This is one sweet case! πŸ’€ --- Loving this beautiful antique leather carrying case from the anatomy department of the University of Illinois. This one is most likely from the 30's or 40's and was used to carry human skulls! #antique #vintage #anatomy #medical #science #research #skeletal #skull #paxtongatepdx #portland
antique - skull - skeletal - medical - research - anatomy - paxtongatepdx - vintage - portland - science -
brittbyr : @krisny13 you need this!
kean_s : @brittbyr I remember when you took me there! That place was awesome 😬
akoliver1 : Creepy but really neat! Hopefully you sanitized it @brittbyr
kean_s - cubefact - elenapdx - taybee24 -
Not only did we get a bunch of new bugs in, we also have another insect pinning class scheduled! Saturday, Sept 6th, 3-6pm, $60 and you go home with a butterfly/moth AND a beetle! Hurry though, there's limited seats! #entomology #insects #bugs #pinning #insectpinning #classes #DIY #paxtongatepdx #portland
insects - entomology - bugs - insectpinning - pinning - classes - paxtongatepdx - diy - portland -
stuckenschneider : Can I pay for part of the class with a Paxton Gate gift card? ($25)
paxtongatepdx : @stuckenschneider yes, definitely! just stop on in or call the shop!
vk_clothingbrand : Nice!
arberina_g : Oha die arme . Was fΓΌr nice alter
arberina_g : ?!
gavinpricefuller - midurak - elegance_theatre - chenlightened -
Finally broke open my Geods this morning from #paxtongatepdx
paxtongatepdx -
katelynmeow_ - lynz_bee - lovingesme - adrianna__reen -
Bunch of new jewelry just in, from a few different artists, including Katie Evans, Morgaine Faye (deer toes!), and Deana Fukatsu! #jewelry #localjewelry #hartvariations #morgainefaye #deanafukatsu #sterlingsilver #skull #bones #octopus #amethyst #paxtongatepdx #portland
deanafukatsu - jewelry - skull - hartvariations - sterlingsilver - paxtongatepdx - amethyst - bones - localjewelry - portland - octopus - morgainefaye -
miss_cassandra13 : Omg the deer toe one is awesome!!
pleromaendless : The tentacle ring! I love it.
arkansas_country_boy1998 : What is the bottom left?
littlerunningcornstalk : Amazing! And that tentacle ring! 😍
paxtongatepdx : @arkansas_country_boy1998 bottom left is a mouse skull encased in glass, by artist Katie Evans
arkansas_country_boy1998 : Neat! Picture makes it look like a miniature hog skull.
auguxzombie - sirquigler - karenplazola - vivianatanu -
Little mousey mounts! New items in from artist Lea Mai! #taxidermy #mount #mouse #micetaxidermy #mice #oddities #paxtongatepdx #portland
micetaxidermy - mount - paxtongatepdx - taxidermy - oddities - mice - mouse - portland -
nikkikaltenberg : @harrisjm09 right!?
winged_terrier : 😍😍😍
mamaconciergepdx : Woa. Yes? Please?
rogerjporter : Wow my wife said maybe! There's hope!
pistolpackinmomma : @edengoeshardlikerealhard lmao!!!! Let's do it!!
danapuhl : @chalieogannon
stefugee : Hey @asraigarden you should check out this place (or at least their ig feed)
asraigarden : @stefugee one of my favorite shops! people have been comparing us for years... thanks for thinking of us!
brokenbones.oddities - paloma_market - darkercorner - boozehoundbilly -
Shark week starts tonight! #fossils #sharkteeth #extinct #mackerelshark #megalodon #shark #sharks #tooth #naturalhistory #sharkweek #paxtongatepdx #portland
sharks - shark - fossils - sharkweek - naturalhistory - tooth - sharkteeth - paxtongatepdx - megalodon - extinct - mackerelshark - portland -
hartvariations : My new Favorite Week. :)
izzygetty : @sarah_getty
laney_skywalker : Yes it's on!:,D
brokenbones.oddities - krawczykscuriosities - nsportland - katrin_albert -
Loving this beautiful antique leather carrying case from the anatomy department of the University of Illinois. This one is most likely from the 30's or 40's and was used to carry human skulls! #antique #vintage #anatomy #medical #science #research #skeletal #skull #paxtongatepdx #portland
antique - skull - skeletal - medical - research - anatomy - paxtongatepdx - vintage - portland - science -
bring_a_torch : 😍😍😍
heavymetalheart : So dreamy 😍😍
jeffreydonavan : Price I am seriousley inrerested
rubymaerose : That's amazing!
