improv duet #patthatweave #abrahaminmotion #NAAM #seattle
naam - patthatweave - seattle - abrahaminmotion -
imichaelsiren : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dtrailblazer - they_scream_tanner - imichaelsiren -
Sometimes people smile when they're in a pensive mood. Also, @its_mai_world 's nose ruined my photo. #TGIF #workoverflow #workhardplayharder #newweave #patthatweave #onfleek #hashtag
hashtag - newweave - onfleek - tgif - patthatweave - workhardplayharder - workoverflow -
eye_bethanne : So precious!
mattymatty20 : I'm working on something BIG & want you to be apart of it
robby_guthart - longdvo - nzkstudios - dyllwww -
Thank you @10at10calgary for the bumpin' opportunity to showcase what we love to do & giving urban artists within YYC the platform we deserve! πŸ™Œ These people, @universesouldance , are my rock, holding it down while lifting each other up @goldiewong @bkatherine @aildez @apppleonia @fernandoc13 @_kevnn #letsbuild #uvsoul #yycdance #patthatweave
uvsoul - patthatweave - yycdance - letsbuild -
incralph : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ MOTHERCREW!
katrinaapaige : My god πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
suzyo_ : Rocky! we got a badddieeeee ova hereπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
kurt_d_stylist : πŸ™Œ
tarynheartsdance : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
smaesang - a.jodette - e_lund - jademanns -
#shorthair #PatThatWeave
patthatweave - shorthair -
iyannaking83 - princess.dreema - prettyshamir - trillest.xoxo -
Gettin #sassy last night with these amazing dancers to @samallenswag's latest piece!! @xxxristian @ariisabella @saharajade @thequinnsterrr thx for recording @killa_kelzz !!#dancelife #hiphop #ladancefit #patthatweave #swag #madratchet #gurls @cecybworld 😘
swag - ladancefit - madratchet - hiphop - dancelife - gurls - patthatweave - sassy -
gabededios : Is it a new one today or same?
jaynesface : @gabededios he's doing a new one today! A slow sexy one....lol
asukaemmi : Are you gonna be there tonight?! Gonna try to make it if I can get out of work in time. Should be able to. I just looked online...Hip Hop 2?! Can I handle it? Lol
asukaemmi : Oh and should I sign up online? Sorry for so many questions here, I need to get your number so I can text you!
jaynesface : @asukaemmi lol no worries! Yes I'm going tonight and you should be fine walking. Tell them it's your first time and I'm pretty sure it's free. I'll give you my number tonight!!
jaynesface : @asukaemmi *walking in and not buying in advance.
asukaemmi : πŸ‘ yayyyy see you tonight!!
jaynesface : Yay it's a slow sexy one @asukaemmi lol
l0u83 - leilizg - missceliababy - im2sloweddown -
Chillin with the homie! #dtlv #goldspike #chillinbythefire #patthatweave #sistahs #blasians #blackenese #gametime #vegas #sincity
sincity - gametime - sistahs - vegas - blasians - goldspike - patthatweave - chillinbythefire - dtlv - blackenese -
jsmith.byd : Everything I've seen here is soo inspiring! I would love to get to know you better I'm currently working on a huge philanthropy project that I could use your opinion on. Text me sometime, my number is in my bio! Looking forward to it!
angela_jadyn : @glam_by_yaffa awwww we needs to hang more girl! Thank u so much for coming tonight😊😘 love u girl
neonbrand : Like it!
shawnmaguire : :-)
glam_by_yaffa : @angela_jadyn I agree!!! We had fun!! Love u bunches!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘―
windowsparkle : Nice. πŸ‘Š
lashmaniac3173 - papi_chulito32 - mishhkka - f1_vickychamp.16 -
Maybe she's Born with It.... #PatThatWeave #WigNightOut #PointFoundation #ThatShimmerTho #VitasGerulaitus #Ursula
ursula - thatshimmertho - pointfoundation - patthatweave - wignightout - vitasgerulaitus -
trevorjerome : Love this!!! Such a fun night!
