Haven't posted in awhile because I've been busy packing to move! Couldn't resist celebrating a successful moving day with a little #pennyshopping! Electronics and DVDs galore! #pennydeal #pennydeals #pennyfind #pennyfinds #pennyitem #pennyitems #pennyshopper #extremecouponer
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soky_couponer_brooke -
Penny finds today. Also found a duck and a zombie shooting game and 2 telescope/microscope set that was also a penny in another store. but manager showed me proof he donates so I was fine not buying it. He was the only store that donates and not trash the items. So atleast I knew it was going to a good place. Some people sai I should of fought back cause if he donates the items still should have already been pulled of the shelves cause if its on the floor it has to be sold. But I'm like its fine as long as he isn't lying to me about donating them. #pennyitem #pennyitems #pennyfind #pennyfinds #penny #pennyhunt #pennydeal #pennydeals #pennyshopper #pennyshopping
pennydeal - pennyshopper - pennyfinds - pennyshopping - pennyitems - penny - pennyitem - pennyfind - pennyhunt - pennydeals -
elena_athairdrama : What store?
babiixjay : @elena_athairdrama dollar general
angelicamr316 : @mrsvalerie06 #pennyshopper
c_murdda - mztxtea - societykills.x - yanika2541 -
πŸ’ŽMichaels HaulπŸ’Ž Nothing was over $1 😊 I also got my first #pennyitems πŸ”ΌNotebooks .15 each πŸ”ΌTreat Bags .15 πŸ”ΌLetter B stickers .01 πŸ”ΌBelt .15 πŸ”ΌScarves .99 πŸ”Ό Wish Rock .89 SCORE! I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE! #pennydeals #couponing101 #couponcommunity #free #money #comeup #ilovemoney #loveit #realdeal #uft #iso #uft #idso #followforfollow #like4like #likeforlike #likeme #teammoney #workflow #instagood #pennydeals ##pennyitems #penny # pennyfinds #pennyfind
comeup - idso - realdeal - workflow - money - couponcommunity - penny - free - couponing101 - uft - pennydeals - followforfollow - instagood - teammoney - pennyitems - likeme - likeforlike - ilovemoney - pennyfind - loveit - iso - like4like -
cristina_romero_alonso : Likeforlike❀️
duhitsjess : @deeznutz86_coupons stickers
nor_toma - stroy_daddy - heliiin__ - maaariiia -
Found this little gem for my little princess!! Retail $18...paid $2! 90% off select electronics #coupons #dollargeneral
pennydeals - couponcommunity - pennyshopper - coupons - dollargeneral -
qponkathy : #couponcommunity
lovecoupons004 : Where@qponkathy
qponkathy : Dollar general :) @lovecoupons004
ms__witherspoon : I just gt 1
qponkathy : Awesome! !
qponkathy : #pennyshopper #pennydeals
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My #pennydeals from #nordstromrack 😁😁😁
nordstromrack - pennydeals -
luxurybabe_ : Can you give UPC numbers plz
hsuperbonita : UPCs: 731351137380. 888069115183. 429557424303
mrswhackiejackie - lauren121501 - jennchu_ - karlaa_x3 -
Unexpected deal at @officedepot #washi tape rolls $1 and #PINK notepad $0.89 + took advantage of #pennydeals #cuzImAuntieKellee #Kelleeluvdakidz
pink - pennydeals - washi - kelleeluvdakidz - cuzimauntiekellee -
therealashkash : lol
kimchisouljewelry - a_patterson16 - jeromemongo - therealashkash -
Was taking baby boy to toys r us for his birthday gifts and there was a dg on the way. So I had to stopped by. Well found 8 cents worth of shirts! Haha I can't stop penny shopping! Who wants to pass up on penny shirts. #penny #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennyhunt #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyfinds #pennyitems #pennyshirt #pennyshopper #pennyshopping
pennydeals - pennyshopper - pennyfinds - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - pennyitems - penny - pennyshirt - pennyitem - pennyfind - pennyhunt -
melissanino__ : Like the pink one πŸ˜‚
babiixjay : @melissanino__ haha I know! I swear all the penny shirts I find. Says a lot of the funny saying or is stupid! I found a lot about beer and beer pings shirt too.
