#pillbilly ma fuqer @dr_duff13
pillbilly -
smilehighcity5280 : What is @dr_duff13 looking at over there? #cockeyed lol
aj_green_ : Crazy tweaker eyes @dr_duff13
canawipes : I'm over here!
dr_duff13 : dicks
slablord714 : What a bunch of clowns disrespecting @dr_duff13. Have some respect peeps not everything on IG deserves you thinking out loud #notraisedright #needaswiftoneupsidethehead
dr_duff13 : I love u man @slablord714 it's all in good fun but if I need your help to knock some head off you'll be the first I call
selisko_ops - joepud - thecuriousdabber - theluckygarden -
welcome home mutha fucker
abandonedfl - rsa_preciousjunk - pillbilly - royalsnappingartists - ig_captures_decay - rsa_urban - abandonedflorida -
florida_purtykitty : #abandonedflorida #rsa_urban #royalsnappingartists #rsa_preciousjunk
mtb_jay : My buddy and I just started getting into abandoned stuff hunting ... nice to see more people out there too 😃
florida_purtykitty : i absolutely love it @mtb_jay i probably should post more of my abandoned florida on here. What part of Florida are you in?
mtb_jay : Over in New Port Richey, about 40 minutes north of Clearwater. @florida_purtykitty
florida_purtykitty : ah...up in civilization, eh? lol @mtb_jay
mtb_jay : I'm pretty sure it's the prescription med capital of Florida lol .... I need to venture out and find some more stuff before school starts back up next week lol @florida_purtykitty
florida_purtykitty : oh boy, lucky you! #pillbilly lol @mtb_jay I'll be looking for your kitty/pup/abandoned posts
mtb_jay : Sure thing 😃@florida_purtykitty
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pillbilly - herosinahalfshell - turtlepower - cowabunga - tbt - nopetodope -
_andrew_escobar_ - jmez516 - steventormollan - dawnmbooker -
I was "Pillbily" aka Castor #Crowley. One of the largest exotic #drug #distributor and trafficker in the Bay Area. I call it throwback Tuesday. #norules . Just imagine what my heart looked like. #tbt spec on the horizon now.. #throwback #testimony God #saved me from being #murdered, a life of #addiction and #cold #lonely #pain. #Alone in a mass #rave, #broke with tens of thousands of dollars. #heartless . Now I am a #changed man. I #work a good legit job. I got visitations of my son. I have #ServeEntertainment up and running. And I'm free from all addiction. Free from greed. Free from the mentalities conditioned on mass majority public through mass media production. I AM FREE IN JESUS NAME #AMEN #castorcrowley #pillbilly #littlereza #free
lonely - pain - norules - amen - throwback - tbt - heartless - pillbilly - distributor - murdered - rave - free - broke - alone - cold - work - saved - changed - drug - crowley - serveentertainment - castorcrowley - testimony - addiction - littlereza -
little_reza : It's been 3years now... Praise God.
sweetsweetcharity : Wow!! Awesome testimony! God is Good!
suchamess76 : "Spec on the horizon"-I remember you tellin me that when I called you for advice when I was on the run and didn't wanna go to jail for the very first time. I had to man up n turn myself in. And now..jus like u said..Its all just a spec on the horizon. I'm happy for you Ray. Love you brother. Had you stayed on that road who knows what kinda awful stuff could've happened to ya. Glad you made this change in your life. Pray for us over here in ABQ. We need it!! Peace!
little_reza : @sweetsweetcharity ALL THE TIME!! Men GBY sis
little_reza : @suchamess76 bro you have no idea what that means to me . Especially coming from you. I miss you bro. I'm glad it's over with now man. Those trials are all bad. I'm praying bro!! Hopefully someday soon I can go back.. Or visa versa. Love you too brother. Slap Steven for me for not keeping his word and huh your mom@for me k? Lol jk tell Steven to call me.. Get my number from him and call me anytime bro. Love ya man GBY
archer_chris_ - jpadilla214 - naynay1077 - suchamess76 -
Me and my medicine that's literally #pillbilly
pillbilly -
trichomeasaurus : Anxiety problem
jessicannablisss - steeziebone - that_crazyboychris - tardwyn666 -
Scrappin out of boredom! #pillbilly
pillbilly -
rotooclean - catfish_billy_trash - katekeepssmiling - hellokat1993 -
THROWBACK.. I had hair down to the middle of my back and a dreadlocked go-t. In this photo I showed up to a family event I wasn't welcome at because I wanted to see my son. When he saw me he was scared to death and ran away so fast he fell on his face.. It was one if the moments in my life that made me realize how much I needed to change.. I shaved my head while locked up as a vow to God that I would never return to my old ways. Almost 3 years later and I am still standing.. Still fighting. THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH #tbt #throwbackthursaday #castorcrowley #pillbilly #delibered #setfree #redeemed #testimony
castorcrowley - redeemed - throwbackthursaday - delibered - tbt - setfree - pillbilly - testimony -
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You should not wear cheetah print leggings if you look like that. #fatfuck #pillbilly #fupa #peopleofwalmart
fupa - peopleofwalmart - pillbilly - fatfuck -
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Don't do #drugs unless yu wit me .. lol #Earth #StillTrippin #xtc #Molly #donttrythis #420 #junkies #future #galaxies #trippystick #PillGang #PillClinton #PillBilly
donttrythis - drugs - galaxies - pillclinton - molly - junkies - trippystick - stilltrippin - pillbilly - 420 - earth - pillgang - future - xtc -
franklin_bitch : yo wer u at
natesteeze - lisaxk - allisonyo -
Thizzle wiggles on deckemz .. #mdma #thizz #trippy #wild #PillGang #PillBilly #PillClinton #xtc
mdma - pillclinton - pillgang - trippy - thizz - xtc - pillbilly - wild -
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Fuxk wit ya boy #PillBilly #PillGang #PillClinton #rollin Im out here tho ..
