This a fucking joke! Ea had plenty of time to set up #eashl for nhl15 xboxone! I'm pissed as fuck! #eablows #fuck360 #rammerisajoke #lazy#piecesofshit !!!! Wtf
eashl - rammerisajoke - lazy - piecesofshit - fuck360 - eablows -
john_rice17 : I also am I might not be good at it but there most likely will have those game modes that's the reason most people buy the game for
puckeruphockey : Who cares about people who buy the game for fun. We play competitive @john_rice17
rebeliousxgaming : It will be in for the. 360 though hah that's good !
john_rice17 : But that's what I mean It will bring down the sales for competitive players too but what ea want is money and a lot of people but the game for that their losing money so they will have to put it in for money
john_rice17 : See what I mean we have fun and compete while they make money off of it if we aren't havering fun or competing then there goes the sales and I'm not sure if u watch baconcountry on utube if not check him out he talks about eashl a lot in a few vids
theycallme.tristan : Fucking kidding me!!! What the fuck is the point of this fucking game then
flowsamo : Wow
polsaracing : ......
scott_ridds - ahuffnagle13 - mrvin0 - codypape88 -
⚠️DONT USE SPRINT⚠️ #PiecesOfShit #FuckEm #ShoutOutToAT&T #GoinOnStrike #ObamaCarinAssBitchess
fuckem - obamacarinassbitchess - piecesofshit - goinonstrike - shoutouttoat -
therealkclassy : I love sprint
ericthompson_20 : 😒✋ @therealkclassy
leahpolley : But really 👏 sprint blows
ericthompson_20 : Faaaaarreeallll @leahpolley
___bontrager___ : 😂😂 worse than the other day I take it @ericthompson_20
ericthompson_20 : Oh yeah papi ain't happy @___bontrager___
chaselambert13 : 😂 what the fuckk
ericthompson_20 : Nigga can't catch a break @chaselambert13
bryananthonyyyy - ___bontrager___ - serenaamariee - dylanplatt -
Seriously thought they don't want to touch the #goldengator they will regret it, but maybe scaring them with a gun will make them think twice before doing it again #lowlifes #scumbags #thieves #losers #scum #piecesofshit #fucktards #altoona #814 #Altoonascum
lowlifes - piecesofshit - pennsylvania - fucktards - pa - altoonapa - goldengator - scumbags - altoona - losers - scum - thieves - altoonascum - 814 -
bearded_nismo : #altoonapa #pa #Pennsylvania
rockwun - nana__j - ellermannloreen - brian_vq -
chevyssuck - piecesofshit - true -
inkt_soul - unsane_13 - nxsxb -
Hahaha Agreed! 😄🙏👍👏 People are really stupid and immature #arrogantpeople #worthless #piecesofshit
worthless - piecesofshit - arrogantpeople -
autumn_loves_bands - that_jenna_girl - dropdeadcassi - _baeemily_ -
Walk outside to my vehicle to find that someone wanted to get in there super bad. #great #piecesofshit #ohwell
great - ohwell - piecesofshit -
oes2525 : Sucks ! I guess it's not Sunday fun-day for you !
michael_nywi : They are very lucky that you didnt find them in action. Very lucky. A well buddy. Just cosmetic.
mont_e3d : Wtf where was this at?!?! I 'll remember not to park there ever in life.....people fucked up bro...nothings safe anymore...from now on when I go out I'm keeping an untamable panther in my shit...have the robber back at his shanty telling his hommies he got close to robbing me ,then a panther attacked him from the backseat#nevaagain
veinilla : Haha @mont_e3d you would say something like that. It happens 😕
mont_e3d : Thats what insurance is for rite...over the holidays someone broke into the rendevous and took a Victoria secret gift card. ..my beats headphones ..and a bag of laundry I was taking to get dry cleaned...thirsty inner city mothaskunmas...that's why we gotta always be aware of our surroundings..if u don't know anything know what's behind him and most definately what's in front of u...#wewiseoverhere
mo__gotti : Yikes. That's no good. That happened to me in Chi. But my comment under my pict went more like this. What the F*%k!!
mr_sal_voeun : WTF!!! People these days!!! SMH! 😁
alpha_fitness_mke : @veinilla that Fuck up Smh👊👊👊
noeasywayout97 - kylezpaulina - a_teamfitness - amy_omygoshi -
Its just 2 ina half hours pay each MONTH u cheap miserable fucks!! Thats nothing!! Fuckin #scabs #rats #nonunion #piecesofshit !! #union have some fuckin #pride !!!
