I'm such a gentleman #sky #cheesypickline #pickline #dumb #fallforme #bestway
bestway - dumb - pickline - cheesypickline - sky - fallforme -
sophiebreton : oh tu la l'affaireπŸ™ˆ
evemariedion : @sophiebreton that's what they said honey;)
imon_jones : I never knew that @evemariedion
justinvergara727 : I'll take the tree
evemariedion : @justinvergara727 ok :(
evemariedion : @imon_jones now you know
imon_jones : Yeah finally @evemariedion
evemariedion : @imon_jones ;)
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This was inside me. #pickline #hospital #sickdays #finallyout #lookhowcoolthatis
pickline - hospital - finallyout - lookhowcoolthatis - sickdays -
marymcgovernn : Hope you're doing better! I ran into your parents at Walmart the other day and your mom told me you were in the hospital❀️
mallymaks123 : @marymcgovernn yes I'm doing much better, thanks love! She mentioned she saw you, and when I went to msg you on Facebook I saw you didn't have one anymore! Miss you lady, I hope you're doing good <3
_bloominglotus - chadlegault - brandylabranche -
nowageincreasesince2011 - unitedwestand - pickline - allinblue - lunchbag - extendicare -
ajab613 : It's been an eventful morning #unitedwestand #pickline #nowageincreasesince2011 #extendicare #lunchbag #allinblue
bmf403 : @ajab613 lol you missed a shift for this?
ajab613 : @bmf403 no... As health care workers were not at loud to protest... I went on my lunch break
bmf403 : Ohhh k
jord_ked : @ajab613 get back to work and quit complaining ya hippy! (Jk! Lol)
ajab613 : @jord_ked (Free hot dogs)πŸ˜‰
bmf403 - katrenae_ - _missnicholson - lynngoudie -
#pickline #sick #icu #yaypainmeds #ouch #IV
yaypainmeds - sick - pickline - ouch - icu - iv -
naturalhealing2014 : I'm so sorry. You ok? @blondeshell85
katehairrell : Aww hunnie!!! Feel better! XO!
mulysanne : Love you girlie
paula_2213 - 3sr___1 - catarina_svieira - __woahitsmykayla -
Still in here, but this little thing right here makes my life SO MUCH easier. #Nyack #NyackHospital #Patient #Admitted #Pickline #SurgicallyImplanted #DoesMeJustice
surgicallyimplanted - patient - doesmejustice - pickline - nyackhospital - admitted - nyack -
lil_hattie : Still praying for you Andrew!
mrfbiprofiler : Thank You SO MUCH! @lil_hattie I need those prayers! πŸ™
bimpin92 : #thatPICClinetho πŸ™Œ hope u feel better and thank god for pics lines !! From one phlebotomist to another
mrfbiprofiler : I'm trying to! Thank you for the encouragement @bimpin92 Pic Lines are one of the most stress relieving & innovative medical devices ever created!! They are the BEST!!
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#pickline fun stuff #happybirthday to me #funtimes
happybirthday - pickline - funtimes -
jillstevenz : omga I am just seeing all these?!? wtf
stymieccf : @jillstevenz been pretty sick but on the mend =)
pve13 -
3rd times not the charm, Permanently torn bicep and pec, All I see is $$$ signs. #droppedtheball #MRSA #skinny #pickline #hospital #meds
mrsa - droppedtheball - meds - pickline - hospital - skinny -
ashley082090 : Damn dude they had to give u a central line? Wth. Shoot me a txt and lemme know how things r! Keep that wound clean!!
garrettg618 : Yeah she never cultured after first surgery had mrsa entire time gave me cefelexen which u already know doesn't kill mrsa then 2nd surgery finally took cultures found out mrsa present however prescribed me more ceflex lol, then she cut me open two more times in her office had me dry and wet packing the incision that's when u were cleaning it out for me, went Monday for MRI had 9cm infectious pocket, woke up found out the infection ate my bicep tendon so bad it tore also had to take out anchors in my bone Bc infection.. Walked in yestersay n said " our goal is to get ride of this infection w vanco and hopefully ull have full rotation in your arm however ull never be able to do anything heavy with that arm ur pec repair is completely take down and ur bicep mayb later can be repaired" crazy!!!
