#tbt Throwback!!! GSU Greek showcase champs! Drumline themed performance #Pbs101 #PiAlpha #BlackExcellence #StepShow #FirstPlace
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Congrats Dom and Ant!! Had a blast celebrating love and friendship with my sorors! #dominant2015 #DST #PiAlpha #SpringCollection #Love
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Found this amazing little gem as I was going through an old box of photos. Haha!! @vivigraubard #deegee #americanuniversity #pialpha #libt #anchorsaway #sorority #haha @audeltagamma
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cgpeace : Hahaha this is perfect! I'm with @vivigraubard who just said "how did she find that!?" Haha
avdougherty : @cgpeace I think I have hoarder tendencies.... Haha
avdougherty : I was cleaning out my closet and then got distracted by this big ol box of photos and dg tidbits
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For the upcoming school year, we will have two brothers of the Pi Alpha chapter serve on the executive board for Spotlight Programs Board. Brother Temitope Ibisanmi will serve as the Pounce around Atlanta Director which means he will be planning programs geared toward sites and events in the city of Atlanta. Brother Dimitri Bassey will serve as the Marketing Director so he will be taking photos and videos throughout all the Spotlight events. Congratulations to our brothers on their new positions. Also pictured are Brother Jermaine Smith and some of the lovely ladies of the Lambda Nu Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. #PBS #PiAlpha #GSU #Spotlight
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ironcloth : Run the yard gentlemen
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During the 2015-2016 School Year, Five of our very own Brothers of Pi Alpha will serve Georgia State University as members of Student Government Association. On the executive level, Brother Corey Sams will serve as Vice President of Student Life, Brother Tobi Soyebo will serve as Vice President of Budget and Finance and, Brother Fortune Onwuzuruike will serve as Vice President of Student Services. Brother Michael Murray and Brother Daniel Duhart will each serve as senators for the J. Mack Robinson College of Business. Through these positions we plan to be a voice for our peers and truly be our brothers' keeper. Please contact these brothers if you have a concern you need voiced. #PiAlpha #PBS #SGA #GSU #OurBrothersKeeper #HeadofState
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acedecorazones : do work y'all ✊
imnotintothat : 🍴
drmorris2016 : Alright family !
jcole4real : GOMAB!
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So proud of my Neo @11_megatron it's been awesome seeing you grow and I wish you the best! #Yesthosearesweatstains #ItshotAshellandihaveonallblack #Ialsojustdidthefoundersstep #whilerunningahalfmile #PiAlpha #GSU #Somanyneos #Timeforthecookout
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Congrats to my back @11_megatron on graduating today! #MAB #Scholarship #PiAlpha
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catch22_mm : Hey Arnold face ahh
catch22_mm : You not him
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I didn't get to make my sisters graduation ( @shesjustadri ) but I was able to sneak away to #GAstate for my #6 graduation. Super proud of this scholar, friend, brother, and community activist! The future is limitless for both of you! Love yall! #Graduation #ClassOf2015 #GreekLife #PhiBetaSigma #PiAlpha #NuChi #PBS1914 #atl #Atlanta #Brotherhood #FriendsForLife
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mrbel_heir : Break it up chaun!!! I see you!
sheanamcneal : Loving the look
frathouse2001 : Lovely!
greekstreepics : Hello! Nice photo and page. We would love to feature your photo & organization on our page. Check our our link in bio. Join today!-Julie
kenn_ab : Mab where did you get the sga cloth from? @iamrichaun ?
