Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ✌ #sicknomore #Painnomore #laughsmore #Freeee #Single
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"Sou vulnerável às menores bobagens, às mínimas palavras ditas, a olhares até, e sobretudo, a imaginações. " #vscocam #happy #end #painnomore
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It's called self-worth. And. . . . Good Morning heads! Happy Sunday! Weekend is about to end. Ughh. So fast! Anyway, have a great sunny day! #livelife #painnomore
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My massive roots. Look how hey hook! #monsterroots #wisdomteet #extraction #dentalwork #painnomore #outwiththem
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thefreeman2005 : 😳
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Woo hoo! Glad these came before I leave for #SDCC in a week and a half. Let the self healing begin upon my travels. @yogatuneup #TuneUpFitness #JillMiller #DefrancoMadeMeDoIt @defrancosgym #SelfMyoFascialRelease #StressRelief #PainNoMore
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Meet my new best friend Marc! #Recovery #crossfit #crossfitbrownsville #PainNoMore
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One of the biggest challenges I've ever been through but by far the best decision I've ever made. Road to recovery isn't easy but I'm getting there and feeling better every day. Can't believe the improvement already #plif #spondylolithesis #spinalfusion #backbrace #painnomore
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harrydixon97 : And now you're a giant tooπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜
lottie101133 : You know it boo😘✌🏼️ give us a cheeky text can't sleep 😘
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Life is about moving on,accepting changes and looking forward, no matter how tired you are inside #tired but #alive #glassess #hairstyle #blueeyes #blue #eyes #bulgarian #boy #sofia #bulgaria #metal #piercing #snakebites #snakebitespiercing #pierced #skin #soft #life #black #shirt #painnomore
hairstyle - tired - metal - sofia - bulgarian - eyes - alive - pierced - glassess - snakebitespiercing - skin - blue - boy - snakebites - shirt - life - piercing - blueeyes - black - painnomore - soft - bulgaria -
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Finally nakatulog din. Good night Lola. Sweetest dreams. :) #loladiaries #painnomore
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#enjoyingweeekend #painnomore
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iamjordywell : Huwawww :-) seryoso ?
hylynacordon : Yep.toning..
iamjordywell : Idol n tlga hylyn :-)
iamjordywell : Pede bng ako nmn mag workout sau minsan?
iamjordywell : Pls pls :-) ggawin kita program
_jcgarcia : Wow
iamjordywell : Hylynnnn :-) pumayag kna plss :-(
iamjordywell : Hylyynn kung gusto ko ako na ppunta sa gym mlapit sa inyo dadalhan pa kita ng food pumayag kna kc plss :-(
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A bit sad today . I drove around and didn't see the flag half mast. I know it's for veterans and such ,but some great people in Charleston died as heros to all of us. God Bless thier Families#preyforcharleston#lostloveones#painnomore#church
lostloveones - preyforcharleston - painnomore - church -
lwthemachine : Truth #amen
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Gotta hide that smile for awhile (✿´β€Ώ`) #Ihadto #painnomore
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Gallstones no mooooore 😊 #gallbladdersurgery #gallbladderremoval #gallstones #painNomore #grossIknow ✌✌✌
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gutierrezreann_ : You may wanna consult a doctor then @itsssangie. Before I knew that I do have gallstones, my stomach is having intense pain as well specially after eating lunch or dinner.
itsssangie : Yea I'm getting an ultrasound soon :) oh man, it must of been bad!
gutierrezreann_ : Good luck! Will be praying for you @itsssangie πŸ˜ƒ
itsssangie : Thank you so much 😊 hope you recover quickly
adfza : I removed mine last week via laparoscopic! i will have to remove the stitches a day after tomorrow (so nervous!!). Get well soon ☺
gutierrezreann_ : Hi @adfza! Thanks and you get well soon as well. Mine was an old shool process, lol. Don't be nervous, He is with you πŸ˜ƒ
adfza : @gutierrezreann_ thanks too! Hahaha its okay, old school process is fine as long you are safe. speedy recovery and stay positive. 😘
gutierrezreann_ : Right @adfza, haha. I'm actually feeling a lot better now. Thanks again and take care always! 😘
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@losangelesconfidential #thegame #e40 #snoop #painnomore
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deana.domonique : Nice igπŸ‘Œ Please, Check my link πŸ‘πŸ˜
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This is why I love my job!! Taking people out of pain and giving them mobility and joy in life! I know pain well, and it can rock your world in a negative way! I live to help others get past their pain and start enjoying life again with a smile on their face. So happy for you @devvvonvon! Enjoy Hawaii!!! #MovePastYourPain #PainNoMore #FeelYourBest #ActiveLife #HawaiiLife #FitMindnBody
movepastyourpain - painnomore - feelyourbest - activelife - hawaiilife - fitmindnbody -
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#fibrosucks #icandoit #painnomore how do others do it?
fibrosucks - painnomore - icandoit -
cmj513 : I just recently got answers about what I've been going through. Stay strong!
antidoteseeker : @cmj513 ooh is it an auto immune disease? And yes bad days are tough but I'm thankful I have more good days these few weeks. U have to stay strong too!