garrettg618 : So ash u may me helping me w this pick line I ran it last night myself wasn't to bad have to run iv 2 times a day for 3 weeks @ashley082090
heathercassidypa : @garrettg618 my husband had MRSA and pickline. Take care of yourself. That is definitely scary so make sure if you see ANYTHiNG that doesn't seem right (like redness or swelling) you get to the hospital ASAP. πŸ™get better soon
tyler_tan_handley : @garrettg618 damn son, this gonna pay for your house! $$$$$
ashley082090 : @garrettg618 what do they have u running in there? Did the send u home with fluids and vanc for u to do urself?
garrettg618 : Omg his mrsa infection must of been really bad too, it sucks Bc I got mine from the first surgery and she missed Diagnosed it @heathercassidypa 250mg vancomycin 1.25gms and yes had infusion nurse come out last night show me how to do it an now I'm on my own 2 times a day @ashley082090
garrettg618 : That's one way to learn how to do an iv haha @ashley082090
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#crohnsfighter#crohnsurvivor #crohnssupport #crohnsdisease #pickline is in anyone ever have a panic attack while they put this thing in???
crohnssupport - pickline - crohnsurvivor - crohnsdisease - crohnsfighter -
erickgc82 : I fear nothing u shouldn't either
thatbaileygal : How are you feeling today? Did you finally get to a better hospital?
jhollywood1982_ : @thatbaileygal feeling better I guess yeah I did
thatbaileygal : Better is good! I hope that continues for you. It sucks to suffer from this terrible disease. Try and get as much rest as possible. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for you!!!
_rucus_ : I hated this when I got it ... once they offered it to me again I chose surgery over this again ... good luck on ur journey
meg_boothe : I hate those! Try coming home with one! It sucks! They sudate me for them or at least they are for the ones to come!
jhollywood1982_ : Its just a poc line nothing to crazy
chasemsmodel : I hated the pickline.. Happy I don't have it anymore.
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You're on my radar .... ;) #pickline
pickline -
e_guden - _ortiztic -
#crohnsdisease #IBD #crohnsprobs #pickline #hospital #mushyface #datingsomeonewithcrohns
crohnsdisease - pickline - hospital - ibd - crohnsprobs - mushyface - datingsomeonewithcrohns -
erickgc82 : Plop
reallytre_yupisaidit - scruffyjonesy - gma_chell -
#Insomnia#crohns#crazychronie#crohnsurvivor#crohnssupport #crohns #crohnsdisease#crohnies #pickline#ibdawareness#ibdfamily
ibdfamily - crazychronie - crohnsdisease - crohnies - crohnsurvivor - insomnia - crohnssupport - pickline - crohns - ibdawareness -
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Here's a little #GoodMorning #pickline for the #singleladies out there who need a good laugh to start their day #feelinggood #beautifulday
feelinggood - pickline - singleladies - goodmorning - beautifulday -
rkatondonegal : @theclahaynes did you mean "hmu" or "lmu" lol
rkatondonegal : @theclahaynes I miss you too. I'm behind on today's slang lmfao
rkatondonegal : @theclahaynes lol MK is going well. It has it's days, but I I'm enjoying it
rkatondonegal : How is he jewelry shop @theclahaynes
rkatondonegal : @theclahaynes well that's good, but I was talking about the one you work at in the mall lol
rkatondonegal : @theclahaynes that's great!! It seems like an easy job lol
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Hospital visit two, day 5. πŸ˜” starting to feel better finally #godhelpme #hospital #cantstoppuking #pickline #prayforme #missingmybabygirl
godhelpme - pickline - cantstoppuking - missingmybabygirl - hospital - prayforme -
kimj1991 : Prayers sent not sure what's going on but I hope you get better soon πŸ™
leigha_bresser - azoz.6461 - cassimccormick - megamootiful -
#nemours #hospital #pickline #crohns #crohnsdisease #sick #medicine #medical
crohnsdisease - pickline - hospital - medical - sick - medicine - nemours - crohns -