voice - pride - rats - union - piecesofshit - scabs - slave - nonunion -
rawbert954 : Without a #union you are a #slave with no #voice
#NYPD #newYork #police #newyorksfinest #piecesofshit handing tickets out to injured honest hard working blue collar guys. #FuckThePolice #Skells #lowerthenDirt #pigs
fuckthepolice - piecesofshit - newyork - skells - police - newyorksfinest - pigs - lowerthendirt - nypd -
henderpiece : leaving the scene of a personal injury auto accident is a B misdemeanor, regardless of who's at fault. Probably got off good with just a ticket
henderpiece : And.. you're against Jay waking ?
mikeyblueyes : So when a police report is not taken and you decide to just exchange information, both parties should get misdemeanors? Lol shut up pal. He had all my information that's all he needed. What I needed was medical attention. And some jerkoff with a badge isn't and couldn't help me in that situation @henderpiece
focus_up_ : #fuckem
bcyo2012 : I have enjoyed reading these comments, "ya jerk off". Why do you have to wait on the police to come if you're both fine? Do you have to call the police EVERYTIME you get in an accident in NY?
bcyo2012 : Also, I am glad you can post on IG but can't return a text ya jerk off!
mikeyblueyes : 😂😂😂 @bcyo2012 I never got your text! I always get back to you!!!
bcyo2012 : I just texted you again. You get that one?
leonard_carmine_ - dj1121 - teccles88 - instxasone -
This little shit earlier was creepy af #littleshit #trynaworkhere #horticulture #cats #hatethem #green #eyes #piecesofshit #screeching #fem #tagsforlikes #likeforlike #followbackteam #followforfollow #whohaveem
horticulture - eyes - piecesofshit - followforfollow - fem - screeching - tagsforlikes - cats - green - whohaveem - hatethem - followbackteam - trynaworkhere - likeforlike - littleshit -
ionainwonderland : #pussy
flaherty_kane_niall - kchenery - pennyblack123 - dapperculture -
#dontshoot #justiceforfergeson #criminalsonpatrol #nogood #gettingawaywitmurder #standup #theyalldeservejustice #justice4leon #justfortrayvon #theycantspeak #fordcan #justice #copssuck #supposetoprorecthumans #theyarekillingthem #piecesofshit
theyalldeservejustice - justfortrayvon - piecesofshit - criminalsonpatrol - supposetoprorecthumans - copssuck - standup - theycantspeak - fordcan - gettingawaywitmurder - justice - theyarekillingthem - dontshoot - justiceforfergeson - justice4leon - nogood -
martina.955 - hunkkobious - princess_mayaaa11 - mr_justdontgiveafuck -
SUNWAY LAGUNA #piecesofshit
piecesofshit -
azfarcazorla : Have funnzz!!!
danzels : @azfarcazorla we really wish you were here with us...
sarnatraz : Huh you're in KL?!
velfury : @wearespacedays representttttzzzxzxzxz
lutfilbogeh - haidhirhamzah - dud.rsyqh - anneclaudinex -
I love the caption, thats the type of shit people need to understand cause this picture is straight ignorance -.- #Wakeup #youdumbmotherfuckers #rude #judgementalass #ignorant #piecesofshit #ourgeneration #sadasfuck #makesmesoangry #learnrespect #forothers #foryourselves #hashtagrant
learnrespect - piecesofshit - rude - hashtagrant - forothers - ignorant - makesmesoangry - foryourselves - wakeup - youdumbmotherfuckers - sadasfuck - ourgeneration - judgementalass -
dee_jay_drama : The hash tags was #sumthnlighttho but #str8facts
calderonaa : So true
the_chained_ho - arshiiia - lini_says - oohkhurram -
Don't get me wrong #RobinWilliams was an awesome person/actor but he took his own life. He made that choice. On the other hand these motherfuckers took an unarmed 18yr olds life. Which is more important?? Come on people get your shit together! 👮🔫🐖🐷🐽✌️'s of 💩 #FuckThePolice #Pigs #PiecesOfShit #FuckObama #FuckTheCops #WakeUpPeople #WorryAboutImportantThings
fuckthepolice - piecesofshit - worryaboutimportantthings - amen - pigs - wakeuppeople - fuckthecops - robinwilliams - truth - fuckobama -
danlock303 : @salascelina Slowly but surely people are starting to see what's really going on cousin. We just gotta keep spreading the #Truth
maye_lita09 : Only reason I'd call the cops is for the police report for the insurance company @danlock303
jamesz303 : Well I'm with you now it's just time to rise up.
