#Piecesofshit #builtnotbought
builtnotbought - piecesofshit -
billyrobthornton : Hahahah oh my god ... Can't breath
rhysmilne : You fogot the 20inch subwoofer and makita lowering kit
jayvangerventattoo : Lol @ export paint and stickers
shedbuiltcycles : Perfect
tanks_tattoos : @ruiner__ran haha rad dude!!
deadbeat___ : I have a vn and have none of these things
p_to_the_nut : What about the plasti-dip ? Lol
ruiner__ran : You need to get this kit @deadbeat___ it's fully sic
emslie83 - dez_mondo - flatheadbuzz - pridge13 -
'Questa notte, questo cocktail, queste note ..' βš‘οΈπŸ” #viscansotutte #piecesofshit #lucaj #apatia #flyalone #change #chivesencula #yaaaa
chivesencula - viscansotutte - piecesofshit - flyalone - apatia - yaaaa - lucaj - change -
IF YOU GENUINELY THINK THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM AND THAT WE NEED TO STOP "LABELING" PEOPLE CAUSE ITS "2014" YOURE AN ASSHOLE !! KID DIED BECAUSE COPS ABUSE THEIR POWER SIMPLE AS THAT !! COPS ARE THE WORST ANIMALS OUTTHERE !! #terrible #disgusting #mikebrown #ferguson #fuckthepolice #pigs #animals #piecesofshit #pussieswithguns #yeaisaidit
fuckthepolice - yeaisaidit - mikebrown - animals - terrible - pussieswithguns - disgusting - pigs - ferguson - piecesofshit -
sozism : What about the cops who slit that little dogs throat? Or the police who called over to the dog and shot it?
m.saka_93 : Fuck em all pieces of shit now that piece of shit cop in ferguson will get his pension and a life time check every month for killing an unarmed black kid disgusting
m.saka_93 : Let see if the cop on Staten Island and the cop in Brooklyn get charged probably not
gstar0826 - rie_violet - crystallynn2930 - gabbb_ann -
What animals #animals #youdontlikeitleave #realtalk #adulttalk #piecesofshit #flag #america #ferguson #mo #riot
adulttalk - piecesofshit - realtalk - riot - youdontlikeitleave - mo - flag - ferguson - animals - america -
thisguy00124 : #shitbags
joe_monte7 : This is a Effin disgrace!!!!! We have soldiers dying everyday fight for our freedom and for these mother fu@€ers to do this is unexceptible !
missm71 : Disgusting!
_froglegs - sbuogr - jenipela - jerzeegirl921 -
Ok so I'm going to do my best and not make this sound racist ... Here it is . I honestly don't give a shit how you feel about the verdict of the ferguson case of you think it was wrong or not . Any of you rioting or looting are exactly why no one gives a shit . Burning American flags. You ungrateful ignorant bastards . So many people's blood have been spilt to grant you freedom and this is how you treat it ... Smfh. Burn in hell, and you wonder why the police target the "ghetto". Such a joke. #gosomewhere#piecesofshit#ungreatful#ignorant#nohope#freeloaders#ridiculous
freeloaders - ungreatful - piecesofshit - nohope - ignorant - ridiculous - gosomewhere -
_froglegs : @darealchadfoster bc everyone assumes it's pointed toward black people . Had to make myself clear
darealchadfoster : Lol @_froglegs damn I feel ya
princessanna_xoxo : Where did the "cracka" hater go?!
_froglegs : @princessanna_xoxo he deleted his comment haha .
princessanna_xoxo : He's lucky. So so lucky....
_froglegs : @princessanna_xoxo I'm saying haha Cuzzo was about to jump all over that ass
leesuh94 : @princessanna_xoxo @_froglegs damn I was about to pop off on this mother fuckerπŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«
princessanna_xoxo : You already know! Haha @leesuh94 was coming for back up! πŸ‘Š
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I Piss on the people that do this. I feel horrible for the brown family but you burn my flag get the fuck out. What is it you are solving here??
piecesofshit -
chrisminnis : @olopop_da_don chill cuz he my boy we just talk shit to eachother
olopop_da_don : Aight sorry cuz, I just take it real personal, recently had one of my good friends die for this country. I feel stupid now
chrisminnis : @niceguyman12121 I'm not going to argue that but still compared to anywhere else we still have it made
olopop_da_don : @chrisminnis
niceguyman12121 : So it appears but yes better than a 3rd world and Mexico for sure.
chrisminnis : Don't feel stupid sorry to hear about your boy
olopop_da_don : @chrisminnis how's David doing?
