"I ain't got many friends left to talk too, nowhere to run when I'm in trouble." #theoutfield #yourlove #selfie #fair #footballfriday #highschool #sophomore #peoplearestupid #lol #wut
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panther_basketball_14 : I got you bruh
derrrrk : ❤️ @fresh_prince_of_knob_noster
panther_basketball_14 : ♡
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#lol #true #sotrue #peoplearestupid #stop texting and #driving ! Not worth it. Ppl cant drive as it is 😑
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Adrian and I have concluded that there is something seriously wrong with humanity. #allislost #workcollegeproblems #peoplearestupid
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mariaabdelina -
I really dont think a mare can be part stallion! Lol people are so stupid😂😂 #horses #horsesofinstagram #ad #stallion #mare #lol #lmao #peoplearestupid #stupid #cantfixstupid
horses - mare - ad - cantfixstupid - stallion - lol - stupid - horsesofinstagram - peoplearestupid - lmao -
fueledbybden : What to heck? It comes with saddle at 3years old👍 Way to go...
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Lmfao everyday 😐 #people#suck#haha#stupid#peoplearestupid#this#dead#dying#funny#true#work#why#icant#imdone#trynagetright#fu#mademelaugh#herface#tgif
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mizter_vic : 😂😂
celinneee__ : I wish you worked today 😢 #missyou
miss_adrianaa : @celinneee__ haha your so cute I work tomorrow and Sunday ! ;)
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Oh yes. I could name a few 😒 #people#humanrace#eww#quote#truth#peoplearestupid#suckatruck
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#Chaka 😽😽❤️ My best friend is my cat cause she's not only super cute BUT she's got greater morals than most humans. #sadbuttrue #peoplearestupid #Iloveyou #bffl #shefuzzy :3
iloveyou - chaka - shefuzzy - peoplearestupid - bffl - sadbuttrue -
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Fuck your problems! Days worth of troubleshooting calls in the first 3 hrs >_> #fml #itgirl #itlife #itproblems #universalIT #fuckthisshit #goaway #ihatepeople #peoplearestupid #peopleareretarded #peoplearedumb #helpdesk #helpdeskwhoes
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cynical_affection : @discoballx #WTF !?!?
nails_addicts_group : @cynical_affection #longnailsdontcare
cynical_affection : Haha forgot the nails hashtags @nails_addicts_group so pissed today grrrr ;)
discoballx : @cynical_affection Reboot! 😂
jurgonkitfok : Keep your ACW below 30 seconds. Cuz dats what the boiz like
cynical_affection : LOLOL... Indeed @jurgonkitfok
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Friday, at last. - #friday#tgif#peoplearestupid#loveisntreal#noonecares
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_taylor_delgado_ : Yasssss
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Yeah, about that... #peoplearestupid
peoplearestupid -
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Sunset after a 9 hour day at work driving out to kingaroy and back :)
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jarna90 : #sunset #country #australia #peaceful #work #driving #girlchats #catchups #peoplearestupid #gossip #ohhh #picoftheday #instahappy #instagood #instamood #instadaily #ignation #ftoc #calm #relaxed
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Haha I'm that bitch... woops. If you're getting fucked over and you keep going back... I feel no sympathy for you, sorry.
thesexychocolatedady_jenny : Hahahah I know, honestly sometimes I felt bad for trolling on him and not taking him serious.... Especially since he did put up with a lot from me and other kids.. I've heard a lot of stories as to why he is the way he is :/ don't worry I'm a softie too aha
anjunadulce : Really? I wanna know why? :o and yeah that's why I never really did anything to him. He had enough on his plate as it was :P @thesexychocolatedady_jenny
thesexychocolatedady_jenny : Well they're all different and most are rumors so I don't believe them. One is he was in a really bad car accident and left him a little mentally unstable, another is he had a surgery go wrong, and I think the worst I heard was that he's traumatized from his daughter dying. Honestly all seem pretty bogus to me lol.
