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Just saying! Warning! TMI... Don't keep reading if you don't want to hear about my boobs! Lol! Although I wish the fat stayed in my boobs and melted off my thighs and tummy, I'm really surprised at how much my mommy boobies have perked up with exercise and weight loss! I was expecting some flat pancakes after I lost weight, but no! So ladies don't be scared.... Happily let the boobs go with the rest of the fat!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜œ #byebyeboobies #perkyboobs #exercisehelps
yourworthit - perkyboobs - giggle - healthymom - exercisehelps - loveyourself - confidenceissexy - fitmom - funny - fckthescale - laugh - progressnotperfection - onedayatatime - madeyoulaugh - humor - lmao - funnny - lol - healthymommy - dailylaugh - healthyandhappy - funnyjoke - byebyeboobies - makeprogress - dontworrybehappy -
livemoveinspire : #progressnotperfection #fckthescale #loveyourself #dontworrybehappy #makeprogress #onedayatatime #healthyandhappy #healthymom #confidenceissexy #yourworthit #healthymommy #fitmom
livemoveinspire : #funnny #laugh #lol #dailylaugh #giggle #funnyjoke #funny #madeyoulaugh #lmao #humor
toddsupertramp : πŸ‘πŸ‘
skinnywrapny : ❀️
wleefelrooh - ali_shepp - skizziar - cortneywhitesell -
Appreciation post for this absolute head wrecker. Looking fabulous as always, thanks for putting up with my shit .. you da best 😘❀️ #dose #soppypost #rarity #CherishIt #muchlove #perkyboobs #datsmile #fabulous @leanne_hession x
perkyboobs - soppypost - muchlove - rarity - foetushead - fabulous - cherishit - datsmile - dose -
leanne_hession : You still look pretty I look like a foetus? πŸ‘Š but the caption is cute you getting soppy? 😱❀️ any time chick πŸ’•πŸ˜#loveeeeyaaaa #imfab @erika_louise18
erika_louise18 : @leanne_hession #foetushead xx
leanne_hession : #themrootstho #ineedahairdresser #asap πŸ™ˆπŸ’‡ @erika_louise18
erika_louise18 : @leanne_hession can I do it for ya? Promise I'll make ya look class xo
leanne_hession : Ya bring the scissors and hair dye tomorrow @erika_louise18 xxx
erika_louise18 : @leanne_hession I was thinking an electric razor...#FoetusHead
leanne_hession : Well I do want a change... @erika_louise18
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When the party is over, coming home and letting your hair down can be the best part of the night. The older I get, the more I love me some me! #31aintbad #wildwoman #bighair #prettylips and #perkyboobs but still prefer my #pjs any day.
wildwoman - perkyboobs - bighair - 31aintbad - prettylips - pjs -
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Wraps can be used AnYWHERE on the body! We have facials, too! What would you #firmtoneandtighten? DM me or text 573-535/8133. Let's chat! #boobjob #breastfeeding #newmom #perkyboobs #insideoutfit #fightgravity #spa #beach #australia #newzealandbeach #hawaiianvacation #droopyskin
breastfeeding - insideoutfit - australia - perkyboobs - newzealandbeach - droopyskin - firmtoneandtighten - spa - boobjob - newmom - hawaiianvacation - beach - fightgravity -
mcdonaldchris76 : You can not wrap breasts or stomach while pregnant, you can wrap everything else. It's botanically based, all natural.
mcdonaldchris76 : @tabbydoo86
mcdonaldchris76 : @tabbydoo86 Wraps are healthy on other parts during pregnancy like legs and arms, I'd be more concerned about soda consumption. Nothing natural in that!
tabbydoo86 : There are plenty of "natural" things that aren't good for babies. Honey, anything nut based, seafood, ect. I'm not saying soda is good, but it isnt being put across your nipple and on your breasts while you nurse. I did have SOME soda with Ava, but mostly water because I was, so darn thirsty all the time.
mcdonaldchris76 : @tabbydoo86 I think you're misunderstanding the photo. You can wrap anything. While pregnant, definately not belly or boobs. While breastfeeding, not boobs. Everything else is ok.
mcdonaldchris76 : @tabbydoo86 I put the boob pic because most people don't think about that. They think wraps are just for the belly because there are so many belly pics.
tabbydoo86 : The hash tags say new mom, breastfeeding mom, ect. So I thought these were the breasts of a nursing mother.
mcdonaldchris76 : @tabbydoo86 No. And I talk to each of my customers, so that information is made available to each one.