_froglegs : This is ridiculous and a disgrace to our country. So many of my brothers and sisters and myself have bleed for this flag ... And for what? What a shame
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murder - piecesofshit - brutality - ftw - license2kill - sad - pooramerica - missouri - furguson -
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Meanwhile in a someplace down below, #ferguson #michaelbrown #kickrocks #piecesofshit #stopplayingtheracecard #pullyourpantsup
piecesofshit - michaelbrown - pullyourpantsup - stopplayingtheracecard - kickrocks - ferguson -
audikerl : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
triplett133 : This country needs to wake the fuck up.
brymorgiewicz : Indeed it doesπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ @triplett133
mannins4 : @dfalzetta
e30ordie : Hahahaha πŸ˜‚ love the tags
j_jonesz : "Bruh" "It shows y'all r really dumb". Great intelligent subjective and informative post πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜. Only racism here was evoked by the media and other blacks and whites, who, without looking at scientific evidence, immediately jumped on the bandwagon and developed their own conclusion. No one makes a big deal over the 12 year old black child who was just killed for brandishing a fake gun, why? Because he was killed by a black police officer. Racism created by people who rally against it. @rlf_1on1
blackrabbit556 : @mhogancu
blackrabbit556 : You big redneck you. Lol
banshee_800 - mistrvalentine - michhaelllaa - jtriplett86 -
Haha spot on. #piecesofshit
piecesofshit -
mitch_hulley : So good haha!
dilzerian : So good aye haha @mitch_hulley especially on Instagram
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#Seahawksfan #piecesofshit #ninersbitch #whodoyoulove #7 #ninersempire
seahawksfan - piecesofshit - ninersempire - 7 - ninersbitch - whodoyoulove -
b3lla_mari3 : LMAO! I swear all the Seahawk fans disappear! There was hell of them last year and now you can't find any! Lol
gitomane : @b3lla_mari3 they were all just another asshole talkin shit
yurstrulydestiny - 5_sweets - y0unglouie - alaina032 -
This is the kind of shit that pisses me the fuck off. Apparently, this is trending on Twitter and people think it's funny. 11 September 2001 was the most horrific day in American history where thousands of innocent men, women and children were killed and thousands more were affected. This also led to two wars where even more of our brave men and women were killed or severely wounded. People who joke about this shit need to get the living shit beat out of them. It disgusts me that I breathe the same air as they do. It disgusts me that these people can find this amusing. To those people...FUCK YOU! #piecesofshit #idiots #911 #infidel #america #neverforget #rememberourvets #usa @j_bravo432 @bradley_gier
infidel - piecesofshit - usa - neverforget - idiots - rememberourvets - america - 911 -
click_doomsday : That's not funny at all
thatsinglelady : -.- generations that never witnessed 9/11. They think everything is a joke. I hate that they don't truly teach what happened on 9/11 in schools. It's not funny.
donovancharles08 : @thatsinglelady I agree. Children will be taught that 9/11 was ultimately the fault of "American Imperialism". But unfortunately, the Fucktard who posted this is someone I graduated high school with.
thatsinglelady : I'm sorry. He's an imbecile.
click_doomsday - chulor3 - pixeldaily - gerrid28 -
#truth #truly #political #politics #laws #congress #government #governments #crooked #slimey #rotten #piecesofshit #bill
bill - piecesofshit - congress - slimey - crooked - government - political - truly - rotten - truth - politics - governments - laws -
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AT&T is being a bitch right and throttling my LTE and 4G speeds. I usually get 20 Mbps download, right now I'm getting 60kbps. That's almost 50 times slower than normal. I can't even load my maps. #shitbirds
att - speedthrottling - piecesofshit - lte - 4g - shitbirds - unlimiteddatamyass -
mckwells : #unlimiteddatamyass #att #speedthrottling #lte #4g #piecesofshit
mckwells : I'm getting 2% of my normal download speeds. Fuckin A.
