@davidgray at the beautiful Paramount Theater in Oakland.
love - concert - artist - pleaseforgiveme - paramount - davidgray - music - sailaway - paramounttheater - oakland - babylon -
raegermeister : #davidgray #concert #oakland #paramounttheater #paramount #artist #music #love #sailaway #babylon #pleaseforgiveme
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Paramount theater, watching LoL. And looking at the ceiling. ๐Ÿ“ท #pax #paxprime #LeagueofLegends #lol #paramounttheater
pax - paramounttheater - paxprime - leagueoflegends - lol -
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I'm thinking hell yeah #classictheaters #cinematreasure #boxoffice #smalltownusa #paramounttheater #greattheatersofamerica
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3 doors down concert with my bro #3doorsdown #paramounttheater #Abileneshow
abileneshow - paramounttheater - 3doorsdown -
queenypoo9115 : Awww, your soo lucky
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#longisland , #paramounttheater , #patbenatar , #Lindenhurstny
lindenhurstny - patbenatar - longisland - paramounttheater -
dinahburgos -
#patbenatar , #Lindenhurstny , #paramounttheater , #longisland , #100happydays , #100daysofsummer
100happydays - patbenatar - longisland - lindenhurstny - paramounttheater - 100daysofsummer -
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#patbenatar , #Lindenhurstny , #longisland , #lovepat
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1andreawallace : #paramounttheater
#patbenatar , #100happydays , #100daysofsummer , #huntington , #paramounttheater
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#parbenatar, #longisland, #paramounttheater, #Lindenhurstny
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A Dame to Kill For #SinCity2 #RobertRodriguez #FrankMiller #ParamountTheater
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jrmy13muniz : @aeroash
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Side beats! Snapshot by @DavidJamesSwanson @ThirdmanRecordsOfficial #ParamountTheater #Seattle
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sahlence : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
nasserphillips : Can't wait to see you in Columbia, SC!!! Fave drummer evahh!
origlioe : ^ I second that. Also thank you for being so cool when I interrupted your well deserved after show hotdog (i think?) at newport! Ya'll are awesome can't wait for columbia!
darujones : Thx @nasserphillips @origlioe..:) @sahlence
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#lightshow #paramounttheater#boston
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missappropriate : Looks like a lovely Art Deco cinema!
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Awesome show last night with #davidgray #paramounttheater #oakland #mutineerstour #pleaseforgiveme #concert #livemusic
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leeyuuhh : So jealous! Hope I can go to the one in Dallas!
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I wish I had an ounce of his talent๐Ÿ‘Œ #davidgray #paramounttheater #oakland #livenation @blakefrancis
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marcellacanori : Such a great show๐ŸŽถโค๏ธ
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Had a chance to check out the greatest guitar from the greatest band ever! #cheaptrick #ricknielsen #robinzander #rockandroll #rockandrollhalloffame #paramounttheater
rockandroll - robinzander - paramounttheater - ricknielsen - cheaptrick - rockandrollhalloffame -
ntxrock : So cool!
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#Twinsies from the show last night with @stevenwm at @thewineryatstgeorge ! What an amazing crowd..: thank you guys so much for being there! See you at the Paramount in Sept! country #countryband #countrygirl #countrymusic #winery #newyork #thismuchfun #fun #twins #winebar #cowboy #cowgirl #cowboyboots #peekskill #moheganlake #performance #music #love #livemusic #tour #summer #dream #sing #paramounttheater #paramounthudsonvalley #hudsonvalley #summertour
countryband - summer - love - moheganlake - cowgirl - summertour - countrygirl - fun - performance - sing - twinsies - hudsonvalley - livemusic - twins - cowboyboots - cowboy - thismuchfun - newyork - tour - paramounttheater - peekskill - winery - paramounthudsonvalley - music - dream - winebar - countrymusic -
roro_zm : @mzavip !!!!!
tropclbaby : Love you both!!! Wanted to go, but couldn't make it :(
jessicalynnmusic : @tropclbaby thanks girl!
barbieg0818 : Nice picture !!!! You both look great. (:
jessicalynnmusic : @barbieg0818 thank u!!
wesasaurusrex : You're so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ@jessicalynnmusic
jessicalynnmusic : @wesasaurusrex thank you! So sweet!
wesasaurusrex - ericteng - gigi_gemini15jc - arjpercussion -
It's a rare thing to laugh like this with an audience, especially these days. Thanks, Robin. And keep going to the movies, everyone.
