we're obviously cool kids #sleepoversonschoolnights #rebels #piecesofshit
sleepoversonschoolnights - piecesofshit - rebels -
taylorfederer : Tbh ur really cool & pretty
taylor_lucille - specialkay_kay_ - carbon_lite - whatsupashley -
Just can't believe some people #piecesofshit
piecesofshit -
ccuupp_ccaakkee : That's why I moved
boissebabyyy10 : Yuck
boissebabyyy10 : I'd be pissed
johntoffi_ : I have a dent on my passenger door from them trying to open my truck. Dumbasses tried using a screw driver.
kristibell_17 : I will keep an eye out!!! We just need to catch 'em one time!!!
seanmlenihan : Oh hell no. 😑
thunderkai : Too bad you didn't catch him in the act. πŸ’₯
brittheap8 : Hell no!!
dah_rick - gregpmurphy - brittheap8 - carlyroco -
piecesofshit -
jsleoo - gleo22 - chrnobyl - hows.lunch -
Kill em #bringitback#sickfucks#childmolesterskillersneedtodie#fuckpaedophiles#piecesofshit#hopeyourgettinguptheassinprison
bringitback - piecesofshit - hopeyourgettinguptheassinprison - childmolesterskillersneedtodie - fuckpaedophiles - sickfucks -
edtroit - tonypunkrock - rowdy_jeff - vegangypsymoon -
New z. #yfz #z400 #piecesofshit
piecesofshit - z400 - yfz -
turntuptrevv - ashtonhenry15 - jordanrenee0506 - xxalbright1xx -
#I'mthatguy #fuckyouiphone #piecesofshit #worstphonesever
i - piecesofshit - fuckyouiphone - worstphonesever -
bretc18 : @kenziehudgeon
zrees4 : Just you and me @kenziehudgeon
brettsiverson : There's always that one fgt in the squad
zrees4 : That's hurtful @brettsiverson
kenziehudgeon : Don't try to be too jealous guys @bretc18 @brettsiverson
bossert14 - deanne_walker - deandrarose15 - rochellehollman -
Back to when @kevinzeee and I fucked our shits up. Both happened because of our stupid cars #slicedeyebrowgang #piecesofshit #hellastitches #volkswagen #subaru
hellastitches - subaru - slicedeyebrowgang - piecesofshit - volkswagen -
kevinzeee : Thug life
kevinzeee : One wife
chaz_papi : A mistress and a girlfriend ? @kevinzeee
swedishfinn : ayyy, that's a sexy imola dub rite ther
alexvarg : Who's is that? @swedishfinn
e36_euro - patrickprimetime - robby_kudz - mackenziejacqueline -
#BillyMadison #shootermcgaven #piecesofshit. Hey this guy eats pieces of shit. Stop staring at me swan
shootermcgaven - piecesofshit - billymadison -
joe_889 : What a dumbass!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @chvz_luis
t4yl0r2525 - sea_m0nstarz -
πŸ™‹ at least I'm honest #honesty#iadmitit#piecesofshit#quotes#yep#petty
quotes - petty - piecesofshit - honesty - yep - iadmitit -
manifestyourdreams - grayhorizon83 - mccray.h - happysnappy89 -
Fuck you and everyone I really hope they know they are #ifyouknow #tagyourselves #thenkillyaselves #piecesofshit
thenkillyaselves - ifyouknow - piecesofshit - tagyourselves -
mcbethel : Brutal.
berto_vq35 : Bro you good? @sousadavid21
lisaoshun63 - theonly_yaya - anthonylalvarez - berto_vq35 -
reporting let's find the car and these motherfuckers responsible nobody steals from team recession and gets away with it @kobuilt32 @pistolfknpete @jorge___h @brandonnn88 @cottoncandyek @sirravingmadman @nmek9 @__brian_k #teamrecession #fuckthieves #yougondie #piecesofshit
piecesofshit - yougondie - fuckthieves - teamrecession -
6lou9 : Street justice im down.
eastend_eddy : That's what I'm talkin about @6lou9
6lou9 : U got my number bro.
