Beautiful words of wisdom for mothers & fathers. At Momble we aim to show mums & dad ways to strengthen these bonds via our Parenting Tips & Discussions our website is #Momble#parenting#motherhood#fatherhood#mums#dads#life#quotes#children#happy#love#instalove#picoftheday#parents#blesdings#advise#support#share#unite
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And in color. They are both so cute. 🙊🙈
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kymmicez : 👏👏👏Iike color so much better! Now it pairs well with wraps and mocs
trendytreehouse :
christennoelle : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
trendytreehouse : @kymmicez thanks! I think I might just offer both. They are too dang cute. 🙊
nickonemismomma : @parrdashian
kalikarla : I love it : Oh so cute! I agree though B&W 👌
sweetbraydenirish : OMG !!!!!! Color is amazing !!!!!!!
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Even if I never make it into the third group, I am content with being in either of the first two. I cannot stomach the idea of settling for anything less than that which I deem to be my true love. This does not in any way imply that it will be a perfect relationship, just that we will be perfect for each other, and I couldn't possibly think of settling down with another while knowing she may still come into my life......or back into it, as the case may be. The wait continues.... #SamuelDeckerThompson #ADudeWritingPoetry
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paymahsherpa : @london_laddu
brandal1984 : @adudewritingpoetry words to live by 🙌 it's all about being real with yourself
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Posing with family #parenting #happy #proudfathers #gaydads #lgbtfamilies #wewanttobethebestforourkids
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It really is a challenge nowadays to keep your little ones busy because of the technology that we have. We've banned ipad for so long and now she can use it at times. To keep her mind off just cartoons and games on screen, I need to always layan her interests like play doh, puzzle, arts, blocks and swimming. Tiring but alhamdulillah and insyaallah it's a better choice so far. #ayra #parenting
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ellie_w : All the best al! I'm moving towards there too! Now that Elnaz is turning 2, i'm gonna start discipline her, ajar dia main properly. Now dah pandai sikit2 main properly. Hehehe. Ure my idol! Gittteww!
albitatahir : Awww @ellie_w u go girl! I know its not that easy tau lagi2 elly keje n most of d time abah dia takda..but try bila blk spend time main ngn dia..nt u will discover her interest..slowly but surely 😙
ellie_w : @albitatahir yes, mummy al! Thanks for being the example! I learn a lot (trying to) from ur postings. Hehehe
zansaggaf : Good job al!! Widaad nie pun kalau x larat nk layan, we tend to shove the gadgets her way.. So not good!! U_U
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Play is good for us!! It helps reduce stress, enhance cognitive function & enhance relationships. So get playing:) . Brain-Based Parenting by Daniel Hughes & Johnathan Baylin, page 105 #parenting #danielhughes #jonathanbaylin #kids
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Sofía being Sofía photo by @anna.vela #annavelaphotography #parenting #children #sofiandmaya #coffeeshop #coffee #taylormaidfarms #sebastopol
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"Picture Perfect" นานๆ ถึงจะยอมออกงานคู่กันสดๆ ร้อนๆ ตรงจาก #NYC ที่งาน Angel Ball คู่รักสุด Perfect ที่เรากรี๊ดให้อย่างหมดใจด้วยความอิจฉา!!! #BlakeLively #RyanReynolds #Parenting #Hotcouple #cosmoEnt
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page.365 : he's not my boyfriend, but he's still mine. ❤😭😂👍
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I LOVE finding this in my bed when I'm ready to call it a night. Clarissa West Freedom & Sexcess Coach #sexcess #freedom #mindmastery #warriorgoddess #success #haveitall #parenting #everythingprecious
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Just got our first proofs from 12 12 photography. Live this boys smile #familyphoto #oneyear #littlebuddy #love #parenting #GodisGood
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Just playing with some vintage designs. One of many. Love how she turned out.
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sweetbraydenirish : 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊 omg
sweetbraydenirish : I'm obsessed
trendytreehouse : Me too! I could be up all night making these. I'm in love. Have them in color, but the black and white is striking. 😍 @sweetbraydenirish
sweetbraydenirish : Ohhhhhhh I love ! Black with white print would look awesome too!!!!
christennoelle : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ : OMG adore!! : Let's see the color!
munchkinwears : Love this! Absolutely adorable, my baby girl needs one.
