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Welp... This about sums up our relationship little. Amazing Dodge-A-Palooza #phimu #PhiMuPDA #phimukappaeta
phimupda - phimu - phimukappaeta - repost -
madeyesun17 : @phimuatnicholls
lauren_sandras : @amberrachele25 look little!
amberrachele25 : 😍😍😍 we made it lol @lauren_sandras
hannahgoldsby : Work it @lauren_sandras
lauren_sandras : @hannahgoldsby right back at ya!!
gabbie_montz : That's my roomie!!! @lauren_sandras
nicolemegg_ : @amberrachele25 you're famous!
amberrachele25 : Omg you now know a famous person congrats😂💁 @nicolemegg_
jessyventura_ - braidedcharm - saaraharmstrong - christielibbey -
Seriously so humbled to have gotten to dance alongside these #phimu ladies!!! Y'all all were so awesome and we brought home the win! My littles: @margaret_lebrun you're seriously my dance idol and @clairemarie0096 it was so great getting to see you and I can't wait for you to be back in the fall!!!!!
phimu -
margaret_lebrun : Love you so much 💖💖💖💖
joesbeforebros : That caption though
clairemarie0096 : I cannot wait to be back!! Love you!!
pearson_richard - kristie_tso - hannanicole0318 - instalessbecca -
🎀 #squad #phimu #mucrushmonday
phimu - squad - mucrushmonday -
roma_desselam - jordanbottomly - maylee_131 - claudyg_13 -
Our last lip sync together😭, I luh you so much! You are the tall to my short! 👯 also so proud of my sisters, y'all are the bees knees and I wouldn't trade ya for nothin!#phimu#LIOB#loveyou#tall#short#lovemysisters#lipsync2015
short - lovemysisters - lipsync2015 - tall - phimu - liob - loveyou -
madicritch7 - abbymccomb - jobafett - katelyn_marie8 -
So overwhelmed with happiness and support from everyone tonight as we finally got to perform Songfest. I cannot even put into words how proud I am of everyone and how thankful I am to have been paired with the wonderful gentlemen of PIKE and ΣAE. I love you all so much and am incredibly proud to say we took FIRST PLACE! 😍💗🏆 #phimu #pike #sae #gogreeklatech
pike - phimu - gogreeklatech - sae -
tori_belle279 : That's for everything mom/teacher Jessica/leader! We love you
sensei_fungei : CAPTAIN 🐸 FOR THE WIN
carakhebert : LONG LIVE CAPTAIN
codi_allen : SO PROUD OF YOU!! I knew as soon as you told me you were in charge of songfest that it would be awesome!!! #MostFavoriteGranlittle 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
catmalloy : Jessica you are the best! Thank you for putting up with our 💩! We couldn't have done this without you! Love Ya! 💗💗
madalynkculpepper : So precious Jessica!
sydnegold7 : All hail Miss Jessica!
snlang : Ur amazing ok
lauren.windham - hayden_white318 - bronazzle - taylor_rene_delrie -
My last #formal with the most handsome most sweet date in the world 😍☺️ #PhiMu #PhiMuFAU #mcm
phimu - phimufau - mcm - formal -
olivialf18 : 😍😍😍😍
lovenicolevega : Love this & you! ❤️
julianamarina_ - __eccentricbeauty_ - balycem - kymcsxo -
The perfect day in the city with my ΦΜ sisters 🍝 #PhiMu #PhiMuRutgers
phimu - phimurutgers -
nataliefcamargo : THIS IS SO CUTE
jessicaarual : @nataliefcamargo @thesabebabe YESS I LOVE IT 💖
courtneyzullo : Love this!
