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Please tag me in your dollar general penny finds!! #couponcommunity #iso #uft #dg #extremecoupons #pennyfinds #pennydeals
pennydeals - pennyfinds - iso - dg - couponcommunity - uft - extremecoupons -
beautiful_lifejourney - moniv32 -
Having fun hunting down #pennyfinds great way to get #stockingstuffers #pennyhunt #pennydeals #pennypincher #pennytreasures #couponingclub
pennydeals - pennytreasures - pennypincher - pennyfinds - pennyhunt - stockingstuffers - couponingclub -
__pennyqueen : Can you tell me what the UPC is on the swan and the one next to it please ?
fralabel : What store is thisv
fabyguerradelgado - pooja453 -
Dollar General Penny Finds #DG #PennyItems #PoppedMyCherry #ILoveThis #PaidSeventyCents #FLCouponer #CouponPrincess #Couponing #LoveThisShit #TallyClippers #ExtremeCouponing #PennyFinds #PennyDeals #TEAMNOSLEEP
teamnosleep - pennydeals - ilovethis - pennyitems - dg - tallyclippers - couponprincess - lovethisshit - poppedmycherry - paidseventycents - pennyfinds - extremecouponing - couponing - flcouponer -
marlam93 : How do you no when stuff gets down to a penny? Is there an app or website you follow?
rodriguezi : Location
stephdiaz7 - twerkteammiami - acastillo1221 - fabiola_xo -
Dollar General Picture $3.50 Tabletop ironing board $1 Kitchen towels .01 Total $4.53 πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
dgclearance - pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennyitems -
couponluvin : #pennyfinds #pennydeals #dgclearance
couponluvin : #pennyitems
barbeest66 : How do you figure out what is 1 cent
couponluvin : @barbeest66 right now at dollar general all fall harvest and red dot should ring a penny. But some stores may be different you just have to let them scan it at checkout.
n2sweeps - tiffanybluett - little_biz_mama - cmariem__ -
Blue star Penny find from last night. #pennydeals #dgpennyfind
pennydeals - dgpennyfind -
mothafkn_mel - n0ryg - couponingteee - chuck.williams -
My other blue star toy Penny find from last night. #pennydeals #dgpennyfind
pennydeals - dgpennyfind -
mothafkn_mel - n0ryg - couponingteee - chuck.williams -
Harvest items are a penny in most locations. #pennyitems #pennydeals #dgpennyfind
pennyitems - pennydeals - dgpennyfind -
jerseyyy : How !!! I don't understand lol like does it say it's a penny ?
negratiponormal : @mrs_snips @arieamizrahi @couponologist_pw @justrandomshit101
mystres_mandi : No it won't say a penny. When a item is discontinued, or the season is well past like harvest/thanksgiving is for us. Well the store won't keep those items on the shelf forever. They need the space to put up Christmas ect. The stores get a e mail telling them what items they are to remove from the shelf. Those items prices are changed to a penny in the system. Some times managers forget to pull these items. And well if it is in our basket and rings up so, they are required to sale it.
thedgcouponqueen : Congratulations !!
mothafkn_mel - marvelez1 - chuck.williams - n2sweeps -
Repost from @maryann912 !!! Harvest items at DG are now #pennydeals I found some stuff earlier but Im tired and need to take a nap before work.