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A new page already released, happy parents to be dear @widda_mustika ;)) sehat2 terus yaa mas anantaaa, ciaobella ♡♡♡ #friendscollage #meetupfriends #parenting #InstaMagAndroid
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#MyLittleMaleficentSweeps The boychild is always showing his mischievous his innocent side looks almost like his villain side. Disney wants to remind families that there are two sides to every story – and sometimes one side is a little “villainous.” You’ll share images of your children when they’re innocent and when they’re just a little mischievous. (Just like Aurora and Maleficent!) Share your child’s mischievous & villainous moments for a chance to win Disney prizes. Enter at #ad #disney #blogger #parenting
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Say Hello to The WorryWoo Monsters - an award-winning series of books and plush dolls dedicated to helping children and adults embrace their emotions and find their inner "Woo"! Check them out at #worrywoo #stuffedanimal #love #emotions #parenting #giftsforkids #kids #cuddle #awardwinning #books #toys #woo #adorable #fun
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usnv_ : cooool @VinesBeLike
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Hit up for a new comic! #parenting #webcomic #comic #kids
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Pumpkin patch with my little pumpkin #dad #parenting #fall #funtimes #family #daughter #love #goodtimes #memories #october #pumpkins #chilly
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Hardest decision you will have to make as a parent now up on my blog! Please read, like and share... Don't forget to take the poll at the end of the entry! Thank you! #amomentousmom #blogmom #momblogger #newblogmom #schooling #privateschool #publicschool #commoncore #parenting #kindergarten #kindergartenmom
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#MyLittleMaleficentSweeps Wants to remind families that there are two sides to every story – and sometimes one side is a little “villainous.” You’ll share images of your children when they’re innocent and when they’re just a little mischievous. (Just like Aurora and Maleficent!) Share your child’s mischievous & villainous moments for a chance to win Disney prizes. Enter at #ad #disney #blogger #parenting
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heidipprc : Oh yes! I have pictures!!!!
swaraiblog : I know you do, you must upload them
swaraiblog : @heidipprc
heidipprc : I will!
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When children converse on the phone, they usually speak as they have been taught or from what they have picked up. Considering that, children will end up speaking to callers as they would to a classmate or buddy. This pict below discusses proper phone etiquette for kids in simple and easy to follow steps. Twitter : @jrpindonesia #johnrobertpowers #jrpindonesia #jrp #jrptips #phone #etiquette #kids #forkids #parent #parenting #calling
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Diriwayatkan oleh Ibnu Umar bahwa Rasulullah SAW bersabda, "Setiap dari kalian adalah pemimpin dan setiap dari kalian bertanggung jawab atas apa yang dipimpinnya. Seorang penguasa adalah pemimpin dan ia bertanggung jawab atas apa yang dipimpinnya (rakyatnya). Seorang lelaki (kepala keluarga) adalah pemimpin dikeluarganya dan ia bertanggung jawab atas apa yang dipimpinnya (anggota keluarganya, yakni istri dan anak-anaknya). Seorang wanita (yang telah bersuami) adalah pemimpin dirumah suaminya dan ia bertanggung jawab atas apa yang dipimpinnya (anak-anaknya). Seorang pembantu adalah pemimpin dirumah majikannya dan ia bertanggung jawab atas pekerjaan rumahnya. Setiap dari kalian adalah pemimpin dan bertanggung jawab atas apa yang dipimpinnya." (HR. Bukhari) Diriwayatkan dari Abu Hurairah bahwa Nabi SAW bersabda, "Tidak ada seorang anak pun yang dilahirkan kecuali dalam keadaan fitrah. Kedua orang tuanyalah yang akan menjadikannya seorang yahudi, nasrani, ataupun majusi." (HR Bukhari) Beberapa syair untuk mendidik anak, Abu Ala dalam syairnya "Para generasi kami tumbuh dan berkembang atas kebiasaan orang tuanya seorang remaja tidak akan mendekati suatu keyakinan kecuali dengan agama yang dibiasakan pada dirinya." Ibnul Qayyim lebih menekankan pada tanggung jawab orang tua, Allah akan mempertanyakan setiap tindakan yang diambil seseorang terhadap anaknya. "Etika yang diajarkan pada masa kecil akan berguna dan tidak bila diajarkan masa dewasa, Ranting bila diluruskan akan bisa mengikuti namun tidak dengan kayu." #kisah #sahabat #hadist #quran #muslim #pemimpin #parenting #islam #islamicqoutes #instailmu #instadakwah #islam #manjaddawajada
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#theSpy made "shark salad" tonight. #awesome #vegan #kids #parenting #recipe
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anjelmonster : I love that boy.
travis_vs_food : SPOT ON!! 😊👌 #truecooks style!