kokoprideaux : WE SO CUTE
kpotkay - rixieee - ahleemey - cfried12 -
Blurry but sassy because we won first and second place at Songfest 2015! So proud of my sisters, PIKE, and SAE for all our hard work that paid off and got us the W! Also a huge congrats to ΣΚ, ΣΝ, ΣΠ, and AGR on winning second! Yall rocked! #greekweek #phimu #songfest2015
greekweek - phimu - songfest2015 -
brooked2 : Congrats girly😘😘😘
juliasmelley : So cute
juliasmelley : Love your shoes @jbrad106
emily_bonin28 - rogers_usm - taylor_rene_delrie - cbrass._ -
#mucrushmonday goes out to my girl @m1r4cle_ . I have seen this beauty transform from the first day of this school year as a college newbie and my Mentee into a second semester freshman who is a leader, dedicated phi mu sister and an amazing friend! Can't wait to continue to watch you shine! So proud of all that you do! Xoxo #phimu @phimubinghamton
phimu - mucrushmonday -
naltch : Beauty
m1r4cle_ : this made me smile 😊💞 I love you so much
alex_tricoche - nickyv02 - kevin_zimm - bcarle462 -
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Frattiness 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Even though I don't think I said yes when you asked I'm so happy you asked me to your formal @nicolatorcard ❤ And of course yes! I feel like you know me so well! #merica #phimu #uhphimu #sigmapi #excited
uhphimu - phimu - merica - excited - sigmapi -
nicolatorcard : That's a great first line 😂. I assumed it was a yes based on the reaction lol but I'm glad you are going to come with me. I am looking forward to it.
aimy0531 - j_ahadi - pao__af - claudyg_13 -
The Dream Team is participating in GI Theta Chi and we need as much help and support we can get. Please go like our picture at @csusthetachi and there is a link to donate money. All donations go to USO to support our military, help us not only win this competition but most importantly helping us to donate to USO. Any help and donations will greatly be appreciated!!! #uso #thetachi #phimu #dreamteam #donate #forthetroops
forthetroops - thetachi - uso - phimu - donate - dreamteam -
spread_the_thread : Pretty!
swagdaddy____ : I'm not in there..
celinaatrueloveee : I'll draw you in there when I repost his picture again! @swagdaddy____
swagdaddy____ - ibro209 - x.klo - prettyy_neesie -
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NSULA GREEK WEEK #pikappaphi #phimu
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Cheering on our sisters in the basketball playoffs! #PhiMu
phimu -
taylorr_rae_ - al_bobbitt - ulianapavlova - erinache -
So proud of all my sisters and the boys of ΠΚΑ & ΣΑΕ who put in countless hours of hard work to put on the best show ever at #songfest2k15 and proud of all this sisters who came out to show their love and support!!! Glad to truly be apart of the greatest sisterhood ever!!! #phimu #ΠΚΑ #ΣΑΕ #ΦΜ #greekunity #bulldogsgogreek
greekunity - bulldogsgogreek - songfest2k15 - πκα - phimu - φμ - σαε -
zai_kelly - marykathryn15 - sisterval1 - allisonhurst1 -
Happy Initiation Day to all my newly initiated sisters! So happy y'all decided to go Phi Mu! 💕💕 #phimufraternity #phimu #sisters
sisters - phimu - phimufraternity -
_r.a.chel_ - annzabonanza - thekidisback_07 - d3vil20 -
2015 Greek G-d and goddess ! #greekweek #phimu #thetachi #adamwheresyourinsta
greekweek - phimu - adamwheresyourinsta - thetachi -
jaymeelee : I hope this gets #adamwheresyourinsta trending! Congrats roommates 😍👑🏆
tessroiterr : SO PROUD
blueprintofmylife619 : #adamwheresyourinsta
blueprintofmylife619 : Also WE HERE
inkushwetrust : Out here
pagina526 : #sheshistrapqueen
krystennielsen : YOU WERE PERFECT!
amandadattilo : You guys killed it!!
maria_dron - rachelburgz - notorious_chig - ryanostrout -
This week's #MuCrushMonday goes out to Miracle Man 2013, Steven Samper! Thank you so much for everything you do for us and a special thanks for our beautiful gift 😍💗 we love you! #PhiMu #FIUPhiMu #PhiMuFIU #PhiMuThetaGamma #FIU #FIU16 #FIU17 #FIU18 #FIU19 #FIUTransfer #FIUPC #FIUPC15 #FIUPanhellenic #FIUSorority #FIUGreeks #FIUGreekLife #WeArePhiMu
wearephimu - fiusorority - fiupc15 - fiugreeks - fiuphimu - fiutransfer - phimuthetagamma - fiu16 - fiu17 - fiu - fiu18 - fiu19 - fiugreeklife - mucrushmonday - fiupc - fiupanhellenic - phimu - phimufiu -
_alexlovesyou : Thank you biggums @instaflufff 😍😁🙌🙏
acoustic_soul32 : That Goat Stud right there 🐐
mellobes : Sampiiiii! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @instaflufff love you so much!