paxtongatepdx : @jeffreydonavan call us for pricing! 503-719-4508
curiouskanna : I would l love to buy this.
brainsoup : @jenkinsglass how about this for a case
rrrio_t - joslyn_kira - lalalandart - mizzkodak -
Snacks and drinks are starting! Come escape the heat and check out beautiful and amazing insects while sipping on some complimentary wine (non-alcoholic beverages available too)! Could you ask for a better Saturday afternoon? #insects #insectsafari #events #mississippiave #paxtongatepdx #portland
insectsafari - mississippiave - paxtongatepdx - insects - portland - events -
backtalkpdx : Dannng!
scorpsrule : Paxton Gate, where the wine compliments you.
ouimazie7 : @ejmac you should take your kids!
delmaswalter - ladylockslife - stripey_socks - brooke_brookington -
Don Ehlen is here with a bunch of his amazing insect collection! Free, all ages-- come down and check out all these cool specimens! #entomology #entomologist #insects #butterflies #beetles #moths #scorpions #spiders #bugs #donehlen #insectsafari #events #mississippiave #paxtongatepdx #portland
mississippiave - beetles - insects - entomology - bugs - events - insectsafari - moths - scorpions - paxtongatepdx - spiders - entomologist - butterflies - portland - donehlen -
eaarlybird : @bri_toe DUDE! If I was in town we would so be going to this.
mstratakis : @electraking
shamberlina : Yeah, what @eaarlybird said. Wish I were in Portland right now.
pippielongstockings : @lukeevanssk8
__wildnothing : Gotta love those birdwing butterflies that snuck into the shot.
paxtongatepdx : @jeffkyhampy we LOVE the birdwings!
cynniiii : Man I wish I was in Portland! Uuugh 😩
bri_toe : @eaarlybird yes! I won't be home either :'(
lunawolff - camillielily - diaphonized - hd_ko -
Don't forget! Don Ehlen is going to be here on Saturday (Aug 2nd, 12-5pm) with a bunch of his collection of butterflies, beetles and bugs! This event is free and all ages, don't miss it! #entomology #entomologist #donehlen #insectsafari #butterfly #beetle #spider #bugs #insects #events #mississippiave #paxtongatepdx #portland
butterfly - mississippiave - insects - entomology - spider - bugs - insectsafari - paxtongatepdx - beetle - entomologist - events - portland - donehlen -
hexapoda : I'll be there! ❀️🐞❀️
somewherebetterthanhere : @aggie.q.tattooooo
_bigmeatyclaws - campthepigeon - hd_ko - staddylonglegs -
Just put out a ton of new, smaller-but still amazing- pieces of smoky quartz! Super cheap too (no more than $28)! #quartz #smokyquartz #crystals #minerals #paxtongatepdx #portland
quartz - paxtongatepdx - crystals - smokyquartz - portland - minerals -
chrissyfrances_ : 😍
ahhlia : Omg do you guys ship?!
paxtongatepdx : @ahhlia we do! Call us 503-719-4508 and we can ring ya up right over the phone
lilysminions : @fullhousefullheart
fullhousefullheart : @lilysminions Eep! I need to go back there sometime soon. Such a cool shop!
lilysminions : Agreed I stumbled upon it a while ago and fell in love. So bizzare in the best kinda way.@fullhousefullheart
artandaboutpdx : incredibly beautiful!
d_marcus88 - kiraprazak - havuccccc - kelseylynnc -
I brought home a new friend today from @paxtongatepdx. I am so excited to finally have my own! || #paxtongate #paxtongatepdx #venusflytrap #venus #flytrap #carnivorousplant #plant #july #summer #edit #afterlight #vsco #vscocam #vscophile
afterlight - summer - plant - vscocam - pnw - portland - northwestisbest - carnivorousplant - pdx - vscophile - paxtongate - oregon - edit - paxtongatepdx - venus - northwestiswest - venusflytrap - july - vsco - flytrap -
jusstpeachy : #portland #pdx #oregon #pnw #northwestiswest #northwestisbest
zachwesterfield : @jusstpeachy have you grown these before?