screw_life._f_you - hayleys_secrets - impurxty - klaratondaxo -
Hey girl how about you be snow white and i be aladdin😏😍 . . Oh I uhhh πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜ #selfie #meh #swag #snapback #pickline #fail #ugly #tumbr #wannabecute #lol
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solesdin : Hey why you laughing at my cousinπŸ˜‘πŸ‘Š @shay_x_7 @addammiranda @its.odin4903
addammiranda : Do we have a problem... @Shay_x_7 @solesdin
solesdin : I think we do... @shay_x_7 @addammiranda
addammiranda : Hey are you getting out texts
athenasyo : Ew
athenasyo : Jk
athenasyo : Jk about jk
dingalingalongs : Ding ding ding ding
dingalingalongs - omgitslorina - athenasyo - 0p3nsplash8458 -
Its finally gone! #pickline #allbetter #havealife #nomoredrugs
nomoredrugs - pickline - havealife - allbetter -
jassmyn1994 - mollymcguireeee - lauren_boyle25 -
Its finally gone! #pickline #allbetter #havealife #nomoredrugs
nomoredrugs - pickline - havealife - allbetter -
jassmyn1994 -
#pickline #hospital #pain #blood #sick
pickline - hospital - pain - blood - sick -
lurebyitworks : Get better!!!
specialolympicsduval : Iichic
boostedcae624 - lurebyitworks - xxangiexxbabexx - gropethepope -
Dad says #fuckcancer ..... Not feeling so hot.. "Cancer is kicking my ass my but I'm not giving up." Words of Daddy.. he says another 30 pounds and he will be scared but he says #fuckthis ... #daddy #love #cancer #tpn #pickline
daddy - tpn - love - cancer - pickline - fuckthis - fuckcancer -
thedoterramama : Kicking it's ass and making us proud!! β™‘β™‘β™‘
kaceylynn510 : Love u Nicole. @thedoterramama
shannonmarie7181 - cancertees - beverlybambury - sharp.shark -
Pickup line under the same Susano'o. Credits to: baasama(tumblr) #naruto #new #chapter #sasusaku #pickline #anime #manga #shippuuden #sasuke #uchiha #sakura #haruno #instanaruto #narutoanime #narutomanga #narutoshippuuden #OodamaUzumaki
sasusaku - narutoanime - pickline - instanaruto - new - uchiha - oodamauzumaki - chapter - narutoshippuuden - shippuuden - haruno - sakura - sasuke - naruto - narutomanga - manga - anime -
jossyvacansy - its_lin_lin13 - matsuoka.senpai - qwestion4life -
#spider #line #pickline #toyota #dabs #colorado #cloudporn #blue #beans #iktomni #spiderman2 #spidey
blue - colorado - spidey - iktomni - pickline - toyota - spider - beans - dabs - line - spiderman2 - cloudporn -
jimilapointe - j_dab - 24skyhigh7 - ezonedafirm -
#pickup #pickline #funny #amusing #amazing #weekly #fail
funny - pickup - amusing - fail - pickline - amazing - weekly -
maliapisc : But I thought your name was Matt
ken5689 : HEY FUCK OFF @malia.was.here
lauren.vanghele - bige2314 - byvaet_i_huze -
#pickup #pickline #weekly #amusing #amazing #funny #fuckthat
funny - pickup - amusing - fuckthat - pickline - amazing - weekly -
jcharette14 - kitty_katherine01 - leigha_m_p - taylorr_pabst -
#pickline #funny #wouldonlyworkonhoes #lol #smartguy
wouldonlyworkonhoes - pickline - smartguy - lol - funny -
b1gcaddy - alybmwm5 - ryan2500e -
#pickup #pickline #funny #amusing #weekly
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How I flirt lol 😳 #lesbian #flirt #single #mountaindew #pickline #sosmooth #dyke #stud #doubletap #pothead #lesbiansofinstagram #igers #cute #fagswag
cute - doubletap - pickline - sosmooth - fagswag - flirt - single - mountaindew - lesbiansofinstagram - stud - dyke - pothead - lesbian - igers -
invader_jen : My favorite lol 😍
ceaaa : i want to mount-and-do you
susanmariecroc : Haha πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ˆ @ceaaa
that_girl_you_cantforget02 : πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
tara_lou126 : you're stunning
lalaofficiallyperf32 - saraii_tg - _annamerie_ - _that_ghost_girl -
Paki pick lines #love #pyar #dhoka #funny #pickline #paki
funny - dhoka - love - paki - pyar - pickline -
niclasvice : @shoutouts4desi good shot, I enjoy it!