robinwilliams - paramounttheater - atx - thebirdcage - austin - texas -
mrsbecwilson : โค๏ธ
austintolin : #robinwilliams #thebirdcage #austin #texas #paramounttheater #atx
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I have to say I feel like a pretty luck gal getting directly sung to by both @officialtommylondon of @thedirtypearls and #robinzander of #cheaptrick! Amazing show last night #rocknroll #paramounttheater #paramounthuntington #theparamounttheater
theparamounttheater - rocknroll - paramounttheater - robinzander - cheaptrick - paramounthuntington -
maryannepiccolo : @theparamountny
drinkheadbanger : niiiiice
maryannepiccolo : ๐Ÿ˜˜ @drinkheadbanger
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@thedirtypearls opening for #cheaptrick #theparamountheater #rocknroll #whoscomingbacktowho #myfavsong @officialtommylondon @mrmartye @mikegrecomusic @hoganguitar #jimmycaputo #mikeinferno
rocknroll - paramounttheater - paramounthuntington - whoscomingbacktowho - mikeinferno - jimmycaputo - cheaptrick - theparamountheater - myfavsong -
philippechansel : Mikey!!
maryannepiccolo : Yes @philippechansel it's our boy!!!
maryannepiccolo : #paramounttheater #paramounthuntington
maryannepiccolo : @theparamountny
duaneparknyc - hammeredsatin - glamncheese - philippechansel -
#handsomehogan @hoganguitar @thedirtypearls last night at @theparamounttheater opening for #cheaptrick @officialtommylondon @mikegrecomusic @mrmartye #jimmycaputo #mikeinfero
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maryannepiccolo : #paramounttheater #paramounthuntington
maryannepiccolo : @theparamountny
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@officialtommylondon and the @thedirtypearls #nailingit last night at #theparamounttheater opening for #cheaptrick #borntobewild @mrmartye @hoganguitar @mikegrecomusic #mikeinfero #jimmycaputo #rocknroll
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maryannepiccolo : @theparamountny
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Looky at where is me!! #socool #ididntknowyoucoulddothis
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drearose143 : #paramountpictures #paramounttheater
dannyleeworks : dope!
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The best 2 consecutive nights I've ever had. My voice is completely gone but man, these talented people deserve all the screams and sing-alongs. If there are any empty drawers on the tour bus, I'm always ready. #jackwhite #paramounttheater #lazaretto
lazaretto - paramounttheater - jackwhite -
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A seven nation army couldn't hold me back ๐ŸŽถ #lazaretto #jackwhite #paramounttheater
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Switching rhythm gears. [Snapshot by @DavidJamesSwanson @ThirdmanRecordsOfficial] #ParamountTheater #Seattle
seattle - paramounttheater -
squirr3l33 : You're dope no matter what
thebandroxs : Looking forward to seeing y'all again!! Can't wait until Farm Aid!!
scarlett_fields : Listened to the simulcast last night, you guys were utterly brilliant โ™ก
lisajean74 : Last nights broadcast was simply amazing!
theseventhson75 : Hey! You guys should cover Nirvana's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" - that would rule! :-)
stacelings : Is that because *someone* took your glasses?
the.white.stripes : Hi, Daru! I don't mean to bother you at all, but could you please tell Jack what an inspiration he is to us all? Also, can you tell him that McKenna wrote him a letter and sent it to Third Man Records and hopes that he sees it? Thank you very much! @darujones
darujones : Thx @squirr3l33 @lisajean74... Lol @stacelings
mekdance333 - tbrandt98 - purplewatcher - k_mic_ -
Amazing show!! #arcticmonkeys #seattle #paramounttheater
arcticmonkeys - paramounttheater - seattle -
advtorrun - kymefe - dontstressbs - ladysheezus -
The only picture taken during the concert; as Jack and his band take a bow after finishing their set with 'Seven Nation Army'. #jackwhite #paramounttheater #lastnight #concert #livemusic #concertjunkie #mylifeiscomplete #thewhitestripes #sevennationarmy #nofilmingallowed
livemusic - concert - sevennationarmy - nofilmingallowed - thewhitestripes - paramounttheater - mylifeiscomplete - lastnight - jackwhite - concertjunkie -
that_one_clumsy_girl : I'm so jelly my friend!!! I love the white stripes.... I saw passion pit, Matt and Kim, and icona pop before they got huge there at the paramount! ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข lol I realize that richie elbowed me in the bobble nose by accident, then walked back to me, tried to see under the mask.. Then danced with me/ played the guitar facing me like 8 inches away..... And I had no bloody idea.... @whoa_sandworms
whoa_sandworms : @that_one_clumsy_girl Yeah it was life changing. I've been waiting seven years to see Jack White in any band. It was amazing. I'm seeing Interpol at the Paramount next month also. Still you top me with best concert experiences.
