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I got a feeling that 4 years will pass in that way #Hacettepe #paragraph #tea #cup #autumn #black #likeforlike #hot #cold #ankara
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paragraph amazing design notebooks / all new collection. A5 size, 30 pages, NT.88 #paragraph #notebook
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#poem#paragraph 멋대로 품에 안기더니 멋대로 녹아 흘러지네 어쩌나 이미 스며들었음을 이미 알아버렸음을
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Well Not Only Is It Today To Be Thankful But Its Thanksgiving So Yeah. I Thank First Of All God For Allowing Me To Live. I Thank My Parents For Giving Me Shelter And The Best That They Can Give! I Thank My Crazy White and Mexican Family. But, Also I Thank My Friends Who Have Been Their For Me And For People Who Came But Walked Away, You've Been All But Important To My Life. You Know Who You Are. 💙👪👬👭👫➰
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day 100 // today was a very long day but it ended in me photographing a friend and eating wings which is always a good thing. i also mailed off a scholarship and am finishing putting together another. today also ends my 100 happy days challenge so here's a paragraph about that alone: last summer, a friend and i had a conversation about being positive and how hard it is sometimes. we both thought that thinking of one positive thing a day could make a change, and so, i joined in on this 100 happy day challenge. it might sound silly, but i truly did it to help myself be a more positive person and posting a photo and paragraph about it each day was just my way of publicly documenting it. it's pretty cool to look back at my posts now and see how things have actually changed in the past few months alone, including my very short beginning posts to the final ones like this. i began to take it pretty seriously as i felt like reflecting each day was helping and as soon as you see improvements, its only more encouragement to continue. in the past 100 days, I have become stronger and healthier both emotionally and physically. i have been successful in displaying some artwork and have become confident with the art i make, whether it be photographs or paintings. I also got involved within my community which feels rather rewarding. i've had a few friendships fade and a few re-connect as well as making completely new friends. ive become more outgoing, ive been more social and ultimately, i am a more confident person. documenting these changes has been cool, but the biggest reward ive found in the past few months has been learning to love myself and accept lots of things ive been battling for way too long. i am finally at one of the most positive points in my life. there's obviously been some rougher days in the past 100, but finding that one little light has made a world of a difference on those days. ive also received a ton of positive feedback about this whole challenge and it makes me even happier to know that this has impacted others even if it was just a silly little post from me each day. thanks for following! peace out, - shay 🌻
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shutterbugshay : {#100happydays #finalday #done #personal #reflect #reflection #paragraph #toolong #happy #positive #vibes}
bnewfield : Let's see another 100:)
abrossault16 : You're awesome ☺️
khiaraxo : I am in love w this. I wish u all the best on your positivity journey girl. I'm so happy for you and proud of you
kaiyak93 : You know what, Shay? I'm going to do this. I've been finding it hard to stay positive for the last little while so I should give this a try :)
shutterbugshay : @bnewfield i'm thinking about it! I think i need a day or two of a break from social media though. im hoping i can do this mentally everyday regardless so everyday continues to be positive in one way or another. theres also a couple of other challenges ive been thinking about. :),& thank you @abrossault16 and @khiaraxo guys! I appreciate that. and @kaiyak93 go for it! its important to make it a commitment for you though. just stay true that and make sure its honest each day and not just a last minute thing that doesnt really mean all that much to you, but i would 100% say give it a try. :)
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Alhamdulillah, it was done..mana? Mana? Mana lagi tgasnya? Haha #writing #assigment #analyzing #argumentative #paragraph #momCantik
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There are always going to be those days when nothing really makes sense , or when you feel that life is not worth living anymore , or the worst part when you don't even know why you're sad but it feels like you have to be.. But the thing is that even if some days can be worse than others , you will be thankful for going through it. Remember that it is always darkest before the dawn. More challenges mean you're closer to your victory. Don't give up your relationship because the waters get rough. Don't give up on living a healthy life because illness brings you down.. Times may grow tough , but remember there are rewards for staying in faith.. Because after those sad days every little thing will feel more better , and even your life will become lighter if you just find the little happiness that is hiding behind the sadness.. Happiness is an inside job , don't assign anyone else that much power over your life and live it your way..✨ #quote #paragraph #life #strong #girl #flower #happiness #sadness
