I've been having a bad week. But with death metal, I'll get through its just fine. πŸŽΈπŸŽΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ’€ #ihatepeople #ihateschool #peoplearestupid #peopleareignorant
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#theme #star #blackandwhite #love #depression #pissed #done #peoplearestupid #imdone
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Of course when things get bad I get one message that can probably lose my shit right now... Fuck this shit dude #peoplearestupid #ihateit
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indiyaz : Hey, keep it up, OK. <3 you are a strong girl Kayla. (:
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xo_lllehcar : #servers #serving #waitressing #humanssuck #peoplearestupid #themoreyouknow
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In one of those moods where you don't wanna do anything but cry. I'm just wasting my tears on you. #sad#mood#cry#tired#peoplearestupid#hardtime#screweveryone#country#countrygirl#countrypride#countrywide
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katelynndawngaroutte : Me too!!
dipandgirls111 : Dm me
maestro_da_beat : NICE
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They said I was smart in geometry or well... They yelled out "WHY ARE YOU SO SMART" #ha! #imnotsmart #bahaha #geometry #peoplearestupid #theydontknowitakegeometrytwice #ahaha
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jennifer12799 : Hahaha I heard that!!!! I think it was Riley πŸ˜‚
gir230 : One of them have walked up to me before and is like wow you're so smart how r u soooo smart and I'm like... I'm not.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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"Can I not get beer out of that one?" No. You can't, dipshit. Obviously there's zombies in only that one part of the freezer. Sucks for you. #peoplearestupid #itsadecoration #somuchsarcasm
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True freedom 😊✌ #freedom #freeyourself #love #openyoureyes #opinions #smh #beyou #beyourself #creativity #peopledissapoint #peoplearestupid
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How people in Winnipeg park!! Lmao #truestory #peoplearestupid #ihatewinnipegdrivers @uzomachioma
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uzomachioma : Phuckery. Lol
thatfitqueer : LOL you find the best things.
keets_27 : So funny but so true @thatfitqueer @uzomachioma
gingerosnap : LOL!
shredded_coed : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Everyday All day πŸ‘Œ #work #telemarketer #peoplearestupid #bringontheweekend
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People for real act like this. #mad #pissedoff #peoplearestupid #lol #payattention #why #annoying #repost #smdh #thisiswhyihaveangerissues
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ijayt205 : πŸ˜­πŸ˜«πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ A lot of people miss the first step after learning how to read. Read the instructions of the assignment. Lol clearly comprehensive is a all time low with instgramers 😭😫
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That aint no lie!!! #peoplearestupid #WTF #nolie
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#sawthisandthoughtofyou #peoplearestupid
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kitty_love2014 : #repost #grumpycatt__
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People like this are very annoying. If you choose to not believe the existence of God, go right ahead; part of free will is choosing whether to believe God exists or not. But posting stuff that makes Christians look like we're delusional idiots is completely unnecessary. Looking at this person's post, he or she is twisting verses and the interpretation of those verses in the Bible to make Christians look crazy. For those of you who actually studied the Bible correctly ( not just reading a couple verses once) know that it takes a lot of time to understand what's really being said in those verses. It's funny how atheists are always encouraging being open-minded and respecting other people's differences and yet they do this kind of stuff to Christians a lot. #christian #jesussaves #hypocrisy #lies #believe #bible #atheist #theist #peoplearestupid #freewill #madness #upset #truth
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dianajrodriguezz : Amen sister ✌️ thank you for speaking truth
misss.hannah : It's funny how many Atheists try to make Christians look stupid. It's like they can't build up their own beliefs without tearing down others. It's sad
pianomastabeth : #hatersgonnahate #love #praise #God #not #people
pianomastabeth : @misss.hannah Yup they're insecure about their beliefs, so they feel the need to suppress other's beliefs, Christanity in this case, to feel better about themselves.
pianomastabeth : @dianajudithr Sure thing!!!( ^ v^)/
misss.hannah : @pianomastabeth exactly!
brittsmiles4btr : @pianomastabeth Finally, someone who understands! I don't see why people feel the need to tear others down to make themselves feel or seem better! I get it if you don't believe in God or Christianity or whatever, but you don't have to make me feel like an idiot because I do. I have a right to believe in what I want without being made fun of or judged, don't I? I have just as much right to believe in God and Jesus just as much as Atheists have a right not to believe. Why does it make me stupid to believe in something?
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πŸ˜œπŸ‘Œfind out who ur real friends r #peoplearestupid#funny#fail#unfriend#unfollowed#dontcare
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Because I also kill a cow when I make ice cream. #really #peoplearestupid
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leanne_plett : O my goodness. Yeah totally kill a cow to get ice-cream....
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My mom just told me she didn't want me to play "violent"video games and gave absolutely no reasoning behind her flawed logic that it would influence me. Doesn't matter who you are, you can easily make me want to strangle you with the logic of a stupid 5 year old. I always try and not hate people but there will always be people who remind you that you want to kill yourself because of the stupid masses that roam the earth 😒 #peoplearestupid
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kobe631 : Citizens of our society are very ignorant.
lanayky : Heyy stop getting attention by being antisocial (today was funny af)
ryan_fo_realzies : @lanayky I so agree. You should just be a total sarcastic ass to her tomorrow
lanayky : I will be that shit pissed me the fuck off
ryan_fo_realzies : It just made me mad at how stupid she was @lanayky
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So quit freaking out.
