Only a penny πŸ˜‚Macy' #couponers #houstoncouponers #couponing #pennydeals
houstoncouponers - pennydeals - couponing - couponers -
mcbnelson : @gatlinguns
mcbnelson - punkinbecca - qponer2014 -
I love penny shopping ❀️❀️ #pennydeals #pennyitems #extremecoupons #extremecouponing #mncouponers#
pennyitems - pennydeals - extremecouponing - mncouponers - extremecoupons -
yeseniavm77 : @lecoupongirl so this is a penny item at last?
lecoupongirl : Yep, these were ringing up at .01 πŸ˜‰ @yeseniavm77
yeseniavm77 : @lecoupongirl no luck for me...i guess they pulled em off the shelves 😐
lecoupongirl : πŸ˜• Maybe next time πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š Good luck penny hunting @yeseniavm77
justformycoupons : Dollar general?
wthao423 - n0ryg - mumqpnz - kaymay719 -
Retail $6.99 but got it for 69 cents!!
pennyhoarder - pennyfinds - clearancefinder - pennydeals -
saving_is_a_habit : #pennyhoarder #pennydeals #pennyfinds #ClearanceFinder
jglowseast - pinkmedress - sue_qs - couponjamie -
Babies R Us is having a sweet sale on winter coats. Only $2.90! The Aqua pods rang up as $.02 so I grabbed a bunch! #truclearance #couponer #couponcommunity #pennydeals
pennydeals - couponcommunity - truclearance - couponer -
pattyfhorne - slbats - deniserigby17 - marnigirl22 -
Got candy cane soap for a penny each at dollar general. Just what I need more of...soap. #pennyshoppers #pennyfinds #pennydeals
pennydeals - pennyshoppers - pennyfinds -
sierraxzombie - livingstonalyssa - liledoc - destani127_qs -
πŸ™‹πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š #cheap #neverpayfullprice #coupons #couponcommunity #couponingcommunity #extremecouponer #imhellacheap #pennydeals
pennydeals - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - cheap - couponingcommunity - imhellacheap - neverpayfullprice - coupons -
couponing_for5 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tencia.m : @kueen.vee.00 @damagefromtherod
rosmerybenny : Lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @pocahontas1138
impulse_shopper : @helloheartache
punkinbecca : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jenifer.rose : @vsosawashington 😦
_grarf : @kibo28 Still kills me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kibo28 : Haha, that's never going to get old! I think that should be your next 'phteven' series πŸ˜‰ @_grarf
brendaboo0510 - beenchaanted - lareina_shayboss - drina_rose -
I just scored 3 of these cute little pots for $2.50 at the DG clearance event. #couponcommunity #chicagocouponer #couponinginchicago #chicagocouponcommunity #iso #uft #ppff #ppgs #pennydeals #bargainshopping #thrifting
pennydeals - ppgs - chicagocouponer - couponcommunity - ppff - bargainshopping - chicagocouponcommunity - iso - thrifting - couponinginchicago - uft -
parrisinc : Whats deal on their clearance?
daravixen : @princessvo
chicagodealchaser : @couponuniversity an additional 50% off already marked clearance, and Christmas items.
thriftermia : Cool Pic, Check out our page!
crazy4coupondeals : @chicagodealchaser I had two in my cart last night... Still $10 here. :O
cubbie022 : I'm so happy to find someone in Chicago area!
sdford831 - shenellb312 - teddyb220 - katiecurtis14 -
#glitchmafia #couponcommunity #pennydeals
glitchmafia - pennydeals - couponcommunity -
lahenderson24 : Where was this at @crazy4coupondeals
crazy4coupondeals : @lahenderson24 DG
lahenderson24 : Awesome thanks! @crazy4coupondeals
sdford831 - dpalacios670 - uhhyoureadork - beautifully86 -
DG penny finds today #glitchmafia #couponcommunity #pennydeals
glitchmafia - pennydeals - couponcommunity -
kindlecoupons4u - beautifully86 - mykara_love - penelope768 -
Nothing else to say! #dollargeneral #pennydeals #couponcommunity #freebies #free #extremecouponer #extremecouponing
pennydeals - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - extremecouponing - freebies - free - dollargeneral -
diana_coupons_in_chicago : @chicago.coupns
sweet_teaa760 : @evy_geierma
evy_geierma : @sweet_teaa760 oh damn where the receipt at πŸ˜‚
akensonmom - free.bamboo.keyboard - scoobdacouponer - daclipper -
My first one hope it goes through #rundeals #glitchmafia #couponingcommunity #couponfamily #rundeal #pennydeals
glitchmafia - pennydeals - rundeal - couponingcommunity - rundeals - couponfamily -
rebdejesus : Google but if your on your phone you need to go to full site instead of mobile and they give you the option to have them delivered when they restock
rebdejesus : @marrymuscles
rebdejesus : @ladyt281
