Throwback to #coachella2015 with my @phideltsdsu #brothers #tbt #SDSU #Indio #memories #brotherhood #phidelt #Ginza
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ksarge52 : Rock on brother
laurorocha30 : 😎
azathe_creator : Oh yeah putting on that Chapstick for the next victim ;p
laurorocha30 : Jajajaja
bvndi : 💛
mute_audio : wicked
blink_tattoos : ✨💫✨⭐💫
david_gromm : sweet!
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#SC #grouppic #shotshotshots #theyplayedrockytop #boom #phidelt #kappadelta #whiskeysour #danceoff #Charleston #bottlesup
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freshlysteezed : 🔥
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Frat af in the frat capital of the world with this pledge #phidelt
phidelt -
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With KELI wrapping up and easily becoming one of the best experiences of my life, I'm blessed to have had the privilege to meet some of the best men on the face of this planet. I am not only reinvigorated, but so moved by the leadership, friendship, and experiences that I was able to experience and share there. I thought I was proud to be a Phi, but I am so damn proud to be a Phi now #phidelt #kleberg
kleberg - blessed - phidelt -
alexunderwooddd : :-)
toddsimmons_ : @alexunderwooddd also #blessed to spend it in one of the most beautiful places on the planet
jsimp_25 : Miami!!
toddsimmons_ : @jsimp_25 LOVE AND HONOR!!!!!
jsimp_25 : ^that's why you're my favorite
nikizzzzz : Gross.
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Three big presentations at work today. Glad I can bring the support of my brothers with me! #PhiDelt
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Missing these guys already! Was such an amazing experience to travel to the birthplace of our great Fraternity at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio for the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute. What I've learned from this group of men will stick with me forever and the bonds we have created are something special. Love you brothers! Damn I'm Proud To Be A Phi! #RhoChapter #Kleberg #PhiDelt #ΦΔΘ
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Reflecting on the past four days in Oxford, OH as I fly home to Colorado after working with an amazing group of undergraduates....#thankful #brotherhood #recharge #phidelt
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emilyndavidson : @lopezkeith what?! You were in Oxford? I live 30 minutes from there. Wish I knew! Glad you had a good time!
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We would like to give a shoutout to our brother Kyle Fernandez for attending the Warrior Leadership Course this summer to complete his final requirements for his upcoming promotion to sergeant. Keep up the good work! #PhiDelt #ProudPhi #UTSA
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Become the greatest version of yourself by rushing the greatest fraternity. #PhiDelt #ΦΔΘ
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jordan_blanchette : 🙌
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Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute. I'm so blessed to have had this experience with these two fine Phis. I can't wait to see where this next semester takes us. We have a lot of work cut out but I believe we have what it takes. One man is no man. Damn proud to be a Phi. #PhiDelt #kleberg #KELI #GHQ
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Congratulations to the brothers of Phi Delta Theta, Ohio Theta at the University of Cincinnati, who won the General Headquarters Trophy, the Outstanding Excellence Award ("Gold Star"), and the Howard S. Biggers Ritual Trophy. It has been an honor to be a part of this brotherhood for the past two years, and I cannot be more proud of the work we have done and how far our chapter has come. Thank you, gentlemen, for being my best friends and my brothers. I'm excited to see where the next year will take us. DAMN proud to be a Phi. ~2044 @phideltatheta #PhiDelt #Kleberg
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Brothers Nick Liberator, Mat Lourido, Anthony Rocco, Josh Levin, and Matt Guillmette were lucky enough to all head down to Ohio this weekend to the birthplace of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity to represent Connecticut Alpha Chapter at Central Connecticut State University. Shown in this photo is all the brothers who attended Kleberg from around the world! See if you can spot our Brothers! #Kleberg #Kleberg2015 #PhiDelt #CTAlpha #PhiDeltaTheta #ProudToBeAPhi #PhiDelt #OneManIsNoMan #Since1848 #MiamiUniversity
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Over the weekend, Vice President Nick Liberator visited Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where Phi Delta Theta began, to attend the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute, as Connecticut Alpha's Peer Mentor. #Kleberg #Kleberg2015 #PhiDeltaTheta #ProudToBeAPhi #CTAlpha #PhiDelt #OneManIsNoMan #EisAnerOudeisAner #ΦΔΘ
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Founders processional... #kleberg #phidelt #ΦΔΘ
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Check out our new states/provinces collection at the Phi Delt Store - #Repost @kyle_decker_ ・・・ To her colors white and blue... #kleberg #phideltatheta #phidelt #california #calphi #miamiuniversity #1848
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pdt_ctalpha : Can you design Connecticut? I didn't see it on the website. We'd love to represent our State!
derick.hogan : Need KY
hankthetank424 : it'd be awesome if we can get an OR one
phideltatheta : All states will eventually be on the site. A number of them are still being finalized.
airjordantz23 : @hankthetank424 I was literally going to ask the same thing. Awesome!
hikeliketheverb : @jakeganders I want this
sydnielynnb : @three2juan you need this so I can wear it
highonleather : Great Click
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What a great weekend at Kleberg. #kleberg #phidelt
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jmacejko73 : #daddygags
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To her colors white and blue... #kleberg #phideltatheta #phidelt #california #calphi #miamiuniversity #1848
1848 - california - miamiuniversity - phidelt - phideltatheta - calphi - kleberg -
phideltatheta : Kyle, can you send this pic to Would love to use it elsewhere.
kyle_decker_ : Definitely!