jusstpeachy : @zachwesterfield No. This is my first. They gave me a basic care sheet and I was going to spend the next little bit doing some research. Do you have any tips?
zachwesterfield : @jusstpeachy Absolutely. I give my plant 4+ hours of filtered sunlight everyday. This means a window sill and so forth. If it gets hot where you live don't leave it outside because it can actually bake the roots. I leave my plant under a fluorescent light (I ordered mine of amazon it's called Mr. Light and was fairly cheap). Leave it under the light and find out when the sunsets in your area and turn the light off then. They still have to have 4+ hours of sunlight though. It's not necessary every day if it's cloudy, just leave them under the artificial light. They need distilled water. And only distilled water. No bottled or faucet water at all. And of course the soil which is nothing but peat moss and whatever else is included on your sheet. What does your sheet say to care for it?
robertjhill - kind_nesss - hayley_dayle - meganmarie406 -
Blesbok 1. Available @paxtongatepdx. Walnut ink, engraved blesbok skull. #paxtongate #paxtongatepdx #jasonborders #skulls #engraving #carvedbone #carved #bones
engraving - paxtongate - carvedbone - paxtongatepdx - carved - bones - jasonborders - skulls -
coultermoore : Amazing and inspiring as always
partlycloudy : Jealous!
espanier125 - primordial_booze - colibrilovesyou - huertaek -
Sneak preview of the library we tricked out for this years Street of Dreams! Check out our Facebook for more photos and info. #streetofdreams #interiordesign #localart #skulls #humanskull #quartz #crystal #paxtongatepdx #portland
quartz - streetofdreams - interiordesign - humanskull - crystal - paxtongatepdx - localart - portland - skulls -
jaefields : awesome
bonelust_studio : I've got two of those books!
nick_hines : This is beautiful!
tuesdayfatcats : @morningstarlacifer
morningstarlacifer : Yaaaasssss @tuesdayfatcats I want it all!!
shonaguthriejewellery - hamburguesarah - gabsolutx - lunefemme -
Awesome dremeled and stained giraffe scapula, by local artist Jason Borders! #jasonborders #local #localart #portlandartist #dremel #skeletal #scapula #giraffe #paxtongatepdx #portland
skeletal - portlandartist - scapula - giraffe - paxtongatepdx - dremel - localart - jasonborders - local - portland -
sulaingllc : GORGEOUS
pambeghana : Very cool!
nastassiagrace : @coburg_creeper
coburg_creeper : That's sick @paxtongatepdx @nastassiagrace
partlycloudy : @bordersjason
nyenein : @tiralumina
britleeann : @sayyestoheavy
brokenbones.oddities - awwwyeahhh965 - poserslayer - aycarter -
#rawmaterials for a #pendant we're making to strengthen my voice and my spine #aquaauraquartz for #throatchakra and #snakevertebrae from #paxtongatepdx #roaddogparts
aquaauraquartz - rawmaterials - pendant - roaddogparts - paxtongatepdx - throatchakra - snakevertebrae -
erwanderlust : Beautiful!
cosmic_echo - crystalmariewest - erwanderlust - hiaxyseytan -
Just got in a bunch of new items from the awesome local artist, Kate Rutter! Here's a few of our faves of the brass, copper, and sterling silver hammered pieces. Love that crescent moon ring! #jewelry #localjewelry #local #localartist #hammered #sterling #brass #copper #katerutter #tiedupandtousled #hartcave #paxtongatepdx #portland
sterling - copper - jewelry - hammered - tiedupandtousled - paxtongatepdx - localartist - hartcave - localjewelry - brass - local - portland - katerutter -
nesnyccom : Awesome look!
nataleaf : @pesandler !!
