Really winds me up when people confuse these two words. it's not that hard! #looseandlose #grammarnazi #pethates #petpeeves
grammarnazi - pethates - petpeeves - looseandlose -
esmemcconnell : Negative aspects of sports: loosing.
_tawny_owl_ : 😐 so annoying! @esmemcconnell might get her a dictionary for Christmas!xx
ohleah - esmemcconnell - bronwenfrances9 -
Woman = Singular Women = Plural You = Plural and Singular Yous does not exist as a multiple! Come on people! Irks me to see some crazy grammar. #grammar #petpeeves #crazy #smh
crazy - grammar - petpeeves - smh -
lildevilsalina : Love it!
goodbyegut : You forgot the famous "your & you're" &"there, their & they're" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
irmrosi24 : @goodbyegut Lol! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that would be my next lesson.
irmrosi24 : @lildevilsalina thank you darling.
goodbyegut - lovelylesly13 - markymark_y0 - icecream_shoota -
Pet peeves with baby clothes #fashiondesigners #babyclothes #petpeeves #uncomfortable #fashion #clothes
fashion - uncomfortable - fashiondesigners - babyclothes - petpeeves - clothes -
beauty_in_the_breakdown_ - daanish_kh15 - joemetaldog -
So my pet peeve is having messages with no pictures for the contact. So I challenge all to post up a pic on your feed that you want me to use as your contact pic. If I don't have your number please DM me. And add your self if I missed you and want to be with the cool kids lol. #petpeeves #beautypics #glamcam #needpics
beautypics - needpics - petpeeves - glamcam -
erjurself : And tags me in the pic if you don't mind
freakykissdesigns : πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
mrs_smooches : You have a ton of my pics you can choose from lol
wepa_man88 : Done
jasmine0914xo : Going to have to go searching lol!!! Give me a little bit of time lmao!
w1seghost : Just use my Lil kid picture lol
erjurself - jasmine0914xo - popephoenix - akolasinsky -
A couple "moms" come to mind... haha funny how some just act like they treat their kids good and in a loving way on the Internet but at home, that's when their truth identity come out. #petpeeves #annoying #fakemoms #ecards
annoying - ecards - petpeeves - fakemoms -
ramazzzy - so_kissme28 - hannahjames23 - agreenwood94 -
I have so many pet peeves, but my biggest would have to be when people don't use the effin toilet brush. I don't want to know what you did in the toilet. Seriously...use the brush. Its there for a freaking reason. Whether in public or home...USE IT!!!!😈😈😈😈😈 UUUUGGGGGHHHH... Now what's yours?????
petpeeves -
mousie_mariag : Cnt stand dirty noses ears.. and same wit bathroom especially rite after I done cleaned it
be_youtifulme30 : #petpeeves
lavittabella30 : No ice in the ice cube tray!!!!
be_youtifulme30 - mousie_mariag - mamalovesry - dereklaii -
Late night rambling #petpeeves
girlsbelike - hedontcare - smdh - notatall - uaintslick - woooord - prettymuch - dead - thirstyforattention - nobueno - nodoubt - femalesbelike - deadasstho - petpeeves - bitchesbelike - flatlined - stopit - dudesbelike - chillb - attentionwhores - icant - chicksbelike - hoesbelike - attentioniscurrency - smh - justkidding - letitgogurl - guysbelike -
buttaripple : I agree 100%
blaksnooki : #girlsbelike #hedontcare #uaintslick #thirstyforattention #smh #justkidding #hoesbelike #letitgogurl #smdh #notatall #prettymuch #dead #chicksbelike #nodoubt #icant #femalesbelike #deadasstho #bitchesbelike #flatlined #stopit #dudesbelike #guysbelike #chillb #woooord #nobueno #attentionwhores #attentioniscurrency
emmasidey15 - bodiedby_rocsi - hustlebitch - animal33rd -
If wishes came true, your world would be over. You really had to sit there??? #petpeeves
petpeeves -
Tending to those unwanted green screen flyaway stray hairs today! πŸ˜„#onset #petpeeves #greenscreen #filming
onset - filming - greenscreen - petpeeves -
brightideasmag - angusmullane - aliciadupuis - aleixgb_94 -
It took only 27 years, and freak accident with a dead mouse, to help me figure out what kind of man I really need and want. #Ihaterodents #life #lifequote #realshit #thestruggleisreal #picoftheday #lookoftheday #wiw #words #truth #tweets #twitter #IamsoSeriousthough #killitOrLeave #petpeeves #whatscaresme
life - thestruggleisreal - twitter - wiw - whygodwhy - words - killitorleave - petpeeves - lifequote - iamsoseriousthough - lookoftheday - whatscaresme - truth - tweets - ihaterodents - picoftheday - realshit -
bklyn_biker : @flirtashez_stylez in that case you haven't seen anything yet! These things are HUGE! They won't move for you. They make me walk around them and they'll stare at you the while time thinking, yeaaa motherfucka !!!