cmj513 : Yes, doctor said I have fibro. It's been years of pain and I finally spoke up
antidoteseeker : @cmj513 oh I'm glad you did. I dunno if it would help but goiΕ„g dairy free helps me quite a bit. And I cut a lot of my sugar intake. Dessert used to be my staple 😒 but being pain free is a lot better. Are you trying anything?
cmj513 : I am mostly lacrosse intolerant, I also have a stomach ulcer, so I have had to chance my diet quite a bit because of that but now they're saying I have to be even more strict about what I eat, which is hard because I'm 22 and broke I can't afford to cook good meals for myself every day. Good for you for cutting back on sugar, it is difficult at first. They prescribed me something that helps pain sleep and anxiety, it's a night time pill, but I am wanting to do things naturally so I am not taking it. What's your approach?
antidoteseeker : Oh ok hmmm have U tried essential oil? Doterra might be able to help you Slp better without intake of pills. Some of the guys are very nice they would send you samples. Can try. Alternatively I heard kiwi helps you to slp better at night. I take melatonin to help me though but these days slping is much easier. Are you trying any methods now?
antidoteseeker : @cmj513
cmj513 : I've tried taking melatonin, I think it helps sometimes. A lot of people have told me to try oils, so I wanna give that a shot
dontjustdream - cmj513 - casskong - justfibrothings -
Landed on my knees to keep the volleyball in play last night, but today they're reminding me. I know what's in my pain cream, do you? #essentialoils #diy #painnomore
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..Best buddy! #greentea #painnomore #onduty
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#meet #my #little #nurse #pain #reliever #painnomore #please #kiss #hug #selfie + #her my #medicine she supposed to have a #fridate with #daddy but because im #sick di sila natuloy :( #thanks #baby ko #motherdaughter #moment #wacky #kulitan #pose #followme
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quitting_statusx : Looks good! πŸ˜‹
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Today I close the door to my past, open the door to my future, take a deep breath and step through to a new life..#determination#movingon#lettinggo#acceptance#proudbeingbrave#painnomore#storngwoman.πŸ’ͺ😊
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jhoechin : Ka beautiful sa hot momma!!!! Hehehe
dash_doll82 : @jhoechin Hehe bagan ganahan sab ako jaon hot tita epen..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thank you
christinerblanco : Pretty ;) miss u my friend
dash_doll82 : @christinerblanco miss u too Tin..dugay nata wala chika2 hehehe..salamat sa dayig..πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
christinerblanco : true! lets meet one day ;) Amping permi jane . Say hi to daisy!
dash_doll82 : @christinerblanco ok..makaabot!!ikaw pud amping.
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Após uma palavra sobre salvação, sobre a total dependência que temos do perfeito sacrifício de Jesus que é o alfa e o ômega, Salvador, Redentor, Riley King foi despedido com a frase: "O rei do blues foi se encontrar com o Rei dos Reis." #ripbbking #PainNoMore #sóosenhorédeus #VidaLongaAoRockAoRei #JesusReidosReis
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Thankyou ma πŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’ž #Culture #JustOneMoreTime #PainNoMore #REAL
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More give aways for the Care Group Summer Gathering. Thanks Lex at @victorysmoking ... Get tix today for this event. Free dab bar, Free prerolls, Free edible medibles (Of course to mmj patients) Music, Food, Good vibes.... #cannabis #painnomore #calicaregroup #lasvegascaregroup #gathering #sanbernardino #420event #fourtwenty JULY 25TH, PRIVATE VENUE. ALL DRIVERS CAN SELL YOU TIX. #vegas #compassion
gathering - fourtwenty - compassion - lasvegascaregroup - sanbernardino - cannabis - vegas - painnomore - 420event - calicaregroup -
dohmvegas_dabs : Will this be in Vegas?
vegascaregroup : @dohmvegas vegas will be sept.
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Rox on rox roxis #noddsquad #smokekushpoppills #getchaordersup #drprescribedmedicine #xanpercnz #greens #actavis #a214 #a215 k8 #k9 #watson #mfgactavis #r039 #p039 #xans #roxis #15s #painfree #pills #pillpopper #pillhead #medicine #meds #painnomore
noddsquad - painfree - pillhead - p039 - roxis - actavis - 15s - medicine - watson - mfgactavis - drprescribedmedicine - getchaordersup - pills - greens - xans - dennisleary - meds - painnomore - pillpopper - a214 - a215 - xanpercnz - k9 - smokekushpoppills - r039 -
knodsqaud385 : Dm!!
dr_quiez : Copy n pasting my hash tags
webuyloud : @dr_quiez and what is exactly yours about a hashtag ?
webuyloud : @dr_quiez u invented these ? Or are they used all over the fucking country when referring to something specific. ?
zimcartelliving : πŸ‘πŸ‘
loszilla : ?
dr_quiez : Yea I invented those #getchaordersup #xanpercnz an others lol u got caught up n got all defensive hahaha wow
webuyloud : @dr_quiez lol ... #dennisleary voice nothing defensive ..