lorelish : Shitbirds πŸ˜‚
johnobiwon : Call them
mckwells : They say in their plan options that when you hit 6gb of data they reserve the right to throttle your speeds. People have tried to use them for throttling but I don't think it's worked. Throttling is fine... When it's not taking away 98% of my internet speed. @johnobiwon
_nicole_0313 - eric_heimbach - romans_life - ameliamidjelly -
#bestfriends #cars #piecesofshit
cars - bestfriends - piecesofshit -
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Throwback to my first day as a single father. This picture was taken right after The Sea Monkeys and I got back from the hospital and they were finally able to enjoy their first meal at home! If I only knew then how difficult being a parent could be! Oh well, it's been one incredible ride. And yes...they should be getting released from the juvenile delinquent center by Christmas....thanks for asking. #seamonkeys#thornsinmyside#piecesofshit#love#theygetitfromtheirdaddy#tbt
theygetitfromtheirdaddy - piecesofshit - thornsinmyside - love - tbt - seamonkeys -
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#betterherthanme #fuckthat #truth #piecesofshit #liars #neverchange #onceacheater #alwaysacheater #stupidgirls lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
betterherthanme - piecesofshit - fuckthat - onceacheater - neverchange - truth - liars - alwaysacheater - stupidgirls -
whitchaffin : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ players gonnna play & haters gonna hate! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lacramz : Don't have time for that βœ‹βœ‹ lol @whitchaffin
baby_sg - tarynelizabethx3 - nickcataldo88 - allyrahexo -
I'm pretty sure I've been saying this for years doe πŸ’πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #guiltybyassociation #reflectionofyourself #youarewhoyourfriendsare #yourfriendsarewhores #piecesofshit #girlcode #rns #facts πŸ‘Œ
yourfriendsarewhores - piecesofshit - facts - reflectionofyourself - guiltybyassociation - youarewhoyourfriendsare - rns - foodforthought - girlcode -
emmjayy_p : @bizofsteel lmfao you forget I've know you for years and that I know one of your best friend is Mayko! Your argument is null & void πŸ™…
hmsnapps27 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ too bad chicks are some of the worst offenders!!! Loll
emmjayy_p : @hmsnapps27 you're absolutely right! But doesn't mean that some of these dudes aren't hoes too πŸ˜«πŸ™Š
hmsnapps27 : @emmjayy_p haha ohh well!! All I know is some of these chicks are just straight up VIAL!! Lmao
emmjayy_p : @hmsnapps27 I hear you on that! That's why I just mind my own business and keep to myself lol .. Sippin my tea while these bitches act up πŸ˜‚
juanjii_ok : Very best!
layneisbos : Hahahahha
morgnjordn : ❀️❀️
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wellllll........fucked up AGAIN! Not rlly a surprise at all.........pushing people away I guess is my special one cares enough to fight my words and yell at me "IM STAYING WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!!" No ones ever seemed to fight me when I push them away, so why should I expect them to try to stay despite my efforts to push them away. Doesn't anyone love me enough to fight back and not just go? Guess not......sorry in advance if I push you away......I seem to be made to do that...😒😒😒😒😒 #pushyouaway #depressed #depression #suicide #suicidal #blades #cuts #crying #fuckmylife #fuckup #mistake #killme #iwanttodie #alone #alcohol #pills #pathetic #failure #foreveralone #forgotten #piecesofshit #pathetic
suicidal - pathetic - failure - cuts - alone - piecesofshit - fuckmylife - pills - depression - foreveralone - suicide - iwanttodie - alcohol - depressed - killme - crying - forgotten - pushyouaway - mistake - fuckup - blades -
jamelsneed : I love u :* and will stay with u till I die
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Stolen from @fishing_frenzy_tv and literally what in the actual fuck lmao, oh you know just crusing the dam sandbar with a billfish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ go home fish you're drunk #Doyouevenfishbro #googan #lol #whatinthefuckinfuck #onetomany #idontevenknow #wadefishingforbillfish #ohmyfuckinggod #fucktheseminoles #piecesofshit #stopthechop #terrible DYEFB is partnered with @doyouevendrinkbro and don't forget to follow @fishing_kings
piecesofshit - doyouevenfishbro - onetomany - idontevenknow - terrible - lol - fucktheseminoles - wadefishingforbillfish - whatinthefuckinfuck - googan - stopthechop - ohmyfuckinggod -
parkerhannon2828 : Lol I've seen this @tanmadd24
rifflerunsteelheadguy : The fish is real, I think he has been photoshopped in
thatcherblackburn24 : @bluewater_outlaw
masonschuess : @jc_southflorida_17
jc_southflorida_17 : @masonschuess that is a drunk ass fish haha!