flirtashez_stylez : Sometimes I question God's judgement based on such creation...#life #whyGodwhy @bklyn_biker
bklyn_biker : @flirtashez_stylez hahaha it's not that bad. Man up little girl!
flirtashez_stylez : The second person to say that to me about this. lol @bklyn_biker :/
bklyn_biker : @flirtashez_stylez haha nah you'll be okay. Can't be girly all the time !
f4f_follow4follow : πŸ‘πŸπŸœπŸžπŸŒπŸ‰πŸŠπŸ’₯πŸ”«
flirtashez_stylez : πŸ˜‘ @f4f_follow4follow
f4f_follow4follow : Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hate bugs 2, my mom is super afraid of mice
iwyhadi - chaella08 - curlyfry91 - xo__serena -
Today on the blog: Confessions of a Southern Belle: Driving Edition where I spill all my secrets and rages about driving!
vodkaandsoda - lblogger - confessionsofasouthernbelle - driving - secrets - bblogger - bloggers - southernbellesecrets - humpdayconfessions - petpeeves -
mlgilling : #southernbellesecrets #confessionsofasouthernbelle #secrets #humpdayconfessions #vodkaandsoda #bloggers #bblogger #lblogger #driving #petpeeves
besodelsoul - alodiaaqueen023 - stephanieziajka - _darcyylynn_ -
#blogtober #blogtober14 #october #october14 #blog #blogger #bblogger #fblogger #pet #peeves #petpeeves - blog post here: http://shjo.uk/1w7F7ot
bblogger - october - fblogger - pet - blogger - october14 - blogtober - blog - peeves - blogtober14 - petpeeves -
doppeluapp : looking good! #doppelu
wegotthisau - annefed - laurapinna90 - _beeyonkah_ -
Everyone has their social media pet peeves😳 this one is mine lol. What are some if yours? #meme #tbh #true #petpeeves #annoying #instaphoto #quote #question
meme - quote - question - tbh - instaphoto - annoying - true - petpeeves -
imnobarbie : Tbh and flood my notifications with likes when they don't be liking anyone else's. Or where my ghost followers at.
white_girl_ashl3y : @imnobarbie oh yeah I forgot about the ones who follow to unfollow
imnobarbie : Oh yeah those people too smh I definitely unfollow them after they do that.
mrsjitterymouse - mahrun_k - animal_lover_bsdd - silvanarebecca -
I hate it when people pose with a guitar and they Dont even play. #petpeeves Like stop. But Because #guitar is #life
guitar - life - petpeeves -
tub_ntxawg_gerry - mengmengvang - _backslash_ - leethomaslee -
Pet peeve when someone puts their whole mouth on the bottle #petpeeves
petpeeves -
vickierunnergirl -
Pretty much how I feel right about now. #soundsaboutright #pharmacyproblems with that said happy #pharmacytechnicianday
pharmacytechnicianday - soundsaboutright - underpaid - petpeeves - pharmacyproblems -
jennmarie84 : #underpaid incorrect grammar one of my #petpeeves
boss_lady_4 : Lol me too
jennmarie84 : @boss_lady_4 work or grammar? Or both? Lol
boss_lady_4 : Both lmfao
jennmarie84 : @boss_lady_4 lol right?
cdluvsyou - __yessie__ - amepeterson - dont_hate_84 -
Another one of our pregnancy pet peeves. Everyone has an opinion about your baby's gender. Bonus: this is especially funny if you know what you're having, and insist that they're right about it being the opposite. (Heh heh)
mfmakeup : @devoryw @facesbyhendel @mirgreenz
carlydardano : @melissamoskowitz
renschje : @dojonights 😬 #macaroonprophecy
melissamoskowitz : @carlydardano ughhhh. 14 more hours!
maria_miralissa : @_anilop_ :)))))))))
pturner829 : @zaali92
rdray30 : A stranger asked if I knew if I was having a boy or girl. When I said we were waiting until birth to find out, she said "oh, so scary!" I said, not really, there are only two options. I also hate when people say they're too much of a planner not to find out. I am still planning for my baby. We just aren't getting everything pink or blue.
pishposhbabydotcom : @katelynn1016 @rdray30 Oh I feel you both.