eloisa_sorse138 : Gods not dead!!!💯🙏
xx_sommer_xx : @jaylynism yes. 👏 @danlock303, honestly, if you want the real truth, if the president knows about a few corrupt wars overseas going on right now and continues to fuel that fire that is costing thousands of lives, I think he is completely desensitized in what's right. Honestly, I think the Robin Williams speech, which I did not see lol, is what the people want to see. All a distraction. I see where you are coming from but I do think if there weren't law enforcement, majority of crime would only get worse. Mistakes happen. It's very unfortunate that this young man was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pray for peace.
maidensphantom818 : #fuckobama indeed
danlock303 : @xx_sommer_xx Yes, I agree. There's a bigger agenda going on overseas with all that's happening in the Middle East right now and he's not doing much to stop that either. Like you said he's adding fuel to that fire which shows how evil and greedy the people in control have become. They couldn't have asked for a better distraction than this. That's all the media will be talkin about for the next week or so. I don't watch TV so I didn't see it either. I just think people need to worry about more important things that are going on in this country like this. Justice needs to be served or things like this will continue to happen without anyone being held accountable. And I totally agree. Without law, there's no order, but we gotta make sure the people enforcing the law are also following them same laws and not abuse their power. You don't have to shoot and kill someone who is unarmed to stop them. Thats crossing the line. Yes, we definitely need to pray, but also put in our part to stop all the evil that's going on in the world. Always good to hear other people's point of view on things. 👍
xx_sommer_xx : 😊😊👍
dimondxb - rikki_lopez1109 - aimorodriguez - tattedmoneygang -
fuck you Chrysler #piecesofshit #dontbuyem #seriously #dont
dontbuyem - seriously - piecesofshit - dont -
mandasouth -
uglymen - badguys - christymack - piecesofshit - ithinktgeworldshelpingmeout - warmachine -
soldier_6661 - josephfandrade - namlivemore - nvr_for5ake -
Got all the info we need from this area but I hope the dumb ass that left this tape on between Sunday and yesterday on my cam seen the other 3 cams me and @outdoor_enthusiast had up. #piecesofshit #losers #trashypeople #cantwaittoseeyouupthere! Glad I swapped my sd cards Saturday morning only lost a day and a half.
cantwaittoseeyouupthere - trashypeople - losers - piecesofshit -
muleyaddicts : Yea glad I still have my cam could have been worse. @utahbiggamehunting
jaxson_kendall : That's why we always put a second smaller one facing the first trail cam, then you have their picture if they mess with it
halety : I had my cam stolen about a month ago on private property... What kinda system you using their to lock yours up. Now I'm afraid to set any more up. @muleyaddicts
halety : Something on the market or home made? @muleyaddicts
muleyaddicts : Screwed in from the back of the cam and put the straps on. Lock box or not if they want it they will get it, some people have cut the trees down an took the cams. Just have to have another cam hidden watching your cam @halety
halety : Good call! Thank you sir!! @muleyaddicts
galligator19 : @fishtaco4 this is dumb
hunting_the_west : How chicken shit is that! No good ass holes.
gmanb1 - caseym123456 - ryanbrown209 - mr_muley -
Jajaja even their Ex's wpuld say some shit like that!!! Jajaja #fuck5o#fuckyoupigs#pigs#theyareassholes#theyareallbad#piecesofshit#Cops#police#fuckthem#jajaja
fuck5o - piecesofshit - theyareassholes - fuckyoupigs - theyareallbad - cops - pigs - jajaja - police - fuckthem -
desi_s8 : @jonnib305 😝😝😝😝😝😜😜😂😂
breakthroughservicesap : Lol @jonnib305
desi_s8 : @breakthroughservicesap that's how hard he works @jonnib305
its_ruben_ : Fuck cops? Fuck you.