eastend_eddy : Yessir @6lou9
jennjoyce - __brian_k - tpt1075 - cottoncandyek -
Love my BF πŸ’ž #bf #sisters #love #piecesofshit #smile #happy #girls #school #enjoy #yolo Poznám Ε₯a od 1.triedy a zasa sme spolu v inej 1.triede, nikdy sa Ε₯a nezbavím πŸ˜€ ale som za to rada. som rada, ΕΎe sme sa poznali lebo si ten najväčší #pieceofshit everπŸ˜‚ ďalších 5 rokov pred nami, ďalších 593992020 hádok, udobreni, úsmevov, výbuchov smiechu, plaču a preΕΎívania spolu všetkých emócií. neskutočne Ε₯a mám rada ty hlava πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
enjoy - bf - pieceofshit - piecesofshit - yolo - girls - school - smile - sisters - love - happy -
nevermiind_ : <3333 forevr tugedr. i love u 2^_^ [a nope,nezbavis sa ma:):):):):):)]
mirkanovakova2 : kraskyyβ™‘♥
bibijana_ : ďakujemeβ™‘ @mirkanovakova2
timka.spisakov - vanessikkk - branicko5 - simondolinsky -
Just found this is in my store. It's titled "Things To Do Today". 1. Go check the mail . 2. Go to dollar general and steal febreeze, energy shots, and cheese whiz. 3. Go to Dollar Tree And steal dish soap and dish towels. #thisisrealife #piecesofshit #sadbutfunny
sadbutfunny - piecesofshit - thisisrealife -
dline4 : @blu_ball πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
blu_ball : @dline4 I can just picture the guy standing in dollar tree lost trying to find his list of shit he needs to steal lmao
smoore52 : Wow. πŸ˜‚
coolcodyfrye : The fact they write in cursive threw me off @blu_ball
krazykandice : This is funny!!!
jcasebee : Ha. I noticed that "getting a JOB" didn't make this persons list. Maybe on next weeks to-do list... @blu_ball
lucasmcc13 - courtney_deal - ckrebbs90 - markjlamb -
not Simpsons champions πŸ† #piecesofshit
piecesofshit -
ratchet_asfuck : 7th out of 40 isn't bad! Haha I just wanted to win wine 🍷
laurencourir - growingabeard - ratchet_asfuck - bennybice -
Lmao so true!!! @mindylee16 #mustangssucks #fordsucks #piecesofshit #ponyisforpussy #chevy #fbody #camaro
mustangssucks - chevy - piecesofshit - fordsucks - camaro - ponyisforpussy - fbody -
mindylee16 : When I get my car and we race if you ever win then you can talk shit. But we all know that won't happen (; @1nastyz28
1nastyz28 : @mindylee16 first get a car ;) lmao
michael_crist87 : @powerstroke9898 @stephenhirocrist
bmxdude2014 : @devinbale
mindylee16 : January I'll have one faster than yoursπŸ˜™ @1nastyz28
bluerocz - mrpepsidew - codyalanarlington - brady_army -
Ppl in Texas FLOSS about MONEY THIS MONEY THAT but what LOW LIFE'S bust out a tinted window to a 2013 Dodger Charger JUST TO STEAL A $20.00 AUX cord.. #PiecesOfShit#ItsAlrightTho#KanyeShurgs...
kanyeshurgs - piecesofshit - itsalrighttho -
rosagram25 - kcblue15 - jortiz92 - isaiasthekiller -
Someone must #stop the #piecesofshit #drinkingclub. #Oktoberfest #onlyinboyertown
piecesofshit - drinkingclub - stop - onlyinboyertown - oktoberfest -
dagger13 : they may just stop themselves
sloppy76 : Their cars are gonna get stopped around 2:15 a.m.
mmoonmann : Hahaha. I want to join them. Hahaha
cdsplace - dagger13 - slinkyelectric - mmoonmann -
Helped get the tire off. Found 2 stabs in it and now my dad wants to fuck up everyone's car!!!! #fuckers #piecesofshit #greasemonkey #yesicanusetools
piecesofshit - fuckers - yesicanusetools - greasemonkey -
kirbyrwhite : I would too
in_search_of_sanity_ : You got cctv where you live?
jennkills : No darling @in_search_of_sanity_ we only have them in Manhattan or high crime areas. I live in a calm residential area but I'm about to fund out who it is and change that statistic
in_search_of_sanity_ : Kill em all doll face;-)
jennkills : That's what I'm thinking @in_search_of_sanity_ cost me a new tire because they couldn't fix it
hell_and_heroes : That sucks babe! The fuckers
jennkills : I wanna kill them @hell_and_heroes how dare they!?!?!?!
dezertpyrotdreadlocks - psycholiloquy - diebarrowdie - x_violent_world_x -
We gave up on contacts halfway through the game. #PiecesOfShit #DickHeadStatus πŸ‘“
dickheadstatus - piecesofshit -
alisshaaa_20 : #dickies
megancheek - michaela_krozel - colefeltes - misshallejane -
Got dang bike assholes taking up all my road.... livestrong more like lie strong ..... #bikefags #assholes #bicyclist #piecesofshit #fartknockers #cockshinners #gotohellers #mckrakin #hellyeah
mckrakin - piecesofshit - bikefags - bicyclist - cockshinners - gotohellers - assholes - fartknockers - hellyeah -
seashimmer06 : I can't believe you did that...πŸ™Š actually yes I can lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mckrakin0809 : They were literally riding in the middle of the road ....
