Sebetulnya anak pemilih makanan/picky eater salah satu penyebab terbesarnya adalah sajian makanan yg diberikan kepada anak sejak kecil. Misalnya dari usia 8 bulan, berikan jenis makanan yg berbeda. Cara pengolahan, bahan yg digunakan dan tekstur harus disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan anak menurut usia/alergi. Apabila anak menolak, jangan menyerah untuk terus membujuk dan berikan terus pengertian bahwa makanan tsb baik untuknya. :) Orangtua tetap memegang kendali terbesar !! Terus bujuk dan dukung anak untuk menanamkan pola makan sehat dan bervariasi. ♥♥ #PickyEater #HealthyFood #Organic #VegetablesCrispy #VegetablesSpringroll #Cateringanak #CateringSehatJakarta #BIRTHDAY #BIRTHDAYPARTY #cateringSehat
healthyfood - cateringanak - organic - pickyeater - vegetablescrispy - cateringsehat - birthdayparty - cateringsehatjakarta - birthday - vegetablesspringroll -
myorganicdiary -
I'm a messy eater. I pick out what I like and leave the rest for my siblings. Hehehe. #beagles
beaglesofinstagram - beaglelove - pickyeater - dogloversofinstagram - bestpuppies - beagletroubles - beagles - beagleloversofinstagram - messy - dogslife - beagleproblems - dogsofinstagram -
anthrobonegirl : #beagletroubles #beaglesofinstagram #beagleloversofinstagram #beaglelove #bestpuppies #beagleproblems #pickyeater #messy #dogsofinstagram #dogloversofinstagram #dogslife
justbeagles : Remember to use #justbeagles and we might feature you next time!
theojamesfranco : Pretty!
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>>Choose Your Own Salad Ingredients << When the picky eaters have a hand in choosing their own foods, they're more likely to eat more of the healthy stuff! What's your favorite salad bar ingredient? (Photo credit to 'Simple As That')
kidfriendly - foodie - family - food - familyeating - recipeidea - choices - healthyeating - healthyidea - weightwatchers - pickyeater - fitfood - wellness - fitnesswithcarrie - foodidea - weightloss - health - yum - saladbar - options - meal -
fitnesswithcarrie : #food #healthyidea #recipeidea #saladbar #pickyeater #kidfriendly #fitfood #weightloss #wellness #weightwatchers #health#healthyeating #choices #options #yum #foodie #foodidea #meal #family #familyeating #fitnesswithcarrie
stefankatanicccc : Nice
platelickersanonymous : Great idea πŸ’‘ love it!
fitnurselife : Good shot!
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Casually takes foodie pic then spills coconut milk in lap...its a good look ;) #fav #wfmaui #foodporn #foodie #instafood #farmacy #foodart #yummy #purple #sweetpotatoes #luckywelivehawaii #islandlife #potd #picoftheday #pickyeater #foodgram
foodie - islandlife - fav - foodgram - wfmaui - luckywelivehawaii - yummy - pickyeater - purple - foodporn - instafood - sweetpotatoes - farmacy - potd - picoftheday - foodart -
lovelifelive808 : Hahahaha oops!!
chxlsiee.c - violettviolett - youajonathan - rachel_lotuss -
Make meal time exciting and fun! Just make sure it doesn't HOP away! #misscatherine #pickyeater #toddlerfood #bunny #breakfastofchampions #bizzymamas #healthyeating
misscatherine - toddlerfood - pickyeater - bizzymamas - healthyeating - breakfastofchampions - bunny -
zuppler : Love your IG feed!
misscatherineconsulting : @zuppler thank you ! Spread the word ❀️
jennielynnjohanson : Loving this pancake bunny!
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This is what happens when you mix dry dog food with wet dog food. The little shit eats the wet part and spits out the dry part! #pickyeater #smartypants #mrbig
mrbig - smartypants - pickyeater -
kimberly_a_young : Ours does that when we mix people food into his dry food LOL
lauren.perrine : @kimberly_a_young Big does that too. Occasionally I'll mix up some bouillon cubes into water and pour it over his food and he will suck on each piece and spit them out! Lol
krsibbitt : Hahaha!! Mr. BIG!!
krsibbitt - ashgedfos - gorgeousgabe209 - sjouwke -
How many things can I make mommy buy so I eat like a normal puppy?? #princesspalate #pickyeater #onlylikeshomemadetreats #mommasboy #oripei #oripeisofinstagram #pug #pugsofinstsgram #sharpei #sharpeisofinstagram #spoiledpuppy
spoiledpuppy - oripeisofinstagram - pickyeater - pug - oripei - sharpei - pugsofinstsgram - princesspalate - onlylikeshomemadetreats - mommasboy - sharpeisofinstagram -
siddharto : Bella Foto!