pennydeals -
tenanarae - couponcutey4real - melissak179 - __mariagetsfit -
Today's non food penny finds. 6 basketballs in one store! #penny #pennys #pennydeal #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyitems #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #dgrun #dgruns #dgpenny #dgpennys #dgclearance #neverpayfullpriced #couponcommunity
dgpenny - pennydeal - pennyshopper - pennyshopping - pennyitems - couponcommunity - penny - dgpennys - dgrun - neverpayfullpriced - pennyitem - dgclearance - dgruns - pennydeals - pennys -
robie_robes : @tenanarae
saram1960 : @alleycat_232 @cathrine6259
stonerprincess13 : You're always so lucky !! Take me w you lol ! πŸ˜‚
babiixjay : @stonerprincess13 I was surprise I found so much cause I had to take my 10 month old. I been looking for months for the moxie doll!! And I finally found one and its the exact one that I wanted. From skin, hair, eyes and dress! I found it cause I dropped a ball bent down to pick it up and sitting on bottom shelf looking all pretty the doll! 😁😁
christinac28 : That's so awesome!!! I have two boys and would looooove to find some .01 toys!! I envy you lol does your dg have a price scanner? I dont know what to look out for. Dg has so many different symbols/colors on their tags!! @babiixjay
stonerprincess13 : Lol awesome now you have to take your 10mnth old all the time lol and make sure to check all the shelfs from top to bottom (:
babiixjay : @christinac28 no price scanner. I just remembered these from summer toy, and Halloween and all that. It's a lot of studying. There's a lot of post on Instagram just search hash tags and screen shot what people have poste and look out for those items. Penny summer toys will have a plain yellow price tags no star or dot and on the back near barcode have s14
christinac28 : Thank you @babiixjay I went today and found nothing! I've been screen shotting everything lol is there like a link or website that can give me more info? I hate bothering you all the time lol
hannahata - 02batman_ - mpw05 - getndeals -
My penny candy and food haul today! #dgrun #dgruns #dgpenny #dgpennys #dgclearance #pennydeal #pennys #pennydeal #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyitems #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #neverpayfullpriced #couponcommunity
dgpenny - pennydeal - pennyshopper - pennyshopping - pennyitems - couponcommunity - dgruns - dgpennys - dgrun - neverpayfullpriced - pennyitem - dgclearance - pennydeals - pennys -
christinac28 : 😍😍😍😍
blackbeauty510 : @nurse_made
poohdillard1974 - 02batman_ - hannahata - getndeals -
Me and nous penny food haul today! Over 50 cans of tuna, 25 can of soup, 75 packs of gum and more!!! #dgclearance #dgpenny #dgpennys #dgrun #dgruns #penny #pennys #pennyitem #pennyitems #pennydeal #pennydeals #pennyshopping #pennyshopper #neverpayfullpriced #couponcommunity
dgpenny - pennydeal - penny - pennyshopping - pennyitems - couponcommunity - pennyshopper - dgpennys - dgrun - neverpayfullpriced - pennyitem - dgclearance - dgruns - pennydeals - pennys -
tx_couponer02 : 😱 do you have the list of this 😫 I can't find anything I'm heading to the next store right now
gabmin_new2q : How do you know what's a penny @tx_couponer02
stonerprincess13 : Were the wylers drink packets "light"? Or regular
stonerprincess13 : I have the list of items but it doesnt say light yet everyone whose purchased has said light ?
babiixjay : @stonerprincess13 I think it was regular. My aunt took them so I'm not sure. I didn't even think that it was light or regular that's on sale. I just knew wylers drink mix.
txqtie : poor sofa lol
babiixjay : @txqtie oh yeah my mom was so mad my 3 year old did that. There's no pens,markers, crayons or color pencils in the house now. Don't even want to see her walls.. πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
paulinnkaa : How many dg store do you go to? 😊
qponing_gi - g_marianny - yes_coupons - rose_boutique2 -
.01 at DG the package must have the green stripes on the edges. Found in reg candy isle. We will be bowing these babies and tossing in the crowd at Disney. #cheercompetition #futurenationalchampions
cheercompetition - pennydeals - futurenationalchampions -
savingmysanity : #pennydeals
shawnaeustice - flacpnlvr - denise_coupons - southerncouponer1 -
pennydeals -
dj_mito - alfonsorubio29 - drft3r - rubiannramos -
#tracksuit #blue #nike #Women #womentracksuit #niketracksuit #pennydeals #store #onlineshop #sharetofriend
blue - pennydeals - womentracksuit - nike - tracksuit - niketracksuit - onlineshop - sharetofriend - store - women -
mericova : pennydeals.net
_breshazad : Where can I find this? Does Nike sell it?
