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Pianoman with dog accompaniment is surprisingly good! From May 2012, where is he now?! #pianoxamerica #piano #travelingpianoman #singingdog #highline #friendsofthehighline #nyc
highline - pianoxamerica - travelingpianoman - nyc - piano - singingdog - friendsofthehighline -
coversoscarmeurer - maxi.milian0 - musiclife08 -
Meet #DotanNegron. Travels around #NorthAmerica and #SouthAmerica in his van with only his #Piano and love for #MeetingPeople and sharing #PassionForMusic. Catch him in #UnionSquare and get your mind completely blown! @pianoxamerica #NYC #PianoXAmerica #GreatPerson #GreatVibes #BeautifulDay #NYCRealEstate #RealEstate #TheRealest #RealestNYC
therealest - passionformusic - nycrealestate - greatvibes - meetingpeople - greatperson - beautifulday - northamerica - pianoxamerica - southamerica - unionsquare - dotannegrin - dotannegron - nyc - piano - realestnyc - realestate -
realestnyc : #DotanNegrin @pianoaround
lord_ofthe_strings - tamura925 - dineve - miles2success -
These guys had the whole block dancing @pianoxamerica #unionsquare #nyc #piano #jazz #ilovethiscity
nyc - piano - unionsquare - ilovethiscity - jazz -
misswiss33 : @bawils0n I love union square
pianoaround : Nice! Thanks for the foto!
pianoaround : I recently changed my name :-) now I'm going around the world!
bawils0n : @pianoaround awesome good luck with your travels Doten you made my night in New York keep spreading the joy and the music!
jeremiahhharvey - instasleep - stayindieblog -
#pianoxamerica is traveling across the country with his upright, playing #music. Namaste Brother!
music - pianoxamerica -
heyitsbrittjay - sailsandsaints - instant_lee - angela_kousouris -
Finally saw the @pianoxamerica guy! I've been following him on tumblr for ages! #pianoxamerica #unionsquare #nyc
nyc - unionsquare - pianoxamerica -
lovelikeapathy : @pianoaround
pianoaround : Woohoo! Thank you so much!!
littletrick - charlesbyram - audrey_diddell - rjlov -
This inspiring human has been dragging his piano all around the US and Mexico since 2011. You go @pianoaround #pianoxamerica
pianoxamerica -
jess.varley : What does the side of his piano say? I can almost make it out & they look like words I'd like to read!
edskeggs : @0jessie0 "you owe it to yourself to do something remarkable with your life" πŸ”₯
jess.varley : @edskeggs πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
griffinsc : Oh my god. Life mantra.
alliemkelly - jgriffinwalt - jess.varley - jeffmitchell3378 -
A dog on a piano in the street only in NY
rachhnyc : Thanks @fallon_ashlee
fallon.ashlee : @rachhnyc of course : )
fallon.ashlee : @rachhnyc happy holidays!!
pianoaround : Haha thank you both! @rachhnyc @fallon_ashlee
alexbrynn - halsterz - laurenladnier - marissamegan -
This is living, love in life enjoy... #NYC #live #love #fun
dancerhurrikane - live - love - hurrikanethedancer - pianoxamerica - fun - nyc - pianoacrossamerica - hurrikanedancer -
hurrikane_alain : #pianoacrossamerica #pianoxamerica @pianoxamerican
hurrikane_alain : #hurrikanedancer #dancerhurrikane #hurrikanethedancer - cheflock - rachelryyy - jedivision -
Yesterday Goodyead Latin America event in Lima, Peru! They made a huge billboard of my face. This is so surreal!
fallon.ashlee : @pianoxamerica so proud of you!! xoxox
cindylouwho____ : @krista_hargrove
jack_agram13 : Wow!!!!! Congratulations piano man!!!!! What an amazing piece to add to your journey!
pianoaround : Thanks @krista_hargrove !! The journey surely isn't over! Much more to come :-)
cesarvfelipe - p2theslingshot - davies_instaglam - arielwithanm -
Just landed in Miami! Excited to catch some rays before I head back to NYC. This is a shot of South Beach from the avión.