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I'm such a picky eater, that sometimes mommy and daddy have to dump the same exact food on the floor, because I won't eat it out of my bowl. #PickyEater #5SecondRule #SpoiledRotten #IDoWhatIWant #IHaveSlaves #PuppiesOfInstagram #petstagram #dogsofinstagram
ihaveslaves - petstagram - pickyeater - spoiledrotten - puppiesofinstagram - idowhatiwant - 5secondrule - dogsofinstagram -
cooperking1 - fb3372 - carrielouise83 - yorkie_bandit_shitzu_oreo -
Even if it takes me 100 times longer to eat, I will slowly but surely pick out all the meat/eggs/cheese, and leave you all the yucky green vegetables! -D #notavegetarian #carnivore #huskyx #pickyeater #diva #rescuedog #dogsofinstagram #whatisthisgarbage
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scruffyrudolph : Ha!
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Life right now. Every night is a battle with this kid. He's happy to live off of French toast and mama is getting frustrated. I offer him a full meal three times a day and he eats none of it. He will eat pouches and foods of every texture but won't touch meat, veggies (unless they are in a pouch), eggs or bread with the exception of French toast. We made a little progress today and he ate a bagel with peanut butter... But dinner was a losing battle. We dropped milk in his cups today in favor of just water all day hoping it would make him more hungry, but he seems the same. Mom guilt is setting in and frustrated is an understatement. Hopefully when this shows up in time hop a year from now I'll be able to laugh at how stressed out I was over all of this for nothing. #asherevannolan #thestruggleisreal #pickyeater #morelikepainintheass #momlife
momlife - asherevannolan - pickyeater - morelikepainintheass - thestruggleisreal -
hellogorgeousrachel : @shelby_burkhart yes I know! I try to only offer him a spoonful of whatever and I'd be happy if he'd take two bites of each. But he won't. @samyaun I dropped milk from his day today and he hasn't minded but he also isn't extra hungry. It's so frustrating!! Like eatttttt. It's good stuff! But no. He's a jerk.
samyaun : Yep!! My kid is the same way, he's so stubborn. Im just trying to make sure hes healthy amd he's over here trying to destroy me. If you find some miracle that makes him eat, please share. Haha. @hellogorgeousrachel
jill_malley : My babe is the same! She's all for everything in a pouch and nothing on a plate. Hoping it passes quickly, my other two are such great eaters!
hellogorgeousrachel : @jill_malley that makes me feel better since I know they are super close in age. He eats lots of things but nothing with super good nutritional value. Haha. He will suck down pouches though, no questions asked!
jill_malley : Not gonna lie, seeing this made me a little happier too! @hellogorgeousrachel I can't believe the things this girl turns down, pasta...what, who does that?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
hellogorgeousrachel : @jill_malley SERIOUSLY! Pasta blows my mind. Like why?! How? Cheese? How do you live life?! Haha. I'm figuring soon they will realize what they are missing. I just try to keep offering even though it's frustrating and I throw more food away than he eats. Tonight it was peas and beans and a freakin cheese hot dog. Who doesn't like those?! Ugh! I haven't given him milk yet and won't til just before bed and I'll just try to stay consistent even when I want to rip out my hair. It's so hard. Super reassuring to know we aren't alone in this battle!!
courtney_a86 : I feel your struggle. My son is the same way. If it's puree and a pouch or carbs he will eat it.. he won't even look at a vegetable or fruit unless it's puree. But he will eat whole pieces of chicken nugget or French Toast that's about it lol..... daily meal struggles
daniellebpark : That is so so hard! My son went through a phase and I was worried he wasn't getting enough to eat. What helped was making sure we included him in dinner time. My husband works through dinner so breakfast was our family meal. We made it so we all sat at the table and we ate the same things. We offered him what we were eating. We talk and laugh and actually have a meal. And we encouraged him to eat, but didn't force it. Dinners I made sure that I sat down and ate with him too. It took a while but now he eats a wide variety of things. Last night dinner was seaweed soup, rice, fish, tomatoes and cucumber! Keep pushing through, Momma! No matter what your kids eats or doesn't eat, you are a great mother. Don't let the guilt monster in! ☺️
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Digs through his food and spits the rejects out.
