Où ça, un lundi ? It means : "Dear, are you sure sure sure it's monday? I don't see any monday. And even though, of which year, dear ?". #petersellers #brittekland.
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cdirr : Et moi qui me disait: "toujours rien de Sophie ! Comment cela se fait il ??? Me voilà rassurée.... Allez courage 👍👍👍
badxlands : #loveheroes
londonoeil : Je l'vois pas non plus ? @sophiefontanel Bizarre...
ucatarinetabellatchitchi : Lundi gris c'est parti... 👋
ancilevienne : Have a nice day!!
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Stanley Kubrick exhibition. Awesome props, lenses, costumes etc. And yes... that is a big, white, porcelain cock. #stanleykubrick #2001spaceodyssey #baby #art #artist #film #movies #drstrangelove #petersellers #milkbar #monolith
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elizagatto : Clock work orange
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TITLE: Dr. Strangelove or: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb @morgsy97 asked me to review the Stanley Kubrick films that I've seen, so I'm continuing with "Dr. Strangelove or: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb". This isn't my favorite, but I admire it. I remember watching it again in U.S. History last year with @brittany4579 and everyone kept complaining... probably because it's in black and white. It's a really good movie. The humor is more situational than in your face, and I guess people just didn't get that. Kubrick basically devised a madcap comedy about people making stupid decisions. But the best part of this movie is the late great Peter Sellers. Most people know him for "The Pink Panther" movies, but his performance here should've earned him an Oscar. He's brilliant. GRADE: A 👍 #Movies #stanleykubrick #drstrangelove #petersellers
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jack_spyra : Sorry I meant Dawn of the Planet Apes @movies4life17
movies4life17 : I've done it already haha @jack_spyra
jack_spyra : @movies4life17 I wasn't sure if you done reviewing it. Have you done a review for The terminator films. I request you to review the Terminator film if you hadn't done them.
morgsy97 : I couldn't agree more with you on this one! @movies4life17
movies4life17 : Done them too haha @jack_spyra and thanks @morgsy97
brittany4579 : Me too but it was 7th period and i was always so tired and one day I slept through it I think hahah
movies4life17 : Haha yeah that might cause a problem.@brittany4579
alexact65 : This was an adaptation of a novel, Red Alert, which came to screen in advance of Dr Strangelove as a drama - which this was originally intended to be. But when Kubrick was working on the script, the serious dialogue just kept coming out as ridiculous - so he turned it into a comedy & gave us such great characters as Jack D Ripper and lines like "of course this is a friendly call. If it wasn't a friendly call ... well, you probably wouldn't be getting it"
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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) #PeterSellers #stanleykubrick #drStrangeLove
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#tsob #thesoundofbelgium #classic80s #newbeat #macsample #houseinspector #clouzeau #acidhouse #acid #lapanthererose #petersellers #maxi #mix #remix #1989 #80s #eighties #extended #vinyl #vinylcollection #record #records #recordscollection
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At a screening of Doctor Strangelove. #doctorstrangelove #stanleykubrick #poster #posters #movie #movies #film #films #petersellers #movietheater #screening
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mickeyolivieri : COOL!!!
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#theparty #movie #petersellers
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One of my all-time favourites. #StanleyKubrick directing the great #PeterSellers in "Dr. Strangelove".
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Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate and Peter Sellers. #sharontate #romanpolanski #petersellers #theaporter
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dressingvintage : Great photo!
laurakitty : I have a different shot of this dress/night in my book!