ceperooo : @instaflufff ese es mi hijoooo
christine.michele : that pizza doe
mangera_1856 : My Boy!!
linzbarndt : Omg that is perfect 😍
capnkg : #BestMiracleFluff
christy.cas - lexismith2122 - theaminsupreme - fiubetas -
So proud to be able to say I am officially a Phi Mu! 🌸 #phimu #sisterhood
phimu - sisterhood -
annayyy97 : The cookie makes @kelly__jackson look like she is wearing a hat 😂
_katherine_leigh_ - jbird_412 - kaitlenmwallace - emily_lacroix -
Also, 7 years ago I went to a #phimu formal with @dixiepuddle and it was like #starshollow. Famously, my #marissacooper photo.
phimu - starshollow - marissacooper -
dixiepuddle : ❤️precious lil thaaang
owen_leigh - annieswayze - dixiepuddle - tdon5033 -
Just havin' some greek week fun #PhiMu #GreekWeek2015
greekweek2015 - phimu -
courtnicol3 : Mmm hashtags @chryssegirlxo
vanessaveenstra - chryssegirlxo - kateedwards31 - mia_anne42 -
Here's to this amazing dance partner and a amazing win with Phi Mu and SAE at songfest tonight. #GreekWeek #SAE #PhiMu #PIKE
greekweek - phimu - sae - pike -
jennarosesandry : if that's your gf yall are cute 😍
amorgan14 : Omg on my way to Ruston to meet your gf
lovelindseykay : awwwww Tyler got a gf
lovelindseykay : AND your gf is my sister aw
tbsloan95 : ^^^^Camden arkansas everyone
chestopher13 : I'm so great
topher_6 : 😂
laken_studebaker : Uh oh I see ya!
willlorio - jasmine_noell23 - instalessbecca - tessawatsonn -
Getting off of a AMAZING HIGH from my Cancun trip! Some of you might even be sick of me talking or posting pictures about it but I don't mind! It was truly one of the BEST EXPERIENCES of my LIFE! 💖 If someone would have told me 2.5 years ago that I could earn a FREE trip to an all-inclusive, all-expenses paid trip just by getting fit & healthy & sharing that with others, I would have said, "You're crazy! I could never do that!" But reality is, 2 FREE trips later...I DID IT! 🙌🏼 My coach believed in me before I ever did & I want to pass that belief onto others!!! YOU ARE CAPABLE OF MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN IMAGINE! YOU DESERVE HEALTH, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS & FREEDOM! ✨ I am no different than you! If I can do it, you can do it! WHY NOT YOU? I am a 26 year old trying to find my place in life, follow my passions & make a small impact on the world. I love my family, like to hangout with friends, I am silly, kindhearted introvert who is slightly obsessed with her fur baby! I have learned & grown so much in the past 2 years because of the coaching opportunity, that I cannot wait to help more women get started!! My confidence & body image has improved a 1000%, I have become a leader, I have found my passion in inspiring others, I have built a business with zero prior business knowledge, I am working towards creating a full time income from home & I am a #GIRLBOSS! 💥 I am looking for ➡️10 women⬅️ to join my upcoming GIRLBOSS CHALLENGE! If you can relate to me, want to improve your health, fitness, finances, & confidence -- become a #GIRLBOSS!!! 👠 Send an email to -- -- with the subject "GIRLBOSS Challenge" or leave your email below so we can connect & talk about your #GIRLBOSS goals!!!