shihtzu - pickyeater - dogstagram -
gina_rose13 : #shihtzu #dogstagram #pickyeater
cjbettini : What a little shit-tzu
smashing_ai_pumpkins - patinaycocina - nicola_cola - bentleybooshihtzu -
All about the grilled chicken salad lately which is a big deal because 2 weeks ago I would not eat chicken in a salad. πŸ˜‹ @karenakatrina @toneitup #tiu #toneitup #tiuapproved #tiucheckin #tiucanada #tiucommunity #tiumealplan #tiunutritionplan #pickyeater
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My child would rather eat #Spirulina mixed in applesauce than eat veggies...and I let her #PickyEater #ChoosingMyBattlesWisely #GreenGoodness #GreenMachine #Superfood #AminoAcids #Vitamins #Protein #Energy #Organic #Algae
organic - pickyeater - spirulina - superfood - energy - greenmachine - choosingmybattleswisely - aminoacids - protein - algae - greengoodness - vitamins -
iml0vnme : πŸ‘Œ
primadiva : Seems like a win win πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
butta_fly_ : Sure is πŸ˜† @primadiva
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Apple bourbon chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn bread. He's in heaven #dinnerwithtristan #pickyeater #itswhatsfordinner #crockpotcreations
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Chocolate chip and apple cinnamon breakfast cookies for the nugget this morningπŸ‘‹1 mashed banana, 2 packets of apple cinnamon Quaker oatmeal (or plain), handful of chocolate chips. Bake at 350 for 10 minutesπŸͺ #fitfam #fitmoms #healthykids #pickyeater
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Lunch time, hard boiled egg whites mixed with wholey gucamoley! I never take for granted she is easy to please in the food department bc he brother is not! No idea what his lunch will be yet! 😁😁
hellp - toddlerfood - eatthemgreens - motomom - postbabybody - cleaneating - juicing - adhd - caseinfree - adhddiet - paleo - hellpsyndrome - pickyeater - plantbased - glutenfree - pree - autismdiet - gfcf - healthyfamily - motokids - hellpsyndromesurvivor - healthysnack - postpartum -
linseybfitness : #adhd #adhddiet #autismdiet #eatthemgreens #toddlerfood #pickyeater #gfcf #glutenfree #caseinfree #paleo #plantbased #healthysnack #cleaneating #pree #hellp #hellpsyndrome #hellpsyndromesurvivor #healthyfamily #postpartum #postbabybody #juicing #motomom #motokids
shawluver : One of my favorite snacks!!
linseybfitness : @shawluver yes so good! I put mine on a bed of organic spinach, drizzled with balsamic vinegar! It was delish! Prob will make more tomorrow!! πŸ˜‰
huromusa : Too cute!
bodycoachcanada : Very cool!
getfit_jess - gingin0327 - traci917 - emilyrae24294 -
Finally found a caca free, non-GMO, soy/canola oil free, no unnecessary chemical Frankenfood mayo for the rare occasions I need it. So happy I didn't have to make it myself! #ketoproblems #pickyeater #thefreshmarket #nourishedkitchen #foodnottechnology #allnatural
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joshua.greenfield -
I said I wanted chicken and it's chicken I shall have. #hunger #coldslaw #whitemeat #lunch #BrooklynClean #food #pickyeater #Boylansoda
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_felinity_ : Freakin yum. πŸ˜‹
tracyreneeallday : Come share with me. Way too much food for me these days. It's so good tho @_felinity_
_felinity_ : It looks awesome! I'm having fried mushrooms for lunch. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
nightfall914 - wendellcooper - _felinity_ - brandx_1 -
Unsweetened #applesauce with #greens that taste like berries. That's my current formula to getting my #pickyeater to eat his 8 servings of #fruitsandveggies . What's yours? #momsgottadowhatamomsgottado #thestruggle #pickytoddler #toddlerhood #toddler #momlyfe #mommyhood
mommyhood - momlyfe - pickyeater - greens - pickytoddler - applesauce - toddlerhood - thestruggle - momsgottadowhatamomsgottado - toddler - fruitsandveggies -
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Well, darn, I thought she wouldn't notice the little green things in her soup. 😏 #pickyeater
pickyeater -
instaamy : You should have known better.πŸ˜‚ my littlest one will freak out over the tiniest shred of anything green.
