soniscandy #beautylish order came in! πŸ™†βœ¨the #mayamiapalette looks 10X more gorgeous in person 😻 excited to play ❀️ ..and i'm finaaaally jumping on the bandwagon with that #parianspirit, yo. #newmakeup #makeuphaul #makeupjunkie #imdonebuyingmakeup #fornow #anastasiabeverlyhills #mayamia
makeuphaul - makeupjunkie - mayamiapalette - mayamia - parianspirit - anastasiabeverlyhills - imdonebuyingmakeup - newmakeup - beautylish - fornow -
cvrlne : Do you have the Amrezy palette too?
soniscandy : No, I don't! But I really don't think I need it after getting this one and having the Lavish one lol @cvrlne
making_up_my_face : I got mine today too! It's so pretty
soniscandy : The aqua color is soo pretty! @making_up_my_face
making_up_my_face : Yes it is! I think I might use that one first.
christianreyess : πŸ˜πŸ˜†
reina_ginebra - emikainz98 - makeup_lover_2 - beautysallure -
Today's set-up! Maybe I need a few more blush palettes?! πŸ˜‰ Jk! But what I can't livewithout is my xl #zpalette which holds 35 pans of my beloved #MACcosmetics eye shadows! #beautybyjoy #bridalparty #makeupartist #productjunkie #overpacker
amazingcosmetics - urbandecay - modelinabottle - lorac - parianspirit - tarte - makeupforever - kitstaples - zpalette - makeupartist - nyx - maccosmetics - beautysoclean - overpacker - beautybyjoy - temptupro - nars - productjunkie - bridalparty - anastasia - mixedbag - smashbox -
jlynn80 : #temptupro #makeupforever #urbandecay #nars #lorac #anastasia #MACcosmetics #tarte #amazingcosmetics #smashbox #beautysoclean #parianspirit #modelinabottle #nyx #mixedbag #kitstaples
riversongspa - amanda.barboza14 - carii.xo - eleideia_ -
So I finally made it to the @alconenyc store after work. I went in for 1 thing (don't we all) and came out with a few extras. The staff is so nice and knowledgeable. I believe Amy assisted me. She was so helpful and pleasant and definitely knew her stuff. I picked up dante brush cleaner, parian spirit brush cleaner jar, rcma foundation thinner, alcone makeup remover wipes (seriously the best I've ever used), and an alcone magnetic palette. It's a small store but it has tons of stuff. Most women want a walk in closet filled with clothes and shoes. In my world, my walk in closet would be Alcone. Thank you for your help. I will be back!
makeup - alconenyc - dante - parianspirit - rcma - makeuphaul - brushcleaner - wipes -
1izzy_m : #makeup #makeuphaul #dante #parianspirit #alconenyc #rcma #brushcleaner #wipes
makrogh : should have gotten the Parian cleaner... ξ…Œ  ξ”Œ
1izzy_m : @makrogh I was thinking about it, but they suggested the dante. I'll see how it works. Thanks.
beautybysarah - makeupbymarlenec - mandinetweets - vivixiao0817 -
#Brushes and #BeautyBlender are nice and clean, ready for tomorrow's #wedding! #parianspirit #makeup #makeupartist #mua #weddingmakeup #losangeles #malibu #bdellium #sephora #smashbox
weddingmakeup - malibu - makeup - brushes - parianspirit - losangeles - mua - beautyblender - sephora - wedding - makeupartist - bdellium - smashbox -
notchelseylouise : Jealous of these brushes
tiffglo - markquirimit - porshee - _ooohmonique -
The damage @Naimies #mustneeded #essentials Some of my favorite tools/products all under one roof! 😭 @bdelliumtools @embryolisse @limecrimemakeup @flutterlashesinc #parianspirit #pinboxheaven
essentials - muchneeded - pinboxheaven - mustneeded - dontjudgeme - parianspirit - imtired -
jasminecardenasmua : @embryolisseusa
karinamartin : Sooo jealous
makeup_by_mandie : Have you been there before? It's my fave. Love the big jug of Parian spirit!
