One amazing artist known as @jessiehearttattoo. Prismacolor pencils on strathmore artagain paper. #portrait #prismacolor #realism #realistic #color #colorbomb #colorpencils #colorrealism #colorportrait #prismacolorpencils #pencilportrait #pencils #peopleofinstagramportraits #peopleofinstagram #strathmoreartagain #starthmore #artagain #artsaves #girlswithtattoos #thatonetimeimetyouinhellpaso #tattooer #tattooedwoman #thanksforlooking #ism #ismstudios
pencilportrait - color - colorbomb - tattooer - peopleofinstagramportraits - colorportrait - colorpencils - strathmoreartagain - thatonetimeimetyouinhellpaso - portrait - peopleofinstagram - ismstudios - pencils - artsaves - colorrealism - prismacolor - artagain - realistic - prismacolorpencils - ism - girlswithtattoos - thanksforlooking - starthmore - realism - tattooedwoman -
jeeezjohn : Awesome :)
bioorganic : @jeeezjohn thanks much!!
jessiehearttattoo : #fistpump
meameamonster : Sweet! It looks great(= I don't have the patience for pencils haha
monster_in_your_dreams : You are incredible at portraits
bioorganic : @monster_in_your_dreams thank you :)
bioorganic : @inkd4lifemag
bioorganic - angelsilva1984 - bridget_punsalang - dj_aykixx_ -
#Prismacolor #pencil portrait I did of @tattooed_girly .... Let me know what you think! #pencils #pencilportrait #peopleofinstagramportraits #colorpencils #color #colorrealism #realism #strathmoreartagain #artagain #ism #ismstudios #face #thanksforlooking
pencilportrait - pencil - colorrealism - pencils - color - prismacolor - peopleofinstagramportraits - artagain - face - colorpencils - strathmoreartagain - ism - thanksforlooking - ismstudios - realism -
cockshnoz : Does she got a booty doe?
jennismash : Beautiful!
bobafetus : Wow.
meameamonster : Fantastic work!
tattooed_girly : @cockshnoz bootylicious!! πŸ˜‚
shotsy123 : Beautiful !!!
the_doodling_cat : Amazing!
bioorganic : @inkd4lifemag
kidcalhoun - roxczer - the_doodling_cat - jeremiah_ismstudios -
46 hours with #prismacolor #pencils and #strathmoreartagain paper! @amynicolettotattoo portrait .... #peopleofinstagramportraits #color #colorpencils #colorrealism #face #tattooer #tattooedwoman #blackpencilkiller
pencils - colorrealism - prismacolor - color - tattooer - peopleofinstagramportraits - face - colorpencils - strathmoreartagain - blackpencilkiller - tattooedwoman -
zanderthorn : :)
bioorganic : @chadrees_art thanks! I plan to do one of Jessie too eventually
only1kimberland : Tight! I knew that was Amy instantly! Nice work!
bioorganic : @only1kimberland thank you so much! I really appreciate it coming from you ☺️ I love your work πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜
only1kimberland : Awe! I love your work too!! Wish I could do what you do! People always ask me if I will move to tattooing, but they don't realize it's such a different medium and skill set! Kudos! 😘
gentlemanvick : Wow
bioorganic : @gentlemanvick thanks man!!
bioorganic : @inkd4lifemag
bioorganic - tpitsos - heavyblackstudios - killbot3031 -
I think I'll call this my stopping point for the weekend. #Prismacolor #pencils on #strathmoreartagain paper #peopleofinstagramportraits #wip #color #colorrealism #portrait #thanksforlooking
pencils - colorrealism - color - prismacolor - peopleofinstagramportraits - strathmoreartagain - wip - portrait - thanksforlooking -
catalina.velasquez : Really good
cesarcastroart : Dope worx
nysstention : This is so amazing!!
bettiebloodlust : Beautiful!
rwfeldmann : Ditto on the beautiful.
bioorganic : @nysstention @rwfeldmann @cesarcastro11 @catalina_velasquez_ thanks much all! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘
magenta_marie : I love this girl!!!!
magenta_marie : @elizabethbtattoos !!!