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What a amazing life changing inspiring weekend until next time #kleberg2015 #kleberg #phidelt #phideltatheta
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It has been an honor and a priveledge to spend the last three days at the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute in Oxford, Ohio, attaining a deeper insight to the rich history of this great Fraternity and how to apply our teachings and values in the future to become leaders in all aspects of our lives. Damn proud to be a Phi #kleberg #phidelt #alsfoundation
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demitric : Thousands of brothers, hundreds of chapters, 6 founding fathers, 3 cardinal principles, one room and one fraternity. Phi Delta Theta, thank you for giving me this amazing experience! I met hundreds of brothers from all over the U.S. To Canda. This room started a legacy and it is my job to keep it going! Proud to be a Phi!
demitric : #phideltatheta #phidelt #ΦΔΘ
brittanyyydunn : ❤️
aprilflowers__ : 💙💙💙💙
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Bruce & Sam. My Faculty Mentor and Peer Mentor for the weekend and facilitators for the Eta Chapter of Kleberg. Bruce showed me just how far after my four years the fraternity can take me. One of the first Alumni I have ever really looked up to. Sam affirmed that there are brothers out there that appreciate every word of our ritual and also that brotherhood can exist beyond just my chapter back home. These are the men I strive to be like one day, thank you for an amazing learning experience. #Kleberg #PhiDelt #PhiDeltAtUCI #PTBAP #ErickInTheMidWest
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Brother Reardon waiting to read as Robert Morrison at the Founder's Processional. #PhiDelt #Kleberg
kleberg - phidelt -
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Have you met Tio? How could you not love that stache!! #phidelt
phidelt -
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Every #Kleberg ends where it all started. #phidelt #fraternity
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I hope @phideltatheta #Kleberg2015 is ready for almost 2000 White Castle burgers, nearly 2000 hotdogs, lawn games, a raffle, and plenty of brotherhood! #phidelt
kleberg2015 - phidelt -
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Kleberg 2015 has been a dynamic experience, and has showed me what it means to be a fraternity man. I have learned so much from brothers and alumni from across the United States and Canada. Now more than ever, I am damn proud to be a Phi #phidelt #kleberg #rollphi
kleberg - rollphi - phidelt -
nikoosuave : His facial hair is glorious #ΦΔΦ
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Belated birthday shoutout to @zachthecoach--#BigIsland friends and family: this guy is my #PhiDelt fraternity brother from Nebraska, and is now #Konawaena High School's newest math teacher--take care of him, he's Ohana! Happy Birthday, buddy, glad we were finally in Kona at the same time! #brosephs #broteinshakes #frathardfratoften
bigisland - frathardfratoften - phidelt - brosephs - broteinshakes - konawaena -
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#Repost @reidsangster with @repostapp. ・・・ Getting back to the roots #PhiDelt #Kleberg #GoState
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missmargaret5280 : #chiefkief
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Getting back to the roots #PhiDelt #Kleberg #GoState
kleberg - gostate - phidelt -
neeens_b : #fratstar
toriedye : Miami oh?? Fratstar naysh
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Hope everyone's enjoying the summer as much as our 3 brothers Nicholas, Isaiah, and Carlos! They traveled across the States to attend the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute at our great fraternity's birthplace, Miami University in Ohio! #FresnoState #PhiDelt #GoGreek #Kleberg
gogreek - kleberg - phidelt - fresnostate -
phidelt045 : I live in Dayton! Like an hr away from Miami!
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#phideltatheta #tio #kleberg #phidelt
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Happy 32nd Birthday to #95 Josh "Bender" Gibbons! #SixShooter #PhiDelt #CTAlpha #Jameson
jameson - ctalpha - 95 - sixshooter - phidelt -
kleinadamj : @jdjulien @andehaderz fleck in 10 years? @davidbrown025
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#ALSIceBucketChallenge with 850 of my brothers and a fire truck #PhiDelt #Kleberg #DamnImProudToBeAPhi
alsicebucketchallenge - kleberg - damnimproudtobeaphi - phidelt -
lindsweisk - monomain12 - caitlinaubrykearney - gavs_winer -
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