singallyouwant : @instaamy I know, I'm so naive!! πŸ˜‚ I think my older two have finally gotten over grill marks and specks of pepper in their food. πŸ˜‚
tennjenny : πŸ˜‚
tamieherin : Thank you for the laugh. Missed you Sunday.
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Bey decided he likes sushi too! #shocker #pickyeater
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That one time in Macy's life when she ate anything I gave her... What happened? #pickyeater
pickyeater -
ashleyeh35 - makayla_1117 - thebell34 - agb20001 -
Day 1 Week 2 of our gluten free/casein free/soy free/dye free ...and! Not going to lie week 1 was HARD! I stressed about what to feed them, worrying that they were eating too much sugar and carbs (ie fruit). They will eat fruit all day long, which is great BUT, not enough veggies and protein. This morning they snacked on Gorilla Munch Puffs while I got my coffee β˜•οΈ (bc let's be real, thats a necessity! 😜) then ️strawberries, lara bars, hard boiled eggs. Little man won't eat eggs- yet- but she ate the whole plate!
hellp - toddlerfood - eatthemgreens - motomom - postbabybody - cleaneating - juicing - adhd - caseinfree - adhddiet - paleo - hellpsyndrome - pickyeater - plantbased - glutenfree - pree - autismdiet - gfcf - healthyfamily - motokids - hellpsyndromesurvivor - healthysnack - postpartum -
linseybfitness : #adhd #adhddiet #autismdiet #eatthemgreens #toddlerfood #pickyeater #gfcf #glutenfree #caseinfree #paleo #plantbased #healthysnack #cleaneating #pree #hellp #hellpsyndrome #hellpsyndromesurvivor #healthyfamily #postpartum #postbabybody #juicing #motomom #motokids
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#Picky #pickyeater yes, im not joking i had never had cherries. IM WORKING ON IT GAWD
picky - pickyeater -
wick2777 - gorgeousgabee13 - momokorii - gblah1996 -
#breastmilk #breastfeeding #asi #asiekslusif #EdukASI #breastfeedingfact #pickyeater
breastfeeding - edukasi - pickyeater - asiekslusif - breastmilk - breastfeedingfact - asi -
happynestbaby -
A penny for your thoughts?! πŸ˜– #help #dogproblems #pickyeater #wherescesermilanat
wherescesermilanat - dogproblems - help - pickyeater -
natalferez : @loveclam I started touching it and putting it on the floor so he would see I touched it. He ate it for a second then stopped 😩😰
natalferez : @sid951 did he just start doing that? My pup started doing this like 2 months ago. And now its ridiculous 😭😭
mandopadillaa : Must be nice πŸ˜’
natalferez : @mandopadillaa it's terrible 😭😭😭😭 But I do it out of love. Plus he needs the gains, SOOO....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹
mandopadillaa : LmaoπŸ˜‚ okay okay esso si no que negar le los gains eh☝πŸ’ͺ
natalferez : @mandopadillaa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ he's happy you understand. Lol!!!
mandopadillaa : If he's happy, you're happy, if you're happy I'm happy😊
natalferez : @mandopadillaa shweeeetheart🍬🍭🍯
tat2sergio - best_of_jrod - sid951 - bigx_thechiefsmoke -
#mondayfunday at with adorable #chick idea found @creativefun4you A whole new way to explore #hardboiledeggs this #spring! #foodart #foodfun #foodplay #foodisfun #yum #playwithyourfood #learntolovefood #pickyeater
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sarafayep : This is so dang cute!!!
stephaniergl : @meagschm @robinschmaltz how cute is this?!