jessejaneforever - aarongilestattoo - murphyjurphy - happy_little_panda -
Instexcusion with @top_kat
instahub - igersdarwin - peopleofinstagramportraits - eastpointreserve - instagood - sand - photoregion - portrait - peopleofinstagram - beach - instagramhub - instaterritory -
fabfloflo : #peopleofinstagram #portrait #peopleofinstagramportraits #photoregion #beach #sand #igersdarwin #instaterritory #instaterritory #instagood #eastpointreserve
top_kat : Great fun it was, too! @fabfloflo
fabfloflo : #instahub #instagramhub
imagensimpressionantes - stouton - faustocuevas_ -
I did this awhile ago, follow @hushabby .... Amazing tattooer and artist all together. Also @willjgonzalez I stressed the fuck out trying to draw her head piece hahaha .... #prisma #prismas #prismacolor #prismacolorpencils #colorpencils #color #portrait #peopleofinstagramportraits#strathmore #strathmoreartagain #artsaves #nofilter #norestforthewicked
120likes - prisma - artsaves - strathmore - color - prismacolor - peopleofinstagramportraits - norestforthewicked - colorpencils - strathmoreartagain - prismacolorpencils - worldofpencils - 100likes - prismas - portrait - nofilter -
artabove : Looks awesome man !
bioorganic : @artabove thanks much duder πŸ‘πŸ‘
theinkedlife : πŸ‘πŸ‘
bioorganic : @theinkedlife thank you good sir!!
bioorganic : #100likes
bioorganic : @_art_world_
bioorganic : #worldofpencils
bioorganic : #120likes
_wcfrye_ - pretty_in_ink_spfx - lizzy_vann_art -
Finished @tattooed_girly portrait! Needs a frame and it's all complete! #peopleofinstagramportraits#portrait #colorportrait #prismacolor #prismacolors #colorpencils #color #art #instaportrait #instacolor #artsaves #instagram #instagramers989 #ig #989 #nofilter
instaportrait - 989 - art - instagram - color - instacolor - peopleofinstagramportraits - colorpencils - portrait - prismacolors - ig - artsaves - prismacolor - colorportrait - instagramers989 - nofilter -
kbradley1284 : Amazing job!
bioorganic : @kbradley1284 thank you πŸ˜πŸ‘
bobafetus - nysstention - xxxred_pandaxxx -
Finished for the night πŸ‘ #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #prismacolor #prismacolors #pencils #coloredpencils #colorportrait #art #artsaves #ig #instagram #instagramers989 #989 #instaportraits
pencils - artsaves - art - instagram - prismacolor - peopleofinstagramportraits - colorportrait - coloredpencils - instagramers989 - 989 - instaportraits - portrait - 50likes - prismacolors - ig -
xlizzombiex : I need mine still! I keep forgeting about t
darth_spawn : Nice!!
bioorganic : @hushabby you were the new beginning of me doing portraits. People of instagram portraits started because of inspiration to draw you. So I feel it to be important to ask you as I move into color, what do you think?
abbyhumeart : @bioorganic :) and a great portrait it is. I was actually going to tell you earlier your work is looking real fucken good... How u like the paper? Night an day difference right?
bioorganic : @hushabby extremely night and day... I more than likely wont start any new prisma works on anything else now haha. Thank you for telling me the kind of paper to look for too. And thank you so very much!! It means a lot to me that you say my work looks good :) you'll be seeing more for sure.
bioorganic : #50likes
summercopeland : @bioorganic what paper is it??