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@bluebelle16 #tbt #neon #perkyboobs
perkyboobs - neon - tbt -
bluebelle16 : Best perky boobs ever πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
scottclingham : Oioi
rlwkld - bluebelle16 - laurenhwhite - thehappiempire -
Coming very soon @12_tenofficial #stretchveganleather #perkyboobs #quirky @byruvan @irasumbaeva @lillimilli @chalknyc @james_timmins
quirky - perkyboobs - stretchveganleather -
rcrivello - rickycaferacer - ian_a_obrien - kellyryerson -
Trying to feel like this incredible goddess #Sade rather then a very exhausted me 😩
perkyboobs - sade -
interiorskate : God, look at those perky knockers. NO scaffolding either. Youth *sigh
zakeeshariff : @interiorskate yeah I remember those days of my own #perkyboobs!
f_qarau : @zakeeshariff ahhhh the days of #perkyboobs πŸ˜‰
interiorskate : GREAT hashtag! πŸ˜‚ #perkyboobs
no.___ : 😍
maureenstylist - f_qarau - scoutandcokids - pedderwalker -
I'm being goofy but I'm so serious. If I feel fat then that means that I feel like I ate too much. If you feel like I'm too skinny then maybe it's because you're too fat and want the body I have. If I say I want bigger boobs and the people with big boobs say that I shouldn't because of this that and the third just shut up. And if you have an issue with my small boobs I could care less. My man loves them, he'd pass up those thirsty ass 30 year olds with saggy breasts to have my perky ones. I'm done. #perkyboobs #stfu #nooneaskedyou #mybodymyproblem #mybody #latenightthoughts #fatgirlproblems #inshape #envy #jealousy #kissmyarse
latenightthoughts - envy - nooneaskedyou - perkyboobs - kissmyarse - jealousy - mybody - mybodymyproblem - fatgirlproblems - stfu - inshape -
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Do your girls need a lift? Wrap them! #perkyboobs #nosurgery #wrapwrapwrap #loveit
wrapwrapwrap - loveit - nosurgery - perkyboobs -
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#bowling has it's perks
perkyboobs - awholeotherlevelofperky - bowling -
smcdevitt : 😍😍😍
mcrack004 : I'm pretty good at bowling... Just so you know
smcdevitt : Can we just take a second, why the fuck is my boob there?
smcdevitt : It looks like I have a tumor.
sandradeeeeeee : @smcdevitt I seriously just lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ in the middle of an empty gas station #perkyboobs #awholeotherlevelofperky
smcdevitt : That's not even a healthy perk! That's like a seek medical attention perk!
chrisramponi - lino_ls3 - lilmarvmarv -
And the cutest costume award goes to @mccormers #paperdoll #perkyboobs #loveher
perkyboobs - loveher - paperdoll -
mccormers : Love you πŸ‘…
br00ks : Hottest
szromero - pinkem7 - solecuttle - c_adams615 -
BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT, look how perky my boobs are πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ halloween, angel of death vs army zombieπŸŽƒπŸ‘»#death #army #zombie #halloween #perkyboobs
zombie - perkyboobs - death - halloween - army -
wind_water_wave - itzkiingzy - aleexx74 - jaskieran_b -
Sometimes it feels good to disappear from the world . Trust me I'm good at it . βœŒοΈπŸ’€πŸŽ§
j.got.you.wet : So****
dulce_candia : I'm gonna go eat that bitches pussy while she sleeps... She's gonna be a sinner for life and go to hell with me for being a lesbian 😏😈😈😈 @ilovenymphette in gods name πŸ™ AMEN
dulce_candia : @stacia_lov3
sammydee357 : #hi
djgio510 : @ilovenymphette I think you be perfect for the next issue for #SwagMagazineLatino @swagmagazinecaofficial πŸ‘ŒπŸ’― hmu if your interested.
