Just took This Bottle To the Head...Got 6 More Bottles where that came From :) Drinking Hides the Pain #Single #Drinks #StrawberryMoscato #Moscato #Strawberry #YoungBlackHandsome #Solo #PainNoMore
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momoney622 : Thanks for the love on the pics.
blackeyexblues : So cool.
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He will always be my joy... my shelter in the middle of the storms.. my strong tower πŸ™ŒπŸ’– #spreadJesus #God #love #PainNoMore !
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5th and final visit to the dentist in 2 weeks. Bored waiting. Hence, this. #heavilyfiltered #closeup #wavyhair #painnomore #happy #girl #me
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sangsangi_cira : Congrats!πŸ˜†
antonioturino : Pretty!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Nothing beats this place #spa #massage #relax #relaxing #rejuvinate #painnomore #nuatthaibacolod
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pzzawdy : woah @VinesBeLike
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Osang our Angel in Heaven! #gonetoosoon #painnomore We love you! #SSAM89
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We won't let that happen at #FitMindnBody we bring out the best strength in women and men. We are a private boutique type #PersonalTraining studio and spa. We focus on fixing injuries so that we can bring the best out in people. Check us out at Our clients speak volumes in our testimonials. We love what we do and it shows! #massage #NeurologicalSoftTissueTherapy #PainNoMore #DrVooDoo #LoveHelpingOthers
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Llora, pero llora por ti. Por todas esas veces que te dejaste humillar, por todas esas cosas que no pudiste gritarle. Por todas las mentiras que algún día le creíste. Golpea las paredes, muérdete los labios, no salgas de casa por unos días pero no dejes que esa persona regrese. Duele, por su puesto, duele hasta el alma, pero es mejor que te hagas la idea. Él no está pensando en ti. Alguien más le tomara la mano, alguien más le besara la frente, ya no serán tus fotos, ni tus cartas, ni tu música, todo lo tuyo ha cambiado de nombre. Prepárate, porque vas a verlos juntos y una parte de ti se volverá a romper. Él se encargara de matarte otras mil veces, pero no, no le des ese poder. No le llames, no pases por su casa, no entres más a su perfil, no les des nunca la atención que está pidiendo. Conocerás a alguien más porque te lo mereces, volverás a sonreir y todo el dolor será parte del pasado. Cuando se cuenta volverá a buscarte, usara los encantos con los que te enamoro, te llamara cada noche, te escribirá poemas, te mandara canciones, te dirá que te quiere y que no fue su intención, te pedirá perdón…pero no vas a caer. Porque una persona que no dio todo por ti, que no se enamoró de lo increíble que eras cuando estuviste a su lado, no lo hará, aunque vuelvas a su vida otras cien veces..por eso, llora..pero llora por ti . #jworld #jw #jwgirl #power #love #girl #book #jwchile #painnomore #standup #happy #justbehappy #hair
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morgan.rdr : Follow4follow? @darlinini
javier26fj : Es tuyo @darlinini ?
darlinini : @javier26fj el pelo si, el poema no jajajajaj de google πŸ˜‹
javier26fj : Jajaja bien;)
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Thank you for your unconditional love my dear friend Osang! I will miss you so much. πŸ’πŸ‘Ό #gonetoosoon #painnomore
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It really sucked waking up and seeing the loss of this man right here! He truly changed the game of commentating, making it cool to watch @sportscenter over and over again just to listen to his exciting style over the air! Had an impact on my life not only as a personality but as a fighter and you will be missed! R.I.P. #StuartScott #PainNoMore #CoolerThenTheOtherSideOfThePillow #Booyah
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misseeee : Well said Kenny!
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.and? why are you still with my stuff? yung nagbigay nga wala na ehh anjan ka pa? luhh? hahaha πŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸŒ·πŸ’ #bitter #flowers #painnomore #trash #whattodo #happyme #wondering #hmmmm #flowerfades
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I had to get three of my wisdom teeth pulled out today. However, I am glad that the pain is going away! #wisdomteeth #goawaypain #painnomore #lifeisgood #threewisdomteeth #smile
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doroninayanka : @GET_103_FOLLOWERS_HERE !!!!!
amandagrottola : Feel better!!
logan.farrell : Thank You Amanda!
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When someone ask hows my day going... its actually all cool :) #frenchfries #music #PainNoMore :)
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At last, she gave me a smile like olaf... my sister finaly recovered from pain.. A big thanks to Dr. Mondragon... #painNoMore #lovemysisteryesIdo #ThankYouLord
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From migraine to brewed coffee #painnomore
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His raw Baltic Amber teething necklace came today!! Yay for teething pain reliever!! #teething #necklace #yay #rawamber #painnomore #amazing
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Finally!! #wristbrace #splint #leftNright #painnomore #goodbyepainfulandsleeplessnights #CTSπŸ‘Š πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š
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Say yes to longevity! This is the best so far#joints#painnomore#jointproblems#jointsolution#
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#painnomore yeey! 😁😁
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#EyeVenue #NinkasiBrewingCo #OATiS #KillinThaPain #NinerzLost. . #Fukit #LifeGoesOn #RonaldDreganVsTheGenieOfTheLampPoStar #420&#Beer$ #PainNoMore ;p
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So anyone what to get me this for Christmas? Brookstone foot massager. #rejuvanatedfeet #painnomore #santaplease
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Those eyes said it all, "Thank you." And then she was gone. "Death ends a life, not a relationship" ❀️ I will love you always and forever. "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" xoxo #foreverinmyheart #iloveyou #mybabygirl
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mf_cleanlife : #loss #sad #grief #dogs #inmyheart #happy #life #painnomore #befree #heaven #illseeyouagainoneday
jeffanderson714 : Sorry for your loss!
