We can't have nice things. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©HAHAHAHAHAHA!! #stupiddrunkbitches #wemesseverythingup #piecesofshit #withuneveneyeliner
wemesseverythingup - piecesofshit - stupiddrunkbitches - withuneveneyeliner -
blondieeelocksss : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . We will never have nice things . πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #learnedfromthebest #thekingpieceofshit lmfa
tannabanana_xo : Hahahahahahahhaa slowly just fucking up everything good that comes into our lives HA!! Why dude why 😭😭😭😭 @blondieeelocksss
blondieeelocksss : Natural born pieces of shits πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hahahaha it's not funny dude , & to top off my sunday apparently im talking to a guy named miguel HAHAHAHHAHA dude WHO THE FUCK IS MIGUEL . Lol I just wanna party let me be πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
tannabanana_xo : HAHAHAHAHHAHA gaby were pigs. Idk who the fuck I thought I was fooling. I ain't no wifey lmao 😭😩😫
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Aftermath of last night. Story! Around 1130 last night I went to the circle k on buckhorn to get beer after leaving karaoke at squires tavern. I was holding a case of beer and was walking to my car. I had my head down and once to my car walked into a youngish kid in a purple bandana over his face, a grey hoodie,and a .22 rifle. Told me to give it all up, I told him no and that he wasn't shooting me with a bb gun. It wasn't a bb gun. Shot fired at me, hits the beer and goes through 2 cans. I think its a pellet gun because it didn't hurt that much (yay, adrenaline rush). He keeps pointing it and demands my wallet. I give it and he then tells me to get in the car and turn it off and to give me the money and wallets of those in the car. As I sat down I tried to grab the barrel and keep it pointed outside of the car and fight with him for it. He hit me with the buttstock, chipping my tooth, hit my neck, head. I tried to jump out at him and fell on the ground. He jumped in the car with his driver. Police came, Jessica was upset (who wouldn't be?) and the scumbag police arrested her for PI (with a .02 BAL - not drunk) and resisting arrest. Instead of letting her in the car with me, they took her to jail, making a terrible situation absolutely worse. Fuck thugs, both the ones in uniform and those not. #gunshot #gunshotwound #timeforccw #fuckthugs #crime #violence #robbery #piecesofshit
fuckthugs - piecesofshit - gunshot - violence - crime - robbery - timeforccw - gunshotwound -
puckett666 : If you don't already have your conceal and carry I have a friend who teaches it. I hope you're both OK.
tappedmtg : What a shitty night.
nlcurl : I hope you get well and I hope they drop the charges on your gf. Is she okay? That's just terrible.
opsmminer : What a bunch of fucking assholes.. It sounds like the cops didn't meet their quota of arrests and made a bad situation worse. I am sorry dude. Feel better, man.
sotoismaximas : You got to be kidding me! WTF!!! #acab
phyrexian_troll : Could you imagine the look on the thugs face if you pulled out your CCW, and proceeded to show him what a real gun is.
emilyhatesit : What a bunch of bs. Terrible job, police.
pppatrick_ : fucking pig assholes. do nothing but make a bad situation worse. arrest a victim, fucks. glad you're okay! thats fuckin crazy man.