acjournal : ❤️✨🌟✨
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DR. STRANGELOVE blu-ray steelbook yo. #drstrangelove #stanleykubrick #petersellers #bluray #bluraysteelbook #steelbook #steelbooks #steelbookaddict #steelbookjunkie #steelbookcollecter #steelbookcollection #limetededition #zavvi #2000copies #projectpopart @galleries1988
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christophermul : Love this artwork
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The Best Of The Goon Shows (UK Mono Parlophone Pressing) Album on the Parlophone Black/Gold Label #thebestofthefoonshows #ukvinyl #parlophone #vinyl #spikemilligan #harrysecombe #petersellers
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Tuesday's #SOTU address by President Barack Obama inspired us to line up some of our most memorable Commander-in-Chiefs from film. From left to right: 1.James Marshall in "Air Force One" 2. Andrew Shepherd in "The American President" 3. Jack Stanton in "Primary Colors" 4. Merkin Muffley in "Dr. Strangelove" 5. Mays Gilliam in "Head of State" 6. Laura Roslin in "Battlestar Galactica" 7. James Dale in "Mars Attacks!" 8. President Jackson Evans in "The Contender" 9. Abraham Lincoln in "Lincoln" 10. Dave Kovic in "Dave" 11. President Beck in "Deep Impact" 12. The President in "Fail Safe" 13. Richard Nixon in "Frank/Nixon" 14. President Sawyer in "White House Down" 15. Richard Nixon in "Nixon" Who's your favorite❓⁉️❓ #BarackObama #Movies #Film #Stateoftheunion #moviepresisents #Airforceone #AmericanPresident #HarrisonFord #MichaelDouglas #JohnTravolta #PrimaryColors #DrStrangelove #PeterSellers #ChrisRock #HeadoftheState #morganFreeman #JamieFoxx #WhitehouseDown #MarsAttack #JackNicholson #HannibalLecter #AnthonyHopkins #Nixon
harrisonford - anthonyhopkins - stateoftheunion - chrisrock - primarycolors - drstrangelove - michaeldouglas - film - barackobama - johntravolta - petersellers - americanpresident - headofthestate - hanniballecter - whitehousedown - moviepresisents - airforceone - marsattack - movies - sotu - jamiefoxx - morganfreeman - nixon - jacknicholson -
jacknicholsonfansclub1 : 7mars attacks : Embarrassingly Head of the State. I love a black president with a sense of humor
foenix_ : Nice shot
hanxleia : Air Force one👌
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Pancakes, booze and art. I'm next to the bar, so bringing me booze will be easy :) #artlife #artistlife #pancakesandbooze #houstonart #houstonartist #elsantos #warehouselive #drstrangelove #petersellers #popart
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nancee0219 : I just drove-by that lil hole in the wall on Congress and almost wanted to park and see if you were there lol!
elsantosworld : Lol. No, here Til 2am
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Friday night movie!! I need to laugh 😄😂 #theparty #petersellers #petersellerstheparty #blakeedwards #childhoodmemories #movie #bestmovie #birdienamnam
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asaholmgren1 : Best ever!
swedishfishno1 : #birdienumnum
maja82lindstrom : @swedishfishno1 ååååh birdienamnam hahaha😂
lafrabalbo : I love this one!!!
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#petersellers for rainy days #clarequilty #merkinmuffley #clouseau #sidneywang #hrundivbakshi
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ttheheather : I love everything about this picture. Have you seen The Party? He was the best.
amyjoelene : Yes! @ttheheather
rustyobjects : Meet me at The Enchanted Hunters.
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My review of 'I'm All Right Jack' is up on look at that CAST #petersellers #britishcinema #bluray #studiocanal #filmreview #vulturehound
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La pantera Rosa (Blake Edwards, 1963). #ThePinkPanther #MainTitleDelDía #BlakeEdwards #PeterSellers #ClaudiaCardinale
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"Life is a state of mind" (Being There, 1979). #PeterSellers #BeingThere #MrChance #ChanceTheGardener #Lifeisastateofmind
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#TBT to when I used to be funny. #PeterSellers
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skellytonsss : Holy crap even before I saw it was you that posted this I thought it looked like you.
joshpaulgarcia : Haha @skellytonsss thank you for noticing!
saintsabina : Omg! This is my favorite person! Watch #theparty
joshpaulgarcia : @saintsabina he's my favorite too, and you of course!
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#pinkpanther #petersellers The priceless steinway
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#pinkpanther #petersellers Ok last one
petersellers - pinkpanther -
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#petersellers #pinkpanther I can watch these movies a million times and still laugh @emiliar0sa
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emiliar0sa : @ohmrune the pheuun is ringinng
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#pinkpanther #petersellers
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#pinkpanther #petersellers "I could skii before i could even crawl"
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#sketch #art #artwork #drawing #ink #drstrangelove #petersellers
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#Repost @sophiefontanel with @repostapp.
Pas ce soir, j'ai la migraine. Sérieux : Énorme mig, je vous fais un signe dès que j'émerge. It means : not tonight, Peter, I have a terrible headache. Seriously: As soon as feel better and full brain, I make you a sign. #petersellers.
petersellers - repost - : Фото просто прелесть ;)
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#1982 #london #bowie #petersellers #wedding #poser Camping it up at a celebrity wedding back in the day...
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corinwren : Numan!!
sidatkins : @corinwren he copied me! - of that there is no doubt!