ladyt281 : @rebdejesus it's showing regular price now
rebdejesus : πŸ˜• sorry @ladyt281 I put through 5 orders of 20 hope they go through but more important I hope I have storageπŸ˜‰
ladyt281 : @rebdejesus don't worry sis you can store some at my house lol
gerlissacupcake : Did this one work,
rebdejesus : No I logged into my account and they had canceled all of my orders due to order back ups they said they didn't have the products to fill my order I was sad but I think the trick is ordering less per order so you fly under the radar
jaeson316 - arelyaa - jessica_ann_camargo - emalyemala -
$0.01 Garden Flags dollar general #pennyitems #dgpennyitems #dgclearance #clearancedeals #couponing101 #couponingcommunity #sccouponer #dgpennyfinds #pennyfinds #pennydeals #almostfree
mickeymouse - pennydeals - pennyfinds - dgpennyfinds - sccouponer - pennyitems - disneylove - clearancedeals - couponing101 - couponingcommunity - disneystuff - dgclearance - dgpennyitems - almostfree - minniemouse -
fourbusybodies : #disneystuff #disneylove #mickeymouse #minniemouse
duhitsjess : @bettycupones @jackiecancoupon
linseyfagan : @savvypantalones I know you want that Mickey girl
couponingnewbies_ - mzcarnes0915 - couponhustla_ - countryygirl003 -
DG 25¢ Christmas Clearance #couponfamily #couponcommunity #christmasclearance #dgclearance #pennydeals #pennyfinds #extremeshopping #extremecouponers #extremecouponing #cheap #deals #bargainhunter #dgchristmasclearance
pennydeals - pennyfinds - extremecouponers - couponcommunity - extremeshopping - cheap - deals - bargainhunter - couponfamily - dgclearance - extremecouponing - christmasclearance - dgchristmasclearance -
timekajacqui : The best!!
cashbackmeow - dalilaaissa32 - naturallyconstance - aerein513 -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ still found some at a new store in my old hood lmao I love the county !!!!! #coupon #coupons #coupon101 #couponfamily #couponfamily #couponcommunity #couponingcommunity #extremecoupon #extremecouponing #michigancouponer #pennydeals
pennydeals - extremecoupon - coupon - couponcommunity - couponingcommunity - michigancouponer - couponfamily - extremecouponing - coupon101 - coupons -
iamqpondottie : πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
crodqponz : Niceeeee lol
harmonymama : How do they look?
true_truly : What were the penny items??
p_j4ever_topnotchb - freebies_and_more - kimiis_ - we_luvz_early_pg -
πŸ™Š Uhhh ohhhh we found someone's hiding spot for holiday clearance. πŸ™ˆ I hope no one finds ours!
extremecouponer - pennydeals - couponcommunity - clearance -
she_couponz508 : #couponcommunity #extremecouponer #clearance #pennydeals
becky_u : @itsascencio when ur looking for your clearance work load like crazy lol!
jaliltownsend - thepoet35 - mayraecoll - zsazsasofit -
My Dollar General penny finds (school uniforms)😱 and luckily I found a lot in my daughters sizeπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #couponcommunity #couponers #pennyshoppers #pennydeals #freebies #DG #extremecouponing
pennydeals - couponers - dg - couponcommunity - pennyshoppers - freebies - extremecouponing -
jordanjordan2014 : Awesome. Is it a certain dot color?
qponaddictlanaj : Purple diamond @jordanjordan2014
heyitsronahi : How do u know if they are a penny :)
jordanjordan2014 : So cool. Thank u @qponaddictlanaj .
foatrang : @txqtie
txqtie : @foatrang I know. Travis went to two stores for me this morning but only got pair of shorts. The stores were already cleared out by 10am
foatrang : Damn. @TXQTIE
eqpon : so penny deals usually happen around end of seasons? or when else do they happen? & how do u know how to check because there r so many items :/ ? thanks
n0ryg - ccrockom09 - frostycakes_baker - nolegyrl -
Staples after coupon and Easy Rebate! Print coupon at or show on your mobile to cashier. Rebate receipt prints at register and you can mail in or submit via Super easy this way and nothing to mail in! #staples #pennydeals #esavingsblog #couponers #couponingcommunity
pennydeals - esavingsblog - couponingcommunity - staples - couponers -
tragedy_matheus - dresslikethebest4less -
Today's Penny find at the Dollar GeneralπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ make sure it's a 2-cube Expresso color #happyhunting #couponcommunity #couponers #pennyshoppers #pennydeals #freebies
pennydeals - couponers - couponcommunity - pennyshoppers - freebies - happyhunting -
tryn2coupon : @freeis4me_
tryn2coupon : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
mimihawj83 : all dollar general?