mckennigram - sotoismaximas - toon_link_champ - dag_bear -
#redcove #81 #nofucksgiven #represt #eevltown #vtown #ventura #gavina #vc #fuckisis #jiihad #comeatmebro #death to all #ragheads #terrorist #piecesofshit
ragheads - vc - piecesofshit - gavina - comeatmebro - nofucksgiven - jiihad - redcove - eevltown - death - 81 - terrorist - represt - fuckisis - ventura - vtown -
kayjayking - caitlinn__k - hannahlaisne - tabbedoutla -
Don't try this at home #bike #indovidgram #piecesofshit
bike - piecesofshit - indovidgram -
fatimahsafitrin : Ko lo tinggi sih zidπŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
irfanzidni_ : Makanya olahragaaa
riizkyakbar87 : bagus spedahnya :v
irfanzidni_ : Setor orang nya juga bagus
ainiaifrh : Jit polbekk
irfanzidni_ : udahhh
irfanzidni_ - mrivaldiekas - cwilsonbmx - no_discrepancy89 -
Linda Cope started the event in honor of her son Joshua, who lost both legs in Baghdad in 2006 when a roadside bomb exploded under his Humvee. #universityofflorida #zetabetatau #piecesofshit #norespect #theygiveallforourfreedoms #andyourshitbagfraternity #secondamendment #defendfreedom #thankaveteran #USMC #USARMY #USveteran #USN #USAF #Veteran
zetabetatau - theygiveallforourfreedoms - piecesofshit - universityofflorida - usn - secondamendment - thankaveteran - usmc - usaf - defendfreedom - usveteran - usarmy - norespect - veteran - andyourshitbagfraternity -
ptwrinc : @mikesnightout I'm down for a road trip brother.
nighthawk47 : Thank god I just sharpened my knife for scalpin
essla8869 : Fuck this...if ppl are headed to Fl @mikesnightout please let me know I'm in allll the way
redlion1335 : Facial profiling is just a hashtag away....
odb0331_ : @redlion1335 I've been scanning those...
rowenahardin : @spin2bfit Did you hear about this? Disgusting. Those pieces of shit should have to pay for another vacation for all those veterans! And get the crap breast out of them!
spin2bfit : @rowenahardin I would love 5 mins in a room with them. Lights. Out.
odb0331_ : @smmaple
king_rob81 - jkingpntbol - louie_kcco - humilitatis_virtute -
#universityofflorida #zetabetatau #piecesofshit #norespect #theygiveallforourfreedoms #andyourshitbagfraternity #secondamendment #defendfreedom #thankaveteran
zetabetatau - theygiveallforourfreedoms - piecesofshit - universityofflorida - secondamendment - thankaveteran - defendfreedom - norespect - andyourshitbagfraternity -
hutchbuilt2.0 : @tequila_gunrise agreed... That place is an hour away from me. You got any vacation time?
emeri_tearoha : This behavior from these students is horrifying...it enrages me to even think of it. These little shits should all be part of a draft. To be a warrior is both a blessing and a curse; for those that return home, do so having endured the lasting ravages of war – a pain few can fathom – for nothing more than the insatiable desire to defend a universal ideal that if breached ultimately threatens their own family and our homeland. Our military men and women, along with our first responders, not only have the courage and honor to do what others cannot, but they carry the burden afterward...and it is all driven by a love for family and country with a fierceness that only a few will ever understand. That fire, that love, that fierceness -- is all fueled by the simple need to protect and serve the country and the people they love without condition -- that our servicemen and women would gladly put themselves in danger again and again and again -- without hesitation. It's something these people, these ignorant and selfish college students, who judge and scorn, will never understand. The freedoms we all enjoy have become expected and disrespected as of late. It's shameful....
porknbeans0606 : @odb0331_ What I want to know is who the fuck was around when this happened and why are these pathetic fucks not in an ICU unit or in the ground. I hate seeing people do stuff to our flag. But to spit on a vet, especially one that was wounded in combat, is a whole different level of low brother. I literally hope these kids get whats coming to them and not just kicked out of school.
military_chix : Thats pathetic that someone could be so disrespectful to people, one they dont know what they have gone through, and two who have given so much for there nation.
mrsean73 : No
eventhorizons2011 : @emeri_tearoha agreed, right on.
odb0331_ : @smmaple
matty_rank : @drokka @jaked488 @6545_crossfit
misssassypants__ - deathwobblemagnet_v5.0 - yaniraaylin - humilitatis_virtute -
Let's fucking hang these #scumbags by their ball sacks. Pieces of shit. If I ever saw someone doing this in public I would lose my mind. #universityofflorida #zetabetatau #piecesofshit #norespect #theygiveallforourfreedoms #andyourshitbagfraternity @theigmilitia @defendthesecond #secondamendment #defendfreedom #thankaveteran
zetabetatau - theygiveallforourfreedoms - piecesofshit - universityofflorida - secondamendment - thankaveteran - defendfreedom - scumbags - norespect - andyourshitbagfraternity -
bravo122 : Fucking scum bags if I see one of you fucks in public I'm gonna make you swim in your own blood.