soky_couponer_brooke - twodees143 - virimtz09 - zander_momma -
More school supplies!!! by @qpon_g8r "✏️Office Depot quarter items and penny folders starting this Sunday 7/27✏️ #backtoschool #backtoschooldeals #officedepot #quarteritems #pennydeal #pennydeals #50buckschoolsupplychallenge #officemax #couponcommunity #extremecouponing #extremecouponer #flcouponing" via @PhotoRepost_app
pennydeals - backtoschooldeals - officemax - quarteritems - pennydeal - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - 50buckschoolsupplychallenge - officedepot - backtoschool - extremecouponing - flcouponing -
edithnats421 : If you buy 3 of each of the 25cent items it will be 4.50 plus tax buy another item of $1 to get the $5 purchase and you can buy the folders for 10 cents!! A bunch of school supplies for apprx $5!
j_jacobo_es2 - ayeechriss - geezqs - sillasletty -
✏️Office Depot quarter items and penny folders starting this Sunday 7/27✏️ #backtoschool #backtoschooldeals #officedepot #quarteritems #pennydeal #pennydeals #50buckschoolsupplychallenge #officemax #couponcommunity #extremecouponing #extremecouponer #flcouponing
pennydeals - backtoschooldeals - officemax - quarteritems - pennydeal - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - 50buckschoolsupplychallenge - officedepot - backtoschool - extremecouponing - flcouponing -
my_nana_luz : @coupon_fanatic @dehoyossonia @elviaooo1
lavieenhong : @lidoaznfairy
ayegraciegirl : @jamietib bring your sister and brother and boyfriend with you to get more! πŸ˜‰
jamietib : @ayegraciegirl ahhh thanks!!! I'm on it!!
duggercouponing : @qpon_g8r Is there anything in that ad on the packs of paper for less then 50Β’? :]
qpon_g8r : @duggercouponing I didn't see anything priced 50 cents that I can remember but the sneak peak ad is available on :)
duggercouponing : @qpon_g8r Great! Thanks! :)
coupon_crazy : @babyg2105
couponinkennada - lovechongxix_ - rar0058 - kdvirgo -
Just scored my first penny phone!! :)) #penny #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennyhunt #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyfinds #pennyitems #pennyshopper #pennyshopping
pennydeals - pennyshopper - pennyfinds - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - pennyitems - penny - pennyitem - pennyfind - pennyhunt -
hulahoopingmom : @babiixjay from where?
babiixjay : @hulahoopingmom dg
rubyl0veqpons : How did you know it was a penny?? @babiixjay
rubyl0veqpons : Yes! That's what I was thinking.. Lol could give it to my daughter or something. Thanks babe! @babiixjay
rubyl0veqpons : Got it!! Thank you!!! 😍😍
hulahoopingmom - gabi_rosee - mimi_mounsena - twodees143 -
From DG.. 90% off Turbo Roaster and Sesame Street books were a penny.. Happy hunting!! #couponcommunity #nocouponneeded #pennydeals #penny #pennyitems #freebies
pennydeals - pennyitems - nocouponneeded - couponcommunity - penny - freebies -
5kidsandcouponing : Roaster was $2 at my store πŸ˜’
lizcoupon26 - mrsvetterodriguez - floresfam_qpons - cnycouponingmom -
Round 2 of my 90% off electronics haul. (Excuse the hello kitty hampers and twin comforter that was from toys r us 80% sale) but I got 2 duck shooting game$4, 1 zombie$4, 5 really big remotes$1, 10 smaller remotes $0.80, 2 headphones $1.50, 10 stylus $0.50, penny trash can, penny table cloth, penny shirts and gift bag, flashlight friends $6. #penny #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennyhunt #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyfinds #pennyitems #pennyshirt #pennyshopper #pennyshopping
pennydeals - pennyshopper - pennyfinds - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - pennyitems - penny - pennyshirt - pennyitem - pennyfind - pennyhunt -
theweavingideas : Can pls pm me the pic of the sequin art ! Thank u !
theweavingideas : Was the sequin art a penny too ! Sorry ! Thank u !
societykills.x : I better be getting sum tomorrow πŸ˜‚ @babiixjay
babiixjay : @societykills.x lmao me an Noi went over board this penny shopping trip... Usually we just buy the penny items but we couldn't pass up 90% off electronics. And than we went to toys r us and couldn't pass up 80% off stuff... I bought Jordan a new twin size phinas and ferb blanket set for $11! Originally $60. And 2 hello kittylaundry hampers for $2. :) I couldn't pass on hello kitty!