pianolife - pianoacrossamerica - goodyear - pianoxamerica - south -
pianoaround : #south #pianoxamerica #goodyear
pianoaround : #pianoacrossamerica
pianoaround : #pianolife
pianoaround : @yolijcforever :-) tu sabeeeee.
mklowe - aldanaalnassar - ashy_92 - intothestreet -
@PianoxAmerica That's Just Life! Moving Music in the fast Lane! Discovering Dotan Negrin Landing his energy in the Street's of Soho Sunday On a Mission Spreading Positive Good Times! Playing his upright Piano Over 50 Cities, 19,000+ Miles #PianoAcrossAmerica amazing fun today! thank you Moves me #NewYorker #Piano story #streetmusic #streetstyle #DotanNegrin jamming #streetstyle #music #fashion #film #filming #soho #pianoxamerica #musician #music #movingmedia his #lifestyle #madeinny #sunday #newyorkcity #2001films
musician - newyorkcity - pianoacrossamerica - streetstyle - fashion - film - 2001films - newyorker - lifestyle - pianoxamerica - madeinny - movingmedia - dotannegrin - filming - sunday - music - soho - piano - streetmusic -
newiechewiee - chloemargraitner - gemsandpaws -
love - pianoacrossamerica - music - pianoxamerica -
pianoaround : Thanks for this #pianoxamerica
2001films : @pianoxamerica anytime thank you great energy today #pianoacrossamerica what's next!
pianoaround : Im off to Peru today to play on the streets of Lima.
2001films : @pianoxamerica amazing #pianoxamerica moving #music #love
trecebijoux - iwillnoteatgreeneggznham - dotadoapparel - sukusa -
I always wanted to be "that guy" who gets off the plane and has his name on a piece of paper... Today Was the day! Check!
limaperu - life - thatguy - extraordinary - thelife - lima - name - pianoxamerica - dotan - dotannegrin - airport - livethedream - peru - pianist - thedream - livingthelife -
pianoaround : #name #pianoxamerica #pianist #airport #peru #lima #limaperu #dotannegrin #dotan #life #thelife #livingthelife #thedream #livethedream #extraordinary #thatguy
yolijcforever : @pianoxamerica you rock! Dreamer
worldandwind : Hahahaha
lilfierman - pianoaround - lakelander - natalieeli -
You owe it to yourself to do something #Remarkable with your life.
pianoxamerica - life - art - streetart - remarkable - streets - nycart - graffiti - nyc - stickers - artnyc -
pianoaround : #nyc #graffiti #art #artnyc #nycart #streetart #life #pianoxamerica #streets #stickers
pianoaround : @mark_michel I love what you guys have done. I'm all about the concept and idea... Would love to support and maybe help out. This is mine.
itmakesyouhappier : Awesome stuff love if shoot me an email at is like to get in contact with you
lambochannel - joz_and_easy - jason_w - natty_das -
Live from Columbus circle with @alexdenistv on CBS the Couch. It was great time jamming in NYC this morning.
pianoacrossamerica - pianodog - pianoxamerica - tv - wow - news - morning - cbs - thecouch - nyc - circle - columbuscircle - nyctv -
_selfcontrol_ : *_*
pianoaround : #cbs #tv #news #thecouch #morning #nyc #nyctv #wow #columbuscircle #circle
pianoaround : #pianoxamerica #pianoacrossamerica #pianodog
linuspracoyo : Your dog is adorable @pianoaround
jewelchic - tayloreynolds13 - pianoaround - _selfcontrol_ -
Spring and West Broadway in SoHo! Come bring your friends and your dogs!
dannyscholten : @wyattscholten @claudia_scholten hey we saw him that October we were in soho nyc ! Remember?
claudia_scholten : @dannyscholten yes !
pianoaround : @dannyscholten that was me indeedy!
dannyscholten : @pianoaround small world you liked my slide guitar IG video the other day . Small world ✨🌟
joedoe - mattbarocas - ilean17 -
Just played under the Highline park for a few hours but now looking to play at Spring street in SoHo.
