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"They are like pack animals," Erik Selvig noted, appearing from behind a door, giving them all a court nod. Bejamin Pollack followed him, hand moving across the surface of a tablet as he walked. "We've watched their behavior. Although they seem to be able to act alone, there is always another mecha near by. They protect each other and are careful not to be caught by us. In a few instances we've actually won because they backed off." "Yet they always come back," Steve noted. "They don't take risks, knowing they can overthrow us later," Bruce mused unhappily. "They have the time to wait. We don't; we're losing ground, losing too many people and we can't protect those who can't fight." A note of desperation rang in his voice. "We will find a way together," Thor assured them all. He introduced Lady Sif and the Warriors Three to everyone. Although the Asgardians looked completely alien standing in the middle of a high-tech lab, Steve was willing to welcome them all. Even Loki, he supposed, although that would take a bit more work. James Rhodes walked in a moment later, free of the suit. After West Coast was overwhelmed by enemies, Fury had enlisted him, convincing the Air Force and Rhodes that he could help S.H.I.E.L.D. and Avengers more. "Fury wants to see us," he noted. Bruce sighed, putting away his current project. Selvig and Pollack followed them to the bridge, the Asgardians looking around in mild wonder – well, all save for Thor and Loki who had already seen it all. They entered the bridge and a female voice called out: "Rhodey!" Pepper Potts pushed her way through to them and briefly hugged Rhodes. He embraced her back – something people did a lot these days, knowing every time could be the last. "I heard you went to New York," she said. Rhodes nodded. "The Tower was still standing," he replied, clearly speaking of the Stark Tower.
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🌟 🌟 🌟 .º . . º º ° ♥ Every time I look into this mans eyes I see something that no one does. A deep soul that only he shows me. A cocky reflection to the pain inside. A candor remark to back away from the fight. Loyalty that will defy the gods to protect my heart. I see you Tony Stark, just as you see me. º ° ° ♥ º []
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The house sat nestled in a quiet community in Connecticut, the beach cove was private. Private enough that the nearest house was a few miles in either direction.  With the crashing of the waves and the exclusive residents the man who now owned the house felt confident, maybe a bit too confident. He watched the waves crashing against the shore, closing his eyes, he tried to hear them from the sound proof windows...nothing but silence. One of the many upgrades on the house. To prevent against erosion was the excuse, but more so for silence and silence to the outside world. Turning from the window a guard stood at the door "Yes, what is it?" irritation at the sight of the guards, he didn't like to be disturbed by them. He preferred his man Luke to do these tasks, less involvement with the bugs the better. "Sir, Miss Potts is in her room. Would you like us to bring her anything?" he shifted a bit at the words-Pepper, Ms Potts. At least the bug was respectful. The guard watched his employer knowing how volatile he could be at any given second. "No. Where is Luke?" waving a dismissal hand and the guard "Luke is collecting the items from the list as requested, he should..." the guard stopped talking as a very tall man with pale skin pushed passed him "I have all you require" turning to the guard "you are dismissed." Luke was direct, leaving the guard no room to talk as he close the door. º [] . º Snuggled beneath a blanket, her arms stretching out as she yawned. Her wrists burned from the bindings as she rubbed them. Her fingers curling over the red marks as her eyes adjusted to the room around her "Where am..." then she stopped talking as the days events unfolded. Sitting up she looked at her surroundings, dresser, bed, window. She also noticed she wasn't in the same clothes, her mind racing. She was now in a loose cut blouse and a pair of yoga pants. As soon as Pepper sat up, her head spun. The drugs in her system now making her sick as she reached for the trashcan.
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Bruce looked up, his eyes a little red. "Yes and no," he replied. "Good news is that Thor arrived today with backup." ⠀ Steve halted, surprise and relief flooding him. "Yeah?" ⠀ Bruce nodded. "They appeared in NYC, Rhodey went to pick them up before they get trampled by one of the mecha we've sighted in the area." ⠀ "Perhaps Thor has it in him to take one of them down." ⠀ "Unfortunately not, my friend," a familiar voice boomed from behind them and Thor strode in, catching Steve into a mighty hug. ⠀ Steve held him back for a moment, dismissing his protesting body. Behind Thor were gathered a woman and three men that Steve had only seen on file – and Loki. He pulled back once he spotted their enemy but knew better than to question it; knowing Thor, he was attempting to let his brother redeem himself. As long as Loki didn't work against them, Steve would allow him to stand with them. If not… the Hulk could finish him off this time. ⠀ "You fought a mecha?" Steve asked, returning to the previous topic. ⠀ "If that is what you call that giant metal creature," Thor nodded. "It seemed most resistant against our attacks." He sounded almost like a child whose game had been foiled by someone stronger than himself. ⠀ "We still haven't cracked the surface barrier," Bruce spoke up. ⠀ "It seems to adapt very quickly," Loki agreed. ⠀ There was a brief, tense silence before Bruce nodded. "Yes, it does. All of our energy-based weapons are useless and actually feed it. That charge is then used against us – in worst case scenario released all at once and decimating everything around the mecha." He tapped his screen and brought up an image from what used to be a city in Germany. "Inside its advanced mechanics, whatever we've gotten to see of it. So far we haven't been able to get a specimen because regardless of the damages, they've always walked away – or if unable, another mecha is always at the ready to show up and defend the injured one."