societykills.x : Lol ;) @babiixjay
babiixjay : @societykills.x I wa seriously on a hunt for a hello kitty tv for you that I seen was suppose to be on sale but I couldn't find them :( so idk what to get you now.
societykills.x : Ohhh .. @babiixjay
babiixjay : It was so cute! It was a 19 inch flat screen hello kitty tv. Originally like 160 but wa on sale for $30. But both toys r us I went to was sold out. :(
ar33f - alliedacat - pedro_gotweight - yanika2541 -
Does anyone in the #cleveland area have these baskets from Michael's? A friend of mine is looking for 2 and has a bunch #uft that you might be #iso #isopennybaskets #penny #pennydeals #clevelandcouponers If anyone does please DM or comment on @couponswag425_free.palestine page. The person who has them will also get a gift from me!!
pennydeals - isopennybaskets - iso - cleveland - clevelandcouponers - penny - uft -
b_m_mo : That's one of the only ones I didn't get
clevelandcouponer : Thanks @b_m_mo I couldn't remember lol
clevelandcouponer : Thanks for replying @blackbeauty510
cupon_if_ugotsit : @clevelandcouponer I do not have them sorry
clevelandcouponer : Thanks! @cupon_if_ugotsit
familysaver : @clevelandcouponer I have them but I live in Maryland. Would she cover shipping?
clevelandcouponer : Oh thanks! @familysaver I'm not sure. I'll tag her to see. @couponswag425_free.palestine If you still need ↑↑
couponswag425 : @clevelandcouponer your the best of the best!!
longboard_penny_official - sweetdarkness3 - denisejukie - akolesar -
#Pennyitem This was my first trip out and I found 2! So excited. These were in the wrong box. #pennyhunter #pennyhunt #pennydeals #couponing101 #couponcommunity
pennydeals - couponing101 - pennyhunt - couponcommunity - pennyhunter - pennyitem -
montyquimby : @thenixonator wha??? The rack too
thenixonator : @montyquimby how?
fashioninnovation : @thenixonator the store has marked them down in their system but has not pulled them from the floor. Some are marked most are not. The store will mark them down and then pull them from the shelves most of the time. If you can beat them too it then you get the shoes for a penny. I'm in CA so their is a law that of an item rings up a certain amount the store has to honor that price.
dealhunterdks : 😍😍😍
jstar_2004 : How do you know which ones have been marked down if the store has not done so yet? How do you get the inside scoop? Lol @fashioninnovation
fashioninnovation : @jstar_2004 there is no way to know for sure if the item has been marked in the system basically if in item is going to be no longer available for sale NR's system marks the item as 0.01 in their computer system it will vary per store and per day you just have to be lucky and catch the item before it is pulled from the shelf. My store associate was nice and when one of the items rang up as a penny she told me they normally pull the items, bring them to the back, and then change the computer system. They didn't do it in that order this time so there were a lot of penny items I missed put on. There were a bunch of boots on the bottom shelf in clearance. The boxes were the wrong ones, they looked old, and it is only intuition and a good guess because there is no way to really know. I went back the next day and most of these shoes were off the shelf. Good luck hunting!
dealhunterdks - qponlover6 - neereeaheereedia - claudia035 -
Rang up as a penny! My #pennydeals . See previous post for more details. To clue me in these had multiple price tags and the we're in the wrong box on the bottom shelf. #pennyhunt #pennyitems #couponfamily #couponcommunity
pennyhunt - pennydeals - couponcommunity - pennyitems - couponfamily -
lillyvillebowtique - bennysbest - dealhunterdks - coupon401 -
#tbt when I got all these penny scrapbook pads! #nowyouseeme #nowyoudont #pennydeals #pennyhaul
tbt - pennydeals - pennyhaul - nowyoudont - nowyouseeme -
doubledianty : 😻😻😻😻 I love scrapbook stuff!!!!
brendaboo0510 : 😍😍😍😍
luvcoupons : @clearancewhore I heard that michaels is no longer having penny items is that true?
b_m_mo : @luvcoupons I follow michaels penny items closely and I keep hearing that too but it hasn't been confirmed so don't get your hopes up just yet
ethanieldf2530 : @ricofamily25 @xochitls
allycat43 : What do you look for on the paper?