dr_raia : Indians say this too lol :) especially in bollywood
salmanshaikh69 - misturmalik - abidsaleem - ghaznavit -
#TrueLove is when someone sticks with You not just in the highs of life but also the ugly lows. Today I just watched My mother administer #Antibiotics along with all kinds of other stuff straight into My dad's bloodstream through a #PickLine !!! Her #Nursing Him back to #health and taking time to learn and care for Him in such a way is such a true testament to what true #Love is. #Love isn't always pretty, it's not always appealing, warm, or fuzzy. But true love does #Endure !!! I can say this woman loves this man much more than I'm able to comprehend. #Beautiful β€οΈπŸ’‰πŸ‘«πŸ©
beautiful - love - nursing - pickline - truelove - antibiotics - health - endure -
g1zm0 - ney_ney1 - erin_shmarin - nateknight52 -
My arm just from today #pincushion #bloodtests #hospital #sicknesssucks #sorearm #pickline #hatehospitals #hopeitsallbettersoon
hatehospitals - pickline - hospital - hopeitsallbettersoon - sicknesssucks - pincushion - sorearm - bloodtests -
sonz_84 : @chanii90 what going on sweety??.
chanii90 : @sonz_84 just my body being a bitch. Not to sure. Trying to figure it out. Nothing to serious tho maybe iron or something like that
sonz_84 : @chanii90 when do u get ur results?.
chanii90 : Not sure when they come.
Kappa #pickup #pickline #funny #weekly
pickline - pickup - weekly - funny -
leigha_m_p : YOU SAID THAT TO ME TODAY πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
spellknapik : I hate you XD @kappadoeshaveaninsta
akwerd_momentz_ : OLD
akwerd_momentz_ : are you a light switch cuz u turn me on
kappa_doesnt_have_an_insta : Everyone knows that @akwerd_momentz
leigha_m_p - annie_montero - ryahfortin - aiden.usher -
Who wants to pull this damn thing out of my arm for me? I'll pay you. #annoying #pickline #athomeIV #meningitis
pickline - athomeiv - annoying - meningitis -
tylerelayne : Girl hell no, I'm home now lol. I just still get tired easy @prettyy_imperfection
tylerelayne : lol thanks baby, just taking it a day at a time. Love and miss you too. Tell Auntie Robin hi, and I love and miss her too 😘 @chica_dominicanaa
chica_dominicanaa : She said she hopes you get better and loves/misses you too
prettyy_imperfection : Ooo gosh well at least ur feeling better 😘
ms_langa : Get well soon!
samanthasquats : 😘😘😞
sunflowerbunnie : I'm praying for you & that you have a speedy recovery. ❀️😊
tylerelayne : Thank you. I'm getting better everyday 😊 @prettyy_imperfection @ms_langa @misssamanthajasak @sunflowerbunnie
r3inb0ws - _anamichelle08 - raww.bitch - smoka_jay -
#pickup #pickline #sweg #swag #OG #og #kappa #funny #weekly
funny - swag - kappa - og - pickline - sweg - pickup - weekly -
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This is how to pick up#pickup #pickline #potd #coffee #morning #throwback #ladies #instagood #swag #swagger #style #class
coffee - potd - pickline - swag - morning - pickup - style - instagood - throwback - ladies - swagger - class -
edieknku - swaggestjimmer - teraamx - _coffeeshots -
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