kaaathylynn : Hi @micalala hands πŸ‘‹
tiedup_tousled : I love this pic!! As I love you guys !! 😍
pesandler : @nataleaf omg omg love 😍😍 the hand ring and the knuckle ring
fotoplogen - brokenbones.oddities - clarafromterceira - _bigmeatyclaws -
Couple of awesome new books just in! "I Have Heard My Praises Sung in Screams" is the new hilarious book with paintings by the Mincing Mockingbird, who elevates the titles into a kind of bizarro poetry. Top right is an amazing collection of breathtaking 16th century waxworks depicting human anatomy titled "Encyclopedia Anatomical" and it's chock full of incredible photos! And last but not least, "Alchemy & Mysticism" is finally back, now in a hardcover! Yay! #books #anatomy #alchemy #mystic #mysticism #hardcover #encyclopaedia #taschen #readingiscool #paxtongatepdx #portland
mystic - anatomy - hardcover - alchemy - books - paxtongatepdx - taschen - mysticism - readingiscool - portland - encyclopaedia -
wakeyouwhenwerethere - lisy5ick - 0monstrosity0 - blooming_bones -
Giraffe scapula. 24" x 10" Walnut ink. #jasonborders #juxtapoz #pdx #carvedbone #boneart #bones #giraffe #intricate #artistsofig #deathart #engraving (ethically sourced)
engraving - artistsofig - pdx - paxtongate - boneart - intricate - giraffe - paxtongatepdx - carvedbone - bones - jasonborders - juxtapoz - deathart -
bordersjason : #paxtongate #paxtongatepdx available @paxtongatepdx
horrorwhore : Wow !!! ❀️❀️
bordersjason : Thx :)
bordersjason : This is made to hang on a wall horizontally.
paxtongatepdx - ryanwheaton - imjackswastedlife - trapperr -
Safari photobooth is open! Come pose with our lioness until 5pm! #vintagetaxidermy #mississippistreetfair #mississippiave #photobooth #safari #lion #lioness #taxidermy #streetfair #paxtongatepdx #portland
mississippiave - safari - lioness - photobooth - vintagetaxidermy - lion - paxtongatepdx - taxidermy - portland - mississippistreetfair - streetfair -
somewherebetterthanhere : @jacob_pennison @aggie.q.tattooooo
shitmoth : Love the girl with the lavender hair! She's also so helpful when I come in. All of the staff is fabπŸ›πŸšπŸ…πŸ’–
marissaessex : @livesavage
paxtongatepdx : thanks @shitmoth !!!!
d_marcus88 - ghostorchid69 - _______fern__ - meganmckissack -
Sneek peek! Mississippi Street Fair! African Safari Photo Booth! Noon to 5pm. See ya:) #mississippiave #street fair #lioness #photobooth #paxtongatepdx
photobooth - mississippiave - paxtongatepdx - street - lioness -
eat_shit_then_die - poserslayer - mattylovelove - campthepigeon -
Don't forgot about the carnivorous bog class! A week from this Saturday on July 19th, 12-2pm. Got a few spots left! #venusflytrap #carnivorousplant #pitcherplant #sundew #bog #diy #howto #class #paxtongatepdx #portland
carnivorousplant - howto - sundew - paxtongatepdx - diy - pitcherplant - venusflytrap - portland - class - bog -
magabriela_20 - lauraridolfi_ - tkserie - jiranuwatana -
One of the two amazing assemblage pieces we just got in from local artist, Matt Hall! This piece, made with parts from a chicken is titled "Riddle Box (When is one not one?)" #matthall #matthewhall #portlandartist #localart #skeletal #skeleton #articulated #feathers #egg #chicken #paxtongatepdx #portland
articulated - skeleton - matthall - skeletal - feathers - portlandartist - matthewhall - localart - paxtongatepdx - chicken - egg - portland -
candybabel : @guykrishna what to do with that pig! With bacon I could really see it!
marvinjarodd : Great
jamieroadkill : Super cool work
no_loitering : Need this!
cherryperson : 😍
toxik__serendipity : Such a cool piece!
bonelust_studio : Very awesome!
froggym - campthepigeon - foxknox - _bigmeatyclaws -
As requested, the bat chart! (Note: we are happy to ship anywhere!) #educationalchart #education #bat #batskeleton #skeleton #anatomy #paxtongatepdx #portland
bat - skeleton - batskeleton - anatomy - paxtongatepdx - educationalchart - portland - education -
danielwatkins13 : @elisebrunkel
hayleyelizabethm : @taylorturner
lechezzz : How much are these running for?
scientificallyspeaking : @shabaddison !!!
shabaddison : @scientificallyspeaking 😍😍😍
paxtongatepdx : @lechezzz these guys are all $225 each
anthonyolyaee : @drewroulette
brokenbones.oddities : I love this!