pillclinton - pillgang - rollin - pillbilly -
mobmarley_662 : Lmfaoo I knu it .. @berner__
berner__ : Hahahahh bitch ass.
mobmarley_662 : Man were lala tell her hum ASAP lol .. u guys come to out here
mobmarley_662 : Hmu ** @berner__
berner__ : Hahah Oh all of a sudden...lol we rite here on tha east boutta get jaded
berner__ : Juss gotta bottle
mobmarley_662 : Lol ... Allll ofa sudden .. @berner__ haaa tell herrr go mimis
berner__ : Hahahah she keep askin for u
berner__ - flan_24k - morechairs99 - louie_linken -
I can eat a peach for hours... #pillbilly #moonshine #alabamasfinest
moonshine - pillbilly - alabamasfinest -
mafiaprimo : @ashylit
illest_swrv - size_12 - jay_manes - suzy_t1219 -
pillbilly -
jeannieson - georgkaegi - lu_sea_disorbo -
I Fucks Wit It ... Hit Me If U Need Dat ... #PilllClinton #PillGang #MorphineBoyz #DRUGS #SloMo #trippykit
pillbilly - pilllclinton - drugs - morphineboyz - pillgang - trippykit - slomo -
dab.710 : #Pillionaire
mobmarley_662 : #PillBilly
berner__ : Ayyyyee y Reggie
berner__ : You reggie
airwreckuh_ - berner__ - dab.710 - eddieb5 -
Gimme a #PillaryClinton lil wyld #pillbilly haha #trippyLilngga
pillaryclinton - pillbilly - trippylilngga -
mobmarley_662 - berner__ - xtinavenice - cindygeezy -
People off Craigslist are sketchy my mom put a Ad on Craigslist saying sheet metal and a bunch of other bullshit this pill head in his sweet tacoma that has been rolled (yesterday if I might add) came and got every piece of metal out of my yard then proceeds to ask me if walton recycling is open Like you my friend have a slight problem #pillbilly #craigslistKillers
craigslistkillers - pillbilly -
vbreezy_ : @dredmonn My thought process is so weird ha
alexanderrambosdadsmith : Just seen that crackhead driving
vbreezy_ : @ale_x_andersmith that screams win
cheif_patty_p : 😂😂😂😂😂
jordanbryantdc5 : Metals worth a good penny! You might of just left a 100 bill go. Haha
jakesdope : I geek
vbreezy_ : @jordanbryantdc5 me and Devin took a whole pool and only got 36 dollars its alminnum
vbreezy_ : @jakesdope swear ha
cheif_patty_p - jakesdope - vbreezy_ - adunn92 -
i like to snort goody powders every now and then.would i qualify? #pillheads #pillbilly
pillheads - pillbilly -
devintaylorbsc : WTf
amy_p87 : Where do find that stuff lol, I know some people that would qualify lol
theinfamousbigtrev : @shalynn78
kockykaukasian - outlawwktrans - devintaylorbsc - scrubbsz -
#busking #punk #punx #pillbilly
punk - busking - pillbilly - punx -
rudegirl241 - rottendrunx77 - rampage_nightmare - newt_v_urban -
#mamatried #merle #hellbilly #pillbilly
merle - hellbilly - mamatried - pillbilly -
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Can't get enough of #willie lately #willienelson #country #pillbilly
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Flashback Friday.. This is a picture of me at a rave in San Francisco.. I was under the influence, possessed and overwhelmed with greed. That life may have seemed glorious and glamorous from the outside looking in but from the inside you couldn't even see the outside.. All of my friends from that life are dwindling.. One killed himself by taking a large amount if pills, alcohol and putting a bag over his own head and falling into eternity. God bless him. RIP DBOT.. Another got indicted and is doing life in federal prison now.. Another got murdered.. Another is shooting heroine now. Another is a prostitute now. One lost his mind and has never come back to normal. People in the lifestyle I was living truly believed that what we had going was the best thing ever to come to existence as the world around them crumbled. I went down with them .. But by the grace and mercy of GOD, through my surrenderence and desperation, I have been delivered. "So let God work His will in you. Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper. Say a quiet yes to God and he’ll be there in no time. Quit dabbling in sin. Purify your inner life. Quit playing the field. Hit bottom, and cry your eyes out. The fun and games are over. Get serious, really serious. Get down on your knees before the Master; it’s the only way you’ll get on your feet."(James 4:7-10 MSG) If God can bless me with restoration as redemption He can do it for anyone.. Love you all fam from the past. I pray for you all the time. Know that Jesus is Lord!! And He wants to give you joy.. #fbf #flashbackfriday #castorcrowley #pillbilly #redemtion #deliverenxr #testimony #jesusfreak #jesus #christian