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#TBT with @kev_preval @jay2fresh25 @charlies_republic #2010 #BAM #PiAlpha
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Although this picture only shows me and my nephew, I honestly believed that today I changed and altered a lot of young minds. The look and "awe moments" that were made today were priceless. My line brothers and I honestly felt overwhelmed with joy as we left the schools today. The kids actually felt the love and good spirit we brought. They know when we left if they had nobody else that had me and my brothers. But from going back to Newnan, seeing all my old teachers, people in my community, my nephews/nieces, Mr. Dusty at the store, and especially my mama, I can honestly say I've never felt so accomplished in my life. To be where I'm from and where I am now, was so touching to realize that today and I can't lie it almost made me tear up a bit lol. And he was very quiet today but my entire life my nephews have looked up to me, followed in my footsteps, and when Ricky Boozer saw me today I could see the joy in his eyes. My tour to Newnan gave students hope to go to college, I heard comments like "I want to be a sigma" or " I want to go to college for the girls lol" whether the reason is good or bad right now I'm just satisfied of the youth wanting to pursue college! With that being said, to all my youth that heard and spoke with those " cool dudes in suits" remember #YouGotMe ! #PhiBetaSigma #PiAlpha #GeorgiaState #YouGotMeTour #Service #WhatSchoolNext
yougotme - service - whatschoolnext - pialpha - yougotmetour - georgiastate - phibetasigma -
aka_diamante : Salute you my brotherπŸ’―
nick_4president : Proud of you fam! βœŠπŸ’―
donya_black : So proud of you @11_megatron
catcha_case : My baby Rickyyyyy
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"For some men, fraternity is a collection of photos on a wall. But for me, it’s the photos taken by the disposable camera I keep in my back jersey pocket. It’s the photos taken in front of the welcome signs as we cross state borders. It’s the countless snapshots taken with clients with smiles so wide you can see every tooth and most of the gums. For some men, fraternity is about four years. But my fraternity goes for miles and miles on two thin wheels." -TJ Sullivan In honor of GUF kicking off in a couple of days, just a small throwback of One of the Best Learning experiences of my Life. Dont take anything for granted, strive to be better with Others. #guf #pialpha #pikappfiu #tbt
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yanioconcepcionjr : Love you dude❀️
hector_pires : ODH ✊
ivannalion : 😍😍 love you!
michiula : πŸ‘ŒπŸΌβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’™
caritoolopezz : Love
eram1029 : πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
typicalcathyy : Perfection, love you G! πŸ˜πŸ’™
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Last night with my bros #PiAlpha #PBS1914 #DangCantbelieveIgot6setsofneos #5generationscameoutforthebdayboy #Goodtogetouteverynowandthen #Stillpayingforittodaytho #welpjadmyfunfortheweekend #gotchurchintheam
5generationscameoutforthebdayboy - pialpha - stillpayingforittodaytho - dangcantbelieveigot6setsofneos - goodtogetouteverynowandthen - gotchurchintheam - pbs1914 - welpjadmyfunfortheweekend -
gemini_doll22 : Deshod? Yes!
brittsulla : You look great brother!!
darnthatstacyj : Deshodddddd
godaintdonewithme : Thank you sister dear! @brittsulla
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Congratulations to my prophyte @d_dez for receiving his Masters from the Georgia Institute of Technology this evening #MBALife #WitaJob #PiAlpha #PBS1914 #GrownManStatus #ImDefinitelyTipping #WheresKG
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zomgliyah : Yyyyeeessss!!
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#tbt Cause I finally found this picture πŸ˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’› #LPC #ΛΠΧ #excitedforthisyearsConvention #Hermandad #Gamma #PiAlpha
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cayaviza : Omg send me this picture, we look amazing, super excited for this years convention also, muahzzzz 😘❀️😍
_siaril : Ugh I love you guys so much @cayaviza
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Prestigious Pi Alpha doing what they do BEST! #Clemson #ClemsonAlphas #PiAlpha #alphaphialpha #06 #ΑΦΑ #southcarolina #step #fraternity @_mrbrucewayne
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phirst_trap : @prestigious_pa hahahaha!!!!
vernonvee23 : @datkiidizzy
alpha_elite1 : @crsanchez56 @oldgold.rizz @qua.trillz215
qua.trillz215 : @neefdakingx
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#FinalPlaza #PiAlpha #SALUTE #AsTheCurtainsClose
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_msharrison : 😍 @the_coreysams
amen_hasheed : When ya graduation
iamchristianhicks : @amen_hasheed may9th wby?
amen_hasheed : @iamchristianhicks in dec bro!!
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😊😊😊 #PiAlpha @prestigious_pa
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juicy_catura : Okay okay okay !
zelthedreamer : Yea bro πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @_mrbrucewayne
thelittleone_ : @greekshenanigans3 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
shanteldanielle : Yesss!!!
ramonbombay : WORK!
itsmajesty_k : Yessssss !!!
_mrbrucewayne : @ultimatestepoff
breezybabez_ : Nice!