bravo122 : #supportourtroops
picsfromword : Wow.
harrop2606 - matchew_b - _jcurt_ - chaseyourdreamz_ -
Big Kev and The Panama City Playboy. #mtrushmore #piecesofshit
piecesofshit - mtrushmore -
nxtowens : *Big Kev and Puny Adam
panamacityplayboy : @nxtowens Nu
dominatebohemian : Bestfriend🌝
wwerunnels : Tbr. You aint active so.
panamacityplayboy : @rampaigesyou Hai
dominatebohemian : Haai
multi.rp_ : PRINCE IS BACK! πŸ˜‚
dolph.nicky - _moxicity_ - therenyoung - pwa.inc -
Trendyol'da 29.99 Tl yerine sadece 6.99Tl #pieces#piecesofme#trendyol #piecesofmyheart #piecesofshit #küpe#sale#indirim#wear#share#woman#kadΔ±n#moda #instalike #insta #instadaily #instagood #instamood #instasize #paris #parisfashionweek #istanbul #istanbullovers #ankara #ankarafashion #ny #lasvegas
woman - piecesofshit - instalike - share - pieces - ankara - ankarafashion - insta - wear - parisfashionweek - instadaily - piecesofmyheart - kadΔ±n - istanbullovers - indirim - istanbul - piecesofme - moda - paris - sale - instasize - ny - instagood - kΓΌpe - lasvegas - trendyol - instamood -
mashagrigorieva3 - reklaminiziyapalim - faatiih_14 - farhanabodi -
Fuck Nuclear Hellfrost #disgraces #PiecesOfShit
piecesofshit - disgraces -
fear.of.the.dank - abyssmal_winter - genesismelgoza - kimberly_love30 -
#wtf #FTP #piecesofshit
ftp - piecesofshit - wtf -
koncentratekueen : @jsalonsky and I didn't even begin and don't want to begin going into all of the other fucked up things the people in power of this country and other countries are doing. At the end of the day they don't give a FUCK about ME or YOU . Straight up . We provide everything we need for our selves alls that's really "allowed" to us by the government is the opportunity and freedom to work to provide for ourselves .
jsalonsky : It's true; government is run by corporations; who also control law enforcement; it's all corrupt yes we know; I'm just wondering what you think of the officers who do great things; there is plenty of isolated incidents of the ying and yang I just wonder why so much hostility towards those who protect us; Isis comes In right now you're fucked without them; you just sound like Nancy grace a little 😝 towards police. In not debating thoughh😝
koncentratekueen : Don't confuse my awareness to all aspects of these situations to nancy graces ignorance . @jsalonsky I'm not as dumb as you all claimed as I was growing up .
koncentratekueen : You assume I expect a world with no rules & somehow things aren't hell . I just want a peaceful world where you're not fucking ambushed and killed over pot . Where you don't have people who don't care about your best interest in power over your life .
koncentratekueen : @jsalonsky
koncentratekueen : @jsalonsky the only people supporting cops are the ones who haven't been harassed or mistreated .