bommie_mommy91 : @chasing_th3_dr3am wow
frankieodinson : Bruh, Te lo digo con orgullo, this girl me deja bobo @demon_wolf91
didit909.vc : πŸ”₯
yungking5280 - _elrusho - magik.swizzle -
Boredom at its best!! Getting my workout together for this afternoon!! #booksmart #research #chestandtriceps #fitgirl #fitness #fitgirlsrock #ilift #iloveit #ijustdoit #addictedtothegym #timetoeat #getyouafitgirl #workoutjunkie #perkyboobs
addictedtothegym - getyouafitgirl - perkyboobs - chestandtriceps - fitgirl - iloveit - ilift - research - workoutjunkie - fitgirlsrock - fitness - ijustdoit - timetoeat - booksmart -
lashonka_24 - shamca_39 - fit_happy_mom - abequigley -
Do you need a lift? Well guess what? These wraps can lift without the surgery! (626) 324-2792 www.WrappingByPatty.com #breastlift #nosurgery #norecovery #nomoresaggyboobs #liftyourboobs #perkyboobs #bodywraps #bodycontouring
bodywraps - perkyboobs - nomoresaggyboobs - breastlift - norecovery - liftyourboobs - nosurgery - bodycontouring -
brownie_lowkz : What if I wanted a bigger dick!? Will it tone it out & lift too!?!? 😱😱
patricia_r_garcia : Lol! 😐 @brownie_lowkz
melissa_morato : ?! 😲
melissa_morato : Lol
melissa_morato : @patricia_r_garcia I was just having this discussion with someone. #MoneySaver
janellandrea : @brownie_lowkz Really.!!😐
patricia_r_garcia : @melissa_morato these wraps are awesome girl!
dangerouslyelektra : @unlistd lol
jmelee385 -
Ok so I have close to 2 yrs til im 30 & want to get as close as possible to my dream body. Might need more time but im going for it!!! Need to start working out & save $$$ to get me the perfect nose, teeth, lips , an actual waist, perky/smaller boobs, skinny,and great skin. Anyone know of good surgeons in NJ/ NY, im all ears...and please only positive & encouraging comments :)
determined - perkyboobs - squats - workout - slim - needsuggestions - diet - breastlift - perfection - stepbystep - dreambody - eyebrowlift - nomoregap - makemyselfhappy - bestversionofme - littlebylittle - nj - closeto30 - workhard - waist - nosejob - plasticsurgery - rhinoplasty - ny - botox - perfectteeth - nyc - skinny - perfectbody - cosmeticsurgery -
clevelandcosmetics : Nice pic!
theeblondebomber : Bernie baby, you are a beautiful, wise, determined women & there is nothing wrong w you! We are our own worst enemies. But if you feel confident & comfortable in your decision to have a little help to reach your goals then I cheer you on! Just do your research! One ?: can I have your old boobs when you get new ones? Yours look better & I'm over mine lol πŸ˜‹
daberniebaby : #closeto30 #dreambody #perfectbody #workout #workhard #makemyselfhappy #bestversionofme #perfectteeth #nomoregap #waist #perfection #skinny #slim #breastlift #perkyboobs #eyebrowlift #needsuggestions #cosmeticsurgery #plasticsurgery #botox #squats #diet #stepbystep #littlebylittle #determined #nj #ny #nyc #nosejob #rhinoplasty
lafamedical : Impressive ❀️😊
cmalyuk : You look great just as you are
daberniebaby : @theeblondebomber Haha go ahead have them lol...eventually when I lose the weight ill go back to being small medium size lol. I never was this size til I gained 60lbs lol. ..so theyre all yours lol
memeclinic : You can only have bliss if you don’t chase it.