carole.sadler.p - seashimmer06 - elizardcopeland - evilives1987 -
To those #PiecesOfShit #EnoughSaid #DisloyaltySickensMe #HonorUrWord
enoughsaid - honorurword - piecesofshit - disloyaltysickensme -
faithfully00 : Shut up dionate
faithfully00 : Dionate
ambitious_girl_oxox - faithfully00 - __nubiangoddess__ - smoking_on_keshia -
This really grinds my gears, this waterfall is rated in the TOP TEN in our entire country and scumbags have left garbage everywhere! Smarten the fuck up and DONT FUCKING LITTER!!!!! @starbucks #scumbagfucks #littering #litteringand #piecesofshit #dontfuckinlitter #albionfalls #hamilton
litteringand - piecesofshit - dontfuckinlitter - albionfalls - hamilton - excusemylanguage - littering - scumbagfucks -
theritzbcarleton : @v1xxy you better not leave your cigarette butts and coffees lying around or ill kick your ass!
v1xxy : I would nevers!!! Promise! πŸ™Š
d_black_248 : Beauty #paradise
codyjamesfoster : so sick man, fuck those littering faggots.
whitleyallory : πŸ‘ŒπŸ™
ikensurf : "I don't care man, I'm not going to be around when the planet is ruined" ;)
v1xxy : When I lived in hammy I used to clean up that place all the time! Even my cig buts and coffees 😁
connor_crowdy : Nice shot!
__p.read - eliza488 - zebbszatrowski - sophiavh199 -
They really need to know their place lol #cops #stupidcops #piecesofshit
cops - stupidcops - piecesofshit -
naseralsaihate - hiswifey_69 - back_2_zer0 - jamesgilliamthrash -
#girl#myself#blonde#eyeliner#longhair#depechemode#lips#piecesofshit#blah huh πŸ’©πŸ˜·
myself - piecesofshit - eyeliner - blah - lips - girl - depechemode - blonde - longhair -
domoarigoto : @barboraff beautiful 😍
sinnymckinny - jojobeansz - cornelius_frances - njoythesilence -
Drove my bad bitch to work today #eg8 #egsquad #eg #honda #civic #projectfodo #avid #skunk2 #static #rustbucket #piecesofshit #singlecam
avid - eg8 - piecesofshit - projectfodo - civic - egsquad - eg - honda - rustbucket - skunk2 - singlecam - static -
tre.vor - dannyalvarezz - robbieriosjr - miszjdmjulia_rd1 -
Ppl need to mind their own fukn business n keep my name out of their mouths . Before I start slapping the shit out of u .. #runtellthat #shittalking #lowlife #piecesofshit πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
runtellthat - shittalking - piecesofshit - spreding - lowlife -
rissarose11_13 : People still do that shyt?! Ha saaaad!
ocl62 : @rissarose11_13 I guess so .. πŸ’
kitfoxcreative : Toniq all over again!
therealhase10 : I got the baby powder bro!!!
ir_rpa : Bring toniq back @kitfoxcreative
metro_mkz : Lmao
kitfoxcreative : @ir_rpa you ain't ready for that Toniq life again! Haha remember when you would take your shirt off. Haha
bigpappa_waflz : My bad bro! It was just a weld challenge! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
garret1202 - jkinoshita - esthursday - philip_martinez -
Hahahahaha funny stuff. #worthless #piecesofshit #nolives
nolives - worthless - piecesofshit -
dwiggins2010 - snjacobs - emilywentz24 -
Part 2 – THE LONG WAR Follow the Money Media reports following ISIS’ conquest of much of northern and central Iraq this summer have painted the group as the world’s most super-efficient, self-financed, terrorist organisation that has been able to consolidate itself exclusively through extensive looting of Iraq’s banks and funds from black market oil sales. Much of this narrative, however, has derived from dubious sources, and overlooked disturbing details. One senior anonymous intelligence source told Guardian correspondent Martin Chulov, for instance, that over 160 computer flash sticks obtained from an ISIS hideout revealed information on ISIS’ finances that was completely new to the intelligence community. “Before Mosul, their total cash and assets were $875m [£515m],” said the official on the funds obtained largely via “massive cashflows from the oilfields of eastern Syria, which it had commandeered in late 2012.” Afterwards, “with the money they robbed from banks and the value of the military supplies they looted, they could add another $1.5bn to that.” The thrust of the narrative coming from intelligence sources was simple: “They had done this all themselves. There was no state actor at all behind them, which we had long known. They don’t need one.” “ISIS’ half-a-billion-dollar bank heist makes it world’s richest terror group,” claimed the Telegraph, adding that the figure did not include additional stolen gold bullion, and millions more grabbed from banks “across the region.” This story of ISIS’ stupendous bank looting spree across Iraq made global headlines but turned out to be disinformation. Senior Iraqi officials and bankers confirmed that banks in Iraq, including Mosul where ISIS supposedly stole $430 million, had faced no assault, remain open, and are guarded by their own private security forces. How did the story come about? One of its prime sources was Iraqi parliamentarian Ahmed Chalabi – the same man who under the wing of his ‘Iraqi National Congress’ peddled false intelligence about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda.