jesusfreak - deliverenxr - christian - castorcrowley - jesus - redemtion - fbf - pillbilly - testimony - flashbackfriday -
sflovely : You really didn't have to post about Darren like that
little_reza : @sflovely I didn't say anything bad about him.. I miss him too
sflovely : @little_reza you didn't have to mention about how he passed and just respected him.. I'm still sensitive to that and I'm sure that's not how he wants to be remembered..
little_reza : @sflovely I respected him and respect him still Carmen .. It still hurts me too and because it hurts me I don't want anyone else to fall into that trap. It would hurt me and others again.. So in going to use it as a depiction of what can happen if you don't change and a warning to people who are still doing it.. So they might e saved from it. You get it?
caliq408 : That picture is full of evil and things that I'm so glad u could rize above! Ur soul is a beautiful one and all that negativity over shadowed that
matthew_amador - cjamador - jpadilla214 -
I'm so happy right now 😋 #pillbilly
pillbilly -
alexissplash - _pipe_dream - angelwby - rmehen90 -
Pop off a few rounds! #380 #pistol #rifle #target #tagets #ammo #guns #redneck #fun #:) #sun #sunny #tennessee #hillbilly #pillbilly
target - sun - redneck - sunny - hillbilly - 380 - tennessee - tagets - pillbilly - rifle - fun - pistol - guns - ammo -
d3st1ny_dunn -
I Lied!!! I'm Going To Listen To The New #Satyricon #Album While I Clean The Casa!!! #BlackMetal #oneOfMyFavoriteBands #Satyr #metalhead #psychobilly #pillbilly #cowpunk #stoner #nerd #ListenToSatyricon #listenToMetal #nowplaying #thc #marijuana #deathmetal #cowpunk
stoner - listentometal - marijuana - psychobilly - listentosatyricon - nerd - album - satyricon - blackmetal - cowpunk - satyr - nowplaying - metalhead - pillbilly - deathmetal - oneofmyfavoritebands - thc -
e_lyse - crystal_starr - wolf_of_blood_and_iron - blackmetalmusic -
Flash back Friday.. As Pillbilly I made a lot of money but none of it brought me joy. As Castor Crowley I did flashy shows but it was a dark cold world. Sinus only fun for a very short season.. It's like jumping out if a jet with no parachute.. A very fun free fall ending with a bloody mess. Only God can give you peace that surpasses all understanding. Restoring you with DIGNITY and redeeming you with LOVE.. #Dignity #love #joy #peace #fbf #flashbackfriday p.s. Friday the 13th is a joke to Christians who have the covering of God
love - castorcrowley - joy - evil - fbf - cold - hate - flashbackfriday - dignity - bornagain - rootofallevil - peace - pillbilly - money - forgiven - drugdealer - root - greed -
little_reza : Amen!! The #love of #money is the #root of all #evil #rootofallevil #greed #hate #cold #drugdealer #pillbilly #castorcrowley #bornagain #forgiven
narcoticsforsale - _hair_fetish - jshababa -
Anyone down to see "The Scariest Band In The World" @ Mission Tobacco Lounge in a Couple Weeks? #riverside #deadbolt #hootenhallers #localshow #Surfrock #Rockabilly #pillbilly #hellbillyq
hootenhallers - rockabilly - deadbolt - localshow - pillbilly - surfrock - riverside - hellbillyq -
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My Lucky Numbers Are 501 & No.7 #WhoDat #Gameday #levis #No7 #billfold #selfie #buttonflyskeepthemSkeezasout #stoner #faded #workflow #NOLA #berdoo #thc #hashsesh #undertheinfluence #iNeedTacos #Breakfast #stoned #wfayo #concentrates #cali #calioriginal #WhiteTeesAndPalmTrees #pillbilly #cowpunk #hellbilly
stoner - workflow - selfie - concentrates - whodat - cowpunk - stoned - berdoo - breakfast - ineedtacos - billfold - calioriginal - undertheinfluence - hellbilly - no7 - wfayo - gameday - nola - whiteteesandpalmtrees - cali - levis - hashsesh - pillbilly - faded - buttonflyskeepthemskeezasout - thc - dudeswithtinywaists -
badwolf_bobby : #DudesWithTinyWaists
napalmcupcake : @badwolf_bobby you have no ass! My the wallet compensates 😉
badwolf_bobby : Billfold @napalmcupcake
napalmcupcake : @badwolf_bobby beg your pardon... Billfold
_yadira_85 - mariov_forever - crystal_starr - peepas_ -
Who's Driving Me, So I Can Get Trashed!!! #hank3 #hellbilly #cowpunk #ADD #ArsonAnthem #3BarRanch #TheDamnBand #PillBilly #SomeoneDriveMe
someonedriveme - hellbilly - thedamnband - cowpunk - add - pillbilly - arsonanthem - 3barranch - hank3 -
katt_savage : I'm too down to go!! I'm in!
