Final #pennyfinds from last night's NR trip of twos. Adorable, comfy Sofft brand sandals. My mom's already claimed a pair of these since she can't wear anything that goes between her toes. I'm loving the sparkly black and gold! #pennyfind #pennydeal #pennydeals #pennyitem #pennyitems #pennyshoe #pennyshoes #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #extremecouponer
pennydeal - pennyfinds - pennyshopping - pennyitems - pennyshopper - extremecouponer - pennyitem - pennyfind - pennyshoes - pennydeals - pennyshoe -
seejsave : This was my biggest haul yet, @blonde2229494! I seem to get better every time :)
seejsave : Just watch others and follow trends, There's no real method or system.
blonde2229494 : Thats good
ilyjennylynn : I'm gonna try to find these today πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€ I found my first penny finds yesterday. I was so excited. 9 total :)
seejsave : Good luck, @ilyjennylynn! Congrats on your first finds!! I didn't have time to do clothes the other night. I may have to go back. :)
ilyjennylynn : I found 6 tanks, 1 dress and 1 pair of girls sandals. :)
ilyjennylynn : Actually 7 tanks lol
courtenay___ : @seejsave is it better to look for shoes in the clearance section or regular section? :) thanks!
theknees.finds - ilyjennylynn - hollyandherbargains02 - merystaolson -
My iPhone 6+ cases I ordered from Amazon came in today for a penny each just paid for shipping πŸ˜„ $.01 πŸ“± now just waiting for our new phones to be delivered lol. #iphone6Plus #donthate #iphonegang #couponing #pennydeals @_jermz678
iphonegang - donthate - couponing - iphone6plus - pennydeals -
naya_love : Awesome
theashleyo - naya_love - kate_and_momma - antwat817 -
Another set of #pennyfinds from last night's NR shopping trip! MIA leather gladiator sandals. Thanks for the hint, @blonde2229494! #pennyitem #pennyitems #pennyfind #pennydeal #pennydeals #pennyshoe #pennyshoes #pennyshopping #pennyshopper #extremecouponer
pennydeal - pennyfinds - pennyshopping - pennyitems - pennyshopper - extremecouponer - pennyitem - pennyfind - pennyshoes - pennydeals - pennyshoe -
dealhunterdks : Your receipt looks like Noah's Ark lol! They all came in pairs πŸ‘―
seejsave : I know, @dealhunterdks! I was laughing so hard as I took the pictures! It's like they left a little family just for me. Posting the last one as we speak. :)
dealhunterdks : @seejsave lol! Better clear those shelves or an employee for sure will 😏
seejsave : Oh I am @dealhunterdks! This has been my biggest haul yet. From one pair of shoes, to two bracelets, to eight pairs. Fingers crossed they keep growing! Trying to be as in point as you one day!
dealhunterdks : @seejsave it gets easier to spot them as you find more. ☺️😊
blonde2229494 : @seejsave how many did u find
pursefairy : @dealhunterdks Noah's ark- hahahaha!
seejsave : Rightt @pursefairy. LOL! @dealhunterdks was spot on though. They jumped into my cart two by two by two! 😝
sdcacouponer - msstrawberry05 - pebqtogether - paigelikescoffee -
More NR #pennyfinds - Report kids sandals! #pennyfind #pennydeal #pennyitem #pennyshoe #pennydeals #pennyitems #pennyshoes #pennyshopping #extremecouponer
pennydeal - pennyfinds - pennyshopping - pennyitems - extremecouponer - pennyitem - pennyfind - pennyshoes - pennydeals - pennyshoe -
dealhunterdks : I found those too!! Did you grab the gold Michael Kors ?
seejsave : Eek! No, @dealhunterdks. Does this mean I have to go back tomm? Lol
dealhunterdks : They are little girls wedges abc have clear jewels over gold straps
seejsave : Thanks for the tip, @dealhunterdks! I'll have to go look. After all, a penny shopper's work is never done 😝
ashlanticantunque : I want to find penny items too.. how? 😊
onebadyella : @mrs_hicks
coupon_savvy_chic - consigninme - courtenay___ - sushi255 -
The first of today's NR #pennyfinds Dolce Vida kids sandals! How adorable are these? My niece is going to love them!! #pennydeal #pennyfind #pennyitem #pennyshoe #pennydeals #pennyitems #pennyshoes #extremecouponer
pennydeal - pennyfinds - pennydeals - pennyitems - extremecouponer - pennyitem - pennyfind - pennyshoes - pennyshoe -
silinthongx3 : How did you know it was a penny did u ask for price check ??