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I have so much in my life to be thankful for, from waking up this morning to the God who allowed me to. I'm thankful for that quiet girl in orchestra that I met in 8th grade who's beautiful but doesn't realize it and who has such a kind heart. I'm thankful for the girl who I've known since elementary who's so pretty and one of the chilliest people ever. I'm thankful for that gorgeous girl who denies that she is up and down, and who I haven't known that long but is still there for me whenever. Im thankful for my dongseng because he never fails to make me laugh and is always there for me when I need him, whether it be homework to my feelings. I'm thankful for my music that has been there when nothing else has been. I'm thankful for my grandma who started it all and even after so much hardship, is still so grateful. I'm thankful for my older brother who has always been there to teach me and help me and give me unasked for brotherly advice. I'm thankful for my wonderful boyfriend, who has stood by me the past 2 years and is kind and sweet and treats me better than I deserve. And most of all, I'm thankful for my parents. They have instilled in me good values and loved me unconditionally. They've introduced me to Jesus and pushed me to excel. Happy thanksgiving :) #thanksgiving #paragraph #sothankful
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vanessaa_rae_ : You're seriously the best! I'm so grateful that I have someone so amazing and beautiful and funny af to call a bestfriend!😘
kisses4katie : @vanessaa_rae_ ❤️ you're the best vajaejae lol I'm so happy I met you
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Kiss me a #paragraph ...n I'll reply u a #novel
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@jazmiiinexo know what's going on. 😭👌 #life #in #a #paragraph #lovethis #likethis #attached #toeasy #alwell
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Being a single mother doesn't always mean money issues, baby daddy issues, or irresponsible parents. To me, being a single mother means I get to watch my boy grow up, and teach him how to love properly and take responsibility for his actions. Being a single mom means I get to wake up to the beautiful smile he gives me, and share the laughter with someone so amazing. But mostly being a single mother means I get to look at him and know I built such a beautiful, intelligent, and incredible baby. Zane, I can't explain how much you've changed me for the better. ♡ #lovehim #babyboy #handsome #adorable #cute #myboy #zane #bestfriend #son #4months #singlemomsknowwhatsup #zanethebabygenius #paragraph #family #singlemomsunite #fuckingsuperwoman #mightaswellmakemyownsuperleague #applicationstobecomepartpfmyleaguearestartingnow #superwoman #selfie
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4real doe...that's all a niqqah wanna see wen he open his #phone instead of a #paragraph telling him bout him self about #THIS n #THAT shyt😏js
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By the way #imjustsaying #nochaser #donttrythisathome #capcity #darkclouds #kushlife #keepitG #bigboyshit #nuffsaid #paragraph
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I could have probably said it nicer, but 99% of girls need someone to say this to them😒 #imessage #iphone #friend #boyproblems #paragraph
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Vánoce budou. #paragraph #tabletters
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This weeks dragging? Like for a paragraph through dm? Ill do also bored? #this#week#dragging#paragraph#dm#all#bored#blackandwhite#goodmood
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Cause he always knows how to put a smile on my face, thank you soo muchh babyy your nothing but the best !🙌😍😘 #longass#goodmorning#paragraph 👫💕
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⊙ essays ⊙ reports ⊙ researches ⊙ articles ⊙ paragraphs ⊙ presentations ⊙ powerpoint ⊙ ANYTHING in English Whatsapp: 95534643 #paragraph #report #uni #aumstudent #acm #writing #kuw#gust #aum #ack #aumstudent #gusted #essay #kuwait #q8 #HW #الكويت #كويت #جامعة #الخليج #بحث #كلية #طالب #موضوع #بحث #aou #auk
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Reading a cute message like this after digging ☺️ Feels great to have such an amazing boyfriend who sends these everyday! You made my whole night @jose_gomez01 ❤️👌 #InstaSize #CuteText #Paragraph #Love #Adorable #NightMade
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I... go to school with a smile on my face, all the time. My friends think I'm happy; I pretend for them. I always tell myself, "Smile. Laugh. Don't cry. Crying is for the weak. You'll scare the only friends you have away." My friends mean a lot to me and I hide my emotions for them. No one knows what I go one knows my story, the well hidden, scaring stories. When my friends are depressed and they tell me, "You wouldn't understand. Etc..." It hurts. Trust me, I understand more than you think. I've probably been through just don't know. - -- - I care about everyone. If anyone one ever needs to talk, feel free to message me. I have many problems of my own (that I don't want to discuss), but I am still willing to help you with yours. 💕 -- -- -- - #love #sadstory #caring #helpful #depressing
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Then I had you, and I lost you. You threw me away. You were all I ever needed, I loved you so. You were so important to me... You're my oxygen. But you left me. And I'll never be the same... I still love you, always. I still care. I know you don't, but I do. You broke my heart a while ago, and here I am still hurting. I found a new love...but I still find myself thinking of you. I feel so guilty. Maybe I just need to die. -- - #broken #confused -
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Falling For Your Love by MHK #poem #poetry #shortpoem #poet #desipoet #desi #paki #Pakistani #Punjabi #lahori #southasian #Asian #instagrampoem #instagramquote #instagramshortpoem #quote #quotes #song #lyrics #verse #paragraph #love #lifelessons #happiness #Mehtab #Haider #Kazmi
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j_prince_781 : @ashleyxy99 thank u.. wrote this poem two years ago for a friend ..
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Shakes with @jstabe9 #paragraph #jasonsonadiet
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