koncentratekueen : & if Isis comes in right now I'm taking advantage of my amendments get my own weapons and I'm going to clap some of them my self . I'm not going to DEPEND on a cop to come protect my home . I learned not to DEPEND on anybody anymore . As smart as you are acting you should know that to . We would have to defend ourselves . @jsalonsky
jsalonsky : And I never thought you were dumb growing up; I was referring more to like Pablo and those PV kids
yung_lyonz710 - iv.xx_94 - mason_crozier17 - daddy_crowbar -
every fucking time #groupproject #piecesofshit #why
piecesofshit - groupproject - why -
jssx143_ - meeshballsoup - kimmymy_________ - juandavidta0311 -
This is how my morning began. #thatsflatbushforyou #yaiknowimwhite #butthankyoupeopleforremindingme #soannoyimg #getoverit #peoplearepeople #whothefuckisbecky #raiseyourchildrenright #lowlives #piecesofshit #butimstillhappy
butthankyoupeopleforremindingme - thatsflatbushforyou - getoverit - soannoyimg - yaiknowimwhite - peoplearepeople - lowlives - butimstillhappy - piecesofshit - whothefuckisbecky - raiseyourchildrenright -
melipalls : A few years back I probably would've responded back as well. I give you props from handling the situation so well .. However
melipalls : These days with gun violence, I wouldn't have had the guts to say that .. Stay safe girlie
mennybenny : It made no sense to fight back w them. But I wasn't just going to let me talk down to me and degrade me. He'll no
mennybenny : @melipalls
ch0c0late_thunda : Lmaoo who is Becky πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. Nah but I def would have said something
mennybenny : Lmao I wanted to laugh so bad n be like "becky" really?!?!?
amandavictoria87 : Some people will just never know how to act or respect a young woman, its sad!
mdanzig18 : 😑😑😑😑 stupid ignorant little punk ass boys!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
melipalls - mdanzig18 - christinalavio - billycatz -
Its ready ! #box #design #white #colorful #piecesofshit #wendo #ailan @saico0111 look my little space
box - wendo - piecesofshit - colorful - design - white - ailan -
v_p_a_t_t_i - xiomarazumaeta - quiy17 - noemimist -
#happygilmore #piecesofshit #dubsmash @dommmvitale @fabiano_tito
happygilmore - dubsmash - piecesofshit -
artofthedeal : Your lip syncing was on point.Good job.
ericsienkiewiczart - andrw293 - k80_eighty - abbe_alcini -
opened the store by myself today....Yep today fucking sucked so much..I'm #sore I'm #tired I'm #done #wantshitdonedoityourself #fucktoday #fuckyou #fuckthisshit #fuckface #cocksuckers #motherfuckers #bastards #sonofabitch #lowlife #piecesofshit #holyshit #tylenol #HELLYEAH
motherfuckers - piecesofshit - fucktoday - tired - fuckface - sore - bastards - holyshit - lowlife - fuckthisshit - hellyeah - fuckyou - sonofabitch - tylenol - done - wantshitdonedoityourself - cocksuckers -
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Stolen 50 inch radius white light bars! Keep an eye out please. If anyone knows of anything contact me or @aryton_ please. #stolen #thievessuck #piecesofshit #losers
thievessuck - losers - stolen - piecesofshit -
aryton_ : Thanks!
c.johnson_photography : Damn! That sucks!
tevyythompson : Got 2 50in radius for sale hit me up! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
prerunnercentral : Funny guy.. πŸ‘†πŸ‘Ž
prerunnercentral : Reposting.
linked_ranger : Damn broke ass people. Sorry to hear man. Where was this at?