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@fdolojan FAYE ANGELA DOLOJAN, pain can never withstand how much you've brightened up my day. πŸ˜‹ #GV #PainNoMore #LuckyMan
gv - painnomore - luckyman -
castillo.alyssa : Hope you're ok Miggy! Feel better soon 😊
ohmiguelly : Thanks @castillo.alyssa i feel better everyday with @fdolojan πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š
_beamarquez : πŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ˜­πŸ’•
fdolojan : U r annoying HAHAHAHHAA feel better! πŸ˜›Credits to @natashaathab and @ponsexy! Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’œπŸ’œ
natashaathab : waaaaahhhh cuties ! ☺️ glad we got to help hihi
iandelacruzz : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
_kiaralin : You're welcome.
ohmiguelly : Thanks @_kiaralin for the picture HAHAHHAA
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Ok ok ladies! I have heard and have experienced myself for many years the pain associated with sister girl coming to visit! Well never fear, La' Nat-u-ral is here to help ease you pain. With our new Pain Made Simple balm. Order today and say good by to the monthly pain blues!!! #pain #pms #natural #painnomore #itworks #nontoxic #newelement #benatural #calm #lavender #chamomile #soothing
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#WorthTheWait #PainNoMore #iLoveHim #DoIneedToSayMore
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This is my daughter. After spending some time in the pool and having fun, we have forgotten the sun screen lotion. Applied some "liquid gold" on her back and the pain is gone and her back looks so much better. Got to love Defining Gel!!! #sunburnt #painnomore #liqiudgold #organic #yougottotry #changinglives #plantlife #allnatural #whywait #joinme
whywait - organic - yougottotry - sunburnt - plantlife - changinglives - liqiudgold - painnomore - joinme - allnatural -
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Whattt! This makes me miss #philippines 178 bucks for only tooth extraction! While in philippines will just cost me 20 bucks! Haysz #toothache #sucks! πŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‘πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ #painnomore #worthit!
worthit - painnomore - philippines - sucks - toothache -
favregado : Hahaha sa canada ang isa sa pinaka mahal na dentist fee sa buong mundo hahaha
zainne_ann : Hahahhaa i know! @favregado kakalurkey ehhh.. Hahaha.. Been trying to call you! Di ka sumasagot sa facetym! May chika ako!
cooljane.kolb - getridoftoothache -
feel that pain no more. Late night gangsta rao always helps the pain. Who said they cant make music with a good meaning. #Gangstarap #goodmeaning #helpsthepain #lilwyte #jellyroll #sno #painnomore
gangstarap - painnomore - goodmeaning - jellyroll - sno - lilwyte - helpsthepain -
dabbinguru : Man I've been fucking with them since high school bro immortal techniques outerspace technine and you have to listen to VINNIE PAZ bro he a fucking beast hear monolith
chrisakarocky_36 : Yeah i got atmosphere from one of your fb posts aha. And i like immortal techniques. I dont think i have listened to vinnie yet but i will now. See i love this kind of music because what they are saying speaks volumes and is straight fire for real. Everything on the radio is crap now days. Society has made the game just that a game where everyone sounds the same and have nothing original to bring to the table.
chrisakarocky_36 : @akingkong92
dabbinguru : Dude listen to Vinnie paz bro he a fucking beast
chrisakarocky_36 : For sure bro. Will do that today. Thats all i am doing today. Going through stuff right now so music is my high today.
dabbinguru : Hell yea handle bro you'll love them
merlinmoonelvis : Extraordinary @merlinmoonmusic
therealburden : I have a record with jelly and also one with Lil Wyte actually the link to that is in my bio you should check it out and let me know what you think thanks
dabbinguru - pitbullmom0624 - therealburden - hennyflatz -
just my luck πŸ˜” #painnomore #ihatethehospital
ihatethehospital - painnomore -
nellesofli : 😎 get better
desirayy_nicole : Thank you. 😊 @nellesofli
nicolechanning : Trip what in the world?!😳
mrs_stephy25 : Feel better des. ❀️❀️
its_jon : I've been in and out the hospital the last 2 days. Feel better!
smokahontas_o : Hope you feel better mama!! πŸ™
_samanthaaaroseee : feel better mama ❀️❀️
1linalee : Feel better mamas
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hope it works! #shinsplints #calfsupport #protecathletics #painnomore
painnomore - calfsupport - protecathletics - shinsplints -
c_williamson22 : Lemme know if they work! I'm trying to find a solution for my shin splints as week!
robinsmiles : Get some kinetic tape....that will help with the pain.
newyearsbaby_01 : @c_williamson22 it's my 1st day of using it. i will try this for a wk if does work or not. Bio Skin calf skin is my next solution.
newyearsbaby_01 : @robinsmiles i'm thinking that too the they have it in Big 5. i might buy tomorrow my legs still sore coz i workout everyday and doing zumba 3x a wk plus running preparing for marathon next month.
c_williamson22 - amielog - lorkei671 - kulibangbang_73 -
A huge good luck to my sister in the operation room today #weirdchild #cutopen #5hourslong #painnomore #loveyou #bravechild #sister β€οΈπŸš‘πŸ₯πŸ’‰ @beccramsay
sister - painnomore - cutopen - 5hourslong - bravechild - loveyou - weirdchild -
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