bioorganic : @summercopeland it's called strathmore art again
artbyv - sharpreload - chrsmoreau -
"A boy and his yoda" this is still my favorite picture ive saw from instagram & it belongs to @meganzii it's her boy 😊 #finish #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #pencils #art #artsaves #boy #child #yoda #starwars #aboyandhisyoda #ig #nofilter #blackandgrey #greyscale #portraitstudy #toolongforgottenart
starwars - finish - art - boy - blackandgrey - completed - peopleofinstagramportraits - finished - done - child - portrait - yoda - ig - pencils - 30likes - artsaves - portraitstudy - toolongforgottenart - 40likes - aboyandhisyoda - greyscale - nofilter -
bioorganic : #finished #completed #done
bioorganic : #30likes
meganzii : Awwww 😍 I love it. My sweet boy! 😊 Thanks so much for taking the the time to draw this 😘
bioorganic : #40likes
bobafetus - juantitobandito - jedirealness - mad_phoenix -
Such a small sitting on this you may not see the progress #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #boy #yoda #blackandgrey #pencils #art #nofilter #ig @meganzii
pencils - art - boy - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - portrait - nofilter - yoda - ig -
meganzii : Hey there! :) πŸ˜ƒ
bioorganic : @meganzii hey there back!! I miss you!! Stop being a stranger girl πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
meganzii : I know, I've been slacking!! Don't worry, I still think you're awesome! 😁
bobafetus - sarah_problem - vintagestarwars -
Sorry!! Now I'm done. I noticed a piece around the eye & cheek I over looked haha #peopleofinstagramportraits #pencilportrait #portrait
pencilportrait - artsaves - art - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - face - faces - portrait - nofilter - ig -
citizen_kanye : this is so great I'm really impressed! 😍
brushesofdoom : Thanks man alot of people don't take advice well, but all of my success with portraits and so forth comes criticism and advice. But looks really good but never forget to add your blacks and sub shades of black to do your depth in the face and also with the face take your time to add in small wrinkles and freckles. Finish with a white charcoal pencil and bam it makes a world of difference. Also try different types of paper to see the many types of contrast and textures. All an all kudos man, kudos :)
brushesofdoom : Comes from *
bioorganic : @beautifullosers thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒβœŒ
bioorganic : @xondrums I've tried a white
bioorganic : Charcoal pencil before, I never like the way it looked however I haven't change my paper up in awhile. My paper may be the thing preventing me from liking the white highlight with charcoal. Thanks duder πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
brushesofdoom : No problem i do charcoal, pencil in .5 and .7 , water color , prisma and now oils and really true black is charcoal but look up a few different types of paper and you'll find your sweet spot. Find me on facebook sometime I have much more on there and always like to meet new artists.
darth_spawn : It's adorable!
oxamberxo - sandi_gee - briiianna809 - meggmack -
One more session and this will be finished πŸ‘πŸ‘ #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #progress #notfinished #pencils #blackandgrey #nofilter #art #faces #children #ig @jammymanlow the paper its on I 12in x 8in so the picture itself is like 6.5in x 10in roughly
pencils - art - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - progress - ig - faces - portrait - 50likes - nofilter - children - notfinished -
chrsmoreau : That's awesome.
girllee_01 : Wow!
_rattlehead_ : @66888je55e46993 this further proves my point...
_je555e_ : @t9_exp not even
bioorganic : #50likes
timbeaux69 - marionfarquhar - amil642 - blahlouise -
#peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #blackandgrey #pencils #boy #face #art #progress #notfinished #nofilter #ig @jammymanlow I hope you don't mind I tag you in these 😁
boy - art - pencils - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - face - ig - progress - portrait - nofilter - notfinished -
jflex : Love it man!
jflex : Ever sketch a bear? Cartooney? Interested in some work, hit me up.
jflex : Jflex duh...
bioorganic : Lol!! I don't think I have but I would welcome the opportunity to πŸ‘ @jflex
jflex : Awesome. Just need some line work, shouldn't be too bad!
girllee_01 : Where r u from?
laurabanasiak : as always...amazing work, mister! :)
alcazararte - laurabanasiak - rhinoarts - ashmeister -
Now we're starting to see #someone 😁 #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #blackandgrey #pencils #ig #nofilter @jammymanlow
pencils - someone - portrait - blackandgrey - nofilter - peopleofinstagramportraits - ig -
bioorganic : Thanks!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ @maclakey
chrsmoreau : Looking great.
purplecupcakekey : Lookin good so far man! It's cool to see other peoples work besides mine.