revolution - piecesofshit - love - intelligence - warmongers - reason - pigs - nazipigs - existence - fuckmccain - fuckbush - nazi - neocons - anarchosocialist - facist - evolution - isis - insidejob - fabricatedterror - peace - warpigs - fuckneocons - unity - warforoil - americacreatedterror - logic -
dominiking360 : @misschrissyyy
alias_awesome : @beasty_p who to believe
revolution1776 : @alias_awesome believe yourself bro. None should dictate your truth
alias_awesome : Word! Takes some serious abstaining from objectivity though, which makes it hard not to be cynical.
alsnycfilm : If there is a group who has no land, holds no power, religious/terrorist ... Who are super super rich... Funded by CIA ... I truly truly don't know if this is a war over making money or a way to just wipe out certain religious groups like the crusaders still do...
revolution1776 : @alsnycfilm it's all for oil.
alsnycfilm : My dad and I debate over this and I say oil and he says it's religion... But he says the oil is a plus..
revolution1776 : @alsnycfilm I'm sure religion it's a part of it. But it's mostly control, oil, and control
alsnycfilm - selwynleonard - sabah_sayed - wiz_neyoskills -
This is a big FUCK YOU to all the men that hit women..your not fucking men your rat shit.. #piecesofshit #notrealmen #touchheryoudie
touchheryoudie - piecesofshit - notrealmen -
princessashybear : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
chodywrestler3 : Who hit a women?
kyjbyars - emilyanngrothe - kailey_jane15 - _dropdeadstephanie -
How true is this! Glad to be out of that relationship!πŸ™ŒπŸ™βœŠ #Cheaters #PiecesOfShit #WontEverChange
wonteverchange - piecesofshit - cheaters -
jesse2871 : What are u still doing up isn't it past ur bedtime lol @britttt_lyn
jesse2871 : Just playin
thelegendcalledspino : If someone cheated on me I'd never look back on them lol ride off in sunset!
jesse2871 - kodythebarber - mmunizza - bekahs_3dlashes -
#isis #terrorists #jihad #faggotry #fuckisis #piecesofshit
jihad - faggotry - piecesofshit - terrorists - fuckisis - isis -
william_richmond : Lmao!
connordevine666 - peacelove8914 - dariogrifo - selenaphoebe -
piecesofshit - isis -
jayolatunji : From 2011 the U.S and Israel via Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded and armed all the extremists in the region (including Al Qaeda their supposed sworn enemy) to help overthrow the Syrian Government (a moderate/ non extremist regime). As soon as these extremists began using these funds and arms to take back Iraq they immediately went from being pretty much allies to being classified as terrorists again. And all of a sudden they have an English title ISIS/ ISIL. At the expense of countless lives the U.S and Israel are doing their very best to destabilize the Arab region as the conflict with Russia intensifies. Obama makes a couple of speeches and every western dumbass jumps on the anti-Muslim anti-Arab bandwagon of war. Little do they are pawns being dragged in to justifying WW3.
avery_cheesecake09 - yomarie2710 - mybmwlife - thewatcherssf100 -
βœ‹ #dontfuckinlietome #ihateliars #hateliars #liars #cheaters #piecesofshit #lyinass #motherfuckers #dontlietome #fuckyou #fakeass #motherfuckers #ihatemen #mensuck #fuckmen #fuckrelationships #fucklove #canttrustnoone #notrust #donttrustanyone #everyonelies #niggersplaygames
piecesofshit - ihateliars - notrust - fuckrelationships - dontfuckinlietome - dontlietome - mensuck - hateliars - fucklove - ihatemen - fakeass - canttrustnoone - cheaters - fuckyou - everyonelies - lyinass - liars - donttrustanyone - niggersplaygames - fuckmen - motherfuckers -
ramrodbob : Haha haha...laughing at the last one
heatherecunningham - mmepuu - thegentlewomyn - tianasarah -
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