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❤️😍❤️ #scouttroopers #starwars #empire #parenting #kids #cosplay #awesome #amazing #ilovethis #itsastarwarsthing #starwarsforlife
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gc3mommy : Omg that's my mom. She rides a unicycle haha
darth_vaderwannabe : @tbuzz
darth_vaderwannabe : Kills
marajadelotus : @gc3mommy and wears a Scout Trooper uniform! She is awesome!!! 😜
gc3mommy : @marajadelotus ok maybe not the Uniform lol
marajadelotus : @gc3mommy ha ha!
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The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost and enjoy your little things.
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miickeybrown : Like all my pictures. I like all back
thejoeysiin : hi, whatsup? Follow/Comment/Like my photos just trying to be social with instagram users, Im trying to grow my business. Thanks!
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Sharing my perspectives of being an intentional parent; a proactive parent - which simply means I’m growing toward responding more out of who I am, who God made me to be, than out of how I feel. Proactive parenting requires intention and thought. Have you considered lately why you became a parent and allowed that to influence your daily parenting style? I would love to hear your thoughts... Blog link in profile 😉
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prayerfullmum : #sporemombloggers #sgkids #parenting #proactive #intentional #responding #anticipating #notreactive #thoughts #actions #parentwithlove #notfear #grace #mercy #God #Lord #Jesus #Christ
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Truu😹 #lol #parenting
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Mommy & Ezra selfie right before bath time #dailydoseofezra #motherhood #parenting #baby #babylove #seattlebaby
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In this week's Pakchic Says, Zan Azlee talks about getting his daughter to speak in English, Bahasa Malaysia & Cantonese. Will he succeed or will Athena end up mixing her languages? Find out on #pakchic #toddler #parenting
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hzwanirdn : @nikmood
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Hi parents, Ada kutipan kata2 dr Bertrand Russel : Sy tdk pcy klo ada burung merak yg iri dg ekor burung merak yg lainnya. Krn setiap burung merak yakin bahwa ekornya adlh yg terbaik di dunia. Hasilnya: burung merak adlh burung yg damai Seringkali kita membandingkan kemampuan & kepandaian anak kita dgn anak lain. Hal ini sering membuat kita stress, membuat anak kita stress & membuat orangtua anak lain sebal. Bila kita mau berpikir seperti si burung merak, dan yakin kalau anak kita adalah yang terbaik, maka kita tidak akan sibuk tanya nilai anak teman, tidak takut anak kita ada saingannya. Setiap anak itu hebat & special, dgn caranya sendiri. Dgn kelebihan & kekurangannya sendiri. Tidak perlu dibanding2kan dgn anak lain, apalagi takut kalah saingan dgn anak lain. Tahukah anda, setiap anak tidak pernah membanding2kan orangtuanya dgn ortu lain, karena bagi mereka, "U are the best parents in the world" Mereka akan mulai membandingkan anda dgn ortu lain, kalau anda terus membandingkan mereka dgn anak lain. So, start to think like a peacock. Yakinlah kalau anak anda adalah yang terbaik. Stop membandingkan anak anda dgn anak org. Maksimalkan potensi anak dgn cara2 yg positif, bukan dgn membanding2kan Semoga bermanfaat... [by: MomnJo] #sharingNavara #forparents #parenting
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Hahahahahahaha...... What a #shitty day. If this ever happens in my life I will be momentarily devastated then take a picture like this parent did and send it to all my friends asking if they want to babysit next weekend. HAHAHAHAHA #babies #mess #parenting #blessing
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raeraecee : Ohhh m gee!!!! Lawd. I would have a heart attack!!
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Stopped by at circle k to buy junk food. #mylife#tattooeddad#parenting#bonding#love
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parenting -
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Invest yourself in your kids. They are worth every ounce of energy. Every hair they pull out ( or turn grey ). Every sleepless night. Every wrinkle that makes you question your own age. Every kiss they insist you give them on the bottom of their foot that's covered in who knows what. Every slammed door. Every ruined piece of furniture. Every second of that terrible tantrum that's making you question if you ever wanted to be a parent in the first place. Every strangers glare or rude remark. Every well meaning family members advise and/or hurtful comments. Why is it even worth it? Because some day our generation will be gone. The fate of the world will be in the hands we raised. Investing every ounce of ourselves in our children is not obsession, over protection or "letting yourself go". It is a conscious effort to change the legacy of abuse, abandonment, crime, wars, murder, and addiction and create one of love, kindness, compassion, selflessness and happiness. "be the change you wish to see in the world," and be the person you want you kids to be.
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goodgirlgonehippie : #truth #parenting #bethechange #kids #momtalk #feelinginspired #love #life
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Little boy reading his hockey book... He sure loves anything that has to do with hockey #hockeylife #canada #parenting #hockeyisinourblood #itswhatwedo
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