lipsy123 - __mariia21 - bracha87 - qrious_t -
#rns #realtalk #speedyservice #slowpokes #slowtexters #grindmygears #ugh #petpeeves #annoying
ugh - realtalk - slowtexters - speedyservice - slowpokes - rns - annoying - grindmygears - petpeeves -
matt_tierney187 - terra_lacey - muthafuckingdilan - fromeo10 -
One of my pet peeves is this... Whether it's facebook, kik, snapchat or texting why messaging if you don't wanna talk ._. #petpeeves #annoying #ifyoudothisidontlikeyou #haha #life
ifyoudothisidontlikeyou - life - annoying - haha - petpeeves -
abbsicals : Ugh yes xD
jab345 : Haha for reals! If you start it finish it
steph.gallardo : You do that Yasir xD
yasirg : Not even xD sometimes I don't know how to continue a convo but when I say hey I at least reply after they reply cx @steph.gallardo
steph.gallardo : Suuuuurrreeee πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
esmeralda_zuniga - kiara_eats_candy - theycallmebigd_ - _bubbles97_ -
Bitch!!! #DaFuq #randomrants #ShitTweekSays #kanyebelike #petpeeves
randomrants - kanyebelike - shittweeksays - petpeeves - dafuq -
yadiprecious : Bit what lmao
whodiddatmusic - freshwear - radcompanyradio -
Run me my $$
randomrants - kanyebelike - shittweeksays - petpeeves -
whodiddatmusic : #randomrants #ShitTweekSays #kanyebelike #petpeeves
yadiprecious : Run me my money or I'm going to have to run up ass nigga
When your job is to use text to converse with prospective clients, you should probably know how to use proper English. Who can spy the double negative and grammar error? #petpeeves
petpeeves -
normallweirdo - k8.gray - sliew12 - jencothren -
#randomrants #ShitTweekSays #kanyebelike #petpeeves
randomrants - kanyebelike - shittweeksays - petpeeves -
yadiprecious : Your the worse
darlinnikkii - the_northstar_ -
#randomrants #ShitTweekSays #kanyebelike #petpeeves
randomrants - kanyebelike - shittweeksays - petpeeves -
yadiprecious : Ugh me to
phuckyostud -
#petpeeves This drives me crazy. 😀 Both via #Pinterest
petpeeves - pinterest -
sophie_sciuto - harper.newlan02 - polivia_dunhop - niki_sattzsk8 -
This author obviously knows nothing about coffee. #baristaproblems #petpeeves #reading #CappuccinosArentIced #smh β˜•πŸ˜‘πŸ’΅
baristaproblems - reading - smh - petpeeves - cappuccinosarenticed -
littlelottieloo : Lol I was reading it like... "huh?"
chellnicoleboone - ablueblanket - mckringle - grantifrass -
What's your grammar pet peeve? #grammar #petpeeves
grammar - petpeeves -
purnamisari91 - beautifely - ispygrammar - swan4229 -
petpeeves -
hurricane10 - madi_ann99 - a_estoria_c - emily.pattison -
How I feel when people wear geeky clothing or skulls strictly as a fashion statement, when they know nothing about it...I was a geek before it was cool! :-p #petpeeves #posers #rotld #suicide #trash #wayoflife #geek #horror #costume #returnofthelivingdead #lineaquigley #zombies
wayoflife - returnofthelivingdead - suicide - posers - horror - geek - lineaquigley - rotld - costume - zombies - trash - petpeeves -
ya.staci - forsakenprops - hereafter.oddities - zombiebarbiehendrix -
petpeeve - rants - weeaboo - pissed - rant - anime - anonymous - weeb - pleasestop - immature - annoying - manga - petpeeves -
__sunshine__bb - tamarferreira1 - pastelxninja - ghoulistic -
Hahaha ^^^ πŸŽ‰NEW SERIESπŸŽ‰ #petpeeves πŸ‘ -------------- Anyway gtg 4 now Byeeeee😘 --------------
petpeeves -
bbw.bbw : Follow back?!
makeup.xoxo.freak : Yup @bbw.bbw
bbw.bbw : Thanks!!
makeup.xoxo.freak : Np :) @bbw.bbw
makeup.xoxo.freak - carmaxandeos - faithsreviews - makeup.fanaticc -
I hate when the paparazzi runs up and takes random unplanned pictures of me drinking coffee, casually leaning on trees. #PetPeeves
petpeeves -
luizmaurina : Your gay I miss you man
will92_ : @luizmaurina lmao I miss you too asshole, I'll be down for Halloween weekend
miketheproblem : So basic lol
will92_ : @miketheproblem basic...like the training you went through :p just kidding brother , Nj for holidays ? I'll be there
miketheproblem : Yeah mine was pretty easy lol and yeah I'll be there. Miss you bro. Hit up Gerard he's gonna be home next weekend I think
will92_ : @miketheproblem I should be dec 27 to jan 3
miketheproblem : Like the Jackson 5 I'll be there
will92_ : @miketheproblem like the Jackson 5 I want you back
maggieczachor - cristinarojas_ - luzdeliao - abigaillapierre -
I hate that fake bullshit..-"#Bitch You #Disqualified" #PetPeeves
disqualified - bitch - petpeeves -
sn0wflake33 - geraldfoster - iambrink - ka_suhr -
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