bioorganic : @chrsmoreau @tasha2411 thank you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒβœŒ
_rattlehead_ - dago13 - acephotoonline -
And so it begins πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #progress #blackandgrey #commissioned #ig #art for a Mr. @jammymanlow πŸ‘
art - portrait - progress - commissioned - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - ig -
bioorganic : @captain_purp thanks duder πŸ‘ŒβœŒ
bioorganic : thank you, for the compliment an the opportunity to work on a great photo! πŸ‘πŸ‘ Will do duder @jammymanlow
darthvixen - kissydoral - fonzoty - tribute4433 -
#peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #blackandgrey #yoda #child #art #pencils #ig #nofilter #progress @meganzii check it out so far 😊😊
pencils - art - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - progress - child - portrait - nofilter - yoda - ig -
elizabethjayne : Yay! This makes me so happy.
meganzii : I might burst. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ
girllee_01 : Amazing
bioorganic : @meganzii lol!! @girllee_01 thank you 😊
girlytattoos : Your portraits are really nice. I'm beginning to want one. 😲
bioorganic : @jammymanlow do you have a KIK account? It would make talkin to you easier πŸ‘πŸ‘
bioorganic : @girlytattoos thank you 😊 I'm really liking the artwork your doin for our trade 😍
bioorganic : @jammymanlow awesome! That would be better to talk to you instead of through instagram. It's Bioorganic haha
mblarsen - iamthor - hell_ika - your_wan -
#peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #drawing @meganzii
portrait - peopleofinstagramportraits - drawing -
meganzii : 😍😍😍
hell_ika - jabbabird -
Done!! #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #pencilportrait #pencils #blackandgrey #blackandgreyportrait #art #ig #instagram
pencilportrait - pencils - instagramartist - art - instagram - artist - blackandgrey - blackandgreyportrait - peopleofinstagramportraits - portrait - 50likes - ig -
cockshnoz : Im just trying to find the right picture bro
bioorganic : @grenadesathands YES!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
bioorganic : @lethalxxxlorelei
lethalxxxlorelei : Geeeeeez. <3
bioorganic : @lethalxxxlorelei 😏✌
lethalxxxlorelei : Fyi, showing everyone at the bar rite now.
bioorganic : @lethalxxxlorelei nice 😊 what do they think?
bioorganic : #50likes
brittanycutthroat - lethalxxxlorelei - zombiegrly -
I got a lot done since the last post tonight πŸ‘Œ #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #ig #instaportrait #art #blackandgrey #pencils #progress
instaportrait - art - pencils - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - progress - portrait - ig -
chrsmoreau : Looking great bro.
linkielueville : Your portraits are so good they look 3D!!!
bioorganic : @chrsmoreau thanks duder!! @linkielueville thank you so much 😊 I definitely try my hardest to get them that way πŸ‘ŒβœŒπŸ‘
bioorganic : @lethalxxxlorelei πŸ‘†
bobafetus - drkessler - painterly - joemotor -
Fast fertig πŸ‘ #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #ig #instaportrait I'm seriously loving the eyes, thats what drew me to do this in the first place. Haha "drew" but seriously I can't believe I did that.
portrait - peopleofinstagramportraits - ig - instaportrait -
chrsmoreau : Sweet.
bioorganic : @chrsmoreau thanks!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
bioorganic : @lethalxxxlorelei πŸ‘†
ashmeister - mr_lollipop_penguin -
Haha!! I'm a smart mother fucker to come up with this lol!! #peopleofinstagramportraits
peopleofinstagramportraits -
jflex : Siic bro
bioorganic : @jflex @maclakey thanks!!
xlizzombiex : @bioorganic I'm so happy with it nick!! πŸ’‹πŸ˜
bioorganic : @jessiicanicole haha, I'm just a guy in Saginaw, MI βœŒπŸ‘Œ
vintagestarwars : You are extremely talented! The Force Is Strong With You!!!
iamfranklinsmith : ....which one is the drawing?!
lil_steventattoos : Legit homie!!