jwal6 - trevorjerome - alexpic520 - katethegreat1212 -
What you see before you is this building puting on a weave. It's gonna be very sexy. The weave is your friend. #patThatWeave #Buildingputingonmakeup #DontForgetToBase
buildingputingonmakeup - patthatweave - dontforgettobase -
petecomic - ceecee_who_sings - ya_a_seen_him - kamoralipie -
Missing this chick!!! Can't wait till @merefrost5 is back on the east coast!!!! #patthatweave
patthatweave -
katiemariejay - kkerr12 - michellekris -
When you get your hair cut and it's still long β˜ΊοΈπŸ™ŒπŸ™ #patthatweave πŸ’‡
patthatweave -
selinafll : Hot bae
selinafll : Ur such a bae
emilyyyblackwell : Aw stahp πŸ˜™βœ‹ @selinabellle 😘
neik01 - anthony.damelio - justinafaese - briannavinaccia__ -
People think I'm crazy. Shem, meet my baby cousin -@nay_tshes #blackgirlproblems #patthatweave LMAO #thestruggle #weavesoitchy
blackgirlproblems - thestruggle - patthatweave - weavesoitchy -
emily_muzondo : You are crazy alone
brilliantkgoale : Nice life problems, hehehe.
nthabilabi_35 : Miss that idiot so much
lindiwebambo - tyr011 - addiddi - molfkhalifa -
Soooo the hubs was not a fan of the extensions, ( 😳 that was a hilarious convo! ) the natural #darks look is back. #patthatweave #wascutewhileitlasted
wascutewhileitlasted - darks - patthatweave -
jonettirado : Ha! #patthatweave
michaelsaathoff : That hashtag lol πŸ‘‹
diannanepstad : It was cute tho πŸ˜”
loricarlitta : Awwww I loved it 😞 but your a beauty either way 😍
lizzylopezdowns2112 - shelby.jenkins - katieemotil - jessfearlessj -
I got new hair... #newhair #patthatweave
patthatweave - newhair -
hi_im_paola : OMFG πŸ˜‚ WORK IT METE πŸ‘Œ
hi_im_paola - ilky_oztrk - aysegul2836 - rednecklife_239 -
Dress up party vibes! Greek goddess! #bridalshower #dressup #greek #fakehair #patthatweave #blonde #wigvibes
greek - blonde - bridalshower - wigvibes - fakehair - patthatweave - dressup -
durbans_poison : #patthatweave πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
blainewhitby - joshualawler98 - roynjohnss - christi_gp -
Forgot to post the new updo. Think I'll go harder on the part and shorter on the sides next time. #hardpart #hair #menshair #style #mensstyle #updo #weave #guysfashion #guy #patthatweave #glare
updo - style - glare - guysfashion - hardpart - menshair - hair - guy - weave - patthatweave - mensstyle -
alinashanin : Oooh! ♥♥♥
sesom8 - desireeables - anjay_loo - tony_barbee -
My friend Susan's first time dancing to Beyonce. Thank you, Josh for keeping the bar open for us. and for that runway walk. Work it. #PatThatWeave
patthatweave -
iggstamatic : Susan she hadnt lived until then !
theripom - snh64 - canteroart - ericgd96 -
@badgalriri #patthatweave
patthatweave -
gzdebilgic - sudafeddd - rihsloverz - serbiannavy -
#brownhairdontcare #patthatweave
patthatweave - brownhairdontcare -
victorialitious - timdillard - shortfunsize24 - niriamathews -
I have the best sister ever! #concertwhore #1989 #1989tour #taylorswift #patthatweave
concertwhore - patthatweave - 1989tour - taylorswift - 1989 -
amlansdowne : She's alright.