budgetbarterqueen : @luvcoupons there are still penny items. Michaels changed a few things and the seasoned shoppers are on it. The IG craze made it a lot harder. @clearancewhore I think scrapbooks pennies a week ago again.
mjrloyal82 : 😩😩😩😩 a penny, never at my Michaels πŸ˜ͺ
cutiecoupons - ckarina2 - denise_coupons - thenewlywedcouponer -
#couponcommunity #pennydeals #coupons #extremecouponers #cbff #iso 😒😒😒😘
pennydeals - iso - extremecouponers - cbff - couponcommunity - coupons -
afghanrani : @coupon4savings I don't need to get paid but I'll keep an eye out what size r u hon? I'll get u shoes n u can gimme ur qs lol
coupon4savings : Yes I'm a 7 😘😘😘 thank you thank you thank you!!! I'll give you every coupon I have and pay shipping if you find any @afghanrani
coupon4savings : @dealhunterdks has her finds posted, it may help πŸ‘ @afghanrani
afghanrani : @coupon4savings going again tomm hopefully they got something
coupon4savings : No finds? @afghanrani
afghanrani : @coupon4savings nope nothing for a penny but do u want them if they're like under 10$?
coupon4savings : Possibly if cute. If you send a pic while your there I'd let you know!! @afghanrani
afghanrani : @coupon4savings sure thing
amandatanya - qs4vero - coupon_princessp - janetlovesshopping -
Today's penny and 90% off electronic finds! Retails for over $700 and I only paid under $70! 2 duck shooting game $4 each 2 zombie shooting game $4 each 3 appgears toy $1 each 2 glow in dark tents $6 each 2 styles pens $0.50 each 1 monkey phone case $0.50 4 toddler heart outfits $0.01 each 4 baby outfits $2 each 3 gift bags $0.01 each 7 Bluetooth speakers $2 each 1 coloring book $1 1 bottle stopper $2 4 play packs $1 each 1 doll $0.01 #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennyhunt #pennyitem #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyfinds #pennyitems #pennyshirt #pennyshopper #pennyshopping
pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - pennyitems - pennyshopper - pennyshirt - pennyitem - pennyfind - pennyhunt -
babiixjay : @lifewithbriley blue star green diamond electronics at dollar general is 90% off!!
babiixjay : @lifewithbriley and I'm a semi pro penny shopper at dg ;)
babiixjay : @lifewithbriley I don't even spend money on my baby girls clothes. I find her clothes for penny. And until Thursday all yellow dot clothes are 70% off I got her some outfits for $2
sanispba : @babiixjay glad u were able to find some. I tried just one in my lunch break and didn't find any. Just my kiddo's clothes.
lifewithbriley : Do you know if these sales are going on at all DG stores? @babiixjay
babiixjay : @sanispba awe I know the electronic sold out fast! Mostly cause employees but it in back for themselves. @lifewithbriley the sale in nationwide. It's just if you take the time to look up what is a penny. I promise you will find out. Look up tanya Ortiz on YouTube she will give you a name of her group on FB. Join it! Look through all the pictures. Ask questions. But never say her I just joined and how does this work. The rules say to read read read. The have a newbie files, frequently asked question it's really easy to learn.
babiixjay : @lifewithbriley click comment to read full comment lol. I remember you couldn't read the whole thing last time I wrote a lot! :)
sanispba : Thanks @babiixjay
beach4keen - ar33f - societykills.x - claudia035 -
Dollar General: Seed packets 90% off .02 each! #extremecouponing #coupons #clearance #dgclearance #pennyitem #pennydeals
pennydeals - pennyitem - dgclearance - extremecouponing - clearance - coupons -
makeupnqpons : They night as well give them to you lol
12345kidsintx : Ikr? @makeupnqpons πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
pipapipo : I'm going to check my nearby dg, hopefully they are 90% cause I'll be buying most of it. My grandparents are big planters.
