I love this girl! She's put up with me for a year and i dont know how she's done it (dont think anyone knows how) she's my bestfriend and i don't know what i'd without her, i love absolutely everything about her, her family as well, at first i was all awkward but they're so very welcoming and accepting, her mum and Graham are the best, they make me feel like i'm part of their family! Kaitlyn is just absolutely perfect in every single way, i'd give her the world if i could. I love our lazy days, when we're just lying in bed, cuddled up, watching movies or playing sims, she's made me forts out of blankets and we watched disney movies and ate pizza and ben&jerrys, pride was absolutely perfect, we went on a victorian murder walk and it was hilarious, i remember absolutely everything we've done over the whole year, so many amazing memories and so much more to make! I love you Kaitlyn Byrne! I know it's not that cute or whatever but i tried and all that im basically saying is that you make me the happiest girl alive, even when im in my little stupid moods i'm glad you stay with me!!💘
happiestgirlalive - love - 1year - longparagraph - iloveyou - tryingtobecute - myeverything - lgbt - mygirl - paragraph - gaygirls - bestfriend - lesbian - inlove -
maggiemustashio : Aaaawww Jen you are amazing xx I love the pair of you so much and graham and I consider you a big part of our family, I couldn't of asked for a better girlfriend for my daughter, you have been so good for Kaitlyn the change I have seen in her over the past year has been amazing, she is happier, more confident, more out going (okay so she's still no the party animal haha) I think you and Kaitlyn are brilliant together and so cute ;) #proudmum xxxxxxxx
jamie.tbh : 💖
spideyyjen : Thankyou maggie xxxxxx @maggiemustashio
despicable.shannon : Awwww man that's so frecking cute I want the agh 💕💕 @spideyyjen
despicable.shannon : That
spideyyjen : Thankyouu hyniee @despicable.shannon 💕💕
uxder_dxg : Omg I want to cry this is so adorable #myfaves 💕💕
spideyyjen : Thankyou m'dear💕💕
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fr.. tonight has been the worst.. 😒😒✌️✌️ #paragraph #worstnightever
paragraph - worstnightever -
frankie_greenlee - tyelar_nuzum - bhestonnn_x3 - b.p -
I'm not sure how much people will care about this, but I figure I might as well post it to show people one of the few things I'm good at, writing #imagery #paragraph #writer
writer - paragraph - imagery -
jodi_crum24 - love_victoriaa_ - do_it_for_de_vine - matthew_downing -
My dandan, most truthfull honest guy ever I trust him so much with my life. I adore his cuddles and yeah he's fab. #mydan #bae #cute #smiley #hemakesmehappy #iloveyou #mybestone #fuckyou #curlyhair #moody #seflie #photooftheday #smiley #happy #cuties #gay #fool #paragraph
fool - cute - seflie - gay - smiley - paragraph - cuties - curlyhair - mydan - hemakesmehappy - moody - fuckyou - mybestone - iloveyou - bae - happy - photooftheday -
uberemoji : Love it!
iaminfectus : love it !!
nickk9990 - fishlips_o - exbehave - danwenlock -
Sorry for my ugliness there's no effect on this picture👍😂🙌 I love this boy so fucking much people don't understand the emotions and troubles we sometimes go through ur my rock. My world my everything and ur always there to cheer me up and I promise until the day I die I love you and you will always be mine and anyone that hates can fuck off cause no one can get between us my bumnugget love you babyboy 😝😘❤ good night at the carnival💜
cute - good - love - boy - lfl - sooo - mine - baby - such - a - funny - forever - carnival - for - this - my - to - paragraph - likeforlike - night - like4like - bits - l4l -
tamzyxoxo : #such#a#good#night#love#this#boy#to#bits#forever#mine#likeforlike#good#night#carnival#lfl#sooo#funny#like4like#cute#paragraph#for#my#baby#l4l
jordanbaldythorne : Awwwww ty my baby girl i love u soo much too and ty for coming to the carnival xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💚💛💜💖💕💞
tamzyxoxo : It's ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💚💛💜💖💕💞
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#message #paragraph #feelings #nohate
message - paragraph - nohate - feelings -
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#tellmethisaintcute #mydaughters #paragraph 📑 #homework that she turned in friday #topic "what makes her special" & that makes her #special #shelovesus #weloveher 👸💛 #paininthebutt #mymonkey #shesthebaby #bigbaby #1stgrader 👌
tellmethisaintcute - paininthebutt - shelovesus - mydaughters - 1stgrader - bigbaby - weloveher - mymonkey - shesthebaby - topic - paragraph - homework - special -
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#♡ #Love #You #Paragraph #Writings #Girls .