12morgans97 : I'm going to ahaahhahahahahahhahahahhaahhahaha I'm not a party whore I'm a concert whore
12morgans97 - hbeethatsme - mylifeasadele - swaggiesam -
Trying some new 90's looks. Who wins? #patthatweave #fakehairdontcare
patthatweave - fakehairdontcare -
ilmatik : Right side duh!
jenniferjenny : Your eyebrows
abeckx : πŸ‘‰
laemia10 : Brunette or black.. So many choices
mamadrenick : Yup, the right
yochencho - joeyveintedos - brainwags - fallenescence -
Halloween costumes ON POINT. I think I succeeded at being a cross dressing ratchet #hallween#ratchet #yaaaaaaaaaassssssss #lookinsexy#onpoint#twerking #twerkortreat#patthatweave #dancerhumor #dancerforlife #ilovemydancepartner#Bcup #fakeboobs @3krisa
patthatweave - hallween - lookinsexy - bootyshortsnotformen - fakeboobs - twerking - onpoint - dancerhumor - twerkortreat - ratchet - bcup - yaaaaaaaaaassssssss - dancerforlife - ilovemydancepartner -
tylertyk0 : #bootyshortsnotformen
kindred_spirit_koda : Yasssssssssssss
realseanj - mikasal0ve - numbyneezy -
patthatweave -
ginge_r_vitus : The chick is so checking out your friends hot ass hahaha
klonganetti : I didn't see you:(
littlenectarine : Oh my gosh what do we have here?? How very interesting ..
planet_jb - alexis4304 - j.sebastian.c.a - littlenectarine -
Run or dye in haines city! #gooddaytorunanddye #hainescity #yahh #patthatweave #socolorful #didisayYAHHH #white
socolorful - gooddaytorunanddye - didisayyahhh - patthatweave - hainescity - white - yahh -
secretsocietymovement : Amazing!
mr.__whitee91 : Yes it was @urayoan_media thanks a Lot.
scbcordova - carmoon420 - sella287 - _heykayy -
Home of the chicken and waffles and the weave pattin' πŸ”πŸ™† #homeawayfromhome #patthatweave #carolcspecial
patthatweave - carolcspecial - homeawayfromhome -
imalcolmxavier : Yall still here?!😍
notralphlauren : Leaving right now😞 @imalcolmxavier don't worry me and @mesocali will come be with you very soon😘
mesocali : @imalcolmxavier yeah Malcolm you know we gotta show you love sometime or another
imalcolmxavier : @notralphlauren 😞.. come back and stay forever πŸ˜πŸ˜›
notralphlauren : I asked you if you were working today the other day, but you never responded 😩 @imalcolmxavier
imalcolmxavier : @notralphlauren dammit! Yeah I work later today and into the evening
notralphlauren : You could have came with us!😫 @imalcolmxavier
imalcolmxavier : @notralphlauren damn!!!!!! Next time!!!!
jsalazar_blsd - therealradbrad - sherryberrii - deejaaynolen -
On my days off from working in childcare , I babysit . #justcantgetenough #playinghairdresser #patthatweave πŸ’‡πŸ‘­
justcantgetenough - patthatweave - playinghairdresser -
chelsea_sg - mikaelalynch19 - danclarke5 - cassmariekay -
#fridaynights #patthatweave #redheads
fridaynights - patthatweave - redheads -
i.choice : F4f
skye_abby_sola_57 : You should follow me I love to ride horses and show a lot
idara_lover_1221 - laina.from.tps - briiex - jaren_dowdy55 -
I showed them a pic of your hair and told them that's what I want ☺️ @farahdja_maria18 #hairdid #longhairdontcare #patthatweave πŸ’
hairdid - longhairdontcare - patthatweave -
sillypeggyyy_ : Dayuuum its beautiful!!! :) hehe so cute!!