33jazzygirll : How did you know it was a penny?
seejsave : There is NO method or system to NR the way there is at some other stores. I pay attention to others finds and follow trends in store. It's all about patience and a little bit of luck. (@33jazzygirll @silinthongx3)
seejsave : Also DO NOT ask employees or ask for price checks. The first rule of penny shopping is you don't ask stores about penny shopping!!
33jazzygirll : How come you shouldn't ask for price checks?
seejsave : @33jazzygirll - because penny items are items that technically shouldn't be on the shelf. They're items that were supposed to be pulled by employees, but were missed. By asking for price checks you not only waste the time of cashiers and salespeople, you call attention to the fact you're actively seeking penny deals, which is a no no. I URGE you not to do this. It's like any glitch or run deal - If you're lucky enough to score, awesome! If not, oh well there will be a next time. What happens when people start going into the stores and asking about "penny sales" and needing price checks is that stores wise up and change their system. It's what's currently happening at dollar general and michaels. You don't want to contribute to the problem and ruin penny deals for everyone 😞
33jazzygirll : Oh I see!
33jazzygirll : Lol a lot of the penny items I wouldn't buy in the first place! Only if they were a penny lol
silinthongx3 - eatshoplove_ - elisechristine91 - lehoarder -
Oops I did it again.. Killed it! Spent a little over $25 for everything. Not everything I bought is pictured cause kids already opened some and left some In aunts car! I'm done with toys. Done Christmas and birthday party toys. #penny #pennitems #pennydeal #pennyhaul #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyhauls #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #couponcommunity #neverpayfullprice #dgrun #dgclearance #summerclearance
pennydeal - pennyshopper - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - summerclearance - couponcommunity - penny - dgrun - pennyitem - neverpayfullprice - dgclearance - pennitems - pennydeals - pennyhauls -
lala_land_coupons : Agh!!! Lol yes!
lala_land_coupons : I missed d shredder ugh
babiixjay : @lala_land_coupons ohh gotta go back than! Lol! Man I already have family claiming one each! Try all want one.
sunny__skye : @irmitaguzman
lala_land_coupons : Lol !!! @babiixjay yes ..... everyone claiming pools ova here lol
h_le1984 : @daynmarris look
gonzaleza11 : Thanks for all of your post! @babiixjay I was able to find prizes for my somes Halloween birthday!
babiixjay : @gonzaleza11 awesome! Glad that I helped you saved! Lol I know how much planning birthday parties can be!