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its.zeina : #follow #f4f #followme #followforfollow #follow4follow #instarekiem #followback #me #shoutout #shoutouts #shout #out #shoutouter #instagood #iphoneonly #tweegram #igers #instamood #jj #instagramhub #gang_family #popularpic #photooftheday
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2 questions of the day for #emmerdalelovers #1 what was your favourite thing about #donnawindsor and #rossbarton 's #secretrelationship mine was that they were so real together, well suited and because it was a secret it was meant to be a bit of fun but they clearly didn't think of eachother just as that😓 #2 what hurt you the most about them?! -my answer has to be when donna told him she didn't love him..WHEN SHE DID! I'm glad she told him before she died I just wish she'd have wrote him a letter or been able to tell him what he really meant to her😔💔
dingle - secretrelationship - donnawindsor - rossbarton - emmerdalelovers - loveit - paragraph - itvemmerdale - bestsoapontv - michaelparr - itv - pleaseanswer - emmerdale - questionsoftheday - tv - questionoftheday - photoftheday - barton - verityrushworth - 1 - 2 - mikeparr - soap -
verityrushworthismyfavexx : #paragraph #photoftheday #questionoftheday #questionsoftheday #itv #itvemmerdale #emmerdale #tv #soap #bestsoapontv #verityrushworth #rossbarton #barton #dingle #donnawindsor #mikeparr #michaelparr @verity_rushworth @verityrushworth @verity_shaw @mikeparr226 #loveit #pleaseanswer
livvi1008 : That they were perfect together 💕💕
_.fxck_.sam._ : I think it was that they were sweet and sexy and flirty in secret and second i think Donna dying when Ross had only just learnt to lie because his soft side didn't last long and he didn't even get a letter. #ronna4eva I love them so much😭💕💕
livvi1008 - love.for.ronna - sophhbx - chloee1306 -
“我们先到南美观看天使瀑布,你如不喜欢奔波,那么,到塔斯肯尼的葡萄园,我俩漫无目的,四处游荡,为小事拌嘴,找美食充饥,好不好?” #亦舒 #book#paragraph#quote#goodnight#favorite#quotation
book - 亦舒 - paragraph - quote - favorite - goodnight - quotation -
jack_lok : ✨💖✨
nothing_is_foreverbb - babyyykiki - gloomy_quotes_ - mjjfanfan -
這東西真令人吐血 希望今天剪輯可以順利啦🙏🙏 #music#cut#off#a#paragraph
a - off - cut - music - paragraph -
nower1998 : 我那天剪露營的也快起笑哈哈
meganwu546 : 這什麼啊
loveholic199786 : 我不會用啦,嗚嗚
jennyya1117 - yun.0906 - loveholic199786 - suyile -
This is my best friend @_wanna_be_princess_ , I love her millions, she is the funniest and most beautiful person I have ever seen, she never fails to make me smile and laugh, we have so many memories together and it feels like we have been bestfriends for ever but it's only been about 10 months, she is the most weirdest person I have ever met but I love her so much, she's dumb as fuck but it's so funny to take the piss out of her for it😂, we have never had an argument and hopefully never will, she means everything to me and if anyone hurts her it will literally kill them, I love you loads princess never forget that. Gayness is over now lol #bestfriend #paragraph #loveher #perfect
perfect - loveher - paragraph - bestfriend -
_wanna_be_princess_ : Awww I love you baby, this made me smile so much oh my, you little cutie, you mean so much to me, I hope we never fall out and you love my dumbness because you look smart when I'm there😂😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
always_the_second_choice_ : Aw and I know it's fab😂😂😘💕💕💕💕💕💕 @_wanna_be_princess_