shaneklempke : Sacramento @linked_ranger
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It is rather unpleasant #piecesofshit #inmytea #tea
inmytea - piecesofshit - tea -
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This relates to do many people I know πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #criticize #piecesofshit #notinapeoplemood #today
criticize - piecesofshit - today - notinapeoplemood -
ladymisskitten : preach πŸ™πŸΌ
spencahbaby - gezasante - rikkithompson - thomhuey -
#AtlanticCity #lovinTheCrew #djpaulyd #PoolAfterDark #PiecesOfShit #CourvoisierMonster #ScotchMonster #ChampagneMonster #SMILE 😁 @sofiacristine
courvoisiermonster - piecesofshit - atlanticcity - champagnemonster - scotchmonster - smile - lovinthecrew - djpaulyd - poolafterdark -
sofiacristine : I love this picture lol ☺️
garyrocco : @sofiacristine me too.. My gorgeous face really makes the picture special lol
sofiacristine : Yeah that's exactly what makes this picture πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
anthony.cuciti - christinaa__ann - ashnb_10 - victor_james1022 -
#notes #paper #lovely #writer #cositas #piecesofshit #indie #design
piecesofshit - indie - cositas - notes - writer - paper - design - lovely -
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Move your english pieces of shit, ride in real formation. Your bikes suck and youre slow as balls, if only i was on the dyna. #triumph #piecesofshit
piecesofshit - triumph -
denny_bcrmc : Lmao
officialchris.of.300 - freewayassassins - josh__sinclair - slushy3889 -
Bahahahah true story... #fuckboys #piecesofshit #gubai @tigerlily24
piecesofshit - fuckboys - gubai -
b_bombz : @bunnimariex3 lol
k_goddess_x : Stealing this lmaooo
tigerlily24 - ninaarene - k_goddess_x - kesia_west -
I just saw a fucking commercial for this and I have never been so offended/disgusted in my life no fucking joke look it up I'm ashamed that the world has even got to this point #ashleymadison #lowlifes #losers #cheaters #wtf
ashleymadison - lowlifes - losers - wtf - cheaters -
jamileefit : Omg I just looked this up too. I read that first website review and that's sickening. "I lust over young men the way old men lust over younger girls" ugh. That's so nasty.
_kelbee : Yea it's really degrading/disgusting. I wish there was a way to get the stupid site taken down.. @jamileefit
jamileefit - aimeebgjeani - angell_911 - kryzztalmkhwc -
I am angry, keep your distance #kankri #kankrivantas #homestuck #imsoangry #fuckingparents #piecesofshit #ihatethemsomuch #sweatertown
piecesofshit - fuckingparents - ihatethemsomuch - imsoangry - kankri - sweatertown - homestuck - kankrivantas -
grandhighnugget : D:
n3p3ta_th3_ship3r : @official_karkat awe y r u mad??
_knight_of_heart - davekat.is.canon - the_real_world_alice - aidocrase -
#Tea #PiecesOfShit πŸ˜‚
tea - piecesofshit -
psychosteph - killerboutique123x - _jessielouise1 - anneschh -
A shady place full of shady mfs lol #miaminiggas #thedevilisalie #shadyplace #shadyniggas #miami #lienasses #untilyoumeetamiaminigga #trustnoone #lmao #cheaters #piecesofshit #NORTHMIAMI #NORTHMIAMINIGGAS
piecesofshit - lmao - lienasses - cheaters - miami - trustnoone - thedevilisalie - miaminiggas - shadyplace - untilyoumeetamiaminigga - northmiami - shadyniggas - northmiaminiggas -
baddmichellebadd : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
urkeltwin - wildflowerchick - bryan_neverbetter - the_curlydoll -
Its Tuesdab so time for a new @dabmovies Thanks to @sistuhray and @EzoneDaFirm...Fuck Don Mattingly... #BRealTV #DabMovies #DrGreenthumbShow #Dabs #DabLife #Extracts #concentrates #thc #maryjane #LegalizeIt #Shatter #bho #Prop215 #Glass #HeadyGlass #420 #710 #nugrun #flower #og #kush #MorningShotFilms #Dodgers #Bums #PiecesOfshit #LoveEm
dodgers - loveem - bho - brealtv - prop215 - bums - shatter - 710 - dablife - glass - piecesofshit - concentrates - kush - flower - og - drgreenthumbshow - nugrun - maryjane - dabmovies - dabs - 420 - headyglass - thc - extracts - legalizeit - morningshotfilms -
thedopest_people : 😍
ronburgundabs : Very best!
askinoapparel : Fantastic! What do you think @tarektv !?