astalgis : I have a feeling you get a lot of tickets.... Maybe if you'd treat them with respect and decency you'd like them better
jonnib305 : @its_ruben_ go Fuck Your self you cock guzzler!!! #fuck5o #fuckyoupigs #jajaja
jacklantier6 : They're the ones that actually keep order here do you think without them the country would actually be better? It would be complete anarchy and if that's what you picture as a perfect society then you are horribly mistaken
scully86co : Cops are necessary but like all humans cops break, bend, and abuse the authority, responsibility and title they're given! So fuck those assholes! But to the officers who actually uphold the laws of this country and hold everyone to the same standard no matter who they're related to or what they're skin color is "keep on keepin on"!!!! I salute you, and of course all of the brave men and women fighting over seas! God bless America!! @jacklantier6 @astalgis @its_ruben_ @jonnib305
tati_boothaang - rob_torres_mma - jayrod323512 - chloesgma1 -
Finally glad to say fuck this place and the owners of it and his shady ass daughter. Taking money out of my check willy nilly all they fucking please. A man is worth his wages is what the dont believe. They're the opposite of Christians they're fucking satanists through and through. I quit... #fuckarmor #piecesofshit #cancerdeserving
cancerdeserving - piecesofshit - fuckarmor -
turtlemasta_7 : @king_jeff808 angry JEFF, go play drums. . :)
mamahr2003 - infinite_bad - corrupted_reality -
Look at these fucking clowns. Pulled me over in my fucking driveway. These fucking worthless ass cops. #Pigs #PiecesOfShit #CopsAreAllCorrupt #WeLiveInAPoliceState #HeWasTextingWhileDriving
copsareallcorrupt - weliveinapolicestate - pigs - piecesofshit - hewastextingwhiledriving -
goofymom714 : What did u do now?
yolanda_93 - prostyle914 - blaircotton - skinnbeauti_dark -
No shitty cars allowed. #aka #jdm #piecesofshit #mustang #premium #camaro #rs #2014bros @arceomontana
jdm - 2014bros - piecesofshit - rs - camaro - premium - aka - mustang -
lalogomez69 : I don't think you can talk crap when your daddy bought you that car..
sterlingstang : Anyone can buy a $500 car Lalo @lalogomez69
jamescinnamon : Hahah lol^
brandonstone23 : I won't roll through then 👌
barrett_knox : ...then why is there a Camaro parked there???
jamescinnamon : Because it's a fucking $35,000 car. What the fuck do you drive and jeep hahaha lol
jamescinnamon : @barrett_knox
barrett_knox : 😂😂😂😂
jamescinnamon - alainamercyyy - dasharicinnamon - sierrajosmith98 -
Are you fucking serious ? The human race has gone insane . #fuckwar #fuckpolitics #fuckthenewworldorder #fuckyou #disgusting #horrible #piecesofshit #rottinhell I can't believe this shit. It makes my blood boil
piecesofshit - fuckyou - fuckpolitics - disgusting - rottinhell - horrible - fuckthenewworldorder - fuckwar -
carrick59 : So fucking disgusting
poncebobbi : Wtf!!! 😠😡
pbdrinksbeer - xmemox777 - kakareena - mrs.d.lopez -
Fuck this toughbook. #fuckyou #emscharts #toughbooks #piecesofshit
fuckyou - emscharts - piecesofshit - toughbooks -
maxlitwinski78 : Toughbook?? Fuck book!!!
thefoxeatsyou : @maxlitwinski78 right dude?! Lol
ericaxsteeber - highr3gard - perez513 - johnkowal -
Everyone keep your eyes open AEO power sports was broken into this morning and up to 30,000 dollars of merchandise,accessories were stolen look out for anyone selling new spy,electric,rock well,Nixon watches and glasses ! #scumbags #piecesofshit #trash #rotinhell
scumbags - trash - piecesofshit - rotinhell -
carrozza511 : Here in AZ !