mericova : http://trendsuitstore.com/ @_breshazad
_breshazad : Didn't find it on there :/
norbertroninmusic - dutchtheomen - richardsh0825 - techno_tut -
πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£BABIES R US πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£ $199 FOR BOTH... RETAIL $500 TAG A BABY MOMMA #couponingcommunity #couponing #deals #extremecouponing #coupons #southflorida #extremecouponer #iheartcoupons #igcouponer #coupon #deal #hustleinsilence #neverpayfullprice #freestufffinder #sale #blackfriday
couponingcommunity - deal - pennydeals - coupon - cheap - crib - babyshower - iheartcoupons - extremecouponing - couponing - coupons - babymama - extremecouponer - southflorida - sale - hustleinsilence - deals - blackfriday - neverpayfullprice - freestufffinder - igcouponer -
skitcoupons : #babymama #crib #cheap #pennydeals #babyshower
tessha29 - jackiepachon82 - cameron_anton -
Penny finds at Dollar General #pennydeals #dollargeneral #deals #couponer
deals - pennydeals - couponer - dollargeneral -
skinniminny77 - nikkitylerrr - stiehl12 - maria_lvsmybabies_salazar -
DG - US Navy Seals play set - a penny each. Must have plain yellow price tag (no dot) plus say S14 on the back by the barcode #ScrollBackForDetails #dgpennyfind #dgpennydeals #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennydeals #pennyitems
dgpennydeals - pennydeals - scrollbackfordetails - pennyhaul - pennyfind - pennyitems - dgpennyfind -
saram1960 : @alleycat_232 @cathrine6259 @dedapadilla
__pennyqueen : Is it just this or other navy seals ?
12345kidsintx : Just these exact ones @__coupons4sale
__pennyqueen : Awesome thanks for your post I found one !
12345kidsintx : Yay!!! @__coupons4sale
__pennyqueen : Do you know of any other toys ?
12345kidsintx : Yes I know of a lot of other toys, but the list would be incredibly long to try to tell you all of them. My advice is to look for plain tags (no dots or stars) and S14 on the back by the UPC @__coupons4sale
__pennyqueen : Okay thanks so much !
simply_couponing - bawanalou - ashley_qpons89 - miranda_978 -
DG -Halloween candy find! A penny each! #ScrollBackForDetails #dgclearance
pennydeals - scrollbackfordetails - pennyhaul - pennyitems - dgpennydeals - dgpennyfind - pennyfind - dgclearance -
12345kidsintx : #dgpennyfind #dgpennydeals #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennydeals #pennyitems
savvychika : Those Carmel Apple pops are the πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ˜!!
couponsammie : My favorite candy ever!!!!
12345kidsintx : Yesss! @savvychika @couponsammie πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦
celinahhhhhhh : @_23___
jenn_loves_coupons - sweetthings4u - lacoupongirl_14 - miranda_978 -
#pennycorns #pennymermaids #pennydeals , my cashier called the manager over πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
pennydeals - pennymermaids - pennycorns -
shopshop_cheap18 : Those pink and blue undies are free press brand? ☺ @marvelous_marinna
marvelous_marinna : @shopshop_cheap18 yes πŸ˜‚
marvelous_marinna : πŸ˜‰
shopshop_cheap18 : Thank you.. I need to look for these πŸ˜‚
iheartglitches : What did the manager say if you don't mind me asking? I had a horrible experience today😞 I found more than 10 items and sadly they only let me purchase 2
marvelous_marinna : @iheartglitches she didn't say much she rang me up and said well u got these for a penny. What did they say to u ?
marvelous_marinna : @iheartglitches did she know that u were a penny shopper ?