highline - pianodog - mpd - newyorkcity - newyork - park - life - dog - street - pianoman - nycity - tourist - pianist - pianoxamerica - wow - meatpacking - dogpiano - amazing - soho - streetpianist - nyc - piano - puppy - thehighline - highlinepark -
pianoaround : #nyc #nycity #newyork #newyorkcity #highline #highlinepark #thehighline #mpd #meatpacking #soho #piano #pianoman #dog #puppy #pianodog #dogpiano #pianoxamerica #pianist #streetpianist #street #wow #amazing #park #tourist #life
nycbookwriter : I literally missed you...πŸ˜‰
abbieroden : @carolkosse
thejennyjeon : Wow!! Finally back in NYC!
ashann_greyy - rondazed - noraabousteit - dynamicassassin -
@pianoxamerica #performing #outontheplaya #wow #pianoman #pianoxamerica #burningman
outontheplaya - burningman - pianoxamerica - wow - performing - pianoman -
kgrimaldi : Disclosure (to everyone😜😝) the speakers on my phone are a little blown πŸ“²πŸ’’πŸŒ€I go to a lot of shows πŸ’πŸ£βœ¨πŸ“³πŸ‘ΎπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ˜πŸ˜Ž
kgrimaldi : πŸŽ₯πŸŽ₯
imgtrip : I love thiz
kgrimaldi : Thanks @imgtrip πŸ’β€ΌοΈThat was Sunday morning in the middle of a mental dust stormπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜·πŸ’¨Visibility was about 30 feet (where we wereπŸ˜‰) I just followed my ears to the music πŸ™†πŸ˜³..... 🎹🎹🎢🎢
nallelistelon -
We're playing by little Italy at Prince and Lafayette in NYC. Come and bring your instrument!
pianoaround : @aaron_vel I'm in TriBeCa right now
rondazed : Glad to see you back in the streets. Where will you be tomorrow?
pianoaround : @rondazed I've been so busy that I've only been playing on weekends
rondazed : Ok. Where will you be this weekend? I may stop by and say hello. :)
rechjesi - tayloreynolds13 - stewyiscool - melissajcacaw -
Sooooo..... I have a long way to drive home. I've reached 7 months on this roadtrip and I'm very anxious to get back and put together my album.
pianoaround : He is incredible! :-) Brando gets the VIP treatment everywhere he goes. @consumemytime
pianoaround : @consumemytime I'm gonna be back in NYC in 2 days and then maybe headed to Peru in October and Mexico again... So many places. I might come to Miami for art Basel again so stay tuned. If you come up to NYC let me know @consumemytime
consumemytime : Awesome! If you do come to Miami for art Basel, post a picture or something on here so I know you'll be around! Or at least try to lol. I will most definitely let you know if I end up in NYC one of these days. I have some family up there so hopefully sooner than later I will be there. Until then, best of luck with the album and with all your travels darling :) I think what you're doing is amazing and very admirable. I will keep checking on you regularly though and I know one day ill get the pleasure to meet you and Brando. Btw does he travel everywhere with you?
pianoaround : @consumemytime not everywhere. He is a bit of a diva but still a great traveling dog
leannav - pianoaround - ad3yaah11 - travelwithtrip -
Whoa! Burning man. Just left Black Rock City with a lifetime of stories and many many more friends.
pianoaround : Haha thanks!! @badbetty78 it was a pretty epic morning. That was Sunday morning after they burned the man
earngg_et : You're amazing!
pianoaround : @earngg_et πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜Šthank you so much!
andreacarri : You are amazing man! I'm a pianist too And I love to play in the streets...
shadygrays - kellybinderim - estefigalicia -
Playing piano out on the playa. After a night of adventure through deep playa I took my piano out at 7 AM and played one last time. Conditions were brutal but it was really inspiring!
kgrimaldi : Totally surreal to see (we heard the SOUND more) you THROUGH a dust storm out thereπŸ’πŸ˜³πŸŒπŸŒ€πŸŒ€ amazing & awesome πŸ™†πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβ—
slim_7681 :
masha__som : @yo_alice
blissfulmee : Where was this?