cerezo_20 - donna.payne2014 - grove_ashley - tounielove -
#pennyhaul #pennydeals #pennyfinds pics to follow
pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennyhaul -
spiffyandthrifty - ngoc_huongtu -
I am a stay at home mom working from home. I get paid every Friday, if you would like to turn a one time fee of $39.99 into $500 or more every Friday email me at or direct message me. You must be 18 + and have Internet access so you can advertise online. I have 5 spots left! ! #utcouponer #couponer #coupon101 #couponingcommunity #calicouponer #iso #uft #coupons #craigslist #motivate #workathome #ownboss #neverpayfullprice #dgclearance #pennyshopping #pennyshopper #pennydeal #pennydeals #pennyhauls #pennyhaul #penny
pennydeal - pennyshopper - workathome - penny - ownboss - calicouponer - couponer - dgclearance - coupon101 - uft - utcouponer - pennydeals - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - motivate - craigslist - neverpayfullprice - couponingcommunity - coupons - iso - pennyhauls -
fit_ecards : πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈπŸ‘
emelineadams - leiola_iongi - _8ibrahim8_ - flower.fantasy -
Got my 90% off paper shredders. Paid 2.50 each! Got 8 of them gave one to the cashier. Dollar general also have 90% off lawn and garden decor, and their green dots. #dgrun #penny #pennyitem #pennitems #pennyhaul #pennyhauls #pennydeal #pennydeals #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #dgclearance #neverpayfullprice #couponcommunity
pennydeal - pennyshopper - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - couponcommunity - penny - dgrun - pennyitem - neverpayfullprice - dgclearance - pennitems - pennydeals - pennyhauls -
sanispba : @babiixjay i need in your group please... lol
babiixjay : @sanispba send me friend request on Facebook Jariya sarawan
babiixjay : @eas_ola
dragonladyqponing : I got mine today.... Thanks to u !!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ @babiixjay 😘😘
babiixjay : @dragonladyqponing yay so glad!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
sanispba : I've made a request from San p @babiixjay thanks. Btw my son's name is Jiraiya. Like from Is that how you pronounce jariya?
babiixjay : @sanispba lol no my name is actually pronounce like ja-le-ya in Thai but they can't pronounce that in English so they say jar-re-ya :)
sanispba : @babiixjay oh ok. Very pretty. Ja-rye-ah
angelsandwolves09 - _kithren - societykills.x - ma_shelle -
🌟Michaels Haul🌟 βž–Box 90% off $1.09 βž– 3 pairs if socks .15 each βž– Lg erasers .09 each βž– Star Wars Pez despensers .19 βž–Cup Cake holders .10 βž– Also not pictured 20 Hand Sanatizers .10 each πŸ’Ž Feel free to ask questions :) #coupons #instagood #makemoney #ifitsfreeitsforme #freemoney #coupons #couponcommunity #extreamcouponer #extreamcouponing #socalcouponer #socalcouponing #calicouponing #calicouponer #couponing101 #pennyitems #penny #pennydeals #pennyfind #pennydeal
pennydeal - calicouponer - coupon - couponcommunity - penny - clearence - socalcouponer - couponing101 - socalcouponing - couponing - coupons - pennydeals - couponhaul - clearancefind - couponers - pennyitems - clearancefinds - michaelsdeal - instagood - frugal - freemoney - extreamcouponer - pennyfind - calicouponing - ifitsfreeitsforme - extreamcouponing - makemoney -
fashioninnovation : #clearence #clearancefinds #clearancefind
fashioninnovation : #coupon #coupons #couponers #couponing #couponhaul #frugal #couponcommunity #extreamcouponer #michaelsdeal
danniemariee_ : Were there signs on these? Also what's the brand on the sanitizer
fashioninnovation : No signs I had to search and scan. The sanitizer was in the impulse section originally $1 small purse size. It is a Michaels brand product like the soap they sell for $1. @danniemariee_
antonia._.sofia - athenamaree - nancecoupons - extramoneymom -
Last order from Kmart. More apple cider kcups and 10-compartment stack-ons. 😬 #coupon #coupons #couponing #couponer #couponers #couponaddict #couponcommunity #free #freebies #freeisbetter #extremecoupon #extremecouponing #extremecouponer #savingmoney #neverpayretail #neverpayfullprice #newbiecouponer #nocouponsneeded #pennyfind #pennydeal #pennydeals
freeisbetter - pennydeal - nocouponsneeded - neverpayretail - coupon - couponcommunity - newbiecouponer - free - couponer - extremecouponing - couponing - coupons - pennydeals - couponers - extremecouponer - couponaddict - freebies - neverpayfullprice - pennyfind - savingmoney - extremecoupon -
cindeyq - jude121069 - newfit_memandi - omg_cocoa_coupons -
Blue star #pennyitem from Dollar General! #pennyfinds #pennydeals
pennydeals - pennyitem - pennyfinds -
angelsandwolves09 : Holy cow! I can't believe you are still finding blue star stuff!!! @couponingmommyc2
teachersaver - nanet_princess - sarahzurheide - princesslaura777 -
Michaels Haul pic number 2 see previous post for more! Socks .24 for 2 pairs, cups .49, everything elese .15. I think I found my store πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜™ #pennydeals #pennyfind #pennyitems #penny ##pennyfinds #pennydeal #couponing101 #socalcouponer #socalcouponing #qpon #coupon #couponcommunity #ifitsfreeitsforme
pennydeals - pennyfinds - socalcouponing - pennydeal - pennyitems - couponcommunity - penny - socalcouponer - coupon - couponing101 - ifitsfreeitsforme - pennyfind - qpon -
cheapcoupons : Ahhh!