jasminecardenasmua : @makeup_by_mandie yes I have! Second time in store but I buy online often. I love how fast they ship. They were super helpful when we were there at closing 😝 but they forgot my NARS bronzer @naimies 😭 @superhellaomg bought two 32 oz of the naimies brand cleaner so I'm giving her half of my Parian spirit in trade of one 😝
jasminecardenasmua : #muchneeded not #mustneeded #dontjudgeme #imtired
wondawoman - mathsou69 - __molly__molly - sweetj42 -
Thank you #parianspirit for this gift! ;)
parianspirit -
4theloveoflunden : We gotta work together soon
iamdamion : @4theloveoflunden ;)
4theloveoflunden : I guess that's a yes I'm serious
4theloveoflunden : Lol
4theloveoflunden : Unless that smile was a polite nah
iamdamion : @4theloveoflunden lmao text me 19177957134
makrogh : Parian ξ…Œ  ξ”Œ
dechanellmua - kaylamua - illy_marie - cocoharness -
Have you checked out the new pro shop from @thepowdergroup? #Reposted: "Happy Fashion Week season!!! Here is a list of some must have items needed to keep your kits fully prepped! Don't wait too long, order on!! #thepowdergroup #tpgpro #nyfw #mbnyfw #skindinavia #embryolisse #alcone #parianspirit #esum #musebeautypro #jao nurturingforce" via @PhotoRepost_app
alcone - tpgpro - reposted - thepowdergroup - esum - nyfw - parianspirit - jao - skindinavia - musebeautypro - mbnyfw - embryolisse -
y3ya21 : @krystalrae627
mashashakurova : Like it!
dis_graziana - lulumalibu - lorrainewillems - beautyloveandmakeup_ -
Happy Fashion Week season!!! Here is a list of some must have items needed to keep your kits fully prepped! Don't wait too long, order on!! #thepowdergroup #tpgpro #nyfw #mbnyfw #skindinavia #embryolisse #alcone #parianspirit #esum #musebeautypro #jao nurturingforce
alcone - tpgpro - thepowdergroup - esum - nyfw - parianspirit - jao - skindinavia - musebeautypro - embryolisse - mbnyfw -
glossmenagerie : I see some of my faves!
y3ya21 : @krystalrae627 that's the blue bottle I mentioned last time
makupbeeva - liliamartinezmakeup - kimmy_735 - makeupbijodie -
Done cleaning my brushes! #parianspirit #nipponph #suesh #artnet #artiststudio #mac
parianspirit - mac - nipponph - suesh - artnet - artiststudio -
makrogh - gracie_deiss - ji.hyan - robotspacebrain -
Bts from our HUE Exhibit shoot #pmuaa #hue2014 #nipponph @nipponph #parianspirit #clean #makeupartist #brushes @pmuaa
parianspirit - pmuaa - nipponph - clean - makeupartist - brushes - hue2014 -
tarafayd - clarissebgarcia - makeupbyjunie - crystalcollado -
That feeling you get after cleaning all of your personal makeup brushes with Parian Spirit. πŸ™πŸ’– #parianspirit #brushcleaner #cleanbrushes #stila #morphebrushes #sephora #silkpro #makeupartist
cleanbrushes - sephora - parianspirit - stila - silkpro - morphebrushes - brushcleaner - makeupartist -
aimeeapocalypse : Awww that reminds me of school! πŸ˜πŸ‘β€οΈ
aimeeapocalypse : Also those double sides stila brushes πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
missaaay_r : Where can I get some? I wanna know that feeling tooπŸ˜‰
makrogh : @missaaay_r look on their website also available at Sephora now!
tonistirling : Ooooh that smell...can you smell that smell? 🎢
saramastick : Yessss, it's the best! You're right though @tonistirling, I did have to open all the windows in the house and turn the fan on. Lol @missaaay_r @aimeeapocalypse
tonistirling : Lol. It smells damn good though. All my clients are always like "mmmmmmmm"
saramastick : I feel that way too, but only in a well ventilated room. Lol @tonistirling
brushegg - cyberyessi - babecakes_sf - tonistirling -
Naimies field trip today! Little personal and kit essentials. #smashbox #beautyblender #bobbibrown #parianspirit #toofaced #melted #lashes #doseofcolors #makeupforever #naimies #longoriamakeupart #makeup #makeuphaul
naimies - doseofcolors - lashes - makeup - bobbibrown - parianspirit - beautyblender - melted - makeuphaul - toofaced - longoriamakeupart - makeupforever - smashbox -
jaebella5 : @naimies
dmpinal : Aww' you should've stopped by to visit me @jaebella5 You were so close!