highlunaa - fleek_extracts - hoserhighlife - caroline.ricker.c -
Schiffaramento #day πŸ‘… #school #pazzi #sietelamylife #bimbimiei #loveyou #piecesofshit
school - piecesofshit - poppea - sietelamylife - bimbimiei - day - loveyou - pazzi -
giuliaciaramitaro_ : #shit #you #cerchiaggaddu
valerialucchese : #poppea πŸ’–
kornyshevaaa - mariaritacatanzaro - iammel_vin - maedamarcio -
Yep this is why we keep to ourselves. #fakesandphonies #piecesofshit
fakesandphonies - piecesofshit -
mohdalj - ceez_villalpando - yooosooof123 - chulal1976 -
Lets hope this year they dont ask more than the 22k they already took from me #fuckthesystem #fuckharper #canada #corrupt #government #piecesofshit #impeachharper #impeach #corruption #enlightened #freedom #howaboutno #deeznuts #carparts #raceparts #racecar #turbo #honda #vtec #ctmp #mosport #grandbend #shannonville #cayuga #tracklife #mikeduffy #spendsmymoney #fuckyou #taxes #politicalagenda
mosport - spendsmymoney - shannonville - piecesofshit - turbo - cayuga - honda - impeachharper - impeach - fuckthesystem - vtec - tracklife - deeznuts - corrupt - ctmp - carparts - enlightened - raceparts - canada - grandbend - fuckharper - howaboutno - fuckyou - government - racecar - taxes - mikeduffy - freedom - politicalagenda - corruption -
jake.greeley - liladdisdaddy - oldskooltuner - scottyk27 -
Too turnt for Toronto #maggots #piecesofshit #woodstockboys #capturethesix
capturethesix - woodstockboys - piecesofshit - maggots -
shelbylace : who you seein
claynigburn833 : Greasy
claynigburn833 - taanialoureiro - kurstinw17 - grungeywitch -
Fuck junky enablers and sympathizers.. #fuckyou #junkies #worthless #piecesofshit #overdose #please #thanks #cunts
worthless - piecesofshit - junkies - fuckyou - please - thanks - cunts - overdose -
andrea.arachnid : Not fair. I've spent most of my year doing research and talking with addicts. It's hard to know if you're even being an enabler. It's hard for the addict not to act and lie. What experience do you have with addicts? I'm surrounded by them every day. I love all the ones around me. I do not always trust them, nor do I give them even a penny or take their sob stories to heart, but it doesn't make them any less human. They are people, too. They are not evil. They are struggling with a very real, daily battle. I almost lost my very best friend to an overdose a couple days after Christmas. Every day is still a struggle for him to stay clean. Why such a harsh opinion??
nickversion207 : @andrea.arachnid I have such a hard opinion because growing up most all my friends and family were riddled with addictions and then they blame their upbringing or where they live..."oh its so boring here so making horrible life choices is my only option"...fuck that...junkies put themselves there voluntarily...no one goes into drugs thinking "wow this will do wonderful things for my life and the people around me"..EVERYONE grows up seeing and knowing the consequences of drug use and addiction...yet they still choose to do it...so they deserve to overdose...it's like a reality check...and if they survive and still continue down that path they deserve death because they voluntarily put shit into their bodies that can kill you the 1st or 100th time you use it...I don't feel bad for anyone that dies of an overdose...family...friends...whatever....you did it to yourself...sucks you're gone sure...but I won't give any sympathy for life choices you know will 10/10 times end up badly...
andrea.arachnid : I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It took me a really long time to realize what I was doing wrong when with them. Been robbed blind multiple times. Enabling, co-addiction, type shit. I will say they do put lots of blame on anything but themselves. But I don't believe most of them started out with the mentality, "I'm going to be an addict the rest of my life." took it a little far, when it was still fun, then next thing you know you're dope sick and chasing it every single day. I don't think any of them want that life. I don't believe it for a minute. They just don't know how or have don't have the willpower or too many excuses to end it. I watch it play out over and over again. I talk to a lot of them about it and do my best to be real with them, straight up. Lies and acting aside. All the ones I know just haven't figured out for themselves how to really escape yet. I don't think many of them will. It's sad. But I still treat them like humans. Which sometimes I think is something they need. To know they are real people still and not just a stigma surrounding a drug.
caffeinequeen19 : Yeah, there are always other activities to get into, and less expensive than drugs. People just get bored and don't try.
ashleycherelle - missdevio - beautifully_broken_420 - synthia7_ -
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