hawaiiancouponlady - reneab.23 - newfit_memandi - qponaddicts -
Best Michaels Haul yet!! I got 1 penny item, Expo board with markers for .69 everything elese is .15!! I have a ton of envelopes for #coupontrades #coupontrade πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Happy girl. Feel free to comment with questions. More pics to come. I paid $20 for 114 things! #winning #coupons #instagood #makemoney #couponcommunity #pennydeals #pennyitems #pennyitems #socalcouponer #socalcouponing #calicouponing #calicouponer #couponing101
pennydeals - coupontrade - calicouponer - coupontrades - pennyitems - couponcommunity - winning - socalcouponer - couponing101 - socalcouponing - instagood - calicouponing - coupons - makemoney -
nycwun : :)
raveno2354 : Amazing!
livewellforless : @fashioninnovation thanks for posting the waterbottles r ringing 14 cent too!
quinnwakeupnow - start4free - commision_check_club - newyorkcouponmom -
#extremecouponing #couponcommunity #pennydeals #pennyhunting
pennydeals - extremecouponing - pennyhunting - couponcommunity -
jessntwins : I bet they have family/friends on stand by and let's them know as to what time to be there after they've thrown the penny deals in the dumpsters. Jerks!
couponingforminion : Probably. Apparently if employees get caught taking or buying them though they get fired @jessntwins
jessntwins : Thats crazy.
trishy557 : Yep we have to throw it away in a trash always kills me... I've seen tons of tile, vanities, toilets... You name it. Sucks!
couponingforminion : That's horrible! You guys should donate it to habitat for humanity. Kinda bad company pr.
justagirlandherpuppy : that's horrible :( I work for Nordstrom rack, all of our penny items are sent to the last chance clearance center.
couponingforminion : That's what I hear and I want to go! @justagirlandherpuppy
jessntwins - cheapcoupons - feericketts - syntryz -
One of the orders from Kmart!!! 😁 #coupon #coupons #couponing #couponer #couponers #couponaddict #couponcommunity #free #freebies #freeisbetter #extremecoupon #extremecouponing #extremecouponer #savingmoney #neverpayretail #neverpayfullprice #newbiecouponer #moneymaker #stockpile #nocouponsneeded #pennyfind #pennydeal #pennydeals
freeisbetter - pennydeal - moneymaker - neverpayretail - coupon - couponcommunity - newbiecouponer - savingmoney - free - couponer - extremecouponing - couponing - coupons - pennydeals - nocouponsneeded - couponers - extremecouponer - couponaddict - freebies - stockpile - pennyfind - neverpayfullprice - extremecoupon -
dawnmarie0414 : Do u just look through the clearance on the website ?