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Sasha's writing skills made me cry🙊💕 @xsashamatthewx #instasize #instadaily #instauk #instawigan #friends #paragraph
paragraph - instadaily - instawigan - friends - instauk - instasize -
xsashamatthewx : Aha wouldn't think I'm crap at English aha x
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Direct message me and I'll send you a paragraph, why not? Go go go 🔮🌏🌙🌿😋 // #directmessageme #longtbh #paragraph #boredasf
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I just had to post this... (From @model.inspiration 's photo) #women#feminism#feminist#caption#preach#girl#boy#woman#man#everyone#should#read#this#paragraph#depressed#depression#sadness
woman - read - everyone - girl - caption - depression - women - boy - feminist - this - should - depressed - sadness - paragraph - man - feminism - preach -
model.inspiration : ☺️❤️
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#quote #picturequote #letters #words #paragraph #shy #white #black #random #cool #new #me
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Summer,don't go away!Begin again🌞🌞🌞#summer #sweetmemories #paragraph #kiev #ukraine #lookoftheday #photooftheday
ukraine - summer - paragraph - kiev - sweetmemories - lookoftheday - photooftheday -
bagart.brand : Summer time, so nice!
mi80mi80 : Summer is looking forward to see u)))
mi80mi80 : 😍🌸🌺🌴🌞🌊😄
yulee_yutopia : Wow!
jylletta : Сразу повеяло морем и приключениями)
paragraph_ku : @jylletta предстоящими?😜ху ноус,ху ноус...😜😜
jylletta : Да!!! Очень вовремя;)
paragraph_ku : @yulee_yutopia 😜😜thanks
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I could wake up to this shizz every morning👫💏💑 #boyfriend #paragraph #cutie #lovehim
lovehim - cutie - paragraph - boyfriend -
emmylouisee : Awwww bless!😳🙈
_that_blondieee_ - pizzaaapls - hollywhite_xo - elishaapadleyy -
I have finally found someone who makes me feel more special than I ever have before. We arent even dating. He's the sweetest guy I know, and frankly one of the cutest. His smile is contagious. I feel like he might actually like me back. Today was a horrible day but in the matter of 2 seconds it changed. People were saying shit to me in the hallways. I got called anorexic, nasty, and a whore. After school I met up with my friend taylor by the front door of the school. I explained to her what happened and I started bawling my eyes out. The guy I like, jon, he noticed I was crying so he came over to me, he asked me what was wrong, even tho I texted him what happened when I was in study hall. I was still crying and I just said I was gaving a bad day. He hugged me super tight. And he told me he'd rather see my smile than my tears. For real I falling in love with him. He knows I like him, he just doesnt know how much. Tomorrow I'm going to hangout with him at his house. I just hope something happens. #sad#cute#school#cry#crying#boys#paragraph#read#spamforspam#spam#s4s#followme
cute - school - spamforspam - spam - read - cry - sad - boys - paragraph - crying - s4s - followme -
shea_mb : Awh congrats beautiful💕
brynneelisabeth - psychotic_kitty6667 - cassie3501 - rayray2332 -
Hi. I'm uploading a new vlog soon, this is something I had to say about it though. #youtube #youtuber #vlog #real #truth #life #text #paragraph #gay #followers #upload #friends #stress #overwhelmed