that_one_clumsy_girl : Ughhhhh you see. I'm a kid from a family of a teacher and the milk manager.. I got siblings... therefore no money XD but next year I'm going to try to get a job. Therefore I can cosplay and go to concerts! It really helped me.. I love acting.. But alas I am a super introvert.. But going up there, I'm pretty sure I'll never get nervous going on stage in front of 30-45 people again... take crap loads of pictures! All my friends, especially this guy who was there are mad at me.. Because I won't shut up XD @whoa_sandworms
whoa_sandworms : @that_one_clumsy_girl Haha no I'm not mad, I think it's awesome you got that chance, I've been able to meet and greet with a few bands before as well, I've even hugged lead singers. So it's all ok. I'm sure you'll do just fine though.
that_one_clumsy_girl : thanks! who'd you meet?!? @whoa_sandworms
whoa_sandworms : Genevieve Schatz of Company of Thieves. They were playing a free show with She Wants Revenge and they stayed around afterward signing posters and stuff. I had actually chatted with her on Facebook sometime before that. We talked about In N Out food haha.
elevantmusik : Cool!
roslynxoalethia - verla.bryant - eduardovictory - that_one_clumsy_girl -
Bows #JackWhite #paramounttheater
paramounttheater - jackwhite -
jventimusic - samccurry - mmmmaps - harrydoesntknow -
I bet that you look good on the dance floor
arcticmonkeys - paramounttheater - alexturner -
escaping_artist : #arcticmonkeys #alexturner #paramounttheater #๐Ÿ’
jaylabelle - dinasauce - oscar_tierney - liamthegooner -
blue - anticipation - paramount - paramounttheater - seattle - jackwhite -
ryanhunt454 : #blue #jackwhite #paramount #paramounttheater #seattle
mtpocket73 : Love it! ๐Ÿ˜ How was the show?
ryanhunt454 : @mtpocket73 it was amazing! I definitely think he's better on this tour in comparison to the blunderbuss tour. He played for almost 2 hours and then came out for a 45 minute encore.
psychmikee - mjsitterley - shharper - sassafrass443 -
After an almost 2 hour set and then a 45 minute encore, it's pretty safe to say that Jack White is rock and roll.
lazaretto - paramount - concert - thirdmanrecords - paramounttheater - seattle - jackwhite -
ryanhunt454 : #jackwhite #thirdmanrecords #seattle #paramounttheater #paramount #lazaretto #concert
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Listening to Jack White's concert at the paramount on a livestream right now on 107.7 The End^-^ because both shows have been sold out all month... Jack White is soo amazing agh!! #sittingathome#conquest#maybe#jackwhite#seattle#paramounttheater#notickets
paramounttheater - notickets - sittingathome - maybe - conquest - seattle - jackwhite -
rachael_harmon : Same here!!! I was sad he was sold out for months, but the radio station here is pretty fantastic @maddielouhaltom
maddielouhaltom : Well I'm glad you have a good station!!! Also, im sure you're going to get to see some amazing shows! Seattle is so cool! I haven't even been there...
rachael_harmon : I'm crossing my fingers! There were some great concerts in Indy this summer I've heard;) @maddielouhaltom
maddielouhaltom : Aggggghhhh yaaaaaaaasssssss!!
rachael_harmon : @maddielouhaltom That must have been hard on your ovaries
maddielouhaltom : Shirtless Brandon urie from the front row absolutely annihilated my ovaries. Oh and the fact that I got to see Walk The Moon!! God I love them!
rachael_harmon : O ANNA SUN WHAT DO YOU KNOW? THIS HOUSE IS FALLING APART @maddielouhaltom
maddielouhaltom : They're from Cincinnati and I love them.
joshg12345670 - victoriabauzada - dontstressbs - white_sunglasses -
#JackWhite #Seattle #ParamountTheater #GoodMusic
seattle - paramounttheater - jackwhite - goodmusic -
tusslindo - maestro_da_beat - raab_himself - c_bartemes16 -
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