learntolovefood : Thanks!! ☺️ and such a fun way to use some eggs...πŸ˜‰
tracyrak : Awwww 🐣
daniella_naylah : Omg!!! This is awesome! So much talent
learntolovefood : Thanks @daniella_naylah @stephaniergl @sarafayep @tracyrak!! 😊😘
bigpicturefarm - cjfen - meagschm - aukaukism -
we made spring themed #vegan biscuits this morning. Cassidy was pretty upset when she realized they weren't cookies but Jesse enjoyed them #pickyeater
pickyeater - vegan -
myfruitykitchen : Cute :)
julietskocieda - wimpyadult - runswithbuffalo_ - lilbbelm -
#healthy #lunchbox #kids #my son is not simple. No #p&j #autism my son is a #pickyeater
p - kids - pickyeater - healthy - my - autism - lunchbox -
gazi1996 - danilromanchikov05 - autismstars - devathai86 -
❀❀❀#ShamelessSelfie sesh with little Lewy & 5 random facts: ⭐I grew up the pickiest eater ever refusing to eat vegetables other than corn and potatoes so I have worked extra hard over the last 5 years or so to develop a taste for healthy veggies. ⭐I have struggled with insomnia my entire life. Restless, afraid, painting or super into a book... at night I just like to be awake I guess. ⭐I went to college on academic & art (painting) scholarships. I changed my major from psychology to visual arts to sociology to scientific illustration to business to archeology then back to sociology. I have degrees in Visual Arts & Sociology. ⭐I was dancing in the shower, fell, and busted my chin. Now I have a scar under my chin from the stitches I had to get. I was 5. ⭐I insisted on getting a super nice metal detector years ago so I could find buried Native American treasure. I have not found my ancestral Cherokee gold yet but I have found arrowheads walking freshly plowed fields. Lol! πŸ™πŸ’• #yogiintraining #lifeisgood #insomniac #pickyeater #biggestdorkever
shamelessselfie - biggestdorkever - chorkie - pickyeater - insomniac - blackandwhite - yogiintraining - lifeisgood -
annamora23 : You are so beautiful and adorable πŸ’žπŸ’•β€
_dday_ : @sainttony πŸ™πŸ’• Wow! Your words are so kind! Thank you so much my friend. ✌😊
_dday_ : Aww you make me feel so loved @throwin.shapes! πŸ˜†πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• I am so grateful for you my friend!
_dday_ : You are welcome Andy! & thank you for your sweet comment. I have Seminole blood too from my mom's side! Cherokee from dad's. Just a splash or two. ✌ I grew up 5 miles from Kolomoki Mounds so the arrowheads I found back home are of Swift Creek & Weeden Island origin. I now live in north Ga in the Cherokee region.... in the golden hills. πŸ˜†πŸ‘ŒπŸ’– @bareyoga
bareyoga : Goodness. Now we have another connection. I've been to Cherokee NC several times on business. I'll have to look up the places you mention. I knew there was something about you 😊🌻
yogamaniac_sam : What a cool thing you got a detector. And found arrowheads too as well.
_dday_ : Kolomoki is in southwest Georgia about a 6 hour drive from NC. @bareyoga πŸ˜†βœŒ
bareyoga : Very neat! Id like to see it some day
stephaniemorgan913 - reprisal33 - jackiemyoga - mj_gines -
This #PickyEater loved his first #InNOut #doubledouble #cheeseburger #InstaFood #햄버거 #ν•œκ΅­μ‚¬λžŒ #μž˜μƒκ²Όλ‹€
pickyeater - μž˜μƒκ²Όλ‹€ - 햄버거 - cheeseburger - instafood - innout - doubledouble - ν•œκ΅­μ‚¬λžŒ -
havok_pr - bakeryhouseroma - kimchi_babyy - everythingburger -
POLA MAKAN SEHAT ANAK Jangan pernah menyerah dengan ketidaksukaan anak pada makanan sehat, karena orangtua tetap memegang kendali terbesar. Biasakan pola makan sehat dan alami sejak dini, sebelum terlambat.. #PickyEater #organic #HealthyKids #healthyfood #Veggie
healthyfood - pickyeater - organic - veggie - healthykids -
ksanksan - urbangardenersrep - fresh_start_meal_plans - chiller2go -
Anak susah makan? Ada kemungkinan anak hanya tidak menyukai tambahan yang Ibu berikan ke makanannya. Wijen atau bawang goreng misalnya. #PickyEater #HealthyKids #HealthyFood #organic
healthyfood - organic - pickyeater - healthykids -
wishforwheels - charlie3dom - chiller2go -
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