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When he was first brought to a Helicarrier, Steve had never thought to ask whether there was more than one. On the brink of this war he had come to understand just how many weapons S.H.I.E.L.D. had at its disposal. The Helicarriers were spread around the world, serving as highly sheltered bases of operation, remaining in the air and undetected by their enemies. The largest served as Fury's own, more reclusive and hidden than the others which meant hours of maneuvering as they tried to arrive to it without being found out by possible alien spies. Once there, Steve found the other Avengers were already present. They had fought together and separately depending on the situation on the last few weeks. Clint and Natasha had provided some great recon on the movements of the Chitauri but the mecha still eluded them all; whoever controlled them was harder to track and much more difficult to anticipate. They had just tried to ambush one a few days ago and Steve wasn't sure if he could ever scrub the dirt and dried blood from his skin; when the call to back off had finally been given, there weren't many left to return home and the mecha was still moving, although with a limp. "Tell me you've found something," Steve asked as he walked into the lab where Bruce was currently seated, looking like he hadn't slept in months; he clearly didn't have enough time to recuperate from his transformations into the Hulk, or to heal the injuries even the beast had sustained trying to destroy the mecha. By far the Hulk had been the only one to actually make a dent and give the rest of them an opening to strike, although it always came with a cost.
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. × I like that he said nothing. Pepper was so scared and Tony was like: eh nothing... He just trusts her so much. He knew that everything will be okay. × #RobertDowneyJr #TonyStark #IronMan #rdj #Avengers #avengers_heroes #Marvel #PepperPotts #GwynethPaltrow #Pepperony
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Thor nodded slowly. "Your armor is…" ⠀ "One of Tony's," came a quick slash of a reply. "He… gave it to me. Sort of." ⠀ Loki was regarding War Machine with curiosity. "You knew him. Stark." ⠀ "He was my friend," War Machine admitted. ⠀ "I grieve his loss with you," Thor offered. "He was a good man." ⠀ "You didn't know him. But… Yeah, I guess he was." The subject seemed to trouble their new friend and he turned away slightly. "We have a bit to go on foot. We have to be careful not to lead any enemies back to base." ⠀ "Lead the way, War Machine," Thor nodded. ⠀ The glowing red eyes looked at them again as if there was something he wanted to ask. "You are… really not from around here," War Machine stated. ⠀ Thor chuckled. "Nay, my friend, but we are here to help." ⠀ "Him, too?" an armored finger pointed at Loki and the edge was back. ⠀ Loki's face froze slightly. "I would have rather stayed back home," he replied. "I wasn't given what you might call a 'choice' in the matter." ⠀ "Well, you might just wish you had actually stayed at home," War Machine noted. "Some people won't be happy to see you." ⠀ "Loki may be able to help us," Sif said surprisingly. "His magic might be able to damage those mechanic creatures." ⠀ That seemed to be enough for War Machine to actually consider the idea. He turned away again, then rotated back and looked them over once more. "Are you all feeling well?" ⠀ "Yes, why?" Volstagg asked defensively. ⠀ "Well… there are lingering amounts of radiation in the air due to a nuclear meltdown in the area. None of you seem particularly affected." ⠀ Thor exchanged looks with his friends then returned to War Machine. "I'm not sure I understand. Is that why the air smells so strange?" ⠀ He wasn't sure but perhaps War Machine chuckled. "Okay, you're really not from around here… This way," he then motioned and began to walk ahead of them into the trees.
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♛ I need a movie dedicated to just these two people like I don't care if they're in Stark Tower going out and about with their daily lives I just want a movie with them oh and a lot of steam shower scenes yes oh yes - I'm watching The Winter Soldier again YASSS #ROMANOGERS5EVAHH - I baked brownies and cookies today yasss - today I bought DOFP & TWS to add to my Marvel movie collection 😍👏 - goodnight! 🌙 - - #pepperony #otp #pepperpotts #tonystark #rdj #robertdowneyjr #gwynethpaltrow
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I love how she started going to "work" in casual clothing. They're so cute, damn it! ' #Pepperony #TonyStark #PepperPotts #RobertDowneyJr #GwenythPaltrow #StarkTower #IronMan #Avenger #Marvel #Comics #OTP #PhilCoulson #AgentCoulson #SHIELD
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I really want to do avengers nails but I don't have the time and my dad won't let us use the nail polish remover unless he or my mom is in the room because he thinks we're getting it on the carpet and towels but how?? {#tumblr #tumblrtextpost #tumblrtextposts #textpost #avengers #marvel #ironman #tonystark #rdj #pepperpotts #pepperony}
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