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Pas ce soir, j'ai la migraine. Sérieux : Énorme mig, je vous fais un signe dès que j'émerge. It means : not tonight, Peter, I have a terrible headache. Seriously: As soon as feel better and full brain, I make you a sign. #petersellers.
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isabelrvidal : @sophiefontanel j'aime surtout le détail de la tasse de thé qui fait que la guitarre passe presque par un costume trois pièces...
tracy_delmonico : @jillwilliams808 you know this guy!!
myitalianlittlekitchen : A shot in the dark...
fred_le_mans : La guitare a 2 airs !!! @isabelrvidal
jillwilliams808 : @tracy_delmonico that's the illusionist from Times Square! 😳
kikadxb : @sophiefontanel # Quel Delire 👌
rowanngilman : Oy vey!
couleurs_australes : oh my gosh !pété de lol 😄
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Dr. Strangelove! On tonight at the Mockingbird Theatre at 7:30pm #stanleykubrick #classicfilm #drstrangelove #mockingbirdtheatre #custardfactory #filmmaker #cinema #filmlover #petersellers
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Being There 1979 #1001moviesyoumustseebeforeyoudie #challengeaccepted #movies #cinema #1979 #HalAshby #oscarwin #MelvynDouglas Actor in Support Role #oscarnom #PeterSellers Best Actor #ShirleyMacLaine #JackWarden #BeingThere
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#petersellers #drstrangelove #britishactor #filmstar #filmicon #longgone
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scottwallace2.0 : swish !
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Britt Ekland and Peter Sellers during filming of the Bobo..sadly Instagram has cropped out Britt's White socks..will have to repost #BrittEkland #petersellers
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jan_de_villeneuve : 🆒
_pinklady_83 : I like your pictures of britt ekland :)
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Him: I met 'er down in Napoli and didn't she look great And so I brought 'er back to Blighty just to show me mates And though we're married 'appily, I'll tell ya furthermore I 'aven't 'ad a decent meal since Nineteen-Forty-Four! Her: Eat your minestrone, Joe! Him: That's all you ever say! Her: Eat your macaroni, Joe! Him: Ev'ry blinkin' day! Her: No wonder you're so boney, Joe And skinny as a rake! Him: Well then, give us a bash at the bangers and mash me muvver used to make! Him: Bangers and mash Her: Minestrone Him: Bangers and mash Her: Macaroni Him: Give us a bash at the bangers and mash me muvver used to make! Her: Eat your tagliatelli, Joe! Him: That's all I've 'eard for years! Her: Eat your vermicelli, Joe! Him: It's comin' out me ears! Her: You've got to fill your belly, Joe! Joe, for heaven's sake! Him: Well then, give us a bash at the bangers and mash me muvver used to make! Her: Well, alright! Him: Bangers and mash Her: Tagliatelli Him: Bangers and mash Her: Vermicelli Him: Ah, give us a bash at the bangers and mash me muvver used to make! (Spoken. All voices by Sellers): American reporter: Nineteen-Forty-Three, Allied Forces land in Italy! 1st soldier: There's a smashin'-lookin' bird over there, Bert. I think she's showin' out there. 2nd soldier: Well, why don't you chat 'er up then? 1st soldier: Right! Bongourno Signorina now. 'Ere, are you married? Italian Girl: (Unintellible reply) 1st soldier: There y'are. Can't 'ave a fairer answer than that, can ya! Her: I met him back in Italy, so dashing and good-looking He wined me and he dined me ev'ry night He said I smiled so prettily and how he loved my cooking But since he's married me, it seems he's lost his appetite Him (Italian accent): Eat your tagliatelli, Joe! Her (Cockney accent): That's all you ever say! Ooohhhhh! Him: Eat your vermicelli, Joe! Her: Ev'ry bloomin' day! Him: you've got2 fill your belly, Joe. Joe 4heaven'sake! Her: well then, give us a bashat the bangers and mash your muvver used 2 mash. Him: bangers and mash. Her: minestrone ...
sophialoren - sofialoren - petersellers -
m4rco_perugia : #SofiaLoren #SophiaLoren #PeterSellers
m4rco_perugia : 2 Legendries 👑👑 (in a epic foodn' suit) 👍👌😱
m4rco_perugia : 1961- and so before ...Radiohead - 😂 bangers and mash 😋
nominativ : Beautiful photos 👍 👍 👍
m4rco_perugia : @nominativ tnx again , my affection 4 Sophia now its ascertained 😛 , here she gives a very pleasent prove like singer 👌
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