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Hi me! #perkyboobs
perkyboobs -
mel_getget - andy1432 - d_keely - mark.fletch -
State fair happenings. Caricature Artist: Jordan πŸ—πŸ•πŸŽ‚πŸͺπŸŒ½πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸšœ #caricature #statefair #omg #perkyboobs
statefair - perkyboobs - caricature - omg -
s_allycat - patattackyeah - gabriellekaanda - sbomalley -
1st pre-op appointment #superswollen #Veryexcited #ilovemynewboobs #bestdecisionever #perkyboobs πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜œπŸ™ˆπŸ‘
bestdecisionever - superswollen - perkyboobs - veryexcited - ilovemynewboobs -
rio_the_aquarian : 😘😘😘 lol @ #perkyboobs
ms_cherice : Lol I love me they are just the perfect perky boobies @rio_the_aquarian 😘
rio_the_aquarian : They are nice πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ make sure they don't become eggs cooked sunny side up hanging on a wall! #preservetheboobies @ms_cherice
chaotic_dimple : ^^πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ms_cherice : Lmao you are so crazy @rio_the_aquarian
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Concluded my first fitness photoshoot with #chromeangels. I #love weightlifting, and I love my team! I've been on this team only 6 months, with coach @manomaymandy & @jamesshook76, my body's symmetry and muscularity has changed so much! I've also cultivated great friendships with like minded women. Excited to get my prints back to showcase all my hard work! #muscle #bodybuilding #bikinicompetitor #girlswholift #guyswholift #gymbunny #fitgirls #fitlife #fitfam #motivation #lovewhatyoudo
bikinicompetitor - swolesister - love - fitfam - gymbunny - chromeangels - lovewhatyoudo - guyswholift - motivation - fitlife - fitgirls - bodybuilding - perkyboobs - muscle - girlswholift -
primautone : Like4like F4F
emilyeliz1 : #swolesisters #angelsfolife #boobies
jamesshook76 : We love you @jenngirau !
jenn_girau : Right back at you @jamesshook76. @emilyeliz1 you know I had to document my #perkyboobs. Lol #swolesister
reincarnatedzyzz : COME AT ME BRO!!!
wiseman_olivia - emilyeliz1 - lenka_loves_fitness - showgirlwebcam -
Godamn, she's a beautiful work of art! No doubt latinas are just mhhm scrumptious from head to toes. Wcw! @eizagonzalez ! #redlips#latina#perkyboobs#perfectface#marryme?!
marryme - perkyboobs - lmao - nostringsattached - 4 - perfectface - latina - redlips - bdp -
staxxsondeck : Nice!
kymbreezy_ : She's hot lmao
elcompamartyr_ : @kymbreezy_ my wife real quick
kymbreezy_ : Nah minezzzz 😍😍😍😜
elcompamartyr_ : @kymbreezy_ sike!
arihssaslays_ : She's bae !
arihssaslays_ : I love her since that one Novela she rised on.
elcompamartyr_ : @arihssa she's pretty baeπŸ’„
mike_bazzano22 - organizerevent - robert_carreraa - _gloriiana -
Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Wonder Woman! So, what's it like for a buxom young woman like yourself fighting crime? You make it seem easy keeping up with the likes of Batman and the Flash. Tell us a bit about it... #wonderwoman #comic #art #cartoon #original #arty #superhero #character #talkshow #host #photoshop #colour #instagood #picoftheday #perkyboobs #lol #funny
photoshop - art - picoftheday - talkshow - host - perkyboobs - wonderwoman - cartoon - funny - superhero - arty - colour - character - lol - instagood - comic - original -
wonder_woman_diana - joelsunday18 - madmysha - vanwormerchristina -
A pretty accurate depiction of our friendship and sister life! #atwoodafterdark #sisters #characiture #laughing #posing #needajob #perkyboobs #lol
perkyboobs - lol - posing - atwoodafterdark - sisters - characiture - needajob - laughing -
raeblue26 : @smileymilee did you read the hasgtags? ;)
smileymilee : @dyra1001 lol yepppp
dejuantheibo : Love it!
joshotb : Sick snap
vileads : Amazing!
raeblue26 : I should clarify... I did not draw this! :)
recklessjean - tabidanielle - trungtran503 - smileymilee -
Tits are always on pointπŸ‘Œ #perkyboobs #pornstartits
pornstartits - perkyboobs -
leeineken : On point
addictedtocashhh : 😍😍
shiboomz : Damn those tits tho 😍😍😍 @clappingcheeks
_demente_ : Kik? Text?