a_larry : And meeee!! πŸ™‹πŸ‘­πŸ‘­
jaebella5 : @dmpinal @a_larry I know I was SOOO close. I was going to hit you up bc I had the baby to but I needed to beat damn traffic πŸš•πŸš—πŸš™πŸšŒπŸššan head back home! 😒
makrogh - soph_ee12 - audreecruz - beauty_byjamiebee -
And they are clean πŸ’ Gotta start the week of right What do you use to wash your brushes? I use #parianSpirit And the @beautyblender liquid soap And Clorox wipes for the handles #makeupBrushes #brushes #cleanBrushes
parianspirit - cleanbrushes - brushes - makeupbrushes -
jaythecosmo : @kristiebeauty I lovr the bb solid soap works great I recently switched to the liquod soap but im not a big fan of the smell
jaythecosmo : @sloth_dragon girl I love that parian spirit I tried cinema secrets and couldn't take the smell I've used the dawn and love it especially cus it doesnt dry out my hands I need to get a oven mit but I have no luck finding them
jaythecosmo : @dramatic_faces28 yes I do my favorite brand is royal langnickel and girl yes shes amazing
rednosee : @jaythecosmo i hated it lol
sloth_dragon : Just search around walmart. When I found mine it wasn't where all the oven mitts where, it was just hanging in the middle of an aisle on one of those strips. I got lucky. I'm sure the sigma one is great but I paid $5 for my mitt I'm not about to pay 30 more just for some different grooves
sloth_dragon : Yeah I totally prefer the smell of Parian. Cinema secrets is supposed to smell like vanilla but when I use it all I smell is the chemicals. It still cleans and the brushes dry fast, but I still have to use my soap and mitt to clean lipstick, foundation, and concealer used brushes. It works best if you clean the brush right after using it. The Parian dissolves product faster and more efficiently in my opinion.
beautywithmarii : I used extra virgin olive oil just so u kno
makrogh : Parian Spirit hands down ξ…Œ  ξ”Œ
beauty_by_ness - makrogh - tumunekamua_85 - brusheggcanada -
En mode nettoyage de pinceaux! 1ère utilisation de mon gant @sigmabeauty Spa Brush Cleaning Glove en rose ultra girly😍 Mes p'tits pinceaux, mon shampooing et mon Cleaner préféré le #parianspirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner. C'est parti 😊 #mymakeup #brush #sigmabeauty #clean #realtechniques
parianspirit - brush - clean - mymakeup - sigmabeauty - realtechniques -
olivia_soareso : Oups bon courage!
co_beauty : Je viens de finir de laver les miens bon courage πŸ˜’
loraliebeauty : Merci @olivia_soareso et @co_beauty , j'ai terminé! Petite corvée mais je suis bien contente de l'avoir fait 😊😘😘😘
makrogh : Parian ξ…Œ  
loraliebeauty : @makrogh Parian, je ne m'en passe plus πŸ˜‰
the_cruncher : That's my dad's product. Levon Parian:)
mllelolotte06 - axelle_choupi - noemylife_mu - romidami -
Spending my Saturday night washing my brushes with this amazing Parian Spirit Cleaner. It cuts my time in half.
parianspirit - makeup - mua - beauty - makeupbrushes -
nessamw5 : @jesshmora-what is mbm doll?
ladyarana_mua : The makeup Academy I enrolled in call us MBM Dolls (My Beauty Mark doll). Just add senior citizen to that too!
ladyarana_mua : @nessamw5
ladyarana_mua : #parianspirit #makeupbrushes #makeup #mua #beauty
makrogh : Love it ξ€Ž
msmarisela42 - gitana1425 - _gshec - ikandymakeup -
Freshen up your kit with these earth-friendly favorites! Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner disinfects while cutting through tough oil based makeup without harsh chemicals. Spritz it onto your brushes to transform a mundane makeup artist duty into a crisp stroll through an orange grove with its delightfully signature citrus scent! Pair it with the equally eco-friendly @bdelliumtools Pink Bambu Brush Set and all you have left to do is pat yourself on the back for being so savvy. Love your environment and pick up these gems at Camera Ready Cosmetics! #CRCMakeup #parianspirit #bdelliumbrushes #makeupbrushes #brushes #mua #citrus #cleanser #gentle #muaproblems #muakit #kitessentials #pink #vegan #cute #instamakeup #makeupaddict #ilovemakeup
cute - crcmakeup - cleanser - citrus - brushes - makeupaddict - parianspirit - gentle - vegan - pink - instamakeup - ilovemakeup - mua - kitessentials - muaproblems - muakit - makeupbrushes - bdelliumbrushes -
glam_trash_makeup : My fave
makrogh : Parian ξ…Œ  ξ”Œ
elenatriela - fa6ma_elglb - jevonmichael - resplendentmua -
Quick way to spot clean makeup brushes with #ParianSpirit Professional Makeup Brush CleanerπŸ‘ it smells like oranges 🍊😊 it cleans and sanitizes and gets all the grime out! Glitters and eyelash glue come right off with a spritz of this stuff! πŸ‘πŸ’¦ I bought mine online @camerareadycosmetics fast shipping and discount prices on some items ;) #makeuptip #makeupbrushes #mua
parianspirit - makeuptip - mua - makeupbrushes -
makemeupbyleo : @sigmabeauty are the blue handled brushes! πŸ’‹
dre7291 : I ran out of mine:( my life just isn't complete without it lol
makemeupbyleo : @dre7291 i have the big bottle and fill this little guy up when on the go! It lasts awhile too! :) its the best ive tried by far.