12345kidsintx : Good luck @pipapipo
mr_mrs_zapata93001 - b_m_mo - pamela_stamps - couponater -
$0.02 Erasers! Pay $0.06 for all 3 erasers! #neverpayfullprice #couponing101 #coupondeals #newbiecouponer #backtoschool #pennydeals #texascouponer #coupons #couponing
coupondeals - pennydeals - texascouponer - newbiecouponer - couponing101 - neverpayfullprice - backtoschool - couponing - coupons -
hellasweetmel - alyssathefish - jessssiecline - racinricerkat -
Come join a new group on fb. Come share deals, glitches, penny shopping and more. Come over to learn or just to see!! Tia #couponing #Newgroup #Facebook #deals #glitches #pennydeals
deals - pennydeals - glitches - newgroup - facebook - couponing -
dailydealbeast : awesome
missbossy29220 : I want to join @alinton14
tooflynottofly - noneofyourbiz1 - sdlbaker - couponermaya -
My sweet #babygirl in her favorite dg penny shirt ;) #pennydeals #pennyshirt #pennyitems
pennyshirt - pennydeals - babygirl - pennyitems -
carinhoca : Beautiful photo
hotmamahannah : Thanks ;) @carinhoca
clearancewhore - prissybowsbyamy - couponmama30 - shalenoir -
Some penny clothes I sorted for donation. Hopefully I find more before Christmas time. That's when I plan on donating everything I found. :)
pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - pennyitems - pennyshopper - pennyitem - pennyfind -
babiixjay : #pennyfinds #pennyitems #pennyshopper #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyshopping
brandeecordray : I just started getting a lil more involved in my churchs food pantry/clothing drives. Peoples needs are real. Could you give any advice on how I could find information on penny finds? I wanted to try to find things to donate before school starts in our area this year
babiixjay : @brandeecordray clothes you want to look for grey star, grey dot, blue dot f13,s13,sp13. Anything before 14 with those color code should be. But some store have started resetting back to fp. This is dollar general stores btw. And toys you want to look for blue stars. Grey dot/star and blue dots on socks and shoes too.
babiixjay : @brandeecordray if you have a Facebook look up dollar general penny shoppers unite. You can learn everything there on the pine post and files. And ask questions on the pictures and stuff. Most things posted in their pictures. Most the time if you find the same items it will ring a penny.
dianaf0710 : I am waiting for the next one so I can do the same a
crystalrichie1 : what do the never shirts say?
babiixjay : @crystalrichie1 love never fails
meeeeeeeeeta - kittykatlifestyle - angieang661 - cali_supreme_xd -
Office Depot - OoP $5.93 Saved $32.08. Too bad they were out of stock on Sharpies and mini staplers. #pennydeals #officedepotdeals #backtoschool
pennydeals - backtoschool - officedepotdeals -
qpon_g8r - beechisholm - nandascoupons - justjamilsmother -
Back 2 School shopping is officially here! Ekk! Penny deals at Office Max/Depot. See your local ads for details. #backtoschool #back2school #b2s #pennydeals
pennydeals - backtoschool - b2s - back2school -
ariessolis16 -
40 folders ($.40) 12pk index cards ($.12) 6pk sharpee ($6) 11pk erasers ($.11) 3 mini stapler ($3) 1 Washi tape ($1 used $1/1mq) 10 duct tape ($18) $30. Kinda high cause I went crazy on the tapes πŸ˜… #808couponing #pennydeals
pennydeals - 808couponing -
synfulsyn : Where : @synfulsyn Office Depot or Office Max
kearahkoupons : @coupontashari
coupontashari : Got some on monday already @kearahkoupons but thanks tho
ponqpon808 - alethena - synfulsyn - hugs_kisses_ashleyxo -
My find from my road trip from Florida back to tennessee. All adult shirts was grey star except the eagle shirt was pink star. Baby outfit was blue dot. Donkey and birds coloring books, sea same street books, and a bunch of gift backs!!! I sorted it by size. Electronics are 70% off. NOT PENNY. Iglow $15, mp3 $6 and bling head phones $2.70 #pennyfind #pennyhaul #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyfinds #pennyitems #pennyitems #pennyshopper #pennyshopping
pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennyhaul - pennyshopping - pennyitems - pennyshopper - pennyitem - pennyfind -
mz.maika : Nice! Are these all S13?
babiixjay : @mz.maika yes the baby outfits was f13
alexandra_jessy : And how do you know which gift bags?? :-)
babiixjay : @alexandra_jessy ones with ribbon not string handles.
theweavingideas : Can u pls post close up pic of Crayola coloring books or send me a personal message . Thank u !