real - life - gay - vlog - youtube - upload - stress - paragraph - followers - truth - text - youtuber - friends - overwhelmed -
mertslife : im a 14 year old youtuber, come check me out and subscribe if you like my videos? sorry if i bothered you :)
alexismonstr : ❤️❤️❤️
keepingupwithkrenee : So inspiring! @hustleandheels
tdoubleu99 : Just keep focusing on yourself buddy , you have a big heart :)
lakv - racrboi - rickyplenty - tdoubleu99 -
not #tbh but like for a #paragraph so same thing basically
tbh - paragraph -
qveenkatie : Me
mcd0n4ld5 : ^
john_weglarz : I didn't get my tbh/ paragraph yet @perfectiuhm
perfectiuhm : you don't get one 💚 @john_weglarz
john_weglarz : That's not nice @perfectiuhm
perfectiuhm : I put a heart so it's like 3 times nicer 💚💚 see @john_weglarz
noah170 - blaze.r - iluvshawnmendes123 - hazel.jpg -
Ethan Eric Emert, you're the best thing that has ever walked into my life. Look at how much you've changed my life for the better. You make me so happy. You seriously mean the world to me. I honestly don't know what/where I'd be without you. You're seriously so stinking cute. We're the reason most people want a relationship. Which is pretty cool because we're pretty cool. Wow. I made that sound lame. Oh well. I'm a lame. That's why I'm with you. You make me not lame. Well you're really cute and I love you. And you think you're cute because you can write on my hand, neck, and face. But your a buttmunch but you're my buttmunch.<3 okay well text me back. #love #cute #couple #hand #paragraph #lovehim
cute - paragraph - love - lovehim - couple - hand -
capaticake : Alright you two are cute but I'm convinced that we could be cuter but I can wait. nbd😏
m_emery14 : I love you. 😆 @capaticake
capaticake : Love you more😊
cinar_peruk - jenmarie_9 - _kortneyann - caleb_kelch -
Wen u #read a while #paragraph n didn't #stutter
read - paragraph - stutter -
Do it. Kik- emily_rae22 Snapchat- emily_lovessyou Text- 603-504-2445 #doit#paragraph#text#textme#messageme#dm#pm#kik#kikme#snapchat#snapchatme
kik - messageme - dm - text - snapchat - doit - snapchatme - paragraph - kikme - textme - pm -
yash.sood : Where are you from
yash.sood : ?????
alexis.33 - juanmfherrera - hoopdreams_2 - litchfield37 -
dear bestfriend, I can't believe you're leaving. I can't believe that I wont get to sit by you when we graduate.. We've literally been there from the ups and downs during our life. You've been my rock when I needed to hold on to, my therapist when I needed to cry. I don't cry over anything but when I said goodbye afterschool I swear I wanted to bawl my eyes out. Iloveyou eboni!! And I'm soooo thankful to have you in my life forever even if you're miles and one hour difference away! #bestfriend #tbh #paragraph #iloveyouboo #dontleaveme
tbh - paragraph - bestfriend - iloveyouboo - dontleaveme -
nicolemorales__ : @__xojavie
giraffeprincesss : I love you so much Corrina, I promise to stay in your life forever. If you EVER need me for anything I'm here for you. Don't hesitate to ask for a thing because I got you boo💕 I'm gonna use my little giraffe fan A LOT in Florida because it's hot as hell. I honestly cried after hugging you. Made me realize I do have people who truly care about me and you're on the top of that list baby.
brendalascano - xomicaa - xarieeeeex - giraffeprincesss -
#aw #sadface #para #paragraph #insta #love
sadface - paragraph - love - aw - para - insta -
amytough : Who's this about?