froggym - doctor_phibes - toxicpuppys - britleeann -
New charts! These vintage replicas of actual educational charts from Germany are our new favorite! (We have honey bee, sundews, bat, and birds of prey.) #vintage #chart #educationalchart #honeybee #bee #german #antique #education #paxtongatepdx #portland
antique - education - german - vintage - chart - bee - paxtongatepdx - educationalchart - portland - honeybee -
missdarkheart : @mscharbonneau thought of you!!
squirrelhype : @aaronodell
noelleraebryan : Fantastic! Thank you!
danielwatkins13 : Oh shit!!!! @elisebrunkel
jellyinthesea : @trishfh look πŸ‘πŸ‘†πŸ‘Œ
trishfh : This is so cool!!!! Thanks for sharing! @jellyinthesea
aaalishaaa : @oddwhaler directly after your bee picture on my feed!
deaddave13 : @judgernaut #bees
jyssijackalope - nataleaf - anthonyolyaee - judgernaut -
Every new visitor to #pdx gets this treat. Aren't they lucky! #paxtongatepdx #travelportland #askor
travelportland - paxtongatepdx - askor - pdx -
murawski27 - tjagma - schoolboyquentin - oregoniowa -
Happy 4thπŸ’₯πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸŽ‰ Open till 4pm! #july4th #paxtongatepdx #portland
portland - paxtongatepdx - july4th -
zhillatot - malyankin - hawksalvage - monica_anne -
Red Fox skull, Losaria Coon Male & Female. #paxtongatepdx Couldn't resist going back @monsterkimberly & @tedmich!
paxtongatepdx -
tedmich : Gorgeous!
monsterkimberly : Love them both!
karrrypky - allieschulze - popsiclestickprincess - renegade_bearpaw -
Sleeping bats are back! This is one of the small version, but we have the larger size as well! #taxidermy #bat #dried #sleepingbat #hangingbat #bats #paxtongatepdx #portland
bat - sleepingbat - paxtongatepdx - dried - taxidermy - bats - portland - hangingbat -
pleromaendless : Ooooo! I was gifted on of these two years ago for my birthday! I named mine, "tiny teeth."
winedove : @slitherydee
meg22an : @whitneyt1024 I know, it's ridiculous. I want them so bad.
eilisainjewelry : @brittbrisson
brittbrisson : Omg I love this!
paperlilley : @coffey_beans need this.
coffey_beans : Lol @paperlilley
el_jefe_blanco : @jade_kitty follow them
brokenbones.oddities - poserslayer - staog - numeroclaire -
monkey head, of course -- #paxtongatepdx
paxtongatepdx -
lilliodillo - thekrizzakboy - sprinklefingers - thepaulrudolph -
#paxtongatepdx #greenmonkey #skulls #dreamsreallydocometrue
dreamsreallydocometrue - skulls - paxtongatepdx - greenmonkey -
tedmich : #lovelovelove
xyoureawizardharryx - tedmich - lizlealdotcom - maximo_triplett -
Just a reminder that Matt Hopkins art show is still up, but just for another two weeks! This guy, Hargrove (the hare with hay fever) and his other monster friends, will be here through July 13th. #localart #art #nightmerriment #matthewhopkins #matthopkins #monsters #taxidermy #paxtongatepdx #portland
matthopkins - art - nightmerriment - matthewhopkins - taxidermy - localart - paxtongatepdx - portland - monsters -
nikkikaltenberg : *well stupid autocorrect.
harrisjm09 : @nikkikaltenberg send lots of money I'll have that nursery decorated in no time.
nikkikaltenberg : @harrisjm09 done!
harrisjm09 : @nikkikaltenberg I can get some stuff to decorate my new place as well :D
paxtongatepdx : @nikkikaltenberg he's $500! And he's actually not that little, about 20in tall! But we do have a whole bunch of much smaller ones. Email us and we'd love to send you more photos and info :)
paxtongatepdx : @nikkikaltenberg and we're happy to ship, btw!
thelittlest_tiger : @polkay
gun_street_girl : @electric_cosmonaut
missmachineart - hellohalos - wyndhamhurl - trueroots -
New hummingbird creations, made from broken electronics and machine parts, just in from local artist Ann Larson! All totally moveable! #art #localart #hummingbird #gears #machineparts #birds #portlandart #annlarson #paxtongatepdx #portland
annlarson - art - paxtongatepdx - gears - localart - portland - machineparts - birds - portlandart - hummingbird -
kulapacolypse - hellohalos - xoxcuppiexox - jessiqua_ -
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