april_arreazola_ - ata_para_siempre - rochellebrady - nhartmann -
We are all clean thank you mom #parianspirit #cleanbabies #cleanbrushes #italkformybrushes #mac #elf #aveda #soniakashuk
cleanbabies - soniakashuk - cleanbrushes - elf - parianspirit - mac - italkformybrushes - aveda -
ivanred817 - mszjennie - _somethingwickedthiswaycomes_ - easy_money55 -
Before and after cleaning :) #parianspirit #cleanbabies #cleanbrushes #mac #elf
parianspirit - cleanbabies - mac - elf - cleanbrushes -
xoxo__nena : Omg i love that mac brush!!! My world has been empty since somebody stole it ! i need to rebuy! lol
loveely_gueraa - makrogh - amandarachelle_ - danagarza85 -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #NoShame #AddictedToMakeup #mmatroy #kryolan #beautyblender #themakeupbullet #parianspirit #shadowshields #esum #kett #makeupforever #maqpro #bennye
addictedtomakeup - themakeupbullet - esum - maqpro - bennye - kryolan - parianspirit - noshame - beautyblender - makeupforever - kett - shadowshields - mmatroy -
nycnative_1 : @newy0rkerr @lipstickvixen hahaha
kieshasooloud : @bosshoggbitch
mancalledbloom : @lindsze
stephlynnm : @verodeee
lauramarkhammua : #mylife
sri_angela : LMAO my life right now @xoxlovable
darls_0729 : @giselle_nayi lmfao guilty pleasures hehe
planet_mcshera : Very funny my life right now I'm actually feeling sick because I'm going to miss a makeup fair
paulavamp - xladybarnesx - meganbetts90 - irishiean -
All done !!! πŸ™Œ clean brushes !! #parianspirit#bestbrushcleaner
parianspirit - bestbrushcleaner -
jassdoll1 - anabethinfante - carmenitaah - dani_alinai -
Stop the presses! You need this #brushcleaner in your life!! ❀️ #sephoracollection #parianspirit #citrusybrushes
parianspirit - brushcleaner - citrusybrushes - sephoracollection -
lisa_lisa_marie : And it smells good!
makrogh : Parian Spirit ξ…Œ  
foreverradlove - adrianelizabeth89 - rgaruti2013 - lisa_lisa_marie -
Clean as new I love the scent of ParianSpirit Spirit. #ParianSpirit #brushcleaner #chiarasvanitycreation
parianspirit - brushcleaner - chiarasvanitycreation -
feastfulife - iampoiykbravo - llynnyafalcon - amylegal911 -
My favorite part being a make-up artist is cleaning my brushes. I'm using Parian Spirit the most convenient brush cleaner. #ParianSpirit #brushcleaner #thebest #amusthave #makeupartistmanila #chiarasvanitycreation
parianspirit - makeupartistmanila - chiarasvanitycreation - amusthave - thebest - brushcleaner -
makrogh : Love it ξ€Ž
yinyang04 - abelynnn - yoyokiming - rozy_chique -
The pre-cleanse before the deep cleanse! I love this brush cleanser barely need to even do a deep cleanse!! #parianspirit #smellsgoodtoo #citrus #thebest
parianspirit - citrus - thebest - smellsgoodtoo -
makrogh : Parian ξ…Œ  
makrogh - helena_fah - blessed_prettyfaces_mua - makeup_by_malikah -
Been putting it off for much too long...time to clean these fargin brushes πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜‹ #confessions of a #makeupoholic #help #parianspirit
parianspirit - makeupoholic - confessions - help -
nursejen157 : I own one brush that I've had for 10+ years and ...... I've ..... Never cleaned it. Lol
kmathers22 : @nursejen157 Haha well if you haven't been ill from the bacteria yet, you've prob built up an immunity to it πŸ˜‹
nursejen157 : I guess. I would even know where to begin with all those brushes. I would need @jlyntran to teach me..