rntmjackson : So sorry for your loss @mf_cleanlife
jlawrence28 : I'm so sorry for your loss! Rip beautiful girl
mf_cleanlife : Thank u 😌 @jeffanderson714 @rntmjackson @jlawrence28
jocy1981 : Sorry for your loss, Mon. β™‘
sbflessing : Charlie was a great part of the family! Loved her very much. And she had a great mom!
sham_70h : @mf_cleanlife sorry I had no idea😒
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My mum had the best taste in lighs...this one is my fav, by far!! #missyoumum #painnomore #
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reagstarchef : Ooooppps! Lights!!
emilysherpa : Xxxxxxx 😘😘😘
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#christmas came early for me!!!!! My #monthlyrewards came today!!!!! So excited to try all of it!!!! I have 2 of some things because some things are in high demand and can run out! I never want to run out. 3 bottles are for people that are interested in joining #youngliving, they just wanted to purchase first. And of course I have some gifts!!! Why wouldn't you join for only $50 a year in orders you get your own wholesale membership! When you fall in love with #essentialoils like me $50 a year is Crazy easy to maintain! #happyoiling #oilschangedmylife #OilObsessed #oilsheal #migrainesaregone #painrelief #painnomore #oilyfamily #oilymomma #iloveoils
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This just sums it up! #missyoumum #beinpeace #painnomore
missyoumum - painnomore - beinpeace -
albiison : Xxx : πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
liiisphjaar : Hugs xx
amandaj1411 : xxxxxx
emilysherpa : Xxxxxxxx πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
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Life has changed, but NEVER taken away.. I can still remember the deafening silence filled room I was in exactly a year ago. It was the most heartbreaking day of my life. It was the day I lost you Dad. I can't believe you've been up there partyin in heaven with Papa Lo, Papa God and the angels daddy. I miss you with every molecule in my body. I miss talking to you when I'm having a bad day at work, when i'm so tired all I want to do is sit next to you and hug your arms, your face in the morning when I go down to greet you, your reaction when I tell you I'm in love with someone, your words of wisdome when we talk about life. I just miss you dad. SO MUCH. but if missing you means you get to live a stress-free, painless, and everlasting happiness filled life with Papa Lo and Papa God, then hell I'd take it. I can endure anything for you Daddy, just like you endured everything for me. I love you forever Daddy. Nothing and noone will ever compare to the amount of love I have for you. I am so proud and honored that I can call you my Dad! Everyday I wake up and doing my best to make you proud of me in my own little way. I hope you're proud of me too. Happy 1 year in heaven daddy. I miss you so much. See you in the other side. #Daddys1st
heaven - family - prayers - foreverhappy - myangel - mybestfriend - oneyear - iloveyou - painnomore - daddysangel - daddysgirl - daddys1st - daddy - imissyou -
missdenisevalerie : #daddy #family #imissyou #mybestfriend #heaven #oneyear #painnomore #foreverhappy #daddysgirl #daddysangel #myangel #prayers #iloveyou
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I am sad :( πŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ #sad #reality #feeling #now #accept #truth #letgo #painnomore #realizations #maturity #quote #come #go
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Took me an hour to find the right glasses for me. #nerdy #painnomore
painnomore - nerdy -
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Lunch time and I'm feeling blue... Rice pls!!! #fiberdiet #painnomore
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Migraine #headaches and other forms of scalp pain are extremely common in the United States, with 28 million people suffering with this condition. Over 9 million of these migraine patients are NOT helped by medications, but may be aided by other interventions: Nerve Blocks, Botox and/or Surgery. A trial of nerve blocks or Botox to specific muscles of the face, scalp, and / or head can temporarily halt the triggers for migraines. Why not a permanent solution? Dr. Rosenberg takes this concept one step further, when indicated, by decompressing or removing the nerves that trigger the migraines. ➑️Schedule your consult with Dr.Rosenberg 310.295.7925 #migraines #headaches #painfree #nomorepain #painnomore #headache #beverlyhills #losangeles #westhollywood #weho #hollywood #brentwood #westwood #cosmeticsurgery #pain #nerves #treatment #surgery
painfree - losangeles - pain - brentwood - beverlyhills - westwood - weho - nomorepain - migraines - surgery - headaches - westhollywood - painnomore - treatment - nerves - hollywood - cosmeticsurgery - headache -
amvonr : What do you charge? That's the only thing that works for me but insurance currently isn't covering
saratehran93 : Hi
meridiandayspa : Cool!
saratehran93 : Iam dr shaghayegh from iran do u do thread lift if do is it possible to get some information
rosenberg_plastics : @amvonr please call our office we would be happy to discuss. @saratehran93 no we do not offer this. πŸ˜€
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Yes, my heart has found the one I love, but when he hurts I hurt. Please be in prayer for Cleve and his family as they morn the loss of his great Uncle Jesse. He was a saint that almost lived to 100. Cleve had the privilege to live with him for two years before we got married. I think Cleve will cherish those years and memories more than anything. He use to go do prison ministry and visit all his family members and friends at nursing homes every Saturday. I rejoice because now he is whole and worshipping the God he served so long here on earth. We will miss you Uncle Jesse but we will celebrate your legacy forever!! #painnomore #facetofacewithJesus
facetofacewithjesus - painnomore -
brolly03 : :( and :)
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Only schoolies know the relief and pleasure of cutting this. #schoolies, #2014graduate, #relief, #pleasure, #painnomore
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And sooooo..... #happy #allsmiles #finally #him #painnomore #gay #instagay #picoftheday #tagforlikes
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#Laura #mygirl #missher #godneededher #itnevergetseasier #onehouratatime #painnomore #yourefree #beautifulmommy #πŸŽ±πŸ’™
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