acouponer17 : @dawnmarie0414 yes but it's dead deal now
reginaganderson003 - meekaqpons - moonwaysunny - jude121069 -
TOYS R US AKA .. TRY CLEARANCE $19.98 VIEW MY NEXT POST. .. #extremecouponersinGA #extemecouponers #extremecouponersinga #extremecouponingcommunity #extremecouponers #extremecouponing #xtremecouponing #xtremecoupons #iso #Clearance #clearancefinds #couponfamily #atlantacoupondeals #atlantacouponcommunity #atlantacouponcommunity
pennydeals - xtremecoupons - xtremecouponing - couponfamily - atlantacouponcommunity - extremecouponingcommunity - iso - cheapitems - extremecouponers - extemecouponers - extremecouponing - extremecouponersinga - clearancefinds - atlantacoupondeals - clearance -
atlcouponmama770 : #clearancefinds #pennydeals #cheapitems
qpons2save : @saving_is_fun
hotsugashae : @msbridgett_bish. Here u go for ur goddaughter
msbridgett_bish : @hotsugashae aint got NO damn God daughter
hotsugashae : Well ur bestie @msbridgett_bish
msbridgett_bish : @hotsugashae iwish I would
hotsugashae : U so mean its only $20... It matches her bday theme @msbridgett_bish
msbridgett_bish : @hotsugashae dats shit gone
couponnewbie_nj - qponqties - msrocioq - xotorey -
I love penny shopping!!! This is just some of the flowers and pots that I have got the past two weeks. And I spent less than $2. Everything is going to a retirement home for donations #pennyitems#pennyfinds#pennydeals#penny#savemoney#neverpayfullprice#savemoneye#donations
pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennyitems - penny - savemoneye - neverpayfullprice - donations - savemoney -
witchybaby2002 : Was this dollar general?
kirby1611 : @witchybaby2002 yes it was
financial_wizardz : I like this
erica_dean - _monica1 - n0ryg - xo_coupons -
2nd order from Kmart!!! All penny items! 😁 #coupon #coupons #couponing #couponer #couponers #couponaddict #couponcommunity #free #freebies #freeisbetter #extremecoupon #extremecouponing #extremecouponer #savingmoney #neverpayretail #neverpayfullprice #newbiecouponer #moneymaker #stockpile #nocouponsneeded
freeisbetter - pennydeal - pennyfinds - nocouponsneeded - neverpayretail - coupon - couponcommunity - newbiecouponer - free - couponer - extremecouponing - couponing - coupons - pennydeals - moneymaker - couponers - extremecouponer - couponaddict - freebies - neverpayfullprice - savingmoney - extremecoupon - stockpile -
jude121069 : πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
acouponer17 : #pennyfinds #pennydeal #pennydeals
keri_ : @acouponer17 Hey quick question. How do you know which departments to check?
acouponer17 : @keri_ Dead deal now...there was a glitch a few nights ago. But you can go check the clearance sections online, sometimes good deals can still be found. I think someone found toaster and vacuum the other day. Good luck!
keri_ : @acouponer17 Thanks hun for responding!
jude121069 - amberleighparker - mo_on_qs - vapeworldwide -
I coudn't get any big ticket items so i went for smaller items. My first order of Kmart pickup from late night shopping 😁 thanks #couponcommunity !!! #coupon #coupons #couponing #couponer #couponers #couponaddict #free #freebies #freeisbetter #extremecoupon #extremecouponing #extremecouponer #savingmoney #neverpayretail #neverpayfullprice #newbiecouponer
freeisbetter - pennydeal - pennyfinds - neverpayretail - coupon - couponcommunity - newbiecouponer - free - couponer - extremecouponing - couponing - coupons - pennydeals - couponers - extremecouponer - couponaddict - freebies - neverpayfullprice - savingmoney - extremecoupon -
thismommylovesdeals : Mine shows as $6. :/ thanks!
acouponer17 : @thismommylovesdeals this is a dead deal now...they had a glitch that night
acouponer17 : #pennyfinds #pennydeal #pennydeals
damien_coley - newtocouponing87 - txcoupondiva - thismommylovesdeals -
My Kmart be looking out for meπŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ $.06 oop cashier told me to call her next time lmao #paystobenice #igotsmine s/o #couponcommunity #pennydeals #couponfam #couponfamily #couponer #extremecouponing #neverpayfullprice #freeisbetter
freeisbetter - pennydeals - couponcommunity - couponfam - neverpayfullprice - igotsmine - couponfamily - couponer - extremecouponing - paystobenice -
carterk_closet : How'd you get free? Bd?
sdford831 : They cancelled all my orders πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ glad to see some got their orders πŸ‘
_ashjohncoupons : @babypese @carterk_closet this morning had lot of things that were $.01. I did store pick up and paid with points. A lot of orders were being cancelled. The deal is no longer available.