bfam.peso : Can we text ? ☺️
c_low92 : Holy shit the ottomanellis girl
clappingcheeks : Lmao!!! No waaayyyy omggg :') @c_low92
boobiesapproval : I'd love to have you featured on my page sweetheart! Message me love 😘❀️ @clappingcheeks
basedgodonabus - tayyab_h - ricky_slk - 11.lap -
My fake boobs are coming for you!!! Mwahahahahahaha....Old face New tits. Must be LA! :-) #happyhalloween #halloween #hag #faketits #costumes #masks #costumeparties #fancydress #makebelieve #horror #funny #mannequin #wigs #perkyboobs #gayguy #gay #gayman #halloweenhomo #gaychristmas
losangeles - perkyboobs - gay - faketits - makebelieve - horror - halloweenhomo - halloween - costumes - masks - funny - mannequin - gayguy - cosmeticprocedure - gaychristmas - happyhalloween - costumeparties - plasticboobs - hag - fancydress - boobjob - gayman - wigs -
_splendor_ : Lmao
mahula : This is like the old lady from the tub in room 237 in The Shining except all prettied up!
externalvalidation : @mahula yes I will admit on IG that I haven't seen that movie so I don't know the reference :-)
mrstevers : Looks like Eloise IS ready for the 31 Days of Halloween!!
shakatab : You haven't seen the shining?!?!
externalvalidation : @mrstevers she is!!!!!!!
externalvalidation : @shakatab guilty! I don't do horror films.
shakatab : I don't either but that's more like... Disturbing than scary
y3llowb1rd - javierignacio_rt - hardestmanalive - miika57100 -
Rapunzel is finished! She's the first in my series of work that I've dubbed 'Imperfect Princesses'. I've come up with some ridiculous rhymes about our favourite characters and illustrated them. Check out the entire thing on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AkreampuffArt #rapunzel #princesses #pink #poem #preview #photoshop #perkyboobs #picoftheday #instagood #ink #unexpected #imperfect #ImperfectPrincesses #series #original #gamer #hair #disney #digital #blonde #facebook
photoshop - unexpected - perkyboobs - series - digital - hair - imperfectprincesses - facebook - imperfectprincessesseries - ink - imperfect - blonde - pink - poem - original - instagood - rapunzel - princesses - preview - picoftheday - disney - gamer -
akreampuff : #ImperfectPrincessesSeries
julienbmaire : Wow!
akreampuff : Thanks @julienbmaire πŸ˜„
gamingpics_daily - kariineer - cheeseonmynacho - johnandrewdesign -
nobraneeded - gettingthickerbythemin - softsmoothtanskin - mytablettho - perkyboobs - blondie -
richie_rich4sho : Unfollow = Unfollow ✌️✌️✌️✌️
cartertooturnt : Lol kuz, u trin ta get back wit yo B.D , lonely ass ha besides U kno he be havin u on lock lol nd I lost ur #
yocarls : Text ?
chelsea_loves_savannah : Beautiful bod😍
bill.bill : Dm me
wayne_svede : Lmbo. What a cute convo.
priscila_svede : Lol @wayne_svede
priscila_svede : see he knows you be having me on lock @wayne_svede
jennifer.mendoza.7121 - jovani_garcia21 - bill.bill - bossette19 -
Another Princess Preview! I've decided to complete this series digitally. This still has a way to go, but it's getting there! #rapunzel #photoshop #digital #disney #princesses #preview #art #original #cartoon #poem #instagood #ink #pink #gold #yellow #picoftheday #perkyboobs #lol #blonde #twist #unexpected πŸ‘Έ
photoshop - unexpected - art - picoftheday - gold - princesses - yellow - twist - imperfectprincessesseries - ink - perkyboobs - blonde - cartoon - pink - poem - lol - instagood - rapunzel - digital - preview - original - disney -
akreampuff : #ImperfectPrincessesSeries
jilgabsschon - joeykam95 - flakey1986 - guru5050 -
I hope thats true! #nonsmoker #babylungs #perkyboobs #truf
truf - perkyboobs - babylungs - nonsmoker -
urfiltersucks : @captnx no i live down in LA now πŸ˜’
captnx : @urfiltersucks aww lame!! Who's ganna show me around the city now??!