iheartglitches : I'll DM you
watchpattisave - instacouponer - fralabel - lov3lylinda -
Yes !!!! Can't wait (even better for ppl who penny shop insider lol ) #coupon #coupons #couponing101 #couponcommunity #extremecoupon #extremecouponing #pennydeals #pennyfinds
pennydeals - pennyfinds - coupon - couponcommunity - couponing101 - extremecouponing - extremecoupon - coupons -
christinac28 : Dg? @interracialcouponer
are_guz : @aiyannaaydyn2014
interracialcouponer : @christinac28 yes
jojoqpons_702 : @couponblanca
jojoqpons_702 : @lissababii3
n2sweeps : Woot woot!
clearancewhore : So excited for this! Thanks for the heads up!
txqtie : @ayknguyen
mrsdbeasley - couponmommie - jojoqpons_702 - aleem956 -
Dollar General: Still finding yellow and white dot clothing, shoes and hats. A penny each! 30+ items! #extremecouponing #dgpennydeals #dgpennyfind #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennydeals #pennyfind
dgpennydeals - pennydeals - pennyhaul - pennyfind - extremecouponing - dgpennyfind -
letsswap : Awesome!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
12345kidsintx : Thanks hun! @letsswap
indigo_soul11 : Yellow dot kids sandels.. Are they?
12345kidsintx : Yes, but not $1 flip flops or Coppertone flip flops, those are excluded @indigo_soul11
_rodriguezma - couponer_gurl - njcouponerr - stonerprincess13 -
Dollar General: I found a few Halloween items scattered throughout the stores still. A penny each! #dgpennydeals #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennydeals #pennyitems
dgpennydeals - pennydeals - pennyitems - pennyfind - pennyhaul -
blessingoflove : what do you use to scan the items to check the price
buffalocouponer - mmd2g - dezsister - cristalcoupons -
Love paper deals from staples! Always free or a penny ‼️
qpons - moneymaker - couponcommunity - couponer - ufs - uft - coupons - pennydeals - pennypincher - extremecouponer - couponsforsale - couponfairy - iso - ctcouponer - ctqponer - couponmom -
crzycouponlady : #ufs #couponsforsale #uft #iso #couponcommunity #couponer #extremecouponer #pennypincher #couponmom #couponfairy #couponsforsale #ctcouponer #ctqponer #coupons #qpons #moneymaker #pennydeals
moregas_lesscash - joanoir3ggrambarnes - nessathementor -
I'm a big sucker for bows. Went to another Walmart and found all this clearance bows at one store! Headbands .02 each and bows was .10 each now I think I have about 50+ headbands and 40 bows! 😍😍😘😘 baby girl hair needs to grow more for bows! #walmartrun #walmarthaul #walmartdeals #walmartfinds #walmartpenny #walmartshopping #walmartclearance #penny #pennys #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyfinds #pennyhauls #pennyitems #pennyhunting #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #neverpayfullprice #couponcommunity
walmarthaul - penny - pennyfinds - walmartdeals - couponcommunity - pennyshopper - walmartpenny - pennyitem - walmartshopping - pennyhunting - walmartclearance - pennys - walmartfinds - pennydeals - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - pennyitems - neverpayfullprice - pennyfind - walmartrun - pennyhauls -
lascuponistas : Girl I got them woohoo @babiixjay
lascuponistas : Thank I
lascuponistas : Thank u god bless u
babiixjay : @lascuponistas yay!!! Lol I grabbed some angel tree that was babies that could wear these head bands. And I had lots of clothes and toys from Dg shopping. 😊😊
mscandymich : @srhudson
cbmitch_sept : So jealous!