masonschuess : @maxslocum dafaq
maxslocum : I've seen it already!! It must of been released near the shore like that or something @masonschuess
masonschuess : Lets hit up the night spot tnite @maxslocum
gbaldacci - keysdiver_jmick - harrisa2006 - climber1067 -
I don't understand why people do this shit I understand it's a yard dog but it's only a year old if that it was -4 when I saw this it was happy to see me but I had to leave I told it I would be back later. One way or another I'm not letting this dog stay out in the cold again tonight. Not my yard fyi. Fucking pieces of shit leaving this dog outside #piecesofshit #realscumbags #animalcruelty #illsaveyou
realscumbags - illsaveyou - piecesofshit - animalcruelty -
bseriesrob : Fucking scum
1320_eddy : Yup. I haven't been to the yard in time but it made me so mad @bseriesrob
brandonnn88 : Send him my way. I'll teach him to pass me wrenches and sockets and stuff
1320_eddy : Funny thing is it's 2 mins from ur work hop a couple fences north an you'll find it @brandonnn88
brandonnn88 : Damn I think I know where this place is @1320_eddy team recession animal rescue mission tonight?
1320_eddy : It's the street just north of yours lol go east a bit an it's in a yard on the right @brandonnn88
nmek9 : Iam in for the rescue tonight this is fucking disgusting let's go save him @1320_eddy @cottoncandyek @brandonnn88
ch.rustico : Aw yay I get a puppy!!!!!!!,
tpt1075 - alshooosh1 - brujahmanny - canned_ef1320 -
My dad texted me the other day and said this was in his garage. Might die. 😲 #hugespider #spiders #piecesofshit #whatkindofspideristhis #seattle
piecesofshit - whatkindofspideristhis - seattle - hugespider - spiders -
hannarenemills : Nooooooooo! 😱
_ad0ra_ - mike_ofhorror - luci6987 - heffreydaniels -
mitches - yourlifesucks - fakeassnegroes - piecesofshit - imdoinggood -
jimbrown14 : @_therealmecca U KNOW THEY GOT BRO AGAIN...
shoegal4ever : @jimbrown14 FACTS!
1210_sagbaby : πŸ’―βœ”βœ”
flacobkyc : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― #Rp
_therealmecca : @jimbrown14 wow smh I know I be bullshitting but hit me if y'all need me bro
imsooblessed : Facts
slimthick_____ : FACTS
jaynumberz : @jimbrown14 Don't let hater get you. SHAKE IT OFF !!!