johnevanhemingway : Ewwwwwwww. Smokers πŸ˜’
jdemonaco : Since quitting, I've noticed that mine are perkier!
urfiltersucks : ^ so its true!
urfiltersucks : @captnx im sorry 😫😫😫😫
vanessa__rivas : @e.rojass @rubs_15 😳
e.rojass : Hahahha @vanessa__rivas
the_number_a - captnx - sam_chella - willmosh4food -
Isn't this amazing?! You can achieve this using our highlight and contour collection! To shop click link on my bio and check how you can save in our collections! #3Dfiberlashmascara #amazing #younique #youwillloveit #ido #perkyboobs #contour #higlight
perkyboobs - youwillloveit - ido - amazing - 3dfiberlashmascara - higlight - younique - contour -
beautybydrios : @vee.xxo lmao! I shall see! If u go to school all next week then maybe!
beautybydrios : @vee.xxo and by that I mean all 40 hours lol
xo.sabi : I will! I need my hours. I need to get on it πŸ’ͺ I need to stock up on coffee to surviveβ˜•πŸ˜©
beautybydrios : @vee.xxo we can do it!! We should have our own little coffee maker in our locker Hahahaha
chelyylopezz : Look ! πŸ˜‚ no surgery just make up πŸ˜‚ lol it does miracles! Hahaha @yo_boyomar
itsmaritzaaaav : @jessi_olvera you could finally have boobs !! πŸ™Œ
jessi_olvera : Bitch you act like you have big boobs!!! Lol you're all flat everything!!! 😝 with your pancake ass and pepperoni nipples!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @itsmaritzaaaav
elenasxn : @lissettesanchez21
clappingcheeks - natalkaa7 - tiffybabyloverbug - la_guerita_tejanita -
#wcw goes out to @meghanleeprins she's too great! #perkyboobs #lol
perkyboobs - lol - wcw -
cassimmusaddiq - nicolejohannisen - brandan_weitz - kristovermeyer -
@foodandfitgirl says good morning and good day to all of us with her perky girls! @foodandfitgirl #perkyboobs #tanktop #workout #fitgirl #gym #fitness #healthy #fitspo #iloveboobies #jug_life #selfie #blond #fakeys #fakies #zootwitties #babes #hooters #bikini #yogapants #girls #bhof #tittiez #tigbitties #flbp #lbib #fit #hottie #becauseboobs
workout - perkyboobs - fitspo - fitgirl - selfie - lbib - tanktop - hottie - yogapants - blond - jug_life - becauseboobs - babes - flbp - fakies - fit - tittiez - girls - bhof - hooters - healthy - bikini - iloveboobies - fakeys - zootwitties - fitness - tigbitties - gym -
mandakrstn : @de_anna88 yes. πŸ‘Œ
kelsseyyy : @angelnicolelove @laurenelizabethsimone
ericballesteros : Those nips ;)
ilikeoldstuff : @cullenwolf
__machh__ : @just_abbyyy dat you😍😍 lmaoo -Anthony
princess_abbyzz : @__machh__ yes how did u no 😞😞
hareiir03 : @paktismorretti this is why yo mama dont let you wear tanks
brookyln21 : Sexy titties
robledojose171 - otter___otter___otter - ryan.warrick7777 - tyreseevo123 -
Love these wraps! Lift them girls up! 😁 They are a lot better than surgery. 😱 Ouch!!! #naturalift #perkyboobs #bodywraps #detox #salon #hairskinnails #itworks #wrapitup βœ…www.wrapsbytiffanybrown.com
bodywraps - perkyboobs - wrapitup - naturalift - salon - hairskinnails - detox - itworks -
nycbizops : :)
wrapsbytiffanybrown : @mamacorbs you back yet so we can get together?!? πŸ‘Š
mamacorbs : Ugh! Not till the 27th. Lord give me strength!
wrapsbytiffanybrown : Hang in there Chica!! Don't wrap btw till you get home!! When you be back?
wrapsbytiffanybrown : 27th😜
wrapsbytiffanybrown : K we are getting together so mark it down!πŸ‘
trusweat - lucky_money_forever - mztrese84 - mamacorbs -
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