jlyntran : @nursejen157 lol
olivia0302_ - mariahmaiorano - dustin_dewayne11 - too_much_lexiness_ -
Some of my damage for my makeup biz. If they don't wanna mail it to me, then I'll smuggle it myself. Lol #makeupartist #makeupartist #parianspirit
parianspirit - makeupartist -
avokr2010 - _ellielicious - diana6195 - makrogh -
Big thanks to #parianspirit & #rccosmetics for helping keep my brushes clean.πŸ’œ #soniakashuk #elfcosmetics #maccosmetics #crownbrush
parianspirit - elfcosmetics - soniakashuk - crownbrush - maccosmetics - rccosmetics -
thebamboopanda : Awesome follow 4 follow? ??
makrogh - thebamboopanda - pinkberryshake - beautifulyoumua27 -
Yay!!! #productoftheday #jolidejackie #lifeasamua #favoriteproducts #smashbox #Oglow #parianspirit #brightener #brushcleaner ❀️
favoriteproducts - lifeasamua - brightener - jolidejackie - parianspirit - oglow - brushcleaner - productoftheday - smashbox -
wendylee810 - delightedimages - thatkushqueen24 - ashley_marie_rowe -
Most addictive game ever? I shot 13 ducks. Download Duckodile Hunt for iPhone and Android! #uplandkids #madisonplus #atlantispalms #hugobkk #oberhausenarena #evansilver #cornwallcolours #gelsenkirchenzoo #strongholdmotorsports #fredericktokyo #santamonicahi #morasozinha #trondheimmaraton #StMichaels #derbywedding2014 #jupiterartworld #Walkersville #vistacidiz #tustinnissan #santabarbarahalloween #vistajail #Chesaning #milfordbarnes #brusselsgrill #coventrymusicmuseum #centennialicerink #norwoodnuggets #santabarbaraforever #parianspirit #lindsayo
walkersville - evansilver - gelsenkirchenzoo - stmichaels - coventrymusicmuseum - centennialicerink - morasozinha - lindsayo - trondheimmaraton - norwoodnuggets - milfordbarnes - chesaning - santamonicahi - strongholdmotorsports - hugobkk - tustinnissan - vistacidiz - parianspirit - santabarbarahalloween - jupiterartworld - cornwallcolours - atlantispalms - oberhausenarena - uplandkids - vistajail - derbywedding2014 - santabarbaraforever - brusselsgrill - madisonplus - fredericktokyo -
its cleaning time!!!! #brushes #clean #realtechnique #mikyajy #parianspirit #makeup #makeupartist #lovemyjob
parianspirit - brushes - lovemyjob - makeup - mikyajy - clean - realtechnique - makeupartist -
bellzwife - mg1428 - emjey_ilovedodoy - asianglamcandy -
#cleanbrushes = #greatbidness :) feels great to have all my brushes clean. I deep clean them once a week and quick clean after every use! #makeupartist #mua #dmvmakeupartist #dmvmua used all my #parianspirit must replenish! Love the cleaner and how they make my brushes smell. Every client I have used them on says they smell like oranges!
parianspirit - mua - greatbidness - dmvmakeupartist - cleanbrushes - makeupartist - dmvmua -
anamc2 : I have the same brush cup! Love it! Yes I use parisan spirit too! Strong stuff with that citric smell. Wish the brushes didn't drink it up. Lol!
makeupbysammichan_g : @anamc2 there's a lot of those cups out there! Lol wish one do you have mine came with my cao cosmetics brushes! Which I really dislike! But ehhhh! Lol I'll buy new ones next year! And girl, I know that's the only thing I hate I use so much product just to clean the brushes cause the brushes absorbs it so quickly!!!! :(
sunnariii - mel_amor08 - loveitnuu - bonjour__shannon -
Emily Hudspeth, professional makeup artist brush cleaner. Adding that to my biz cards. #mua #makeupartist #parianspirit #proonly #professionalartist #beauty #photoshoot #kitprep #truelove #stylist #setlife #brushes
parianspirit - stylist - beauty - setlife - brushes - proonly - truelove - mua - professionalartist - photoshoot - makeupartist - kitprep -
heather_toler : #alldayerrday
beautybykrystal - joannaavant - brittanychatless - katienesbittphoto -
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