girllee_01 : Damn!looks like the pic with a
brittanycutthroat - lsylvanas - staley -
#done!! #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #pencils #blackandgrey #sketch #art #ig #finished #face #woman @xlizzombiex check it out 😊
pencils - sketch - woman - art - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - face - finished - 40likes - done - portrait - ig -
meganzii : Awwww yay!!! I love that picture of him too. He loves his Yoda. Kid has good taste. πŸ˜ƒ You're seriously so talented and I promise I'm not just kissing your ass ;)
bioorganic : @xlizzombiex of course 😊 when I can send it i'l let you know πŸ‘Œ
bioorganic : @meganzii never thought that at all 😁😁
meganzii : 😊😊
bioorganic : @jessiicanicole no problem ☺
girllee_01 : Wow
bioorganic : #40likes
xlizzombiex : @bioorganic I still haven't recieved this from you but I thought it might been misplaced which its all goodβ™‘ I still love all your portraits β™‘β™‘
roboticsince85 - music7750 - christopher31150 -
I love when I can rock a set of #eyes out, makes me feel like I'm doing something right for once πŸ‘ #inspired #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait
portrait - eyes - peopleofinstagramportraits - inspired -
kissydoral : Did you get my email?!
bioorganic : @kissydoral yes I did! Sorry I havnt sent tour portrait yet. I should be able to send it tommorrow morning 😁
bioorganic : @yoda1022 thank You!!
girllee_01 : Nice
bioorganic : @kissydoral ok it'll go out on weds cuz I forgot my sketchbook at the shop & my day off is weds 😁
kissydoral : Yippy!!! I'm so excited!!
kristainwonderland : These are great! You are much better than me! 😁😊
bioorganic : @lethalxxxlorelei πŸ‘†
marionfarquhar - girllee_01 - chipdip55 - kissydoral -
Ok I should really work on my sketch a day. Not really a #peopleofinstagramportraits but I'm saying it is cuz I wanna group it with them πŸ‘ #inspired #ig #nofilter #progress
progress - inspired - nofilter - peopleofinstagramportraits - ig -
bioorganic : @lethalxxxlorelei πŸ‘†
_rattlehead_ - rumplehateskin - bettiebloodlust - oxamberxo -
Cause I can πŸ’‘#inspired #peopleofinstagramportraits
inspired - peopleofinstagramportraits -
bioorganic : @lethalxxxlorelei πŸ‘†
lethalxxxlorelei : #flattered
abbyhumeart - spinink - hell_ika -
I'm at a good stopping point for this session πŸ‘ #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #progress #ig
notfinished - progress - portrait - nofilter - peopleofinstagramportraits - ig -
bioorganic : #nofilter #notfinished @xlizzombiex
bioorganic : @yoda1022 thanks!! I'll probably be posting a finishe picture in a couple days πŸ‘ŒβœŒ
xlizzombiex : I showed the hub and he's it's awesome nick!!! @bioorganic
iamfranklinsmith : Holy jizz!
itsantmun : Very talented!
andi_norona : It's coming out amazing!!
bioorganic : @thinebestest Lol!! Thanks! @itsantmun @andis_view thank you so much!! πŸ‘ŒβœŒπŸ‘πŸ˜
hell_ika : that looks really awesome!
bettiebloodlust - nerdyartist - emileebrought - mr_lollipop_penguin -
#peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #blackandgrey #pencils #art @xlizzombiex
pencils - art - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - portrait - inprogress - nofilter - notfinished -
xlizzombiex : Squeal!!!!!πŸ’€πŸ‘πŸ’œ it looks awesome so far! Thank you nick @bioorganic
bioorganic : @xlizzombiex sweet! I'm happy you like it do far ☺
bioorganic : #nofilter #inprogress #notfinished
newnoise1024 : Damn that's impressive.
bioorganic : @newnoise1024 thanks duder!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
newnoise1024 : If you ever want to draw a duder, let me know lol.
kissydoral - fonzoty - leoawesome -
#Portrait time & green jasmine tea for my hellfire burning throat. #peopleofinstagramportraits #art #drawing #blackandgrey #pencils
pencils - art - portrait - blackandgrey - lightninhopkins - peopleofinstagramportraits - drawing -
bioorganic : Listening to some #lightninhopkins as well. 🎢
artabove : Tea rules!
hell_ika : pretty.
