to some of you as much as I should.. Yes I'm the one who likes the photo of you.. And your daily adventure :-) #nomakeup #pimpletown
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govini_maya : Person *
kdecruz : Aww thanks @govini_maya 😘😘😘 hope you're keeping well, pretty lady!
shannya420 : Aww love you chica <3
missbakestress : Now u tag me what do i do??
nantanaa_m : Thanks @govini_maya got ya back!
amandaraejhnsn : Awwww! Thank you! ❀️❀️
you_am_i : Ur pretty without makeup!
ivykhoo : Aww thank you babe! :)
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Return of the giant chin pimple! Send help stat! #uglyselfie #pimpletown #selfdeprecatinghumordisguisesdeepseatedfearofacne
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splitendz : Your hair is soooo long!!!
sdecaussin : LOL. "Pimpletown" (also, I love your hair! And you of course!)
septardar : The last hashtag is everything that is my life
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#mars #milkyway #planet #galaxy #space #chocolate #sugar #pimpletown #lol #funny #omg
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natli0 : Nice cool! @VinesBeLike !
therealhotbanana : This one hit my funny button! Can't. Stop. Laughing! Can't. Breathe! LMAOoOoOoOoO πŸ˜‚
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Countdown to end of promos (excluding hols) : day 7 #promo2 #burden #stress #pimpletown #selfie #study #leggoguys
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z.oie : Jiayooooo baobeiz muack
lihan27 : #pimplecountry here
spidermanboxers : #pimpleworld here
tankangxing : You also ah!!! @z.oie
tankangxing : Hahahhaha study hard #pimpleangels @lihan27 @spidermanboxers
huixiny : You all can come to me #pimpledoctor @lihan27 @spidermanboxers
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High school. Horrified. #pimpletown #band #inthecloset #GJHS
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zabidi : @samijarrah A literal memory lane :)
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My new tutoring job makes me feel like a high schooler all over again, complete with full pouty face #pimpletown #ugh #momsarecray #likemineusedtobe
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mamma_martin : But weren't you a high school hero... Soooo.. this is right up your alley!! M-o-r-g-a-n M-o-o-d-y
jessabel_rae : Hahahaha yep and yep. Your pouty face should be the new face of ETS #preach #momsarethebestworst
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Secret birthday stash. 😻
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cottageindustrystore : oi @birdieclaude what are you insinuating??
madeleine_stamer : @doremecreative I seriously doubt I'll have any left! Gorging myself silly.
fablefolk : Where is that lovely little triangle canister from @madeleine_stamer ?
pocketcarnival : Oh yes I want to know where that canister is from too!!!
madebyliss : the canister is a French Bazaar one @pennyeager and @fablefolk - I've had my eye on it for a while, seeing it in a home I think I need it ☺
handmadelove : Oh no!! Did i miss your birthday?!
madeleine_stamer : Jeepers you're good @liss78 It was a sweet birthday pressie from my sister! x
madebyliss : what a good sister you have @madeleine_stamer it is so sweet! x
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sillybeth25 : I live there too! 😣
misskmichael : We can move from pimpletown soon my beauty. πŸ’— @sillybeth25
joshalexanderlaw : I know u r melting
sillybeth25 : Haha @misskmichael I'm sure trying!! You look beautiful as always BTW!
misskmichael : @joshalexanderlaw yes, and now I'm burnt. I'm so damn white! Haha
joshalexanderlaw : Just happened to me too ... I'm hurtin
misskmichael : Me tooo, super burn only on my right side. Could always be worse buy it still sucks. Lots if aloe for us! @joshalexanderlaw
joshalexanderlaw : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
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I dont want to go to schhol! #pimpletown #onmyface #toomuch #concealer #concealerinmyhair #wtf #itssnowyout #andidonotlikeit #cafdoorsfrozenshut #goodthingidrivethecar
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_kihernandez : The tags hahaha
meganpena_ : Your face hahaha (:
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shaynaryan : @imthatchickulike haha πŸ‘‰ @ pimpletown
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