_ashjohncoupons : @sdford831 aww man bummer I hate when that happens πŸ˜” I was shocked mine went through 😱
sdford831 : I cussed them out lmao
_ashjohncoupons : @sdford831 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sdford831 : They lied and said all of a sudden all my items were sold..."so someone came and picked up what you guys were supposed to have put aside for me? Since I already paid?" She said yes lmao I cussed her out n hung up.
_ashjohncoupons : @sdford831 oh no, I would have had words with them too smh that's messed up. πŸ˜‘
texascouponers - jarelyramirez - sdford831 - gw_luvsaving -
πŸ’ͺ $0.08 oop clorox and febreeze penny deal @ Kmart. There's still hope!! Picked up one of my orders and encountered the nicest manager "Judy" helped me carry my goodies and even got a little good bag for my baby girl filled with crayons toys and snacks for national safety day πŸ™…πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜βœŒοΈ#pennydeals #clearancealert #deaddeal #coupons #couponers #couponing #extremecouponer #extremecouponing #couponmommy #freestuff #moneymaker #mommydeals #couponcommunity
pennydeals - clearancealert - deaddeal - moneymaker - couponers - extremecouponer - freestuff - couponcommunity - mommydeals - couponmommy - extremecouponing - couponing - coupons -
breebreesmommmy : @breebreeggg
sweet_lyna : @sriveraxo !
_ashjohncoupons : Thank you for posting deal earlier I was able to grab some 😊😘
prerunnervic : @addyxoxo92
mleilanim : Do you present your coupons at the store? @simplecoupondeals
couponleslie12 - sdford831 - qp_classy - couponingtothebank1 -
πŸ˜­πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘They canceled one of my orders, without my permission of course! Yeah I will be calling you soon Kfart! #coupons #couponer #extremecouponer #extremecouponing #couponing #couponcommunity #couponmommy #pennydeals #clearancealert
pennydeals - clearancealert - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - couponmommy - couponer - extremecouponing - couponing - coupons -
sweetcakes1503 : Yup I got the same email. I was like wth I didn't request my order to get cancelled hahaha
simplecoupondeals : πŸ‘πŸ‘yeah I prob won't call til I pick up all the orders that weren't canceled yet 😁😁
simplecoupondeals : @not_yourtype
momma_dray : Why do they cancel?
interracialcouponer : Yall didn't need to call it was s glitch you win some you lose some so lol
simplecoupondeals : @interracialcouponer jk I didn't call them 😁😁 no time for bs
interracialcouponer : Thank you lol the ppl that did lord let's pray for them 😭😭😭😭 smh
sdford831 : They said my order canceled because all the items I purchased were no longer in stock. All 10 of the different items I purchased not even 6 hours ago for in store pick up! Don't blame it on me and then on top of it lie to me. I was upset
xotictravels - brittvici0us - missfarver - carbuyingtips -
More πŸ™Œ By @interracialcouponer via @RepostWhiz app: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ kmart is mad it was a glitch lmao !!!! Got mine thank god !!!! #deaddeal #pennydeals #couponmom #couponfamily #couponCommunity #Extremecouponers #extremeCouponing #midwestcoupner #michigancouponing #michigancouponer (#RepostWhiz app)
pennydeals - midwestcoupner - deaddeal - extremecouponers - michigancouponing - couponmom - repostwhiz - michigancouponer - couponfamily - extremecouponing - couponcommunity -
mindy_seip : @heather_2812 can they legally do that since you paid for it. (Weather or not it was only $.01.
haitianchik : @beatildevilme
couponingcommunity : Lucky you!
couponmaster : Good for you! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
qponlover_mommy : Awesome!!
sipaez143 : Niiice!