dollieluvzmac23 : @mimihearts_ I found em
bunrann : @silinthongx3 @chanpo215
vip_coupons - sandiegosucculentswap - my_dear_abbey - miszjill954 -
More .03 flip flops. #couponcommunity #couponfam #couponers #pennydeals #coloradocouponers
pennydeals - couponcommunity - couponfam - coloradocouponers - couponers -
hairbowshoppe - zephyr3344 - frenchy_enise - bbyshawtiiex3 -
More .03 finds today. I barely escaped the manager with my life😳😳 #couponcommunity #pennydeals #couponfam #couponers #coloradocouponers
pennydeals - couponcommunity - couponfam - coloradocouponers - couponers -
tubs21 : @colorado_qpons What toys R Us did you go to?
ekiish : @nah_cabrera @_joanna1016_
colorado_qpons : @tubs21 I never give out my honey holes πŸ˜”πŸ˜” sorry.
tubs21 : @colorado_qpons that's ok.
stonerprincess13 : Are they suppose to pull the items and how do you know there only so much ? Do they have scanners in store you use ?
colorado_qpons : @stonerprincess13 These items are supposed to be pulled at the end of a season or "cycle". When they are not pulled they "penny out". Usually at the end of a season or holiday things will penny out and those who watch certain stores like myself have a pretty good idea when this will happen
stonerprincess13 : Oh okay thank you i usually just watch dollar generals penny items as i dont have a tru/bru but will be going tomorrow and was just wondering to see mabe if i could find some goodies for my 1yr old ! Thank you (:
lata_coupon - athenamaree - couponingmomma48 - mamakaydi -
Okay guys here's te clearance finds I found at Walmart. 5pc headbands were .02 each baby hat wa .25 baby outfit was .32 and Halloween bow was .10 #penny #pennys #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennyitem #pennyfinds #pennydeals #pennyhauls #pennyitems #pennyhunting #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #walmartclearance #neverpayfullprice #couponcommunity
pennydeals - pennyhunting - pennyfinds - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - pennyitems - couponcommunity - pennyshopper - penny - toysrusclearance - pennyitem - neverpayfullprice - targetclearancr - kmartclearance - pennyfind - pennyhauls - walmartclearance - pennys -
phoenix33221 : How do you get all this stuff for this cheap??!!
babiixjay : @phoenix33221 lol I seen them posted! I look up slot of hash tags like #walmartclearance #targetclearancr #toysrusclearance #pennyitem #kmartclearance and I know that Walmart Halloween stuff clearanced to 90% off found some baby outfits with the pumpkin tags that's how I knew.
csaenz2218 : @yadigonz11
lascuponistas : @babiixjay amazing
babiixjay : @lascuponistas yes I was surprised to find all that!! I found 3 in the baby hair bow section. Than I walked into the girls and saw 2 rows of them in the girls section! I was like what? Omg! Score!!! My 9 month old wont be losing them now!
lascuponistas : @babiixjay wow were u scanning for clearance when u hit jackpot?
babiixjay : @lascuponistas I was looking for the Halloween tags for 90% off baby outfits but than I saw the head bands posted so I tried and yes it rang up .02!
bunrann : @silinthongx3
sdford831 - sandylo8289 - swtiequponewbie - fralabel -
Lol .02 baby head bands at Walmart? I take it! Yay! Dang wipes cost more! Will post pics when I get home. #walmartclearance #neverpayfullprice #penny #pennys #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyfinds #pennyhauls #pennyitems #pennyhunting #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #couponcommunity
pennydeals - pennyhunting - pennyfinds - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - pennyitems - couponcommunity - pennyshopper - penny - pennyitem - neverpayfullprice - pennyfind - pennyhauls - walmartclearance - pennys -
lascuponistas : WHAT!!! OHHH YES :)
lascuponistas : @babiixjay can you take a pic of the head bands please
babiixjay : @lascuponistas yes when I get home! :))
iliana_zng : @clarissa_esq
babiixjay : just posted it @lascuponistas
clarissa_esq : I saw but im in the hospital. Cant go :( did u find any? Ill buy sum from u if u did @iliana_zng
iliana_zng : No :( i didn't go i was working blahh lol @clarissa_esq
wpb_qpon - sasha_kay1 - blueroses1923 - itscoupondealz_ -
Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ my name is Tiffany and I'm addicted to penny deals πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜© I can't stop I love the rush of it !!! Omg COUPONING is fun but the rush of getting stuff for a penny omg !!!!! Lord fix it #coupons #pennydeals #pennyfinds #helpme #michigancouponer #Extremecouponing
pennydeals - pennyfinds - michigancouponer - helpme - extremecouponing - coupons -
claudia_martinez_18 : What store ? @interracialcouponer
freebiephebie : I need all those socks lol
interracialcouponer : @claudia_martinez_18 dollar general
emannagiub : So where do u find the pennydeals...please tell me ur lill secreat ¤_¤
interracialcouponer : @qpon_atl right I'm like this is the best ever !!!!