chupaguapra : Fuck thieves
vipaanan : Fucktards 💥🔫
carrozza511 : Absolutely ! :) @vipaanan and @chupaguapra
ajpastore : Bastards
carrozza511 : Yup hate ppl like tht @ajpastore
triple_m_ranch - mx468 - princessayememarie - mya__lynn -
Worst things ever designed👏🔫💩 #broken #piecesofshit
broken - piecesofshit -
hanni_hayfi - katherine_14_ - tayla_dayy - naadiahaha -
#lapd#ticketing#stealing#thiefs#criminals#piecesofshit#pigs #police
criminals - piecesofshit - ticketing - thiefs - pigs - stealing - police - lapd -
con_amor_media -
#piecesofshit #shakenydamnhead #growthefuckup #youdidit #yourworrhshittome #youshouldntofopenedyourlegs #abortionsainttheway #beamommynotamurder #rip #flyhighbabys #youdeservesomuchmore #iwouldofkeptyou #theycouldofgaveyoutoacouplethatcoulsnthavekids #ortheycouldhavegaveyoutoagaycouple #justknowiwillloveyoubecauseyourdumvassmomdidnt #upset #pissed #willkillabitch #iwillfuckingcutyourface
shakenydamnhead - piecesofshit - rip - youdidit - ortheycouldhavegaveyoutoagaycouple - youshouldntofopenedyourlegs - yourworrhshittome - pissed - beamommynotamurder - flyhighbabys - willkillabitch - iwillfuckingcutyourface - theycouldofgaveyoutoacouplethatcoulsnthavekids - upset - justknowiwillloveyoubecauseyourdumvassmomdidnt - abortionsainttheway - youdeservesomuchmore - growthefuckup - iwouldofkeptyou -
naattaawwee - lezbioncait_ - yanglloni - _c_d_e__d_i_l_72514 -
Hahahah love Adam Sandler 👌 #tumblr #comedy #AdamSandler #happygilmore #actor #funny #hilarious #lovehim #piecesofshit #omg #like4like #ifollowback
funny - like4like - piecesofshit - omg - adamsandler - happygilmore - actor - tumblr - hilarious - lovehim - comedy - ifollowback -
ddarkpromo : very cool!! follow the artist we support on instagram @ddarkonline
kevlar93 - amyboyd_ - persian_gold92 - laceyjaneeee -
#seanpean #thismustbetheplace #netlix #moviescene #funnyscene #wtfscene #piecesofshit #listeningtopiecesofshit #ontheroad #ontheradio #robertsmithhair #thecurehair #ladiesandgentlemen #ladiesandgents
wtfscene - piecesofshit - ladiesandgents - seanpean - robertsmithhair - ontheroad - thismustbetheplace - moviescene - listeningtopiecesofshit - netlix - funnyscene - thecurehair - ladiesandgentlemen - ontheradio -
snickersbar138 - nothingwithoutyoufilm -
#leftmyphonelyingaround #damnkids #piecesofshit
leftmyphonelyingaround - piecesofshit - damnkids -
rox_servd : Hahaha... 👌👌😂
tyreecefabray_ - rox_servd - aaronjermaine - rhianakennydowall -
Hahaha fucken fords #piecesofshit #gay
piecesofshit - gay -
slarsen99 - cassidyturnquist17 - kendra_walker - kara.dw -
#venezuela #gaza #palestine #israel #stop #piecesofshit #excusemylanguage #mad
israel - piecesofshit - gaza - stop - mad - excusemylanguage - palestine - venezuela -
adelkhafka : #peace
free_palestine02 : #Alhamdallah
mohammad_ahmad15 - hibzdibz89 - sarahshal53 - hmaj1992 -
Fucking dirtbags #pigs #newyorkcity #nyc #corrupt #fuckthepolice #fukdapolice #fuckjake #piecesofshit #iwantmymoneyback #ny #NYsDIrtiest 🚨🚓🚔🚫🚫🚫
fuckthepolice - piecesofshit - newyorkcity - iwantmymoneyback - ny - pigs - nysdirtiest - corrupt - nyc - fuckjake - fukdapolice -
kelv2140 : I think I would of hooked on one of them bro @nukklehedd11
quatrback11 : This is a fucking joke. He should get life but will probably end up getting desk duty. Bbq that pig
kelv2140 : If they would grabbed me like that
nukklehedd11 : Hooked, shot, stomp'd...throw a grenade in the precinct, niggas be beasting @kelv2140
kelv2140 : They be out of line bro that was no need for that seriously
kelv2140 : @nukklehedd11
nukklehedd11 : 🔪🚔🔫 @kelv2140
geoffrey_woods : nice shot :)
stephniemreita - inasby - kar_jay - jamie_elena_ -
Another shitstang down😈 #fuckmustangs #piecesofshit #gayestcarsever #3rdonedown #flatbedwhippin @mikey_fults
gayestcarsever - fuckmustangs - flatbedwhippin - piecesofshit - 3rdonedown -
moostang88 : Did U take the tail light and third brake light out for me!!!
moostang88 : @nickkutscher
nickkutscher : Yea @moparanthony88
moostang88 : Thanks man! I'll grab em tonight
slw2v - _eric_correa_ - paulllax - ariellegrace -
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