farahdja_maria18 : Awwwwn!!! You look so gorgeous!! We twinning yeyurr!! Love it! You got it done by the originals! Mine are home made loooll
farahdja_maria18 : Love how we are almost dressed the same
farahdja_maria18 - jkate34 - p_abey - kingdilon -
Damn it's only been a year πŸ™ˆ #transformationtuesday #nepalprobz #patthatweave #instafun
instafun - transformationtuesday - patthatweave - nepalprobz -
morganxmack : #grease
kaliestenglein : You Are significantly taller
allison_breisinger : @kalies123 not really, I'm just standing higher up on the hill haha
angel_jewell_ - madalozm - gwenschemm19 - maddie_113 -
Been cutting my own locks for 9 years... not sure whether its because i've got trust issues or the simple fact that i've BEEN #broke!πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ #barbershop #stylin #patthatweave #instadaily #DIY #skills #nothalfbad #shave #hair #capetownguy
shave - skills - stylin - nothalfbad - hair - barbershop - diy - broke - capetownguy - patthatweave - instadaily -
taztoes : πŸ™Œ styling! Image styling that is 😎
alina__miu - abidemialawiye - jevonicano - brayanapm -
I've just done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thanks to @ge0rgie_ I've nominated @sianshearwood @emilyhowlettx @hannuhx If you are unaware of the effects of having this awful disease, watch my shared video on Facebook, it will give you an in site to suffers of this disease #icebucketchallenge #water #cold #england #coldweather #blue #white #blackgirl #family #scared #weave #dontwetme #garden #plants #greenery #chair #bandana #bestie #showercap #patthatweave #justdoit #nike #forcharity #chilly #ebony #hair #afrocarribean πŸ˜‚ πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
greenery - england - garden - family - scared - hair - facebook - bestie - chair - chilly - cold - ebony - showercap - blue - water - blackgirl - nike - afrocarribean - justdoit - patthatweave - bandana - plants - coldweather - icebucketchallenge - forcharity - white - weave - dontwetme -
giancarlo_divalerio : @mdr_marc @steforlini
hangeorgiax : Pat that weave pat don't scratchπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
saraahseen : Cool :D
tweedyxoxo : @saraahseen hahaha thankyou
tweedyxoxo : FULL video is on Facebook #facebook
mellatequila : LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i just did it myself!
tweedyxoxo : @mellatequila hahaha the cold is unbearable right? All for a good cause though so well done πŸ™Œ
mellatequila : Unfortunately yeahπŸ˜† But indeed it's for a good cause! πŸ‘πŸ‘
naomi_forever_xo - bang_bang_64 - tahjmane33 - kelly__cx__ -
Last time I checked, it was still August, so why are we having Christmas stuff when it is still in the 100s? What has this world come to?!?! #nope #tryagain #patthatweave #stillwearingchanclas
tryagain - patthatweave - stillwearingchanclas - nope -
saintkaizer - tinyslover - stefanie_alyssa - sarahghotbi -
After a separation of over 3 months, Guadalupe (Lupe) and I have reunited!! Working on reeds and music for orchestra auditions tomorrow morning! Just in time, right? Oops... #music #música #ΠΌΡƒΠ·Ρ‹ΠΊΠ° #bassoon #contrabassoon #reeds #patthatweave #walrus #selfie #autofoto #сСлфи
mΓΊsica - reeds - bassoon - selfie - сСлфи - ΠΌΡƒΠ·Ρ‹ΠΊΠ° - contrabassoon - music - autofoto - patthatweave - walrus -
wheres._.rachel : Aren't you supposed to practice over the summer??. Lol. @robertbrewsterjr
robertbrewsterjr : No ingles @wheres._.rachel what is practice? =p
wheres._.rachel : Oh yea that doesn't exist! What was I thinking! Lol. @robertbrewsterjr
valery_sedakova - redjacketallred - adenis_2909 - oboedamore -
This girl got her weave did for her bdayyyy #patthatweave
patthatweave -
cortezllanes : πŸ™‹
blannod : Amazing
amaracandream : No. Way. Yes. Way.
katiela_13 - amaracandream - katacarn - momercurio -
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