xlizzombiex : Ahhh I'm counting down the days!! Are you going to add my red highlights nick πŸ’‹πŸ˜œ @bioorganic
bioorganic : Haha, there won't be red cuz I'm using grafite pencils & they done like to mix well with prismas or watercolors well. It'll be rendered in black & grey like my other portraits πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ I hope you'll still enjoy it tho @xlizzombiex
xlizzombiex : @bioorganic Nick!! I'll love it no matter what you do to it! I'm still flattered you're drawing meπŸ’‹πŸ˜
nerdyartist - rylynintardis - jflex - tribute4433 -
Done!! #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #blackandgrey #pencils #art #female #face #ig #instagram @kissydoral well, what do you think? ☺
pencils - art - instagram - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - face - 40likes - female - portrait - nofilter - ig -
tikiblue0711 : @bioorganic awesome always!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
meganzii : I want one!!
kissydoral : Can I have it?!?!?!
bioorganic : @kissydoral sure just send me your address to my email. & I can send it to you as soon as I can 😊
vegan.princess : I totally want one done! Awesome work!
bioorganic : @bronnarae thank you😊 I'm still catching up on ones that I've been asked to do. When I'm ready to take on more I post a pic about it. So definitely keep an eye out for further updates 😊 thank you for your interest in the portraits πŸ‘πŸ‘
bioorganic : #40likes
elizabethjayne : Your portraits are fantastic, I'd love to have one done of the photo I've used as my profile picture. I'll have to follow you to see when you can do more :)
artbyv - jeica - emileebrought - iamshultz -
I am fucking proud of that!! That's TE most detail in lips I've ever tried to recreate!! #fuckyes! #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #blackandgrey #ig
portrait - peopleofinstagramportraits - fuckyes - ig - blackandgrey -
xlizzombiex : Looks amazing πŸ˜„
bioorganic : @xlizzombiex thank you ☺
xlizzombiex : Your welcome doll!
bioorganic : @yoda1022 thanks!!
_rattlehead_ : Great fuckin' job boss! Definitely somethin' to be proud of.
hell_ika : looks excellent.
bioorganic : @t9_exp I amazing myself all the time, I step back from a work & I'm thinking, I did that? Really? Haha
bioorganic : @hell_ika thank you 😊✌
your_wan - tattoojay - tribute4433 -
Think I'm going to call this session good for tonight πŸ‘Œ #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #pencils #drawing #art #blackandgrey #progress @kissydoral made a bit of progress on it πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
pencils - art - progress - portrait - blackandgrey - nofilter - peopleofinstagramportraits - drawing -
bioorganic : #nofilter
bioorganic : @maclakey thanks duder!
bioorganic : @maclakey it's easy, shade with your pencils soft & even, blend Evelyn with your blending stump things. You'll need a lot of sandpaper to refresh your stumps & a lot of blending stumps cuz they go fast hahaha
kissydoral : You baffle me
bioorganic : @kissydoral lol!! Never been told that before 😁 that's good right? Haha
kissydoral : Very
rumplehateskin - lil_steventattoos - katkoncept -
Got it started πŸ˜πŸ‘ #peopleofinstagramportraits #portrait #progress #blackandgrey #art #pencils #drawing
pencils - art - progress - portrait - blackandgrey - peopleofinstagramportraits - drawing -
bioorganic : @kissydoral
tikiblue0711 : @bioorganic again great workπŸ‘πŸ‘ wish I had the time and patience 😁
kissydoral : Holy fuck!!! You're amazing
bioorganic : @tikiblue0711 @kissydoral thank you do much 😊
bioorganic : So**
timbeaux69 - superjuan10 - dadisrad - deannadelgado -
Done!! @tattooedbeauty13 #poepleofinstagramportraits #portrait #pencils #art #drawing #blackandgrey
pencils - art - portrait - blackandgrey - poepleofinstagramportraits - drawing -
bioorganic : @acephotoonline thank you do much 😁😊☺✌
bioorganic : @tattooedbeauty13 leave me your address in my email, I can sen it out in the next couple days 😊
blueeyeddisaster : Okay thank you nick...I'll send it to you right on the lookout for an email from LoveSickPoet13...I know kinda cheesey lol.
bioorganic : @tattooedbeauty13 I didn't forget you, my car got impounded so I kinda got set back πŸ˜–
blueeyeddisaster : @bioorganic nick it's ok no rush at all
carolinejulianna : @bioorganic - that's insane!!!!! Love it!
bioorganic : @underceej thank you so much ☺
girllee_01 : Very
sobaone - lucycharms - elpincheramirez -
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