qupuon.glitch._.runner : πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
dneal23 : @hellokristyy
queenbeeeee23 - rollie67 - bkc_143 - karmadeva -
If you got in store pickup you better go RIGHT NOW.βœ…βž‘οΈ"Someone contacted corporate from the coupon community" is what my manager friend just texted me. 🚫Really...?! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ glad some went right away! Congrats boo 😘 By @interracialcouponer via @RepostWhiz app: My first bag of penny deals from kmart on to pick up my next order !!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #cheap #coupons #ipaywithcoupons #pennydeals #extremeCouponing #extremecouponer #midwestcoupner
pennydeals - midwestcoupner - extremecouponer - extremecouponing - cheap - ipaywithcoupons - coupons -
kouponingkate : @college_girl_couponer
teeedaniel : I was able to buy 3 things keeping my fingers crossed that it ships! I don't get why people have to hate exactly why they asses can't score a deal. Being so damn bitter! @not_yourtype thanx for the heads up
coupon_e310 : @not_yourtype obliviously they hate that we get on these run deals . Seen someone's post and a couponer wrote "IS IT OK THAT WE HASTTAG KMART"??? Dammm it lady, it people like her who don't make no dam sense lol. GET YOUR ORDERS BOO hehhe
couponingcommunity : Score!
minnieminnie9 : They were canceling my order as I was talking to the associate πŸ˜’
kuponera : I have 2 orders total of 28 items and they both got cancelled. The stupidity and envy should never mix. Finding those penny items in the website is a no brainer thing to do and it's a YMMV deal. Never envy what others were able to get. Block those brainless mthrfckrs!
miszrocky_d : Mine got cancelled couldn't pick them up this morning πŸ˜–
couponinginoregon : I got my confirmation at 6am and a cancellation at 9am.πŸ˜” But they said I canceled my own order.. Uhh no I did not. lol
4vrmygrlz - ice2110 - __luvmonkeyz__ - sclassbeauty -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ kmart is mad it was a glitch lmao !!!! Got mine thank god !!!! #deaddeal #pennydeals #couponmom #couponfamily #couponCommunity #Extremecouponers #extremeCouponing #midwestcoupner #michigancouponing #michigancouponer
pennydeals - midwestcoupner - deaddeal - extremecouponers - michigancouponing - couponmom - michigancouponer - couponfamily - extremecouponing - couponcommunity -
xtrmeqpnr_ : Bd PLS? πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ when is kmart doubles ending? Thx @interracialcouponer
queenskyking : @xtrmeqpnr_ this isn't doubles it's from a glitch last night - dead deal!
xtrmeqpnr_ : What was it? Smh what I get for moving my stockpile downstairs πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ next time PLS tag me! @interracialcouponer
interracialcouponer : I will hunny it was on @not_yourtype page too !!! I was shocked I got it lol
interracialcouponer : 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍 awww thank you hunny @missykensuga
sweet_lyna : @sriveraxo
skmh12 : Yay! I'm glad you got yours! I got 30! 😍😍😍
interracialcouponer : Yeah !!!! 😜😜😜😜 @skmh12
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My first bag of penny deals from kmart on to pick up my next order !!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #cheap #coupons #ipaywithcoupons #pennydeals #extremeCouponing #extremecouponer #midwestcoupner #michigancouponer
pennydeals - midwestcoupner - extremecouponer - cheap - ipaywithcoupons - michigancouponer - extremecouponing - coupons -
qpondottie : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’š
misha7272 : Nice!
batgirl_qpons71 : Yay good luck job
michloc : Nice! Glad they honored it
interracialcouponer : Thank you love I'm tried now lmao @qpondottie @batgirl_qpons71
interracialcouponer : Me too lol @michloc
batgirl_qpons71 : Me too lol
cherdeniise : I wish we still had a kmart.