anjunadulce : The most legit seems to be the daughter one? @thesexychocolatedady_jenny I've always wanted to ask him
thesexychocolatedady_jenny : Yea but it doesn't make any sense because I would observe him and some pictures he had and he's never been married and once he said that he's never had any kids... Also me being a little spy I asked mr. Lim and he said the same. He doesn't have kids or had any :1
anjunadulce : @thesexychocolatedady_jenny hmmm I really wonder what happened?! Or maybe he's just not all there...
shadia.segura : @anjunadulce Haha omg this is why they block you lmao
anjunadulce : @shadia.segura thats the point! I get rid of the people I don't want to talk to like this ^.^ lol! @shadia.segura
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I love u no matter what cal...we all know that it was an old video (he didn't have any tattoos) then shut up...and stop posting the video...he was only 16 for God's must respect him and his privacy !! I am so sick of people in this better stop...btw calpal we love you so much bae ♥ #5SOS #5sosfam #true5sosfan #peoplearestupid #iloveucalum #weloveyoucalum #twittersucks
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Sums up our society in one picture. This is sad #fuckthissociety #peoplearestupid #repost
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#rednecks #gorralovethem #stupidpeople #peoplearestupid #senseofhumour
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amyzmad : Borrowed ftom @whywhowontstoknow hope ta don't mind
veldricnord : This post, oh my, yhis ahahahahahahahshaha
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#timehop #peoplearestupid #terrygoodkind #wizardsfirstrule
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#today #wtf #peoplearestupid #assholes #dumbcunts #iwenta bitcrazy #dumbassdeservedit #karmaisabitch
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nica36 : Sure! !
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Quote #quote #idiots #peoplearestupid #karma
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Basically😒✋ #peoplearestupid
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leahrebecca413 : Amen! 🙋 @allidanielle92
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Fix stupid❓Nope❗ Stupid is as stupid does. #stupid #peoplearestupid
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I hate how I can bring Raider everywhere I go just cuz she's small, but nobody wants Autumn Wind in their store/office whatever it is just because she's a big dog! Neither of them are medical dogs (just yet) but come on, don't discriminate the size, it's the owner u should be worried about, not the dog.. #ToAllTheBigDogs #BigDogs #SmallDogs #Raider #AutumnWind #MiniaturePinscher #DobermanPinscher #PeopleAreStupid #GetOuttaHereWithThatCrap #TrainingIsKey
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Now see its idiots like this that let there child use these types of weapons a man is dead and people are going to put all the blame on the gun it's going to be the guns fault and Obama is going to make more gun laws and bitch about how the world would be better without guns along with every other Antigun protesters now see what we need is more guns and smarter people using them guns Don't kill people people kill people and for anyone who would disagree with me on this subject I want u to comment and try to hold up a valid argument but I will guarantee you will not win people are idiots if you think we don't need guns if you think we would be better off without them then your a idiot Obama will run this country into the ground and if you find any of this offensive you know where the unfollow button is #idiots #gunviolence #obamaisaidiot #peoplearestupid
obamaisaidiot - idiots - peoplearestupid - gunviolence -
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Natural Selection would be ideal. Maybe #thepurge isn't such a bad thought #idiots #peoplearestupid #fucktheworld
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The one thing that pisses me off is when some girl goes around saying I've been doing drugs and drinking while pregnant. She's hoping I get my baby taken away. What. The. Actual. Fuck? How pathetic can people get. Like really? Why would I ever do that to my child who hasn't even been born yet?! Then on top of that. She's like "if you lose it, you lose it. I don't care" what a heartless bitch. I love my baby girl so much and never would do anything that will harm her. Rant over. #rant #pregnancy #stupidpeople #dumbbitch #rantover #heartless #imsodone #peoplearestupid
dumbbitch - heartless - stupidpeople - rant - imsodone - pregnancy - peoplearestupid - rantover -
meaganloucks : Pretty.