jstixxx - shaxbinahmed - samziar - pianoaround -
#pianoxamerica #talented #streetmusician
streetmusician - talented - pianoxamerica -
rossiih - mariposaflutterby - ivypix - feistybella -
#happybirthday #pianoman #pianoxamerica @pianoxamerica #familyportrait the suns shining for you xx
happybirthday - pianoman - pianoxamerica - familyportrait -
pianoaround : Haha this is finny
pianoaround : Funnu
pianoaround : Funny
joshwatermusic - eatingthroughsf - pianoaround - marlenetsunami -
#music #awesome #talent #pianoman #pianoxamerica @pianoxamerica
talent - awesome - music - pianoman - pianoxamerica -
pianoaround - wadedd - mr_deeejayy - antonsquare -
Finally reunited with the #pianoman and lil Brando in #sanfrancisco @pianoxamerica #pianoxamerica
sanfrancisco - pianoman - pianoxamerica -
mrmixandmaster - maria_isa1991 - pianoaround - nowrongwaysf -
Goodbye San Francisco! Driving to Lake Tahoe with the windows down.
life - love - tahoe - pianoacrossamerica - laketahoe - lovelife - california - roadtrip - happiness - sanfrancisco - pianoxamerica - driving - roadshot - hello - cali - goodbye - sf - road - roadtripping -
pianoaround : #sf #sanfrancisco #cali #california #driving #roadshot #road #roadtrip #roadtripping #lovelife #life #happiness #goodbye #hello #love #laketahoe #tahoe #pianoxamerica #pianoacrossamerica
penepolly : Come to England @pianoxamerica ! 😊🎹🎼
puffpaw - gustafto - bobbycaputo - thenanchi -
Don't forget to do your scales!
pianodog - love - pianoacrossamerica - park - laketahoe - trees - woods - pianoxamerica - pinetrees - pianoroadtrip - peace - tree - pine - amazing - wood - music - forest - tahoe - piano - pianist - awesome -
pianoaround : #pianoacrossamerica #pianoxamerica #pianoroadtrip #pianodog #pinetrees #pianist #park #pine #peace #piano #woods #wood #trees #tree #forest #tahoe #laketahoe #amazing #awesome
pianoaround : #music #love
monarch_icis : 😍
mienisch : you're amazing!! i respect you!πŸ‘
chromaticmess - anitam_com - trevorgowan - raych_barrow -
Played in downtown San Francisco today... A bunch of the homeless junkies were dancing to my music and we put on quite a show. Haha
pianoaround : Head
sercanyavasoglu : Video please :)
pianoaround : @iamsercan I knoooo but Instagram won't let me post any of the awesome videos I made. They only accept videos that you make through the app
sercanyavasoglu : If you update it , you can post your own videos that you recorded with the iphone camera, only 15 seconds of them
rivssss - samziar - pianoaround - alanahepburn -
Just did a little impromptu concert for the kids at this Elementary school in San Francisco.
bobbycaputo : Oh man, just missed you in San Fran. Maybe I'll catch you on the streets back home in NYC one day.
penepolly : Awesome pic @pianoxamerica love the concept! 🎹🎢
pianoaround : @penepolly thank you so much!!
tata_sun : 😍❀
emilylime2013 - pianoaround -
At 8:00 AM I set up my piano at Inspiration point in Lake Tahoe and just practiced for a few hours. Here's a snippet.
fon_norapol : Cool.!! @burin_boonvisut @sexypinkstudio @groovestudio @hugolek
lidia.cilane : Very very very nice! Excelent! Gourgeous!!!
masha__som : @yo_alice
sercanyavasoglu - kbeeem - thenanchi -
I'm playing some piano tunes on Abbot Kinney Boulevard & California Avenue in Venice, CA.
pianoaround : @brandongold16 I left abbot Kinney and I'm probably leaving LA on Monday. Let me know if u wanna meet for a bit sometime
estonebetch : How much longer are you in la?
_queserasara_ : @samueltwitt
pianoaround : @estonebetch I'm in Big sur right now... Coming up to Santa Cruz
sleepingiants - invincible_az - ninja_naj - grrrlspirit -
On the road again... We're headed East! I mean South. I mean North. I don't know, I'm just going.
pianoaround : @tillie_rose Far East!
pianoaround : @djkrugman you're pretty good at rockin yourself
pianoaround : @lovelight60 where is this from?
lovelight60 : Simon and Garfunkel
mimosaurous - tiameghan - arielwithanm - blove13 -
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