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teamthrash : #ebola #peoplearestupid
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I've learned a few things in high school. One of them is that people suck and they need to get over it.βœŒοΈπŸ‘Œ #ihatehighschool #peoplearestupid #annoyed
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heatherslynn : Hahaha its better then working all day @definitelynotcailyn
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#idc #PeopleAreStupid #ImNotPeople #PizzaOverPeople #ErrrrrDayyyy
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Like, really? Did you really ask me that? πŸ˜’πŸ˜ ; #idontgetpeople #wtf #kik #convo #peoplearestupid #imdone
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angelouis_ : High people be like
amyy_xd : Lol #cloud9problems
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"If there's a problem, just highlight it and add a post-it." #dataentry #SPSS #QGIS #500problems #peoplearestupid
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How about no #nwo #obey #subliminal #brainwashing #peoplearestupid
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famous_kelvin : Smh
amanioninstagram : This shirt is a joke obey isn't serious
dylanimperi : wow that's not real the Illuminati is just a club for rappers wow
joel_siciliano : @dylanimperi @amanioninstagram or is that what they want you to think...
amanioninstagram : Haha no obey is a graffiti artist who got famous and made his own company the shirt was made to make you think
loller_skater : The shirt is supposed to mimic government propaganda posters
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Current mood #shutup #PeopleAreStupid
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datonegirldoe_ : You better cheer up#
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Just two more weeks left at this job I hate πŸ˜„!! #selfie#me#work#workflow#gasstation#gasbar#gasattendant#lesbianstoner#lesbiansofinstagram#lesbogram#tomboy#lesbiansofig#girlswholikegirls#girlswhosmokeweed#bored#hatemyjob#peoplearestupid#fml
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skinnyyou : 🌝
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Everyone is pissing me off today and my head hurts because they didn't know how to shut up and not spray their nasty perfume. FYI skank perfume and nasty people stench don't smell great together. #FuckThisShit #peoplearestupid #BringMeHome
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If you haven't contributed anything, why expect anything?? #thenerve #facts #truth #funnytho #cantshakestability #faith #peopleArestupid #goodmorning #photooftheday
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Everyone who is about to sit here sucks & is a horrible human being. #DontJudge #OkayMaybeIJudged #IDontCareChancesAreImRight #NoShitSomeoneDroppedLuggageOnAnOldLadiesHead #THATACTUALLYHAPPENEDWHILEIWASTYPINGTHIS #PeopleAreStupid #WellAllPeopleExceptMeAndYou
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masquerageous : I dropped my suitcase on some guy's head last time I was on a plane. But he was about 22, wearing a straight billed backwards cap and a super tight muscle tee, dancing in the aisle to the music in his headphones. Justified.
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Do you even English language bro? Seriously a parrot speaks better English than you. #nevergofullretard #learnalanguage #GrammerNaziWouldHaveAStrokeRightNow #peoplearestupid
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la_kings_nhl_wy_mx : Haha
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So, it’s people like this who piss me off, the reason I’ve got self image issues,depression and other problems. I’m sick and fucking tired of having people comment on my weight, yes, I know I’m fat, you DONT have to constantly remind me, because I tell that to myself every fucking day when I look in the mirror and see what I see. It’s people like this who give girls self image issues.its not right. All my life I’ve been bullied about how I look, and I’m sick and tired of it. Nobody is perfect, not everyone is a size 0. There are all kinds of body shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t make you any less beautiful. I may not be his idea of beauty but I don’t give a toss, I’m not trying to impress him, or anyone for that matter, with me what you see is what you get, don’t like it? Don’t bother wasting your time. It just really pisses me off that people feel the need to go out of there way to make others feel shit. It’s not nice, it’s pathetic,stupid and low. What do you gain from it? Giving someone you don’t know hate? Does it make you tough? Does it make you”well hard”? No! It makes you look like a pathetic, low life cunt who doesn’t have anything better to do. This also puts to show why I hate most men. Because they’re complete assholes. They were in school, they still are now. So whatever, just needed to rant about how stupid and selfish and rude some people are.(I also apologise if I've offended anyone with my bad language) #rant #idiot #peoplearestupid #ihatepeople #depression #ugh #getalife #hate #lesbian #uklesbian #singlelesbian
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briony_ivy : Well said, i agree with all thatπŸ‘Œ @x_zoeey_x
xotillsxo : You're gorgeous and he's clearly a prick, don't let anyone get to you! You are stunning 😍 I know we haven't talked in a while but you know where I am if you want to rant of talk about anything beaut!xxx @x_zoeey_x
x_zoeey_x : @xotillsxo thank you beaut cxx
nayrathaisa : Fuck them.. Is what I say to people who try to put me down because they need somebody to climb up!! Be strong and keep believing in yourself!! 🌹
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