robie_robes : @askmeaboutmycoupons @tenanarae
fashioninnovation - katielynn09031989 - qponerchick - very_nicole -
My haul from the past week. All of this was free or under 1.00 i even had money makers and walmart paid me to take stuff home. πŸ’²#moneymakers #free #couponing #walmart #pennydeals #riteaid #bayer #extremecoupon #pricematch
pennydeals - extremecoupon - riteaid - free - pricematch - walmart - bayer - couponing - moneymakers -
_outdoorsman10 - carlee_ann - robert.j91 - temikiaagar -
Everyone go follow @savingmysanity she posted Christmas clearance at family dollar. .01 😱😱😱 #ymmv my FD would not sell for a penny. (Candy not included) #pennydeals #CouponCommunity #houstoncouponer
pennydeals - couponcommunity - houstoncouponer - ymmv -
alegre2014 : @mcarreraluis @julysardz
qponer2014 : @couponvirgin
sandrayvette3432 - lovehurts323 - _samantha_abigail_aubrey_gaona - jackiecara1022 -
I cannot tell you how excited I am about my first #pennyfind even if it was 3 pennies. This 2013 ornament is just what I needed! #pennydeals #bruclearance #extremecouponing iy#pennyfinds #babydeal #babydeals
pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennyfind - babydeals - bruclearance - extremecouponing - babydeal -
drdell03 : @janesitaroxqs - man I wish I had that for HannahπŸ˜₯
ladygee0528 - meli_333 - rrw822 - timekajacqui -
Dollar General penny find! #coupons #couponcommunity #couponers #deals #pennydeals
deals - pennydeals - couponcommunity - coupons - couponers -
jessy5890 : How'd u know it'd be a penny without the colored dot?
help_me_coupon : Would this still be .01 if I found it today?
99probs_qsaint1 : Yup @help_me_coupon
coups_there_it_is - n2sweeps - mykara__couponer - craftincris -
Having fun hunting down #pennyfinds great way to get #stockingstuffers #pennyhunt #pennydeals #pennypincher #pennytreasures #couponingclub
pennydeals - pennytreasures - pennypincher - pennyfinds - pennyhunt - stockingstuffers - couponingclub -
__pennyqueen : Can you tell me what the UPC is on the swan and the one next to it please ?
fralabel : What store is thisv
jessy5890 : @fralabel must be dollar general
fralabel : @jessy5890 yeah that's true
lisa226515 : @__pennyqueen & @fralabel it came from dollar General but I gifted them so don't have the upc codes
fralabel : Oh that's ok thanks I don't need the UPC I don't shop at DG @lisa226515
fabyguerradelgado - pooja453 - craftincris - timekajacqui -
Dollar General Penny Finds #DG #PennyItems #PoppedMyCherry #ILoveThis #PaidSeventyCents #FLCouponer #CouponPrincess #Couponing #LoveThisShit #TallyClippers #ExtremeCouponing #PennyFinds #PennyDeals #TEAMNOSLEEP
teamnosleep - pennydeals - ilovethis - pennyitems - dg - tallyclippers - couponprincess - lovethisshit - poppedmycherry - paidseventycents - pennyfinds - extremecouponing - couponing - flcouponer -
marlam93 : How do you no when stuff gets down to a penny? Is there an app or website you follow?
rodriguezi : Location
timekajacqui : Cinderella and cars didnt hit for me.. Maybe not marked yet
buffalocouponer - craftincris - mona_coupons - couponcleaner -
Dollar General Picture $3.50 Tabletop ironing board $1 Kitchen towels .01 Total $4.53 πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
dgclearance - pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennyitems -
couponluvin : #pennyfinds #pennydeals #dgclearance
couponluvin : #pennyitems
barbeest66 : How do you figure out what is 1 cent
couponluvin : @barbeest66 right now at dollar general all fall harvest and red dot should ring a penny. But some stores may be different you just have to let them scan it at checkout.
n0ryg - tifklipsqpons - keep.calm.and.go.thrifting - cmariem__ -
Blue star Penny find from last night. #pennydeals #dgpennyfind
pennydeals - dgpennyfind -
mothafkn_mel - candicemerinda - n0ryg - aqueenslifex5 -
My other blue star toy Penny find from last night. #pennydeals #dgpennyfind
pennydeals - dgpennyfind -
candicemerinda - n0ryg - couponingteee - mothafkn_mel -
Harvest items are a penny in most locations. #pennyitems #pennydeals #dgpennyfind
pennyitems - pennydeals - dgpennyfind -
jerseyyy : How !!! I don't understand lol like does it say it's a penny ?
negratiponormal : @mrs_snips @arieamizrahi @couponologist_pw @justrandomshit101
mystres813 : No it won't say a penny. When a item is discontinued, or the season is well past like harvest/thanksgiving is for us. Well the store won't keep those items on the shelf forever. They need the space to put up Christmas ect. The stores get a e mail telling them what items they are to remove from the shelf. Those items prices are changed to a penny in the system. Some times managers forget to pull these items. And well if it is in our basket and rings up so, they are required to sale it.