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12 Febreeze and 2 Clorox bleach $0.14 hell yeah I'll take that!! πŸ™‹ #coupons #couponers #couponing #couponcommunity #clearancealert #pennydeals #extremecouponer #extremecouponing @not_yourtype
pennydeals - clearancealert - couponers - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - extremecouponing - couponing - coupons -
simplecoupondeals : @apriljox3 not sure about Kmart policy but target does online price matching. Good luck!
simplecoupondeals : @pinkmenyc πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œawesome!
apriljox3 : Just went to my kmart and they are closed for computer issues πŸ‘Žthanks!
simplecoupondeals : @apriljox3 look at @instasian09 page. Someone posted on their fb so now they r probably scrambling to stop all penny deals 😭😭😭😭
apriljox3 : I'm sure! That sucks:-( wish I coulda scored some! Good for you tho 😊
pinkmenyc : Febreze got cancelledπŸ˜’
thisdivacoupon : @couponing4kings @creoleqponer
seni7250coupons : @ahuerta90250 @folaumahina_coupons @em_mey
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πŸƒπŸƒπŸ’¨πŸ’¨can't talk right now I gotta go pick up my orders #coupons #clearancealert #pennydeals #couponers #extremecouponer #extremecouponing #couponcommunity #couponmommy @not_yourtype
pennydeals - clearancealert - couponers - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - couponmommy - extremecouponing - coupons -
carbuyingtips : Amazing!
chef_ed : @msssella_qpons
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πŸ’€πŸƒπŸ’¨πŸ’¨Deals don't sleep. Don't sleep on it! $0.25 for 58 items!! πŸ’ƒπŸ™…βœŒοΈπŸ‘‰ Complete breakdown direct link in bio or @ ! #clearancealert #pennydeals #coupons #couponer #couponing #coupondeals #couponcommunity #couponmommy #extremecouponer #extremecouponing @not_yourtype @clearancewhore
coupondeals - pennydeals - clearancealert - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - couponmommy - couponer - extremecouponing - couponing - coupons -
c.lohrryn_ : I wish the penny deals were for everywhere. It won't let me pick up in any store
lifeofcoupon : @tammy5003
thisdivacoupon : @couponing4kings @creoleqponer
jesssicah : @barbiegosia do we even have a Kmart near us? πŸ™ˆ
barbiegosia : There's one in west babylon by my mom and another all the way out east! @jesssicah
qpnewbie28 - clearancewhore - lifeofcoupon - chikitamua8 -
Oh well no luck for me... #pennydeals
pennydeals -
mikerunnels : Wait huh???
prettigirlspourinc : @mikerunnels Ti's the season for glitch deals and it's first come first serve... I will text the rest... This is at kmart
browheat : 😳make it happen @prettigirlspourinc
megluvin : Damn can I get a text next time?!
mikerunnels -
Check out the penny deals I scored 3 comforter sets. Good luck :)
pennydeals - couponcommunity - clearance - kmart -
simpleethrifty : #kmart #clearance #pennydeals #couponcommunity
sweet_lyna : @sriveraxo
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πŸ”₯Laying in bed, just scrolling away on the Kmart mobile site, finding all the PENNY DEALS πŸ‘€on clearance! πŸ‘ŠSome can be added to your cart, some are only in-store. Have fun shopping Christmas in October πŸ˜‰ Get outta bedπŸƒπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ @atlcouponmama770 πŸ’‹ #couponcommunity #clearance #christmas #pennydeals
pennydeals - couponcommunity - clearance - christmas -
divasassydiva : @atlcouponmama770 you're the best 😘
coupondealsunderonedollar : @atlcouponmama770 do you just hit clearence section and should pop up or is there somewhere else i have to go.
mrsrice_couponqueen : Ooohhh thanks girl! @divasassydiva
mrs_sykes16 : @divasassydiva booo wont let u see if its in store :(
divasassydiva : @mrs_sykes16 when I added the baby it said not available online see in-store
alwayzerin2u : I wondered the same thing do i hit clearence or reg @divasassydiva
alwayzerin2u : @fyrgrl
atlcouponmama770 : OMG. @divasassydiva Thank you hunnie..I'm humbled πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
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