tiffs_mcgee : Damn I wanna go
badwolf_bobby : Hank Is The Best Show(s) I've Been Too... (Well... Ministry/Obituary/Motörhead/RevHorton/Dwarves/Melvins are Close, But Hank... GodDamn) you ever see him live? @tiffycottonpillows
tiffs_mcgee : @badwolf_bobby Just bought tickets 😁👍thanks for letting me know
tiffs_mcgee : @badwolf_bobby No I been wanting tok but have not seen him live
badwolf_bobby : Been to 7 Hank Shows. Well one Hank Cancelled. But Lemmy Kilmeister Filled The Space Playing With Reverend Horton Heat... @tiffycottonpillows
tiffs_mcgee : @badwolf_bobby wow 7 that is awesome.
badwolf_bobby : I just hope Gary Lindsey Shows... He's Been Touring with Black Eyed Vermillion... (Shows aren't the same w/o his Backup Screaming) @tiffycottonpillows
ca_roline_ - katt_savage - special_ed_tattoo -
Cannabis concentrated pills... ya bishhh;) #pillbilly #allthc #420 #Sunday #chilling #shutup #bitch #swallow haha
allthc - shutup - sunday - bitch - pillbilly - 420 - swallow - chilling -
username_hati23 - nisaaaxoxo_ - valleyyrie - xandersmomma13 -
Phillbilly holding Brecken. I love this little kid. Dad I love u to death, u may make fun of me and stuff but it funny when u do, hope u liked ur birthday present, even thought I didn't know we got u anything till today. Me Brandon and every buddy else would not know what to do with out u. I truly love u dad. #daddy #pillbilly #birthday #party #was #great oh and and dad I learned how to cook from u not mom lol. @lisaburkhardt68
great - birthday - pillbilly - party - daddy - was -
morganashley18 - jen_snyder95 - austyn_taylorr - vkeicher -
It's Beautiful day, it feels good to be high. I mean alive! #jokeing #sun #sky #sumner #beautiful #weekend #nerd #love #pillbilly #happy
beautiful - love - sun - jokeing - pillbilly - sumner - happy - weekend - nerd - sky -
lsfreebird96 - _kelcileee - elise_degruise - pandalav -
If my woman was a fire She'd burn out before I wake And be replaced by pints of whiskey Cigarettes and outer space #chillin #calmbefortherage #music #lyrics #emo #perks #pillbilly #
perks - calmbefortherage - music - pillbilly - lyrics - emo - chillin -
steven_wittadonis : Percs?
steven_wittadonis : Where do I find these percs? #pillybilly @og_mudbone440
og_mudbone440 : Fuck that @steven_spd_witt
steven_wittadonis : #needum @og_mudbone440
og_mudbone440 : My friend jess hooked me up with a 5
og_mudbone440 : @steven_spd_witt
llunaaticc - music_whims - recklessmeli -
Guess I'm the only one who wants to drink on a Wednesday night haha. Here's to feeling good all the time. #solo #dolo #pbr #labatt #pillbilly #goodfuckem
labatt - solo - dolo - pillbilly - pbr - goodfuckem -
steven_wittadonis : #pillbilly! Hahahahahah
og_mudbone440 : I thought you like that shit haha #pillbilly
thetonymarty : Labatt ice got to be good
missxdamnesia - dlewis440 - jared460 - steven_wittadonis -
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