thedgcouponqueen : Congratulations !!
mzrenoqpon - inelyz - qponkrazymommy - marvelez1 -
Repost from @maryann912 !!! Harvest items at DG are now #pennydeals I found some stuff earlier but Im tired and need to take a nap before work.
pennydeals -
tenanarae - n0ryg - couponcutey4real - melissa_qpons -
Today's non food penny finds. 6 basketballs in one store! #penny #pennys #pennydeal #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyitems #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #dgrun #dgruns #dgpenny #dgpennys #dgclearance #neverpayfullpriced #couponcommunity
dgpenny - pennydeal - pennyshopper - pennyshopping - pennyitems - couponcommunity - penny - dgpennys - dgrun - neverpayfullpriced - pennyitem - dgclearance - dgruns - pennydeals - pennys -
stonerprincess13 : You're always so lucky !! Take me w you lol ! πŸ˜‚
babiixjay : @stonerprincess13 I was surprise I found so much cause I had to take my 10 month old. I been looking for months for the moxie doll!! And I finally found one and its the exact one that I wanted. From skin, hair, eyes and dress! I found it cause I dropped a ball bent down to pick it up and sitting on bottom shelf looking all pretty the doll! 😁😁
christinac28 : That's so awesome!!! I have two boys and would looooove to find some .01 toys!! I envy you lol does your dg have a price scanner? I dont know what to look out for. Dg has so many different symbols/colors on their tags!! @babiixjay
stonerprincess13 : Lol awesome now you have to take your 10mnth old all the time lol and make sure to check all the shelfs from top to bottom (:
babiixjay : @christinac28 no price scanner. I just remembered these from summer toy, and Halloween and all that. It's a lot of studying. There's a lot of post on Instagram just search hash tags and screen shot what people have poste and look out for those items. Penny summer toys will have a plain yellow price tags no star or dot and on the back near barcode have s14
christinac28 : Thank you @babiixjay I went today and found nothing! I've been screen shotting everything lol is there like a link or website that can give me more info? I hate bothering you all the time lol
jessy5890 : How did u know the $6 would be a penny?
babiixjay : @jessy5890 it was a Halloween wig
deathbysavings - angelsandwolves09 - stonerprincess13 - 02batman_ -
My penny candy and food haul today! #dgrun #dgruns #dgpenny #dgpennys #dgclearance #pennydeal #pennys #pennydeal #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyitems #pennyshopper #pennyshopping #neverpayfullpriced #couponcommunity
dgpenny - pennydeal - pennyshopper - pennyshopping - pennyitems - couponcommunity - dgruns - dgpennys - dgrun - neverpayfullpriced - pennyitem - dgclearance - pennydeals - pennys -
christinac28 : 😍😍😍😍
blackbeauty510 : @nurse_made
poohdillard1974 - stonerprincess13 - 02batman_ - heck_yes_i_coupon -
Me and nous penny food haul today! Over 50 cans of tuna, 25 can of soup, 75 packs of gum and more!!! #dgclearance #dgpenny #dgpennys #dgrun #dgruns #penny #pennys #pennyitem #pennyitems #pennydeal #pennydeals #pennyshopping #pennyshopper #neverpayfullpriced #couponcommunity
dgpenny - pennydeal - penny - pennyshopping - pennyitems - couponcommunity - pennyshopper - dgpennys - dgrun - neverpayfullpriced - pennyitem - dgclearance - dgruns - pennydeals - pennys -
tx_couponer02 : 😱 do you have the list of this 😫 I can't find anything I'm heading to the next store right now
gabmin_new2q : How do you know what's a penny @tx_couponer02
stonerprincess13 : Were the wylers drink packets "light"? Or regular
stonerprincess13 : I have the list of items but it doesnt say light yet everyone whose purchased has said light ?
babiixjay : @stonerprincess13 I think it was regular. My aunt took them so I'm not sure. I didn't even think that it was light or regular that's on sale. I just knew wylers drink mix.
txqtie : poor sofa lol
babiixjay : @txqtie oh yeah my mom was so mad my 3 year old did that. There's no pens,markers, crayons or color pencils in the house now. Don't even want to see her walls.. πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
paulinnkaa : How many dg store do you go to? 😊
qponing_gi - mindy.adebest - yes_coupons - rose_boutique2 -
.01 at DG the package must have the green stripes on the edges. Found in reg candy isle. We will be bowing these babies and tossing in the crowd at Disney. #cheercompetition #futurenationalchampions
cheercompetition - pennydeals - futurenationalchampions -
savingmysanity : #pennydeals
shawnaeustice - cherrymae04 - flacpnlvr - southerncouponer1 -
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