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Senior send off tonight with the best big I could have ever asked for. I know you are going to do great things in Washington and I can't wait to come visit you! Love you! #biglittle #littlestlittle #ChiOmega #PiAlpha
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#RP | Ain't nothing like a good ole Alpha Train πŸš‚. πŸ’― #clemsonalphas #pialpha #clemson #ice #cold #06 #ΑΦΑ #whoyawit #alphaphialpha @amanofclass
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amanofclass : TURN UP! @thephillipbanks
thephillipbanks : LIT!!! @amanofclass
prestigious_pa : !!!!!
robert_ecoleman : @dresive
dresive : @robert_ecoleman lol yes!!
fatalsapphirekiss : Slaaaaaaay !!! @caramelicedlatte19
a1nosteaksauce : @canaandamere
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Today, brothers Corey Sams & Fortune Onwuzuruike donate their time and faces for Relay for Life PIE'D: Student Leaders. At $1 per pie, together they helped raise over $20 for cancer research along side many other student leaders on campus! #GOMAB #PiAlpha #12MOAPR #Service
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real_chuck : MAB!
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6 years down... A lifetime to go! I couldn't be more honored to call each of these gentlemen Line Brother! As I reflect on the past 6 years, I think about our collective accomplishments and the trying times. No matter the situation, we continue to come out on top because we have each other's back. We believe in each other. We encourage each other. We strengthen each other. WE ARE LBs! Happy Sigmaversary gentlemen! May we continue to deliver greatness to this world. #10KINGS #KINGDAY #TTOT #Spring09 #PiAlpha #PhiBetaSigma #GOMAB
kingday - ttot - spring09 - pialpha - phibetasigma - 10kings - gomab -
meli_joe : πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ’™
aleague88 : Alright Ace!
king_iam1 : Lol Preesh @aleague88
wonderwomancuffs : Sesh! Y'all getting up there, lol. Happy Sigmaversary!
king_iam1 : Lol thanks @wonderwomancuffs!
ch_erie_amore109 : Look @iam_kingrome
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Happy 6th Sigmaversary to the 10 Kings of the Blue Reign. Man it continues to stay a journey with these gentlemen and each year gets better. To see these men grow from rambunctious frat boys to a complete line of college educated men domineering in their respective industries, to becoming husbands and fathers. Oh what a journey. I'm proud to dwell among them and call myself a King. #KingDay #PiAlpha #PhiBetaSigma
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heyymisstee : Love u guys! Happy birthday!
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Kickin wit the NEOS at the MADE party #LamdaNu #PiAlpha #RhoAlpha #DoveLove #GaState #ΖΦΒΣ
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humbl5_yourself : Who's the zeta in the middle?
davidsincere : Them the neos from Lamda Nu spr15 Ga State.
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Come party with the new kitties and sigmas! #15Empresses #14Generals #WeDontGetTired #LambdaNu #PiAlpha #BlueandWhiteTakeover
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kharliesue : Trey Songz gonna be at GSU?
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One hell of a family. #PPA #PBS #PBS101 #PiAlpha #wls #ΦΒΣ #SALUTE #14GOARBM
φβσ - ppa - pbs - pialpha - pbs101 - wls - 14goarbm - salute -
phinerbynature_ : Yusssss frats 😍😍😍😍
timmyneutron_ : 🍴
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Making my way home after a fun bday celebration of a fellow #pialpha #pkp #birthday #wheresmytrain #mynameis
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I finally have a grand baby! This little anchor held it down M.A.K.A.I.A.H. #gammalove #gamma #pinkandpurple #slg #pialpha #sorority #multicultural #anchor
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Spring Break has passed but it's never too late to get in shape! Join Pi Alpha as we present Lace Up, a 1-hour health and fitness course, instructed by our very own Bro. Eddie Harper (@808s_harpbreak). Take the next step to your fitness goals starting with us! Prepare to sweat! πŸ’ͺ #PBStheShow #LaceUp #PiAlpha We will be excersing in the squash room on the bottom floor of the rec. Meet us in the lobby at 6:45pm & we will walk down together!
pialpha - laceup - pbstheshow -
codcle - usramohamed - yanerrr_boo - msgreekweekend -
Spring Break had passed but it's never too late to get in shape! Join Pi Alpha as we present Lace Up, a 1-hour health and fitness course, instructed by our very own Bro. Eddie Harper (@808s_harpbreak). Take the next step to your fitness goals starting with us! Prepare to sweat! πŸ’ͺ #PBStheShow #LaceUp #PiAlpha We will be excersing in the squash room on the bottom floor of the rec. Meet us in the lobby at 6:45pm & we will walk down together!
pialpha - laceup - pbstheshow -
ohmythompson : Ayyyy
kndy_modelz : Great Photo
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