blessingoflove : do you know when the Dollar General sale ends
interracialcouponer : Never lol @blessingoflove penny deals there are items they was suppose to pull off the floor
lili_medina01 : @interracialcouponer how do you know what's a penny
couponesq - coupon_atl - asian.cajun - qpon.aina -
Aaaand were back πŸ‘― #actuallyaccidentaltwinning #forreal #instagramlessmel πŸƒπŸ’¨πŸŸπŸ˜œ
pennydeals - instagramlessmel - actuallyaccidentaltwinning - forreal -
mkrieg : Yes track yes!!
_sarahk1m : 😍😍❀️Cuties
genuinelyminhee : So cute!!!
annabellegolden : Pce luv running!!
gabbywonh : Omg LOLL adorable
amandashenn : @mkrieg @annabellegolden ma track girls❀️❀️ @genuinelyminhee i miss you😒 pleasecome back soon!! @gabbywonh LOL its the killington jacket #pennydeals πŸ˜‚
genuinelyminhee : I'm visiting on Wednesday for alumni breakfast!
shootzrr : ☺️ @anniegly
christaaaayliu - doro_liuser - kennzziiee - missivysaurr -
Chloe k shirt #pennyfinds #pennydeals #pennycorns #pennymermaids
pennydeals - pennymermaids - pennyfinds - pennycorns -
heyitsleen : How often do they have these penny deals? And how long does it take u to find them lol
marvelous_marinna : @heyitsleen they have them all the time and its random items lol . and yesterday I found an item in 10 mins so it varies the longest I've stayed there is 2 hrs its a stress reliever πŸ˜‚
heyitsleen : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I gotta try it... Which one do u go to?
heyitsleen : Next time u go take me with u hahahhahaha
marvelous_marinna : @heyitsleen I go to plaza and mission
lasha908 - watchpattisave - lalalisssaa - userr_name101 -
2 is better than zero πŸ˜‚ #pennyfinds #pennydeals #pennycorns #pennymermaids
pennydeals - pennymermaids - pennyfinds - pennycorns -
tpm_5 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
nike_justdo8 - november_chan - amitchell101 - lov3lylinda -
My second found a penny item at Home Depot !!!! 😍😍😍😍 I'm so happy lol. #coupons #couponcommunity #pennyfinds #pennydeals #michigancouponing #michigancouponer #midwestcouponer
pennydeals - pennyfinds - michigancouponer - michigancouponing - couponcommunity - midwestcouponer - coupons -
misha7272 : What?????
erica_rene : Hell if I know! I get so intimidated walking into home depot 😳😳 haha @jenniloveee
interracialcouponer : @erica_rene me too I was so scared I scan the item twice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
erica_rene : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ at least I'm not alone! I'll just get my husband to try haha
interracialcouponer : Mine won't because hd is so nosey lol @erica_rene
jessenlindavillanueva : @menagutierrez @annabel80_ @rubbertoe11m
__brriiii_____ : Mine wasn't a penny 😩
aprilknod : @cornbreadfed_1980
goofy_couponer - sunshinecoupon - qt_qpon - h0ttc0up0nz -
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