liameeles : Me, its about me @amytough @benweathersx1
amytough : Aw that's cute Liam ;) I hope you are happy together
amytough : @liameeles
liameeles : Its a perfect relationship @amytough
amytough : Ok den kids use a condom @liameeles
liameeles : He likes it when I go bareback @amytough
amytough : Same @liameeles
shannonkeane1019 - chelsbroadfoot - lwitney98 - hevscollier -
Cringe alert I know. But honestly I really don't know what I'd do without these two mingers,mean the world to me and more.My big brothers and forever will be,look out for me all the time,got my back no matter what and over protective just like big brothers should be.sometimes people walk into your life for a reason and I'd be lost if these hadn't walked it to mine,always make me smile and laugh,thank you for everything😘 #instasize #big #brothers #paragraph #cute #happy #smiles
cute - paragraph - brothers - smiles - big - happy - instasize -
__beccx - xemmamarshx - j_dreimane - yasminesmithh -
I know this is cheesy but my bestfriend is one of the most amazing, beautiful&funniest girl ive ever met! I'm going to miss you so much when you leave! I will more than likely cry like most people will, but I'll be fine:) iloveyou so much lillybear!!😭💜 #bestfriend #loveherloads #lilly #lillybear #elizabeth #amazing #beautiful #funny #cute #stupid #perfect #cheesy #paragraph #love #her #lots #going #to #miss #her #millions #loveyou #like4like #follow4follow
beautiful - cute - love - elizabeth - lillybear - paragraph - follow4follow - lots - miss - cheesy - millions - perfect - funny - like4like - bestfriend - her - loveherloads - to - amazing - stupid - going - lilly - loveyou -
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вот я терпеть не могу леопардовый принт , ну, честно)) но сегодня все, что называется, совпало))) #lookoftheday #photooftheday #mood #kiev #ukraine #paragraph #style #inspiration #myday
ukraine - style - kiev - inspiration - lookoftheday - myday - paragraph - photooftheday - mood -
misslilu.original : Stunning👍
paragraph_ku : @misslilu.original 😜😍
mi80mi80 : 👍👍👍
alaya_n : 💃✌️😘
illdisposed_teen - bakina.lidia - olecka01 - alaya_n -
😁😁😁😁😁 #happy #bisexual #cute #sweet #paragraph #idk #fuckeveryone
cute - paragraph - idk - bisexual - sweet - fuckeveryone - happy -
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This book, though *-* #thelandofdecoration #gracemccleen #miracles #heartwarming #loveit #chapter #paragraph #books #bookaddict #bookaholic #bookworm #bookstagram #bibliophile
miracles - chapter - bookaddict - loveit - bookworm - gracemccleen - bibliophile - paragraph - books - heartwarming - thelandofdecoration - bookaholic - bookstagram -
my_life_in_books___ - liliam31 - the4bookclub - sgsuicidegame -
I'm honestly so glad I've gotten closer to the friends I already had and I've gotten to know new people 😍 I'm so glad I got to know these girls with their amazing personalities! I don't know where I would be without yous !! 😘 #iphonesia #iphoneonly #instaframe #paragraph #loveeveryonerightnow
instaframe - iphoneonly - paragraph - iphonesia - loveeveryonerightnow -
brookiekrystal : @emma__xo__ @erynneb_ @claudiahantos @courttneylee_ @bree_ott @tianaannn
tianaannn : aw muffin! 💕
brookiekrystal : 😘💕 @tianaannn
bree_ott : love you 💘💘💘💘 I actually have news for you 😱
erynneb_ : ❤️❤️❤️
brookiekrystal : Love yous 💕😘 what is it !? 😱 @bree_ott @erynneb_
bree_ott - krystalbrooke_ - tianaannn - mikaylah_jade -
Feeling stressed lately.. But I'm finna get thru, and look forward to big and bright things! Never EVER a man to hold grudges, no regrets, nothing but love in my heart. #clean #hearted #youte #sorry #for #the #paragraph #lol #im #a #lighty #init
a - for - lol - youte - init - paragraph - im - clean - hearted - sorry - lighty - the -
missdjkc : Love That! ☺
altaskymusic : What a great picture! Keep it moving!
stikmatik - she_is_a_flower - t.sheriff.x - myname1shope -
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