babiixjay : @theweavingideas pm you already
alexandra_jessy : Thank you so much @babiixjay
crystalrichie1 : how can I follow
deathbysavings - alex_estes_2000 - thaliaaddie - denisejukie -
#officemax #officedepot #pennyhunt #pennydeals #pennyfinds ymmv πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
pennyhunt - pennydeals - officemax - pennyfinds - officedepot -
rouxylugo123 - jrenea_23 - danyellrnoll_beaulieu - like2save -
75% off clearance at #officemax #officedepot! Got all this for $30! Markers were $0.13, crayons were $0.08, folders were $0.01-$0.03 each, regular binders were $0.70-$0.80 each, and "coupon" binders with straps were $2 ea. NO LIMIT! YMMV πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #pennydeals #pennyhunt #pennyfinds #extremecouponing #couponnewbie #couponcommunity
pennydeals - officemax - pennyfinds - couponcommunity - couponnewbie - officedepot - pennyhunt - extremecouponing -
mgn3886 : Is this online too?
lillyvillebowtique : I'm not sure
livelovelaughandstayfab : Wow
dianaf0710 : Wow mine didn't have anything on clearance like this
lillyvillebowtique : Awe πŸ˜• I only went to one,so maybe it was only my store?
mgn3886 - couponwithcio - tiffani_murphy - dianaf0710 -
🚨Kmart Penny Deals!!🚨 ⚠️Desert Rats I can already tell you don't bother, our 1 and a half Kmarts do not have any of these in stock, along with no stores within 50 miles!πŸ‘Ž ✳️Good Luck to the rest of you!πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ Tag me if y'all get in on the dealπŸ‘‹ #pennydeals #happyhunting #couponcommunity #OneDayπŸŽ€
pennydeals - couponcommunity - oneday - happyhunting -
tydizzle : @nhfamily @queen562 just now saw this go get em =)
coupon401 : At my store it didn't ring up as a penny!!!
minne_coup : What app do you use to photo edit?! Love it :)
chelenetory : @coupon401 bummer I'm sorry!
chelenetory : @minne_coup a beautiful mess
coupon401 : No need to be sorry Hun!!! I try but it's a no go.. You'll never know until u try right??
chelenetory : @coupon401 right!πŸ‘‹
ashdotcom : @impoeticstance
jlynn_duhhh - dee148 - britt_aney14 - teennaa88 -
βœοΈπŸ“ŽπŸ“Œβœ‚οΈπŸ““ I'm a sucker for school/office supplies. 😜 starting 7/6.
pennydeals - coupon101 - deal - coupon - couponaddict - couponcommunity - free - deals - extremecouponer - schoolsupplies - officedepot - extremecouponing - couponing - officesupplies -
kajpahulu : @lulu_couponing
bama_couponer : @georgiacouponer
aalyssa627 : @mjlovescoupons
ximde : @espre55otyme @nyabzongcheng @lucyv21usyahoocom @mvang03
lavieenhong : @cindyhuyen @nnaryt @dancingrobert school supplies!!! I'm loading up on index cards
glitterglamglow : @lozano120508 @gollygeehollybee @xoxo_emi_xoxo
glitterglamglow : @tyvega01
esmie04 : @_jgalvaan
mgn3886 - ginisimaax3 - esmie04 - me_so_prettyy -
Buy a $39 tablet at TRU get $50 Best Buy Card? Sounds good to me!! #extremecouponing #extremecouponer #couponcommunity #couponfamily #hotdeals #pennyitems #pennydeals #betterthanfree #chicagocouponers #chicagocouponing #moneymaker
pennydeals - chicagocouponing - couponfamily - moneymaker - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - pennyitems - betterthanfree - hotdeals - extremecouponing - chicagocouponers -
_ssstacy : @kayaking_phil
marycoupons4six - doupon - jared.wackerly -
✏#OfficeDepot #pennydeals starting 7/6! You need $5 minimum purchase. #backtoschool #couponcommunity #extremecouponing
pennydeals - backtoschool - extremecouponing - couponcommunity - officedepot -
bdcoups : @sweeetkisses_ @yourstrulycn
nancyvang13 : Where did you find this preview @qpon_g8r ?
qpon_g8r : I found it online @nancyvang13 it is now officially on!
nancyvang13 : Thanks!
tlyann_0714 : Can u tell me how to do this? @qpon_g8r
qpon_g8r : @tlyann_0714 You just need to make sure you have a $5 purchase, then you can get the penny items, noting the limits on each item.
xoxolisyboo : @funnygirl305
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