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Look at all the bags of shit at Walmart #WalmartPeople #Walmart #PiecesOfShit
walmartpeople - walmart - piecesofshit -
marcus_quiles : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
pseize : This shit made me laugh out loud foreal @scumbag_superstar !! #foodstuff
britcarolinexo : I wish I could like this 6383738393 times! Haha
k3bm3w_federal_low - babsbunny16 - mattycards - tonyfootwork -
#Piecesofshit haha... πŸ‘βœŒπŸ’©
piecesofshit -
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In the past two days, one of the new BAHRVA/NECTAR hats and this sweater were stolen from @rumorsboutique and sold/attempted to be sold to @roundtworva. Whoever did this, you're a cunt piece of shit. You're fucking over me, Rumors AND Round Two just to try and make a ten fucking dollars or some shit? I hope you and your boys all get robbed of all your belongings and ran the fuck over. #piecesofshit #shopliftingcunts #rumorsrva #bahrva #rva #vcu #804 #roundtwo
rva - piecesofshit - bahrva - roundtwo - shopliftingcunts - vcu - rumorsrva - 804 -
lindoguy : Smh y'all need to invest in some cameras sad but hey we in Richmond
fletch1115 : FUCK THAT DUDE!! on another note that peaches hat is fire I need that bad
bahrva : @fletch1115 haha, thanks! Rumors is of course now missing one, but I can hook you up soon if you need!
fletch1115 : I'm gonna need that bad this weekend dude like that shit is fire
bahrva : @fletch1115 cool man, I'll be at rumors for a while on Saturday for sure.
jordystrange : I'll fly out for a stunner spree
yungjanis : @fletch1115 @bahrva damn it fletch I want the peaches hat : ;-)
onehungrykai - jordystrange - jasonskatesallday - chrisdelporto -
Fags... #ftp #piecesofshit #fresno #trash
ftp - trash - piecesofshit - fresno -
michaelseanmc - ohno_kendra - dvasqueztattoo - calico101madesicc -
Just some Honda vs Chevy action... #winner #civic #mclovin #watermelon #goodtimes #racing #thatcivicthough #piecesofshit #honda #chevy #haha #wedontcare #itswhatever #killinit #vroomvroom #fun @_hailey23
piecesofshit - civic - honda - haha - goodtimes - watermelon - vroomvroom - mclovin - itswhatever - wedontcare - winner - killinit - chevy - fun - racing - thatcivicthough -
_hailey23 : I call a rematch!
j_lampton24 : Okay! Deal! :)
spinnywhoosh : Like it!
tyra_7_ - hailee_starks_3 - softball_love13_ - sgalley_38 -
I pressed ok by the wayπŸ˜‚ #talentless #wankers #piecesofshit
wankers - piecesofshit - talentless -
domprice93 : I feel like I should have taught you better...
waggiesaurus_rex : You did teach me well...Paul Gilbert, Shawn Lane, Extreme, John Mayer and the list could go onπŸ˜‚ @domprice93
domprice93 : Yeah true. But never discount a bunch of lads who are just doing what any other lad would do in their shoes!
waggiesaurus_rex : I would die to have the fame that they do, but I don't like them as individuals. They're just a bunch of knobs.
taylorjadebell : @domprice93 speaks great advice Louis πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…
domprice93 : @taylorjadebell @waggiesaurus_rex No reason to hate them!
zoerosenatalyja - bayleyabc - lucyricemundy - barrieknight96 -
#piecesofshit #aintnobodygottimeforthat
aintnobodygottimeforthat - piecesofshit -
nadene_fortune - eonlineza -
#datassdoh #bootychallenge #smart451 #z33 #k1500 #piecesofshit #hellainsurancepayments
hellainsurancepayments - piecesofshit - z33 - k1500 - bootychallenge - smart451 - datassdoh -
dujon_mustard - gphillips166 - rmilan - bunghole_leo -
This is for the #unfaithful #lying #piecesofshit in the world. #letmegetthatforyou
letmegetthatforyou - unfaithful - piecesofshit - lying -
sam_i_amm_ : πŸ™Œ
amramos94 : @dennis_aguilar18 grab a napkin!
melanie_ponsades - ksparkle718 - trishaspellman - datsimplekid -
Buckets of rust #old #piecesofshit #blownturbo #noboost
old - piecesofshit - blownturbo - noboost -
fatolson : @tbonds69
emily_zhaaaaaaang - dylangeorge69 - kerstilynn07 - jacobmartin5 -
Guys look at my platoon #piecesofshit #tigrrrrrrr #mylifeisinshambles
tigrrrrrrr - piecesofshit - mylifeisinshambles -
simplyaaronn : Ahaha
rodriguezus_army - spvrtvn_king_ - aelizabeth5683 - its_sammmmuh -
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