hannahdispute : Thank you. 😊 @meaganloucks
punkboulder : Youre gorgeous and you gotta not listen to her. Youre at this point in your life where you'll have to be mature. Youre gonna be a mother so obviously youre gonna have other things on your plate to worry about than an immature teenager. It wont matter in the future. The only thing that matters is that shes wrong. And that you wont let her bullshit fade you. And you'll stay the great woman you've become. You've gone through a lot of Shit and a lot of things that have made you strong, this is nothing different except its irrelevant. Her opinion is irrelevant. And youre lovely and beautiful and gonna be a great mom
sydneybvbbatman : You'll be an amazing mother. I love you girl, I'll see you soon.
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#GoFuckYourself #GoAway #PeopleAreStupid
gofuckyourself - peoplearestupid - goaway -
katiesprouse : I'm mad you uploaded this twice 😂
catsforjalex : It's for my theme 😂 @katiesprouse
katiesprouse : omg I went on ya page nevermind I get it . It looks cool thou ! 😂
catsforjalex : Aww, thanks boo boo! 😂 @katiesprouse
thompsonstronger : @b_c93
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@forever_angels1201 some people need this. #GoFuckYourself #GoAway #PeopleAreStupid
gofuckyourself - peoplearestupid - goaway -
forever_angels1201 : ★★★★
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#craigslist #personal #personals #funny #drama #liberals #rants #drama #local #wtf #peoplearestupid #octopus
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jesse_mortis : I've done it out if boredom.
tall_knox_guy_00 : Bahaha
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Last time I checked my name wasn't Dylan#dumbass
peoplearestupid - dumbass -
caity_303 : #peoplearestupid
y.onker.s : 😂
y.onker.s : No even close
caity_303 : Haha somebody's probably has my name haha
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Hey idiots! If there's a fucking "out of service" sign on the door and the handle is taped shut, maybe that means you can't use the goddamn restroom so go away, don't rip the tape off and use it anyways. #FML #PeopleAreSTUPID
fml - peoplearestupid -
jaedees : Lol haha #Starbucksccustomers
newyorkbound95 : Seriously! Our store was pretty messed up from the earthquake and it was closed for a few days and we're finally open but we can't use any of our water because it was just turned back on and hasn't been tested as safe yet so the past few dad has just been such a disaster!! @jaedees
jaedees : Yea you live up north now? But yea that's crazy ppl be wild'n out for sure lol
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Wow people get a clue!! #gunsarelame #peoplearestupid
peoplearestupid - gunsarelame -
huneybee327 : Awful
jteiger : Wow.. Just wow.
lannajf : So sad!
kash117 : That's awful!
jerseypearl : Lil kid will b scarred 4 life cause an adult put a gun in her hand...Tragic
angelamartinezzz : 😔
melissamtg : Wut
heatherskeltontsol : No way!!! How sad!!!
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It's been a long day.. #School #gosh #PeopleAreStupid #BusesAreStupid #TeachersAreStupid #IHateHumans #GladToBeHome #HolyCrapMadyIsThrowingATantrum
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ariughh._ : It's alright, sissy..😘
carolabtanja - ariughh._ - thecodster87 - x.xokayx.x -
What all animals must be thinking... #peoplearestupid #animals #wildlife #funny #truthbetold #truth
funny - wildlife - animals - truth - truthbetold - peoplearestupid -
tre_yahudah : Lol. I'm sure they are
kingbrothaisrael1of12 : @jsanchez71445
modestyprincess : Lol @lita_baht_yisrael21
lita_baht_yisrael21 : Funny
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Me every time Simone argues with me even though they know I'm right... #youdensemotherfucker #whywhywhy #peoplearestupid #ignorence
ignorence - whywhywhy - peoplearestupid - youdensemotherfucker -
_funkie_dro.0id - peach_asdfgh - zacstuck.png - treyshawn117 -
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