nutrition - motivation - coach - foodie - fitsisters - fitgirl - girlboss - workout - change - leadership - believeinyourself - beachbody - instagramfitness - instadaily - instagood - happiness - success - healthy - accountability - fitspiration - weightlosstips - fitness - phimu - happy - exercise - eatclean -
coachpaulina : #fitness #eatclean #happy #weightlosstips#healthy#beachbody #fitspiration#nutrition #instadaily #instagood#workout #exercise #coach #fitgirl#leadership#instagramfitness#success#phimu#fitsisters#change#foodie#motivation#accountability#believeinyourself#happiness
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Y'all, my big sister is officially an alumna member of Phi Mu Rho Iota. These past 3 years with you have been incredible and I couldn't have asked for a better person to be my mentor, best friend, and big sister. I love you! Congratulations big! #phimu #BBN #3D
bbn - phimu - 3d -
lenalouhoo - kestellep - c_ray97 - dominiquekopp79 -
So so so SO PROUD of my sisters tonight!! Yall were phenomenal tonight, both on stage and cheering in the crowd! And a special S/O to @jessicaaerinn for choreographing Songfest! Your hardwork paid off, and now you can get some much deserved rest! You deserved tonight along with everyone else who participated in Songfest!! #phimu #gogreek 💗💠🏆
gogreek - phimu -
_kellysullivan_ : Yall were awesome! 😍😍
caseychaudoir : @_kellysullivan_ yall were too! The full house skit was precious 😍😍
jessicaaerinn : 💗💗💗
annagracegardner : Yall KILLED it tonight! Loved the choreography @jessicaaerinn 😍
jessicaaerinn : Thank you @annagracegardner! Yall did awesome tonight too!
cheeky_mcgivs - outrageousbrittanyy - lilliansewell - rylee.jb -
Congrats to my little on initiation! #biglittlelove #phimu #alphakappasisterhood
phimu - biglittlelove - alphakappasisterhood -
court_wynn : Chandler is a hottie 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
sha_sha_shannon - avasharp96 - thegingamber - samelasweet333 -
I don't even know how it is possible to be as gorgeous and as talented as my big, but she sure knows how to rock it!! Thank you for everything you do for Phi Mu and for being the most perfect big in the world! Congrats Jess on first place in songfest!! #greekweek #songfest #phimu #LIOB
greekweek - phimu - songfest - liob -
jessicaaerinn : Thank you so much little!! Love you to pieces 💗
kylezlovesyou : Love you more biggie! @jessicaaerinn
k_minniemouse - calettechristine - viv_reno - the_brame_game -
Congrats to these girls and all the others who put in such hard work on Songfest this year!!!! #SoProud #Winnahs #PhiMu
phimu - winnahs - soproud -
throwdatabbsinacircle : Thanks lyss bliss!
coriwayment - kristie_tso - hannanicole0318 - ayee._its._lannie._ -
We won!! Peoples choice and 1st place in songfest! I had so much fun dancing with SAE and Pike and it was awesome getting the chance to dance with my boyfriend!! #greekweek #SAE #pike #phimu
greekweek - phimu - sae - pike -
k_minniemouse - joselarin2 - kristie_tso - alvaro_noriega4 -
So proud of my girls for winning Songfest! Keep up the good work ladies!! #phimu #greekweek #gogreek #LIOB
greekweek - phimu - liob - gogreek -
car.cole - caseychaudoir - carrieboitnott - his_instrument -
Sending out lots of orders tomorrow! You still have time to order tonight to guarantee shipment tomorrow! What would you like to see from @kpldecals in the future? #monogram #monogramdecal #prep #preppy #girly #kpl #kpldecals #decal #sorority #achio #alphachiomega #phimu #alphadeltapi #throwwhatyouknow
monogram - alphadeltapi - girly - alphachiomega - kpldecals - decal - preppy - monogramdecal - throwwhatyouknow - achio - sorority - phimu - kpl - prep -
hali_hunt_4 - mary.adkins.c - nc_prepster - southern.sweetea -
Because she's bae and they kicked butt 💕 #OmegaMan #AXO #PhiMu
phimu - axo - omegaman -
laughingelizabeth - toastmaster95 - juliaelena1219 - juanram95 -
Throwing it back to when I was part of eboard. I miss you ladies more than anything @chelseycleve @bekahboo824 #phimu #phimuac #phimufraternity #phi #mu #executive #eboard #executiveboard #leaders #love #honor #truth #albrightcollege #memories #monday #letters #sisters @kirstynnnh
phi - love - leaders - monday - executive - sisters - letters - phimufraternity - mu - eboard - phimuac - albrightcollege - executiveboard - truth - memories - phimu - honor -
chelseycleve : I miss this and you so much! Hoping all is well 💞
brittany_scott1517 : It is! I hope your real life is going great!!! 😘
craginsky - pinkhaze16 - ccoolbeans - _ashleebrandt_ -
NSULA GREEK WEEK #pikappaphi #phimu
phimu - pikappaphi -
mynameisrico_ - blemoyne - allie_dupreee - carlyclark00 -
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