Hell yeah 😏 #peaceiphone #finally
peaceiphone - finally -
alexthecraveiro : Lol we have the same phone πŸ“± xD
issymaae : @alexthecraveiro lol is it good? I had to pick on the spot πŸ˜‹ anythings better than an iphone
alexthecraveiro : I love it it's an awesome piece of equipment :3 lol its actually pretty great ear phone jack has a lil issues and it can over heat if you over use it :p
blondebeauty26 - littledarlingmommy - sassylittlemrs - _.kris._m._ -
#note4 #samsung #peaceiphone
peaceiphone - note4 - samsung -
tashamurale : I have the same phone
burkholdermusic : Tis a good phone @tashamurale
freddiewl - dickman_911 - qgiralt - tashamurale -
πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ #galaxys5 #galaxy #yay #peaceiphone
yay - peaceiphone - galaxys5 - galaxy -
samm_johns : I see my toes
lizzperry : Lemme know if yew like that, I'm due for an upgrade!
emiilymaaee : @sljohns25 I seent it @lizzperry I love it!! So does sam, was time for me to go back to Droid though
mrskenney89 : What u doing w/ ur iphone??
mrskenney89 : @emilymaaee
puke_lotts - audreyrozay - j_bomb10 - saannthony13 -
#google #nexus5 #teamdroid #peaceiphone
peaceiphone - google - nexus5 - teamdroid -
ac0leman12 : #cocky @wreichert
aheil90 : How you like it? Pretty dope from what I've seen so far.
sippinonhorchata - ogulhan07 - str8edge87 - sklef73 -
We both got a #galaxy and this is how we feel! #s4 #peaceiphone
peaceiphone - galaxy - s4 -
mari_mendoza00 - hily_renea14 - ssiahmoses -
EEEEP!! My new #sony Xperia!! #peaceiphone #ripiphone #suckitapple #purpleisthenewblack
sony - peaceiphone - purpleisthenewblack - suckitapple - ripiphone -
mmiirreeyyaa - miss_tonnay - elliebelle2008 - nava28__ -
My way cool waterproof phone #woohoo #peaceiphone #waterproofphone #happygirl
waterproofphone - happygirl - peaceiphone - woohoo - sorryimnotsorry -
ansleybow : You can transfer everything on your iPhone to it so its pretty cool! @kae_sherm
haleygendron : Love how you can spend hundreds on a new phone but not 40 on a bridesmaid dress. Classy girl you are
_kelsey1090 : Least you actually like your phone 😍
ansleybow : Maybe I actually wanted my phone @kelbell1090
_kelsey1090 : True story.
ansleybow : #sorryimnotsorry @kelbell1090
_kelsey1090 : Least you'll have much more and better use of the phone then a dress
_kelsey1090 : Lol
jackied2012 - hhughslaw - moorekrista -
What a nice way to end a night #smashed #murked #peaceiphone
smashed - sarcasm - murked - peaceiphone -
eyeofkevin : #SARCASM
allicaterr - shadylayne - jenna_agosta - alisharoberts2 -
Sold the iphone. Now i have that YouTube bacon money for this weekends snowboarding trip. Hollar!!! #peaceiphone #snowboarding #makingbacon #devilshead #Wisconsin #outcold #kingofthemountain #boozefest #brosweekend
wisconsin - devilshead - kingofthemountain - outcold - boozefest - snowboarding - peaceiphone - makingbacon - brosweekend -
bryon_joseph : I never said who sold it sukka. Just said that bitch is sold
shhliar : damn what do you got there about $80? surprised you don't have your change cup in the shot too
bryon_joseph : Haha you must have went to a private school with those great math skills. Clearly u can see more than 80 there lol
geoffbrownsnow - julznotpearlz21 - alicemarieee -
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